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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 7, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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today starts now. storm team 4 working hard right now as you are waking up to dangerous conditions outside. a team of meteorologists keeping an eye on the roads. the problems for you will be getting to the highways. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. if you have the nbc washington app, we just sent you an alert. >> howard county schools, two-hour delay. alexandria just announced the same. fairfax county schools opening late after they apologized for staying open yesterday. stwo- two-hour delay in fairfax. arlington, prince william counties starting late as well.
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falls church opening one hour late. we're working for you this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking subfreezing temperatures. chuck bell is on the main roads with your commute. melissa mollet is tracking slowdowns. let's start with tom. good morning. good morning. temperatures in the mid-teens around the region. i just took this picture of a side street in northwest washington. it is all snow covered. any street or sidewalk not treated since yesterday's dusting and light snow and a couple of inches in northwest. that's all it took to cover that street completely. watch out for icy spots. temperatures around 20 degrees for the morning commute. in the afternoon, still below freezing. many main roads should be drying out. mid-20s. they will be blow dried by gusty
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winds this afternoon. watch out for slick side streets, sidewalks. windy afternoon. the winds keep up tonight as temperatures album et. we will have frigid windchills overnight tonight. a look at when that wind gets stronger next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11 chuck bell is in tie sons corner. seeing any iciness out there? good morning, tom. very cold start in fairfax county. temperatures in the low to mid-20s. 24 depress here with the storm team 4 x 4. we are on route 7 in the tysons corner area. if you check the front of the truck, here's the problem that most drivers will face. if you're not on the big main roads like this a access road this is all packed down ice on the surface. so these are the conditions you'll be facing the minute you
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get off the main road. a lot of them, this is all compacted glare ice. there may be dry pavement on the main roads. the minute you turn off the main roads on the access roads, side streets, that's where the glare ice can be found. if you see ice, send me a tweet and we'll try to get 4 x 4 into your naked before the day is over. what chuck is seeing is what you are seeing all over the region. we have one problem. 50 westbound at 97 out of annapolis, you're closed. traffic pushed on 97 north trying to come 50 west. your alternate is central avenue to avoid altogether. not sure how long that will last. wider look at things.
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no major issues. about bw parkway into and out of town. 270 at old hundred rolling right along. . just a a few minutes ago we go down the list of school delays. as we toweled, many of the same schools are taking heat pause they chose not to close yesterday. one of the districts was fairfax county. richard jordan is live a at fairfax villa with a fallout from that decision. richard? >> hi eun. good morning. today if you have a student that goes to school in fairfax county and that school is on a main road you are going to be in good shape. the main roads are looking good. fairfax villa elementary is in a neighborhood. take a look at the lks. icy. very slippery. could be a rough walk to school. fairfax county just like
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loudoun county two-hour delay. perhaps the sidewalks will be in better shape bit time the kids have to be in school today. fairfax county took a lot of heat for the decision to keep schools open yesterday. the school district saying they made the call early, before 5:00 a.m. at the time it looked like light snow. but before they knew it things were piling up. the snow was getting heavy. now they say they regret making that decision. they a apologize to parents for opening schools yesterday. today they are taking extra precaution, delaying school by two hours. shouldn't have a problem, especially if you drive into school. again, it will be the children that walk to school. they could be in for a rough morning. live this morning in fairfax, richard jordan news 4. metrobus will be running on a plan. that means buses will stay away from hilly terrain, snow areas.
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keep an eye on the metrobus alert page. those bus changes are due to icy side streets. news 4's kristin wright is checking out different neighborhoods around town. we will check in in about 10 minutes >> you can follow julie kerry on twitter to learn when bob mcdonnell appeals his two-year prison sentence. he and his wife maureen took thousands of dollars for a dietary supplement company. maureen will be sentenced next month. proposing hundreds of millions of dollars in state budget cuts. o'malley is meeting with the
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state board of public works this afternoon. at the meeting he will offer a new plan to cutmore than $200 million from the budget. maryland is facing $1 million. this treacherous weather can be hard on a number of things including your health. what the cold air causes to go up that could send you to the hospital. the discovery overnight in the deadly airasia crash that could change the course of the search. a live look outside. nice picture as your
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>> ten minutes after the hour. a a live picture here as we continue our coverage of the day after the big storm. you're looking at the dulles toll road here. a lot of complaints yesterday about that area not having been plowed very well. a nice smooth trip along this major roadway in virginia. your sreufbgrisk of heart attack goes up as the temperatures go up. more people die of a heart attack in the colder months than any other time of the year. it causes the ballad vessels to restrict.
