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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 14, 2015 5:00am-5:46am EST

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did morninggood morning. welcome to "news 4 today" on this wednesday, january 14. we have school delays tipcontinuing to come in. howard county schools is on a two hour today. >> and calvert county schools are closed. if you live in prince william's county schools there are also closed. we've learned montgomery and arlington county schools a are on two hour delay. federal government agencies are open but you have the option for telework or unschedule >> we won't get a lot, but enough to cause untreated surfaces to be icy. all coming from an area of low pressure passing south and east of the metro area. we're on the northern fringe of that storm. this white bright snowing pretty hard now in st. mary's county. the gray area is just light snow
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in the district that extends in to fairfax county. coming down a little harder in the brighter color here in prince william, fauquier culpepper, southern rappahannock. generally just flurries. but heavier snow in southern maryland right now. so those counties in calvert, southern charles, they will get the bulk of it. we're just in the 20s, so whatever falls will stick. we have all these counties under the winter weather advisory between now and noontime. northern st. mary's, they could get a coup inches. dusting to an inch in the metro area. the road impacts even though it will be very light, will be significant. so a slow commute because it will get slippery on any
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untreated pavement thimorning. the impact lk modwill be moderate to high for the morning commute. it will mix with sleet as well at times. a look at when the snow will be tapering off coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s. good morning. we know the snow is falling in some spots especially where we have richard jordan and dars city spencer. not seeing it on a lot of cameras, but it doesn't mean the roads are not slick. woodrow wilson bridge looking pretty good right now. beltway at kenilworth avenue the bridge right here but the beltway looking pretty good. beltway at colesville moving along quite nicely. 66 in to town 95 into town here no major issues.
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express lanes now open. remember in hyattsville, route 1 between van bur ren andenburen, two lanes closed. the school delays will be crawling at the bottom of your screen. we'll tell you prince george's county nowo hour delay and also howe done. >> fairfax county schools are closed this morning. >> road crews are trying to stay ahead of the weather that is getting worse. they have already pre-treated the main roads, the major roads around here. in d.c. horn 200 plowmore than 200 plows have been out. 700 in northern virginia. and maryland is asking drivers to delay travel as well. storm team 4 has you covered this morning. we have crews driving through your neighborhoods in maryland and virginia.
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most of the problems are expected south and east of d.c.. >> we want to check in with dars darcy spencer. ho are things looking out there? there is a two hour delay now. >> reporter: that's great news no the kids. they can hit the snooze button and rest for a little while longer this morning. two hour delay here in the county for kids. you have to consider those buses that are getting out there with potentially slick road conditions. so that call has been made early this morning. we're live in district heights right off of pennsylvania avenue. if you take a look here, right at donnel drive, we started getting a wintry mix, then turned to mainly snow and thousand we're back to the wintry mix. it is still coming down here in the district heights area. we fine. not even sure if the camera is picking it up. but i can look into the light and see that it is a mix of snow and possibly a little bit of freezing rain mixed in there.
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because it's so cold and the roads are cold chances are this is going to stick on the area roadways. and i'm sure that's what went into the decision to go ahead and delay schools here this morning. highway administration as well as prince george's county they have been out pre-treating the roadways with sand and salt. they're trying to help create traction there for drivers who have to get out and work p. but the highway administration asking people to delay travel if they can, allow those trucks to get out there and do their jobs spread the chemicals around and try to create safe conditions for everybody out there. try to be safe this morning. allow yourself some extra time. we're reporting live from district heights, darcy spencer, news 4. this just in, more school delays. fauquier county and st. mary's county both closed. and manassas park schools are on a two hour delay. get the information on the bottom of the screen and also right on your phone. you can download the news 4 app
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for free. we'll send you any alerts coming on to your > coming up in ten minutes more on that. richard skror danjord is trekking through northern virginia. work could literally be leading you to drink. >> how the number of hours you work can lead to risky drinking habits. and congress is calling for answers. what they're preparing to do in the wake of the tragedy on metro.
