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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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ake of the deadly attack in paris. and why it's creating a new wave of controversy around the world. first tonight, new details just coming in about the men arrested for allegedly planning an attack against the u.s. capitol. chris lawrence is here with more. >> christopher cornell 20 years old and from ohio. he seemed dead set to come to d.c. to kill a lot of people. here is his basic plan as far as the fbi has laid it out. they said this man wanted to build and detonate pipe bombs at the u.s. capitol and then, when officials and employees started evacuating the building he would try to shoot and kill them. all of this was just in the planning stages until today when he went to aohio bought two semiautomatic rifles and about 600 rounds of ammunition. that's when the fbi moved in and arrested him. now, he had been known to them for several months because he had been on some web sites,
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twitter posting some jihadist comments. he said that he had been in contact with people overseas about launching this sort of plan. but he was actually in contact with an fbi informant, and that fbi informant tarted meeting with him over the last couple of months. here is something in the documents that he says christopher cornell, allegedly, i believe we should meet up and make our own group in alliance with the islamic state here and plan operations ourselves. again, a very detailed plan involving pipe bombs and two semiautomatic rifles. he's under arrest and charged tonight. at the live desk chris lawrence. >> thanks, chris. now to that deadly underground emergency at the l'enfant plaza metro station. we have team coverage with adam tuss folk youcusing on the investigation. but we start with pat collins who talked with the family of the woman who died. >> reporter: jim, the family of carol glover says it was ambushed by news of her sudden
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death on that metro train. donna perry saw the story on the news about the woman killed on the metro yellow line. but at the time she had no idea that woman would turn out to be her sister. >> when i first saw the news i spoke out. there was some compassion that came over me and i didn't know who the person was. i said wow, someone's family member will not be coming home to them tonight. >> reporter: 61-year-old carol glover died in that smoke-filled yellow line car on her way home from work monday afternoon. ms. glover was a highly regarded federal contractor the mother of two sons and grandmother of a little girl. carol glover grew up in this house in northeast. it's a house of success. her older brother melvin runs the poultry stand at the eastern market. donna has a good job with epa. her younger brother tracey is
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the co-director of the alvin dance school in new york. now, before medics got to the scene to try to save carol glover eshgs jonathan rogers a fellow passenger, gave her cpr for some time right there on the train. her family is most grateful for what he did. >> i can't tell you how that does so much for me to have had him be there for her and do what he did. it's -- it restores my faith in humanity. it really does. >> reporter: kareen endman ms. glover's mother said her daughter had asthma but that she kept i and that she always kept an inhaler with her. she says it wasn't the asthma. it was the smoke that took her daughter's life. do you think her asthma may have contributed to her death once she was exposed to the smoke? >> i won't say that. >> reporter: do you think the smoke may have -- >> the smoke. >> reporter: you think the smoke -- >> the smoke.
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>> reporter: january 12 2015 carol glover dies in a smoky metro car. january 12, 1982, 33 years ago on the same date her father dies in a fire in d.c. cause of death, smoke inhalation. live in northwest, pat collins, news4. >> thank you pat. tonight, only one patient from the l'enfant plaza emergency is still at the medstar washington hospital center. 17 others have been released now, and they are recovering at home. the lone patient was upgraded from serious to today. our team coverage continues with the latest on the investigation. news4 did some digging and found evidence that at least one agency was worried about fire-related incidents on metro property before monday's tragedy.
