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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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to emerge. what we're learning about the victims, the frightening moments for survivors, and even an answer we're still waiting to hear. why? and we begin with that underground emergency still impacting metro 24 hours later. hello, everybody. i'm jim hantley. >> i'm pat lawson muse. it led to 200 people being pulled out of the tunnel. we learned the victim is carol glover of alexandria. she was a contact employee with the federal government. >> we're still waiting to hear what caused all that smoke in the l'enphant plaza station, but we know it came from smoke on the rail and not on a train. we have team coverage this afternoon as the investigation truly begins into what went wrong. >> transportation reporter adam tuss is live at l'enphant plaza. what have you learned? >> reporter: the ntsb says they have wrapped up their work here at l'enphant plaza.
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that's important because metro now gets control of its tracks once again, can start making repairs and get yellow line service restored. as far as what happened learning more about that too. the ntsb makes a number of key points about yesterday's frightening and confusing episode. this was an electrical issue involving the third rail and power supply cables to the third rail. some sort of electrical arcing incident which is essentially a big spark and pop happened. it happened in a tunnel about 800 feet south of the l'enphant plaza amount of smoke to tour into the tunnel and the train. there was not a fire on the train. the train did not redeath rail. michael flanagan, lead ntsb investigator describing the issue. >> the third rail runs along the side of the track and at various points there are cables that connect that third rail to the power source of the pump station. and that appears to be where the arcing occurred that generated the event.
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>> reporter: people were taking it upon themselves to leave the train. power was shut down to the tracks at some point. the train involved in the incident will be take on the a rail yard and the ntsb will look closer for clues about what wept wrong. and back here now live again, yellow line service still not running tonight, and coming up in my next report at 5:00 d.c. fire had to show up again here today. we'll tell you why. live at l'enphant plaza, adam tuss, news4. >> adam thank you. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is making her first public remarks about the incident right now. scott mcfarland is working that part of the story. >> a press conference a few minutes ago expressing gratitude for those who helped in the response in l'enphant plaza. she also gave some investigation updates. first of all, the mayor confirmed she visited with some of the injured local hospitals last night, offered thoughts and prayers for the family of the victim who died. as for her focus on metro safety going forward, she's working with maryland and virginia's governors on that too.
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>> and i have spoken today with governor mccauliff of virginia with governor o'malley, and the governor-elect hogan from maryland to let them know from our point of view what's happen happening on the ground but also to reiterate my strong commitment to working with each of them to make sure we have a safe and reliable metro system. >> before she said, that mayor bowser promising what she calls a deep dive looking into the city's response into this incident including fire and ems officer and office of unified communications. she expects a report back on that early next week. she was still taking communications as we speak about communications issues and safety concerns. we'll update you on this broadcast and immediately on one man on board that smoke-filled train helped administer cpr to a woman having more trouble than others. he talked to news4 about the
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moments he first knew something was wrong. >> it kept getting thicker and people were getting lower and lower to the ground. some people right away were having a hard time breathing and they were playing flat on their stomachs. we were like this lady weren't wait any longer so dedecided to do cpr pap few of us were rotating compressions and mouth to mouth and after 20 minutes of that we were like this isn't helping, she needs to get off the train. >> it's not clear yet if the woman he tried to help is the one he died. jonathan rogers says his chest is a little sore today from the smoke. to read more about jonathan rogers and the 40 frightening spent on the train go to nbc washington the nbc washington app and search rogers. our coverage of metro's underground emergency is just getting started. some of the things we're working ging on for you this hour how yesterday's incident is still affecting commuters.