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right now it is 5:09. and just 28 degrees outside of our studios in northwest washington. we are starting to see light snow and flurries fall around the area right now. you see it in our live pekts from our reporters out in the field. items not the not the amount causing the proble weather and traffic on the 1s is just minutes away. police do not open theplease did not open the doors. >> is this cell phone video of the underground emergency on metro. this was taken by one of our
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viewers. he says he took it about 10 minutes after the train stopped monday afternoon. you can hear people coughing. the conduct tore reor repeatedly asking every to stay calm. this morning congress is demanding answers. eleanor holmes norton calling for a congressional briefing after what she says was an unacceptable emergency response. passengers were trapped in that smoke filled train for almost an hour. no explanation of what was happening at the time. one woman died. the ntsb is trying to figure out exactly what happened there. but investigators say the smoke started when something came into contact with a high voltage third rail and caused an electrical arc. 5:10. people who left items at the plaza during monday evacuation can get them back soon. police are cataloging the items and they will be available at metro headquarters later this afternoon. coming up on 11 after 5:00. we've seen the last few minutes a lot of school districts
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delaying and closing as more of the wintry weather moves in. >> this just in culpepper county schools are closed now. you can get our news 4 app to stay up-to-date. we have a picture in woodbridge for you this morning. that's are we're getting some of the somewhat lighter to moderate snow now falling. that is a live view this morning. that snow coming done on pavement. that is subfreezing. so every flake that falls is going to stick. we have the heaviest amounts coming from the system south and east of the metro area. right around washington some very light snow in prince george's cou district and fairfax. farther to the west and southwest of us, we're getting that moderate snow now in culpepper. very heavy snow falling in st. mary's county this bright white area. this is the intensity scale for snow.
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it's tracking off to the north and east. it's that zone there in southern st. mary's calvert, southern charles that could get a couple inches as well as the northern neck. north and west dusting to about an inch by the time all of this tapers off by noon. we'll be in the 20s. up to around 30 by late afternoon under a cloudy sky. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:21 the hour by hour snow timing through the morning. melissa, how are the roads? >> one spot where we're not seeing any issue right now 270, at middlebrook, all folks headed south bound, no problems right there. wider look at things, overall pretty good. still remaining green. if you can stay home today and perhaps you can because your kids are now off or delayed, you might want to do that because it gets a littleice cityicy for your liking. right here at 95 headed through
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quantico, we are a little slow h bound at the key bridge. the secret to success. new report that outlines amazon's appliesing ing. and taking a live look at storm team 4 radar now we have light snow falling throughout our region right how. it is starting to stick because of these cold temperatures. it's 28 degrees outside of our
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good morning. i'm watching this area of low pr southeast of the metro area. close enough to us to give us some snow in thee is moderate to heavy snow farther to our south in southern maryland and northern neck. metro getting light snow in prince george's county southern montgomery the district. most of fairfax county. far to the west and south is where the heavier snow is falling. and in st. mary's county
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snowing pretty hard now northern neck and southern calvert, all tracking off to the north and east. going to be giving us a coating and enough to cause a slow commute and slippery condip treat surfaces. sgla we're >> reporter: i'm on route 1 at maryland avenue. the snow is start to go down heavier and it's leading to a light coating on some surfaces. this is the turning lane which doesn't gets a much traffic, so you can see just a light dusting there. the other lanes of traffic where we are seeing more cars going past those look pretty clear because of the traffic that is moving back and forth. a few plows have come by as well. none have had their plows actually on the surface scraping anything up. there is just nothing to scrape
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at this point. but they are coming down laying down the salt and brine here in prince williy schools are closed today. fairfax county schools also decided to close today. so we are seeing the impact of the snow. it has been coming down light, but it is steady. so a lot of parking lots starting to get the light coating of snow at this point. we're also seeing vehicles that have been parked overnight. they're getting just a light coating on the windshields, on the top of those vehicles. so if you are heading out this morning, you'll have to do a little scraping. but we're not seeing too much traffic. reporting live this morning inned woodbridge, ripchard jordan news 4. several new closings are coming in. fairfax county schools are closed. prince william county also closed. montgomery county schools are on a two hour delay. same goes for prince george's county. and stafford county in virginia.
