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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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5:00 tonight, her daughter never made it home from work. >> for the first time, we're hearing from a mother who lost her daughta melttro car filled with smoke. we begin with the life that was lost carol glover. she was a mother a grandmother, and a truly gifted child growing up. news4's pat collins spoke with her family today. he joins us now. >> reporter: jim today i talked to the mother of the woman who died in that yellow line incident. she described what it was like when theyshe heard the news about her daughter's death. >> i never was one to really break down but i became very emotional, distraught to the point where it made me very nervous and shaky. >> reporter: this is kareen endman the mother of carol glover the metro commuter who died monday in that smoky electrical malfunction on the
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yellow line. ms. endman believes her daughter died for a reason. >> her purpose was to make a change somewhere in somebody else's life, and this is the change that's coming. the change is coming. >> reporter: do you think her death will result in a safer -- >> yes. i really do. >> reporter: -- subway system? >> yes. >> reporter: carol glover grew up in this house. she graduated with honors from eastern high school. she graduated with honors from drexel university. she was a computer whiz and longtime contractor with the federal government. >> she's always seeked perfection in everything that she did. >> reporter: carol glover was on her way home from work when she and other commuters found themselves trapped in that smoke-filled yellow line car. ms. endman says her daughter had asthma but she kept it under control and always kept an inhaler with her. she says it wasn't the asthma. it was the smoke that took her
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daughter's life. do you think her asthma may have contributed to her death once she was exposed to the smoke? >> i won't say that. i can't -- >> reporter: do you think the smoke may have -- >> the smoke. you think the smoke. >> the smoke. >> reporter: carol glover died january 12 2015 in that smoke-filled metro car. on that same day 33 years ago, january 12, 1982 her father ralph endman died in a d.c. house fire. his cause of death, smoke inhalation. january 12th. january 12th. a date the endman family will never forget. live in northwest, pat collins, news4. among the 18 people who were
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taken to medstar washington hospital center after the incident all but one have been released. the individual was listed in serious condition but has since been upgraded to fair condition. our team coverage continues now with the latest on the investigation and what metro is doing to return personal property left on board those smoky trains. our transportation reporter adam tuss is outside metro headquarters in northwest with more on that part of the story. adam? >> reporter: j update on where we are in this whole process. personal property people who left thingses behind on that train, people are allowed to come here to metro headquarters and reclaim that property tonight. as for the investigation itself, well it's intensifying to find out what went wrong. this is the train involved in monday's horrific smoke episode. our cameras rolling as it passed through the plaza metro station last night on its way to the greenbelt rail yard. the ntsb has thoroughly inspected the train and telz news4 at this point it's looking
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to rule out scenarios that could have led to the unbelievable scene that played out in the train and the station. metro's dan stuselle talking to us about the train. it's at greenbelt now/? >> it is. it's held out of service for the investigation. >> rep as fa where the investigatn stands now? >> we're actively cooperating with the ntsb's investigation. under federal regulations and all information about the status of the investigation flows through ntsb. >> reporter: we do expect a clearer picture of what happened by the echbtd week from the ntsb. as for today, time to reclaim what was left behind on the train, about 40 pieces of personal property brou metro headquarters. remember this train was headed in the direction of reagan national airport meaning some luggage and suitcases were on board. and back here now live coming up in my next report at 6:00, an increasing number of questions about track fires on metro from safety leaders.
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reporting live at metro headquarters adam tuss news4. a developing story in fairfax county. fire crews are on the scene at the eden center shopping center in falls church where a jewelry store was destroyed after an explosion and a fire. the owner and two customers were inside. tlair expected to be okay. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver spoke with witnesses just a short time ago. >> i hear like boom, like it's a boom. >> reporter: an explosion. explosion, yes. it's really big. we don't know what going on. we scare. we get out and call the jewelry store, glass blow and smoke all over. >> she opened up the door, held the door open for me. i got on the street and felt the impact and dropped to my knees. and i turned around and there was fire. it was an explosion. >> reporter: falls church officials believe the xmroefrgs and fire were accidental.
