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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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right now l'enfant plaza. we're helping you plan your trek to work. tracking the developments in the investigation. >> more cold and windy conditions blowing their way into our area this morning. temperatures are hovering above the freezing mark right now. but don't expect them to stay there. storm team 4 meteorologist is here now with what you should expect as you leave for work. >> we have that rain overnight and from yesterday keeping our pavement wet. right now storm team 4 radar dry. no more rain falling. but the pavement is still wet in many areas. even downtown still wet pavement. that's a live view from thestorm team 4 camera from union station. we'll have the temperatures drop and getting below freezing. we could have patchy ice forming. a cold afternoon. we can look forward to a warmer weekend. temperatures getting a little bit colder down to 32 in gaithersburg and to the north it's hovering around 32. a little above freezing.
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the rest of southern montgomery county western fairfax down to 33. much of fairfax mid 30s. upper 30s in washington. so we'll have two types of a commute today with wet pavement this morning. a possibility patchy ice then dry pavement during the afternoon. we'll be hovering near 30 degrees with a blustery wind dry drying out our road with a partlypart sunny sky. >> how are the roads? >> right now overall looking pretty good. i want to start with hiensville here. route 1 blocked in each direction. only one lane blocked if each direction between van buren and albion road. it's construction that has been happening for the past couple of hours. a live look at 270 and old hundred dollar road. a little slow. 270 not looking bad at this point.
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taking look at 95 and i kind of started this map a little higher than i typically do. stafford i should say you're fine. dale city it gets slow. you can see through here. that's heading northbound. southbound is open. back in a couple of minutes with travel times. right now the ntsb is investigating the incident when smoke filled the l'enfant metro station. three people are recovering in critical condition at the hospital now. one woman died. we learned there will be no delays on the green line this morning. however, if you are about to head out the door there are other changes that could seriously affect your commute. megan mcgrath is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. the l'enfant plaza station is open this morning. we've seen trains coming and going and lots of people going
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in and out this morning. everything seemingly normal here. all appearances here at the station. nothing seems out of place. >> but are some issues with the lines. some things people need to know if they take metro. first of all, the good news the green line is back to normal service. they're not single tracking this morning. they're running normal service. however, the yellow line trains they are not running today. they are being replaced by blue line trains. and the blue line trains are running every 12 minutes. a 12 minute wait. same thing on the silver line. the orange line you're going have to have to wait 8 minutes between trains. we were down inside the station just a short time ago and we took this video. trains coming and going on all of the lines there. people coming and going. and the move was upbeat and good. we have been talking to riders and they feel fine with taking metro this morning. some are a little bit worried but others say these things happen and they understand it and think there will be a full investigation to takf it
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what happened here yesterday to make sure it doesn't happen again. spoke to one man who had gotten off the train and he said everything appeared normal. >> everything looked goo eded good. no smell. everybody was upbeat. i'm still taking metro. been doing it for 16 years. >> spoke to one woman who was on a smokey train yesterday and she said she had no qualms with getting on a train here this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you. take a look at the pictures. that is -- these are ntsb crews working on the tracks overnight. this morning learning more what may have caused the tunnel to fill with smoke. while you're sleeping the ntsb started providing answers. richard jordan has more. >> the federal investigators spent hours looking at the train and the tracks. they've been able to make some initial assessments. they say the train, the yellow line train going south to
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virginia stopped suddenly 800 feet beyond the station platform. there was not a fire on the train. it did not derail. there was smoke in the train. that's when people started to self-evacuate. the ntsb had control of the scene for most of the night. metro has taken back control for the morning commute. the two agencies will be meeting later today. likely they'll be discussing what called arcing or a flash other. this is what power from one source is picked up by another conductor. in this case one possibility is the high voltage third rail was that initial source and then water was the other conductor. that's what lead to the smoke. there was about half an inch of water there by the tracks. >> water is conductive and there's many other things that are conductive. it's a wet environment in many of the tunnels, and at it location there's some water. the ntsb is looking into the possibility that weather may have played a factor that yesterday's rain may have led to
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puddling there. firefightingers say it will likely take about six months to a year to their final report is complete. >> everybody just got as low as they could to the ground. that's where the best possibility for oxygen. >> this morning 84 people are recovering from the incident. that's how many people were tal for inhalation or panic concern. that was a man we talked to waiting to be treated on a bus. new d.c. mayor went to multiple hospitals to visit with patients including a firefighter who was hurt. we're helping you navigate the changes on metro today. coming up at 6:15 we'll show you your options for getting into work and the delays we're seeing at this hour. >> we're tracking the develops story out of new york city after a big fire breaks out at penn station overnight. what we're learning about the damage and the impact it's having on rail service. a live look on the roads now. conditions should be pretty good
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for you. we're watching for potential k spots. we're tracking road temperatures at 6:11. giving away the real you with a simple thumbs up. the things you like on facebook say about your personality. a new school closing in frederick county virginia schools will opening one hour late today. you can see any closing and delays at the bottom of yo
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ayour computer can judge your personality just by looking at your likes on facebook. really? that's according to a new joint study from stanford university and the university of cambridge. two prestige use schools. they say they believe the socially skilled computers could one day help you find a job or even find a soul mate. we'll give it up to the dput computers. they'll do everything for us. >> now we have to worry about the computer judging me.