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news4's adam tuss joins us live from metro headquarters in northwest with more. adam? >> reporter: that's right, the tri-state oversight committee which has direct oversight of metro safety has been raising concerns. meanwhile, personal property that was left behind on the train involved has started to show up here at metro headquarters and people are starting to come here and reclaim that property. time to reclaim what was left behind on the train involved about 40 pieces of personal property brought here to metro headquarters. remember this train was headed in the direction of reagan national airport, meaning some luggage and suitcases were on board. on monday, smoke billowed and poured into a train and tunnel just south of the l'enfant plaza metro station. and while we still don't know exactly what caused this huge amount of smoke, we do know safety officials have been raising concerns about track fires. in a document from the tri-state oversight committee, the committee that has direct oversight of metro's safety safety leaders ininquired about
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whether a recent uptick of fire incidents in the metro rail system are indicative of a bigger problem. >> well, we're actively cooperating with the ntsb's investigation. under federal regulations, all information about the status of the investigation flows through ntsb. >> reporter: and we do expect a clearer picture of what happened by the end of the week. the ntsb expected to give us another briefing. reporting live at metro headquarters, ad tuss news4. >> thank you. coming up in our next half hour mark segraves takes a closer look at the communication breakdown among first respond irs and the major questions that remain unanswered about that metro fire. and tom sherwood is digging into a new report that says metro needs a lot more funding to keep the system safe and up to date. also an in-depth story about the victim and what happened in that smoky tunnel on monday on our washington app.
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a jewelry store in falls church was destroyed by an explosion and fire today. it happened just a few hours ago, in fact at the eden center on wilson boulevard. the owner and two customers were in the store at the time. they're expected to be okay we're told. another man was just about to walk into the store but changed his mind just before the blast. >> it was like something you see in the movies. an impact like never before. god literally protected me. i was about to walk in and i didn't walk in. i give glory to god. >> reporter: falls church officials believe the explosion and fire were accidental, but there's still no word on what caused it. new details tonight about a story news4 broke this afternoon. christopher barry is being investigated by d.c. police for allegedly threatening a bank employee. according to a police report the son of marion barry got upset after a teller told him he'd overdrawn his account. the report says barry used a
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derogatory term and threatened the teller before throwing a trash can over the security glass, destroying a surveillance camera. barry recently announced he would run for his father's ward 8 council seat. barry has not returned our calls for comment. most of the area missed any significant snowfall today, but in southern maryland there was some side streets that did not appear to be treated this morning. main roads were wet and slushy and we just got our first delay called in for tomorrow. schools will open two hours late in the city of fredericksburg. doug, how are we looking out there now? >> we're looking just a little bit on the cool side that's about it. our storm system is out of here continues to move off to the east. behind it, we're just going to be on the cold side. take a look. we'll show you what'ing over the last 12 hours. one thing you notice here here was the storm early this morning. the snow back to the west and down to the south that was coming up toward fairfax county. i think maybe this is the reason they canceled schools. they saw this snow. watch it again. here it was toward culpeper
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producing close to an inch i think quickly died out. right now nothing on the radar. we are clear. we will stay that way. but the temperatures are on the cool side. with a little bit of wind gusting up to 10 to 15 miles per hour look at the windchill down to 24 in d.c. 23 in manassas 25 in leesburg. we will stay cool. right now i'm watching a storm system that will affect part of the weekend. i've got that in just a minute. >> thank you, doug. one week after terrorists killed 12 people at the "charlie hebdo" office in paris, the newspaper is sending a defiant message but is also stoking controversy with another front page cartoon of the prophet muhammad. it's nbc news policy to avoid images offensive to viewers so we're not showing it. here's steve handelsman. >> reporter: this latest controversial caricature in cartoon style of the prophet muhammad is all over the internet. anybody can see it. but it is literally in the hands of many in france who have the new "charlie hebdo."