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now about a story we broke online and first told you about at 4, we just got our hands on the police report detailing an involving christopher barry, the son of the late marion barry. multiple sources tell mark segraves that christopher barry got into an altercation with a bank teller yesterday. barry got upset after not being able to withdraw money, threw a trash can over a ten-foot-high glass partition and broke a security camera. coming up in a few minutes. mark will join us live with new details about exactly what barry allegedly said to the teller that got the attention of police. most of our region missed any significant snowfall this morning, but in southern maryland our crews found side streets that didn't appear to be treated. on some of the main roads they were wet and slushy enough to give some kids the day off from school. >> across the potomac in
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virginia snowy side streets and parking lots gave kids the day off. our crews found mostly clear road conditions while some parents questioned schools closing, they understood the decision. >> i'm from new york. i grew up in new york. so i know what snow is. this is kind of like why are the kids not in school? but then again, you know last week there was a big situation out here where, yeah, there were accidents. >> repor it's not new york. virginia state police tell us tonight troopers responded to more than 300 traffic wrecks this morning. the vast majority of those were in the richmond area. so a snow day without the snow. classes were kauld off today for students in muchf northern virginia. news4's david culver spoke with the man who makes the call in fairfax county. >> getting up early like that by the end of the day i'm a little salty, especially when it goes this way. >> reporter: jeff plantburg started his day at 2:30 a.m.
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thinking he made the right call. >> the call was for longer duration and more accumulation. we were expecting 3 inches areas east and south of 95 and 1 inch toward the west. and, as you can see, that didn't happen. >> reporter: we drove the main roads today and the side streets. as you probably noticed, an easy clear drive. but jeff who's the assistant superintendent for facilities and transportation services, has to make his decision early, before the buses even start rolling. >> people can judge all they want. but our students are safe that's all i care about. >> reporter: it's not only students saffected. some employees say, they don't get paid when they have know days. in fairfax, david culver, news4 news there was some school confusio in the district too. first mayor muriel bouzer announced just after 5:00 a.m. d.c. schools would open on time. but then just 14 minutes later bouser announced instead that
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there would be a two-hour delay. the reason bouzer cited accumulating snow and ice. well meteorologist doug kammerer nailed it from storm center 4. just as you ordered it up. >> we were talking about areas north and west of i-95 not really seeing anything at all. this would mostly be a southern maryland system. that's exactly what we had here. but we had an inch toward culpeper and towards la ray issues this morning with a little bit of a snow burst that developed right during the early morning hours. we'll take a look go back 12 hours. you can see what i'm talking about. most of the snow down here but look at the snow burst around culpeper and warrenton. it quickly fizzled out toward our areas. upwards of 1 to 2 inches south and east and through southern maryland. right now nothing on the radar, the storm is out of here. behind it just like always we've got the colder air. look at the windchills down to 21 in gaithersburg 26 in d.c. 23 in manassas more cold air over the next couple of days. we will moderate some towards
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the weekend, but now we're watching another storm that will affect the weekend. i've got that for you in a minute. now to a potential plot to the u.s. capitol. federal authorities arrest a man in ohio who apparently said he wanted to plant pipe bombs and attack employees. authorities say the man was never in a position to carry out this plan. he was dealing with an under cover agent the entire time. after investigators became aware of his social media postings. imagine you're just trying to sell your house but instead you become a victim with priceless heirlooms stolen. we'll explain how this happened to a homeowner in montgomery county and who got caught. we are looking into metro's deadly underground emergency. we'll tell you why it may be difficult to get the rails upgraded to keep people safe. a double tragedy for a virginia family. what's being done to help after a 12-year-old died rescuing her gr