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and getting to people in danger can be especially difficult when there's so much smoke. we'll give you a first hand look at how difficult it is for first responders. right now we want to turn to storm team 4 and what could be another try daigh on our roads. >> more wintry weather moving in on us. we'll be covering it tomorrow morning. we'll start tomorrow early at 4:00. let's get to veronica johnson in the weather center. what's it looking like? >> it's looking like some of us will have to plan for a longer than average commute for tomorrow morning. not everyone. if you had the delays last night likely not in it this time. look at storm team 4 radar's quiet across the area, but down here where that moisture is gathering south of richmond, east of roanoke coming through, a storm system developing moving right off the coast of the carolinas. no advisories issued for our area yet but we're seeing them south, south of richmond. advisories for ice attempt around a quarter inch of ice can
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accumulate through the carolinas, for our area it's not going to take much. we think we could see travel disruptions certainly east of i-95. that is possible. and some scattered power outages down through areas of the northern neck not here as of yet. but again, could have advisories issued here soon. what to expect tomorrow morning, mainly along and east of i-95 with delays possible. i'll take you hour by hour for tomorrow morning, our hours of impact and who will see snow and ice. firefighters and paramedics are outside a busy washington hotel. the ritz-carlton here along m street and west end of d.c. had to be cleared out because of fumes this afternoon. we don't know yet what caused the fumes. we also haven't heard yet if anyone was hurt. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell must go to prison even as he and his legal team appeal his conviction on corruption charges. that appeal was just filed this afternoon. his lawyers argued the appeal could take almost as long as the
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two-year sentence itself. the judge's decision means mcdonald must turn himself over to authorities in four weeks. his wife maureen, will be sentenced february 20th. fist at 4:00 fire badly damages a home in northwest washington. black smoke still pouring out of a window on the 100 block of u street when news4's camera arrived. firefighters say they had this out in about 20 minutes but the inside of the house is badly damaged. we are working to find out what caused that fire. you can reach the military's central command on twitter and youtube again hours after the hack attack. centcom reactivated the social media accounts overnight. the fbi is investigating an attack by a group calling itself cybercaliphate. the secretary of defense ordered all 50 holders their pass words and take other steps to protect their accounts. to new information about a tragic fire in northern virginia yesterday evening that killed
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two people. we just learned it was started by a child playing with a starter log. authorities say 12-year-old roa that hill and her r-old grandmother carol hill were found dead in their home along fox gate drive spotsylvania. a third person was take on the hospital for treatment. the search for answers spreads far and wide. first at 4:00 why investigators say they're holding out hope when it comes to solving a cold case that's haunted our region for decades. want more of your money to stay in your pocket? it could be a reality for thousands of you if one lawmaker gets his way. how it could affect your paycheck first at 4:00.
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federal employees could get a pay raise next year if a virginia lawmaker has his way. congressman jerry connolly
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introduced new legislation today, the so-called fair act. it would increase federal wages by nearly 4% in 2016. connolly says the pay hike would come after years of pay cuts and freezes and he says it would beep you have morale. >> remember that same federal workforce has suffered furloughs and sequestration and government shutdown. it's a statement by the congress if we can pass it that says actually we do value who you are and what you do and this is a small way of expressing that. >> however, the current republican-led congress is not expected to support the bay increase. a major change in the locations for behavioral services is under way now in fairfax county emergency, psychiatric, and crisis services. 1,000 different buildi are locating to a new facility in maryfeld ooh lfield and new services will be offered. the change is expect to promote
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changes in a welcoming environment. >> individuals will be able to have access to primary health care behavioral health care, pharmacy services and emergency services all in the same building at the same site. i think it's going to make a huge difference in the quality of care we're able to provide to those individuals. >> officials emphasize there will be no disruption in emergency services during the move. we've got specific information about the changes in fairfax county behavior services on our home page along with other resources to help deal with stress and mental illness. just visit and search "changing minds." you're about to notice something different on facebook. the change to your news feed that could keep more children safe. buckle up. the wintry roller coaster continues this week. another wild commute could be in store for you tomorrow. we're tracking what it means for
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right now in bedford county virginia digging, sifting, and repeating. right now, this is what federal agents are doing atop taylor's mountain. >> they are up there looking for human remains in connection with the lyons sisters. the two little girls from kensington maryland disappeared nearly 40 years ago after leaving wheaton mall. bedford sheriffs tell us newly uncovered scientific evidence led police to the mountaintop property in southwestern virginia. that's where we find news4's dave culver. >> reporter: this was supposed
