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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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this point? >> reporter: you can see just how active a scene it is this afternoon. take a look behind me. the focus is on princes diamonds. you can see a couple display cases, the windows smashed out, the doors also smashed. that is because of what appears to have been an explosion that erupted from inside the store within the past hour or so. you mentioned several people hurt. we're told at least three people have been injured. a witness tells me one of those injured was the store owner along with two other customers. now, we're told thef were taken to the hospital. they should be okay. but you can see just how much damage is left behind. i spoke with one witness. he was actually a customer here. he was walking up towards the door. he said for some reason he decided to stop and not go in. he turned around walked back towards his car. and in that moment the explosion ran out, and he said it pushed him to his knees quite literally. right now the focus is on
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keeping this area contained. this is a popular area if you know it in falls church. generally more packed than it is but they've closed off the area as they continue to investigate the cause here. three people injured all in the hospital, all expected to be okay. we've got incredible video that some of the witnesses shot that we're going to get fed into the station so we can show you in the next three hours of news. we're live in falls church david culver, news4. back to you. >> thanks david. first at 4, news have learned that police are investigating an incident involving christopher barry, son of marion barry. >> we have details, mark? >> jim, this stems from an incident yesterday at a downtown bank. according to multiple sources familiar with the incident, christopher barry, candidate to replace his father on the d.c. council went in on the pnc bank on 7th street northwest. he got into a verbal argument with bank staff after his transaction was unsuccessful. law enforcement sources tell
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news4 barry threatened a bank eme disruptive. bank staff called the police. we r to christopher barry and his campaign. they haven't returned our calls. from the live desk, news4. two days after a busy metro train filled with deadly smoke, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about what exactly went wrong. but we are following a few new developments today. starting today were on that smoking train can retrieve personal belongings they left behind during the emergency. adam tus has been covering this ordeal since it happened. live on the air and on twitter. outside metro headquarters in northwest. adam what are you learning? >> reporter: jim, the key points of what's going on today, the train voofled in monday's episode was brought to the greenbelt rail yard, t ntsb took a look and turned it back over to metro. the personal property that was on the train has been brought here to metro headquarters and
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the peoplee on that train can start coming here to collect their personal property. of course, a lot of people decided that they were getting off that train in a hurry on monday and the train was headed in the direction of reagan national airport. that means luggage, suitcases were left behind as well as other personal property. here's metro's dan stetszel. >> i understand there were about 40 pieces of personal property that were taken off the train. they were cataloged. we're working to get i.d. information off of it. of course we put out the announcement last night that this property would be available for passengers to reclaim. so we've received phone calls in the call center as well. >> reporter: now coming up next hour news4 at 5, we ask metro some question bzs about the investigation and what they're learning. tune in for that. according to the news4 storm team southern maryland caught the brunt of the storm. some areas got nearly 2 inches
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of snow just enough to require a broom to sweep off your car. in charles county side streets and back roads were covered with a blanket of ice and snow making the commute a bit tricky. that forced charles county schools to close today. for students in parts of northern virginia this was a snow day with virtually no snow. roads were pretreated and good to go but the region saw very little snow, just as our storm team 4 predicted. in fairfax counties officials based their decision on what their forecasters were telling them. >> the forecast this morning was for a longer duration and more accumulation. we were an to 3 inches in areas to the east and south of 95 and 1 inch really towards the west. and, as you can see, that didn't happen. >> some parents tell news4 they'd rather err on the side of caution. others believe last week's decision not to cancel school has officials a bit gun shy about their calls. so with this morning's snow
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the question is will we get any more? >> of course it's never too early to start thinking about the weekend. let's go to veronica johnson in the weather center. >> first we're going to see re-freeze overnight for any locations that weren't cleaned off, cleared up today. it could be a handful of slick spots by tom morning in those locations. as we said, southern maryland really brunt of it lexington park 1.7 inches 1.3 cull pupper to the south as we told you yesterday storm team 4 just 0.1 up and around d.c. now the radar shows everything dry early this morning that's where the snow was. but dry and quiet. our next chance of seeing any rain coming our way is not going to be until we get to the second half the weekend, early next week. but look at this the greatest impact for tomorrow morning right here in southern maryland for any areas that weren't cleared as temperatures drop to 28 degrees, camp springs 29 mechanicsville 30 leonardstown with slick rhodes.