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the tiny satiric newspaper normally prints 50,000 copies. today's edition of "charlie hebdo" will be 3 million maybe more, and they're selling fast. people in paris waited hours for theirs. it's exactly a week since islamic extremists massacred much of "charlie hebdo's" staff. al qaeda of yemen today took credit for the attack. but defiantly, on page 1 of today's edition, is again an image of muhammad. nbc news is not using the caricature. the prophet is shedding a tear but saying all is forgiven. it's another provocation say muslim activists. >> unfortunately, we're dealing with two extremes on both sides. >> reporter: but at the museum in washington it's clear most american newspapers are covering the "charlie hebdo" story today without the image of muhammad. it's on web sites but many u.s. web sites are relieved it's not on page 1 here. >> we're big supporters of the first amendment and free expression. but just because you can do
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something doesn't mean you have to do something. >> reporter: a veteran editor agrees. >> it will offend people. and we make those decisions as journalists i think every single day. >> it's not fear. i think you can't live in ray post-charlie world without that. >> reporter: in men described as middle eastern approached the gates in ways that soldiers considered suspicious this week. before the new edition of "charlie hebdo" went on sale. copies are already offered on ebay the price of one going over $400. i'm steve handelsman news4. secret service shake-up. the new fallout amid a series of security breaches at the white house. a local woman has been sentenced for stealing jewelry from unsuspecting homeowners. we'll tell you how she did it and about her tearful apology in court. and controversy over the decision to close schools because of the snow while some students were celebrating. we'll tell you why the move is hurting others
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ancht you're watching news4 at 6. new shake-ups are under way at the secret service following some high profile security lapses. nbc news has confirmed that four top level officials will be removed from their positions just months after a fence jumper made it far into the white house. each of the assistant directors have been with the agency for more than 30 years.
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sources say there's no timetable for the moves and this may not be the end of reorganization. "the washington post" bureau chief in tehran iran is still in a prison over there, but there may be a step forward in his case. jason ra zion has been held for more than five months without access to a lawyer and he still does not know why they put him in jail. today an iranian news agency reported that his case has been referred to tehran's revolutionary court which possibly sets the stage for a review re e "post" executive editor released a statement that reads in part we still don't know what charges the iranian authorities have brought against our correspondent. but we hope that the referral of his case to a revolutionary court represents a step forward to his release. the roads were pretty clear and the parking lots free of snow. thousands of students still had
6:16 pm
a day off from school, though in north virginia. fairfax and prince williams counties decided to miss classes. but for some this means no pay. >> reporter: fairfax county school buses just sit in this parking lot, going nowhere today. but if they did venture out, this is what they'd encounter, main roads and highways dry and snow-free. we found the same thing on side streets. so why the day off? >> my folks were out earlier enough and it was coming down and sticking immediately just like forecast. >> repor plattenburg is the assistant superintendent for facilities and transportation services. his forecasters suggested that the conditions could hold through much of the morning. after conferring with school leaders, he thought it safest to cancel class. >> when you're students absolutely it's safe. >> reporter: they learned a tough lesson last tuesday. school was not canceled. this is what it looked like treacherous travel to many.
6:17 pm
waking up this morning, john athn pick was expecting to look out and see the ground covered. but it wasn't. >> i'm someone who's counting on every dollar possible, and, when i find out that schools are closed for the day, i get very very frustrated. >> reporter: jonathan substitute teaches in many northern virginia schools. that means -- >> whenever there's a day the schools are closed i don the only ones not paid on snow days also bus drivers, cafeteria workers and part-time employees. jonathan tells me he's all about safety first. but the days he could be on the road safely, he wants to work. david culver, news4. there was some confusion in the district as well about schools today. first mayor muriel bowser announced just after 5:00 a.m. that the d.c. schools would open on time. but then 14 minutes later the mayor announced instead that there would be a two-hour delay. the mayor cited the reason
6:18 pm