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to take two days but we've just learned that the search has been extended for two more days. part of the reason is because of the conditions out here. it's cold subfreezing temperatures. also it's damp and even at times snowing. another reason for the is because of the amount of land they're searching. it's about an acre. may not sound like a lot, but these folks are meticulous very patient too. you can see them up there bringing one bucket at a time and carefully sifting through it using the water to hose off any excess dirt trying to see what is underneath this earth. all of this in hopes of finding something in connection to the 1975 disappearance of the lyons sisters. 10 and 12-year-old katherine and sheila vanished after going to wheatfield mall in 1975. the sheriff, here in bedford county mike brown, tells me personal. >> i lost my son 18 years ago. i know what it is to lose a child. i know where he is. these parents, they've been
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through hell i know for 35 year 37 years, i don't know the exact, but no parent should have to go through that. >> reporter: the sheriff now telling me that this search will go until thursday or possibly even through thursday in hopes that they find human remains in connection to the lyons sisters. coming up at 5:00 tonight weather some are making of this intense search. in bedford county virginia david culver news4. amber alerts are coming to your facebook news feed a new partnership between the social media giant and the national center for missing and exploited children was announced today. facebook tells us the alerts will contain a photo and a link to the missing child's poster. law enforcement officials will determine the geographical area that will receive the alert. today is national amber alertareness day. big news in the weather today. >> plan ahead, plan accordingly. yes, there is a bit of a change now. this system that storm team 4
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has been tracking the last co days looks as though it will give us more than flurries and get a little closer to us. so as i said plan accordingly, tomorrow for some of you across southern maryland might be a good day to think about telecommuting. yes, there will be a few delays around the area. as far as road imacts we're talking act light snow as well as ice. it will be light but it doesn't take much of course to cause issues on area roads. it's mainly along and east of i-95. our forecast we're 34 degrees right now. we stay dry until 11:00 to midnight. still dry, but the temperature 28 degrees and that is the cold air that's already in place that's been wedging on in moving northward along with this weather system that we're tracking that's coming up from the south and it's just going to graze our area. but again, enough so that this time we're flip-flopping things instead of the bigger impacts being to the north and west of d.c. bigger impacts will be right here down to the south. this is a look at 3:00 a.m. you're talking about areas down 395, down 301, impacted with
4:19 pm
snow and really at times there may be sleet mixing in. as we get into the late morning there could be a little built of freezing rain trying to mix in. nonetheless, again, icy roads mainly down here with the possibility of some light snow as we get into spots like waldorf and warrenton around 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and still with us at 7:00 a.m. even 8:00 a.m. before it starts to depart and move out of here. again, we're left tomorrow with just plain old cold air throughout the day. the way it's looking right now, dry conditions here just into d.c. eastern fairfax county looking for a dusting, that includes up 301, areas of prince george's county charles county too, more than 2 inches of snow possible st. mary's calvert county. again, that is enough with things switching over the a little bit of sleet and even freezing rain starting to mix in midmorning to late morning. conditions on area roads again will be a little harder to navigate. so icy down here a slow commute in these areas i-95 down through quantico spotsylvania even
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down through stafford and even up into areas of northern anne arundel county. temperature, we'll get up to around 32 degrees tomorrow morning after the icy morning so it will be a slow go for us. temperature at 36 degrees, on thursday yes, we're going to draw out, but throughout the morningitis going to be a little tough and touch and go. meteorologist tom kierein and chuck bell we will be on for you starting at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. >> thanks veronica. washington will soon be home to a three-year festival at the kennedy center. aimed at showing good music speaks to everyone. four or five orchestras will be featured at each six-state festival starting in 2017. musicians will also take part in educational events at schools around the area. kennedy center and washington performing arts are working together on this project with help from a $900,000 grant from the andrew w. melon foundation. chances are they're in your refrig or pantry right now, those mini cans of soda
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becoming more and more popular. while the containers may be smaller, they are not necessarily cheaper. coke and pepsi are aggressively marketing smaller cans and bottles now saying they provide fewer calories sodium and less guilt. people are guzzling them down but the price of those smaller cans did not shrink. a seven-ounce mini is twice as much as that of a regular 12-ounce version. the soft drink industry says the higher prices help offset the overall drop in soda sales. news4's in your community. thousands of winter colts were handed out earlier today thanks to our annual share the warmth drive. hundreds of our viewers and local businesses spent last month cleaning out their closets to help those in need. then bergman's cleaning company finished and freshened the coats before they were handed out. >> next first at 4 social media shocker, why this moment of unity in paris has a texas congressman apologizing. >> we first showed you these
4:22 pm
strong images on news4 last friday. now the powerful 911 calls and how dispatchers went into overdrive to save lives.
