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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 6, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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they watched as dozens of law enforcement made the arrest. >> 10 to 15 cars were there. >> reporter: how many officers? >> officers? 20 30? >> reporter: in lower manhattan, mark sanitia, news4. news4 begins now with storm team 4. tonight, some really troubling and dangerous weather out there. snow created major problems during the morning rush. and now more trouble for the evening commute with black ice and bone-chilling temperatures. we've got a team of reporters gathering elements of this story across maryland virginia and d.c. from the spin-outs to the controversy over school closings. and, of course the road conditions. this is a live look from our drive cam in vienna. the snow is gone but the threat certainly isn't over yet. let's go first to doug. he's tracking the conditions from storm center 4. doug? >> yeah i'm the only one indoors now. good thing, because it is darn cold out there. and it will continue to get even colder as we move through the night tonight. take a look at the three-hour
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loop we saw this morning. the snow making its way in and filling in very quickly. we saw some of the snow coming down pretty fast upwards of a half inch to an inch per hour between 6:00 and 9:00. that was it. but that was enough to cause a lot of problems as it occurred just during the rush hour. now no more snow no -- nothing on the radar as far as that is concerned. but this is how much snow we saw, ashburn over 4 inches. 4 inches in rockville. 3.5 in reston. reagan national 2.4 inches of snow. so yes, a little more than expected and colder temperatures helped it to stick on the roadways very quickly. now, talk about those temperatures. this is where we'll be tomorrow morning. in the low 20s. but wind chills in the teens. watch out, everything will freeze very quickly as we move through the rest of the overnight hours. temperatures are already below freezing right now. i do expect a lot of ice on those roadways both tonight and tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning's rush could be another problem, so once again, give yourself a lot of extra time. i'll update you on the forecasts and wind chills guys. wait until you see these
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numbers. i've got those for you in just a minute. >> thanks doug. team coverage continues now with transportation reporter adam tuss. he's in vienna with a look at the conditions there right now. adam? >> reporter: yeah jim. we're driving around here. take a look out our live drive cam here. what's going on. we've got ice on the roads here and it's going to be a battle to get rid of this stuff tonight. v-dot putting more crews out on the streets tonight to try to deal with this. but we want to show what we saw from around the whole area today. only could get up to about 5 miles an hour on the gw parkway as cars were left stranded on the side of the parkway. a tough go there. in downtown leesburg today, frozen sidewalks and walking with care was a must. the shovels also out as people cleared their path. and then take a look at this picture sent into us from a viewer. 16th street in south arlington. cars yeah kind of like bumper cars as they headed down the icy hill. now i want to take you back out here to our live shot in vienna.
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the roads, some of the main roads in decent shape but side roads in slick conditions and for the morning, a challenge. we'll send it back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, adam. from the parking garage at the grovener metro, the scene was actually kind of picturesque this morning. but it wasn't pleasant for drivers who started the day cleaning off their cars or trying to push their way out of ditches on the side of the road. road crews are now out making sure streets are passable for the evening rush. metro buses are now operating under a moderate snow plan they call it. that means service along most of the routes will be okay. but some of the routes might be detoured to keep the buses off streets that are hilly and streets that are really narrow. metro officials say you can also expect some bus delays. so they suggest riding the rails when possible. and here's a live look at the runway at reagan national airport, where there are delays averaging 45 minutes tonight. here a look from
6:04 pm all the planes in the air coming into and out of national. earlier today, some arriving planes got caught on the tarmac as they waited for gates to open and planes to be deiced. we spoke to a passenger on one of those planes. she says the pilot immediately informed them about the situation, but she said they waited an hour and a half after landing before getting to a gate. >> of course you know everybody had their business plans or family plans they had to go to. so of course you hear mumbling and grumbling. but at the same time it's better to be safe than sorry. >> reporter: airport officials tell us reagan national is running at all-time record levels. all 44 gates are assigned to airlines. so when there are delays some planes have to wait. apologies are pouring in and officials say they have learned some lessons after causing kids to go to school in what some people consider dangerous conditions. schools in fairfax, loudoun, prince william and arlington all made decisions to open today on time.