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we're keeping an eye on the road temperatures this morning as we embrace more cold temperatures. >> chuck bell on the road for us right now the storm team 4 x 4. jeff? >> reporter: yeah. good morning. live and kicking. that's us here this morning. we're on interstate 70 west of downtown frederick. we're going eastbound toward frederick now. and the pavement is noticeably drier here now than it was just 30 or 40 minutes ago. that's excellent news. according to the website here the maryland highway department's website, pavement temperatures up here around 21 32 degrees. this is -- there was going to be any places that could ice it would be up here in northern most maryland and i 70 westbound. that's where the road temperatures are the coldest. what we're finding this is where the pavement is the driest at this point. that is definitely welcome news. gusty winds will help dry things out today. that's good news. temperatures will stay today or
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drop by later on this afternoon. it's going to be a bundle up day and a tumbler of temperatures. melissa, over to you. >> route 1 here between van buren and albion we are one lane getting by the water main break. travel times for you. 66 from fairfax county parkway to the beltway 12 minutes. outer loop 10 minutes. back in a couple of minutes with more on the metro situation this morning and how to get around and make it work for you this morning. >> thank you. we've seen the video from inside the tunnel. now we're tracking the impact the investigation is having on the morning commute and your at tifrs for getting to work. overpaying for your home. the simple mortgage mistake most of us are making that could leave you with a higher monthly
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payment. your time is
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6:16. right now watching for any pote problems on metro as you try to make your way to work this morning. you've looking live outside l'enfant plaza where the investigation is underway. metro has had to make a number of service changes this morning because of the accident. melissa tracking the changes and the alternatives this morning. >> that'right. let me take you line by line to explain what they're doing. first of all, the green line we have normal service between branch avenue and green belt. the trains running every of minutes. talking about the yellow line no real yellow line today per se. it's going replaced with blue line trains between huntington and largo. trains running every 12 minutes. orange line trains running every 8 minutes here. as for the silver line trains
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every 12 minutes. they'll be having extra cars this morning to help with the potential extra capacity, of cour red line running normally and on time. guys? >> thank you. it is 6:17. many are reacting to the chaos away from l'enfant last night. riders stranded. some waited in the buses unsure where the buses would take them. >> there was a fire there. metro needs to get it together. >> there's a lot of pictures from the incident online. we're tracking new developments on the tragedy throughout the morning. coming up in about 15 minutes. we'll talk to dan from metro for more on the information an the update how service is being impacted now. new information coming in at the live desk that could have problems for the commute. if you plan going to new york city on amtrak over at penn
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station there are some delays there because of a fire at a construction site nearby. amtrak saying some of its trains are affected because of this. now it appears that this fire may have been intentionally set. firefighters calling it suspicious because the location where it happened. part of a construction underway to extend the long island railroad. 100 firefighters working on this two hurt. the flames are out. the investigation is underway. there are several delays for people on the roads there. for drivers because some streets are blocked off. it seems to have an impact on commuter train service. the subway trains. but again amtrak saying this morning they're also being affected because of this. so if you are heading from union station to penn station this morning, just be aware of that. that's the latest from the live desk. >> thank you. 6:18. a man charged with stabbing two people is in court. 24-year-old david goldberg was
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cleared of first-degree murder last august but found guilty of lesser charges. police say he stabbed a man and woman at the mall after a road rage incident. he then hit a car before his car broke down. police found a 5-inch knife the scene. he'll be sentenced this afternoon. an arlington youth hockey coach is waking up in jail this morning charged with having child porn. parents say 27-year-old timothy bodenheimer reached out to their kids on social media. virginia state police set up a sting posing online as a 12-year-old hockey player. investigators say bodenheimer sent the undercover officer the pictures. >> when people drop th off, confidence that the teac >> most recently boden the ac of m arlington. two people were killed in a third person injured in a house fire. firefighters responded to a home on fox gate drive around 5:00