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it was three years ago the
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"costa concordia" collision happened. no one died initially but the ship capsized and 32 people were killed during the frantic evacuation. the salvage and removal operation finished last summer. the ship's captain is accused of abandoning ship and is on trial for manslaughter and der lex of duty. nearly an hour of 911 calls reveals the drivers stuck in that massive pileup in michigan last week. jay gray talked with state police there who were responding to those desperate calls. >> deputy schmidt, how can you help you? >> hi. i'm on i-94. there's an enormous pileup. >> reporter: a string of 911 calls from the strike zone. >> the truck hit the semi. there's another car skidding -- stopped just before he got to us. there's a honda sitting on the fence rail. there's -- getting to be quite a few cars here. >> reporter: drivers trapped in pileup along interstate 94 in michigan.
4:26 pm
>> okay. i want you to shut up and i want you to listen to me very carefully. i'm at the interstate 94 eastbound side. it's completely shut down. we've got multiple tractor-trailers out here in the ditch wrecked. we've got fuel leaking out several tanks. you need to get a hazmat team out here and some heavy-duty wreckers out here with rotators. >> reporter: some panicked others gripped by fear. >> all around me. >> ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am. i need you to stay calm for me okay. you're not hurt. you're not hurt and that's all we care about, okay? >> reporter: the calls and crashes continued. >> a truck just caught on fire. >> reporter: the blaze sparked an explosion from one of the wreck's semis carry 45g,000 pounds of fireworks. >> emergency on 94. >> reporter: one person dead dozens injured after more than 120 vehicles slid and slammed into each other during near whiteout conditions. >> this the scene is like a war zone.
4:27 pm
>> reporter: state police continued to try to piece together how and why it happened. >> starting that investigation at the beginning of each chain of vehicles and we're working through each subsequent crash. >> reporter: an investigation expected to take weeks. jay gray, nbc news. what a mess. >> yeah. >> first at 4:00, a chaotic event still impacting us a day later. >> with the investigation well under way and what caused that deadly smoke inside the metro tunnel. we'll tell you how it's still causing a ripple effect this afternoon. >> responding in the face of grief. how the french magazine that was the target of a terror attack is move eight head with plans to keep on going.
