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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 13, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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ie on a train this decade. pat? >> reporter: carol glover had two sons she loved so much. she had a little baby granddaughter that she adored. in 2014 she was named employee of the year. every day for years sheltd take that yellow line metro train to and from work every day. would take that yellow line metr and yesterday that commute cost these are pictures of carol glover and her two sons. carol glover her son marcus and her baby granddaughter, sarah. 61-year-old carol glover killed yesterday as she was riding on a metro train. she died during that smoky electrical malfunction yesterday on the yellow line at the l'enphant plaza station. carol glover lived here in alexandria.
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she was a graduate of eastern high school in the district and drexel university where she studied computer science. for about 20 years carol glover worked as a contractor for the federal government downtown. her son said that each day she would board a bus near her home in alexandria go to pentagon si, and get on the yellow line to go into d.c. to work. and at the end of the workday, she would reverse that trip. she did it every day for about 20 years. but yesterday she never made it home. diana rodriguez is a neighbor of carol glover. the two used to ride the bus together. >> she's a really lovely warm wonderful person, and i'm really just devastated to hear this really. she was a great neighbor really beautiful lady. >> reporter: and then for her to die this way. >> terrible. really really tragic.
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uh. i just hate to hear this. >> reporter: carol glover worked for dkw communications. in 2014 she was named employee of the year. >> we're all still in shock. i mean we just found out a couple hours ago. carol was a great employee, you know she brought a lot to the company. >> reporter: carol glover survived by her two sons and that baby granddaughter. the family is now making funeral arrangements. live in alexandria pat collins, news4. >> thanks pat. questions remain tonight about just what went wrong inside that metro tunnel. investigators with the national transportation safety d have wrapped up their work on the tracks at l'enphant plaza. that means metro is now back in control of the yellow line but service has not yet been restored there. we also know that the smoke came
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from an electrical malfunction along the third rail not on the train. transportation reporter adam tuss continues our report from l'enphant plaza. ed a tsunami. >> reporter: jim, a couple of big take-aways from today. first we're making progress toward getting yellow line service restored and second we're making progress toward finding out what went wrong. the ntsb makes a number of key points about yesterday's frightening and confusing episode. this was an electrical issue involving the third rail and power supply cables to the third rail. some sort of electrical arcing incident essentially a big spark and pop happened. it happened in a tunnel about 800 feet south of the l'enphant plaza station causing a massive amount of smoke to pour into the tunnel and the train. it was not a fire on the train. the train did not derail. but people did start leetching the train. >> people self-evacuated started opening the doors and getting off.
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>> reporter: once that happened power has to be cut to the tracks because the high-voltage third rail is deadly. again, all signs point to an electrical issue with the third rail. the train involved in the incident will be take on the a rail yard and look closer for clues about what went wrong. now, as far as that arcing that you're hearing so much about, the ntsb says sometimes that big spark, that electrical spark can start beating on itself getting bigger and bigger and that's when it leads to a bigger problem. in this case, it leads to a lot of smoke. live from l'enphant plaza, adam tuss news4. one of the passengers who may have been in the railcar with that woman who died shot this video. it just showed how dark it was during this emergency. you can hear the coughing and the choking. from the start, jonathan rogers says he noticed this one rider having a hard time breathing and when she stopped responding to questions, he and other pass jumped in to help. >> we all tried to give her cpr.
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she was just having a hard time breathing and she kind of went down on all fours pretty quickly and, you know, we were trying to give her water and help her get air, then she eventually was laying flat on the ground then she just stopped talking. >> reporter: rogers says another passenger took the woman to the back of car and he says he never saw her again. he stayed home from work today because his chest is sore from all of the smoke. our team coverage continues with the communication issues on metro that may have slowed down yesterday's evacuations. news4's mark segraves is live outside the wilson building with the tough questions facing the mayor and the fire chief. mark? >> reporter: mayor muriel bowser just wrapped up a press conference about an hour ago. reporter were hoping for specifics about, one why it took first responders so long to evacuate some of the victim and, two, why there were problems for first responders communicating by radio in the tunnel. mayor declined any specifics saying she's waiting for federal investigators to wrap up their ve view before she comments.