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p.m. yesterday. heavy smoke could be seen coming from the house when firefighters arrived. there were also reports of people trapped inside. the two dead were found on the second floor. a third person was taken to the and treated for burns. divers have recovered a second black box from air asia flight 8501. it was retrieved from the bottom of the java sea. this will give experts the essential information about how that flight went down. the device will be flown to the capital jakarta to be analyzed. black boxes which are orange, are designed to withstand extreme heat and pressure. new this morning a look at the celebrations on the campus of ohio state university. students and fans took to the streets to celebrate the school's football team winning the national championship 42-20 over oregon. firefighters had to put out several fires. nearly 8,000 students forced
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their way into the team's stadium and tore down the goal post. not a lot of celebrating going on around here this morning. if you're not a fan of the cold weather. >> and it continues. the temperatures are going to fall today. let's check with meteorologist tom for your weather traffic on the 1's. >> good morning. last week we had almost 10,000 downloads of our app including the storm team 4 app. you can get it at the app store and keep up with weather where you live. dress like this young lady with a warm coat hat, scarf. you won't need the umbrella. the rain is gone. we'll get a little bit of sunshine later this morning. it's getting colder. debate debaters is around 30s. around the metro area above freezing in the low to mid 30s. mid 30s by the bay. far south and west above
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freezing most of virginia. it continues to drop through the rest of the day will hold steady near 30s from mid-morning all the way to the afternoon with a partly sunny sky. winds will be blustery gusting up to 20 to 25 miles per hour. it's feeling colder than the 30s degrees. layer up this morning. overnight cloudy to the low s 20s. storm team four day forecast during the day on wednesday cloedy highs just reaching near freezing. tomorrow and there's a small chance we might get an isolated snow shower or maybe brief sleet shower during the day on wednesday. it's a small chance. sun back on thursday. finally above freezing by th afternoon near 40s then a milder trend rooks to be moving in on friday and into the weekend. partly cloudy each day highs 40s on friday and saturday. may make it near 50s on sunday and turning chilly monday. but remaining dry through the period into the first part of next week. next weather and traffic on the
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1's a look at the hour by hour temperature changes. that's coming up at 6:31. >> seeing a little bit of volume build this morning. if you're getting on 66 just here at 234. i'm hearing there was a crash. it's off to the shoulder. that could be perhaps why we're seeing what looks like it opens up here as you're approaching 123. so that's good. the situation still with a water main break saying it's a 12 inch water main. route 1 from van buren to albion road is blocked one lane in each direction is blocked here this morning. ate and maryland into and out of town looking good. wider look at things. no major problems now. 95 virginia your slowest spot here headed northbound there through dale city looking pretty good. a busted water main did big time damage to a gas station in tulsa. this video shows that gushing water that took out the roof of this gas station. this happened in just a few
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seconds. the damage looked more like something caused by a tornado a burst water main. the u.s. office of personal management said a glitch may have exposed federal retiree's personal information online. they may have unauthorized access to other accounts. they'll let retires know whether they're information was comprised. how to get a fresh start on the finances in 2015. the focus on that holiday debt that may be linger into the new year. bank rate said the first way to start chipping away at the debt is look at the interest rate on your cards. if you have more than one card carrying a balance, focus on the card with the highest interest rate and keep in mind it may not be the card with the highest balance. news 4 consumer reporter will tell you three other ways to start chipping away at holiday
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debt copming up tonight. and new this morning important information if you're looking to buy a new home. you could get a better deal on your mortgage if you shop around. new study finds nearly half of homeowners do not shop around for a mortgage when buying a house. that's according to the consumer financial protection bureau. a new interactive tool available to help you shop around for a mortgage. the online tool called know before you owe gives you information to get you the best deal. tracking the morning commute as met deals with major service changes a of the the incident at l'enfant plaza. a cold start to your day. you can expect temperatures to fall even more in the day ahead. most are pretty thrilled when the seat next to us is empty when we fly. we'll she you one airline passenger who had room to tc
