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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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investigation. if you work on the hill the fbi says you're safe after they charged a man with trying to kill federal employees. they say christopher lee cornell planned to set off pipe bombs and then shoot people as they ran outside. he had bought rifles and ammunition in ohio. nbc news talked to cornell's family. >> hr showed any signs of any kind of violence or anything. i mean quiet, shy. good kid. >> cornell will be if in court tomorrow. sfwla several> several leaders at the secret service will be working new jobs soon. four assistant directors were all reassigned. each has worked for the secret service for more than 030 years. we're told even more changes could be on the way. today president obama will be in baltimore talking to senate democrats on their annual
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retreat. that retreat started yesterday. lawmakers use this time to talk about a long term strategy for the year. both congress and the white house are preparing for the state of the union address next week. and we want to head over to tom. we are waking up to another cold morning. >> tom, what do you have for us? >> good morning at 4:31 we have subfreezing temperatures this morning. so you'll need your warm winter gear this morning. dress with a warm coat hat, gloves. you won't need an umbrella but you will immediate sun glasses. we'll have bright sunshine through the morning and into the afternoon. temperatures right now are below freezi from the shenandoah valley all the way to the bay where it's hovering around 30 degrees. north and western suburbs, a bit colder. low to mid-20s. also panhandle of west virginia. farther to our south where the snow fell yesterday, right at the freezing mark in fredericksburg quantico warrington southern maryland. so that snow is still in place
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from overnight, so watch out. this could be patchy ice in southern maryland and around the northern neck. up ofin the mountains, only 20 degrees. by 8:00, we'll be around 030. upper 30s by noon. should reach almost 40 in the afternoon. tonight, back donewn below freezing. upper 20s starts off friday morning. next a look at your walk to work forecast. we're looking pretty good overall. a couple crashes we'll mention in a second. but on this cold morning, 66 looking quite good. 95 looking good overall, but i'm just hearing that we could have a crash here northbound at the beltway. so we'll get more information on
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that. prince george's county is good in and out of town. indian head highway, rolling along nicely. maryland 95 into and out of town and bw parkway northbound and southboundo micenice and green. a lot of road y out of the way this morning. 270 at montrose road flowing along nicely. and nep again the outer loop at 395, we have that crash with the left lanes getting by the crash. more coming up in a couple of minutes. it's 4:33. as we're watching the weather and the roads, there are some schools today that are already delayed. >> if you li in spot county your kids can sleep in. there is a two hour day. fredericksburg is also sta hours late and king george county schools, also. one map wasn was killed and a teenage girl was hurt near a
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metrobus. police are looking through the bus' surveillance video to see if it caught might go. after the shooting a large crowd gathered and started arguing with police. officers were able to kaumt everyone down without thin getting hurt. >> a lot of chaos out here initially. but we do have? some descriptions and we have some people that we're talking to. >> the department is working to identify both the victim and the suspect. i'm richard jordan at the live desk. a police woman was nearly run done by a vehicle outside the french presidential palace in paris. this is where french president hollande lives. police saying that a driver went the wrong way on a one way 12r50e9. the list officer tried to stop the vehicle. she suffered a leg injury. four inside the car, two arrested, the other two ran off. investigators do for the believe
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there is a link to the attacks at "charlie hebdo" or the kosher grocery store. it appear this is was a young group of teens who accidently went the wrong way and panicked. today france sets up its role in the fight against isis. three days of terrorist attacks in and around paris left 20 people dead last week. french president hollande says he's sending an aircraft carrier to the mideast to jo an ships. meanwhile the justice ministry ordek donewn on hate speech. the crackdown comes at "charlie hebdo's" latest issue it news stands. so far it's sold 3 million copies and the cover shows an im image of the prophet muhammad. al qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attacks. pope francis could be
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canning to the district this year. plans are under way for the pope to address congress in september. he would also host an event at the immaculate conception. he's confirmed to be at the world meeting of families in philadelphia. pope francis just arrived in the philippines for a five day trip. this is a live picture from where he will be speaking in just a little while. his purpose for today's visit and the message for thousands waiting to hear coming up in a live desk report. and president obama wants to help you take care of your sick kids and family. how much time he's hoping he'll be able to get for paid sick leave. a live look outside right now. storm team 4 meteorologist will have your commuter forecast when "news 4 today" continues.
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today president obama r a mandate of up to one week of paid sick leave for all workers each year. he also wants federal employee to have up to six weeks of sick leave to care for a new child. more than 40 m or workers don't have paid sick leave. in our area that includes more than 800,000 workers in maryland. in virginia nearly 1.2 million workers have no sick leave. d.c. law requires nearly all employers to provide some paid leave. metro needs billions of dollars to keep you you safe. and while we're learning more about the deadly smoke problem a group made up of several governments in our area says
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metro needs $16 billion to improve its infrastructure. many of the groups representatives told news 4 will they believe the agency should be funded no matter what. well, alexandria coming spending more than 200 million dollars on metro for a brand new station. the potomac yard station would be on the blue and yellow lines. this would be between the braddock road and reagan airport stations. virginia governor terry mcauliffe approved a $50 million loan to alexandria to get it all started. depending on how the project goes the station could open as early as 2018 and they will be taking public comment on this project starting in march. ton of development going on in the potomac yard area. so could make good sense. k 44:41. still dealing with some clouds but hoping the wintry weather is done for at least a couple days. >> yes, you get a breather.
