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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 11, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EST

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ums is under way right now. there are a ton of things going on on the different demo stages throughout the convention center floor. in fact right now they're starting the diaper races. the babies are off as part of the baby -- the cute little baby festival on. th sq & a with her. >> storm team 4 tracking the system. bringing sub freezing temperatures of rain and snow at all once. chuck bell with what you can expect and why it can make your monday morning headache. >> pow, pow, pow, pow. >> pow. >> pow, pow. unbelievable home video. showing a baby playing with handgun. how police were able to trace it back to the mother. good morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tuss. welcome on this sunday morning
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january 11th. it's a cold start to the day. >> it looks like that arctic air is hanging around, chuck. >> it sure is. the lowest levels of the atmosphere will warm up the last and as a result moisture coming in could be some trouble around here first thing tomorrow morning. there aren't any winter weather advisories posted just yet. you can see our own advisory map but there's one for parts. the cold air is already in place. the rain will be moving in tonight and with temperatures hitting the ground below freezing. rain freezing on contact, particularly hand rals staircases bridges and overpasses untreated and unprotected surfaces. so your monday morning could be a bit icy and dicey especially north and west of the downtown area, especially anywhere west of- 5. they may want to back their wakeup time 15 or 20 minutes and leave yourself plenty of time to
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get to work and school tomorrow morning. here's your hour-by-hour forecast today. get outside and enjoy the january sunshine. 35 by noon. highs today around 40. increasing clouds. rain arriving. not till after 11:00 this'veing and then we'll be keeping a close eye on the morning commute. amelia will have your latest on "news 4" at 5:00. and, of course tom and i will be here. the rest of the seven-day coming up. >> thanks. today alexandria police will be out warning neighbors about a dangerous robbery suspect on the loose. on friday an 84-year-old man was stabbed during a home robbery. "news 4's" zachry keach is live. new this morning, the police will be canvassing this area.
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it's a beautiful enclave here in alexandria but that wasn't t case last friday whe 84-year-old man came the process a robbery happening in h. that's that's when an 84-year-old gentleman was stabbed. he's now in critical condition. the police are trying the figure out what exactly happened and who is responsibility. jeff to give this story a little bit of context. we're not far away from the home of ruth. she's one of the women who was killed and charles severance is being charged with that crime. so people in this neighborhood are on high alert. they're trying to return to the homes and the safety that they have grown accustomed to here in alexandria. reporting live i'm zachary keach. back to you in the studio.
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bless investigating two deadly shootings overnight. we're working to learn the names of both victims including a victim killed on t. street at 1:00 this morning. you can see police shut down t. street. they did not say how old the boy was. in northwest eastman was killed on homing place a few blocks from the columbia station, metro station. check on the washington app for updates on these developing stories. and right now a million people attending a march in the heart of france. this is a live look. they say they will fight terrorism with freedom. more than 40 world leaders and attorney general eric holder are at that march. france is still recovering from this week's terrorist attacks that left 17 people dead. the three men behind the terrorism were killed friday by
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police. right now there's an international manhunt for a woman. what we just learn heard husband also shot and seriously wounded a jogger the same day as that "charlie hebdo" magazine shooting. turkish police say boumeddiene fled to syria. police are still working to confirm that information. search teams say sonar has brought them very close to the black boxes and the fuselage of the crashed airasia plane in the java sea. the plane crashed off the coast of indonesia just two weeks ago. they say they're hearing pings from the boxes as well. intoe knee shann officials say recovering and identifying the bodies of those believed dead is a top priority even if the boxes are found. right now haiti is still working to recover from a devin
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stating earthquake. >> that's right. that happened exactly five years ago today. it killed more than 300,000 people and even with rebuilt schools and construction in the capital. right now about 80,000 people are lived in camps. the haitian government believes they'll be housed sometime this year. we're woking for you on this sunday morning. watching for several things in the weanek ahead. on tuesday they'll vote on millions of dollars. the center needs repairs to defective concrete and infrastructure that has made it more than $50 million above budget and four years behind schedule right now. >> thursday president obama will be there to talk about things. both congress and the white house are preparing for the state of the eun yn union address a little over a week today. and the senate will vote on the keystone pipeline this week. they'll vote whether to finish the project or not. it would bring crude oil from
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canada to the gulf of mexico. one version of the bill passed the house last week. president obama has vowed to veto the bill if it does hit his desk. >> if you live in anne arundel county you could face a hiring freeze. they have face add temporary hiring freeze because of the state's budget deficit. they say the deficit demands necessary action. the freeze will not affect the recent hiring of emergency responders or public safety officers including police fire and protection perez knell. he says he has surpassed his predecessor at bringing investment to the commonwealth. the ap says republicans believe he lack as clear agenda. 10:07. still to come a mother fed up with a maryland casino. what it forced her to do and why she'll never come back. >> and tiffany's is getting noticed for more than its little blue box.
