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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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morning. the cold not helping conditions on the roads right now as all the snow and slush refroze while you were sleeping leaving slick conditions in the area. we are helping track the trouble spots this morning. some of you are stepping out to temperatures in the teens right now. >> yeah. those conditions also to blame for a number of school delays at this hour. in virginia fairfax county schools opening two hours later after they apologized for staying open yesterday. loudoun county two hour delay. arlington and prince william counties starting late. fauquier county schools closed. in maryland anne arundel county delayed two hours. prince george's montgomery howard county two hours later as well. new into our newsroom shenandoah starting two hours
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later. clarke and rick closed. >> alex app alexandria manassas city and park are delays two hours. now we are making sure you can make it to work without running into any trouble with team coverage on the conditions and accidents on our roads. let's begin with storm team 4 meetsteorologist tom kierein. >> many side streets lis uncleared from yesterday i took this in northwest washington.
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the winds will pick up noon time. frigid windchills overunited into tomorrow morning. temperatures subfreezing. teens montgomery county. mid 20s in washington and by the bay, many locations in the 20s. for this morning's commute, icy spots hovering near 20 degrees. watch out through the morning. in the afternoon, still below freezing. many of the roads will be blow dried and main roads drying out with winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour this afternoon. we'll have our windchills down into single digits. a look at when the winds really get strong overnight tonight at next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. >> tom, see you then. no snow will be falling today but all the wet roads from yesterday could be icy this morning. we saw drivers struggle to go get up hills in arlington
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county. trucks have been deployed all long. still, you have to take it slowly out there. watch out for icy patches on your way to work. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is out in the storm team 4 x 4. he's in loudoun county right now. chuck? >> good morning, aaron. we have seen an awful lot of ice on the side streets and the neighborhood streets this morning. we just left a neighborhood in sterling. mary beth said her streets were a skating rink. she was right. we showed them to you a half app hour ago. digital dre in aldi virginia. we are headed to their neighborhood. route 50 westbound, out into loudoun, west of dulles international airport. route 50 isn't the problem. as is typically the case the big roads are not the issue at all. it's the service roads,en trances and exits from parking
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lots and gas stations. neighborhoods are slippery. i tweeted out on twitter from sterling virginia the approach to dominion high school. nothing you a sheet of ice. on the roads moving into the parking lot at dominion high school. we'll be out in aldi in a couple minutes. send me a tweet. we will get to as many neighborhoods as we can. could be a tricky drive on the morning roads. for that let's go to melissa mollet. >> chopper 4 over the crash. maryland 50 westbound at i-97 shut down because of a fatal pedestrian accident. no word when it will be reopening. all these folks headed southbound. no problems there. looking quite good. overall, looking good. inner and outer loop no major
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issues. green on time. yesterday we were seeing lots of red and yellow already because of the nasty weather. all of these folks headed inbound. slow branch avenue as you head northbound. back with travel times in 10 minu this just in from metro. right now metro says they are in the process of restoring regular weekday bus service on all routes. this is a process they say will take up to an hour. so don't expect anything until 7:00 a.m. at the earliest. me restoring these weekday routes that you are going to want to allow extra time. eun? >> it should be a safer trip for students across the morning. schoole to
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navigate treacherous is streets after many schools chose not to close yesterday. richard jordan continues at fairfax villa with the fallout from that decision. richard? >> eun, the reason why there are so many delays is to make sure the roads are safe for parents dropping a off their children to school and the school buses. most of the side streets look good. the issue is going to be for the children to actually walk to school. the sidewalks are still icy, very slick. it could be a tough walk to school today for some students. yesterday fairfax, loudoun county took a lot of heat especially on social media. the school district decided to stay open despite the snow despite the terrible road
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conditions yesterday. the school district superintendent saying that was made early morning, before 5:00 when it looked like it was going to be light. then it started piling on coming down fast. so they issued an apology. today they are taking different steps. they will delay school two hours. check out your own school district by going to live in fairfax richard jordan, news 4. >> thank you, richard. this probably won't be the last time schools close or are delayed this winter. get push alerts when you download the nbc washington app >> we are keeping our eye on a power outage. 100 customers the number dropped overnight to more than 2,900. three under grouped breakers were tripped yesterday causing flames to shoot through a
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manhole. reminder you can always watch on your smartphone or tablet if you lose power >> most busy roads are clear. the conditions you'll be deal with in your neighborhood and the changes for pedestrians. and before you step outside, make sure you bundle up. we're dealing with frosty conditions out there. what to expect through the the day and when the wind will pick up at 6:11. we're also tracking a developing story overnight after a key piece of the airasia wreckage is found.
