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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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over the next few hours. we're also keeping a close eye on the roads as this system moves in just in time for the rush hour. we'v watching conditions deteriorate and things are about to get a little worse. a number of schools are delaying or even canceled. >> number of districts reporting to us over the last hour has soared. right now fairfax county schools closed prince william county closed d.c. montgomery and prince george's county are all starting two hours late. also in maryland schools in charles county and st. mary's county and calvert county all closed. howard county and anne arundel county schools are on a two hour delay. >> in virginia spotsylvania county schools are closed, fauquiery closed culpepper and fredericksburg city schools also closed. arlington on a two hour delay. same goes for loudoun county two hours late. stafford county, always two hour clay. and clark county virginia, two
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hours delayed. >> alexandria two hours late. manassas city, two hours late. manassas park, two hours late, as we. falls church is on a one hour delay. now, if you work for the federal government agencies are open. but you do have the option to take unscheduled telework or unscheduled leave. we have all the closings and delays dela scrolling at the bottom of your screen and we put the list on the news 4 app and melissa mollet and darcy spencer are tracking the impact of the system on the roads. >> but we begin with tom kierein with more. >> it will be a pretty big impact as we hava l of snow but enough for every flake that falls to stick. as the road temperatures and any untreated surface well below freezing and the snow has been falling for the last couple of hour very lightly in the metro area. heaviest shows in the bright white areas we see here on the radar.
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right around washington montgomery and fairfax counties very light snow right now. temporarily tapering off to just a few flurries in prince william county county. a batch of more moderate know here in the brighter colors. southern st. mary's, eastern northern neck, that's where they will get the heaviest amounts of snow. snowing receipt hard there right now. they could pick up to 4 inches in far southern. northern section of that is maybe going to end up with 2 inches by mid to late morning. farther north and west metro area, just a dusting to an inch. maybe a couple inches just east of fredericksburg and just east of 95 to our south as the system is quickly moving on through. it's moving fast but everything that falls is sticking on untreated surfaces. so it will be closing the commute. impact moderate to high on any untreated surface because of the
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very cold temperatures. a look at the hour by hour timing on when all this snow ends that is coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. melissa is looking at road conditions. things are pretty well treated now. >> looking good right now. of course we know the entire morning commute is shifting by a couple hour, so probably be the nastiest time for us. prince george's county we're seeing snowfall there. a little slow northbound branch avenue. beltway at new hampshire, rolling along fine. 270 southbound we're close out of frederick all the way down to germantown. also looking good if you're headed north. taking a look at 66 headed into town hopping on prince william parkway, looking good. remember fairfax is off, so perhaps going to be a bit lighter than it typically would this time of the morning. we'll have travel times coming up for you in ten minutes. snow continues to fall in
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our area. this is our video crews shot. you can see the plow crews are busy. darcy spencer is live in district heights now with a look at the conditions there. any improvements? >> reporter: about the same is what i can say. we want to show you what the road conditions are where we are. this is pennsylvania avenue. take a look cars are going by. you can see a little bit of the road spray. it's been precipitating since just about 4:00. so we've had a steady mix, wintry mix, a little bit of sleet, a little beft freezing rain a little bit of snow a little bit of everything. and chances are it is sticking. let's go to video we shot. salt trucks have been out on pennsylvania avenue. so they are going out and spreading the salt on the
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roadways this morning. but it looks like traffic is a little bit lighter expect for this hour although it is picking up. schools are on a two hour delay. so maybe folks will head into work late, as well. darcy spencer, news 4. and remember to done load the nbc washington app. we'll send push alerts with anything that comes up during the winter weather. if you or someone you know left items during monday's metro vak evacuation pla are cataloging those items and they will be available at metro headquarters later this afternoon. and this morning d.c. delegate ellaeanor holme is demanding answers after what she says was an unacceptable emergency response. passengers were trapped in that smoky train for almost an hour. no explanation of what was
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happening. one woman died. the ntsb is still trying to figure out exactly what happened there. but investigators say an electrical problem looks like is to blame. we're watching the roads as the snow falls to help you prepare for your drive to work. we'll take you live out on i-95 for a look at the conditions our storm team 4 x 4 is dealing with now. and this system is just starting to ramp up. tom kierein will show you how the storm will c. and paying a different price for the same item at a different time of the day. the secret behind amazon's pricin
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right now we're watching another wave of winter weather. it is rolling in as many of you get ready to head to work and to school. right now we're seeing snow falling across virginia maryland and d.c. making road conditions worse by the hour.