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how this app is making more than just a jewelry statement. what's going on chuck? >> not a lot going on but we're waiting for icy
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under way right now the nbc 4 health & fitness expo it's great place to show off your dance moves. >> if you're brave. doreen kents ler is live at the dance stage where they're doing style and a rhythm line right now. doreen are you getting involved in that? >> reporter: hey, you guys i'm sorry. we're having a little bit of audio trouble. one of the best things to see down here at the nbc health and fitness expo is the dancing. you can watch it and also participate and learn how to do some of these dances. this is the style and rhythm
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line dancers. they're having a good time you can tell. there are all kinds of dancing performances going on here today. the joy of motion folks are coming up next and we're looking forward to seeing them. they'll be african hip-hop line dancing, step dancing, all kinds of different dancing going on here at the expo. and also a whole lot of free workout classes. yoga zumba, weight training walking track, lots and lots of active things to do here. a lot of us think about joining a health club this time of year. that can be expensive. this is a good opportunity to try out some different fitness classes before you commit to joining the whole expensive program. i also don't want you to forget about the free medical test screenings that are available here at the health expo this year. one of the most important things we do.
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please get here as soon as you can because the lines get long for the free medical tests. i also want to blind people about our changedinging minds area. a lot of health experts here. we know from the reports we've done about mental health a lot of viewers have a big interest in this subject. this is a chance to talk to some experts and ask your questions. we'll be here until 4:00. angie, adam i whole a whole lot of people will come down here and join us. i can't hear a forward to seeing you guys down here soon. >> all right. >> we'll be there. >> looks so fun. >> i'm tired just watching that. did you see the guy jumping on the stage? >> it takes coordination. a whole lot of excitement and action and energy down there. >> all right. what's going on chuck? >> still keeping an eye. we're enjoying the sunshine first thing this morning. we all know it's not going to last. monday morning, it's going to look and feel like a monday
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the terror attack on wednesday has prompted concerns in the u.s. >> chuck todd of "meet the press." there's a lot going on today. >> right. >> what are we learning more about these people.
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we talked about it last time you were here but we're learning more about the organization and level that this attack came from. >> more sophistication. three or four days ago we were hearing lone wolf home grown, hard to find. now it turns out al qaeda in yemen, operational again or maybe more operational than maybe u.s. intelligence officials thought it was. there's probably a drone strike in yemen about every three to four months that is suppose lid taking out key al qaeda operatives and yet the ability to at least inspire that is clearly there. i think the scariest thing and you'll hear eric holder talk about it on "meet the press," the scariest thing is these two brothers were sleeper cells. they got trained in yemen in 2010 and here we are five years late fwharnld active terrorists after french authorities stopped following them. so maybe people we thought were low-grade risks go back.