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welcome back. here's a live look outside at our weather.
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this is probably not what you want to see when you step outside. temperatures in the 20s on the storm team 4 weather deck. this is northwest washington outside our studios. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with the changes you can expect to see over the day ahead.
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95 northbound slow spot not bad. 38 minutes quantico to the beltway. 270 south, outer loop 270 looking good. back in 10 minutes. melissa, thank you. breaking her silence about the bill cosby scandal. >> strongly worded statement from phylicia rashad the man she calls her husband on the cosby show. time to work and school the day after the big storm. a look at what you can expect on the during your morning commute in montgomery county. th
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our crews have seen some slick conditions on area highways this morning. of course plan a little extra time for your drive. and please slow down. this morning we're working to show you what the conditions outside look like before you leave your house. kristin wright started in northwest washington and found some of you early -- up early treating sidewalks. many sidewalks and neighborhood streets are frozen over. >> she's in silver spring now. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: thought it was important to give you a look at the different neighborhoods. last time we showed you side streets off randolph road. it was a slippery mess. you can expect to see a lot of that on the side streets. we wanted to show you sill spring viers mill and randolph
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road. cars moving just fine. this intersection looks really good. don't see a lot of slippery spots where we are right now. keep in mind, those are hard to see when it's dark outside and it is cold. the sidewalks here look good too. there is a bus stop just right here on randolph road on viers mill road. the sidewalk here looks good. i know for people catching the bus this morning you want to be careful of the slippery spots. that's the latest here in silver spring. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. >> no delays or cancellations at any local airport. that's a far cry from what it was like yesterday. 900 were canceled in the u.s. that's according to flight
6:19 am more than 100 originated from reagan national airport. only philadelphia had more. the snow is out of our area but we are far from out of the woods when it comes to cold air. more than 120 million americans are dealing with bitter cold temperatures today. this is a live picture from detroit. a pretty picture. but it is 11 degrees there right now. feels like negative 6 with the windchill. it's only going to get colder. freezing temperatures from montana to maine today. some places will see windchills up to negative 30 degrees. in central new york they are expecting several feet of snow as well. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein will show us at 6:21. we are watching cleanup and treating the wounded continues. this after a suicide bombing in
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yemen. take a look. 30 people are confirmed dead. officials are expecting that number to rise. someone broke a mini bus into a police academy. eun, at this point we still don't know who is behind this. this is the latest from the live desk. back to you. >> thank you, angie. another developing story we're following. crews searching for pieces of missing airasia planes spotted the tail in the java sea. this is the first confirmed sighting 11 days after the plane disappeared with 162 people on board. the black boxes should be in the tail if they're not damaged they should give investigators clues as to why the plane crashed. . this morning investigators are trying to figure out what caused a gunman to shoot and kill one person at a texas veterans clinic.