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charles county schools are closed. st. mary's county schools are closed. calvert county schools are closed. fauquier culpepper both closed. spotsylvania closed. loudoun county closed, arlington you can as well. >> howard county is on a two hour delay. an a renl delay two hours. manassas is two hour delay. d.c. public schools two hour delay. >> it's now 5:19. tom kierein has your full forecast coming up in just two minutes at 5:21. he's timing out the snow hour by hour. a developing story in ca. want to show you this video of a massive fire at a citrus packing facility. this is near fresno. nobody hurt but at least a million dollars in damage has been done. that fire started on a metal awning. the flames quickly spread to some wooden crates.
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the cause is under investigation. new this morning, video showing divers retrieving the cockpit voice recorder for airasia flight 8501. you can see here divers swimming past the debris of flight 8501. authorities now hope to determine what caused the flight to go down. there were no survivors among the 162 passengers. the search continues for bodies and debris. yemen's top al qaeda leader is claiming responsibility to this attack at a paris political satire magazine. this comes as we're getting a look at new video taken moments after the tack at "charlie hebdo". this amateur video thoughs the gunmen outside the magazine's offi they had just killed 12 people. the brothers reloaded their guns and got into their car. they were killed friday while in a standoff in a printing plant.
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president obama will ask congress to grant him official military powers to isis. that is according to senate majority leader l who met with the president yesterday. in the six months the u.s. has battled isis the president has just justified action using existing authoritiesy sies given to former george w. bush. many lawmakers have expressed frustration at the use of a decade old authorization saying congress should takedebate the issue. mcconnell says new military powers will be a, quote, good starting point. a study says you should probability probably lemt how much your children use wi-fi. researchers say children are most susceptible to radiation when they're in the womb. so if you're pregnant don't carry a phone in your pocket. >> good things to remember,
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right? it's constant. >> not me, but -- >> but even with your kids. you forget to shut it off and get away from it. let's check the forecast thousand. it is how 29 degrees outside our studios. we see the snow starting to fall throughout the area. >> we're seeing it right there on the storm team 4 city camera. it snowing lightly in washington. all coming from an area of low pressure that is south and east of the metro area. right now the darker grays very light snow in fairfax, montgomery, prince george's and the district. heavier in the lighter gy color here in fauquier, prince william, into calvert and as well as culpepper county. st. mary's northern neck bright white areas. that's where the heaviest snow is falling right now. tracking the south and east. it's all going to be stekicking. we have a winter weather advisory in effect until
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noontime. most of the heavier snow is going to be in southern charles county, calvert county st. mary's county and the thorn neck. we could get an inch around the metro area. western and northern fringes of it a dusting northern montgomery county northern loudoun and just east of the blue ridge as we get into the rest of the afternoon hours. temperatures will be staying just in the 20s through the morning, only reaching through 30 degrees during the afternoon as we see this all taper off to just? some flurries here by later this morning. the timing on that all ending it will be right around mid morning here just a few flurries noontime and sun back tomorrow with a high near 40. low 40s on friday and saturday with some sunshine. upper 40s sunday maybe a little bit of rain on sunday afternoon. then monday and tuesday, highs 40s again and partly cloudy. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming upakbea 5:31 a look at the roads. and chuck bell is out in the am 4
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byiy 4. >> reporter: we're on route 1 driving north. sidewalks not been treated, holding on to rest than a half inch. roads have been treated, so nothing is sticking. temperature 24.7 degrees here at the storm team 4 x 4. so everything that comes out of y will have a chance to stick. the snow has eased up here. we'll continue traveling northbound on route 1. traffic is nice and light for now. >> and i agree, as you're looking 95 in virginia a little north of where you are, just over to the left here we're
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looking good. wet but good. nothing looks like it's really sticking and causing any problems. of course all of the main roads have been treated. wide look nice and green. everything flowing here thornis morning. 66 might be light than normal today because fairfax county schools are now closed. no major problems right now. 270 north and south, also looking quite good for you this morning. 95 in maryland at powder mill road is rolling along nicely. prince george's county we know the snow is starting to come down there with that freezing rain as well. it's 5:25. . and the more you work the more likely you are to have a few too many drinks. new research from finland found people who work 49 to 55 hours per week were more likely to have risky alcohol behavior than people who only work 35 to 40 hour. the researchers looked at people in more than a dozen countries. risky drinking is 121 drinks or
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more for men and 14 for women. why some are calling the satirical magazine defiant. >> closings and delays coming in by the minute. storm team 4 is tracking all of the weather for you.