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keep up with all the weather changes and see ach cap video on your storm team 4 app. get it at the app store and you can check on temperatures right where you are as you're walking to work this morning, you'll be walking on dry pavement. maybe just isolated patchy ice around. through much of the morning, we'll stay below freezing, but by late morning and around noontime upper 30s. you're walking back home from work and school a bit of a chill in the air, but partly cloudy and it will be above freezing. temperatures right now though, are below freezing. in fact it's only around 30 degrees our southern suburbs where that snow fell and to our north and west it's just in the 20s this morning. a look at a milder trend moving in for next week and sort of a roller coaster weekend coming up next weather and traff we're being a over all. 95 north bound he beltway, police don't have anymore information, but still a report of a crash there. also martin luther king junior
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avenue southeast between alabama and malcolm x avenue aaron was talking about that earlier, police investigation closing that section of southeast here this morning. a wider look at things overall no major problems into and out of town. everything looking quite good. i'm back in enminuteten minutes.e w your diet resolutions, a new pill could work. how it works to burp fat. and ray rice still without an nfl team after the scandal involving his marriage. why he may be in for a pay day from the ravens even though he's ♪ ♪ ♪
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right now at the live desk following pope francis on his week long trip to asia. just moments ago, he arrived in the philippines. these are live pictures.
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there you see the pope's plan. he's still inside. he has not deplaned yet. but he will receive a hero's welcome once he does step off from that plane. this is the first time in 20 years that a pope has visited the philippines and the philippines has the largest population of catholics in asia. there have been national holidays to that have been set up to coincide with pope francis' visit there. he will be there until monday meeting with survivors from the typhoon that devastated several villages in 2013. he's just coming off two days in sri lanka where he met with people t i haveliving through civiwar. a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for pope francis and his arrival here. there is also some security concerns because of course pope francis is known on get in with the crowd, to shake a lot of hands. so that is of course an issue that police will have to do
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deal. but you see the excitement that is building. the plane has just touched down. we expect him on deplane shortly and once that happens we will turn that video around for you. that's the latest there the live desk. education, transportation and economic development, expect to see virginia's governor spend a lot of time on those issues. mary mcaulif delivered his state of the commonwealth speech last night. >> by the time we adjourn, we will have made a $100 cap on all gifts, the standard for all virginia public officials. >> one of the other issues he addressed, the quuf called for ethics reform only a week after former virginia governor bob mcdonnell was sentenced to prison for gifts that he accepted in his scandal. mcauliffe also spent much of the address on the virginia economy and his plans tow economic ties independent of federal grants.
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>> lawmakers in maryland and d.c. want a new law that allows doctors to help terminally ill patients he said their lives. d.c. introduced the act, patients given six months or less to live could request lethal medication. a maryland state senator says he will introduce similar legislation. brittany maynard wrought national attention to this issue when she moved to oregon to end other open life. christopher barry is under investigation for threatening a bank teller after he was told his account was overdrawn. d.c. police say the outburst happened tuesday at a pnc bank on 7th street northwest. barry has not been charged and did not return our c comment. he's currently running for his father's seat on d.c. council. today some maryland lawmakers will reignite the debate on whether to start school after labor day. governor elect larry hogan and
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other lawmakers will unveil the results of a grass roots petition drive. the goal was to collect 10,000 sipgt si who support a later start date. it would put an extra $74 million in state coffers. plans to change the time your kids start change in montgomery county are under way. last night the school board got a look at the latest proposal for changing school start times. this is video from last week's meeting. joshua starr supports a plan to have school start and end 20 minutes later than they do now. he says that option would have little to no impact on the budget. other proposals would let kids get even more sleep but could cost up to $6 million a year. this morning nfl player is being accused of rape just days away for playing for a chance to make to the super bowl. josh mcnairy, a 29-year-old woman is accusing him of attacking her.