accumulating snow and ice. >> a tough job. >> i forgot tomorrow we have just heard that the schools in the city of fredericksburg will be on a two-hour delay and spotsylvania county schools also on a two-hour delay. we'll keep you posted on any other closings or delays on air and of course on our app. >> it's a tough job making those decisions. they had to make them early this morning. >> we reallythey really did. they make the decisions right around 4:00 a.m. that's when the snow was coming down in that area. i'll show you a radar. that will show you what they were looking at at around that time. now, we forecasted just a dusting into portions of fairfax county. that got in that area. but notice what was happening between 3:00 and 9:00 a.m. really between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. right during the decision making process, look what's coming up from the culpeper area and the warrenton area. here it is right there. it looks like it's coming right
6:19 pm
toward fairfax county. that was 4:00 a.m. if you're looking at the radar, it's moving right into fairfax, right into montgomery county the district. but, as you saw back to the west watch what happens when it comes here. it just kind of fizzles and dies. they were looking at accumulating snow down to the south that did not materialize in our area most of the area did receive that dusting and we did see more down toward south and east. that's what the thinking was this morning with the fairfax county school district as well as prince william county and montgomery county with the two-hour delay. i love the two-hour delay. i got to sleep in a bit. right now temperature 32 degrees, the temperatures falling tonight but with cloudy skies they won't fall that much. even with a northerly component to the wind. temperatures are 25 in gaithersburg 32 in fredericksburg and 30 in leesburg. but temperatures only dropping three to five degrees in parts of the region so we're below freezing. that's why fredericksburg spotsylvania county has the delays tomorrow because of the
6:20 pm
potential for icy roads. still the cloud cover around the system as the storm moves out. as we widen out there's not another storm moving in anytime soon. so your thursday friday, saturday will all be dry. next storm doesn't move in until sunday. highs tomorrow 39 in fredericksburg and 39 in d.c. 37 in gaithersburg. a better day, we'll see sunshine. it will be breezy and the windchills a little cooler than this. not a bad afternoon. 6:00 a.m. your drive impact a few clouds 29 degrees, a few areas of ice but not too many. the roads should be fine especially the main roads. cold and dry between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. with temperatures around 37 degrees. travel no problem, a few icy spots. exercise? go for it. just bundle up. we've been through the cold stuff through the past couple of 43 on friday as we start to warm a little bit with some sunshine. sunny and nice on saturday but a high of only 41. then 46 on sunday. that's the storm that we're
6:21 pm
watching out for now. the latest computer models making it a little stronger some computer models ss turning it into snow. it would bring in colder air for monday tuesday, wednesday, high temperatures only around 39 to start out next week for martin luther king day. a communication breakdown on metro. tonight we're asking the tough questions to find out what went wrong during monday's deadly train incident. the push for ethics reform is growing stronger as another controversy is gripping virginia's capital. a scare inside the international space station as u.s. astronauts scramble to safety. why nasa isn't taking any chances, even though the threat appears to be over. how can i avoid
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pfr. >>. td h more on what went wrong. >> reporter: u.s. astronauts scrambled as an alarm sounded just after 4:00 this morning on e international space station. >> we got the crew over to the russian segment, closed the hatch. we checked the environment. since that time, we have been sorting through the anomaly. >> reporter: the initial concern was the potential for an ammonia leak on the station so they're quick to point out that's the worst case scenario. >> we need to emphasize that
6:25 pm
there is no hard data to suggest that there was, in ammonia leak. >> reporter: instead, the alarm may have been triggered by a water pressure spike in the thermal control system a faulty sensor or computer relay box. >> we're now in the position where we think everything is good. now we have this big road in front of us to get back reconfigured. >> repor the astronauts' work has been put on hold now as nasa engineers search for answers. >> just stand by and thank you for that. >> wish we had more for you to do at this point. we don't. enjoy your impromptu day off. >> reporter: for now, the crew will remain in the russian segment of the space station where there are enough provisions to sustain all the astronauts for at least a week if necessary. jay gray nbc news. >> astronaut sam christopher eddie
