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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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kes. the numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability, and hd picture quality. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two years and get a $400 bonus with a two year agreement. hurry! it's your last chance! this offer ends january 17th. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v now at 11 a local town house destroyed by fire. >> one man who escaped with burns, tells us what started that blaze. an olympic disappointment. d.c. will not host the summer games in 2024.
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muriel bowser's message tonight to the winning city. and cracked rails, water main breaks more school delays. when we could finally see some relief from this bitter cold. news 4 at 11 starts now. tonight's salt trucks are treating the streets of montgomery county after a water main break there left a coat of ice on bradley boulevard. another sight of sub freezing temperatures and even colder windchills. it's got more schools delaying their start tomorrow morning. fairfax, loudon and prince william counties in virginia and howard county in maryland are all starting two hours later tomorrow. fallker will start one hour late. we'll get the latest on the fridgeed temperatures. any relief in sight? >> not until we get to the other side of tomorrow morning. let's talk about the
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temperatures well below freezing in many neighborhoods right now. we're in the 20s, but the temperature, the air temperature has started coming up over the last couple of hours here because of a southerly wind. so last night we dropped to 12 degrees. i think tonight we'll go down to around the upper teens to around 20 degrees. here's the other problem. the wind. it's really kicking up over 30 and close to 35 miles per hour out there. that's what is making it feel so rough, so harsh, and very uncomfortable, spending any time outdoors. windchills by tomorrow morning at the bus stop just 7 to 12 degrees. another bundle-up kind of morning. but relief on the other side of tomorrow morning. how long that will stick around and what you can expect for the weekend, i'll show you. there's new video tonight of a fire that destroyed one town house and damaged two others. it happened in the alexandria
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section of fairfax county. one man who lives here came home from work to find out he'd lost everything. tonight, he spoke to shomari stone about it all. shomari? >> well jim, tonight this family is absolutely devastated talking about the son and father who live in this home behind me. take a look. you can see it being leveled right now. firefighters are trying to keep this communities safe. basically they were concerned that people could be walking on the sidewalk and some of the debris could have fallen on them. so it's better just to knock this thing down to prevent any accidents. live look right now. we interviewed the homeowner, he says that a faulty plugged-in power strip sparked the blaze. only on 4, amateur cell phone video captures orange flames thick black smoke shooting out of this town house in the alexandria section of fairfax county. >> it's really hard. >> reporter: mohammed is in a daze. he tells me he plugged in his ipad, a personal computer and a
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kindle fire into a cheap power strip. suddenly a real fire was in his living room. >> the fire was behind the couch. >> it burned his arm, his face. he ran outside for help. >> everything i worked for, it's just gone. burned down. gone gone. >> tonight firefighters tell me the fire started around 3:30. 70 firefighters put out the blaze in around half an hour, it and took another 30 minutes to extinguish hot spots. one firefighter was injured but he's going to be okay. mohammed lived in this house with his parents. his dad is devastated. >> don't cry. we are your neighbors. >> reporter: neighbors give him hugs. the fire also destroyed a town house next door and caused minor damage to another one. >> i saw it burst into flames. i run into my house. >> yesterday we had roof over our head now we don't. >> you're now looking at live
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video of what's left of this home. look at all that damage. it's a charred mess. the homeowner hopes that the home insurance will cover the damage. as for firefighters they'll continue to figure out, they say, what caused this blaze. the homeowner, he's concerned and he says he will never, ever buy a cheap surge protector again. live in alexandria virginia i'm shomari stone, news 4. folks who ride metro are hoping that their commute tomorrow morning will be a whole lot better than it was today. thousands of people were delayed today. the freezing temperatures caused some of the older trains to break down. cracked rails had some trains single tracking. metro finished the repairs this afternoon. officials there say when it's this cold they do have extra crews checking the system to stay ahead of any potential problems. folks at wssc say they're preparing for a heavier workload this winter. so far in 2015 there have
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already been 66 water main breaks all over montgomery and prince georges counties. last year was an above-average year for breaks with nearly 2,000 of them. the largest number of breaks on record was back in 2007. just over 2,100. wssc says more than 200 workers are strategically placed throughout their service area to respond to any breaks. well boston is going to be the american city that will compete for the 2024 summer olympics. that news late this afternoon disappointed d.c. government and business leaders. they'd been working for a year to compete for the summer games. chris lawrence spoke to mayor muriel bowser about all that. chris? >> well jim, let's face it. this is not the logo a lot of folks in washington wanted to see. including ted and the mayor. came down to boston al san francisco, and d.c. and while the u.s. olympic
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committee says it took more than one round of voting to pick a winner the final decision was unanimous. >> call it disappointment in the district. our area got beat out by bean town. >> a lot of the venues and stuff that would be left over post olympics i'm sure the surrounding community could definitely benefit from. >> the games could have galvanized consensus around big projects leaving officials wondering, what might have been. >> we had a compact footprint, existing infrastructure and quite frankly, i thought it was good for us because it would help us speed up some of our already planned development. >> but mayor bowser says no hard feelings. >> we are disappointed but i take this time to wish the people of boston well and we're going to cheer for them to bring the games home. >> but not everyone thinks hosting the olympics is such a great thing. some say d.c. might have won by losing. >> a lot of traffic and influx of visitors which is hard to deal with. and everything built might go to