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we'll show you a little warm-up a small one, all in a few minutes. today's wet weather caused hundreds of accidents in virginia. state police reported more than 300 wrecks just this morning due to slick roads. fortunately, no injuries were reported and a majority of the wrecks a drop in the mercury overnight means roads could ice over again. police say avoid traveling tonight if have to drive, give yourself extra time and slow down. right now, france says it's cracking down one week after that terror attack at a paris magazine. president francois hollande is sending an aircraft carrier to the middle east in an effort to help u.s. in its fight against isis. it comes as yemen's al qaeda group claims responsibility for the attack. meanwhile, in paris, the "carly hebdo" magazine published for the first time since the attack. the latest issue is bringing more controversy. we'll get an update from paris ahead in our next half hour.
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this afternoon, search crews are still combing a rural virginia mountainside for two missing girls from our area. they are digging on taylor mountain in southwest virginia through tomorrow. it's not clear what new evidence prompted the search. in 1975, sheila and katherine lyon disappeared from wheaton plaza shopping center. ten people died when a prison bus collided with a moving train this morning. the bus was transporting 12 inmates to a prison in texas. three corrections officers were also on board. this bus skidded off an icy overpass slamming into the train delow. five people are still being treated for injuries. first at 4, a recall that could affect your nursery. the hidden danger that could impact thousands of babies in their sleep. on edge miles above the earth. we'll tell you what caused a panic aboard the international space station and if nasa says there's any danger. you're watching news4 "first at 4." as a small business owner you
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controversy dominated the opening session of the 2015 virginia general assembly in richmond today. richmond area delegate joe morsi will be serving time in jail at night and legislating by day. morrissey resigned from his seat in december after he was accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old receptionist at his law office. he entered an alfred plea to a misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, acknowledging prosecutors likely had enough evidence to convict him. the democrat won his seat back as an independent in a special election yesterday. some fellow lawmakers are calling for some type of disciplinary action. coming up at 5:00 one northern virginia lawmakers describes the
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options. >> it was a much more amicable start to maryland's legislation. lawmakers were greeted together in annapolis. hogan will face a $750 million budget deficit when he takes office next week. coming up at 5:00 chris gordon looks at the challenges the budget might pose. and check out chris' one-on-one with anthony brown on the washington's app. the head of maryland's epifk cal church about the deadly pain caused by a hit-and-run. bishop eugene taylor sutton posted a letter saying die owe seize leaders will explore ways to address addiction in the church. his second in command heatherok is in jail. she was charged last week with manslaughter drunk driving texting while driving and leaving the scene of a crash that killed a bicyclist in december. 41-year-old tom poe layer mow was married with two young children.
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this is cook's second arrest for driefg under the influence in mary major recall. crib mattresses sold at ikea affecting nearly 200,000 ikea brand crib mattresses under the name visa. the mattresses could create a gap between the mattress and the crib where babies could get trapped. ikea has gotten two reports of infants becoming trapped, and that gap is larger than currently allowed by federal regulations. the crib mattresses were sold nationwide and sold online since 2010 for about $100. if you have one, stop using it and take it back to eyeikea for a refund. sorry we're out. that's what one popular restaurant chain is talking about a popular item on its menu. why it's been pulled and when it could return. there is no question it's cold out there. but do you really know how to bundle up and keep yourself well
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in cold weather? some of the biggest myths about the cold and some of them may surprise you. and are we out of the woods when it comes to snow? and what about that weekend? storm team 4 tracking it for you
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technology has improved our lives, in small ways. in big ways. but what about this? couldn't this be better too? at redfin we asked ourselves the same question. which led us to create new ways to take you inside a home or instantly schedule a tour. but we paired that with our own agents
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who aren't paid on commission but on your happiness. and that's what makes it all work the world has changed and now real estate has too. >> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. 4 million immigrants could lose protections put in place by president obama back in november.