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our affiliate in el paso says the man shot a doctor before killing himself. this is the same va clinic that came under fire last year for having some of the longest wait times in the country. the clinic is of course closed today >> a hacker sympathetic to isis appears to be responsible for taking control of a maryland tv twitter account. they took control of the twitter account and website of wboc in salisbury. there were several posts all claiming to have classified u.s. deposit information. the station manager says he has been in contact with the fbi. the albuquerque news journal suffered a similar attack yesterday. it is now 6:21. bill cosby's long-time you on-screen wife has come out swinging against the sexual assault allegations against him. during an interview with showbiz 411, phylicia rashad said it is part of an orchestrated smear
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campaign to keep the comedian off television. cosby denies the claims. he has not been charged. . 6:22 right now. we'll turn right to storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. . just looking at the storm team 4 weather app a huge area under a windchill advisory for tonight. keep up with the weather with your storm team 4 weather app with your tablet and mobile phone. all the way from new england. all the way down to the south. it includes everywhere from the canadian border to florida. it includes our region later today. 40-mile-per-hour late this afternoon and overnight tonight. windchills down to zero to 10 below zero overnight tonight. our future wind speed by 3:00 this afternoon wind gusting to
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30 miles per hour in the metro area. off to our west gusts 40 miles per hour out of the mountains. by 7:00 p.m., the winds will be getting stronger. we could have gusts 30 to 35 miles per hour to near 40 miles per hour between 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. even after midnight, gusting 25 miles per hour. that brings windchills 10 pwe low swroer. the winds diminish. and staying dry saturday and sunday. cold on saturday. above freezing on sunday. finally above 40 monday and tuesday with with a chance of rain both of those days. your bus stop forecast for this winds-day morning next weather and traffic at 6:31.
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melissa what's going on? >> 50 westbound near 97 a lot of volume on the map. about a mile of backups because of the earlier crash. it is cleared out of the way 50 west at 97. still having volume this morning. inner loop between connecticut and georgia avenue, just smoke with police. we'll get more information as soon as we get it. 395, 26 miles per hour, you're a little slow there. no real problems at all. we are in prince george's county. no major issues now. new crash in a couple of minutes. >> breaking news out of paris france. one journalist is dead. three other people injured following this shooting at a paper or magazine we should say. weekly magazine.
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as of right now police have no details. witnesses are telling investigators they saw several masked men enter the building with machine guns and started shooting. this is the magazine following the benghazi attack made headlines after they published issues that resembled the prophet muhammad. really haven't is heard much since then. one journalist dead. three people hurt after the shooting in paris at a newspaper. back to you. a sky diving plane crashes and 13 people on the plane survived. this is in new zealand. the plane sustained an apparent engine failure. you can see the wreckage under water right there. the 13 daredevils jumped moments before it plunged into the lake. they saw people wearing parachutes jump.
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there were no major injuries >> 6:26. this morning you won't find a controversial ad on the you pan outfitters website. someone claimed this ad was irresponsible because the model looked too skinny in the underwear ad. according to a report, urban outfitters believed the model with the waistline of 23.5 was naturally tall with a thin physique and did not believe she was underweight. bundle up and take your time words to live by on this day 2 of winter weather. your bus stop forecast with weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31. helping you avoid a fine. what you need to know about shovel anything your neighborhood so you don't end up with a ticket >> former virginia governor bob
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right now you are getting a real taste of winter as you step outside.
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temperatures in the teens and 20s around the d.c. area. with the frigid conditions out there, you might want to bundle up your kids as you accepted them off to school today. >> watch out for the ice today. because of weather, a lot of schools are delayed or closed. we learned in the last half hour fauquier county schools are closed today. three other virginia districts, clarke, winchester closed. fair obgs loud ann, arlington all opening two hours late. montgomery, prince george's, anne arundel all delay two hours. same goes for schools in shenandoah, city of alexandria falls church, manassas and manassas park.
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storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with your bus stop forecast. tom? >> students will board buses a couple hours later. watch out for slick sidewalks. ice covered in many cases. slip and fall and break your elbow kind of conditions on the sidewalks. hovering 20 degrees at 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. 10:00 in the low 20s. the winds will begin to pick up. so layer up this morning as temperatures are hovering in the teens to 20. dress accordingly. warm coat, hats, gloves, scarf. quite a bit of cloudiness in the afternoon. icy spots. 20 degrees. driving on the roads. most of them going to be blow dried with the strong gusty winds. temperatures into the mid-20s. a look at our frigid windchills tonight next weather and traffic at 6:41. . tom, thank you. roads could be ice where this
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morning, as we have been talking about. so give yourself plenty of extra travel time today. we saw drivers struggling to get up hills in arlington. vdot says trucks have been deployed all night. take it slowly out there. watch out for icy patches on your way to work. keep up to date on the road conditions. he is in aldi, virginia now. chuck, good morning. >> good morning eun. yes, it is a cold start. 19 degrees here in aldi this morning. you can see the pictures out the front. let me give you a little listen as to what the neighborhood streets sound like. nothing but crunching underneath the tires of the storm team 4 x 4 in aldi. digital dre said his neighborhood was a skating rink.