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we are keeping an eye on developments involving metro's underground emergency on monday. about an hour ago metro started releasing the personal property that passengers left on board that smoky train. since the train was headed in the direction of reagan national airport the items include luggage and suitcases. also tonight, only one patient remains at medstar washington hospital center after the accident. in fair condition. and news4 has learned that a safety group was concerned about an uptick of fire incidents in the metro rail system before monday's incident. the incident on metro also raises concerns about funding. a new report says the transit agency needs billions of dollars to improve safety and facilities. news4's tom sherwood has our report. >> reporter: metro and metro
6:30 pm
buses account for 80% of public transit in the washington area, 117 miles of metro rail, a fleet of 1500 buses. but monday's fatal metro incident has heightened worries that metro needs to reassure riders that it is safe and reliable. this man is vice chairman of the county. >> we need to invest fully to make sure the system is running in a safe manner for all concerned. this is the infrastructure that will keep us competitive and safe and secure. >> reporter: d.c. council member kenyan mcduffy. >> i can't emphasize enough how we need to pay more attention to our infrastructure. i will say that i think metro is safe. despite this tragic incident that occurred a couple of days ago. >> reporter: a new report out today says metro needs $16 billion in coming years to maintain the system and to improve safety. metro is 47 years old, in need of many repairs, andrew teen maintenance is essential, it
6:31 pm
says. without funding to make these improvements metro will not be able to keep up with growing demand. leaders throughout the region say there's no clear source in new metro funding but metro management must give emergencies immediate and proper attention. >> i mean, i'm a regular rider so that's apparent to all of us. on the other hand we do expect management to be able to handle emergency situations. >> reporter: in the district tom sherwood, news4. >> you can see all of our team coverage of what happened on metro in our nbc washington app. check it out during the break as we continue to post updates. the virginia general assembly opened amid a new controversy tonight and a stronger push for ethics reform. all this comes just as a delegate from the richmond area won an election even though he's serving a jail sentence. our bureau chief julie carey talked to him today and lawmakers. >> reporter: what was it like finding out you won from your
6:32 pm
jail cell? >> gratifying. >> reporter: joe morrison reclaiming a seat on the house floor where he served seven years. he will be a legislator and rykeco county jail inmate by night. he resigned in december after he entered an alford plea to contributing the delinquency of a minor. he was accused of having a relationship with a 17-year-old in his law office. he ran as an independent yesterday and won back his seat. he was sworn in today in his office. on the house floor he was rely le gaited to the last of 100 seats. the house speaker's opening comments seemed to be directed apt him and the ethics cloud that formed when former governor bob mcdonald was indicted and later convicted. >> our fellow citizens demand honor, integrity and civility. >> reporter: house democrats and republicans are weighing whether to take punitive against morrissey morrissey.
6:33 pm
ahe choices, expulsion, censure or zo nothing. >> to have a member legislating by day and sleeping in a jail cell at night most of us find completely unacceptable. >> reporter: morrissey says he's not worried about what's ahead. >> i'm confident in joe morrissey and confident that things will work out exactly the way they're supposed to. just like the election. >> reporter: there may be reason for that confidence. disciplinary action in these chambers is rare. in fact, the last time a house member was expelled was 1876. in richmond, virginia, julie carey, news4. governor mccullough's first state of the commonwealth address begins at 7:00 p.m. you can watch it live say it with me now at one week from today larry hogan will be swofrn in as the governor of maryland. he'll face two immediate challenges a $750 million budget deficit and a democratic
6:34 pm
majority in maryland's house and senate. county executives from our area say they're concerned about looming spending cuts. >> construction money concerned about transportation revenue. >> making sure we have the funding to build the regional medical center for the state of maryland is a great economic boom. and education. >> news4's chris gordon caught up with outgoing lieutenant governor anthony brown at the start of the new legislative session in annapolis today. you can watch that interview on our nbc washington app. tonight, a cincinnati man is accused of threatening to kill the speaker of the u.s. house. investigators say michael hoyt blamed ohio representative john boehner for getting him fired from his bar tending job at a country club. court documents show hoyt claims to be jesus christ believes boehner is the devil and that boehner is responsible for the ebola outbreak.