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they're sleeping cells. that's a concern. we do go live to france. there's this incredible scene. a sign of solidarity out that way. when we talk about what the u.s. can do and what allies can do to come bad this. there is part of that conversation about the ideology of all of it and why people are driven by religion to turn to violence. how important is tackling that issue and finding an overall answer to how to combat this? >> this is clearly -- the acute problem for france. they have a large muslim population. you look at america wchl very a piece from dearborn michigan our largest muslim. a lot of assimilation. they're up to two or third. they're third generation. they go by mike. in france, they have to be careful. there's a rise of islam phobia
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in france to the point of it's going to impact their politics and you're going to see some really sharp divides. does that end up inspiring more radical zachlization radicalization? the white house, by the way, this issue of radical islam, they're going to have a summit about it next month. so obviously world leaders, they're trying to tackle that aspect of it. >> and you've got a lot to get to on your show but quickly some thoughts on mitt romney. his name is coming up again. >> he would to love be the nominee without having to go through the gaunt let. that has been cle or four months. this latest uptick in public interest appears to be about slowing down the momentum for jeb bush the little bit. you would think the two of them fish from the same pond when it comes to establishing the same party but they have not been friends for some time and this feels as if he's needling jeb. >> i would think you'd see more from the tea party side going
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after jeb. >> that's going to happen but right now this sounds like the jeb/mitt side show bit. >> thanks, chuck. we'll be watching. >> we want to remind you you can watch chuck on "meet the press" every sunday on "news 4 today." a casino has apologized for kicking a breastfeeding mother out of the casino. they've apologized but she said she won't go back. the casino security officers told her she had to leave because the baby isn't 21 years old and poses a security threat. well maryland does allow women to breast-feed in public areas. >> pow pow, pow. >> pow. >> pow, pow. an indiana mother is behind bars after letting 12-month-old baby playing with a handgun. the police found it on her cell phone after police searched the
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boyfriend's cell phone during a followup. bother the mother and boyfriend are charged with child neglect, criminal recklessness and allowing a child possess a firearm. tiffany's is not just known for is blue box. this is the first for the world faim jewelry company. the couple aren't models but a real couple from new york city. tiffany's joins a number of advertisers including same-sex couples in their campaigns. they're not models but they sure look good. new york. >> it didn't hurt their cause to get into the ad that they looked good. >> good shot of those guys. nicely done. >> you deal with the cold and you're keeping your eye on something. >> we've got to focus on the positive. it's been filled with sunshine. nice winter weekend out there.
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it is january. if you don't like winter, there's an immediate plane leaving for miami with the hour but for those of us who appreciate a little winter it's going to be cold outside today and none of us even me who's as much of a snow lover as any of i, do not care much for freezing rain for all the reasons you'd expect but also is really really hard to forecast freezing rain. clouds on the increase later on this afternoon but there is a threat for freezing rain between 2:00 and 9:00 monday morning. this is late night into early morning time frame. use extreme caution. the problem is this is going to be very light freezing rain so the roads may just look only a little bit wet. the problem is the ground is frozen so anything that lands on it is likely going to stay ice form. be real careful, everybody. set your alarm. get some extra time built into your morning routine now so tomorrow you're not in a dead pan rush to get out the door and
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as a result you drive too fast for conditions. right now still on the warmup side. temperatures have climbed out of the teens. places like culpeper were in the single digits a few hours ago. upper 20s to near 30. it will be a nice day. temperatures will be up above the freezing mark this afternoon. not really a warm day. yesterday we topped off at 30. today will be closer to 4 degrees. a lot less wind to cope with as well. it icy tonight into tomorrow. the ground is frozen so any raindrops that fall down are likely to put a glaze on it. handrails and staircases. be really careful for those things not to mention bridges and overpasses. temperatures will be dropping back down. our storm team 4 weather app is up to date available on the
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google play tunes store. we have five different ones. places like southern maryland northern maryland shenandoah valley those places. cold today with the clouds spilling on in and by late tonight there's an opportunity for light freezing rain and freezing drizzle that carries on into the early morning hours tomorrow. here's future temperatures by 5:30 tomorrow morning. at or below freezing. that's where the threat zone will remain the highest. keep that in mind. here you go. low threat southern maryland. a possibility but a pretty high chance of icing in places like the shenandoah valley early tomorrow. the seven-day forecast shows a little bit of improvement. tuesday, cold and cloudy. a little rain or snow threat. by later in the week sunshine's back. temperatures that closer to average. >> all right. thanks chuck. i want to remind you to keep it
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here for "press pass" after "meet the press." it has
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time right now, 10:46. here are four things to know this sunday morning. two deadly shootings in the district overnight. in northwest d.c. a man was killed. police have not released his name. itappened on homing street. >> on t. street a boy was killed
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between rhode island and new york avenue. we're working to learn his name and how old he was. at noon alexandria police will be out to warn neighbors about a dangerous robbery suspect. he allegedly robbed and stab and 84 yard man. we're taking you to a march on terrorism. world lea
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this sunday terror in paris. how were suspects known to french and american authorities allowed to commit these atrocities. >> the more innocents who are killed in the attacks the greatest the impa 'tis for others to carry out similar attacks. >> eric holder will join me from paris. inside the mind of a terrorist. i will talk to a journalist who interviewed one of the men who carried out the paris massacre. why home grown islamist terror has been less of a threat in the united states. >> the person who immigrated here 20 years ago, their grandson who is now mike. >> in 2016 mitt romney is considering a third run for


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