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alexandria schools opened two hours late. and now the focus is turning toward tomorrow. our mark segraves is in fairfax county now with more on that. mark? >> reporter: well vance, as you said the school districts had decided to open today and are regretting it somewhat. many districts are now reporting multiple school bus accidents that occurred today. and those same school officials are now apologizing for that decision to open. >> unfortunately, we got it wrong today. we did. >> reporter: getting to school this morning proved dangerous for school buses. this parent had to walk his son to school because his school bus never showed up. >> in the morning, they couldn't make it. it was really bad for them i guess. i don't know. we just wait 30 minutes, and didn't show up. >> reporter: while no students were reported injured, 12 school buses were in accidents in this prince william county. another six school bus accidents were reported in arlington and fairfax county reported its share of bus accidents, as well.
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>> almost two-hour delays getting students to school. but, you know thankfully most circumstances, what i understand several fender-benders. we've had one accident none of our students were injured thankfully. >> reporter: while public schools were open many private school students spent the day shoveling snow with temperatures expected to dip below freezing tonight, the concern for tomorrow will be ice-covered roads. >> assessed conditions overnight into the early morning hours, make the best decision we can with the information we have at the time. >> reporter: jim, we just got this information in. fairfax county public schools have just announced that they will be opening two hours late tomorrow morning. now, if there are anymore delays or closings tomorrow you can get them first by signing up for the nbc washington app. that way, when you wake up and pick up your phone, you'll be first to know. i have to tell you, as a parent i have it on my phone. we're live in fairfax county
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mark news4. >> thanks mark. our survey question of the day, which schools do you think got it right today? more than three quarters of those who responded said the schools who got it right were those who did not open today. now that the snow is over the extreme cold is settling in. news4's tom sherwood in downtown d.c. with a look at the new concerns coming our way. tom? >> reporter: first, doreen let me show you the traffic on 14th street headed to the 14th street bridge into virginia moving very well now, and people are walking around and the conditions around town are pretty good. but after a tough commute day, the city is turning its attention to the cold and to the homeless. whether it was a single homeowner in northwest, or a southeast city crew clearing the 11th street bridge sidewalks, the district slowed it to a near stop for the first snowstorm of the season.
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is your license up to date? >> it absolutely thank you, guys. >> reporter: in her first as mayor, muriel bowser drove around town visited several neighborhoods. many citizens liked that. >> we need to make sure that everything is being done properly and correctly if we're going to start off the new year right. >> reporter: at one point the mayor passed a homeless person and instructed an aide to check on her. officials said a cold weather emergency begins tomorrow in a city that has struggled to find enough winter shelter. >> i was briefed yesterday, and i know that we currently have shelter capacity at our family shelters our overflow capacity and our singles shelters. >> reporter: but all around town the morning commute was bad for those driving and for many of those waiting longer than normal for the buses. >> we would have liked a smoother commute. so we made the best decisions with the information that we had. >> reporter: officials are worried a refreeze could make things tough again tomorrow morning. >> the temperatures are not going to warm up and what we're
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afraid of is that the roads are not going to dry out, either. and we want to prevent any refreeze that's going on. >> reporter: so the city officials say they'll be treating the roads all through the night. you should just be careful in the morning. downtown washington tom sherwood news4. thanks tom. if you can put the traffic troubles aside, the blanket of snow covering the nation's capital today really was quite attractive. hopefully you were able to stop and notice that. wendy rieger here now with some of the best images from today. wendy? >> you know those northerners like to make fun of us when it snows. we may not be the best drivers, but you won't find a more beautiful city. there is a kind of hush that falls over our town this dusting of snow adds to or creates a peaceful ambience. white house photographer pete sousa took these photographs. the white house never takes a bad picture, but in the snow it is wondrous. and every dog, even the first family's loves the snow.
