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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 12, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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news 4 midday starts now. here's what's happening right now. we are on the road and have been since before sunrise. conditions vary depending on where you live. a news conference just wrapped up in bedford, virginia the new information released on sisters who disappeared from our area 40 years ago. and president obama wants you to be informed if your data has been hacked. the steps that he's asking congress to take, so that you'll know. good morning, welcome to "news 4 midday." right now rain is a problem across our entire area and freezing rain is still a concern for areas to our north and west. for drivers, visibility is the biggest issue.
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storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell jones us to look at how long the rain will last. >> good morning, everybody. the freezing rain advisories have been continuing to expire as the morning goes along. we still have some posted under 1:00 this afternoon for northern maryland and the panhandle. west virginia. the latest plot does include the northern and western parts of loudoun county but it does include is the northern third of montgomery county as well as all of the panhandle of west virginia. that's where the freezing rain advisories remain. warmer air is continuing to move in as the rain increases we should see rapid melding through the course of the afternoon. that is a bit gf news. for now, though still a solid sheet of rain. can you see it's indicated by the pink here. there may be a few pockets of freezing rain out towards haguers town. make sure you have your warm coat on make sure you have your
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umbrella gloves maybe even ga lohse as well. temperatures will be trending upwards, but only into the upper 30s, so a cold nasty rain the rest of the day. we'll talk about how long the rain will last and how much of a refreeze threat there will be tomorrow morning. >> thank you, chuck. today's bed weather gave most kids in our region a couple extra hours of sleep. in loudoun county kids got the whole day off. that area saw some of the worst conditions. megan has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. closer in sections of loudoun county they pretty much got rain this morning. if you go further out to places like lub botsville, this kind of ice, that's why louding county decided to close schools today.
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loudoun county schools at first opening two hours late decided to close for the day. as many families worked on child care arrangements some wondered why the school system closed. >> especially after last week how we didn't get school off when it snowed like 5 inches. i'm surprised two hours i gog, but after last week? i mean c'mon. >> i think it's a little gun-shy. >> reporter: higher elevations to the west like lubbutzville and spots along rule 9 were icy. three cars slit off wheatland road in waterford. >> just really icy conditions you know driving home and just tried to brake, and went straight off into the curb there. >> the school system had 18 people out driving the roads early this morning, and around 6:00 a.m. the decision was made to close for the day. and this is the third weather
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cancellation for loudoun county. they have also had one two-hour delay, but a spokesperson tells me that 15 days are built into the calendar so they don't anticipate any problems for having weather delays or weather cancellations so early in the season. reporting live. megan mcgrath news 4. >> thank you, megan. today's wet weather led dozens of airlines to cancel flights. reagan national has 33 canceled flights, at dulles 17 bwi marshall has three. the most cancellations are in new york city the new york area nuke as well. it has more than 50 in newark right now. right now a water main break is causing a mess in northern virginia. crews are a on the scene working. we'll let you know when it does reopen. over in fairfax, the water main break is tying things up on main street.
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only one lane is getting by right now. crews are also on the scene of this break, and hoping to get everything fixed out there, they tell us. we have breaking news right now. a nearly 40-year-old cold case from our area is back in the news again. good morning. >> good morning, barb bra. this could be the break in the case that will finally lead to answer staios what happened to the lyon sisters who disappeared near the wheaton mall back in 1975. the girls were just 10 and 12 at the time. sheila and catherine lyon have been missing for decades. the sheriff in bedford county virginia says that he hopes human remains will be discovered in the next two days as they conduct a forensic dig in an area known as taylor mountain. the property is lirked to the investigation, because a person of interesting, lloyd lee walks, his relatives owned that
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property. there's already been canine searches. today and tomorrow thorgs will you breaking ground to see what they uncover. >> we hope to bring this to a successful conclusion bring the information as to where the children are. >> reporter: the search is expected to take two days today and tomorrow but the weather is hampering those efforts, so it could possibly take longer than that. we of course will be monitoring every development. barb bra? >> thank you, richard. new day we are learning about a number of steps that schools will take to combat neglect. superintendent joshua starr will introduce the plan at a board of education meeting tomorrow. some of the changes call for employees to be fingerprinted and checked against a list of child abusers, also modifying the way abuse is reported and to
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better train all employees. right now secretary of state john kerry is defending the obama administration for not sending anyone to a huge march in paris this weekend. what he says was more important. a new call to the no child left behind program, and we'll have those stories for you.