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waste afterwards. it could be a blessing in disguise. >> it costs london about $14 billion, three times the original budget. and chicago spent about 100 million on a failed bid for the 2016 games. some critics say the olympics can divert host city's attention and resources from existing issues. like homeless lack of affordable housing and improvements to metro. >> but i think moving big events would help us in the long run, because it would force us to create new solutions to already problems. i think walking away from a challenge does not solve the issue. >> and look rome is in the running, possibly paris too, and perhaps the first city from africa as well. so there's no guarantee that boston's bid will win. mayor bowser refused to say either way if she would support another d.c. bid down the road. chris lawrence news 4. >> thanks chris. president obama has paid his respects tonight following that
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deadly terrorist attack in france. the president made an unannounced visit to the french embassy here in d.c. this evening. signed the condolence book there. the president wrote, and i quote, terror is no match for freedom and the ideals we stand for. before leaving the president stood in a moment of silence with embassy personnel there. >> in france there has been a massive manhunt for two brothers who are suspected in that massacre. the search has been centered in the french countryside, about 90 minutes north of paris. nbc's lester holt has the latest now on the investigation. >> reporter: parisians paused in silence today, remembering the victims of yesterday's attack while just 40 miles away police swarmed an area northeast of paris, in france's champagne region. a manhunt on a massive scale. roads blocked, s.w.a.t. teams going door to door after what is believed to be the last sighting ever the suspects.
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brothers said and cherif kouachi. a survivor saw fellow cartoonists gunned down. telling london's daily mail it lasted five minutes. i had taken refuge under a desk. among the dead stephane charbonnier and his bodyguard. >> me and my family have to be strong the bodyguard's brother said today. also killed gunned down in the street was a policeman who happened to be a muslim. france's prime minister warned another attack is a real concern. and parisians were rattled this morning by news that a policewoman was killed and another person wounded in a shooting in a southern suburb. turns out it was unrelated to the paris terror attack. but nerves here are frayed nonetheless. >> are you fearful it could happen again? >> yes. we have some fear. >> reporter: meanwhile, "i am
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charlie charlie" has become a mantra. mere pens form the shape of afe peace sign. as the lights of the eiffel tower twinkled out tonight in honor of the victims, thousands gathered in the open determined to keep free expression alive. "charlie hebdo," the newspaper will publish again. in fact, a special survivor's edition is planned for next week. they plan to release a million copies copies. i'm lester holt paris. police say somebody shot and killed a man near the metro station. police say they don't know who did it. when officers got to the scene, they found the victim he was dead. they're combing the apartments now, looking for evidence there. >> new at 11 tonight, teachers in fairfax county can expect a pay raise if next year's budget is approved. superintendent karen garza unveiled a $64 billion proposed
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budget this evening. that's up 2.6% from last year. the proposal calls for $59.4 million in salary increases for workers. when compared to nine other local school districts, fairfax county ranks last for maximum teacher salary. next at 11 the announcement that president obama made on facebook tonight. it could have a big impact on education. also oop. >> residents of a college park apartment complex talk to police about a crime spree. and from brutal it's just 12 degrees, to better. i'll show you a pattern change and take a look at our storm team weather deck. cold dry though. show you a few flurries and tell you how long they could hang we
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there's surveillance video that shows the moment a dump truck slammed into two police cruisers. investigators say the driver of that truck got into a confrontation with a couple of officers in glen arden, maryland. he claims they had shot his brother, which never happened. the driver then divotgot into the truck, circled around and rammed the cars. you see the officers run for cover there. police arrested a man named gene brandon, charged him with attempted murder and assault. police say he has a history of mental illness. people who live in a luxury apartment complex in prince georges county are demanding better security. tonight the first ever meeting
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of a new tennis association there. it comes after a murder on new year's day that is still unsolved. jackie bensen reports. >> reporter: it was standing room only in the clubhouse of the camden college park apartments as residents expressed their concerns sometimes heatedly to prince georges county police and complex management. at 2:30 a.m. on new year's day, one of the community's secure parking garages was the scene of a murder. stefan powell who is believed to have been staying at a friend's apartment in the complex, was shot to death. bullet holes could be seen in a car that was towed away. the killer remains at large. >> it was that homicide which got the attention that we've been going after for so many months. we've had break-ins, tailgating break-ins during the day. >> this complex was a highly anticipated part of a residential commercial development off route 1 in college park. renters are mostly young professionals. apartments range from 1800 to over $2,000 a month in rent.
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>> sometimes we see like people kind of like loitering. soliciting. and i didn't pay for that. i paid for community. i paid for privacy security. >> and i feel that management really isn't doing anything. i think they're being reactive instead of proactive. >> reporter: there's a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the murder. in college park jackie bensen news 4. president obama turned to social media tonight to make an announcement about higher education. in a facebook message, the president unveiled an ambitious plan to make community college free for two years for anyone who works for it. >> put simply what i'd like to do is to see the first two years of community college free for everybody who's willing to work for it. that's right, free for everybody who's willing to work for it. it's something that we can accomplish and it's something that will train your workforce so that we can compete with anybody in the world.