6:35 pm
investigators say hoyt e-mailed boehner's wife and said he could have poisoned thy times. a woman who posed as a prospective home buyer was really involved in criminal activity. new at 6:00 we'll tell you about a warning to help protect you and your property after this crime spree in maryland. a man steals a car with a toddler inside. why a single phone call is credited with saving the little boy's life. and we're talking about a little bit of a forecast change as we make our way to the weekend. i've got that forecast for you, could be a little bit of a rainy
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6:38 pm
they dialed the number while aiden knew the password unlocked the phone and answered the call. that prompted the thief to abandon the car and take off. police told aiden to honk the horn until somebody found him. >> can you tell them what you did? did you honk the horn? i'm glad we found him as fast as we did. >> oh, it took police justnekru a few minutes to locate the toddler and safely reunite him with his mother. smart guy. >> really good kid. new details in monday's deadly fire in spotsylvania. that family is reaching out to the public for help. 12-year-old reanna hill discovered a fire in the house in which she lived. she got out, but then she went back in to try to save her grandmother. both of them were killed in that fire. investigators say that another child in the house who was playing with some kind of incendiary materials started the fire. a relative has started a go fund me account to raise money for the family that is now homeless
6:39 pm
and facing mounting medical bills. two groups impacted by domestic violence in their own way are teaming up to impact young people in maryland. the baltimore ravens are partnering with the one love foundation to roll out a curriculum to inspire maryland high school and college students to end domestic violence. one love honors yeardley love, a university of virginia lacrosse player who was beaten to death by her boyfriend in 2010. a movie will be rolled out. coming up on "nightly news with brian williams" -- >> coming up tonight, the feds say they have foiled a plot to attack the u.s. capitol, though they say they were on top of it the whole way. it's being called the worst outbreak of measles in 15 years. it's about where it is that has health officials troubled. and will they make it? the two men trying to scale the face of el capitan.
6:40 pm
that and more when we join you for "nightly news" tonight. she left a local casino and entered a nightmare. the scary situation for a woman who thought luck was on her side. >> reporter: tonight, a story of seller beware. a jewelry heist, the target homes for p,
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
pfr. >> more tonight on the communication breakdown on metro monday. chris is at the live desk. >> there are a few things we know. a lot of the people trapped on that train waited anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour
6:43 pm
before help got there. and there were problems with radio communications between first responders. now, mayor muriel bowser acknowledged that during a press conference, but what we don't know is ifrbiqz those radio issues hindered the actual response. it could be some time before we find out what exactly the impact they had. metro and d.c. leaders aren't answering questions until the federal investigation is complete. but mayor bowser has ordered an investigation into d.c. fire's response. obviously there are still a lot of unanswered questions. the ntsb probably won't wrap up its investigation for six months but mayor bowser wants answers from some local officials very, very soon. at the live desk, chris lawrence. several families trying to sell their homes ended up victims of a bold crime in montgomery county. a woman went to open houses and managed to steal expensive and sentimental jewelry. she was sentenced today, and as kristin wright reports, she was remorseful in court.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: at her sentencing sally spizeman apologized to her victims. battling substance abuse she said her situation got desperate and she did things she's not proud of. she pretended to be an interested home buyer. that got her pin. sally spizeman walked through closets at open houses not looking at square footage. spizeman stole a $20,000 cartier watch from this bedroom in potomac. she pawned it. it happened to carlos bonilla, too. he lost irreplaceable family heirlooms. >> they were probably scrapped and meeddow and i was sad because i wanted to pass those on to my daughter. they belonged to my mother. my father had given them to her. and they meant a lot to her. it was a piece she really liked. >> reporter: court records say spizeman hit several open houses in 2013 and 2014. during one, $15,600 in jewelry was stolen. at another, a tiffany 16-stone