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more reason why i'm not a big fan of the cold weather. it's pad for your heart. >> yeah. no argument. >> and our extremities too. our fingers, toes ears. >> stay inside if you can unless you have to be outside. you'll need your warmest weather gear. temperatures down into the teens most of virginia most of maryland. low to mid-20s by the bay. mid-20s in washington. single digits in the mountains. oakland, down to 9 degrees. that doesn't even factor in the wind. upper teens through 20s 58 come. winds pick up and continue through the afternoon. highs only reaching the upper 20s. coming up next weather and
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traffic on the 1s, how long this cold pattern lasts. melissa has a new crash to talk approximate about. >> brand-new crash at van dorn street. 50 west at 97 heading out of annapolis, that is closed. being pushed on 97 north. your alternate is central avenue. overall looking good. 95 in maryland bw parkway looking good as well. live picture of 66 coming up. thank you. 5:12. ahead on news 4 today, defending cosby. what one co-star is claiming about the women claiming sexual abuse. your biggest problem today, the side streets. take a look at this live picture. kristin wright is in a new
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welcome back at 5:16. we are starting our commute after a very snowy day. this is a dulles toll road. chuck bell is checking on slick spots. sweet or send a message message @news4today. 16 after the hour. we have a crew checking out treacherous side roads and sidewalks. snow removal crews are hitting streets. a lot of them are still a pretty slippery mess. kristin, good morning. we have moved to arlington
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road in bethesda. snow covered sidewalks. it's slushy. not horrible. still if you're walking anywhere you just want to be careful. this looks pretty good. it is clear. we have seen several salt were trucks going by this morning. that car, no problem. a lot of people were snowed in yesterday. there might be a lot of people going to get their groceries today. the sidewalks are are clear. same thing as i showed you a moment ago. just slush. be very careful and aware that not all the streets are the way
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we want them to be. but looks pretty good. back to you. meteorologist chuck bell says the roads are in better shape today. yesterday the snow caused a lot of chaos on the roads. check out these numbers. 96 crashes yesterday before noon in arlington alone. 101 in prince william and montgomery county. 100 between 5:00 a.m. and 2:00 yesterday afternoon. anne arundel responded to 142 crashes yesterday morning. no delays or cancellations reported at any airports. that's a far cry from yesterday. 900 flights were canceled across the country. 5,000 delayed according to if you were one of the people flying into reagan you spent time on the tarmac in the plane.
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planes sat waiting yesterday for more than an hour. many carriers were waiting for gates to open up or planes to be de-iced >> 5:19. it is freezing cold out there right now. take a look at the temperatures. teens in places. these temperatures are getting colder in some spots. at 5:21 how long this cold blast will be sticking around. >> some of you may be watching on your phone or tablet. look at that. we just checked in with pepco. 100 customers without power this morning. it has dropped overnight from much higher numbers. somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,900. three underground breakers were trimmed causing flames to shoot near the manhole. pepco says everything should be back on by 4:00 this afternoon.
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crews searching for pieces of the missing airasia plane spotted part of the tail in the java sea. these are pictures of the tail from 8501. this is the first confirmed sighting of any wreckage 11 days after that plane disappeared with 162 people on board. this is a major find. because the black in that tail. if they're not damaged they should give investigators clues as to why the plane crashed. angie goff at the live desk. for the first time we are hearing from phylicia rashad from the cosby show. with showbiz 411 she said forget these women. you're seeing the destruction of a legacy and i think it is orchestrated. also new, we have learned tonight cosby returns to the stage. he is going to do a show in
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canada. some protests are planned following the allegations by 15 women. >> angie, thank you. manassas park city schools are on a two-hour delay today. >> so the list of school delays growing. stay on top of it on facebook and web pages as well. >> back to tom kierein at 5:21. tom, no snow falling. that's a welcomed sight it will make tough walking for students. all the areas in the hraoeuplt blue. over just about the entire east coast. windchill advisories for tonight. gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour. windchills 0 to 10 below zero.
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frigid windchills overnight don't. by 10:00 p.m., gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour. as we get into the evening hours. then by dawn tomorrow they will settle down a bit. gusts to 25 miles per hour. so our feels-like temperature down to single digits. then subzero windchills overnight tonight. by this time tomorrow morning, the winds dying down a bit, subzero windchills thursday morning. stay inside. it is a cold morning. teens and 20s.