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and the side streets, these naked streets are absolutely ice packed. first thing this morning, the sidewalks have icy watches on them as well. we're out here very close to the gum spring library and also west of south riding market square. loudoun, fairfax nty, we'll see you again in 20 minutes. check on traffic with with melissa mollet. >> good morning. roads looking like that in your neighborhood. we do have a rail issue. orange, blue silver line. the malfunction has been fixed. still have residual delays. as you take a live look at things looking like a typical weekday morning. we have the outer loop between connecticut and georgia with a crash. more coming up top of the beltway. colesville road is slow as it normally is.
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66 40 miles per hour inbound as you hop on at prince william parkway. 40 miles per hour. not a major problem. travel times coming up >> thank you, melissa. you're going to find it tough going outside. the challenges for pedestrians minutes. >> there are a lot of new lawmakers in congress. the state of the union address in less than two weeks. president obama already starting to prepare for that. tracie potts joining us live to tell us what he's doing today >> reporter: he's heading to detroit, aaron to talk about jobs in phoenix housing in tennessee and to talk about college. republicans say he is not in charge anymore. they are. they think they have the votes not only to get it on his desk but also to override a veto. many of the ideas you'll hear on
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the state of the union address coming up. aaron? >> tracie potts on the hill. tracie? this morning we will hear from house majority whip for the first time since learning he talked to a white supreme sift group in 2002. he will be at a house republican leadership meeting at 10:00. he said he didn't know what the group stood for at the time. some are calling for skalease to resign. he said he has no plans to do that. >> loudoun county schools are closed now. 6:35. bob mcdonnell says he will appeal his two-year prison sentence sometime today. maureen mcdonnell will be sentenced next month just about a week after bob mcdonnell is to report to the bureau of prisons. he was sentenced after a
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five-hour hearing yesterday. at first prosecutors wanted him to spend 10 years in prison. here's what he said after the ruling. >> i don't believe that i would be as much able to handle the news of today without the love of so many people around the state. >> news 4 also to a juror about mcdonnell's sentence. you can see her full interview on nbc washington app and this morning, parts of fairfax and loudoun counties have a new delegate in richmond. kathleen murphy won in a special election for the house of delegates. schools taking extra precautions. the backlash some districts are dealing with this morning after failing to cancel classes during
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tuesday's winter storm. the frigid windchills ahead with your forecast at 6:41. plus, making sure you stay out of trouble. the shoveling rules in your neighborhood so you know how much time you have to clear your
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>> welcome back. the unpleasant proof of what you will be dealing with. the storm team 4 weather deck. you can see it is 20-ish degrees here in tinley town neighborhood in upper northwest. once it gets below 40 degrees, i can't deal with it anyway >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with the changes you can expect to see with your hour-by-hour forecast. >> we will see the thermometer dropping tonight. it will be bouncing around. don't have much wind. national airport. by 8:00, 20 degrees.
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and the winds after that will start to pick up by 10:00 11:00 this morning. 20 to 25 miles per hour. by noon time, gust toss 30 miles per hour. and exceeding 30-mile-per-hour gusts during the afternoon. mid-20s noon time. late afternoon. down to the mid-20s. future windchills midafternoon at 10. subzero by 11:00 at night. next weather and traffic on the melissa what's going roads. >> inner loop between connecticut and georgia two left lanes blocked. you can see a crash at the end of the scene. orange orange blue silver delays. 270 south germantown to the beltway, 20 minutes. 95 and 270, 23 minutes. taking a a look at virginia now, a lot better than yesterday.
