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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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seen the 3-d printers and they make smaller things. >> a car. okay. it should be interesting. stay with us. news 4 continues at 5:00. right now working to get you through the morning commute after that deadly incident. the service changes you need to know about this morning and new details on what may have caused all that smoke in the station. >> we'reo tracking more cold temperatures this morning. they are on their way downright now. that could mean a little bit of ice later on. first 5:00 a.m. good morning. welcome to news 4 today for this tuesday, january 13 2015. we have a number of school delay delays. they're on your screen. you can see all of the delays running on the bottom of your screen and the nbc washington app. we're tracking the situation
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on metro after smoke filled a tunnel. we're learning new details about what may have caused all the smoke. we want to start with the impact it's going to have on your commute this morning. let's o melis is work around here. >> good morning. line by line here. the hope right now is the green line will be single tracking. single tracking between green belt and branch avenue every t minutes. yellow line replaced with blue lines between huntington and largo. running every 12 minutes. talking about the blue line. the trains are going to be running every 12 minutes. orange line trains will run every 8 minutes between vienna. silver line running every 12 minutes. they'll have extra cars there this morning. red line is okay. if you're wondering about the road this morning, everything overall looking quite good. no major issues. going to keep you updated on
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this as well. we'll be tweeting about this a lot this morning. >> it is still wet from the rain. we don't have anymore rain falling but pavement is still wet. we can see it in the live picture of union station. and some of that wet pavement is now above freezing. it's going to be getting below freezing through the morning. watch out patchy ice later this morning. a cold after followed bay warmer weekend. we can look forward to that. right now it's above freezing. most of virginia and maryland we're we are in the mid to upper 30s. cold air in pennsylvania will be drifting from the north and moving in. so the wet pavement this morning could be freezing up a little bit by mid-morning. watch out for that by then we'll be down to near 30 degrees and hovering day. dry roads for the afternoon commute hovering around 30. look at the latest road temperatures. check it out live with the storm team weather on thest coming up.
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5:03 is the time now. three people in critical condition in the hospital after smoke filled a metro tunnel. we told you one woman died and we're working to learn her name. 84 people were hospitalized for inhalation shock, and panic while they were trapped on the train. we're learning more about what happened this morning. we'll have more on the investigation in just a moment. right now news 4 megan mcgrath is live outside the station what commuters can expect today. >> reporter: good morning. the metro station here just opened a few minutes ago. and actually i spoke just a second ago to a whom is going to be taking the train home tonight. he said she's a little bit concerned about what happened. she wants to know more about how things played out and why. she's a little concerned about her trip home tonight. now we are still awaiting an update from metro this morning. we're hoping to get it in the next 15 minutes or so in terms of the status of green line
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trains. whether or not green line trains are going to be able to single track through the affected area. and we just don't know that at this point. it's going to have an impact on people's commute this morning. there are a couple of options if they can single track through the area then we'll have a better service with trains coming about 8 to 10 minutes. if they can't single track, they're going to have to cancel the green line service between navy yard and gallery place. that is going to cause a lot of inconvenience to people in the area. we have no yellow line service here today. so a lot of disruptions and people are going to have to be patient and wait for the latest information. we are expecting an update here in 15 minutes. we'll bring you the information as soon as we get it. >> megan mcgrath thank you. we're learning more about what may have caused that tunnel outside of metro station to be filled with smoke. take a look at the pictures from the ntsb investigators working on the track overnight.