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so that is bo standing out in the rose garden a black speck in the white landscape. but the hands-down favorite in the newsroom is from the national zoo, and bao bao. enjoying her first snow. and instinctively knowing to just tumble head over heels in it like any normal kid. even her mom couldn't resist. they were like two little kids in the snow this afternoon. bao bao is 16 months old, just a couple weeks ago she spent the day up in a tree after touching a hot wire and getting spooked. i bet the fairfax county public school official would like hiding in a tree right now. clearly, she is not bearing any lingering traumas from that adventure. you can watch the entire video of bao bao playing on and we want to see your snow pics. post them to facebook, twitter and instagram using the hash tag nbc4dc. back to you. >> thank you, wendy. other thousandnews now.
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a fallen human being. that's how virginia governor bob mcdonnell described himself this afternoon after a judge sentenced him to two years in prison for public corruption. tonight an appeal is already in the works. >> i want to thank the court and judge spencer for the mercy he dispensed to me today. i also want to thank my family who have been unbelievably resolute. this has been an extraordinarily difficult time and they have been beyond loving and forgiving and uplifting in their support for me. >> the testimony from another former governor may have helped lessen mcdonnell's sentence which could have been up to eight years. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey will join us with more details in about ten minutes. a manhole cat knocking out power to thousands across d.c. tonight, a look at what it will take to get things up and running again. >> reporter: is this traffic in mondaytana monday minnesota or
6:12 pm
montgomery county? if you guessed montgomery county you win. this is chris gordon monitoring the evening rush hour for you ahead. a new year. a new snow stick challenge. you could end up with one of these. i'm pat collins. the story, coming up. news4. and our web team has been busy posting pictures of the snow. we invite you to sent us an e-mail or check these pictures out during the break at
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a bit of snow created quite a nightmare commute this morning, and now the big concern is ice. we'll tell you about any problems out there through our nbc washington app. and we've got reporters monitoring the conditions in your neighborhood right now. our coverage continues with chris gordon along river road in bethesda. how does it look chris? >> reporter: well the main roadways are moving well. they're clear of snow. but here is the problem. i want you to visualize it. glare ice. look at the pieces. look at the sizes. i'm standing by a stop sign. imagine hitting that going too quickly and putting on your brakes too sharply. and with the temperatures dropping tonight, it can only get worse. jessica louie says driving tonight is more treacherous than it looks, because of icing. >> i just got myself unstuck from a driveway. so it was a pretty precarious situation. because my dad had just got out
6:16 pm
of the hospital had to help me. i was pushing and he was behind the wheel. >> reporter: this morning, the snow was heavier than predicted. it may look like the midwest, but it's montgomery county. snow took the rush out of the morning rush hour which was so slow that one commuter driving from lorden to rockville thought she would never get there. >> it was rough. there was a lot of snow on the roads so i was stuck in traffic for about three-and-a-half hours coming from virginia. it was pretty rough. >> reporter: montgomery county police report more than 100 accidents due to the snowy weather. >> i probably saw about eight wrecks cars turned around. a lot of people going fast. and tons of people going slow. >> reporter: this is what i-270 south through gaithersburg looked like. cars driving at 12 miles per hour. a lot of people chose metro rail but driving here to the grovener strathmore metro station was a challenge. >> pretty sloppy. it looked like a lot of the roads hadn't really been plowed as well as maybe they should have or could have been. >> reporter: but for some like
6:17 pm
this family visiting from columbia with their 3-year-old the snow is a welcome adventure. have you ever seen snow before? >> no. >> reporter: what do you think of it? >> good. >> reporter: well we all think it's good. the first day of snow. on the first day. but tonight, on the side streets, the ice not so much. that's the latest live in montgomery county. chris gordon, news4. >> it's hazardous out there. and we actually got more snow than we expected. >> yeah we did. we got about 2 inches and that's just straight across the board. when we said 1 to 2, it was really 3 to 4, and that happened in many areas. and that's one reason we saw problems this morning. i think the bigger issue, though was the simple impact it had on those roads, being so cold. temperatures around 20 degrees this morning. very hard for the salt very hard for the brine to work with temperatures at 20 degrees or below. that's why we saw so many problems out there this morning.