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we just received a tweet from a student group at howard university announcing a candlelight vigil to be held on campus for a howard football player who was murdered christmas eve. terrence tucson was shot and killed at an apartment in denton texas, when he was home for the holidays. police say they believe it was a robbery attempt. the vigil is tonight at 6:30 at
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howard's football field. putting your home on the market it's stressful enough. but imagine having an open house and then finding your priceless family heirlooms are gone. >> that happened in montgomery county. the woman behind the scheme was sentenced today. news4's kristin wright was there. >> reporter: she pretended to be an interested home buyer. that got her in. sally spiezman walked through closets at open houses in montgomery county not looking at square footage. she stole a $20,000 cartier watch from this bedroom in potomac. she paunled it. it happened to carlos bonilla, too, losing irreplaceable family heirlooms. >> they we p scrapped. i wanted to pass them along to my daughter. they belonged to my mother. it was a piece she really liked. >> reporter: court records say spiezman hit several open houses in 2013 and 2014. during one, $15,600 in jewelry
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was stolen. at another a tiffany 16-stone gold and diamond ring. today a judge sentenced spiezman to one year in jail five years probation. the 58-year-old was remorseful in court. family and friends say she's battled alcohol and drug addiction. >> this behavior is aberrant so i have to -- i pinpoint the drugs. >> substance abuse is certainly a troubling thing, and we always want people to have treatment and to get better and be productive citizens. but it's no excuse. >> reporter: spiezman was ordered to pay more than $81,000 in restitution. but bonilla said no amount of money will bring back his mother's bracelet. >> she wore it constantly. wore it constantly. she loved it. it's a shame it's melted down. >> reporter: in montgomery county kristin wright news4. tonight at 6:00 kristin will have more of spooizman's
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tearful apology in court today. the same system that brought lights to our region created some dangerous road conditions in the carolinas. take a look. a fire truck hit a patch of black ice while responding to an accident and wound up flipping down that embankment. this is henderson county in the southern part of north carolina. the truck flipped 1 1/2 times, injuring three firefighters. one got knocked unconscious, but all three are expected to be okay. that's a rough ride. >> is canada going to take its air back now? my gosh. are we out of the woods? >> earlier in the week we talked about the air moving back into canada. now it looks like it wants to come right back. it be as warm this weekend as we were looking at earlier. tack a look outside right now, a very dreary evening. we still have the cloud cover, and it has been cold today. high temperature today, the average high is 43 the high 33 degrees. that's 10 degrees below average, winds out of the north at 8
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miles per hour making it feel like 26 degrees right now at the airport. currently 30 degrees in winchester 25 in gaithersburg 31 in annapolis. on again temperatures are below freezing. we'll see things freezing on the roadways. most of the roads are clear, but some of the side roads corners that you see there are getting a little on the icy side. storm team 4 radar nothing to show in the region and really this system is moving out of here. take a look at the wider view. there's not another storm out there, a little frontal boundary coming through the chicagoland area but that's it. we just have cloud cover and a lot of snow cover now in the portions of the mid-atlantic and northeast. but for all intents and purposes we're in a fairly dry pattern, a fairly calm pattern over the next couple of days. high temperatures tomorrow a little bit better than today. tomorrow a little breezy but really not all that bad. 39 degrees for a high temperature, 39 in leesburg 39 in fredericksburg yes, it will be chilly tomorrow but with some sunshine. tomorrow not a bad day. things get better during the day
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on friday. tomorrow's impact as far as driving is concerned, you'll see a few clouds, 29 degrees, once again maybe a few areas of ice but we're not expecting a lot out of that. 5:00 to 7:00 cold and dry, cold of 29 dropping to 37. your travel forecast a few icy spots tomorrow but we're in the green, no problem there. exercise not too bad tomorrow maybe in the green too. out and about, you already know it's winter bundle up. we are green and good to go over the next couple of days, even more so. 43 degrees, plenty of sunshine friday. friday looking like a pretty nice day. 41 degrees on saturday so we actually start to cool a little bit. that moves us into the day on sunday a storm system making its way in here. right now it looks like it may form a little too late for us to get anything real significant out of it. but currently it looks like some rain maybe changing to snow late on sunday with a high temperature of 46 degrees. right now martin luther king day on monday looking good with a