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the interior ministry says the rally against terrorism is the largest demonstrations in france's history. more than 3 million people marched into the night to pay tribute to the victims. 17 people died in the three-day rampage. police have killed three of the four suspected terrorists. turkey's ministry says the common-law wife crossed into turkey before -- they held rallies to honor the victims including here in this district about 3,000 people were in a silent march yesterday. later this week john kerry will travel to paris, this as the obama administration faces sharp criticism for not sending a senior official to the rally. >> the relationship with france is not about one day or one
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particular moment. it's an ongoing, longtime relationship that is deeply deeply based in the shared values. >> kerry will head to france on thursday. >>. and now to a developing story. divers recovered one black box from the airasia plane that crashed into the java sea. they found a second black box, but crews haven't been able to bring it to the surface yesterday. the boxes will help investigators determine why flight 8501 went down more than two weeks ago now, killing more than 162 people on board. republicans could take their first shot at president obama's immigration plan this week. plus students build a kitchen of the future. what's in it and why it could be available in the near future. i'm meteorologist chuck bell the freezing rain is coming to an end, but the freezing temperatures may return
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right now rain is making a mess of this monday. you can see it's all across our area. it makes for icy spots during this morning's commute. we're live in clark burg with more. good morning.
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>> reporter: barbara, good morning. what a difference a delayed start can make. we were out on this street before sunrise this morning, and the sidewalks were all iced over. now, as you can see it's just mostly wet. pretreated major roads in maryland like i-270 and route 355 gave drivers the benefit of mostly wet conditions. >> we just have to be careful. it's ice and cold weather. >> reporter: not so easy going on the secondary streets, and into neighborhoods like this one in clarks burg where some sidewalks and streets are icy. we saw school children and adults on food walking carefully after getting a delayed start. >> it's always good to be safer. i know it's harder for some people to reorganize their schedule to get their kids here for a delayed start, but it's better than cancelli >> reporter: she parked her car blocks away from her house and
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walked through the slushy icy spot before she finally makes it inside her townhouse. >> put more salt you know to keep it safe. >> reporter: we're in a townhouse community right across the street from the middle school so a lot of the kids in this neighborhood can just walk to school but when they come out of their house, right on the sidewalk there's still slippery conditions. >> that was the slippery part getting from the house to the garage but on the roads it was fine. >> right behind me is rocky hills middle school. the parents i talked to who were dropping their kids off say that three-letter word -- ice -- scares them especially because getting the kids to school can be quite deadly especially since a lot of the kids are on school
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buses. >> thank you. well there's a call to revamp the nation's top education law right no >> baugher bra, it was passed in 2002 and now arne duncan says it's time to make revisions. he was at an elementary scoot in northwest washington talking about the changes he would like to see. testing has been a critical component, but duncan says he believes that annual testing is still necessary and at least one test in high school. listen to why he says he believes that's important. >> teachers and students both have the rights and the absolute need to know how much progress all students are making each year. >> and duncan went on to say that now the majority of students in public school are minorities so he believes there's a need to increase education equality. he also wants to increase
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teacher pay. barbara? >> thank you, richard. today we're getting a look at the record on the suspected police chokehold. it found gaps in discipline and raises question about officer training. it comes after eric garner died in a chokehold by a new york city police officer. it looks at ten suspected chokehold cases. the attorney general says there needs to be better communication between the police department and civilian complaint review board when investigating cases. later tonight, you all have a chance to take part in a vigil to remember ethan sayler. he was pulled off a theater after complaints from management -- he suffered from down's syndrome sometime this month we'll get a progress report from the commission that's looking into creating training for officer to handle people with special needs. companies should have to inform customers about data