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richard jordan is following overnight developments at the live desk. >> the federal investigators were able to take a look at the train at the tracks. they've made initial assessments. the ntsb saying that the yellow line train was going south toward virginia when it suddenly stopped. no one knows where ss why it stopped. it stopped 800 feet beyond the station's platform. the train did not rerail and there was not a fire. smoke filled the train and people started to self-evacuate. early this morning it was transferred to metro so they can get on with the morning commute. investigators are looking at what is called arcing or a flash over. this is when power from one source is picked up by another conductor. it looks like the high voltage third rail could have been the water, the other conductor. there was about half an inch of water by the tracks. >> sometimes you'll see if you've ever ridden the metro as
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the train is leaving the station you see -- that's a very short and sort of normal arc that you might see. but in certain cases, that arc can start sort of feeding on itself and generates gases that are more conductive thanen the worse it gets the worse it gets kind of dynamic here. there it's not clear if weather may have played a factor. yesterday's rain if that lead to the water there near the tracks. the ntsb saying it could take six months to a year before they have a final report. >> thank you. along with the photographs from the ntsb we received several pictures from you. some that were on the train sent these. take a look. you can see people walking thro tunnel. the air is filled with smoke. we told you that medics treated more than 80 people for panic or
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smoke inhalation. we talked to one who told us what like it was on the train. >> everybody got as low as they could to the ground because that's where the best possibility for oxygen. [ coughing ] >> new d.c. mayor went to multiple hospitals to visit with patients including a firefighter who was hurt. we'll be covering the story all morning long for you. coming up in less than 10 minutes we'll talk with metro about the service changes today and any new overnight developments in the the connection between childhood and heart disease will tell you why some of your child's earliest experiences could have a lasting effect later in life. a live look on the roads this morning. still wet out there. we'll check with chuck in the storm team 4 x 4.
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life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
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life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
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blackreaking news. we've been waiting to hear from metro about the green line train. we learned there's normal green line service there. trains will be running every six minutes between branch avenue and greenville. it looks like metro will decide to single track on the green light but we're learning there's normal service on the green line today. >> richard, thank you. we're keeping an eye on the road temperatures this morning to see if there are any problems. we'll go to meteorologist chuck bell. good morning.
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>> good morning. we're on 270 northbound. we are heading toward frederick county maryland. that's the only place we have any major concerns. roadway temperatures i've been checking on the internet have remained well above the freezing mark. 34 35 degrees at times. and as a resul troubs around here. the good news you can probably not quite make it out yet. the pavement here on the 270, the two strips where the tires travel it's drying out nicely. there's not much of a sheen here. that's good news. but pavement temperatures are a little bit colder toward frederick county and washington county. that's the direction we're heading. if you sigh any slipperiness on it send me a tweet. and i'll send out a link on my twitter handle about how you can look at road temperatures on your own laptop. that's a check on traffic. now over to melissa.
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>> good morning. brand new crash talking about kenil worth avenue. the two left lanes ss blocked. we'll see if we can get a chopper over this. route 1 from van buren to albion road two northbound and one southbound lane blocked. it will last through the mortgage morn rush. emergency road work there. 66 and 95 looking good. the beltway at 50 looking good as well. i'm back at 5:21. >> we're keeping an eye on metro for you this morning. a lot of change for your morning commute after the incident at l'enfant plaza. the it's one of the way the military communicates with the public. hackers took it over.
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right now live into the live desk. trouble for the morning commute not here in washington but new york. you will see the parallel between both cities. there was a fire at construction site near penn station. not in the station but near penn station on eighth avenue. a three-alarm fire. 100 firefighters working to put the flames out. it's not clear what sparked the fire. there are trains that are bypassing penn station this morning because of the fire that is happening here. we're hearing that it seems that firefighters are gaining the upper hand. the firefighters are starting to leaf the scene but it's an active situation still. it's not only affecting rail service in new york city but also some roads that are in that area there near penn station. that's the latest from the live desk. >> thank you. it 5:16 now. a man charged with a stabbing of two people at the west field montgomery mall is back in
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court. 24-year-old david goldberg was cleared of first degree murder in august of last year. police say he staff ed aed a man and woman after a road rage incident. after the stabbing he struck a car in the parking garage just before his car broke down. police found a 5 inch knife at the scene. he'll be sentenced today at 1:30. repairs to the silver spring transit center is over budget and behind schedule. now four years behind schedule will require another $21 million. the repair cost now stands at $140 million. that is $50 million over the original estimate. the additional money is needed for design defects. the county will put up the money and try to recover it by suing the contractors. repairs should be complete by late april or early may. northern virginia lawmakers will introduce a bill that would require all cam plus police to
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report sexual assault to their local police within 48 hours after an informationvestigation begins. one day after the university of virginia reinstated the fraternity at the center of now discredited rolling stone article into an alleged gang rape. they were suspended after the magazine published a story describing a gang rape at the frat house. charlottesville police could not confirm the agencyallegation crews returning to a hillside to search for any sign of two sisters that disappeared 40 years ago. they started combing taylor mountain yesterday. it's more than 200 miles away from the whiten shopping center where they were last seen in 1975. they were 10 and 12 at the time. police did not say what new evidence lead investigators to the location. they hope to find human remains. if any news breaks on this we'll send you an alert. 5:18 now.