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>> we take a look at some of those live images coming in just to give you a good idea of what the snow looks like no matter where you are. this is the live picture right outside our studios here in upperupr northwest d.c.. >> and the problem is it's sticking. let's check in with tom. >> already a dusting here in northwest washington. it's been snowing since about 3:00 this morning. all of this coming in from the south and the heaviest snows are passing south and east of the either troho area. montgomery county fairfax, darker delay color gray colors are the lightest amounts. heaviest snow is in southern st. mary's southern calvert, northern neck. they could add another couple inches to maybe as much as 4 in a few isolated spots southern st. mary's and northern neck. and northern edge of that zone, maybe a couple of inches.
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eastern charles and northern calvert county. metro area may just get a couple of inches far eastern and southern suburbs right in washington dusting to about an inch. and temperatures going to hold steady in the twenty through the day. timing on the snow ending most of it should be done by 9:00 maybe lingering flurries at hoon time. staying below freezing all afternoon under a cloudy sky. a look at the hour by hour snow timing throughout the morning and we'll look at that next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21. that . >> main roads are treated and are wet. but is this a good example of a side street. remember to tweet us any of your pictures so you can see the side streets. but as this guy says you can dust the cars off on this street. side streets a little nasty, your sidewalks might be nasty. otherwise looking pretty good. metro buses operating on a two hour day. travel times looking pretty good.
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slowest 95 northbound, quantico to the beltway, about ten minutes behind. 270 south 16 minutes, otter loop 11 minutes. now to a developing story in california. want to show you some images of a massive fire at a citrus packing facility. this is near fresno. nobody hurt, but at least a million dollars in damage done. that fire started last night on a metal awning. flames quickly spread to wooden crates throughout the building. the cause under investigation. a new claim of responsibility overnight as a french newspaper tries to you've past tragedy with a new issue. snow has prince william county schools cancel dadtoday.
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we're watching the roads for you. want to make sure you're ready for the morning commute as we deal with a waiverve of winter weather. we're starting to see snow stick to the roads. conditions are expected to get worse over the coming hours for some of you, as well. we've watched as it wintry weather has intensified in our
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area. tom kierein joining us now with more on where this system is right now and exactly what it's putting down. >> yeah, right now raining in far southeastern virginia. all part of an area of low pressure that is bringing moisture into cold air that is in place over our region. and as a result we're getting the snow. bright white areas where it's snowing harder, far southeast of metro area. close in view of the radar showing ed moderate snow. much of montgomery county very light snow as is fairfax county. much of prince william county southern fauquier county western stafford and spots spotsylvania eastern culpepper getting the snow. southern calvert county southern st. mary's and northern neck of virginia, as well as extreme eastern charles. that's where the highest amounts will be. i did up the amount from this system as it's been moving through here. they could get 2 to 4 inches of
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in far southern maryland.l continue here off and on for the next few hours. a look at the exact timing hour by hour coming up at 6:21. winter weather affecting the commute for many this morning. chuck bell is in the storm team 4 x 4 keeping us up-to-date. he's on i-95 just north of lorton. good morning. what are you seeing? >> reporter: not a whole lot in the way of accumulating snow here just north of the lorton area on i-95 northbound. in fact travel lanes now areas of dry pavement that you can see. so that is actually very good news. all that said, of course it is a busy morning commute. we're coming up on the fairfax county parkwayhas slowed considerably once we got to the woodbridge area. south of woodbridge 95 was wide open. but we slowed down just a touch here as we're getting closer to the metro area. but not any trouble on the main roads. virginia vdot crews have been putting down the chemical and it