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today the e voted to overturn the executive action that provided three-year stays of deportation and work permits to immigrants who came to the country illegally as children. republicans say the president overstepped his constitutional authority and attached the repeal to a homeland security funding bill. president obama has threatened to veto it. they say it was probably a false alarm, but nasa is not taking any chances tonight after a scare aboard the international space station. >> they are locking down the crew while they investigate a possible ammonia leak. has more. >> reporter: u.s. astronauts cram extrale aft an alarm sounded. >> we got to the russian segment, closed the hatch. we checked the environment. since that time we have been sorting through this anomaly. >> reporter: the initial concern for the flight team was the potential for an ammonia leak on the station, though they're quick to point out that's the worst case scenario.
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>> we need to emphasize that there is no hard data to suggest there was in fact a real ammonia leak. >> reporter: instead, the alarm may have been triggered by a water pressure spike in the thermal control system a faulty sensor or computer relay box. >> we're in a position where we think everything is good. now we have this big road in front of us to get back reconfigured. >> repor t astronauts' work has been put on hold as nasa engineers search for answers. >> just stand by and do anything from our end you have for us. >> wish we had more for you to do at this point. we don't. so enjoy your impromptu day off. >> reporter: for now, the crew will remain in the russian segment of the space station where there are enough provisions to sustain all the astronauts for at least a week if necessary. jay gray nbc news. >> the space station will be flying over, you'll be posting that information. right. occasionally with a clear enough sky and where it's just at the right altitude we can get a chance to see it here.
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i just posted international space station fly overtimes on my facebook page. meanwhile, the other thing you'll see me post a little later are all of the temperatures across the area tonight and where i'm expecting to see the most refreeze. that will be down across areas like southern maryland once again. road impacts down there. i think we'll have a l of delays across that area. but there will be a handful of delays by tomorrow morning, isolated delays. that again is across southern maryland. our temperature right now, still cloud cover across the area. it's 33 degrees, but look at this over the next few hours temperatures will fall very gently. only a little by the time we get to 10:00 11:00 p.m., 30 degrees by then. yes, below freezing. co conditions dry conditions and still a few clouds hanging on. here is a look at your future weather over the next couple of hours. by 9:00 again, cold sets in. we'll start to see the skies clear more and more as we head through the overnight period. for your thursday yes, cold.
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you'll notice clouds drifting through the area. call it a partly sunny day coming our way for tomorrow, thursday. but temperatu on the low side especially early on. mt. erie starting out tomorrow morning at 24 degrees, 23 germantown gaithersburg sandy spring area around warrenton, manassas, sterling 24 25 degrees early tomorrow morning, 28 around stafford and fredericksburg early on. temperatures get above freezing by the time we get to about the noon hour tomorrow. we top out just shy of 40 degrees. so minor slippery spots for tomorrow morning. i think we're going to be doing a little better as we get ready to wrap up the workweek. here is a look at your thursday and friday from 39 to 43 degrees on friday. a lot of sunshine across the area. yes, it is looking dry. your weekend right now is 50/50, split with your dry day and all the sunshine coming on saturday with a temperature of 41 degrees. the other thing we're seeing right now versus what it was
4:20 pm
looking like yesterd day this weeke is looking a little cooler. we've brought down the numbers, the temperatures to 41 46 degrees on sunday. still looking like rain coming our way for sunday. we'll talk about how much we could see on the back half of the weekend. and, as we go into the early part of next week with temperatures low enough if there is that chance of seeing some more snow across the area. of course it is a holiday for some of you out there. >> thanks, veronica. he was exposed to ebola by mistake, but miraculously has not gotten sick. a lab technician at the centers for disease control was accidentally given a live sample of ebola while researching. it happened just before christmas ebola usually strikes within three weeks. the lab technician is not showing any symptoms. the cdc is putting out a report on the incident later this month. whoa! >> oh, my gosh wow!