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so reporters went after the fire chief. >> our report and then -- >> reporter: d.c.'s acting fire chief w reluctant to answer any questions today, deferring to the mayor. >> i think it's important we follow the direction of the mayor. >> reporter: mayor muriel bowser who once served on met reese board, says things have improved at metro since the deadly ft. totten accident. >> that's why it's shocking in that we've had -- shocking and so disappointing that we've had this failure. >> reporter: yesterday's incident was classified as a mass casualty event. firefighters from d.c. maryland and virginia responded. more than 80 victims were taken to area hospitals mostly with respiratory problems from smoke inhalation. one woman died and two other victims were listed as critical. passengers who were trapped on the train reported waiting 40 minutes to an hour for help to arrive. first responders were heard over
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radio scanners complaining they couldn't communicate with one another. >> our fire department responded within, you know the time frames that are customary. >> reporter: while bowser was clear d.c. fire did respond quickly to the metro station, she declined to say how long they waited before entering the tunnel to begin evacuations. another problem during yesterday's response first responders were heard over radio scanners complaining they couldn't communicate with one another. again, bowser deferred to the ntsb investigation, so reporters went to the fire chief for answers. >> the mayor is the lead on this and we will get that coordinated. >> wait wait no. >> reporter: now, one of the questions that has yet to be answered is how long did it take metro to shut off the power to that third rail to make it safe for the firefighters to actually enter the tunnel and begin the evacuation. the d.c. fire department will begin its own review on friday. no word on when the results of that review will be released.
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reporting live in the district mark segraves news4. >> thanks mark. there are schangs to metro service if you're planning on taking metro this evening. the green line is running normal service, but the yellow line is replaced by the blue line between huntington and largo town center. they'll run every 123 minutes. the orange line will run every eight minutes, and the silver line will run every 12 minutes. transportation safety is one reason there's a new push to increase the pay for federal workers. virginia congressman jerry connolly introduced new legislation today to increase federal wages by nearly 4% next year. connolly says the ntsb and other government agencies mubs have reliable qualified workers to keep the nation safe. >> we just had a terrible tragedy here in washington on our metro system. the ntsb is entrusted with helping to investigate that and come up with standards that make sense to protect us from that
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ever happening again. >> connolly favors more funding from metro to deal with its safety issues. tolles tonight new information about what you should do in an emergency if smoke filled a room or a train car. our mark segraves recently spent a day training with d.c. fire and ems. we have posted the simulation on our nbc washington facebook page. you can check it out during the break and share that with others. another big story tonight is the weather. for the second time in about a week, a wintry mix could threaten the commute tomorrow morning. doug what are we looking at coming up here? >> we're looking at a fairly similar situation to what we saw last week, although the amount of snow won't even be close. but it won't take a lot to pose problems early tomorrow morning. first off, the radar not showing anything right now. storm team 4 radar is clear. just to our south we're watching a storm system developing. not a lot going on some rain south of raleigh, some snow starting to fall down toward southern portions of virginia
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but as it moves up the coast it will get more moisture off of the atlantic and move it back into our region. that's why because of the cold temperatures and moisture we have a winter weather advisory in effect including montgomery county eastern loudoun, prince william county and a lot of areas to the south and east, including the district. this will come during the a.m. rush tomorrow. that's why we have this advisory. i'll show you who gets what and what i think the biggest impacts will be in just a few minutes. also new hid video that shows the moments before a violent attack inside a d.c. bar that ended with five people stabbed. police released the surveillance video from mcfadden's to try to identify three people who were spotted on camera. the video appears to show two men who were face each other in the crowd when a third person rushes in throwing punches. mcfadden's lost its liquor license and closed after those stabbings that occurred late last month. defense secretary chuck hagel says that hacking of two military social media accounts was a violation, but it was not
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a big deal. yesterday a group called the cybercaliphate took control of central command's youtube and twitter casualties. they posted a proe-isis propaganda and contact information for several generals. homeland security officials are stressing no classified information was released. those two accounts were suspended after the hack but they're now back up and running again. our coverage of the metro tragedy continues. tonight the i-team exposes another potential threat as riders look to take matters into their own hands in an emergency. new video showing the men behind the terror attack in paris and mourning for victims there. and police around the country are working to ease tensions with the people they serve after some high-profile when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on...