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we are following owl the day's big stories for you. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. get ready, folk storm team 4 tracking the arrival of more winter weather in time for your morning commute tomorrow. we'll have updates all evening long and tomorrow morning on "news4 today" which starts at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> the investigation is under way after yesterday's deadly smoke incident on metro. within the past hour we learned the victim is carol glover of alexandria. she was a government contract worker. right now at 4:30 there is still some impact on metro service after yesterday's emergency. you should look out for changes to several lines. first 4's traffic melissa breaks them down for you. >> for the green line normal
4:31 pm
service today. yellow line completely replaced with blue line trains today from huntington to largo town center. trains there running every 12 minutes. blue line trains between franconia springfield and largo town center running every 12 minutes today. orange line trains running every eight minutes between vienna and new carrollton. the silver line running every 12 minutes between wiehle-reston and largo town center. you can take the vre, d.c. circumstance lay or the, or metro bus, circumstance lay or the adding routes along navy yard today. today the national transportation safety board put out its so-called most wanted list. among its top priorities stop drunk driving, eliminate distracted driving, improve trucking safety and prevent tanker train crashes. make mass transit safer also made that list. the ntsb referred specifically to the 2009 deadly metro crash. until yesterday it was the most recent deadly emergency on metro. the ntsb says the safety plan
4:32 pm
includes more worker training and technology advancements. the new york fire department is rolling back its initial assessment of this morning's fire at penn station in manhattan. more than 150 firefighters battled this early morning blaze that took over two levels of a construction site near a penn station concourse. investigators have ruled the cause of that fire accidental. they say it was an electrical fire that began in the wiring at that construction site. initially they labeled the fire suspicious in part because of its location in the heart of midtown. president obama welcomed leaders of the new congress to the white house today. he is adjusting to a new reality with republicans controlling both the house and the senate. the president noted that they disagree on a range of issues but said cooperation will be essential on a number of issues such as cybersecurity. and he mentioned the hack attack on centcom yesterday.
4:33 pm
>> with the twitter account that was hacked by islamist jihadist sympathizers yesterday, it just goes to show how much more work we need to do both public and private sector to strengthen our cybersecurity. >> the president says he's talked to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker john boehner about cybersecurity and they agree it's an area they can workew developments right now out of indonesia where investigators have a second black box from that airasia jet that crashed into the java sea late last month. this one is the cockpit voice recorder and along wit flight data recorder could provide dlu cloous to the cause of the crash. none of the 162 people on board that plane survived. just 48 bodies have been found so far. as france mourns the loss of the 17 people killed in last week's terror attacks, the chief target of that attack is also
4:34 pm
trying to heal. tomorrow the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" will publish a new issue. ron allen has the latest. >> reporter: right here in paris, a lot of anticipation of the imminent release of the next edition of the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo." they're publishing 3 million copies and at newsstands around the country they're taking lis because so many people want to reserve a copy, there's such demand for the magazine that usually only produces 30,000 to 50,000 copies. >> we will just continue to make the newspapers every week. of course it will never be the same again. >> reporter: we've seen a sneak preview of the cover which has an image of the prophet muhammad which many in the muslim world consider blasphemous. also today the investigation continues. french officials saying they are looking for more accomplices to the gunmen who carried out the bloody attacks here last week. also late today, confirmation
4:35 pm
that secretary of state john kerry will arrive here on friday. of course the obama administration has been facing a lot of criticism for not sending president obama himself or vice president biden or the secretary of state to that huge march here over the weekend in unity attended by world leaders but not high-ranking visible officials from the united states. the investigation continues here amid tight security in paris. the imminent release of the newsmagazine tomorrow a lot of attention focused on that. ron allen, nbc news paris. now back to you. a texas congressman set off a social media storm. now he's apologizing for a message that seemingly compared president obama to adolf hitler. republican congressman randy webber sent a tweet last night that reads, "even adolf hitler thought it more important than obama to get to paris for all the wrong reasons. obama couldn't do it for right reasons." he's referencing the president's failure to join world leaders at an anti-terror march on sunday
4:36 pm
and hitler's visit to occupy paris back in 1940. a short time ago weber tweeted an apology and said he didn't intend to trivialize the holocaust or compare the president to hitler. stranded in the wood with a broken arm, a woman's incredible survival story and the pocket-sized snack that helped her ride out the night. then consumer reporter erika gonzalez unveils a brand-new tool that could help you save thousands on your home payments. storm team 4 tracking a new system that could make a mess tomorrow morning. v.j.? >> that's right. and we hit air early tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m. because of snow and ice. when we return we'll show you where our biggest concerns are for the mornin.