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an arlington youth hockey coach is waking up in jail charged with having child pornography. parents say 27-year-old timothy bodenheimer reached out on social media. virginia state police set up a sting posing as a 12-year-old hockey player. bodenheimer sent the undercover officer the picture. >> when people drop their kids off, they have to have confidence that the coach is teaching them hockey. >> most recently bodenheimer was the assistant coach for a team of middle schoolers in arlington. zblchlts metro trains are running with some major delays. the smoke that filled l'enfant plaza is affecting several lines. the green lines are running on a normal service this morning. however, blue line trains are replacing all yellow line trains between huntington and largo. on the blue line train are only running every 12 minutes.
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the same goes for trains on silver line. on the orange line you'll have 8 minute wait between trains. joined on the phone by metro spokesman. >> dan, good morning. thank you for joining us. >> caller: good morning. >> we know that green line you just announced, is going to open on a normal schedule. we talked about the other delays. what can commuters expect this morning when they're riding metro? >> caller: right. you actually covered it quite well. the primary change this morning there's no yellow line service per se. all yellow line stations in virginia will have service but the yellow line is replaced by the blue line. you said trains are departing on the blue line every 12 minutes. every 12 minutes from huntington and every 12 minutes from springfield. once you get to king street you have a train every six minutes. and the train go through roseland by way of the blue
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line. if you're traveling that way need to allow a little bit of extra time but you'll be able to get across the river and in between either direction this morning. >> no shuttle buses or anything like that needed for folks to get around today through that area? >> there won't be need for shuttle bus service because the green line is restored. we're running on both tracks on the green line. you will -- every station is open. every station has metrorail service. if you're coming from virginia on the what would normally be the yellow line the blue line is how you'll be routed. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. we'll check with you a little t later to get anymore overnight developments in terms of metro and the investigation. thank you. developing right now. u.s. central command has regained control of the twitter and youtube accounts after a hacking. the group called cyber caliphate hijacked the account yesterday
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posting threatening messages and information about high ranking general genera. centcom uses the account to post information about air strikes between u.s. and syria. they called it cyber vandalism. the u.s. officer of personnel management said, quote, glitch may have exposed federal retiree information to other people online. people logging in may have been able to see personal information from other accounts. they're investigating and let retires know if their information is comprised. >> it's time to check the forecast. we're experiencing a little bit warmer temperatures. it's not lasting long. >> good morning. there's the sky over washington. a live view from the storm team 4 camera. still cloudy and the storm team 4 radar showing no more rain. you can download the weather app and keep up 24/7.
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dress like this young lady. your warmest winter gear. we're going to be turning colder. you need hat, scarf, warm clothes. we'll have a little bit of cloudiness. it's above freezing everywhere. haggerstown near freezing and the colder air is beginning to draft in from the north. as it moves in our temperatures by 8:00 a.m. will be quickly dropping into the 20s north of washington near 30 degrees. by noontime they may be hovering near 30 in the metro area. and the 20s elsewhere. then by the afternoon when you're heading back home it will be around 30 in the metro area. in the 20s for the north. and by 7:00 p.m. dropping to near 20 degrees. our northern suburbs. mid 20s elsewhere. for the afternoon hovering near 30 with a partly sunny sky. wind will be blustery. it's going to be feeling colder. temperatures falling from the 30s this morning to the 20s this
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evening with the blustery wind. tomorrow cloudy low 20s in the morning. afternoon highs only near freezing on wednesday. there's a small chance a snow shower maybe a little bit of sleet on wednesday briefly. and partly cloudy and milder thursday. g trend for the weekend. on friday ought to make it to the mid 40s. upper 40s saturday. sunday may make it to around 50s. getting colder first part of next week. monday highs in the 30s. next weather traffic and the 1's and look at the hour by hour temperatures as they get colder erer throughout the day. that's coming up in 10 minutes. now a look at the roads with melissa. still the crash. it's off to the shoulder. that should not be slowing you down too much. it was blocking two lanes. that was a pain for the morning. wider look at things overall. inner and outer loop looking good. 66 here heading into town for us