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this sfoep video shows the kouachi brothers on surveillance two dais before the attacks. tomorrow some of the survivors take a significant step forward. the satirical writers of the magazine will publish its first issue since the attack. nbc's ron allen has the latest.
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tonight in paris a lot of anticipation for the next release of the magazine "charlie hebdo." they're publishing 3 million copies. they're taking lis because there's such demand for this magazine that usually produces only 30,000 to 50,000 copies. >> we will just continue to make the newspaper every week. of course it will never be the same again. >> reporter: and will it attract a lot of attention. we've seen a sneak peek of the cover, a picture-of the promet muhammad which many in the muslim world consider blasphemous. french officials are looking for more accomplices of the gunmen who carry out the bloody attack here last week. also late today a confirmation that secretary of state john kerry will arrive here on friday. of course the obama administration has been facing a lot of criticism for not sending president obama himself or vice president biden or the secretary of state to that huge march here
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over the weekend of unity attended by world leaders but not a high-ranking visible official from the united states. the investigation continues here amid tight security in paris. the imminent release of the newsmagazine tomorrow a lot of attention focused on that. ron allen, nbc news paris. now back to you. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will not stay out of jail while he appeals his conviction on corruption charges. mcdonnell is spoeed to report to prison on february 9th. his lawyers asked a judge to delay that pending a decision in his appeal. attorneys argued that the appeal could take up to two years, which is the same amount of time that mcdonnell was supposed to serve. but the judge said no. the paperwork for that appeal was formally filed today. mcdonnell and his wife maureen, were found guilty of taking thousands of dollars to promote a friend's company. we have a beautiful weekend up ahead, but first we have a
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little problem to get through on wednesday. >> kind of like last week the timing of this system is really the big thing about it. it's not the amount of snow we'll get because we're not going to get a lot of snow. last week we got some areas 2 to 3 inches, some more. this time if you get an inch that's going to be about it for most of us. and areas out to the west probably won't even see that much. current temperature right now sitting at 32 degrees and this once again is why we have the issue. look at the north winds at 13 miles per hour putting our windchill in the low 20s. current temperature 23 in gaithersburg 27 manassas 29 in huntingtown. so we're already below freezing. because of that when the snow does start it will once again stick on the roadways. very very quickly. so here's what to expect tomorrow morning. snow and ice. the ice mainly down to the south and east but everything mainly along and east of i-95 so i'm not expecting much of this through the west of i-95. delays will be possible in areas like prince george's county charles county maybe stafford
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spotsylvania county over towards king george and the rest of the area to the south and east. winter weather advisory is from 4:00 a.m. to 12:00. it includes montgomery county and howard county back towards eastern loudoun county not western, but eastern loudoun county and fairfax county. kind of surprised by this. i'm not expecting much at all in this region. however, eve an dusting of snow with these conditions could lead to some slow commutes tomorrow so give yourself extra time. down to the south and east around that prince george's county area charles county even calvert and st. mary's county i think that's the area that will see the hardest problem early tomorrow morning with rush hour so heads up for that. storm team 4 radar showing the system and once again not a lot going on down here. not a very strong system but it is starting to gain a little bit of strength starting to pick up a little bit of moisture weather typing it out for us around 11:00, just dealing with the cloud cover. by around 4:00 in the morning, here comes the s thee snow and notice where it is. waldorf, quantico fredericksburg lexington park