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mid and upper 20s elsewhere. down into west virginia some of those may make their way in later today. a bit milder on friday. upper 30s. remaining dry. in the 30s. next weather and traffic on the 1s. overall, looking good. 270, old hundred road. remember yesterday this was just jammed from the spur all the way back to frederick. moving along pretty well. snow on the side of the roads. main roads look clear.
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95 slow approaching dale city. beltway at st. barnabas into town out of town. no problems right now. we have a crash outer loop on van dorn. this is what i was talk building out of annapolis, 50 at 97 closed. no word how long that will last. >> melissa, thank you. see you then. you can now see inside a time capsule dating back to 1795 believed to be placed by samuel adams. >> it was opened at the museum of fine arts in boston. a crowd gathered to watch history in the making. that small box made of copper was removed from the granite cornerstone of the massachusetts statehouse. historians believe it was placed there by sam adam as and paul revere. >> gives you such a sense of history and being connected with
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the past in a way not very many people have an opportunity to experience that close up. >> inside that capsule, some of the items were corroded. five newspapers a seal of the common went, silver and gold coins dating back to 1752 and copper metal depicting george washington. no beard. >> no beard. no. >> if we were to create one now you could put a sam adams. . new leadership on hold for the redskins. what the team is waiting for to make it official. how long will it go. stick around. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking subfreezing .
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good morning. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we're tracking a lot of school closings in the area.
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>> manassas city and manassas park just told us they are starting two hours late today. montgomery and howard counties are opening late. two hours late for them. in maryland prince george's county schools delayed. virginia fairfax, loudoun, arlington, prince william all starting late. >> and so are fauquier and culpepper. falls church opening one hour late. winchester city schools are closed today.he nbc washington app for the latest closings or watch the back of your screen. >> chuck bell is keeping an eye on on the roads. hey, chuck. hey, good morning, eun. we sent out a little asked if you had an icy street in your neighborhood. if you could tell us where that . one of my twitter followers mary ann said her neighborhood was particularly bad. so we are here on her street.
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blackhawk square in sterling virginia. she's right. look at all the icy and slippery conditions we have here. the first pass of a salt truck went by 30 minutes ago. they should have the first plow within the first six hours after the snow finishes falling. in her estimation loudoun county a little bit behind the curve on all of that. she's right. this is still extremely dangerous. if you have icy streets, send me a tweet. if we can get to your home by 7:00 a.m. we will do that. it is a cold 16 degrees here in sterling virginia this morning >> ouch. you're not alone, chuck.
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most locations into the teens. students at the bus stops later this morning. so between 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. slick sidewalks. temperatures hovering 20 degrees. low between 9:00 and 10:00. winds will begin to pick up by then. gusts 20 to 25 miles per hour. layer up with your warmest winter gear. you may need your sunglasses. mid-20s in washington. near 30 by the chess bay. down to single digits in garrett county. down to 9 degrees in oakland. icy spots on the roads. hovering 20 degrees for the morning commute. in the afternoon, subfreezing. late afternoon temperatures into the 20s. most of the roads should be dry.
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they will be blow dried by gusty winds during the afternoon and into this evening. a look all those frigid windchills on tap. next weather and traffic at 5:41. volume in virginia. dale city 95 northbound. seeing a little bit of volume build around that turn at dale city. all the way to the spur from frederick, pretty open. w parkway, into and out of town everything is green and moving at speed this morning. 50 westbound at 97 completely shut down.
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back in 10 minutes with travel times >> president obama will begin a series is of speeches leading up to the state of the union address later this month. tracie good morning >> reporter: hey, eun. good morning. with an interview with a hometown news station, president obama is out studying the agenda. we are. they want to focus on the keystone xl pipeline. they had a hearing scheduled this morning that's already been created. they want to focus on job creators. then taouf phoenix to talk about housing. then to tennessee to talk about college and paying back student loans. new initiatives there.
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they are already drawing lines in the snow between the democratic white house and the president and what he wants to focus on and the republican leadership. the president said he will veto it if it's the same bills saw last year >> this morning, parts of fairfax and loudoun counties have a new delegate in richmond. kathleen murphy will replace barbara comstock who is now in congress. ska lease will be at a house leadership event at 10:00. he has said he didn't know what the group stood for at the time. some democrats are calling on him to resign.