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>> check it out. we are not zoomed in. this is an extremely close encounter for this whale watching group. the whale had some fun with the maui tourists giving them quite a show and a splash or two. it swam closer to the boat and eventually right into it. no one on board was hurt nor was that whale. if you are a fan of chipotle you may not be able to get your favorite dish there today. you can't order pork at nearly one-third of chipotle locations nationwide. it had to suspend a pork producer that didn't meet its standards. and it says they were unable to find another supplier in time. chipotle says it only buys pork from farms where animals are raised outside or in deeply bedded pens. it also requires animals be fed a vegetarian diet with no antibiotics. it's that time of the year when many of us are trying to get our tax refunds and get
4:22 pm
those returns filed. but could a problem here in washington delay your refund check? using the web may never be the same. the big announcement today that could bring big changes to what your gadgets can do. we're coming right back.
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the most bitter days of
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winter are still ahead. do you really know the tricks to staying well in the cold? in news4 your health debunking three cold weather myths. a family allergyist is here with the facts about staying well in winter. dr. jackie my mother when i was little would hit the roof when i left with my head uncovered. she said you have to wear a hat. many people believe a warm head is the most essential cold weather accessory because it keeps your body warm. that's myth number one. >> it is. and the mass just doesn't add up. it's just 10% of your area it's70% of your heat. keep your core warm. keep yourself clothed. the fabric you use should not be a sweaty fabric. and please be careful of your ears. if you don't want to wear a hat, wear an ear band especially if you put in the earbuds to listen to music. cold hard pieces of metal in your ear will cause pain. hat is not as important as socks?
4:26 pm
>> socks. this was actually sort of an ice challenge test that was done ten years ago and made your mother correct. if you are are cold then you have a greater chance of getting a cold. what they did is put people's feet in iceor. then a couple of days later theyho did that to had more chances of getting a cold. so keep your feet warm and keep your body warm in generally, and you won't get a cold as easily. >> myth number two, a nice warm scarf wrapped fashionably around your neck will help keep you well. u pull it up over your face. what you want to do with the scarf is keep the air warm. you're breathing especially today, it's cold and dry. you need to make it humidified. runners are at a particular risk for this and they should wear maybe those neoprene scarves to keep things well hydrated in terms of their air and their breath. don't forget to hydrate themselves. >> and if you have asthma, the cold weather is even more dangerous. >> that's a trigger. we sometimes use it in a laboratory. we blow cold air at people to prove they have asthma.