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has worked. a lot of schools that havev delayed for two hours, probably not a bad call because the untreated roads and sidewalks were covered. and a loth of of my twitter fo @chuckbell4. john says they have quarters of an inch in southern maryland. but here oic we' keeping a close eye on conditions in your neighborhood. rappahannock county public schools on a two hour delay today. snow falling in maryland d.c. and virginia. richard jordan is live in woodbridge. >> reporter: here the snow has been steady. but it hasn't been heavy. so it hasn't amounted to much. but let me show you something
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we've been talking about all morning. the difference between the treated and the untreated surfaces here at this parking lot, you can see this area where the pavement is clear, that has been treated. but these parking spaces that are empty now have not been treated. and that's why you've got this light coating here it's not much but you can see it is sticking to the surface here. so that will be the difference between what is treated and untreated. on the brighf t roads, at least the major roads, have been treated. so they're looking clear. it's the side roads, the sidewalks, the parking lots like this one here where you will see that coating, that dusting of snow. and as more people try to walk on it and move around that of course gets packed in and could be a little slippery. so that's what you need to watch out for. but we have seen several plows coming through, none have had to put their blades down. there isn't enough to push around. and to push off to the side. but they are still putting down that brine, laying down that salt to make sure that people
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get where they need to fwe safego safely. richard jordan news 4. and of course we've watching as the system intensifies. tom kierein will show you when you'll see the most snow in your neighborhood in just a few seconds here. the search in the decades old cold case is now extended another day. new evidence in the case ledfo dig for the lyon sisters remains on taylor mountain in southwest virginia. the search was supposed to wrap up yesterday, but it will now continue until tomorrow. authorities have not said what the new evidence is. nearly 40 years ago, sheila and katherine vanished from wheaton plaza shopping center. you new this morning, a top leadera branch is claiming responsibility to last week's attack on a paris newspaper. stwefl 12 staff memben gunned down. the new issue is quickly selling out. 3 million copies through off
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store shelves. they plan to print another 2 million copies bringing this he had decision to 5 4i8 i don't know. normally the paper only prints about 60,000 copies. and today the council on american iz lame being relations will give its thoughts on the "charlie hebdo" cover. of the prophet muhammad. some warned the magazine against publishing that image. the boston marathon bombing suspect filed a question for a month long delay in jury sleks. attorneys for dzhokhar tsarnaev fear there may be prejudice because of the attacks last week in paris. jury selection began last week and is set to resume thursday. tsarnaev's lawyers have tried repeatedly to delay the start of the trial and move its location. judges so far rejected their request. trying to keep you ahead of the wintry weather that is impacting the area right now. >> the snow is starting to stick on the ground causing for slippery road conditions. tom kierein with your forecast. >> good morning.
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metro area has already had a dusting getts in from viewers and weather observers showing as much as an inch or two inches have fall in southern st. mary's county. lighte snow right around washington. just getting flurries and light snow in the metro area montgomery fairfax. the brighter colors it's a little bitharder in prince william county and southern fauquier county. it's tracking off over toward 95. it won't be doing much there. it's farther south and east there a dramatic change where the right white area, that snow now pauling in southern st. mary's eastern part of the northern neck and extreme eastern charles county also getting a band of very heavy snow right now. now, the sometiming hourg timing it will be quickly exiting southern maryland by about 88:00 9:00. leaving in its wake 2 to 4 inch
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amounts in parts of the northern neck and eastern shore and southern maryland where temperatures are in the upper 20s. we're in the low 2e metro area would wr we'll dusting to maybe an inch. 2 to 4 in the darker blue zone includes the northern neck extreme southern maryland and lower part of the eastern shore. it's a very fast moving system. the ground temperatures are well below freezing. there is a very light snow we can just barely see it on the tower camera this will all be tapering off and ending by around 9:00 10:00. post your photos on instragram twitter, facebook. and the rest of the afternoon, near 30. 20s tomorrow morning under a cloudy sky. so it's going to stay frozen overnight and any snow in place will still be there tomorrow morning. they're 40 tomorrow afternoon. and with sunshine low 40s on friday with sunshine.