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95 north, pretty dang good. 66 east, 395, no problem either. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. a lot of naked streets covered in snow and ice. some of you have to shovel your walkway or face a fine. the clock is ticking for a lot of folks. if you live in loudoun counties you must clear your sidewalks after 6 hours. d.c., montgomery, arlington, 24 hours. fairfax and prince william, no laws that require you to shovel your sidewalk. you may want to do that though, otherwise you may slip and fall. quite a challenge as you step out the door. the conditions you'll be dealing with on the side streets in your neighborhood. we brought it to you as breaking news during news 4 today yesterday. when power may finally be restored in one d.c. neighborhood.
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right now we have team meteorologist and reporters working to help you get out the door this morning on this icy and cold morning. we start with kristin wright who spent the morning traveling around to different neighborhoods. she joins us live in wheaton in montgomery county. . good morning.
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first, i want to show you where i literally almost just fell on this patch of black ice right here. as black ice goes, you can't even really see it. we know you know but we can't say it enough on a morning like today, be careful where you're going. we're at wheaton high school. completely snow covered. this is what you're going to find this morning as you head out to work and school. neighborhoods snow covered for the most part. and icy spots too. when you head out to dalewood it's completely clear. you see just black. but right the neighborhood, all white and snow covered. montgomery county has a snowplow tracker. we have a link on you can go on there and take a
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look at what neighborhoods have been plowed, what neighborhoods haven't. there's a lot of red on that website this morning which is areas that haven't been gotten to yet this morning. so you want to look at that before you head out. but that's the latest here in silver spring. back to you guys. >> thank you. kristin wright. no delays or cancellations reporting at any local airports right now. that is a different picture from the way it was yesterday. more than 900 flights were canceled in the u.s. 5,000 were delayed according to more than 100 originated out of reagan international airport. only philadelphia's airport had more. many school districts are playing it safe delaying schools or closing them altogether to make sure the roads are safe. bus drivers really had to navigate treacherous streets. many of you voiced our anger on facebook and twitter pages.
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richard jordan continues team coverage at fairfax villa elementary with a fallout from that decision >> aaron, this school is tucked away. you have to take the side streets to get to the school. but it's not too bad. the streets are pretty clear if your child goes to a school on one of the main roads, you'll not have any issues. they are mostly clear through fairfax and northern virginia. the issue is for children who walk to school. the sidewalks are very icy, very slippery. walk to go school may not be the best option today. school districts are taking precaution. a lot of it has to do with the backlash they faced yesterday. schools opened on time yesterday. even though the roads weren't looking good. school officials made it before 5:00 a.m. when it was still light.
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both school districts issued an apology. today, different standards, different guidelines being followed here. everything being taken into account. there is a two-hour delay. hopefully the walk can be cleared with that extra time. loudoun county decided to close altogether. richard jordan news 4. this probably won't be the last time schools delay or cancel this winter. you can get school closures when you download the nbc washington app. three underground breakers tripped yesterday morning causing flames to shoot through a manhole cover on 18th street in new hampshire. down from 2,900 overnight. all power will be restored by
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4:00 this afternoon. i'm a angie goff at the live desk. we are finding the news just continues to get worse out of paris, france. this is breaking right now. we are now hearing that 11 people. the death toll is rising. 11 people dead, including some journalists at a sattirical news magazine. it is known for its outrageous and humorous cartoons. we still don't know who is behind this attack. it was a bunch of masked men that stormed in with machine guns. they were able to get away in two vehicles. it probably figures that resembles the figure of the prophet muhammad. it is considered blasphemy by many muslims. so they became a target then.