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high of 39 chilly with windchills of 30 degrees. another chance of rain possibly snow late next wednesday. then the pattern starts to get a little more active. of course we'll be talking much more about that over the next couple of days. guys? and right now let's head out to yosemite and take a look at our guys out there. these are live pictures of the two climbers doing something that hasn't been done before nearing the summit of the 3,000-foot dawn wall on el capitan in yosemite national park. tommy caldwell and kevin jordan son started climbing 19 days ago using only their hands and feet. ropes are attached to them but only to save them if they fall. not to help hoist them. we'll check back in on their historic effort coming up within the hour. and a new cloud is hanging over the virginia general assembly on this opening day. a lawmaker who won a special election last night is still serving time in jail. richmond area delegate joe
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morrison resigned from his seat in december after he entered an alford plea to a misdemeanor charge of contributing t minor. he had been accused of having a relationship with a 17-year-old secretary. he ran in an independent in yesterday's special election and he got his seat back. he was sworn in today in his office and rejoined his fellow house members on the floor. both democrats and republicans can agree they want to weigh whether to take soeary action. >> to have a member actively serving jail time, sleeping in a jail while trying to legislate by day is just something most of us find completely unacceptable. we're not happy about it but the voters of his district elected him by 400 vote margin last night and we're still trying to figure out exactly legally what the consequences of that are. coming up on news4 at 6, northern virginia bureau chief julie carey talked to morrissey today about whether he fears
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censure or even worse. she looks at the growing push for more ethics reform in richmond. voters want to legalize marijuana in the district but they don't have the final say. find out who could snuff out the pot plan in the nation's capital. a woman hits the jackpot at maryland live but trouble follows her home from the casino. we'll explain whe
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 5. welcome back to news4 at 5. i'm carol maloney live in college park. number 14 maryland about to tip off against rutgers. a big part of the terps success so far has been the group of freshmen. they're a pretty tight-knit group we hear. as you're about to find out, the connection they've made is permanent. the terps "bond is more than spoken words for three of it's written in ink. >> i just got kind of in bold letters down my leg with blood dripping from the letters. the blood just represents the bond we have and how close we are, they're like blood brother for me. >> i got about the same thing, but i got stones like you can't break it. >> mine is bubble letters mbk going down my leg.
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there's wind like swirls around it. >> reporter: the styles are different, the meaning is the same mbk. my brother's keeper. >> they're like brothers i never had. the team bond we have is just great. >> our bond and our friendship i know we won't ever not be friends. >> we just have the bond and got really close. i don't think it will ever break down. tlanchts's the spirit of not just this group but of the entire maryland team. and they hope it's a sign of great things to come. >> i think we can go to the final four this year just because of the bond. everyone is there for each other. everyone works hard pushes each other in practice. i think that's what you need in a final four team. >> reporter: they've been on the right we've put together even more video of this bunch on our nbc washington app. who is the goofiest? who's the most likely to listen
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to taylor swift? download the app for the answers and watch news4 on your phone. coming up on news4 at 6, how the terps plan on taking down rutgers, a team that just took down a top five team in the country. back to you guys. >> thank you, carol. he wants to follow in his late father's footsteps. >> if you follow news4's mark segraves on twitter, you may know about troubles for the former mayor's son christopher barry. next a bank teller is threatened. we have a live report on what the now candidate for d.c. council is accused of doing and what we just learned from the police report. plus after a deadly underground emergency on metro, we went in search of answers. what it would take to make safety improvements. hear the concerning findings straight ahead on