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hacks. that's what president obama is pushing for, and new legislation he's expected to introduce later today. this is all in the wake of major data breaches like target and home depot. the measure would also make it a crime to sell customer identities overseas. mr. obama is also proposing a bill that would keep company from selling students data to third parties. as we reported more than 3 milled onpeople took part in unity marching across france. luke russ certificate from msnbc joins us more on the divide in that country. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> we've learned that the muslim community in paris, we are learning more. isn't there a real divide there right now? >> we see from our reports from our colleagues at nbc news where on the ground that the community feels very disenfriped. you heard a lot of language that we're not considered french and
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if you look at the muslim communities they've become almost get on--- ghetto-ized. so that was the breeding ground for this extremism. they found acceptance from the extremist ideology. so certainly it will be an issue that not only france but european governments will have to work for in the next ten years. this problem is not going to go away. >> the how and senate republicans will head to hershey, pennsylvania for a retreat, but we understand they're going to look at immigration before they go? >> well we saw the first sort of language of the how republican immigration bill. it in fact tries to overturn president obama's most recent executive order, which allows more families to stay here who are here illegally. it wands to repeal that
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deportation order. so they're going to start off on a conservative bend. what we're going to find out later this week is the house has a very conservative plan the senate more likely than not will have a more moderate plan but whatever they are, the nominee will have to run on it and they want something that won't anger the latino community. >> so you think they'll take that up as well as the affordable care act. >> they definitely want to repeal that so we'll see that without doubt. >> tell us quickly about the briefings, i know that's a show online? >> online mondays and fridays on, and we give you a preview of the week and on friday a recap of the week and a bit on what to expect. it's a nice long form. we have 15-minute conversations,
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not doing at the cable tv cut it -- nice long baked, if you will conversations. you can write in questions, you can tweet opinion heard. we take in and all callers. almost a talk radio show on the internet tv. >> thank you for having here. >> a living legend. growing up here i love it. >> we've known you for a long time. good to have you sittic here with me. christmas arrives at the international space toews, thanks to this launch. and we'll review the emotional moments and many more from the golden
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new at midday. right now the space station has some christmas presents to open. a new supply ship arrived there today. this is video from when the subtle launched this weekend. the astronauts haven't had supplied from the nuss in a while. the last one that was headed that way was the one that exploded three months ago. the best in tv and film are celebrating top honors. nbc's gina kim joins us with more on some of the major winners. >> and the golden globe goes to "boyhood." >> a movie about growing up which took a dozen years to film came up age at the golden globes sunday night. it won best drama, best supporting actress and best
11:26 am
director. >> i wanted to dedicate this to parents that are evolving everywhere families that are just passing through this world and doing their best. >> it was also a big night for julianne moore. she won best actress in a drama, while newlywe had eddie -- won for "the theory of everything." >> thank you for giving us a night at the end of our honeymoon we will all remember. >> amy add dame did not expect. >> i didn't even reapply lip gloss. >> michael keaton gave an emotional speech. >> i'm so grateful honestly from the bottom of my heart. you have no idea what this means to me. >> but in a surprise keaton's film lost out on best musical or comedy to "the grand butapest hotel." there are more upsets. the series about a
11:27 am
transgender parent won best comedy and best actor for star jeffrey tamborn. >> gina rodriguez of cw's freshman series "jane the virgin" beat out veterans for best actress. >> i can, and i did. >> another series "the affair" walked away with best tv drama and beactress for ruth wilson. best actor honors went to kevin spacey for convulse hose of cards." and check out the best dressed on our website, a major step to improve relations between the u.s. and cuba. the new developments. plus wet roads everywhere. now there are worries about a refreeze. chuck bell is back with a look at how coldi going to get tonight. and college enrollment is down. we'll tell you where and what it's how can i avoid maintenance fees? why would you want to avoid
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whoa! >> an amazing near miss out there. this is in wisconsin, this pickup truck slides across the median is almost slammed by two cars. take a look again. in the distance you can see all of the snow that it kicks up. it's also pretty clear how icy the roads are there, anyway. the main problem in our area at this hour is rain.