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low 40s again saturday upper 40s sunday with increasing clouds. might get a little rain sunday afternoon. highs 40s on monday and tuesday with some sunshine back. a look at the road impact forecast that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31. melissa, how are the roads? brand new crash in alexandria. westbound eisenhower avenue at van dorn street. looks like it is off to the right side. l could cause some sloe slowdowns. look at things overall look pretty good. 395, a little slow heading in to town and slow heading past the 14th street bridge as well. fred rick county a tad slow through germantown. 66 at virginia visitor center looking good. somebody tweeted us this picture from the shaw neighborhood. some of the side streets are snow covered. metro buses operating on a two hour delay. the full list @first4traffic. the consumer team working
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for you to give you a fresh start on your finances in 2015. you're chipping away at your debt trying to spend wisely but have you checked your credit report? it's a look inside your credit history. and ittit can impact buying a car or even insurance. coming up ericaka gonzalez will have more on what is behind your. if you think amazon is th online marketplace, could you save money by shopping around. it see st behind their success is that they charge millions -- change millions of prices daily. when amazon offers big discounts, it will increase the prices of its less popular items to make a profit. researchers say it fools users into thinking they're getting a good deal by tweaking their prices a number of times each hour. 6:26. right now we're keeping a close
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eye on the roads as many of you prepare for a snowy conditions. tom kierein is tracking the heaviest bands of snow and the roads it could imhe pact and remembering the life of a woman killed while riding metro. as criticism mounts over the response of emergency crews at the
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be ready for potentially slick conditions as you head out on the roads. we're dealing with more wintry weather as snow threatens to slow down the morning commute. several schools are closed. fairfax county schools are closed. take a look at the list. prince william county closed. d.c. and montgomery county and prince george's county school all starting two hourslate.virginia spots veinial,
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fauquier, cull weaponer closed. in the last half hour we've learned clark county and rappahannock county starting two alexandria city schools are delayed two hours. monassas city and manassas park on a two hour delay. and falls church on a one hour delay. >> if you work for the federal government agencies are open but you have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. tom kierein is here thousand impact snow is having on the roads. >> we're seeing heaviest snow south an.
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there is a heavier band in southern calvert, northern neck of virginia moving off to the north/northeast. amounts there, i upped these last hour to 2 to 4 inches. isolated spots extreme southern maryland eastern shore and northern neck may get up to 4 inches. rest of the county, 1 to 2 inches. farther north and west a dusting to an inch. the snow send hg will culpepper county impa slippery untreated pavements. that will result in a slow commute between now through about 9:00 this morning. having a moderate to high impact because all of this is sticking. temperatures are just in the low to mid 20s right now. every falls sticks on
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any untreatetat surface. we'll have a look at the hour by hour temperature changes over the next 24 hours next weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell has been on the roads all morning for us morning. this is 395 north bound passing edsall. we were seeing on the map we were seeing volume. just wiping the windshield here. looks like it's dry, but seeing good volume. prince george's county volume headed in to town. same thing indian head highway. 95 in maryland bw parkway looking quite good. have a crash westbound eisenhower at van dorn. somebody tweeted this to us follow us at@first4traffic. 66 headed into town, a little slow. opens back up into falls church. i'm back in ten minutes with travel times.