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. >> announcer: right now at 5:30 a remarkable recovery. we shared the story of a virginia teen whose life changed in an instant during a trip to ocean city. now, after he was paralyzed by diving into the ocean we're seeing how he is beating the odds. officer cleared. >> i will shoot you. >> police killed an unarmed man during a traffic stop. we'll show you what happened next. it was all captured on dash cam video. and a family is relying on the kindness of strangers after a 12-year-old is killed trying
5:30 pm
to rescue her grandmother from a fire. he just announced his plans to run for his father's seat on the d.c. council, and now police are investigating an incident involving christopher barry. it's a story that we first reported broke it on twitter. mark segraves joins us. >> christopher barry is being investigated after he allegedly threatened a bank employee yesterday. according to multiple sources familiar with the incident christopher barry, a candidate to replace his father on the d.c. council, went to the pnc bank on 7th street northwest yesterday. barry got int argument with bank staff after he was told his account was overdrawn. according at thatto a police report barry used a derogatory term when he threatened a female bank employee and then became violent, throwing a trash can over the ten-foot-high security glass, destroying a security camera. police say barry told the teller quote, i'm going to have someone waiting for you when you
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get off. bank staff then called police. sources close to barry tell news4 they're aware of the indianapolis dent and that barry acted out after he bec employees chblt barry has a history of brushes with law enforcement including he pled guilty to possession of marijuana. we reached out to barry and his campaign. they have not returned our calls or e-mails. a deadly underground emergency is putting metro's safety in the spotlight. now a report out shows metroeds billions of dollars to run the system and make safety improvements in the coming years. tom sherwood found out that regional leaders are worried about both the money and the day-to-day emergency management at metro. >> reporter: investigators are still probing the smoky malfunction of metro on monday. one person died. more than 80 passengers were sent to local hospitals. now a new report out today says
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metro needs $16 billion in the coming years to maintain the system and improve safety. without funding to make these improvements metro will not be able to keep up with growing demand the report says. d.c. council chairman phil mendelson, the current chairman reviewed the report today. >> the concern is very great, both from a reliability and safety perspective but also the ability of public transit to meet the needs of the region. >> reporter: leaders throughout the region say they're worried about the huge cost of routine maintenance as well as the new facilities with no clear idea where the extra money might be found. >> >> it's clear, however, that the state, the federal government the local government and indeed the private sector need to seriously consider how we're going to come up with more money. >> reporter: dave snyder of falls church has served on emergency committees and he says riders and citizens deserve
5:33 pm
better metro management whatever the funding. >> i think we all, as supporters of metro, have the right to demand management that is at the very least, providing accurate and full communications to riders in minor incidents and major incidents. that apparently has not happened on a repeated basis. >> reporter: in the district tom sherwood news4. >> metro accounts for 85% of all public transit in the washington region. coming up tonight on news4 at 6 officials tell us it can't afford to scare away riders worried about their safety. the battle over d.c.'s marijuana bill could be heating up again as the d.c. council sends the initiative to congress for review. d.c. voters approved this measure this past fall. it legalizes the possession of small amounts of marijuana. congress passed a bill of its own just in december that could block it. a big win at maryland live casino turned into a terrifying night for a maryland woman. she won about $1,000. police tell us a couple then
5:34 pm
followed her home to waldorf, an hour away and robbed her at gun point. this happened back on december 20th. police arrested mark west and maria wheeler from hyattsville just a few days later. the woman did not get her winnings back. there is now an effort to help a family in our area devastated by a fire that may have been started by a child who was playing with a fire starter log. 12-year-old row wanna hill and her grandma carol hill were both killed when that fire broke out in their home in spots il. there's a go fund me link on our app and search fire relief. just as we approach the martin luther king holiday, a court battle brewing between the children of the civil rights activist is stealing the headlines. we'll explain more about this bible battle that has an iconic family divided.