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right now we're track thinking potential problems with the morning commute as another wave of winter weather rolls in this morning. we have crews live in maryland and virginia as the snow comes down. just as many of you are getting ready to head out the door. conditions are forcing a lot of schools to close or open late. we'll run throug the list. fairfax county schools closed today. prince william count closed, as well. montgomery county schools on a two hour delay. and prince george's county schools delayed two hours. >> fredericksburg schools are closed. los angeles schools on a two hour delay. manassas city schools on a two hour delay. charles county schools are closed. st. mary's county closed. calvert county closed.
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fauquier county closed. spotsylv closed, arrest link top arlington and loudoun delayed two hours, as are schools in stafford county. anne arundel and howard county on a two hour delay. >> d.c. schools are now opening two hours late. if you work for the federal government the agencies are open. you to have the have the option of unscheduled leave or telework. we have live cameras all around the region. this one is in woodbridge. you can see the snow coming down there. light to moderate snow now. that's a live view. all coming from an area of low pressure passing south and east of us and dumping heavy snow right now in the northern neck of virginia and southern maryland. northern edge of it lighter snow now.
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the light great area in montgomery, prince george he's fairfax, the district. light snow. west it's a little harder. this is prince william county. fauquier coming down pretty hard there. all the way down to culpepper, as well. heaviest snow is in southern calvert county northern st. mary's and extreme southern st. mary's county. the eastern part of the thorn neck that's where some of the heavier snow is falling right now. they could get a couple inches there during the next several hours. northern western edge of that system a dusting to an inch. already a dusting in washington. just a very light dusting on the extreme fringes of this to our west up to the blue ridge. but washington and suburbs south and east a couple inches by the time this ends right around mid-morning. impacts on the roads will be
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high to moderate because this pavement is below freezing. and it is going to be slowing our commute throughout the morning as the system comes on through. the system providing that snow sticking all the way through the morning hours staying below freezing. melissa. 95 in virginia of course we know we have snow falling in the woodbridge area where we have our reporter for you this morning. richard jordan is out there. taking a look 95 north through stafford a little slow the entire way. and this just sorted started. pretty good amount of volume. but as far as the roads, looks just a little bit wet. be careful, though could be a little icy here and there. beltway at indian head highway, that is flowing just fine. 295 headed past 50, a little bit slow. up in maryland 95 and bw parkway rolling along nicely. 5:33.
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the snow is falling in prince george's county. darcy spencer is out there. how are things looking? >> reporter: i have to tell you this ago, a salt truck came by on pennsylvania avenue. there was an suv tailgating the salt truck. it wasn't even one car length distance in between the salt truck and that suv. and that's exactly what the highway administration and others are saying don't do to make sure you give them enough space to be able to spread the salt out there. it's really to help everybody. so allow them some distance. don't tailgate the salt trucks. we're live along pennsylvania avenue. you can see here, we've been getting a precipitation, light precipitation for about the last hour and a half. and as the cars come through here, you can hear a little bit of a crunch. so the salt has been put down. but there is that potential there for some slick conditions because we've been getting that precipitation for the last hour and a half. and the roads are very very cold.