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we're tracking the situation on metro as they try to make it through the morning commute with major service s after the deadly accident near l'enfant plaza. a live picture. we'll talk with metro in a few minutes. let's check on the morning commute. any rail delays with melissa and the first 4 traffic. >> good morning. keeping on top of this for you. as far as metro mark and vre. everything on time. we have the changes to metro this morning. been tweeting them out. we'll have those coming up in a couple of minutes. the other options here of course the d.c. circulator we heard from them. adding buses along the navy yard route. that's good for us. as far as the roads go. looking typical now as we look at the beltway. no major issues to report. 66 a little slow. outbound is fine. same thing at 95 and virginia. branch avenue pennsylvania avenue indian head highway. it's a little slow northbound as
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you approach the beltway a couple of miles from the beltway. 26 miles per hour. no report of anything now. we're seeing that volume building right there. take a look to the north 95 into and out of town a little slow. as you approach the 32 there was a crash at 100 off to the right side of the roadway. could be slowing things a bit. 270 looking good headed southbound back in ten minutes with travel time. >> thank you. we're watching the weather now as another round of cold weather moving in. we're seeing temperatures above the freezing mark which is good news on the roads where we're watching for any potential slick spots. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom here with when you'll see temperatures fall. >> the sub freezing air is getting closer as we get through the morning. the bus stop this morning by 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning a little above freezing. most of the metro but the winds begin to pick up and maybe a little bit of sunshine breaking out. then between 8:00 and 9:00 as the temperatures get below freezing and still wet watch out
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for patchy ice on the sidewalks as you're waiting for the bus and going to the metro. future temperatures by 8:00 a.m. should be below freezing western, northern suburbs in washington. southern eastern suburbs near the freezing mark. by noontime for the lunch hour it's going to be near 30s to the 20s and the winds picking up. we could have gusts of wind to around 20 to 25 miles per hour. the windchills in the teens and 20s. and temperatures by the time you head home hovering near 30 in the metro area. just mid 20s farther north and west. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1's. a race between the dry air pushing in and the cold air arriving and any remaining wet looking icy. we are live in the 4 x 4 looking for the ice at 6:41. >> thank you. it is now 6:31. right now three people are in critical condition in the hospital after smoke filled the tunnel at metro near the
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l'enfant station. one woman died. we're working to learn her name. 84 people were hospitalized for smoke inhalation shock, an panic concerns. we're helping you navigate the changes on metro. coming up we'll show you options for getting into work and the delays we're seeing at this hour. 6:32 now. following the recent terror attacks in paris, the prophet mohamed will be featured on the next cover of charlie hebdo. survivors of last week's terror attack plan to show mohamed shedding a tear and holding a sign that reads "i am charlie." the cover will read all is forgiven. the issue hits newsstands tomorrow. >> the white house is apologizing to france. there's more security here in tracy pots live on capitol hill for us. >> good morning. if you're hiding to the airport soon you may notice the tsa is doing more checks. we have more security around
6:33 am
federal builds in this country. the jewish museum in new york heavily armed outside that as a result of the attack attacks. secretary of state john kerry has now announced he will be in france on thursday. he was not there over the weekend and the white house is taking some flak for that. they have now apologized for sending a more senior member of the administration to that unity rally over the weekend. the french ambassador said it wasn't a big deal. and finally french authorities are looking for a half dozen people who they now think may be linked to the shooting. >> thank you. this morning crews will return to a southwest virginia hillside to search for any sign of two maryland sisters who disappeared 40 years ago. the fbi and montgomery county police started koeming taylor mountain yesterday. the hillside is more than 200 miles away from the weeden shopping center where sheila and
6:34 am
katherine were seen in 1975. they were 10 and 12 years old at the time. they hope to find human remains. if any news breaks, we'll send you a breaking news alert from the nbc washington app. tracking the impact the metro accident is having on the morning commute. we'll show you the changes in service and your alternatives for getting to work. a live look on the roads now. conditions should be pretty good r most of you. we're watching for any potential slick spots. we're tracking road temperatur for you. getting the private jet experience without breaking the bank. one traveler's surprise when he boarded his flight.