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huntingtown, dunkirk, prince frederick. to the north, washington, this commuter model not even bringing the snow that far north. i think d.c. will see some snax snowflakes but most will be to the south and east and notice the area that's not even under the advisory this computer model giving the most down here. again i think st. mary's could be ti even though you're not in the advisory watch out for this storm system. by 9:00 10:00, just about out of here. not anticipating problems tomorrow evening. but wednesday forecast down to the south, d.c. along i-95 maybe a dusting, upwards of an inch but 1 to 2 inches waldorf, huntingtown, mechanicsville back down towards colonial beach, king george county snow changing to fleet south and southern maryland. that's the area we'll see the biggest problem. 32 degrees on your wednesday, 36 on thursday 43 on friday then temperatures warming as we head to the weekend, saturday and sunday both looking pretty good but throwing in a chance of showers for sunday. some dramatic 911 calls are
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giving us a glimpse of what it was like for the nearly 200 cars involved in that nasty pileup on a michigan highway. police say this happened when a van slowed down because of the icy conditions and was hit by an 18-wheeler. that started this chain reac dispatchers tried to keep everyone calm. >> ma'am, ma'am, ma'am. >> okay. i want you to shut up and i want you to listen to me very carefully. i'm at the interstate 94 eastbound side. it's completely shut down. >> one person was killed, 23 injured in there numbers that reveal a disturbing reality. a local lawmaker rallying for change about sex assaults on college campuses. background checks and
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fingerprinting of montgomery county teachers as part of a new school safety plan. this is chris gordon with reaction from parents. and we'll tell you how apple could revolutionize the way we commun.
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quality. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two years and get a $400 bonus with a two year agreement. hurry! it's your last chance! this offer ends january 17th. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v cubing broupd checks and requiring fingerprinting of new hires are some of the
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recommendations that the montgomery county school board is considering in its effor. all of this follows recent cases of sex abuse at school. chris gordon has more from rockville. >> reporter: the montgomery county school board admitted today mistakes have been made. in september a 12-year-old girl at roberto clemente middle school in germantown was allegedly touched inappropriately by a substitut in november at john t. baker middle school in damascu contract worker was alleged arrested for allegedly tou a 12-year-old student in the hallway. the montgomery county school board concludes things c have been handled better. today it received recommendations to conduct background checks on teach and contract workers through child protective services to make sure all employees are fingerprinted and require everyone to take online trai on child abuse. >> i want to make sure our parents and community have absolute confidence in how
6:25 pm
seriously we take the safety and well-being of their kids. >> we asked some parent what they think. >> a great idea. the more background checks the more our schools will be and it's all about the kids and keeping them safe. >> reporter: the county police and prosecutor's office are partners with the school system in designing this new plan. >> there are national databases that give us information about individuals who might be registered as sex offenders, people who might have criminal records. >> reporter: here's what the teachers union says -- "we are supportive of efforts to be sure that all of our students are safe and that all employees have had their background checked." montgomery county council member craig rice featured repeated checks. >> all we can do to ensure tha that the people that are around them throughout the day while they're in school are people that we've done checks on. >> reporter: montgomery county hopes to put the new safety plan into effect by next school year. chris gordon news4. amber alerts are coming to facebook's news feed. a new partnership between the social media giant and the
6:26 pm
national center for missing an chirp announced today. facebook says the alerts will contain a photo and a link to the missing child's poster. law enforcement officials will determine the geographical area that will be receiving these alerts. our i-team is looking into that tragedy on metro. tonight we'll report the potentially dangerous situation riders attempted to try in an emergency. and new clues in a deadly fire after a 12-year-old girl and her grandmother could people have been digging for two days in a mountain side in virginia. why the fbi says it needs more time searching for clu.