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oh, and all eyes are still on the climbers live in yosemite national park. they're trying to get up el cap on the edge of making history as they scale that granite wall using only their hands and feet. looks like they've got good weather. earlier in the week on monday we talked about a nice weekend. however, the forecast changing a little bit. the cold air wangts to stick around. we have a storm system moving up the coast. i'll show you what that means coming up in the forecast in just a
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tonight's wednesday's child is a teenager who in a few years will age out of the foster care system. >> she is a happy and engaging teenager who loves school but even more she loves being around people. >> barbara hairszrrison takes us to meet her on a special day in her life. >> i like purple so much. >> hady loves art and had also heard there might be a surprise for her here. >> oh, my gosh i can't wait. >> as a birthday treat, haddie got to come to all fired up where owner and pottery maker liz wenchel helped her choose a box to paint purple. haddie has been in the foster system for most of her life. >> she looks forward with just
5:39 pm
joy in her heart for her birthday for christmas. she fully enjoys the company of people. >> is my surprise here? >> haddie was excited about today and was ensured something was on the way. >> i hear something has a birthday. >> yes! oh, yay! >> haddie was thrilled. >> i've known her for about four years. every person i meet who comes in contact with her feels the same way. >> she's hoping to find a family who will love her and encourage her in her special school. >> i do math and science and social studies. >> do you have a favorite subject at school? >> cooking. >> what have you l how to cook? >> i learned how to cook cookies and stuff. beautiful! her wish she said? >> i want to go home for my birthday. >> home a place for hugs and
5:40 pm
many many happy birthdays. barbara harrison news4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home in your heart for haddie or another child, call our special adoption hotline, 1-88-2-adopt-me or search wednesday's child on a northern virginia teenager who was told he would never have any feeling below his shoulders now, after a tragedy at the beach, we're getting encouraging word from his family tonight. and our week-long effort to help you get a fresh start on your finances in the new year it continues next. consumer reporter erika gonzalez focuses on your credit score and that what you don't know can hurt you.
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your credit can score. often you don't know how good or how bad it is until you try to make a quite large purchase. >> and while that number is important, even more so is your credit report. consumer reporter erika gonzalez is here to help give you a fresh start in 2015. erika? >> we may not be looking at our
5:44 pm
credit report or our credit score all the time but companies are. explains all the credit card offers you get in the mail. but the story you're about to see shows what could be hiding in your credit report. >> okay thank you. >> sandra is a single mom. she works hard to provide for her family and thought she was paying all her bills on time. so imagine her surprise when she gets a notice in the mail she's about to lose her home. >> i was like foreclosure? why am i being foreclosed on? i am not behind on my mortgage. >> sandra looked into her credit report and found she was falsely being reported as delinquent on her payments. >> it affects every part of your life-ire your ability to rent an apartment, your ability to buy a house, rental a car, get a job, to buy insurance. it's all affected by your credit report. >> let's say you're shopping for a car. you ask for financing and you're given a high interest but you
5:45 pm
know your credit score is healthy. ira says don't settle. >> your knowledge of your credit score and your credit report gives you some power because you know you qualify for good credit. and that gives you an opportunity to shop wisely. >> contrary to popular belief ignorance is not bliss. and what you don't know can harm you. just ask sandra. >> i have been embarrassed in the past, you know. i purchase something, oh, you have been declined. >> sandra wasn't about to let a false report ruin her future so she sought the help of an attorney and eventually got that false hit on her mortgage removed. >> there's a law called the fair credit reporting act. that law requires you, if you want its protections, to file a dispute with the credit bureau. filing a dispute along with the company that's put the bad information on your credit report does not trigter that law and does not trigger your legal rights. >> now sandra is vigilant. >> i check my credit report every year. i like to do it every year. >> but would you believe it
5:46 pm
happ -- >> again. i was in shock. i was like what? again? >> this time she says her report shows false debts with credit card companies, and she is once again fighting to get these removed. >> people need to check their credit report if they don't understand it find someone who does. >> those credit reports, never mind the commercials or pop-up ads on your computer. there is really only one free way to get an annual credit report. you can go to, search "credit report." we've got a link to that site for you. free. >> hiring a lawyer every time they do this to you can get expensive. >> yeah. absolutely. that's one of the things we discussed with ira rynegold. he says it's virtually impossible for a consumer to take on a matter that large by themselves. you need the support and backing of someone who has the legal expertise like an attorney. >> wow. >> frustrating.