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the welcome back. it's 6:37. we have a number of school delays to tell you about this morning. here they are on your screen. frederick county virginia schools will open one hour late. you can see the delays running on the bottom of your screen and
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on the nbc washington app. take a look at this. most would be thrilled to have an empty seat next to us on a plane. this guy got something better. almost an entirely empty plane. chris o'leary was one of two passengers on board the delta flight from cleveland to new york yesterday afternoon. clearly he was supposed to be on another flight but the plane was delayed. everyone else was rebooked on different flights. >> you take turns going down aisles. try this seat. try this seat. singing out loud. you can do all kinds of things. >> we're keeping an eye on the road temperatures this emergency as we brace for more cold temperatures. >> meteorologist chuck bell on the roads right now in the storm team 4 x 4 what you can expect behind the wheel this morning. chuck? >> reporter: good morning. we are just passing route 109 near exit 32 on i 270 southbound
6:39 am
and the road pavement in front of us is all but completely dry in the travel lane. a little lingering moisture on the side of the road. but that's about it. and we have looked around and we have not found any icy spots on the roads this morning, which is excellent, excellent news. the interactive website from the american maryland highway safety folks showing road temperatures dropping to freezing or below. particularly on i 70 north and west of haggerstown. there are cold spots out there. but having been there i can tell you i 70 is primarily dry pavement. and that is excellent news. of course any time you're on the quieter side streets a little bit less travel you may want to be a little bit more careful. so far so good here in toward the beltway on 270. let's check on the rest of the roads with melissa. >> good morning. have the issue with route 1 are van buren and albion. chop over that for us.
6:40 am
wide look over all looking pretty good. taking look at travel times. 66 east from fairfax county parkway to the beltway 14 to the beltway 31 minutes not bad. germantown to the beltway 18 minutes and the outer loop 17 minutes. >> thank you. you are looking live outside the l'enfant plaza now as people try to make their way to work for the first time since the deadly accident. we'll take you live to the station with what passengers are telling us. what you need to know before your train. taking steps to protect your children from potential predators. the changes being considered at montgomery county public
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welcome back. it's 6:43 right now. watching for potential problems on metro as you try to find your way to work this morning. you're looking live outside of l'enfant plaza where the investigation inside the tunnel is underway. metro made a number of service changes because of the acc three lines are delayed on metro. we have learned the green line is running with normal service. >> three people in the hospital d.c. mayor went to visit them
6:44 am
and dozens of others last night. the ntsb is investigating the incident now. and investigators will be meeting with metro today. and we're tracking the new developments from overnight in the investigation plus tracking the changes on the rail. >> we begin with megan mcgrath live at l'enfant plaza. >> reporter: well you can see here we're back to normal here in l'enfant plaza. the station opened on time this morning and people are coming in and out of the metro station. we've been talking to riders all morning long about what happened yesterday. their feelings about it. and their feelings about riding metro today and most of the folks we have encouraged they say that while certainly it's a disturbing situation, they're disturbed by the images they saw people down in that smokey train and tunnels with pieces of clothe and jackets and things over their noses, they also feel that it's just one of the things that can happen. that metro is on top of it.