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we are lering more about the woman who died from that underground emergency on metro. meanwhile, there are many questions lingering about what went wrong. 61-year-old carol glover of alexandria virginia was killed in the incident at the l'enphant plaza metro station. national transportation safety investigators say it all started with an electrical malfunction along the third rail. the ntsb has wrapped up its work on the tracks at the station so the yellow line is now back in the control of metro officials. >> we have team coverage. adam tuss will have more on when
6:30 pm
yellow line service will return. we're going to begin with scott mcfarland with more on the issues created from passengers attempting to try to escape that smoke-filled train yesterday. yeah wendy. when the train isn't move, conditions are getting uncomfortable perhaps dangerous inside. yesterday wasn't the first time passengers started venturing out of the train and onto the tracks. the i-team has received warnings from metro it could happen again too. january 2013 green line same initial problem as yesterday's incident on metro, an arc, electrical problem on the third rail hundreds of passengers stuck in a train between the anacostia and navy yard stations. some safely evacuated by police but dozens of others didn't wait bailing out of the train on their own onto the track and transit police had to escort them through a tunnel vent shaft to safety into an empty lot in anacostia. a u.s. park police copter was
6:31 pm
dispatched to keep track of them. the log shows the council recently recommended to met reese board it consider setting a formal time frame, a time limit after which people who have been stuck on trains that have not received instructions from metro be expected to self-evacuate. one council membe says in rare cases self-evacuations might be necessary, though he acknowledges they're dangerous. >> a legitimate issue about once people evacuate the train, then what do they do. there are a lot of safety hazards in the tunnel that if people do not have guidance could become a problem. >> reporter: when we asked metro today about its evacuation procedures and passenger self-evacuations, th referred us to the national transportation safety bod them they said they needed to complete their investigation into yeste before discussing. the i-team found inside a metro board meeting after the 2013 incident they discussed this danger. one agency executive said when riders become fearful they'd
6:32 pm
rather take the risk on the tracks. >> customers were alarmed, some were frightened all inconvenienced and very uncomfortable by the heat and the crowding conditions on the board those trains. >> reporter: one former metro board member today told me he can't envision way way to recommend or create a system for self-evacuations. visit our webpage for our past stories involving metro and its rails, . there you can also send us a tip if you see something you think we should be investigating. jim? >> thank you, scott. some members of congress are wanting answers from metro about that incident and metro's response to it. adam tuss is at the l'enphant plaza metro station now where the ntsb just wrapped up an inspection of the tracks earlier today. adam what's the latest you've learned there? >> reporter: a couple of big developments today, jim. first of all, we found out the name of the victim 61-year-old carol glover from alexandria.
6:33 pm
you heard in pat collins' report she rode the yellow line every single day and certainly our thoughts and prayers go out to her friends and to her family. the second big development, people want to know when yellow line service is going to be restored. there are no yellow line trains running right now. it's just blue line service. the fact that the national transportation safety bod gotten in here figured out what they need to see and now they're off metro property they can then release the property back to metro, essentially giving it back to them. metro can then get in there, start making the repairs to the tunnel and i'm told there are repairs that need to be made in that yellow line tunnel before any sort of service can start. but metro can now start that process. and the third thing is that we've been hearing so much from the national transportation safety b today and last night, everything pointing to e third rail and the power cables that connect to the third rail. certainly that arcing issue you've been hearing a lot about. there's a lot of technical terms that go along with a lot of this stuff. arcing is basically a big flash,
6:34 pm
a big spark, and kit grow larger and larger. if there's any sort of water or snow down on the tracks that can certainly make it a bigger problem. and yesterday was certainly a very wet day here. sthoez thoez are the big developments we learned about today. >> all of that being said, adam what can metro riders expect for the commute tomorrow especially those that might normally go that way? >> reporter: what i can tell you right now is that the incident train, the train involved in yesterday's episode, is still down there on the yellow line. they haven't even moved it out of the way yet. they don't want to move it because it would impact rush hour service. they're going to get that out of the way, make the repairs to the tunnel and then they can make an assessment about getting yellow line service back to normal. one more thing i want to mention, metro tells us there was a lot of personal property left on that train and riders are going to have the chance to claim that at metro headquarters tomorrow. adam tuss our transportation reporter, we appreciate it. if you need help getting around while the yellow line is closed our traffic reporter melissa