4:27 pm
it will give them bronco spasms. >> myth number three, at the first sign of cold ar flu start guzzling the orange juice and popping the vitamin c tablets. >> no, it doesn't make any difference. you can't just start taking all the grapefruit in the world when you get the cold. what matters is you've done it ahead of time that your immune system is overall supported from a healthy diet. the only medication that will make a difference if you actually get the flu is something like tamiflu. let me make sure everybody is aware you have to see the doctor as soon as you get the fever or at least within 48 hours. otherwise, we can't get you tamiflu again, the thing that matters most in really helping the flu is get the flu shot. i know it's not a perfect match, but some match is better than no match at all. >> spring is 65 days away. >> and don't -- we're waiting for it. the case against him has gone viral and a podcast called serial. we're getting a better idea of
4:28 pm
whether he could soon be a free man. plus an officer's life saved. an unlikely person who came to the rescue just in time. a radio host tell us his terrifying story about what he experienced on metro the day of that deadly smoke. right
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. 4:30, the son of the late marion barry is under investigation for an
4:31 pm
argument inside a d.c. bank. christopher barry is running for his late father's seat on the d.c. council. crisis averted aboard the international space station. this morning, u.s. astronauts had to relocate to the russian side of the station because of alarms that could have indicated a toxic leak. it appears those were false alarms. and as many as three people are hurt after an explosion inside the eden center shopping plaza in falls church. now to the latest on metro's emergency underground. people on board that train that was stopped in the tunnel monday are able to retrieve their belongings now. one patient at washington hospital center was upgraded from serious to fair condition. the investigation into what went wrong still continues. metro's underground tragedy has a lot of subway riders expressing varying degrees of concern about using the system. troy johnson is here with today's talk around town. troy we understand your
4:32 pm
listeners are among those concerned. they want changes. >> absolutely. they're concerned because they rely on metro to get around town. they of course have to get to work back and forth, and metro is something we all rely on very quite honestly. but they're concerned about these emergencies they're seeing in the system, and they say there is a real problem with communication when s s on these trains. there will be cases where there are emergencies, but they say the information is not being relaid to passengers effectively, and they say s especially in d.c. if there's a push to us relying more on public transportation people telling us authorities telling us to park the car and take the train. what kind of a trade-off, people are asking are we getting if we're going to rely on this particular train system? >> you know the pictures that came in, a lot of people instead of waiting for emergency crews decided to self-evacuate. aloft your listeners say they would do the same thing, even though the experts say it's dangerous. >> right, it is. but when you see a train car
4:33 pm
being filled with smoke, people are telling me that they were concerned. what would i do in that situation? is it fight or flight? what can you do? especially if you're talking about a mechanical failure and a time of danger. a lot of people saying they feel like they'd rather take their chances instead of being locked in a train car that is immobilized. >> who can blame them when they hear there's more smoke outside than inside the cars and they know it's only going to get worse. >> but again, as you mention, it's a very dangerous situation to be walking in the subway tunnels. >> sure. one of your on-air colleagues we hear actually saw what happened. tell us about that. >> our whor afternoon personality frank ski was on a train in a dangerous situation. here's what he witnessed. >> right before we hit la faunt
4:34 pm
plaza, the conductor said, there's a stalled train in front of us. before the conductor came back on the whole train filled up with smoke. people were coughing, trying to get off the train. then the train just pulled off and kept going. i could tell people were like tripping like what is going on? in this time of terrorism, you never know what is going on. it was interesting that a lot of people were very upset that they weren't allowed off of the train at la font plaza and didn't know how they were going to get to where they were going. >> frank is echoing what i heard a lot from listeners. they want some accountability on this situation when it all weighs out. >> troy johnson, appreciate it. president obama wants to bring you faster and cheaper internet service. his announcement came from cedar falls, iowa, today. the small city has internet speeds that double those here in washington and in other major cities. the president wants to bring that to all cities and towns. he unveiled his plan to create
4:35 pm
more options and competitions in the u.s. broadband market. first at 4, open house heist. a woman who stole family heirlooms during local open houses will spend some time behind bars. >> r wright. a woman is sentenced to time in jail today for stealing jewelry from homes on the market. she would go to open houses and pretend to be interested in buying the house. she took more than $80,000 worth of jewelry, family heirlooms that can never be replaced. >> they were probably scrapped and melted down. i was sad because i wanted to pass those down to my daughter. >> reporter: coming up on news4, what her friends say drove her to commit these crimes and what the judge had to say about that court today. the man at the center of the pod cost serial may not become a free man anytime soon. he is in jail for killing his
4:36 pm
girlfriend in baltimore back in 1999. prosecutors say a court should deny sigh yad's appeal. he claims he had ineffective counsel that ignored his request to negotiate a plea deal. lifesaving efforts at the scene of a motorcycle crash take a puzzling turn. the mistake that's triggered an internal investigation. then consumer reporter erika gonzalez will be along to explain why you may have to wait a little longer for your tax refund. we're going to see a little refreeze tonight. the change well sunday night we could see a little bit of snow. we'll talk about and what our pattern is now over the next seven days. that's all next on news4 at 4..