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the last tweet they put out was the leader of isis, cartoon of the leader of isis. angie, thank you. the "today" show will have more in a couple minutes here. >> a man is behind bars four days after shooting a new mexico police officer. it happened during a traffic stop. that was caught on the officer's body camera. this video may be graphic. >> turn it off. this happened on saturday. police say that the officer believed the driver was drunk. this morning police say the driver was a homeless man who stole the suv. he is also a convicted felon good news that officer is going to be okay. university of virginia say fraternities need to abide by new party rules if they want the greek life suspension lifted. the university says three members must stay sober through the night and monitor the alcohol being served. one must be stationed at the
6:52 am
stairway leading up to bedroom. outside security will be required for large events. last year a "rolling stone" article claimed a woman was gang raped at a frat party. they have until next friday to agree to the new rules. with this first big snowfall we have seen pretty creative head gear. >> some people need to put it all on because it was so cold. pat collins asked everyone to show off their best snow hat. a lot of cute entries. these are some of the pictures you sent in. the best hat gets an official pat collins snow stick. a panel of judges will announce the winner starting news 4 at 4:00. a lot of great entries. >> it will be tough for judges. >> how do you keep with a baby in a fuzzy hat? >> that was pretty good, i have to say. >> that's my favorite. hey, today, watch out.
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we have been telling you about slick sidewalks. it is fall down and bonk your conch. skies will be filled with a lot of clouds. some producing a few flurries. gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour. temperatures near 30 degrees. look at all these areas in blue. windchill advisory areas that cover the speier east coast. we'll have a windchill advisory in effect all the way into tomorrow morning. winds. strong gusts 30 miles per hour bringing windchills down zero to 10 below zero overnight tonight. you'll hear the winds howling tonight. windchills by 7:00 p.m. low single digits. and then after that between 7:00 and 11:00 down to subzero windchills.
6:54 am
after that after midnight the winds still howling, subzero windchills. we don't have any flurries. later today, we could get a few scattered flurries. cold changes with the storm team 4 weather app on your mobile phone and tablet. tomorrow morning, with diminished winds, 10 degrees. mid-20s tomorrow afternoon. finally above freezing on friday. then again another cold day saturday. sunshine. upper 20s. above freezing sunday. mid-30s. above 40 on monday and tuesday with a chance of a few afternoon sprinkles of rain. melissa has breaking news. >> beltway between connecticut and georgia, crash on the inner loop. two and a half mile backup as you approach. and the outer loop. slow for five miles. looking fairly typical for your average weekday. still a little bit slow as you approach that spot. 270 montrose to the spur,
6:55 am
looking pretty normal. no major problems into and out of town. 395 headed inbound slow is right now. 66 in from prince william parkway, you're all all the way into the city. 40 miles per hour. but it is open. no incidents there. 95 in maryland looks good. bw parkway into and out of town a little bit slow here this morning. beltway between connecticut and georgia, a little bit slow there. eun? >> melissa, thank you. 6:55. there is no snow falling but plenty of ice on the roads. chuck bell is out in the storm team 4 x 4 on the dulles toll road now. how is it look something. >> good morning, eun. we are back on the dulles toll road. as this indicates all morning, the big roads like dulles, route 50, i-66 capital, 270, all the big roads we have been on, no problems at all.
6:56 am
almost every side street has some ice on it. a lot of access roads into places like service stations are very, very icy. be extra careful today if you're going out. >> all right. chuck thank you. >> we want to run through more school delays and closing. loudoun county announcing they are now closed. that is a change. we're updating the nbc washington app with all the closing and delays. fauquier frederick clark county winchester city schools. virginia two-hour delay for kid in fairfax, arlington, prince william alexandria. falls church opening one hour late today. if you live in maryland, a lot of schools. opening two hours late >> a little above freezing.
6:57 am
a cold weekend to follow. >> inner loop between county and the georgia, a little bit slow. outer loop slow as well. >> that is the broadcast this morning. thank you for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next with the latest on the
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breaking news. moments ago, masked men opened fire at a controversial newspaper in paris. the attacker still on the loose. we'll go live "today" to paris wednesday, january 7th, 2015. >> announcer: nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. on a wednesday morning. we start with breaking news. coming out of paris this morning. a deadly attack this morning at a


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