6:35 pm
mollet has posted tips for you. you can check out the nbc washington app during the break. now to the weather. we have a wintry mix that might also be impacting your morning commute. here's doug with the conditions to look out for. going to be snow early tomorrow morning, talking act that snow mostly for the d.c. metro area and i-95 to the south and east. even into places like montgomery county fairfax county, loudoun county, we could s some light snow here. once again, i'm focusing on areas to the south and east. the winter weather advisory does include montgomery and howard county towards eastern loudoun and southern faulkier county as well as prince william. but i do think around d.c. southern prince george's calvert county and st. mary's which are not in the advisory i think that's the area that could see the biggest impacts from this. snow will start early tomorrow between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m. that means it will stick and temperatures well below freezing pip anticipate some problems tomorrow morning. give yourselves some extra time. wait until after 8:00 to make
6:36 pm
your way into work. a poe mow towee potomac man who stabbed two people at a mall will be spending at least eight years in prison. david goldberg stabbed two people after they honked at him for failing to come to a full stop at an intersection. this was 2013. if goldberg violates the terms of his probation, he could be sent back to prison for another 12 years. a fast-moving fire. the heroic actions of a 12-year-old who tried to save her family from the flames. growing tension between the public and the police. what have they done to ce chaos amid a series of high-profi
6:37 pm
technology has improved our lives, in small ways. in big ways. but what about this? couldn't this be better too? at redfin we asked ourselves the same question. which led us to create new ways to take you inside a home or instantly schedule a tour. but we paired that with our own agents
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who aren't paid on commission but on your happiness. and that's what makes it all work the world has changed and now real estate has too. we now know the victims and the cause of last night's deadly fire in spotsylvania county. 12-year-old rowana hill and her grandmother carol hill were found on the second floor of
6:39 pm
their home along fox gate drive in spotsylvania. investigators believe a younger child was playing with a fire starter log on the first floor and sparked this fire. that younger child was take on the hospital for treatme. a presidential task force is looking at how the country can improve relations between police and the people they serve. former d.c. police chief charles ramsey is leading that group. as our tom sherwood reports, frustration boiled to the surface at today's fist meeting. >> reporter: around the country, new levels of strain between police and communities. some blame police others lawlessness. >> there is a lot of strong feeling and i think we've seen it over the past few months. >> reporter: former d.c. police chief charles ramsey leads a presidential task force on police community relations. they met today at the museum. richard barry, president of the international association of chiefs of police, said police are under attack physically and
6:40 pm
politically. >> this simply cannot be tolerated. the current smear campaigns aimed at law enforcement are unnecessarily placing our office ears' lives in jeopardy. >> reporter: the national fraternal order of police warned officers are feeling the effect. >> the officers are growing more distrustful of the citizens in many communities because of an inkreensed violence that targets law enforcement officers. >> reporter: just in our area spouses of law enforcement officers are planning a noon rally saturday at the national law enforcement rally to support the officers. but one member of the presidential panel, a former washington state sheriff, suggested police might need to work harder at community relations. >> three of you sounded extremely combative and i could understand why you felt a pact. the future is not in handcuffs and police would have to change their mind-set and outlook if they were going to bond with these communities of color.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: ramsey says it has a lot to do before writing its report to obama. in the district tom sherwood the fairfax county board of supervisors will ask an outside expert to review a policy on what to tell the public after police-involved shootings. a man was shot by police during a standoff back in august of 2013. the county refused to name the officer or provide any details about the incident until last week. today's board meeting, the chairman acknowledged residents deserve a government that is open and transparent. that measure just approved will ask the attorney general to recommend a next version suggesting changes to how the county reports on police shootings in the future. >> sex assaults on campus. here's julie kerry. >> reporter: i'm julie kerry in richmond virginia where a bill
6:42 pm
could change the way campus sex assaults are reported is giving support to victims' families. why prosecutors need to be involved from the beginning. and new technology apple is testing that could revolutionize the way we.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
protecting students from sex assaults on college campuses. there were 3,900 forcible sex assaults in 2013 nationwide. more alarming 80% of the rapes