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once again, it did pose a lot of problems for some of the area schools, for a love lot of us making our way into work and meteorologists as well. 31 degrees, the current temperature. look at the wind chill, now starting to see a wind chill. down to 26 as the winds are starting to pick up. we've got winds gusting over 20 miles per hour right now. and look at the current temperature, down to 19 in gaithersburg. 25 in martinsburg. 25 in manassas. so everybody, just about everybody below freezing. so ice is going to be the big concern. it's no longer the snow. that is now out of here. it is going to be the driving impact and this is going to be another factor tomorrow morning. watch for the ice. temperatures will be around 22 degrees. you can't plow that ice off of there anymore. so those side streets are going to be a mess i think, early tomorrow morning. give yourself extra time. tomorrow afternoon, between 5:00 and 7:00 it's still going to be the icy situation, but it's more of a wind situation, too. 24 degrees. but i think the wind chill around that time will be between 5 and 10. 18 leesburg.
6:19 pm
16 towards frederick. a very cold start. starting off with wind chills most everybody around 8:00 a.m. in the 20s for the most part. maybe the teens. by around noon we're talking between 10 and 18 degrees. by 4:00 in the afternoon, the wind chill between 0 and 10. so they actually go down as we move through the rest of the afternoon. tomorrow it's going to be one brutally cold day. more of the same during the day on thursday. so that arctic air after the snow is now here. so your impact forecast for tomorrow moderate if not on the high note as we will see those falling temperatures and those increasing winds. winds gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour as we move through the day tomorrow. now, your outlook as far as the impact travel impact watch for the ice. we've got that at a moderate level. exercise impact probably an indoor exercise day. unless you want to do some skiing. maybe some tele marking. out and about, a day to stay in for sure. it's on the red side. your outside is going to be on the cold side. high temperature of 28 tomorrow.
6:20 pm
24 on thursday. thursday morning, i think many areas could see wind chills below zero to step out and start the day. so heads up for that and that comes even with sunshine. we get to 37 on friday. so we're moving in the right direction. but we go right back down on saturday. a high saturday of only 29 degrees. 37 degrees on sunday. so we're talking a very cold weekend. and then we look towards monday and tuesday. high temperatures in the upper 30s, but there will be another storm system to watch. that storm system passing to our south and east. if it's able toe up further, we could be talking more snow. we'll talk more about that in the next couple days. >> oh. my all right. thank you, doug. could be at least another hour or longer before electricity is restored in this dupont circle neighborhood. power went out when a manhole caught fire this morning. this is along 18th street near new hampshire avenue northwest. pepco tells us that three underground feeders failed. knocking out power to 6,000 customers. >> reporter: it's just going to be a really cold night with lots
6:21 pm
of reading by candlelight. >> i'm wondering if my fish are still alive right now. they need a water heater and i'm nervous about them. >> reporter: pepco says repairs are going more slowly than anticipated due to traffic and the weather. we are following breaking news right now at a military base in texas. wendy rieger at our live desk. >> we have just learned there is a possible active shooter situation at ft. bliss in el paso texas. police there are telling us there is a lone gunman at the veteran administration's clinic on the base. you're looking at pictures that are being tweeted out by people outside. that is the veterans administration clinic on the base. as a result both the beaumont medical center and ft. bliss are on lockdown and we are told that military and police are in a standoff. we don't know if this person has any hostages. we do not know if there are any casualties. this is still unfolding. we'll keep you abreast of this
6:22 pm
unfolding, this active shooter situation in ft. bliss in el paso. back to you. >> thanks wendy. a new general manager for washington's football team. got a heck of a track record if. if you wonder how good we'll show you some of the pro bowlers for whom he's responsible drafting. >> reporter: i'm julie carey in richmond virginia where former governor bob mcdonnell gets aentence than expected. why some are crediting another former governor who is helping to win leniency. he is banged up but talking from home. hear senator harry reid's message to reporters after a
6:23 pm
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two years in prison for public corruption. that's the sentence imposed on former virginia governor bob mcdonnell today. but he says the story isn't over yet. >> i disagree with the verdict that was rendered by the jury in this case and that we intend to file our appeal. >> in about a month, mcdonnell will begin serving his time unless he can convince the court to keep him out during his appeal. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey reports from richmond. >> i want to thank the court and judge spencer for the mercy he dispensed to me today. >> reporter: the former virginia governor bob mcdonnell shortly after judge james spencer handed down a two-year prison sentence far lower than the six to eight years the guidelines recommended.