6:45 pm
gold and diamond ring. spizeman said her actions are not characteristic of her life and that now she's paying huge consequences. >> this behavior is aber rant. i pinpoint the drugs. >> reporter: today a judge sentenced spizeman to one year in jail, five years probation. she was ordered to pay restitution. but bonilla says no amount of money will bring back his mother's bracelet. >> she wore it constantly, wore it constantly. she loved it. it's a shame it's melted down. >> reporter: none of the jewelry that was stolen was recovered. in montgomery county, kristin wright, news4. there's going to be a new metro rail station at potomac yard. virginia governor terry mccullough announced today a $50 million loan to the city of alexandria today. that money will be used to help pay for a station along the yellow and blue lines between the existing braddock road and
6:46 pm
the national airport stations. it's expected to generate billions of dollars in private sector investment that should lead, we're told to 26,000 new jobs. that station could open by late 2018. she walked out of a local casino $1,000 richer but arrived home to face robbers. sheriff's deputies say a charles county woman won the money at maryland live. turns out she was being watched. two people followed her for an hour until the woman arrived home at waldorf. it's then that deputies say mark west and maria wheeler stole the woman's purse with the winnings inside. they were caught four days later and are charged with assault and armed robbery. the woman did not get the winnings back. doug is back with another check on our weather. >> you know not too bad out there tonight. really, it wasn't too bad for many of us out there this morning. we did have a couple of school closures. tomorrow we already have a couple of delays those most likely because we saw ahalf inch
6:47 pm
to an inch around fredericksburg, the city, and spotsylvania county, both opening with a two-hour delay tomorrow. as a result of colder temperatures, already down to 32 degrees at the airport 31 at 7:00, dropping to about 29 degrees at 11:00. so once again anything that was able to melt today will simply refreeze overnight. we could see some icy spots. but i'm really not expecting a whole lot of them as we make our way overnight. 25 on gaithersburg. 26 rockville, 28 dulles and annapolis right now at 31 degrees. little bit of a windchill, too. most windchills in the low 20s at this hour. it will continue to be rather chilly as we move through the rest of the night. storm team 4 radar shows our storm system is well off the coast now. we're not going to see another chance for rain or snow over the next couple of days, most likely not until sunday. tomorrow morning the impact is that we could see icy conditions around king george fredericksburg and spotsylvania
6:48 pm
county, huntingtown, temperatures in the 20 fz. maybe give your sfrl extra time up route 4, 301 route 2. could be a few slick spots in those regions. tomorrow afternoon not bad, mostly sunny and cool temperatures 37 to about 41 degrees. we will see a little bit of a windchill during the day tomorrow. but, again, we're talking about a low impact on your day as far as weather is concerned. just a bit chilly. by now, this time of wifrpt, we know how to dress for it. we'll be doing it tomorrow. warming a little on friday a high of 43 with plenty of sunshine. 41 on saturday, both days lots of sun. saturday a little cooler with wind. then 46 on sunday. talking about this weekend what are we going to see? this weekend i do think a 50/50 weekend. saturday looking better. many areas in the 30s on saturday so it will be a little bit on the cooler side. still looking like rain on sunday, but the storm system if it develops a little bit faster
6:49 pm
could actually bring in some colder air that could change some of that rain to snow could produce a little bit in the way of icy spots early in the evening. so download our storm team 4 weather app. you can search nbc washington weather on google play and itunes. monday, it is going to be colder for martin luther king day high temperature of only 39 degrees. there's no real warm air coming in. the warmest day sunday with a chance of shower activity. not a washout, just shower activity. guys? >> saturday could be the day it you haven't taken down your christmas decorations yet. >> yes. >> who hasn't done that? >> don't judge me! coming up, it's a big ten battle tonight. how maryland hosts a deal with the rutgers team that just knocked off the number four team in the country. plus, what is going on with the
6:50 pm
redskins' search for a defensive coordinator. the truth behind some of today's rumors about the hiring. we
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. so i'm confused which is not news, but what is going on? do we have a defensive coordinator or not? >> no. >> we don't. >> no hire yet.