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this morning. 270 everybody headed down south fine. as you're heading in the northbound lanes same thing. we have this throughout the morning commute. route 1 van buren street to al beon road two northbound and one southbound lane will be blocked. >> celebrations getting out of hand overnight at ohio state university. the school just won the college football championship 42 -20 over oregon. you can see firefighters had to put out several fires we're told as many as 40. police used tear gas and pepper spray on students. no one was arrested. we learned about 8,000 students forced their way into the team's stadium and tore down the goal posts. you can could be takes aspirin unnecessarily. new rese suggests many patients taking aspirin to
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prevent heart disease are in a low risk category. in a study of 70,000 patients 10% of those in the low risk category for heart disease. aspirin use is not recommended for the low risk patient it is may cause internal bleeding and strokes. doctors should consider the potential benefits. it seems as you -- pay as you go -- or rather it seems these programs are relatively new in most states. they track behavior such as mileage, how hard drivers hit the brakes and what time of day you drive. the data is monitored by a device inside the car. 51% of americans say they would never consider enrolling. all week long the news for consumer watch is showing you how to get a fresh start on your finances for 2015. today the focus is on the holiday debt that may be lingering into the new year.
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bank rate sate the first way to start chipping away at the debt is take a look at the interest rate an your card. if you have more than one card carrying a balance, focus on the card carrying the highest interest rate and keep in mind that it may not be the card with the highest balance. news 4 consumer report ere will tell you three other ways to start chipping away at the holiday debt tonight at news 4 at 5:00. d.c. schools honored eded more than a thousand educators at the kennedy center. they celebrated educators making strides toward student achievement gains in d.c. public schools. jimvance hosted the event. we talked to metro. the changes you need to know about today. there are a lot of them following the incident near l'enfant. >> how the white house is apologizing to france. >> and a live look 37 outside our studio. temperatures expected to drop below freezing once again today.
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tom will take you through the forecast hour by hour to show you when the temperatures will start falling. >> if you can't be in front of your tv you can watch news 4 today.
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welcome back at 5:31. several developments on metro now following the chaos with smoke filling the l' metro station. we learned the green line service is running normally but three other lines are delayed. a woman died and three people in critical condition in the hosp. the ntsb is investigating. it says water on the lek fied third rail may have caused the smoke. with the issues your commute could be affected today. megan mcgraph live at the l'enfant station for us. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned we got the update a little while ago from metro about the green line. the good news they're not going to have to single track green line is running regular service this morning. however, no yellow line service is going to be happening. that is being replaced by additional blue line trains between huntington and largo.
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so people need to keep in mind. a pretty scary situation here at the l'enfant plaza station yesterday when smoke filled a train in the tunnel. very chaotic situation as people had to offload the train and make their way out of the system here. a woman died and 80 others were taken to the hospital. the station is open. the trains are running this morning. talk to a woman a little while ago about how she's feeling about using this metro station taking metro. she take it is home. she said he's a little nervous. >> is it going to happen today? the same thing that happened yesterday going to happen today? that's my concern. i take the metro home. >> and so commuters are filing in and out of the metro station here. the l'enfant plaza station. the appearance here this morning is normal. you would not have known there was this incident happening yesterday that happened
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yesterday. we'll be talking to riders and bring you more coming up a little bit later in the show. back to you guys. >> megan mcgraph thank you. it's now time to look at the forecast for today. >> tom and the storm team 4 weather center. >> good morning. temperatures will be dropping. a little above freezing between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. winds picking up and drawing in colder air. and getting colder between 8:00 and 9:00 near 30s. anything that is wet could be patchy ice around. we are above freezing most of the region. some of the colder air coming into northern maryland. it's in the metro area later this morning and hoover near 30s for the rest of the day with the blustery winds and getting colder tonight into the 20s. chuck bell live in the at 5:41. how are the roads? >> we have a new problem here. firth sterling avenue. a pole down. street it down as a stop sign
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instead of a light. that's the onramp there. the ramp is blocked because of the pole being down. we'll be tweeting more about that. 270 out of frederick, gaithersburg no problem. out of town as well. 95 slowest spot is 19 miles per hour. no major problems beltway at branch avenue moving along nicely. travel times in 10 minutes. thank you. the profit mohamed will be featured on the next cover of charlie hebdo. survivors plan to show mohamed shedding a tear and holding a sign reading i'm charlie. the cover will read all is forgiven. the issue hits newsstands tomorrow. >> the local jewish community will come together to support the people of france.