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we want to hear from you about the big stories of the past couple days. how the weather is knocking us for -- giving us a punch, we should say. >> yeah like the third or fourth punch tomorrow. so follow us on twitter and like us on facebook too. you shop around for a new pair of shoes or a new tv but do you shop around for a mortgage? >> erika gonzalez is here to tell us how to potentially save thousands with a brand-new free tool. >> let's put this in perspective. we were talking about the items that you shop for. when it comes to mortgage rates,
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listen to this just half a percentage point, half of one can cost you up to about $20,000 more on your payments that according to the consumer financial protection bureau. plus nearly half of home buyers don't shop around for a mortgage rate when they're buying their homes. so the cfpb introduced a new tool designed to help borrowers find the best rates. this is how it works. it's pretty simple. you type in the state where you live. your credit score range, you don't have to have an exact number, the range, the price of the house and your down payment. and then the site's going to populate a range of interest rate offers based on those factors. it's not going to show you the exact companies making those offers rather those interest rates that can serve as a benchmark to show where you may fall. there's a link to our new tool on our website,, search mortgage rates and you could save thousands of dollars.
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>> educate yourself before you dive in. >> absolutely just a half a point really can save you thousands. >> speaking of ways to save money you'll tell us at 5:00 tonight how to tack that will holiday debt a lot of people still have. >> so excited about this. we are continuing our fresh start for your finances week. today we'll show you how to start chipping away at all that lingering debt from the holidays. that's coming up tonight at 5:00. we want to know your money saving secrets. how do you stay on track with your finances? you can send us your tips and tricks to, phone us your ideas as well. if we really like them and think they're crafty and creative you may find them on news4 at 5:00 on friday. >> so make them good. >> yes. we want to hear what you have to say and how you save. >> all about money. >> that's right. >> thanks erika. we're getting an idea of just how difficult it might have been for people caught in that smoky metro tunnel. first at 4, our first hand look
4:42 pm
of what it looks like and feels like amid thick, choking smoke. many of you are about to see more wintry weather. we have team coverage from storm team 4. you can always get the latest as well in the nbc washington app. download that during the break.
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welcome back to news4 at
4:45 pm
4:00. from the investigation into the deadly incident on metro to what could be another slippery commute tomorrow. we have reporters standing by with new stories first at 4. first to the live desk for information about the death of a ft. hood soldier just back from west africa. scott mcfarland is here. >> some obvious concern after the soldier who was in liberia and was self-monitoring was found dead. 24-year-old found dead in killeen, texas. he got back into the country last wednesday on emergency leave and was self-monitoring twice a day. officials say there's no indication of the ebola virus at this point, but tests are under way. the soldier was in liberia to build hospitals for ebola patients. he was on emergency leave because of a separate family emergency back in texas. at the live desk i'm scott mcfarland. hundreds of people were caught in that smoke-filled metro tunnel yesterday. >> news4's mark segraves got a small taste of what that might
4:46 pm
be like. here's a look at a day he spent training with d.c. fire and ems. >> reporter: going into a burning building miens dealing with smoke and limited visibility. even though i was wearing full tiv gear including an air tank and mask it was hard not to panic once i was engulfed by smoke. in our simulation the visibility quickly went from bad to nonexistent. i couldn't see anything even the firefighters right in front of me. it wasn't until we got close to the glow of the fire that i could see anything at all. we followed voice commands and held tightly to the fire hose as our lifeline to safety. even with an air tank when you're not accustomed to being in that type of a situation, it's hard to stay calm and think rationally. i'm having trouble breathing. you could soon be paying less than $2 a gallon for gasoline. prices keep dropping across our region. the average in virginia down to
4:47 pm
just $2.03. and that is down seven cents over the week before. in maryland, the average is $2.28, eight cents lower than last week. and in the district gas is a bit higher at $2.55 a gallon but it's dropping every day there too. >> yeah. breaks keep on coming. price of gas. but not when it comes to the weather. no no. interesting conditions for tomorrow morning. some folks will not see anything, not a flake, not a drop of rain and some folks i think may have roads that are difficult to navigate early in the morning for that morning commute. follow me over to the weather wall. we'll head right for the forecast. i'll show you exactly what you can expect. storm team 4 radar, it is dry right now, that area in pink a little bit of freezing rain wintry-type weather that will start to show up. we'll see more show up on the radar and closer to us as we get into the late evening hours and early part of the night, 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. talking about not only snow for