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we want to hear from you about the stories you're talking about. for example, do you like the snow we got today? do you want more? follow us on facebook and twitter. already thinking about how you're going to spend your tax return? you may have to put those plans on hold not so fast. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez is here to explain how federal budget cuts may impact that tax refund. >> right. you could have to wait a little while, maybe a week maybe more than that, maybe even a lot longer if you file a paper return or if you have any questions.
4:40 pm
the irs commissioner put out a letter to its employees about how the budget cuts would be affecting everyone. the $600 million cut means the irs is forced to reduce taxpayer services like when you call the irs, you probably have a 50/50 of shot of actually speaking with someone and could find yourself on hold. that's because of reduced overtime in staffing. tax policy expert bill gale says it's a particularly bad time to cut resources. >> i think the implementation of the health care reform rules and its interaction with the tax system is going to cause considerable complications in large part because it's the first time we've been through this. >> tomorrow as part of our fresh start for your finances series, we're going to givu a heads-up on the four thing uz need to know before you tax return. and then tonight at 5:00 we are focusing on your credit score
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and your credit report. we may not be looking at our credit all the time but companies are. so it's important to take some time once a year to check. we're going to tell you just how to do that free of charge coming up. we want you to join in our money conversation. if you've got some creative or unique ideas, we're looking for you and those great ideas. we want you to send them in when it comes to your finances. e-mail us. our phone number there on the screen. again, creative ways that you save. >> thanks. >> see you at 5:00. tightening up security. we're going to tell you about the concerns this afternoon about suspicious activity at a base that the vice president at the casino goes wrong. wh a local woman encountered even after she tried to leave, first at. we thought our cable internet
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. welcome back to news4 at 4. we're following the big stories of the day. we have reporters and anchors standing by with new stories first at 4. >> let's start off with veronica johnson. so we could see a warm-up in the days ahead, right? >> yeah. a little bit of a warm-up. starting to feel better in then what? >> it does not mean we're done with our snow chances. we're still going to be in a bit of an active pattern as you'll see in a couple of minutes.
4:45 pm
we'll talk about that pattern over the next couple of days. out there, right now we've seen the snow from early this morning. it's long east of us the system but still snow on the ground across southern maryland. your temperatures drop below freezing late tonight as the sky goes clear for a short period of time. cold conditions. we're at 31 9:00. 30 at 11:00 p.m. storm team 4 radar scanning the area right now, you can see just how dry it is here driving impact forecast between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. there will be just a few clouds around the area. we start with clouds then some afternoon sunshine. 29 our temperature during the afternoon when we see some sunshine. cold and dry, 37 the temperature. there will be a little bit of a wind that picks up at times so that temperature of 37 will feel just a bit cooler throughout the day. i'll show you the windchill readings throughout the day neighborhood by neig in just a moment too. here's the range, 37 up to the
4:46 pm
north, frederick, maryland hagerstown at 38. falls church at 39 38 around la plate ta and waldorf, maryland. the windchills in the teens starting out. cold one at the bus stop. by lunchtime tomorrow it will feel like 26 to 30 degrees across the area. then as we get into the afternoon, 30 33 degrees, but the actual air temperatures will be coming up. so dismissal time tomorrow, a green light. just remember stay warm. but then over the next couple of days we start moving into the 40s for high temperatures. but again, it does not mean that we're done with the snow with more on the pattern that we can expect and what's next for us let's go to doug kammerer. >> we've seen this pattern over the last couple of weeks really. we've been talk in the day six, day seven time period warming temperatures. e get closer we're back to the cold. i think that's the case as well. earlier this week we talked about the weekend being on the