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he says he has no plans to do that. the case of a former baltimore ravens cheerleader accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenager will head to court. the 47-year-old faces nine charges, including rape. she's accused of abusing 15-year-old boy at a bethany beach rental property. she contacted the boy on instagram and began having a sexual relationship with him. the widow of a man who died in custody in prince george's county jail is asking the department to investigate his death. she wants the doj to look into the death of her husband samuel. he was arrested june 17th after getting into a dispute over fare on metrobus. he died in custody hours later. she said he was beaten. >> 5:36. a veterans clinic in texas is
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closed following a deadly shooting. our a nil said the doctor killed a doctor before killing himself. investigators are trying to figure out what led to this shooting. a man hit and killed by a marc train in gaithersburg. he was walking in a prohibited area. city leaders tell us 18-year-old mario hernandez was wearing earbuds and a hooded sweater. the marc train conductor blew his horn and tried to apply the brakes. hernandez lived just two miles away >> new questions right now about the redskins's potential new general manager. as of right now he has not signed a contract. a new report says other teams
5:37 am
are trying to get him. bruce allen would keep his title as team president. it's not clear who would have control of the roster. he most recent worked for the seahawks where he helped put together their super bowl championship team. greek life is back at the university of virginia with district rules. . snow all over our area. we're breaking down what you need to know. we are tracking your forecast and the changes coming in the next 24 hours. and what we can tell you now to prepare for, cold. yikes. 25 degrees outside our studios. we'll be right back.
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we're keeping an eye out roads that are -- well they were snow covered. now they are ice covered. this is a live picture from rockville. we'll get a better picture of what you need to be careful abou also don't forget to shovel
5:41 am
your sidewalk or fined. >> you have to clear the sidewalks within six hours after the snowfall in loudoun. d.c. montgomery you are 12 hours. >> in prince george's you have 48 hours. prince come and fairfax, no law requiring you to shovel your sidewalks. you may want to do it so you don't slip and fall. aaron and tom have a hard time believing i clear it myself. my boy children are still little. don't forget. very soon though. >> i hope the older one heard that. >> right. i know. >> i want to turn to tom kierein and your thermometer outside. what are you seeing tom? >> it is only 21 degrees. i had a little shovel when i was
5:42 am
a little kid. this morning many snow covered streets and sidewalks. partly cloudy sky over washington. subfreezing all day long. 20 by 8:00 a.m. noon time, mid-20s. by afternoon, a few flurries flying in the air. the feels-like temperature this evening will be near zero. a cold weekend next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:51. melissa has the crash on 50. >> this is a fatal pedestrian crash. it could be closed for some time. 50 west and 97 out of ann app list. things moving along quite nicely. in maryland 270 sound, a couple minutes behind.
5:43 am
looking good. i'm back in 10 as well. 5:43. from computers the size of a button and new way to take selfies, the next big thing in wearable technology. a new study says it's happening to your bank account and
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a live look at route 7 in sterling virginia. we're headed west on the road there. we're going to check in with chuck bell to hear what he has been seeing in just a few minutes. this morning you may want to give yourself plenty of time as you head out.
5:47 am
kristin wright joins us from rockville. kristin, good morning >> reporter: good morning. yes, we traveled north down rockville pike. no problems which is great. we know a lot of commuters use that thoroughfare. randolph road also looks wonderful. down here you see all white. you can't see the road at all. you have a mix of fluffy snow here. you also have slushy spots too. and then you have ice. i want you to listen for a second. this road is brent ford drive in rockville. it is particularly ice covered and snowy.
5:48 am
if you just listen you can really hear it cracking. that's the ice. it is slippery. very very slick. 4 you want to be very careful on your commute this morning. we have a link to the montgomery county snowplow tracker. go to and search "snowplow tracker." it will show you the map and which areas of the county have been plowed and which have kristin, thank you. thankfully there's no more snow in the forecast. but there's plunging temperatures. it will make it feel even colder
5:49 am
outside than it was yesterday. tom kierein will break it all down in the next few minutes at 5:51 with weather and traffic on the 1s. 11 before the hour now. in a month bob mcdonnell is supposed to report to prison for a sentence on corruption. he will appeal the ruling at some point today. at first prosecutors wanted him to spend 10 years behind bars. in september, both he and wife maureen were found guilty of trading political influence for $150,000 in gifts and loans. maureen mcdonnell will be sentenced next month. lawmakers are not sure whether incoming governor larry hogan can guarantee a previous state promise to pay for a third of costs. council will start taking steps to advance the project, including a potential buyout of
5:50 am
a gold's gym that would have to close to make way for the hospital. new rules are in effect for frat parties. three members must stay sober through the night and observe the others. they require outside security for large events. 5:50. now, today you can learn more about this generation's view of the civil rights struggle. dr. king for priests for life and the niece of martin refuse represented luther king jr. will discuss how her uncle would have used the struggle for this generation. it will take place at the national press club at 10:00 a.m. gun violence abortion and poverty are also on this agenda >> with this first about big snowfall of the season we have
5:51 am
seen pretty creative head wear across your region. >> you need it because it is cold. for the first competition of 2015 pat collins asked everyone to show off their snow hats. these are some of the best hats. you know what this means. the best gets the official pat collins -- it is so coveted. very cute. they will be announced this afternoon at news 4 at 4:00. very adorable. thanks for sending pictures. that was a strong candidate right there. we keep getting school closings in. shenandoah county schools opening two hours later. we know it is really icy out there. >> temperatures into the teens right now.