6:26 pm
still, mcdonnell and his legal team made it clear, they will file an immediate appeal. challenging the former governor's conviction on 11 public corruption charges. >> i just wanted to say, sometimes in a case like this, justice is a marathon not a sprint. >> reporter: prosecutors urged judge james spencer to impose a stiff sentence telling him mcdonnell sold the power of the governor's office to businessman, jonnie williams in exchange for more than $170,000 in gifts and loans. mcdonnell's lawyers asked the judge to impose three years of community service instead of prison. 11 witnesses begged the judge for leniency including former democratic governor, doug wilder. mcdonnell's supporters erupted in applause when wilder pointed out that businessman williams quote, walked away clear. mcdonnell's attorney say the wilder plea made an impact. >> he came in today, and he was literally brilliant. he's probably one of the best witnesses i have ever seen in my 20-plus years in court.
6:27 pm
>> reporter: just before delivering the two-year sentence judge spencer told mcdonnell the facts of this case cannot be ignored. a price must be paid. it breaks my heart. prosecutors say the term sends a message to public officials. >> no one is above the law. not a high public official. not even the highest public official in the state. >> reporter: mcdonnell's estranged wife maureen, left the court in tears, but his sisters tell me they see the lighter sentence as a partial victory. >> certainly could have been worse. we're very grateful for judge spencer for showing their mercy on him, and taking into account all of the good he has done and will continue to do in the future. >> reporter: bob mcdonnell was ordered to report to the bureau of prisons on february 9th but his attorneys are hoping to keep him free pending appeal. his wife maureen, is sentenced on february 20th. if you want to watch bob mcdonnell's entire statement, go our news4 app or our website,
6:28 pm we'll also be posting an interview my colleague david culver is doing with the jurors. you'll hear her reaction as well. reporting live from richmond virginia i'm julie carey, news4. bitter cold and black ice. they're both real threats as we look at the storm team 4 radar. doug is back with conditions in your neighborhood in a moment. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer in prince george's county where it was a snow day today for county kids. so did the school system make the right decision? you'll hear from parents, coming up in a live report on news4 at 6:00. and pat collins with his first snow stick challenge of the season. we'll hear from him, coming ♪ ♪
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breaking news now. reports of an active shooter at a military base in texas. wendy reeg certify live. >> this is in ft. bliss in el paso. an active shooter at the veteran's administration clinic. these are pictures and video we have. police s.w.a.t. and fbi on the scene now. we are hearing that they are in a standoff with a lone gunman. we do not know if this person has shot anyone if there are any casualties. we do not know if this person has taken any hostages. we do know that both the beaumont medical center if you're familiar with that base and ft. bliss itself are on lockdown as they try to remedy
6:32 pm
this situation of an active shooter at the veteran's administration clinic on the base. we are on top of this watching video that is coming in now. and we are hearing from our station in el paso. we'll keep you with information as we get it. back to you. >> wendy rieger thank you. wicked weather throughout parts of the country, it's pretty widespread and dumped snow across a 2,000 mile corridor. an arctic blast is close behind and tonight 22 states dealing with the snow and the bone-chilling cold. the winter blast is causing trouble on the roads, and in the air, as well. our team coverage continues tonight with doug and veronica in storm center 4. hi guys. >> yeah hey, guys. you're talking about a 1-2 punch. i've got the one, you've got the -- >> two. of. >> thank you. we're talking about the snow that came in and cold temperatures and then the wind. >> that's right. it's taking an ugly situation and making it worse. i'll step you through the winds we're expecting and wind chills later. >> first what we saw this morning. 6:00 to 9:00 early this morning.