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it's a gathering of solidarity and reme week's attack on a magazine. an event wil in northwest washington between 7:30 and 8:30. the department of homeland security is stepping up security here and other major places across the country. you'll see stronger airport presence as well. you may be affected as longer lines a the airport the tsa will do more random searches of passengers and carry-on luggage. voters in virginia will decide whether to reinstate morris si. he resigned last month because he was convicted of a misdemeanor connected to his relationship with a 17-year-old girl. democrats choice someone else to run for his seat in today's special election. he's running as an independent instead. if you would like to know how a americaer affects your bill. here is your chance to ask. the first hearing is tonight in rockville at kf.
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a second hearing taking place tomorrow in largo at 6:00 p.m. you can see the full schedule on the website. it would combine the top performing with petco. prices are going up. why the national park service made the move. a what montgomery county is doing to combat sexual abuse.
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if you ever spent time in the cno canal. prices are doubling. the national park service said the new fees will keep the park open. parking will go from $5 to $10. to reserve tables in the picnic area you have to pay $250 a day on weekdays, and $350 on holidays and weekends. the burst water main caused damage to a gas station in tulsa. the video shows the gushing water that caused the roofe gas station to collapse. take a look here. it happened in just a few seconds. you can see just come down. the damage looked like something caused by a tornado than just a burst water main. no one was injured. according to officials it was one of several weather-related breaks that occurred throughout the city. it was really heavy water. >> can you imagine? completely collapsed. >> we're keeping an eye on the road temperatures this morning. >> we want to go to storm team 4
5:40 am
meteorologist chuck bell live in the storm team 4 by 4. how is it looking now? >> reporter: good morning. we're on interstate 270 going northbound. we just passed exit 26 which is the maryland route 80. we're continuing northbound toward frederick, maryland now. and start to tell a little bit from the camera but it's easier to see in person. there are dry spots and dry streaks in the pavement. there are still some spots where there could be patchy ice if the road temperatures go down. i did tweet a link to the maryland highway coordinated response website that includes pavement temperature. we're driving northbound to see if we can spot any ice. road temperatures are below freezing on interstate 70 all the way from where it meets 91 eastbound to the frederick area.
5:41 am
we're keeping a close eye out. if you see any frozen spots on the roads, go ahead and tweet me a picture or send it to us. if you're following me you can go to the link for the live pavement temperatures. no traffic troubles. a couple of southbound flashing lights. no major traffic delays. >> over all looking good. i want have one delay camden line. 22 minutes behind this morning. road wise 66 heading into town the center lane has debris on the roadway and that's what we're seeing a little bit of a back up there. travel time now 270 southbound germantown to the beltway 16 minutes. outer loop 10 minutes. that's the lowest spot and only 5 minutes behind.
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i'll see you at 5:51. kee an eye on metro now. big changes for the morning commute. melissa has what you need to know. t announcer: see yourself at tasc, helping to create a safer world for america's soldiers and for everyone. see yourself designing the next vital solution to get ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats. see yourself at tasc
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creating integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions that deliver information where when, and how it is needed. see yourself advancing homeland security efforts to protect americans at home and around the globe. join tasc and see your engineering and technology expertise help solve the nation's most pressing and complex challenges. see your career without limits at tasc.
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. good morning. i'm melissa. want to tell you about the metro situation. we'll go line by line. green line again, normal service between branch avenue and green belt. the trains running every 6 minutes. yellow line replaced with blue line trains from huntingtown to largotown center. running every 12 minutes. no technical yellow line since it's replaced wi the blue line train. speaking of blue line train going to be running every 12 minutes this morning. orange line trains will run
5:46 am
every 8 minutes between vienna and new caroltown. and silver line running every 12 minutes they'll have extra cars for the extra capacity. red line is operating on a normal schedule this morning.e tweeting about this. you can follow us. a lot of information coming out as well in the newscast. megan mcgrath at the metro station talk aboutint it with passengers. we received photographs of the chaos from you. some show smoke in the stations d firefighters and first responders there. even one you can see riders walking through the metro tunnel. you can see all the pictureson line at you can e-mail us your photographs and thoughts at isee@nbcwashington.