5:52 am
all the counties in the light blue under enormous area. it is under windchill advisory including virginia west virginia the district delaware for strong winds developing this afternoon. gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour bringing windchills into single tkaeupblg its. then tonight windchills down to 10 below zero. feels-like temperature will be low single digits in the metro. in fact, it will get into subzero temperatures. by 11:00 p.m. near zero or subzero. our windchills will still be down to near zero or 5 below zero starting off early tomorrow morning. temperatures right now are subfreezin we have light winds for now. those winds will begin to pick up. teens to 20 degrees.
5:53 am
much of the region gets windy by noon time. along with gusty winds, a few flurries flying through the area. may get around 30 degrees. most of the region in the mid and upper 20s. keep up with all the cold changes when you're away from your tv. for tomorrow morning, temperatures down to near 10 degrees. afternoon highs in the mid-20s. above freezing friday afternoon. saturday cold again. all day saturday highs just reaching upper 20s with sunshine. sunday back above freezing. mid-30s. monday and tuesday next week ought to be in the low 40s. a passing light rain shower a few sprinkles monday, tuesday afternoon. melissa is looking at deteriorating conditions on the roads.
5:54 am
. this is pretty nasty. maryland 50 west bound at 97. single vehicle crash versus pedestrian who unfortunately did die at the scene. they are now getting all of this out of the way. a bad situation there as you head out of annapolis this morning. what you need to do because of the closures pushing 97 north. take central avenue to get around that one. sad scene there. 270 southbound out of frederick, a little slow. 40 miles per hour as you head it opens up at germantown. overall, actually looking quite good. 66 getting a little closure approaching the beltway. 95 north, a little slow as well. maryland 95. bw parkway no, problems there >> thank you, melissa. 5:55. we are hearing about apple's i watch. and technology takes leaps and bounds. landon, good morning.
5:55 am
>> reporter: eun, good morning to you. the apple watch may be in stores sooner than you think. it is reporting apple expects to launch the device in late march. apple unplans to unveil a macbook air and redesigned ipad. the next big thing, wearable devices. intel ceo showed off a computer the size of a button that will be out later this year. he also demonstrated a drone you wear on your wrist. it becomes a flying camera that you can take selfies. so selfies to a whole new level. >> landon you and i said we would sign up for the jewel encrusted. two men have been arrested
5:56 am
in connection with the shooting of two nypd officers. they were responding to a robbery call at a deli monday. one of the men was allegedly caught on surveillance cam a ra opening fire on the officers. five officers responded to the call. they are recovering well. the commissioner commended the effort of all of officers responding. . and baltimore city police charged a man who brought a loaded gun into a city police station. the man said he was ordered by a gang to smuggle the loaded gun into the building. according to police the 29-year-old man walked into the substation selling of marijuana. police found marijuana, cocaine, and .22 caliber handgun with a round in the channel. >> officers were trying to identify people who broke into a gas station during the protest in ferguson missouri.
5:57 am
you can see a man smash a glass door. it is near ferguson. it was one of several businesses looted during the protests. they want to con seen a vu grand jury to considering the charges against the officer who shot and killed eric brown. reports 38% of americans have enough money to pay for a car repair or emergency room visit. mill lessen kwrals are the least likely to have money in their savings account. we are dealing with all that snow that refroze spots out
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on news 4 today, no break from the wintry weather. snow giving way to frigid and windy conditions as you get ready to head to work. what you need to know before you step outside this morning. the cold not helping conditions on the roads right now as all the snow and slush refroze while you were sleeping leaving slick conditions in the
6:00 am
area. we are helping track the trouble spots this morning. some of you are stepping out to temperatures in the teens right now. >> yeah. those conditions also to blame for a number of school delays at this hour. in virginia fairfax county schools opening two hours later after they apologized for staying open yesterday. loudoun county two hour delay. arlington and prince william counties starting late. fauquier county schools closed. in maryland anne arundel county delayed two hours. prince george's montgomery howard county two hours later as well. new into our newsroom shenandoah starting two hours


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