6:33 pm
you saw the snow coming down, and one thing that happened that we were not expecting, we talked about it but this is a little band right here. see this big white band? that was coming down at an inch per hour in some locations. that's why places like sterling and ashburn saw close to 4 inches of snow. that whole system moved out of the range and we saw melting and now everything is freezing. 23 degrees in college park. 19 current temperature in gaithersburg. and so we're all below freezing. everything will continue to freeze tonight and roads slick and sidewalks. so walking on the tough side early tomorrow morning. tomorrow is going to be another problem getting to and from work. give yourself a lot o but veronica this is not just the only thing we're worried about. those wind chills will be brutal. >> very low tomorrow and gets worse for thursday. let's talk about the current winds behind the system. we're seeing neighborhoods where the winds have picked up just over 20 miles per hour. that 25-mile-an-hour gust right now around leesburg and higher up around frederick, too. 6:00 a.m. close to 30 in frederick, maryland.
6:34 pm
martinsburg. and 30 miles per hour the winds gusting. watch what happens after lunch time tomorrow. a lot of neighborhoods over 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts. what that will leave us with as winds pick up and temperatures fall doug by the afternoon, early evening, wind chills from 10 to 15 and dropping very quickly to the single digits where i don't even want to think about thursday morning. >> yeah. thursday morning going to be the tough one and this is going to be with us for not just one but a couple days. we'll take you through the coldest in a few minutes. guys? >> thanks doug. students in prince george's county enjoyed a snow day today. school officials there cancelled classes after they noticed a dangerous driving conditions. prince george's county bureau reporter darcy spencer is in university park tonight. darcy? >> reporter: well jim, as you know we have been reporting that northern virginia parents were very unhappy with the decision today to keep schools open when it was the opposite story here in prince george's county. parents were very pleased the schools were in fact closed.
6:35 pm
now, look here behind me. this is route 410, the public works department says they have treated all the major roadways here in prince george's county. but look here. this is what they're concerned about. the side streets and residential streets. they're already beginning to freeze over. kids are sledding on a slightly snow-covered hill in university park in prince george's county on this snow day. county kids obviously happy schools were closed. >> it's great. it's actually my first one ever. >> reporter: ever? >> yeah. >> reporter: how did you manage that? >> i actually lived in africa up until recently. so never, ever seen snowfall before. >> reporter: but the kids aren't the only ones happy with the decision. parents say the school system got this one right. >> definitely. we heard about fairfax county. bad call. no i thought it was perfect. they did two-hour delay, and thought it would be 1 to 2 inches and obviously got far more. >> i imagine the kids never would have made it to school if
6:36 pm
school had been open. >> reporter: for some who had to get to work it took a couple tries. nana nana digs himself out of this driveway in college park. it will be his second attempt to get to work. he first tried at 7:30 in the morning but the roads were too bad so he came back home. >> a lot of accidents. >> reporter: these photos show what happened to some drivers who didn't turn around. they ended up in accidents along i-95 in the beltway in prince george's county. for those who were able to wait it was a much easier commute. tony greer is feeling the pressure though. he's trying again to get to his federal government job in d.c. earlier, he and his neighbors were stuck on the big icy hill in adele my. >> i helped some other people get out. but even when we got out and off the street here we were still -- you still couldn't get out of -- you could go that way, that way. there was no way to really get past the neighborhood.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: we're going to be tracking road conditions as well as any school cancellations and delays this evening as well as tomorrow morning. and you can keep track as well by downloading the nbc washington app, and you'll get those alerts right here on your phone. reporting live from university park darcy spencer news4. >> darcy, thank you. with this first big snowfall of the season we have seen some pretty creative head wear across our region. so for his first competition of 2015 pat collins asked all of us to show off their best snow hats. pat's live at his partible snow office in northwest d.c. pat, what's the good word? >> reporter: doreen show me your hat. first, snow. first part of the year. first snow stick challenge. the search today for the best snow hat. what have you got? >> we've got 4 inches. >> 3.5. >> 3, maybe. >> reporter: as we were out and