5:47 pm
>> that needs to be fixed. >> thanks so much. well we told you last summer about a teenager from our area. he was swimming with his brother and his mother and he wound up with a serious injury when he was at the beach. it was july of 2012. parker haller dove into the water and fractured two vertebrae in his neck, became a kwaupd quriplegic. have excite inging news. you can see him at therapy last week. it's the first time he's walked completely on his own in nearly 2 1/2 years. at therapy, he normally uses a cane or a walker or has his therapist helping him stay balanced on his feet. parker started his senior year at hilton high this past fall. he uses a motorized wheelchair or walker or cane to get around. >> go parker. more than 1,000 children are now living at homeless shelters in the district with this long
5:48 pm
spell of our cold weather news4 has learned that d.c.'s largest shelter for families is now at capacity. d.c. general family shelter has 232 families living there another 300 families being sheltered r facilities. those hotels are also nearing capacity. the district is now negotiating with a third hotel to provide shelter. many single n and women have been placed in rec centers for overnight emergency shelter. and as doug is about to tell you, it looks like we're not going to get any great relief from the cold anytime soon. we're really not. at least we're not talking frigid arctic air, but we're talking about winter weather with temperatures in the 30s over the next few days and moving into the w 40s. tonight it will be 33 the clouds will keep us cold but also will help temperatures stabilize a bit. we're not talking about brutal temperatures overnight, dropping to about 29 in d.c. down to 25
5:49 pm
in gaithersburg, 28 in reston and 30 in camp springs. we're below freezing just about everywhere. anything tt was able to melt today will refreeze overnight. we could see problems. but the good news is we didn't see a lot of those across the area today. storm team 4 radar, all clear around the region no more snow. that snow is out of here. the greatest impact tomorrow will be down towards southern maryland and the north neck. this area saw 1 to 2 inches of snow. 25 mechanicsville 26 in leonardtown. could be on the slick side waldorf and la plate ta also around that mark. tomorrow's forecast mostly sunny and koom. we won't call it cold. temperatures about five degrees below average, 37 to 41. it will be on the colder side with the wind kicking up from time to time the windchill between 30 and 35. we are talking a chilly day. 43 on friday saturday 41. it gets a little cooler but still some sunshine. then on sunday we're watching
5:50 pm
this storm system here and this storm system is going to be one to watch for sure. temperatures around 46. right now it looks like it will be mostly rain 50/50 weekend with a nice day saturday. sunday not looking too bad, but it does look like we'll see some rain during the day. if the cold air rushes in fast enough the storm could end with light snow. no accumulation expected at this time but it would bring in colder air as we start off next week for martin luther king day monday, a high of 35. a fight among the children of dr. martin luther king jr. over who owns his nobel peace prize and who owns the family bible. an atlanta judge is deciding what to do with the items after hearing from the family. last year king's two sons asked a judge to order his daughter bernice to surrender those items so they could be sold. they say the items belong to the estate. bernice king says they are not the estate's to sell. >> and one individual decided to sequester those items, and no
5:51 pm
one individual of the original five heirs had the right to do that. >> the judget indicate how long it will take him to rule. well it's become an annual tradition. fifth graders from a local elementary school reciting dr. king's iconic "i have a dream" speech at the lincoln memorial. ♪ let freedom ring ♪ today the students at watkins elementary school did a run-through of their upcoming performance along with the speech they plan to sing a few freedom songs. most of the students are just 10 years old, but they still feel the significance of king's famous speech. >> he kind of like sacrificed his life because he wanted everyone to be equal. >> i think we've come a long way so far, but there's still some things that can be changed in the world to make things better. >> this is the 18th year kids
5:52 pm
from watkins have done this speech. their performance this friday afternoon is set to start around 1:00. maryland's general assembly is back in session, but this time they're facing a budget deficit of $750 million. for the first time in eight years there's a republican governor facing a democratic majority. chris gordon reports from annapo pe together governor-elect larry hogan, the republican who defeated anthony brown, shared a symbolic message. >> the people of maryland you know want us to work together. the problems aren't democrat problems or republican problems. the only way they're going to get solved is us working together. >> lawmakers face a budget deficit of $750 million. hogan must try to convince the democratic majority to agree to deep spending cuts. >> some of the challenges that face us are great, but so is our resolve to fix them. >> reporter: montgomery county executive mike legity is trying