6:45 pm
an assaults go unreported. julie kerry is in richmond where one lawmaker is rallying for >> we need to continue to show victims that they will be heard. and that the system will cup port them. >> reporter: talk tact way to change the way many campus sex assaults are handled. her bill would require a reporting of sex assaults to the commonwealth attorney within 48 hours. >> by getting the commonwealth's attorney involved it will make sure that the investigation is promptly pursued and victims are given the resources that they need. >> reporter: there t support trina murphy and dan and jill harrington families united in loss and determined to keep others from suffering the same pain. murphy's niece alexis was abducted and murdered in 2013. the harringtons' daughter morgan was abducted and killed on the uva campus for a 2009 concert. >> i strongly urge the legislature to pass this bill
6:46 pm
for alexis for morgan for han that for my daughter and yours. >> reporter: supporters say the jesse matthew case only adds to the momentum for the bill. he's charged with abducting hannah graham, raping a fairfax woman and there's a link to the harrington case. years ago he was accused of sex assaults on two campuses but never charged. >> i think there's a conflict of interest oftentimes with the school and with the student. >> reporter: the bill got another boost today. bipartisan support. the chairman of the republican courts of justice committee signed on as a co-sponsor. julie kerry, news4. federal agents have been diing and sifting through dirt atop a place called taylor's mountain in bedford county virginia. they are looking for human remains in connection with the missing lyons sisters. those are two young girls from kensington maryland who disappeared nearly 40 years ago after leaving the wheaton mall.
6:47 pm
the sheriff in bedford county virginia tells us that new scientific evidence suggests that the remains of those girls might be buried on a mountaintop property there. and for that sheriff, helping find those remains is personal. >> i lost my son 18 years ago. i know what it is to lose a child. i know where he is. these parents, they've been through hell i know for 35 37 years, i don't know the exact, but no parent shoul to go through that. >> because of the weather and the larger than expected search area the fbi has extended their search through thursday. apple may be trying to change the way people use their computers. today the company was granted a patent for new motion sensor technology. it uses 3d sensors to translate hand or arm movements into computer commands. apple was also granted a patent for a go pro-style camera and
6:48 pm
the filing indicates a new category of touchless devices may be in the works. let's go get in line right now. >> and it gets rid of carpal tunnel that is all in year. we'll all be able to do this again. >> probably go with the new anchor pain for that. >> for us to even begin to try to talk to each other anymore. >> that's true. good to see you. we worked together six hours today. just saw you today. >> been a long time. >> good to see you, man. >> my man. welcome back. >> let's show you what's happen across our area, people continuing to talk about the storm coming our way. what we're talking act is that storm moving up from the south and once again temperatures below freezing. right now we're right at the freezing mark most of you are in the 20s, temperatures drop into the 20s by 11:00 tonight. nothing on the radar, storm team 4 radar all clear at the moment. but just down to the south this is where the moisture is coming from. you notice there's not a lot of moisture with this system, but it is move into some colder areas and already you can start
6:49 pm
to see some snow trying to make its way even to the richmond area. winter weather advisory in effect includes montgomery county southern loudoun county and everybody down to the south and east except for calvert, st. mary's and down towards king george and westmoreland. you're not in the advisory but i think you'll see impacts from this and i think you folks will also need to take some time early tomorrow morning. this is why. i really think loudoun county montgomery county not going to see a whole lot from this but starting around the d.c. metro area in through fairfax county, over towards acounty county straight down route 2 and down around 301, 1 to 2 inches of snow in this area down farthest to the south, snow mixing with sleet at times. you'll still see slick roadways. same thing along i-95 here eve an dusting with these cold surface temperatures will give us some slick conditions. that's what we're talking about here. waldorf toward calvert beach, that's the area to really watch, 1 to 2 inches there. morning snow and sleet along
6:50 pm
east of i 95 temperatures 28-33. we'll warm to 36 on thursday 43 on friday 45 on sunday with some sunshine across our area and then on sunday high temperature of 48 degrees with a chance for some rain showers, but that's all they will be just some rain showers, most of them on the light side. we'll be here right on through early tomorrow morning. we start at 4:00 a.m. tom kierein and melissa mollet will keep you safe on the roads and with the radar. guys? >> thanks doug. talk about a beehive of activity, that would be nfl team offices all over this country. diana? >> that's right. still no defensive coordinator for the redskins just yet, but the cowboys keeping their guy in dallas. while we're talking texas, the defending nba champion spurs in town for a showdown against the wizards. news 4 at 6:00.