5:47 am
getting you information on breaking news in new york city. a nasty commute for them because of a fire at a construction site near penn station. this is causing some issues. take a look at the video. fire officials believe it's a suspicious fire because of the location of the fire. it looks like it may have been intentionally set. it's on eighth avenue. there was a project to extend the long island railroad. that's where t fire started. a three-alarm firearm. 100 firefighters involved. two hurt. they're expected to be okay. it looks suspicious. trains are bypassing the 34th street pen station area because of what is happening aboveground here. there's also some street closures. whether you drive, walk take the train some issues there at penn station in new york city today because of the fire that erupted there this morning. it is 5:48. in a new effort to stop sexual abuse in schools later this morning we'll hear more about
5:48 am
how officials in montgomery county plan to keep students safe. the school superintendent will release recommendations from a task force from protecting kids from sexual predators. the arrest of a substitute teacher prompted this action. jose is charged with molesting girls in cases in involving at least three middle schools in montgomery county. a jetblue plane was deported to norfolk because of fumes in the cabin. 93 people were on board the flight heading for hartford connecticut. landed safely nobody yourinjured. crime in the county is down. chief mark said will say overall and violent crimes fell 9% last year. officials say this is part of a long-term trend since 2010 homicides dropped and violent
5:49 am
crimes are down. the the president created a special task force to develop a relationship between the public and the police. that task force is meeting for the first time today here in d.c. it's holding a listening session to go over several recommendations. we're told at some point you'll be able to submit your thoughts to the task force online. the today the ntsb is releasing the most wanted list. there are no people on the list. the agency describes the transportation issue it believe needs the most improvement this year. you can check out to find out the list when it comes out later today. right now the live desk following pope francis on his trip to sri lanka. the first of a week long trip to asia. this is a video of him arriving at the airport. he was greeted by the newly elected president there. the country reeling from 25 years of civil war. the pope telling the people on the ground they should pursue the truth about injustices
5:50 am
committed against them. referring to alleged war crimes there. he did miss a planned meeting with bishops in order to spend more time with the crowd. that's true to form for pope francis. he's expected to visit the philippines later this week. we turn to tom. normally we tell people you bundle up in the morning and peel off later in the day. it's flipped. >> it's pretty cold. yesterday we had the cold rain and -- let's look on the bright side and there is no bright side. >> oh man! >> sorry to say. it's still cold. i guess that's the somewhat bright side. you will need a warm coat half scarf, gloves. we're going to stay below freezing from mid-morning all the way into tomorrow. right now the rain has ended.
5:51 am
that's a bright look. the storm team 4 radar not picking up anymore rain. it left the pavement wet. it's beginning to dry out a little bit. but our temperatures are getting near freezing. now gaithersburg at 32. some of the road temperatures we saw with chuck bell are down to near freezing to the north. and haggerstown down to 33. everywhere else is generally in the mid 30s. it's in the mid 30s around the bay and the upper 30s to the south on 95 down fredericksburg and across north central virginia above freezing. a cloudy sky. future temperatures by 8:00 or so this morning we ought to be below freezing in washington and our northern western suburbs would be in the 20s in the low 30s in southern maryland. it's dropping quickly over the next couple of hours. by noontime for the lunch hour a blustery wind. it's hoovering in the 20s to just near 30s. it's going to be feeling even
5:52 am
colder with a blustery gusting to around 25 miles per hour. you head back home by 5:00 near 30 in washington. 20s to the west and north throughout much of the region by mid evening this evening down to the mid to low 20s. for the afternoon partly sunny and breezy hovering near 30s with the blustery. it will feel like the teens to just near 20 degrees. look at the gorgeous frost pattern and ice pattern on a window over the weekend taken by a viewer. you can post those on facebook and twitter. i share photographs as well on instagram. everybody loves that on instagram yesterday. falling temperatures today with the blustery winds with the 20s tonight. tomorrow it's only barely making it to around freezing with the afternoon with a cloudy sky. might have an isolated quick passing snow shower. maybe a quick passing sleet shower during the day on wednesday. it's a small chance. and then thursday sun back. finally getting above freezing.