5:53 pm
to control local priorities. >> we're concerned about the construction money, concerned about transportation revenue. >> reporter: prince george's county has its own wish list for state spending. >> making sure we have the funding to build a regional medical center for state of maryland. and education. >> reporter: voters in montgomery and prince george's county backed brown for governor. i asked them if they should be worried about budget cuts. >> i'll remain optimistic about the regional medical center and investments in schools. it's going to be a tough budget year. >> reporn exa one week the new governor will be inaugurated here on the sts o e statehouse. at that time governor hogan is expected to reveal his priorities for the legislative session for the very first time. reporting from annapolis, chris gordon news4. just in to our news4 newsroom our first school delay for thursday fredericksburg schools delayed two hours
5:54 pm
tomorrow. tonight a deadly police shooting during what could have been a routine traffic stop. find out why the officer involved was cleared and why some say the passenger put himself at risk. and new at 6:00 a communication breakdown on metro, tonight asking the tough questions to find out what went wrong during monday's deadly nt
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
looking live at what's trending today we're checking back in with the climbers at el capitan at yosemite national
5:57 pm
park. they are very close to the summit of the 3,000 foot wall. tommy caldwell and kevin jorgenson are aiming to become the first people to make it to the top using their own strength and not ropes to pull them up. they do have ropes and harnesses, but those are only for safety in case they fall. they're hoping to get there tonight after 19 days of climbing and spending nights in tents suspended from that rock face there. cleared of any wrong doing. a police officer in montana will not be facing any charges after he shot and killed an unarmed man during a traffic stop. >> this all happened last april. the dash cam footage has just now been released. a warning, some may find this video disturbing. here's pat lawson muse. >> repor it looks like a routine traffic stop. >> why are you moving your hands around so much? you're making me nervous. >> reporter: but then officer grant morrison draws his weapon.
5:58 pm
>> i will shoot you! i will shoot you! >> reporter: just seconds leyritz, three shots are fired. >> hands up! hands up! >> reporter: one of the four men in the car, 38-year-old richard ramirez, who wasn't armed, later died. >> he put himself at risk when he need not have done so and then had to act to save himself. >> reporter: the dash cam kept rolling, capturing the minutes after morrison pulled the trigger. for the five-year veteran, this was his second deadly shooting in as many years. in 2013 morrison shot and killed another man during a traffic stop. after that man reached for what was later determined to be a bb gun. >> i will shoot you. >> reporter: cleared by a coroner's jury of criminal action in both cases. >> justifiable homicide. >> reporter: the officer faces no criminal charges. >> the public got a very thorough presentation of evidence. that was our objective.
5:59 pm
and seven citizens made a decision an informed decision. >> reporter: the ramirez family told nbc news they are shocked by the verdict and are planning to file a civil suit. as of this morning, officer morrison remains on the force. pat lawson muse news4. now at 6:00 new reaction tonight from relatives of a woman killed on metro. >> her purpose was to make a somewhere in somebody else's life and this is a change that's coming. >> reporter: tonight, we'll hear their message to the riders who tried to help. and we'll tell you about the tragic twist of fate for the victim's family 33 years before the accident. threats to a bank teller and property destroyed. news4 broke the story. what we're just learning about the violent confrontation involving the son of marion barry. and the defiant message to terrorists in the wake of the deadly attack in paris. and why it's creating a new wave of controversy around the world.
6:00 pm
first tonight, new details just coming in about the men arrested for allegedly planning an attack against the u.s. capitol. chris lawrence is here with more. >> christopher cornell 20 years old and from ohio. he seemed dead set to come to d.c. to kill a lot of people. here is his basic plan as far as the fbi has laid it out. they said this man wanted to build and detonate pipe bombs at the u.s. capitol and then, when officials and employees started evacuating the building he would try to shoot and kill them. all of this was just in the planning stages until today when he went to aohio bought two semiautomatic rifles and about 600 rounds of ammunition. that's when the fbi moved in and arrested him. now, he had been known to them for several months because he


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