11:31 am
as you can see on storm team 4 radar, there's still a lot more rain headed our way. chuck bell can tell us more. >> just a bit of ice, but that is quickly coming to an end. within the next hour or so everyone should be brof the freezing mark. it will be a steady rain with temperatures holding in the 30s, as long as we're above freezing at least everything will be able cloudy skies outside today, weather having a pretty big impact on your monday today. cold temperatures with steady rain continuing for the remainder of the day today, so a moderate impact for sure. still raining in washington. 37 degrees at reagan national ampt. shee good news. everybody is now above freezeling
11:32 am
still colder out toward cumberland, but everybody in our viewing area comfortably above the freezing mark. inching is all they're going to do. most areas will stay in the 30s to maybe 40 degrees if you're lucky. that will continue all the way through this evening. temperatures will stay above freezing. then by tomorrow morning, we may have to worry about refreezing. for now all that's left which at one time covered all of the viewing area now only covers northern maryland into parts of the western parts of the west virginia panhandle. so the advisory continuing to get whittled away. the rain will continue all areas. rain stops tonight between sundown and midnight and then by tomorrow morning, even with the rain stopped, temperatures back down into the upper 20s, so there could be some refreeze issues. here's what's going on. a lot of rain for us.
11:33 am
that's the leading edge that we'll be dealing with through the day to. but still moderate rain. with so much going on today. across a wide section of the western and northern suburbs. and during the day tomorrow partly sunny, breezy and cold high temperatures tomorrow will be in the morning. we'll be colder than that as we get towards tomorrow afternoon. a quick check of your seven-day forecast. 38 today, temperatures falling during the day tomorrow. maybe a chance of a few passing flurries. doesn't look like a big deal. finally some sunshine and
11:34 am
believe it or not, warmer than average temperatures just in time for the weekend. >> sounds good. thank you we'll see you shortly. the cold temperatures last led residents to break a big report. dominion power says 2.4 million customers in virginia used more electricity than ever to keep their homes warm during the arctic blast. we have an update on the u.s./cuban relations. what's going on? >> barbara, 53 political prisoners held in cuba are now free. this is part of the deal to start diplomatic talks ending that 50 years of silent. again it started with the release of alan gross. the u.s. wanted these political prisoners freed. that has now happe
11:35 am
thank you, richard. right now no word on the motive for a murder. please discovered a man with multimall wounds. police are not releasing the victim's name but they say they believe this was at an isolated incidents. yesterday nearly 400 drivers from all over the carry came to remember a.j. hush many. he was hit by a truck last month when trying to tow a truck. had highlights the importance of the move over la. starting today the maryland teachers' union is running a new ad. you may hear it on the radios. the union wants governor-elect to avoid cutting funds for education. maryland will face a $750
11:36 am
million budget definite at this time later this year. an enrollment drop at al virginia's 15 four-year public schools this academic year. total head count to just over 213,000 students. meanwhile, enrollment at private schools are up. students working on a protect ject that change the way that houses are designed. plus gas prices at the lowest level in years, why that has some lawmakers considering anni ring ring! progresso! i can't
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now a new study says headstart helps children phytobeesity too. researchers in michigan looked at 44,000 kids -- they found overweight kids were much more likely to lose weight during that time. they found reverse for underweight children, so in headstart they were more likely to achieve a healthy weight after a year than other underweight children. your wallet is getting big relief at the pump.