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6:3 #3. darcy spencer has been keeping an eye on things in district heights right on pennsylvania avenue. how are things looking now? >> reporter: we've been getting a light wintry mix for the last 2 1/2 hours and it's still coming down. let's take a lack here as we're on pennsylvania avenue a major commuter route. the wintry mix has been coming down for 2 1/2 hours and it is sticking. the road right now looks wet but hard to know whether it's slippery. a salt truck it come through here within the last hour. so there are chemicals down salt there. and traffic is beginning to pick up. schools are delayed here in the county by would hourso hours. chances are people are delaying their commute into work as
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well. state highway administration was outputting down salt brainine and other chemicals. they're asking folks to delay trips, cancel that appointment if you don't absolutely have to have it and allow them time to get out here and do their jobs. darcy spencer, news 4. in d.c., all major roads have been pre-treated. more than 200 trucks have been out since 2:00 a.m.. 700 in northern virginia. transportation officials are asking you to delay your trip this morning to give the crews time to do their jobs. we're watching for any delays at area airports as well. they have stayed pretty steady all morning. reagan national is reporting 11 cancellations. dulles reporting just one. and bwi marshall reporting 13 cancellations. most of these cancellations are not being caused by weather
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conditions in our area. if you are leaving this morning, it is a good idea to check your airline to make sure your flight is leaving od we're watching the roads as though falls falls. we'll take you live on i-95 for a look at the cond storm team 4 by #iy 344 oig is dealing with. two people are still in the hospital because of the underground emergency on metro. smoke poured out filling a train with smoke. 61-year-old carol glover died in that incident. the government contractor was on her way home to alexandria. her funeral arrangements are still being made. and from what exactly happened to the emergency response there are still a number of troubling questions that are unanswered this morning. passengers on board the stuck train on monday say it took 40 minutes to an hour for help to arrive. first responders were heard over radio scanners complaining that they couldn't communicate with one another. mayor bowser says her
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administration is reviewing the fire department's response and will release its findings next week. steady snow falling in woodbridge. the conditions have prince william co schools closed today. we'll take you there live. cold and snowy conditions should have moved out by the time you head home from work. tom kierein has your hour by hour changes. also ahead, paying more to light up. how much more a pack of cigarettes could cost you if virginia lawmakers get their way and wh. trs
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. 29 degrees outside our studios in northwest washington. we see some light snow falling right now. we've just learned that stafford county public schools are closed today in virginia. and it's not really the amount of snow that we'll see today, but timing that is worse. melissa mollet is watching the roads for us. >> but we start with tom kierein with your weather and traffic on
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the 1s. >> all it takes is just a light coating to cause problems because it is so cold. everything is sticking that is falling. right now just light snow in prince fair the district. a little heavier in stafford county, spotsylvania. heaviest eastern neck, st. charles county. just a dusting in the metro area. may get an inch or so by the time it ends. a look at the timing hour by hour coming up at 6:51. remaining cold the rest of the day. >> so of course this early morning commute is being pushed off because of all of the delays. probably business crest between about 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. wide look at things overall, we're looking pretty typical. want to share some pictures.
6:41 am
omar showed us this earlier this morning with the treatment and then now seeing some snow sleet fall there. and then in laurel denise sent this picture in. you can see just your car off in that area at this point. slowest spot right now probably 395 northbound in virginia from 495 to the 14th street bridge taking you twice as long as it should. ner landouter loop, 95 to 270, slow at 20 minutes inst from the live desk, this just in. new of the main body of the airirasia plane. it does show part of the wing as well as words on the fuselage. this is where most of the bodies are believed to be.
6:42 am
flight 8501 crashed more than two weeks ago killing all 162 on board. we are keeping a close eye on the conditions you'll see on the roads this morning as another wave of wintry weather is here. what our storm team 4 x 4 crew is finding. we've watched this system intensify over the past hour. tom carrykierein will show us where it's dropping the most.