6:53 pm
but there were some reports today that got out, that were out really early on out on twitter. we did some work for you. let's iron this all out. earlier today the nfl reported on twitter that the redskins were set to hire joe barry as the new redskins defensive coordinator. our sources tell us head coach jay gruden has not made a decision as who he wants as defensive coordinator. i reached out to all five candidates and their agents and no one has heard from the redskins which tells you that no one has han hired. so there are lots of moving parts. >> this is the second time the gm announced it before. >> that's true. >> it's confirmed then not dfrmed. >> i agree. we have to be patient. come on. i know you want a defensive coordinator. >> why aren't they doing it? >> we want the right guy. i think right now in the world of twitter everyone wants to get it out there first.
6:54 pm
throughout the nfl, there have been lots of hirings. let's look at those. it was a big day for head coaches, four teams filled their head coaching void, a brash rex ryan was introduced as the bills coach. did you see him today? oh my goodness. jim tom sewell la head coach of the 49ers, todd boelz to the new york jetsz and jack del rio to the oakland raiders. college hoops, number four team maryland hosting rutgers, the terps happy to be home after splitting two road games. >> reporter: hey, one of the things the maryland players say to each other as they get ready for a game is turn up. that means, get it going, get fired up. i'm hearing a lot of "turn up" behind me as the players are warming up to take on rutgers. maryland ranked 14th in the country, and they are back at
6:55 pm
home, ready to do business. you know the scarlett knights? they just rocked the basketball world with a monster upset of number four ranked wisconsin. the scarlet night letlet kn have h their issues, though. two teams that aren't exactly powerhouses. coach mark says rutgers' win sunday against wisconsin is one of the best thing that's would have happened to this team. >> sometimes you're dealing with 18 to 22-year-old kids, and it's hard. and a fan base that might be looking ahead. it was great timing for us. they're a good team. we're ready to go. >> we have to pay more attention to rutgers. they're a team to be reckoned with. they're going to come in here with a lot of confidence. >> reporter: for no extra charge tonight we get to see former wizards head coach and d.c. native eddie jordan. he's back in the house. he's the coach of the scarlet knights. he happens to be an aau coach of
6:56 pm
mellow trim bell. a lot of connections tonight. it should be a great game tip-off at 7:00. back to you, diana. >> carol, thank you. good to see eddie jordan back at home. >> love the terps to win, but i love me some eddie jordan. i'm so thrilled that his team is doing well. >> he's had a good career. the wizards have won four speaking of eddie jordan, of their last five games and aren't going to get any rest after last night's impressive win over the spurs. tonight they are back at it in chicago to face the bulls. last night the wizards put an end to a 17-game loseing streak against san antonio. the game came down to the fourth quarter and the wizards defense, blocks on back-to-back possessions, the wizards get their 17th win at home. head coach randy whitman hopes
6:57 pm
the effort is repeated tonight in chicago. >> we have to understand that's our best and really only way to play, how we're made up. we do that, it's really nice to watch. >> that's how we have to play. it was a two three-point game. we got stop after stop. it was our defense. we have to down the stretch hold opponents down. caps kicking off the second half of their season tonight in a rivalry matchup, against the philadelphia flyers. the caps are one of the nhl's hottest teams, winning 6 of the last 8 with the most recent loss to philadelphia in overtime last week. all the teams are hot right now. >> you were at the game last night. >> it was a great game. the crowd was on their feet for the whole last few minutes. >> you, too. >> yeah. yeah. >> that's why you're so tired. >> hadn't seen a
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on our broadcast tonight, plot to attack the u.s. capitol inspired by isis, foiled by the feds in an undercover operation. chilling new images from inside the hostage siege in paris as al qaeda says it was behind the massacre at that magazine that hit newsstands again today. scare in space, american astronauts scramble to safety in the middle of the night. measles outbreak, the biggest in years and traced back to disneyland. tonight, the scramble to track down those who may have been exposed. and a cliffhanger, two men with the summit in their sights. we're there live to want in yosemite. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this


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