11:40 am
in maryland right now. in the district you're paying on average $2.58 per gallon. you would be paying $2.38 a gallon in west virginia. could the plummeting price in oil spur congress to raise the gas tax? they remained at 18.4 cents, but not some lawmakers discuss the to help fund improvements. how speaker yawn boehner has ruled it out. out with the old and in with the news. way toss revolutionize your cooking experience. we're shown inside the kitchen of the f
11:41 am
>> you look up a recipe? book. >> this is the kitchen of the future. from a social table workspace, where you can spend recipes to touch monitors mounded in the backsplash. >> hands free no touch. >> to voice activated temperature control. the kitchen they are debuts is high tech. >> we're just processing the process of building it. >> despite all the technology put in to enhance the use experience the concept is part of a research project focused on building smart homes. >> when a car comes off the assembly line you get a snapshot of where technology is of the day. why when we walk into a new house we're still 15 years behind. >> he says the benefit is far reaching everything from quality control in the construction so cost savings.
11:42 am
wheeler says it's not as expensive to build this way, and making more to drive down the costs. the customizable cartridge as it's called is build in a control environment and delivered fully assembled. the kitchen will be packed up intact and taken to las vegas where it would be unveil at the premier kitchen and bath industry show with all eyes on the kitchen, virginia tech will showcase the first phase of this three-year projects to build a future house on campus with technology available n. and plus two theories cometic out of haiti five years after one of the worst natural disasters of modern times. the rebuilding and those still trying to recover.
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this just into the live desk. the uv at fraternity at the center of a controversial "rolling stone" article has been reinstated. it just came down to reinstatement five kappa tsai. the attorney had come under criticism. the article claimed that there was a rape at the fraternity house during a party, but police are saying that they cannot confirm of allegations. and last week the university introduced new rules for greek life specifically for frat and
11:46 am
sororityhe fraternity was the first to sign on to the new rules. and an american doctor who just months ago was treated here in the u.s. for ebola, is heading back to africa this week. dr. rick sakra is a medical missionary who contracted ebola in liberia last year. he says he's feeling great and plans to spend four weeks working at a hospital in monday rovo. doctors say he's effectively immune to the virus. is 70 the new 50 in with seniors looking as good or better than they feel the statement may be doctor. dr. steven joins us to explain. we always heard aging with grace, is what people want to do. does this give new peek to that? >> i think so. we're focused on 50 being the new 35. now it's sort of left unfortunate to 70 being the new
11:47 am
50. i think it really is. they're in good health they're traveling, getting married, falling in love. they're taking advantage of their health of gyms trainers getting dental renovations, so they're out there living the life. >> how safe is it for a 70-year-old or older to have cosmetic surgery? >> it's interesting. this report came out on the heels of another report a very thorough study, university study that showed that actually people in good health who have had physical exams and are cleared in their 70s, they have no higher risk for cosmetic procedures than people in their 50s, so it is very safe. >> are there any specific precautions that doctors should take and will take. >> sure. sure. everybody they need a physical ekg, lab work get cleared.
11:48 am
>> everybody? >> but particularly people in their 70s, for sure. i think the state of most hospitals in this area, anybody over 45 gets gets a sim. if they're on medication if they're a diabetic perhaps they have a higher risk. a history of smoking, at any age that's the highest risk factor, frankly. >> keeping a natural along i think is what everybody hopes to have. is that specifically or particularly important to someone in their 70s? what is natural? >> it's looking the best you can for that age. if you look like at 35 you'll look operated. people don't want to look operated. especially in this town. they don't want to look operated done. whether it's fillers or surgeries, you can't overdo it
11:49 am
as you have often said, less is best. >> facelifts have changed over the years. anything new? >> i think there's been a big change. i'm going to go to new orleans to lecture about it. they're softer less aggressive they're not the facelifts of even ten years ago form the recoveries are faeser less pulling and this combination of filling and pulling, which is really what happens when we age. so that's changed the whole game. if people look like they've had a bass facelift that's a bad facelift. >> always great to see you. >> my pleasure. >> 70 is t absolutely. >> thanks for coming. thousands of you turned out for fun and fitness for our 22nd annual nbc4 health and fitness expo. more than 200 exhibitors turned health
11:50 am
screenings. we also had a few special guests including meredith vieira. thank you to all of you who made out there this weekend. use the #nbchealthexpo to share them with us. coming up a school reopens after a brutal attack. plus chuck bell looks ahead to a cold and blustery tuesday.