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he's been with the colts for two seasons and colts released a statement saying they are aware of the allegations. baltimore ravens may still have to pay ray rice even though he doesn't pay for them anymore. a wrongful termination grievance hearing is set for today. rice is asking for $3.5 million in back pay. that's the amount of money he lost in the nonguaranteed base salary when he was cut by the ravens five months ago. rice had a $35 million contract with the ravens when that happened. the nfl's arbitrator will hear arguments from both sides today. and the ravens are partnering with the one love foundation to inspire maryland high school and college students to he said domestic violence. it honors yard love who was beaten by her boyfriend. this morning, the number of ebola cases is declining in the
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three worst hit african cubs. new cases are starting to drop off according to the world health organization. sierra leone still suffering with more than 700 cases in the last 21 days. begin any andniy iliberia reported the fewest cases. so you could be taking a pill instead of eating a heel. researchers are working on an imaginary meal pill. and this little robot has helped scientist create the drug. the pill tricks your body in to thinking you've already eaten and then burns the fat instead. >> you have your meal and instead of storing the excess fat, what this drug is to cue your body into wanting to burn the excess fat. >> experts say this drug would l. not have the side effects caused by many other drugs, things like heart issues. i just feel like -- >> imaginary meal? >> i don't know. i just think our body needs food right? >> i like my real steak and
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potatoes. >> and t aroma, too. >> eating is an experience. >> true. so, tom, are we at sbrinkpring just yet in. >> not the quite. but average high is 43. if we get there, it will feel like spring. it's been so cold. today right near the average high. then tomorrow we soar above that. saturday it won't get up up there. it will be into the upper 30s. then on sunday we start to get a little above the average. and then we should be above average with our temperatures on monday tuesday and wednesday next week. so we have a milder trend that will be moving this here by sunday and into next week after one day tomorrow above average. temperatures right now are in the low to mid 20s. shenandoah valley. and out in the mntd sountains it's
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down near 20 degrees. closer to washington suburbs nearby suburbs. southern maryland northern neck, where they got the that snow it's below freezing. so the snow is still in place. nearby neighborhood temperature, prince george's county 30. mid to upper 20s fair tags county as is prince william county fauquier and loudoun. for the afternoon, we'll have a few clouds coming throug which i wl ily, so bundle you up p. temperatures will be right around 40 degrees for a time by midafternoon. look at this gorgeous sunset photo, this was sun set on tuesday at the tidal basin. a flock of gulls taking off. love that photo. you can connect with me on facebook and instragram. a lot of people loving that beautiful photo at the tidal basin. tomorrow in the morning, we'll still be below freezing. afternoon highs upper 40s.
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so a nice change and we'll have a lot of melting of that snow that fell yez. and then lots of sunshine on saturday too, but much chillier with highs only in the 30s. sunday ought to make it in the mid-40s with a chance of some rain moving in. mainly during later morning and into the afternoon. then for martin luther kickoout er jr. day, upper 40s. the trend again tuesday and wednesday. morning lows though will be near freezing. and your bus stop forecast coming up at 5:01. let's check on our traffic early on this thursday. good morning. do have some construction that has been in the way here for the past couple days. hyattsville, route 1 between albion road and van bur repen street one lane getting by. outer loop at 395, that accident has been cleared. 270 at shady grove, moving along nicely. no major problems.
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overall, beltway looking quite good and a lot of earlier construction is now out of the way. in southeast, mar ten luther king jr. avenue between alabama and malcolm x, still shut down because of the police investigation from earlier this morning. i'm back in ten minutes. weather and traffic of course always on the 1. coming up the device just approved for you to put inside your body to help you lose weight. the local grass roots effort happening today to mend relationships between p
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we're working for you to help give you a fresh start for your finances in 2015. there are a number of new changes you need to know about this tax season. for starters about you fought health care coverage through the bm care oig marketplace, you will see big changes. and there are new tax provisions that could save you some money. tonight at 5:00, erika gonzalez gives you a fresh start for your finances with four things you should know before you file that tax return. today close to 200 people will gather in d.c. to learn about their rights if they're stopped by police. a teach-in will be held it's for people concerned about the recent police killings of unarmed black men in ferguson missouri and new york city. there have been dozens of protests here in d.c. an
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the country in the past several months. the purpose of tonight's forum is to give people simple steps to avoid a violent confrontation with an officer. the meeting is tonight at 7:00 at the we act radio station on mlk avenue. today you get to weigh in on a bill that would ban the use of pesticides where some of you live in machinery county county. the bill includes some exseveral shons for agriculture and gulf courses. the meeting is at the council office building in rockville. l tonight, you can celebrate dr. martin luther king jr.'s birthday in alexandria. today would have been his 86th birthday. the city is hosting the 42nd annual martin luther king jr. memorial program at the first christian church. it's called moving the dream forward. that event kicks off at 7:30 tonight. we want you to stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 pp.
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live pictures for you right now from the philippines. this is pope francis deboarding the lean there in the philippines. this is his first visit to southeast asia as pope. he's just coming off of a several long days trip to sri lanka and now arriving in the philippines which is the largest catholic country among the asian nations there. and he'll spend time speaking with some of the survivors of the tsunami a few years back. >> we've watched all morning as a lot of people excited and waiting his a rifle. we will have a live report for you later this morning. and you can expect subfreezing temperatures throughout your morning. keep in mind there could be pa ice out there on untreated roads and sidewalks. amelia segal is in the 4 x 4 with your commuter forecast. riders looking for answers this morning. what we're learning about a big
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announcement being made today. it is 5:00 a.m.. good morning. i'm aar gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. today we're walking up to a calm morning and things appear to be clearing out. >> let's get right to tom kierein. >> we can exhale. no more snow this morning. everything has dried out beautifully. tha live view over union station. you can see there it's all dry. the pavement has dried out beautifully. everything was so well treated yesterday, got clouds of salt dust in the air as you're driving around and walkingmorning. but watch out, there could be a little patchy ice. the areas that got t most snow southern maryland and fredericksburg points south and east of there. chilly afternoon and milder week is coming up. your thursday morning headlines.


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