6:45 am
the investigation is moving forward trying to figure out exactly why it happened. they feel it is okay to come back and ride metro today. they're confident and comfortaen n a little while ago in the area where we were. there was no smell of smoke. no outward sign anything unusual had happened yesterday. and people that we spoke to who have been riding the rails this morning said the same thing. and say they'd feel fine taking the train today. >> things happen. there's going to be an investigation, i hope. or a proper investigation. now i did speak to one woman early this morning and she admitted to being a little bit nervous about riding the rails home today. and she said she wants to know more about what happened and specifically why it happened. reporting live from l'enfant plaza station. thank you. so what do you need to know
6:46 am
if you rely on metro to get to work this morning? melissa is tracking the changes and your alternatives this morning. >> we have some changes, of course on metro this morning. and i want to go line by line here. green line we have normal service right now between branch avenue and green belt. trains running every six minutes. we checked we don't have any metro delays at this point. yellow line is not operating today. it's being replaced completely by the blue line trains. the trains running every 12 minutes onthis morning. orange line training running every 8 minutes. red line is operating as normal here. silver line training running every 12 minutes as well with extra cars. if you want to take another option an alternate you can do the d.c. circulator adding buses
6:47 am
there in front of navy yard or the metro bus. any of those are good options this morning. we're tweeting about this as well. thank you. if you take a look at pictures here from the ntsb crews working on the track overnight. this morning we are learning more about what may have caused the tunnel at l'enfant plaza to fill with smoke. while you were sleeping the ntsb started providing answers from their investigation. richard jordan has more on the overnight developments from the live desk. >> it was turned back over to metro so they can move things on with the morning commute today. they've been able to pinpoint some of the possibilities about what might have gone wrong here. the ntsb saying the yellow line train was heading south when it stopped suddenly. it stopped about 800 feet beyond the station platform.
6:48 am
it did not deracial. there was not a fire. smoke filled the train. that's when people started to get off. the ntsb said arcing was the issue. this is when power from one source is picked up by another conductor. in this case it looked like the high voltage from the third rail was the power source and then water was that second conductor. there wawater near the tracks. >> in certain cases that arc can start of feeding on itself and it actually generates gases that are more conductive than the worst it gets the worst it gets kind of a dynamic there. >> now the ntsb cannot say for certain whether yesterday's weather played a factor in this. the rain we got yesterday. that's something they'll be looking into. they say it will take about six months to a year before the final report is complete. that's the latest. >> that's crazy.
6:49 am
metro needs to get it to together. since the incident happened we've been learning more from the scene. that was one of the people we spoke to last night while we waited on a bus to be street treated. 84 people were taken to the hospital for inhalation or panic concern. a firefighter was hurt and recovering today. 6:49. we stay on top of the story download the free news 4 app with the latest on breaking news. when service is completely back to normal we'll let you know. later today the ntsb is releasing the most wanted list. not a list with people on it. instead the agency will describe the transportation issues it believes need the most improvement this year. you can check out the nbc washington app and find out what the list says when it comes out later today. and a new effort to stop sexual abuse at schools, we're learning how officials in montgomery county plan to keep students safe. the school sup
6:50 am
re task force on protecting children. the arrest of a substitute teacher prompted this action. jose is charged with molesting girls in cases that involve three middle school in montgomery county. northern virginia lawmakers will introduce a bill that require all campus police in the commonwealth to report sexual assault to their local police within 48 hour finance comes one day after the university of virginia reinstated the fraternity at the center of a now discredited rolling stone article into an alleged gang rape. the fraternity was suspended after the magazine published a story describing a gang rape at the fraternity house. charlottesville police could not confirm the rape allegations. new this morning pope fran francis is kicking off a week long tour in sri lanka. he'll cannonize the country's first saint tomorrow. on thursday he'll travel to the philippines. it's time to take a look at
6:51 am
our forecast. we're talking about temperatures that are pretty cold now but getting colder throughout the day. >> tom we need to get ready? >> yes. and convince your kids to dress accordingly. dress like this young lady. wear your warmest winter gear this morning because it is going to be turning colder throughout the day. you will need a warm coat hat, scarf, gloves. you won't need the umbrella you may only need the sunglasses briefly later this afternoon. still cloudy right now. storm team 4 radar scanning we don't have anymore rain. all the rain yesterday left our pavement wet. many apartments wet and temperatures dropping below freezing in montgomery county. so some of that standing water could be freezing up over the next couple of hours. elsewhere the rest of northern virginia is above freezing. so the rest of maryland. the colder air filtering from the north will continue to drift over the metro area over the next couple of hours and move on
6:52 am
through farther down to the south. look at thur month at 26. still cloudy live view from our storm team 4 tower camera. there could be some patchy ice and the standing water freezing over. it's going to be drying out but the blustery winds developing. the winds are drying as the cold air arrives. that's a good thing. hovering near 30 the rest of the afternoon and dropping back down into the 20sover night. cold air over the weekend created this gorgeous frost pattern on a window. that was posted by a viewer. poets your photographs on twitter, facebook and instagram. tomorrow morning low 20s and cloudy on wednesday. highs near freezing tomorrow. a small chance of a snow shower or sleet tomorrow.