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the school in northwestern pakistan that was brutally attacked by the taliban has now been reopened. most schools in pakistan had been closed for an extended winter break in the aftermath of the december 16th attack. more than 140 people most of them children were killed when terrorists broke five years ago today a massive earthquake devastated haiti. more than 230,000 people were killed and 1.5 million people lost their homes that day. the lives of survivors were changed forever. nbc's dr. nancy snyderman takes us back to haiti to fined three people she first met five years ago. >> reporter: haiti is open for business. the markets are bustling. major roads have been repaired. new cars are everywhere. modern hotels updated
11:54 am
hospitals, and fresh coats of paint are undeniable. yet this country is as an interesting crossroads because the renewed energy belies the ongoing struggles of so many that were devastated in the . >> you look so beautiful. fabian's dreams as a dancer were crushed when rubble destroyed her right leg. i first saw her along the roadside days after the quake. one of the thousands of new amputees. >> would you show me your leg? >> so much time has gone by this leg is no longer a good fit. >> if you had that new leg, would you be able to dance? >> translator: yes, i would be able to dance, because dance is in my head. >> reporter: as many as 4,000 lost a limb from falling buildings. sebastian was one of them. he also lost both parents. even at the age of 8 us washes
11:55 am
determined to walk again. like other children has grown and his artificial leg no longer fits. it's rudimentary, but it works. >> reporter: on this days he'sing in a new prosthesis. american scott nelson is an orpik surgeon who arrived in haiti right after the quake. he has been coming back ever since. what's your hope for someone like sebastian? >> high hope is he can continue to walk for his entire life without having to use crutches and have a job, have kids have a family experience love and the things that are really important in life. >> reporter: a hope for sebastian, an thousands of others still struggling to rebuild their lives. and hope for fabian, dancing once again.snyderman, nbc news port-au-prince, haiti. we're following several stories.
11:56 am
first, the sheriff's office and fbi are searching taylor mountain for two missing maryland sisters who disappeared 40 years ago. the sheriff didn't say what new evidence led investigators for this evidence but crews will conduct a dig on the mountains for the next two days. if new newsbreaks we will send it as breaking news alerts from the nbc washington app. in just a few minutes president obama will be speaking at the federal trade commission. the white house says he will be discussing identity theft and improving consumer and student privacy. he plans to introduce a measure that would require companies to let customers now about data hacks within 30 days. we'll be watching the speech live and plan to bring you an update later this afternoon. the rain made this morning's commute a bit messy. we'll keep a close eye on the roads for the rest of the day. if we see any potential problems for this evening's community, we'll let you know starting on
11:57 am
news4 at 4:00. expecting it to freeze up again in afternoon? >> not this afternoon, no. temperatures are above freezing we'll continue to warm up from here still plenty of rain but the pockets are getting small are and smaller with time. rain ending between 6:00 and midnight depending on how far east other west you live. tonight into early tomorrow morning, temperatures listen dropping back -- especially in northern maryland and the shenandoah valley so there could be refreeze concerns. cold and blustery tomorrow maybe a passing flurry or two on wednesday. that's it. by the weekend, sunshine and temperatures nearing in >> oh, wow, that sounds like spring. >> nice. it will feel good. >> thank a lot. that's news for midday and we will be back tomorrow that. we'll have news 4, 5:00 6:00
11:58 am
and 11. see you tomorrow morning. be safe out there on the roads.
11:59 am
>> clyde: detective hernandez? oh, i'm sorry, that was a little insensitive of me, wasn't it? since you're no longer on the force anymore, are you?
12:00 pm
guess that makes you a regular citizen now, doesn't it? just like me. >> abigail: so i just got the confirmation call. >> ben: so it's really happening, huh? >> abigail: yes, it's really happening--the hospital is making the official announcement today about jordan's and my new program. >> chad: wow, that is fantastic news, abby. yeah, nothing matters more to me than seeing jordan get what she wants. >> jordan: don't push through the pain, paul. it's not--


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