4:48 pm
some of us but some of us will see snow and ice and of course that's not a good thing, temperature at 27 degrees, is your neighborhood? it? let's head over to storm center 4 with doug kammerer and go county by county. >> talking about the impacts and the area with bigger impacts. we think those will be down to the south and east. e talked about that yesterday. today we've honed in on that area. greatest area of impact well south and east of d.c. fairfax county loudoun county montgomery county areas that got hit hard last week not going to get hard with this storm. you may not see anything. it's down south and east of i-95 but could include the district and parts of the belt way through most of southern maryland expecting icy conditions and a slow commute, especially from waldorf up to d.c. fredericksburg towards d.c. but down to the south the snow and the ice could be an issue. yes, we could see some delays early tomorrow morning. but we're not talking a lot of snow veronica. like last week this is all
4:49 pm
about the timing and the cold temperatures that we'll see overnight tonight. >> exactly. and the timing of this is between 4:00 and about 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the most critical time period of course the morning rush. here's the area that will see that dusting. l quantico braddock ft. washington too, as far north as bowie and north annapolis. hughesville, mechanicsville bud's creek and even colonial beach around 1 to 2 inches of snow with a little bit of sleet and freezing rain coming to your area as well. the worst of it down here in the dark blue but still some delays we could see a little closer to d.c. forecast snow and ice for some so we put it all the way into the red. meanwhile, by the time we get to recess time overcast and cold so moderate conditions outside. i think kids may be able to get out into areas of southern maryland as well as the northern neck. dismissal time yes, there will be some slick roads too because
4:50 pm
our temperatures tomorrow will stay minor leaguely low going for a high of just 32. by the noon hour at least getting closer to that 29 degrees. but ice for the morning, overcast by noon then just plain old cold by tomorrow afternoon. we get up to 33 degrees, culpepper, doing a little better there, charlottesville at 34 frederick, maryland where there's i think probably not going to be anything happening up there. just overcast sky around 30 degrees for a high temperature. right now on thursday 36 your high temperature, yes, still some clouds around the area but at least we're going to be dry. then finally moderating temperatures for friday and especially the weekend. remember we mentioned yesterday the weekend not too bad. now we've got a chance of rain for sunday with a high of 48. so again, it's just rain coming up on news4 at 5:00 we'll talk more about the impacts of this system that snow and ice will have on ourveronica. families of two victims in the sandy hook school massacre have filed new lawsuits. they're suing the town of newtown and its school board.
4:51 pm
they say security was not tight enough at the elementary school on the day 20 first-graders and six adults were killed back in december of 2012. another lawsuit against gun manufacturer bushmaster was filed back in december. have you thought about your long-term care when you get older? there is evidence now that most americans underestimate what their needs will be. according to a new study, 60% of adults between the ages of 40 and 65 do not think they will need long-term care. experts say that's a potentially costly oversight. studies show nearly 70% of older adults will need long-term care at some point in their lives and chances are they'll have to pay for it. apple's newest technology could have you interacting very differently with your computer. they have patented motion sensor technology today, a 3d sensor would translate your gestures into computer commands. then you'd be able to control your desktop by simply waving
4:52 pm
your hand. the patent also indicates that a whole new category of touchless devices may be in the works. working on several stories in our newsroom. metro police have released brand-new video of a melee and stabbing inside a popular northwest d.c. bar. mcfadden's was shut down after the attack at the end of december. new at 5:00 tonight, the clues detectives have uncovered in this recording and why they're asking for the public's help. and a hazmat emergency unfolding at a posh hotel in the district. brand-new information on why the ritz-carlton was evacuated today. a delicate rescue in the woods. new video of a high-flying operation to save a stranded hiker. plus we're working several new angles on the deadly smoke incident on metro. we are uncovering new heartbreaking information about the woman who was killed. and brand mu reaction from d.c.'s fire chief.