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>> the president will outline a more detailed plan tomorrow in tennessee and again later this month in his state of the union address. veronica here now cold out there, been cold for days. going to stay this way? >> i'm tired of it already. i know i could never live someplace where it's brutally cold. >> aren't you lucky that you're here, because in a couple of days, couple of weeks gnawanyhow it's going to warm up. >> we will warm up but tomorrow morning is going to be very cold. that's the thing. we'll be about 10 15 degrees higher with our actual windchill temperatures but still when you're this cold still this much below average, it's still brutal. 26 degrees, the temperature. windchill is at 12. yesterday at this same time our windchill was at 2. so again, kind of like splitting hairs. it's still cold out there. our sky is mostly clear. by tomorrow morning we're
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expecting some clouds and even the possibility of some flurries. 29 degrees, your temperature. where it's 37 tomorrow after, thou we have some wind right now, it's out of the south. it's helping to bring down the windchill ratings. by tomorrow morning this is what it will feel like 10 to 12 degrees across the area. again, that's pretty low. 25 by lunch time tomorrow. 26 manassas. leesburg gaithersburg feeling like 22 degrees. back tomorrow night, 8:00 we're in the teens again. so it's going to be a cold night and saturday morning coming up. radar is scanning the area right now. dry for the most part. but these are the flurries that i'm watching in western maryland driving east. some of them could hold together and with enough wind we could see a few here up until about 6, 7, or 8:00 a.m. tomorrow
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morning. highs tomorrow 32 to 37 degrees, still below average for tomorrow but we're again expected to warm up a little bit more. now, as far as the weekend goes we've got at least a green light on everything. we're talking about dry days. if you didn't get a chance to winterize around your home sunday will be a great day. and we have the health and fitness expoe going on and a nice pattern change that will start taking place. the arctic air will start retreating to the north. but as we see temperatures rise to the mid and upper 30s, a chance for brief freezing rain at the onset of it. we're not expecting any major storm system on monday, but a 40% chance that travel going into the monday morning rush may, for some spots, be a little iffy. we'll be watching closely. and into next week you can see highs in the mid and upper 30s, but at least we're talking about a very dry weekend for us.
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a quiet weekend. of course storm team 4 will be down at the hilton fitness expo and to answer everyone's weather questions, as we do each and every year. but for tomorrow morning, another cold start. get up early, get an early start, get a great jump on things. >> and get your truck out to the car wash. >> this weekend. >> because it's filthy. oh my goodness. we got coming up here now, caps/flyers and diana. stay tuned.
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desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> good evening. it's cold here. ask the caps. they went up 95 and got frozen out. >> so cold. what were they thinking by the way? >> one wonders. happy early birthday by the way. >> i'm working tomorrow. appreciate that. tonight's goalie gave the franchise record 23 consecutive appearances. but the flyers ruined the celebrations and an historical night for the goalie. first time this season ovechkin and the caps had faced the flyers. caps on the power play. they find oovi he fires a laser, his 21st goal of the season. later in the period, johansson, takes a hit and goes into the
11:26 pm
bench. he hit coach barry trotz in the head there. gets a gash and needed some attention. got some stitches. back to hockey now tied at one in the third period. the long shot finds its way through the crowd and it's in his fourth goal of the season. it was beautiful. but they would lose their lead and we're going to overtime. flyers with the 4 on 3 power play. it was be jake vor check with the game winner for philly. beat the caps 3-2. it's a loss, it's stitches for trotz. not a good night. >> that's just a scratch. my modeling career is out the door anyway. so it's been out there for a while. you're supposed to come to filly and get marked up. but i'm the only one it seems that got marked up. speaking of models the basketball team had a role model head coach that can ignite any locker room to go out and play
11:27 pm
with some guts. >> 40 minutes of greatness, all right? 40 minutes of greatness and you go out and show them what maryland basketball is all about. >> so how would maryland react to that challenge? we pick this up first half. up five, couple quick passes from the corner knocks down the three. paf lich with nine points off the bench. walker ken bro, they don't guard her. that's a mistake. long three-pointer. maryland up by 15. walker causing the turnover and winning it up on the other end. shooting 18. maryland wins over purdue. let's head to richmond. trying to get to the .500 mark. come on patriots. richmond up three, but working the ball. thompson misses the shot but gets a putback. thompson 19 points 17 boards. richmond a little bit too much fire power tonight.
11:28 pm
boom kendall anthony from three, knocks that down. he had 19. second half check out this pass from t.j. klein. >> there you go. >> to a cutting terry allen. allen has 20 points. richmond wins 75-65. and tomorrow at noon the redskins will officially introduce their new gm. scott mclellan, you can watch it on nbc we'll live stream it tomorrow at noon and we'll be there
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we have this survey asked if it's too cold to go to school. 48% yes, 42% no. but now all of a sudden 80,000 votes, the most we've ever had the yeses are at 84%. do you think your kids are stuffing the ballot
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- lena dunham, j.k. simmons


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