6:53 am
monday a bit chillier. back to you. thank you. we're following every angle of the metro incident. we're joined by metro spokesman. >> we know that the green line trains are running l'enfant plaza is back open. what can you tell us about any overnight developments on the investigation side of what happened yesterday? >> yeah. i can't tell you anything about that. and the reason for that is because the ntsb has launched an investigation. under federal law once they announce they're taking over the release of any investigation out of that process comes from ntsb. so i'm limited to what we can talk about with regard to the status of ntsb's investigation. >> can you tell us -- >> go ahead. >> i was just going to give you a quick summary. the primary impact for yellow line. there's no yellow line trains running. it's replaced with additional
6:54 am
blue lines. they're running every six minutes. where you have combined yellow and blue service departing every 12 minutes. as we have service updates throw the day we'll let you know. we'll push those out to our customers and alert systems as well. >> what metro doing to make sure passengers feel safe and whatever incident happened at l'enfant it won't happen at the other stations throughout the system? >> well, that's, i mean we've been providing our full support to the ntsb. the ntsb will provide updates as they can and as they deem appropriate. as we identify a cause, you know we have to let the process play out and we're providing our full complete support to ntsb. i want to mention one other thing and, you know, obviously something went tragically wrong yesterday. there were many things that went right. that comes in the form of d.c. fire d.c. police department metro transit police the
6:55 am
hospitals, the officer of the mayor providing their support. it really, you know there was a lot of good in yesterday's response dealing with a very tragic tragic accident. >> thank you. let's check with melissa and your traffic. >> metro is running on time. we want to talk about the situation in van buren and albion road. one lane getting by in each direction. seeing volume build here as the folks head southbound. a wide look at things. little slow top of the beltway and new hampshire. 66 and 95 no major problems. both running about 45 miles per hour for you this morning. indian head highway a little slow here. 12 miles per hr headed inbound there at the beltway. don't have a reason for that but see some volume there. 95 and maryland rolling nicely as well. >> thank you. 6:55 now. four things to know before you head out the door. the fbi and police searching taylor mountain in southwest
6:56 am
virginia for any sign of the lions sisters. amtrak said trains are running on time despite the fire near penn station. trains were delayed while more than 100 firefighters put out the flames this morning. the fire is considered suspicious. later today the montgomery county school superintendent will introduce a new plan to fingerprint employees. service slow on three metro lines because of the deadly smoke incident at the l'enfant plaza station. the ntsb looking into what happened there. and pavement still wet. will be freezing over later this morning as temperatures are dropping to near freezing in our northern and western sub wishes. afternoon highs hovering near 30 degrees. >> reminder here. green line normal service right now. yellow line replaced with blue line trains. blue line trains are running every 12 minutes.
6:57 am
orange line now every 8 minutes between vienna. red line normal. other options for you vre, the d.c. circulator or metro bus. >> thank you. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with any latest metro developments. have a great day!
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good morning. on the loose. the hunt intensifies for up to six members of the paris terror cell believed to still be at large. charlie hebdo publishing their first issue since the massacre and puts the prophet mohamed on the cover. the white house admits they messed up not sending someone bigger to the rally. >> it's fair to say we should have sent someone higher profile to be there. >> new images of the panicked moment when subway cars in washington, d.c. fill with smoke. >> please stay calm and do not open the doors. >> leading to one woman's death and dozens of injuries. investigators in on the cause. >> the two


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