4:53 pm
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4:55 pm
we're staying on top of the metro emergency from yesterday. there are still many questions about what went wrong from the investigation to the victims to the controversy over evacuation procedures our team coverage continues right here at the top of the hour. away with just seconds to
4:56 pm
spare. a police officer nearly taken out bay speeding driver in michigan. a second officer tries waving down the car but the driver doesn't stop and instead heads right toward him, missing him by just a few feet. >> both myself and my partner ran up to the car to see if the driver was okay. i didn't even think about myself until 10 15 minutes later when my partner says you almost died. >> the police were station trd to keep people off the icy road. no word yet whether the driver will face charges. into the wood and in between a rock and a hard place, a california hiker ended up trapped in the sequoia national forest with nothing but a half eaten granola bar and a light jacket. kathy var rashos how the parks department came to that hiker's rescue. >> reporter: t a rescue of 33-year-old sam wilson more than 24 hours after she set out on a day hike along the river in the se kwoi ya national park.
4:57 pm
she stopped to take a picture but accidentally dropped her bag into the water. she tried to retrieve it but instead fell 15 feet straight down scraping her stomach on the park and tunneling backward into the water. >> i knew my legs were okay because i was able to stand up. when i looked down my arm was hanging wit quite low and i thought i picked it up to my chest but it was still hanging so i knew immediately it was very broken and i knew that i wasn't going to be able to get out. >> reporter: wilson an avid hiker and outtoor enthusiast found a spot to spend the night, curled into a ball withlife jacket to keep warm and half a granola bar to eat. the next day hikers found her at 3:00 in the afternoon and called for help. >> i was so happy to see those guys. i said man, for somebody you never ever want to see you're so happy when you see the rescue guys you know? >> reporter: she was carefully hoisted into the rescue helicopter with a compound fracture in her shoulder, severe cuts across her wrist and
4:58 pm
scrapes on her stomach. she said she had a whistle with her but that she was too close to the falls for anyone to hear her. news 4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. she was a contractor with the federal government and took metro every day. >> right now at 5:00 new information coming in about the woman who died during an underground emergency on metro as big questions linger tonight about what went wrong. i'm talking about a storm makes its way right now, producing some snow in parts of the area. i'll show you who sees the worst effects from tomorrow morning's storm. the passengers thought they were going to die, and one rider never made it home to her family. >> now we are learning that it was a woman from alexandria and we are following up on every development of metro's underground emergency tonight. we have team coverage from the latest on the investigation 24 hours after smoke filled l'enphant plaza to the
4:59 pm
evacuation and response concerns. we begin with transportation reporter adam tuss who's live. adam? >> reporter: jim, progress is being made on a couple of fronts tonight. first to restore service here on the yellow line and second to figure out how it all went wrong. the ntsb says it's wrapped up its work on the track and turned the yellow line tunnel where this all happened back over the metro. that's significant because metro says it's now working to repair the tunnel and get yellow line service back up and running. but it's been another tough bay at l'enphant plaza. this woman saying she was stuck in an elevator here today. that did draw an emergency response. she said she was hyperventilating. she could be seen try cying and breathing into a rolled-up newspaper. as for yesterday's unbelievable smoke episode, some key facts from the ntsb. this was an electrical issue involving the third rail and power supply cables to the third rail. some sort of electrical arcing incident which is essentially a
5:00 pm
big spark and pop happened in a tunnel about 800 feet south of the l'enphant plaza station causing a massive amount of smoke to pour into if tunnel and the train. there was not a fire on the train. the train did not derail. michael flanagan lead ntsb investigator describing arcing. >> certain places arc can start sort of feeding on itself and it actually general rates gases that are more conductive and kind of a dynamic. >> reporter: the train involved in the incident will be take on


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