5:53 am
thursday afternoon temperatures ought to make it up around 40s. in the mid 40s on friday and looking even milder for the weekend. partly cloudy each day friday saturday sunday. and into the upper 40s on saturday afternoon. but morning low should be below freezing. sunday looking fantastic partly cloudy. afternoon highs may be around 50 degrees. then we start getting cold again on monday. remaining dry the settled weather pattern starting tomorrow and thursday all the way into the first part of next week. melissa is looking at road conditions. pavements wet. we're watching out for patchy ice. >> that's important. when i was driving in this morning even on river road i saw wet and didn't know. you're not sure if it's frozen or not. be careful. chopper over hiensville route 1 between van buren and
5:54 am
albion road. we have lanes blocked. it's a water main break. now what we initially were told is two northbod and one southbound lane blocked. chopper telling us it is one lane in each direction. it's going to be throughout the morning commute. a warning there. a live look at things overall no major problems at this point. 66 a little slow here and approaching the beltway but nothing major. in virginia as far as 95 probably the slowest spot is headed northbound. that's when we typically see in the morning. firth sterling avenue we have a pole down. treat it as a stop. blocking the onramp there. and 95 maryland everything rolling nicely. thank you. it is now 5:54. police officers in gaithersburg may be wearing body cameras as an earth to make sure you and officers are safe and secure.
5:55 am
city's police department said it's looking into buying body cameras that would be used for training purposes and drills at first. after a year the department will decide whether they want to use the cameras in the field as well. >> good news about jobs coming from the federal reserve. we have the story and all your business headlines for your money. good morning. >> good morning. report today could confirm job opportunities are improving. the data from the labor departmenten tails the hires, quits, fires. job openings have been at the highest level since 2001. there's more competition for certain jobs such as construction. the number of qu also interesting to watch. when more people voluntarily leave their jobs it's a sign they're willing to trade stability for career opportunities and possibly higher pay. united airlines is considering plans to outsource job jobs. the move could impact baggage
5:56 am
hand lers and people at checking counts. many of the workers aren't part of the union. >> thank you. leesburg mayor is running for a seat on the loudoun county board of supervisors. she's running to unseat current supervisor and republican ken reid. she served as leesburg mayor since 2002. she's the fourth democrat to announce a 2015 candidacy for the nine-member board. more cancellations as the northern virginia landmark. crews are working to clean up after a broken pipe. the restaurant in the complex remains open. maybe your thinking about buying a new car.
5:57 am
the first fleet of 3-d printed cars will go on sale this year here in the washington area. the company local motors is building a l and showroom. they will be built, designed and sold there. the printing process will take about two days. visitors will be able to take part in the 3-d printing. the factory is set to open this fall. it's expected to bring about 100 jobs. i'm injury use to -- curious to see how it pans out. right now we are helping you to make it to work on time adds metro tries to work around the investigation into a deadly accident. we're tracking the developments plus helping you plan your commute can the service changes >> we're continuing to watch the roads for you. just wet right now. but temperatures are falling.
5:58 am
we're watching for icing and a big whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween bag. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese
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and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger! right now on news 4 today. bracing for a rough commute. big changes on metro's green and yellow lines. looking live outside the station
6:00 am
right now l'enfant plaza. we're helping you plan your trek to work. tracking the developments in the investigation. >> more cold and windy conditions blowing their way into our area this morning. temperatures are hovering above the freezing mark right now. but don't expect them to stay there. storm team 4 meteorologist is here now with what you should expect as you leave for work. >> we have that rain overnight and from yesterday keeping our pavement wet. right now storm team 4 radar dry. no more rain falling. but the pavement is still wet in many areas. even downtown still wet pavement. that's a live view from thestorm team 4 camera from union station. we'll have the temperatures drop and getting below freezing. we could have patchy ice forming. a cold afternoon. we can look forward to a warmer weekend. temperatures getting a little bit colder down to 32 in gaithersburg and to the north it's hovering around 32. a little above freezing.


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