6:51 pm
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confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. wid playing some ball tonight and whether or not they win i don't think defines the team but they have something important to say. >> it would definitely help their case for being one of the best teams in the nba if they can beat the spurs because washington washington on the san antonio spurs 17 straight rosslosses to them. the last time the wizards beat san antonio was 2005. nba finals mvp kawai leonard out tonight.
6:54 pm
doesn't matter who's in for the spurs right now. tonight's contest will be a rematch of a game played in san antonio ten days ago. the wiz in it until the fourth quarter when the spurs outscored them 33 to 12. it was a lot of san antonio's role players who came up big in that one, but randy wittman knows it all starts with the big three for the defending champs. >> when you have a hall of famer like the three of th that they have in parker ginobili and duncan and that being there for the last how many years. and then the s, and then you just continually fit guys into their system. and they play that way every night. >> definitely a big challenge for us. whenever you face up against this team as a fan you definitely have to be tight because it will be a great game, but in our view we definitely have to be on edge all aspects of the game. >> i think every year somebody and i know charles barkley does it every year says they're 2-0
6:55 pm
now and i think won three or four since he said they're too old. >> that's how you know they're going to win. down a level. tonight undefeated two uva hosts clemson, georgetown on the road at depaul. college football, the big ten might be the big conference next year. already talk that ohio state could win the national championship again next year. oregon's hopes for its first football nationals championship derailed by the ohio state buckeyes. the ducks could not slow down zeke yell elliott. remember that name, guys the sophomore ran through oregon's defense 246 yards in the game. just as impressive ohio state won the title with their third straight quarterback cardale s in after the top two quarterbacks went down with season-ending injuries jones creating really just a lot of buzz. but after only 33 games in his career he said today he's not ready for the nfl just yet, but elliott was the story, guys
6:56 pm
rushing for four touchdowns, taking home mvp honors. buckeyes win their sixth national championship in school history, third title for head coach urban meyer. one more college note. louis perkins has stepped down at howard university's athletic director. shelly davis has been named interim athletic director. the appointment really made us wonder how many female athletic directors are out therg division i programs? in 2013-2014 there are 34 female a.d.s out of 350 schools. one point where there won't be change is in dallas. talking nfl now. according to reports the cowboys and head coach jason garrett have agreed to a five-year $30 million deal to keep him in the big "d." garrett took over as interim head coach back in 2010. this season he led the cowboys to their first division title and playoff berth in five years. jerry jones also reportedly bringing back defensive coordinator rod marinelli.
6:57 pm
cowboys went 12-4 this season but lost to the packers in the nfc divisional playoffs. after re-signing garrett and his staff will also coach in this year's pro bowl at the highest seeded nfc team eliminated from the playoffs. john harbaugh and the ravens will represent the afc. despite the broncos being the highest seed though denver which parted ways with john fox, today john elway held a press conference and sent out a pig thank-you that had twitter exploding. >> i'd like to start out this press conference with a thank-you to john elway -- john elway -- john fox. >> john fox. probably wants to say something else to elway right now, right. elway and the broncos let go of fox and had pretty much told his staff to find other jobs. he was nervous. that happens. we all do it. you think of your name -- >> no, you don't. >> think of your name. >> that's a huge ego.
6:58 pm
>> no. >> nightly news up next.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on our broadcast tonight, new video of the terrorist attack in france showing in detail how brazen the attackers were on the very day the victims are laid to rest. panic in the tunnel as a commuter train grinds to a halt and smoke begins to fill the cars. while passengers are told they must stay put. american sniperas portrayed by bradley cooper lester holt looks back at his conversation with the real-life inspiration. and the brotherhood. good news for a pair of siblings we've come to know after their incredible story of endurance that touched so many. "nightly news" begins now.


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