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so again, highway administration is telling people this morning if you can, delay your trip. cancel that p a appointment. schedu it for later on in the week. we're on a two hour delay here so kids are getting to sleep in a little bit. reporting live in district heights, darcy spencer, news 4. crews in virginia and d.c. also doing what they can to keep the roads ss clear. more than 200 plows have been out salting and sanding in d.c.. the roads i drive on, they hit them hard. 700 trucks doing the same thing in northern virginia. transportation officials are asking you to delay your trip this morning to give them i'm to do their work. and right now we're watching for any delays at area arptss. reagan national reporting 11 cancellations. no delays right now. those cancellations are not being caused by the conditions at reagan. same thing at dulles and bwi marshall. dulles reporting one cancellation. 13 at bwi marshall. if you're leaving this morning,
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check with your airline to maketime. we're watching the roads for you as the snow falls to help you prepare for the morning commute. we'll tell you live out on i-95 for a look at conditions from our storm team 4x 4. new this morning charlie"charlie new issue is selling out around paris. nbc news says the newspaper plans on printing another 2 million more copies bringing this edition to 5 million. normally the newspaper only reports 60,000 copies. it is the first issue since last week's terror attack that killed 12 staff members. today the council on the american islamic relations will give us their thoughts. it's america's large us muslim civil liberties anded a vow ed a voe advocacy organization. you could be stepping out the door to snowflakes. we'll have the impact the snow
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is having on communities. and the kldcold snowy conditions should move out by the time you head home for work. tom kierein will have your hour by hour changes. also ahead, not letting his legal troubles get him down. the virginia lawmaker who is proving time behind bars does not mean he cannot serve hi
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we just learned this morning
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that falls church schools are opening one hour late. we're watching another wave of the winter weather rolling in as you good ready to head to work. we're seeing snow falling across virginia maryland and d.c. as the system pushes north into our area. we will go to tom kierein now to look at what this will system is doing and when it might start rolling out of here. a lot of schools deciding to open late. >> a good call because it is all sticking. temperatures only low and mid-20s p. every flake that falls will stick on untreated surfaces. lighter snow farther north in the met area. enough for a dusting. this brighter zone here in prince william southern fauquier into culpepper county that's where they're getting heavier though. heaviest snows are in southern st. mary's to the northern neck of virginia where i'm just upping the totals there. maybe 2 to 4 inches by the time
5:40 am
it ends there later this morning. a dusting to an inch or so ar the washington area. eastern suburbs might get up to a couple i thinks on the edge of the dark blue zone. but the highest amounts will be in st. mary's county southern calvert and northern neck of virginia. temperatures staying in the 20s all morning long tapering off and ending by noontime. and then during the afternoon, cloudy near 30. and then the 20s overnight. so whatever snow falls will stay in place. and by dawn tomorrow, the mid 20s. a look at a warmer weekend next weather and traffic on the 1s. the radar is changing minute by minute. want to show you a picture sent in on twitter. we appreciate it. this is from omar this morning north capitol and m street northeast here showing us the salt and sand mixture here on the ground. so roads there looking pretty good right now. wider look at things overall, beltway has no major problems. taking a look at travel times, on time right now.
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270 southbound 16 minutes. outer loop, 10 minutes. p and virginia, 66 east to the beltway, again, it looks good kids are off. quantitiesity company to the beltway,31 minutes. i'll be back in ten minutes with e cameras. virginia state delegate just won a special election from jailse represents henrico county. he was forced to resign from his seat and was sentenced to six months after he was accused of having sex with a 17-year-old girl. morrissey decided to run as an independent to replace himself and he won with a nine point lead over the candidate that democrats chose in a primary to replace him. remembering the life of a woman killed inside a metro tunnel. what her friends are telling us about her. and the new criticism over the emergency response to this incident. and of course we are keeping a close eye on the conditions
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right now we're watching the roads for you to make sure you're prepared for the morning commute. so far major roads appear to be pretty clear. that could change, though in the next few hours. >> tom kierein has more now on where this system is right now. >> the center of circulation of the low pressure is well southeast of the metro area, but we're close enough to to be getting li


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