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15 before the hour. we're tracking wintry weather that is threatening to slow down your commute this morning. we've watched all morning as the system has intensified. it's forced a number of school districts to delr cancel classes. or crews are out help to go trackto crack the conditions. >> tom kierein begins team coverage with where the system is dropping the most snow. >> that is south and east of the metro area right in washington now and nearby suburb we're getting very light snow must have that has put down a dusting and it is sticking on any untreated surface. you can see the bright white areas. that's where it's coming down hardest. northern neck of virginia and there is one bright band of moderate to heavy snow across central charles county into far
6:46 am
southeastern prince george's farther sou of there, another bigger area of heavy snow across southern st. mary's county in the northern neck of virginia, montrose down to reedville on the bay. that is tracking off to the north and northeast. you can see it's moving very fast and quickly tapering off just to our west. so this is going to be a fast mover and it's ending quickly. chuck bell is out in the storm team 4 x 4. where are you chuck? >> reporter: good morning. we are on 395 north bound approaching the king street exit in alexandria virginia. traffic is typically slow for this time of the morning. there is absolutely no slipperiness on the main road nfl itself. and i havet seen a coating on the sidewalks or guardrails. so not much of a snow impact. i think all the delays and
6:47 am
kachbs lags from schools has kept the volume light. no more than a light passing flurry or two, that's about it. we're keeping a close eye on things. temperatures here at 27 degrees. so whatever is coming down will be in the form of light snowflakes. one of my twitter followers in delaware says the ground is white out there. so snow at the beach, but not much here in the metro. it is now 6:47. prince william county schools are closed because of this winter weather. we have live team coverage. richard jordan is in woodbridge with more. >> reporter: here on route 1 and maryland avenue the snow has been coming down nonstop. but it hasn't been very heavy. the concern for road crews right now is that the system could linger beyond the morning and that is why they still have several road crews, several plows out on the streets. streets are looking pretty good. all 1.
6:48 am
there are 700 plows all across northern virginia crisscrossing through prince william county arlington county loudoun county laying down the amount and salt and i-95 is clear. side streets, there has been a light dusting of snow that is still sticking there to the streets because again these streets are really cold. other parts of the area maybe to watch out for are the parking lots that have not been treated and sidewalks. they have a frechsh coating of snow. richard jordan, news 4. remember to download our app. we will spend any alerts to your phone. today the general assembly reconvenes.
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lawmakers will be in session for 45 days. full plate of bills to deal with. more than 1,000 up for discussion. one of the most watched bills would force colleges in virginia to quickly notify police about cam sussex aspus sex assaults. and another law that will be discussed is a tax cigarette from 30 cents to $2 per pack. that money could bring in about $500 million in revenue that would help the state's school districts. right now virginia's cigarette tax is among the lowest in the country. lawmakers in maryland also begin their session today. this is one of the largest freshmen in decades. those you new faces have them wondering how the session will play out. governor elect larry hogan will not join lawmakers in-tilluntil after his inauguration next week. at the live desk, new
6:50 am
photos. in fredericksburg it's sticking. and enough snow in this next picture to make a hand print on the sidewalks of d.c.. this is from eric. and john breaking out the measuring stick early. an inch so far. keep those photos coming. use #weather alert weds. so many school systems closed or delayed. we'll get some nice pictures today of this fairly light snow. all we need is just a little coating to cause problems because the ground temperatures are below freezing so every flake that falls sticks. anything that is untreated will stay in place because we will stay below freezing all throughout the morning. here is radar showing that the brighter white area showing very heavy snow now falling in
6:51 am
southern maryland and northern neck and on the eastern shore. takes it is vy fast moving system so we're not seeing a lot of snow. the area of gray across fauquier prince william stafford fairfax, very light snow. light snown nonrymontgomery county. most of it has ended in prince george's county. but this one last batch of flurries will be coming right through the metro area over the next hour or into. we have a bright band of moderate to heavy snow east of 301. and then farther south is where the heaviest snow has been continuing to fall all morning. that is in southern st. mary's county northern neck of virginia on the eastern shore, cambridge, salisbury. that batch of the moderate to heavy snow will be passing well south and east of the metro area over the next hour or so. that's where the highest amounts of snow will be 2 to 4 inches there in southern maryland parts of the northern neck. common amounts will be about an inch or two.