4:47 pm
milder side and dry. that is now changing. take a look. cold weather is what we have right now and what we had today that helped uso produce a little bit of snow. the forecast, cold air to the north, nice weather to the south. but we are still in the cold for saturday and sunday and an area of low pressure will develop. that area of low pressure will on sunday and could even snow before chilling things off again toward next week. the pattern for some reason wants to stay on the cold side. >> of course that means we've got to keep our guard up, right? of course we do. and you need to keep it tuned here to news4 and storm team 4. high temperature of 44 for your friday the weekend we move into the low and miefd-40s. next week martin luther king jr. day, monday, it looks dry. but the sunday night/monday morning period we could see in some areas a touch of snow. we'll continue to track that for you. >> thanks. for the first time since
4:48 pm
terrorists attacked its office "charlie hebdo" hit the newsstands today, all 3 million copies sold out in just hours. nbc's bill neely reports the satiric weekly as defiant as ever with a depiction of the prophet muhammad. >> reporter: today that magazine is back on the streets and it seems stronger than ever. all paris it appears wants to buy it. it's a satirical magazine that used to sell 50,000 copies a week. today the first of 3 million copies hit the street making it for this week not only the world's most famous newspaper but one of the best selling. on its cover, which nbc news is not showing, a cartoon of a tearful prophet muhammad. they waited for it through the night. it sold out quickly. >> it sold out very rapidly. >> reporter: this was the scene outside the magazine exactly a week ago. new video shows the kouachi brothers calmly reloading after
4:49 pm
killing most of their victims. the police confront them then reverse at speed. one brother firing on the move within seconds, they would kill a policeman at point-blank range. he was buried yesterday, a muslim policeman's distraught relatives comforted by the french president after a massacre now claimed by al qaeda in yemen. in a new video, they say they ordered the men to avenge insults against the prophet muhammad. in the french parliament, lawmakers sang their national anthem and passed new laws to combat islamists. in paris, thousands of troops and police remain on high alert. on theon copies of a provocative magazine. the magazine is very much alive. 3 million copies printed and sold another 2 million ordered in numerous languages. the cartoonists say it's a
4:50 pm
triumph for free speech. back to you. isis released a new propaganda video today praising the men who carried out the attacks in paris. an isis fighter draped in a camouflaged jacket held a weapon and encouraged the killing of more police officers and infidels in the streets. earlier today, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula claimed responsibility for the attacks. jury selection in the boston marathon bombing trial will continue as planned. today a judge rejected a motion from dzhokhar tsarnaev's defense team asking for a delay in the proceedings. the attorneys said the paris attacks could taint the jury pool. students and staff at polk elementary school were evacuated today after someone reported smelling gas. first responders investigated while students kept warm on school buses. emergency responders found no danger so students and staff members were allowed back into
4:51 pm
the building just before noon. now to new security concerns at the delaware air base used by vice president joe biden. nbc news has learned today that the threat level has been raised at the new castle air national guard base near wilmington. this move comes after five separate incidents this week unau vehicles approached the base each time. now, these incidents may have been attempts at gauging base security according to military experts. vice president biden has used the base to get home to wilmington a big day at the casino turned into a terrifying night for a maryland woman. the charles county sheriff's office says a pair of robbers followed her for an hour from the maryland live casino to her house in waldorf and then stole her winnings. 24-year-old mark west and 33-year-old maria wheeler have been arrested in the case. the woman lost $1,000. one minute the bad guy, the next minute a hero.