6:52 am
and just a dusting we' had so far in the metro area. not going to get any more than that as far as far west and north, maybe a light dusting. eastern and southern suburbs may get an inch to two at the very most. it will be cold all day. you'll need your heavy coat. low and mid-20s. and cold weather will be with us into the afternoon staying below freezing. all into the afternoon. all of this ending by around 8:00 9:00 this morning. maybe a lingering flurry south and east of us noontime. near 30 under a cloudy sky during the afternoon. this photo in calvert county, looks like about an inch on the deck posted on my twitter page. they look better if you put on facebook and twitter and i'll share on instragram. keep up with all this on the weather app. tomorrow morning, mid-20s, snow
6:53 am
still in placeg during the afternoon near 40. sunshine back. sun any friday sunny friday, low 40s. warmer sunday into the 40s. might get a rain shower sunday afternoon. and then partly cloudy monday tuesday, with highs 40s. breaking news on the roads. p. in alexandria we showed you this picture from one of our followers. now westbound eisenhower at van s where this crash happened. all lanes of eisenhower are now shut down because of this pole that is kind of leaning on its side here. they have to get take cleared out that cleared out of the way. wide look at things looking pretty typical for this time of day. and we know things will get worse as the morning progresses and we get more accumulation on mft some of the roadways. outer loop approaching georgia avenue a little slow. in-bound 395 has been slow all morning. 270 at montrose, just fine. 66 looking pretty good at compton road. 95 here if you're head out of
6:54 am
stafford, you're pretty clear rooking pretty good northbound until you hit triangle. prince george's county overall moving along pretty good. right now snowplows and salt trucks are busy trying to keep the roads free of ice and snow. roads and neighborhoods east of i-95 are getting the wofrs ofrth of the storm. >> and that is where we find darcy spencer along pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: good morning. if you're heading out this morning, what you need to know is we've been receiving frozen precipitation, this wintry mix, for the last three hours. so you want to be prepared for that. you're looking at pennsylvania avenue here near the penn mar shopping center. we did see a salt truck go through a little earlier, so there is salt on the roads, there is brine, sand. those crews have done everything they can to try to create a safe environment and you can see traffic is beginning to build up here this morning. people are driving towards d.c.
6:55 am
trying to get into work morning. right here in prince george's county the schools are on a two hour delay. p so good news for the kids. we're reporting live there district heights, darcy spencer, news 4. and she just told us prince george's county schools are on a two hour delay. just one among many closures and delays right now. >> fairfax c as are schools in prince william county along with prince george's county montgomery school this is d.c. starting two hours late. we've learned stafford county schools are now closed. they started out as a two hour delay. spotsylvania county also closed right now. fauquier and culpepper county schools closed as well. >> in maryland, charles county and st. mary's as well as calvert all closed. howard and anne arundel on a two hour delay. arlington and loudoun on a two hour delay as are clarke county and rappahannock.
6:56 am
>> fredericksburg is closed. alexandria is starting two hours late. manassas and manassas park also two hours late. and falls church on a one hour delay. if you work for the federal government agencies are open but you have the option found scheduled leave or telework. check the news 4 app for the whole list. we'll be sending you breaking push alerts on any changes. we also put everything you need to know on you can watch the bottom of your screen during the "today" show as well. storm team 4 predicted we were only going to get a dusting and that's what's happened. just enough to give us a light coating across northern virginia nearby suburbs. but look at that bright white area that is where it is snowing statistic presently hard now northern neck of virginia st. mary's, southern calvert county. one bright band there in charles county. that's where they will end up with a couple of inches maybe a few isolated 13093/ors spots 3 or 4. all lanes of eisenhower at van dorn shut down. wider look actually looking
6:57 am
pretty typical for this time of day. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up early with us. >> the "today" shot.
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good morning. sold out. charlie hebdo releases its first issue one week after the massacre at paris offices. million copies snap up within hours while in a new video al qaeda warps of more terror to come. breaking overnight, astronauts forced to evacuate a part of the international space station after an ammonia leak. >> toddler carjacked. a man steals a car with a 3-year-old in the back seat. his mother calls 911 in a panic. >> what if he throws my baby out? >> this morning, how that little boy helped police finally find him. and we are getting a puppy. the newest member of


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