4:52 pm
an arrestee likely saved the life of a ft. lauderdale police officer. watch this. a hand kufd teenager was sitting in the booking facility when the officer in the room collapsed. kicked the security fence and yelled to other officers for help. the 49-year-old officer survived the ordeal. the teenager will be honored later this month. move over vodka tonics. looks like whiskey sours are women's drink of choice. a new report in "forbes" found record numbers, nearly 40%, of all whiskey drinkers are women. this increase is largely due to new flavors like apple and cinnamon. sales of these flavors whiskeys are up 58% among women. now to some stories we're working on right now in our newsroom. news4 has spoken with a family of the woman killed in monday's incident on the metro. ahead, the mothervictim's motr ex why she's at peace with
4:53 pm
her daughter's death. plus, christopher barry who is a candidate to replace his father on the d.c. council is accused of getting into a verbal altercation with staff at a pnc bank in northwest. mark segraves is working to speak with barry and his campaign. a full report coming up at 5:00. >> reporter: i'm wendy rieger at the life death. we're following the fire and explosion at pay popular shopping area in fairfax county. this is just moments after an explosion at the jewelry store at the eden center in falls chux church. the jewelry store is destroyed. one person was taken to a hospital. the owner and two customers who were inside at the time are expected to be okay. crews are still on the scene, but so far falls church officials are telling us the fire is believed to be accidental. we'll have an update for you when i see you coming up in a few minutes at 5:00. back to you guys. a mistake made in the heat of the moment leads to the death of a biker.
4:54 pm
what a dispatcher told a good samaritan to do with a belt. and the internal investigation that's been triggered now. plus a virginia teen once feared to be paralyzed is making a remarkable recovery. an exciting update from his family new tonight right. as a small
4:55 pm
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>> breaking news nbc news now confirms four top level officials with the secret service will be removed from
4:57 pm
their positions. the secret service is under a lot of scrutiny right now after some high-profile security lapses including the one involving the fence jumper who made it all the way into the white house last fall. just minutes after the president and first daughters had left the residence. sources say there is no timetable for the secret service shake-up. san dio e officials have launched an investigation following a medical mistake in a 911 call center. a dispatcher told a caller to remove a tourniquet from a bleeding motorcyclist following a crash, and, as dave somers reports, the biker passed away. >> reporter: anthony robia did exactly what most of us would hope to do in an emergency, keep a cool head and make good decisions. >> i just tried, you know. i just reacted, didn't think about it. just reacted. >> reporter: his military training and instinct told him to get the bleedg stopped. but a fire rescue dispatcher said differently. >> my boyfriend put a belt around his leg because it's
4:58 pm
bleeding. >> okay all right so they put a tourniquet on his leg? >> uh-huh. no. a belt. they wrapped a belt around because his leg is chopped off. >> take the belt off. you don't want to tourniquet it. >> i didn't agree with taking the tourniquet off. it's an amputation. >> that does run contrary to the way we teach our dispatchers to handle something like that. >> reporter: san diego's medical director dr. jim dunnford says this is the first such mistake he's heard of in 25 years. his policy has been in place for the last two years. >> reporter: to leave it alone until a firefighter or paramedic n get there and determine whether it needed to be there. >> reporter: the doctor said responding firefighters reapplied the tourniquet when they arrived. the victim was still alive. >> i would be surprised if the brief interval of two or three minutes would be responsible for the person passing.
4:59 pm
>> reporter: dispatchers are the voice of reason in emergencies, but when they're wrong, who else is there to call? overcome by smoke on a metro train. now at 5:00 her mother tells news4 why she thinks her daughter died for a purpose. >> that she would be in that situation, however horrible we may think it is, got i thinkd think wanted her to make a change somewhere in our system. an explosion at a busy shopping center in virginia. new tonight, we're going to hear from a man who was knocked to his knees. and more controversy about those school snow days. we get some answers today from the man who made today's call in fairfax county and tells us he got it wrong. but first at 5:00 tonight, her daughter never made it home from work. >> for the first time, we're hearing from a mother who lost her daughta melttro car filled with smoke.
5:00 pm
we begin with the life that was lost carol glover. she was a mother a grandmother, and a truly gifted child growing up. news4's pat collins spoke with her family today. he joins us now. >> reporter: jim today i talked to the mother of the woman who died in that yellow line incident. she described what it was like when theyshe heard the news about her daughter's death. >> i never was one to really break down but i became very emotional, distraught to the point where it made me very nervous and shaky. >> reporter: this is kareen endman the mother of carol glover the metro commuter who died monday in that smoky


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