6:38 pm
about measuring snow today, we were on the lookout for the best snow hat in washington. >> i would like a snow stick so badly. >> reporter: the first snow stick challenge of 2015. best snow hat gets an official pat collins snow stick. snow has a way of getting people to reach for hats that are normally in the way, way back of their closet. >> usually i don't ever wear hats so i'm always cold and then i realized there is a reason why people wear hats. and yeah i'm actually kind of warm now. kind of snugly. i kind of feel like you know i kind of feel like this is -- must be how dogs feel with fur on. >> reporter: that brings us now to the animal category of the snow stick challenge. even though dogs have coats, it takes a special hat to complete the ensemble. is that dog really wearing a pig hat? people wearing animal hats. animals wearing people hats. hats hats all kinds of snow hats. hey, wait a minute. that guy looks familiar. the cheeseburger hat. did that come with fries?
6:39 pm
the must can he tier hat. hey there hi there ho there. theity bitty hat for small storms when the snow is in the air, people want a special hat for their head. >> on a cold day it does keep my head warm. >> reporter: and on a snowy day? >> it keeps the snow out of my hair. >> reporter: so it gets the job done. >> it gets the job done. >> reporter: now you've got until 7:00 to enter if you have a special snow hat, put it on your head. take a picture of it. then tweet that picture to to @patsnowstick. and who knows, you could end up with big blue. live in northwest, pat collins, use? 4. >> going to be hard to beat the cheeseburger hat. >> it's going to be hard to beat the hat pat has on. that's the standard fare right there. thanks pat. some big changes to school start times. we'll find out who could be sleeping in. >> an 18-year-old walking home in the cold hit and killed by a
6:40 pm
train. what the victim was wearing that may have something to do with this.
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
the teenager who was hit and killed by a train in gaithersburg yesterday was walking in a prohibited area. according to police reports, he's been identified as 18-year-old mario hernandez. the address listed is about two miles from the scene where he was hit at the old town station in gaithersburg. a city official tells our scott macfarlane the teenager had his hood raised and he was wearing ear buds at the time of the accident. police say the train conductor sounded the horn and tried to hit the brakes before hernandez was hit. new at 6:00 tonight, the widow of a man who died in custody in the prince george's county jail is now asking the justice department to investigate his death. regina shield started an online petition this week. she wdoj to look into the death of her husband, samuel
6:43 pm
shields. he was arrested june 17th after getting into a dispute over a metro bus fare. he died in custody hours later. a witness told news4, he had been beaten. we reached out to the department of justice for comment on the petition but they have not returned our call. next the deep freeze that's impacting millions across 22 states. doug is tracking conditions in our area as we look ahead to tomorrow morning. and we invite to you check out the pictures our viewers have been sending in of the snow. you can do that by going to
6:44 pm
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back now to the breaking
6:46 pm
news. reports of an active shooter at a military base in texas. wendy? >> again, this is at ft. bliss in el paso. and about an hour ago, they turned over as you can see, federal authorities there, the fbi and local police have turned it over to the fbi, and to federal investigators. an active shooter in the veterans administration clinic at the base. as a result if you're familiar with this base the william beaumont medical center is on lockdown as is the full base. they believe they have a lone gunman. they are in a standoff. we still don't know if this person has hurt anyone or has taken any hostages. we're going to find out something at the top of the hour. that's when there will be a live news conference from el paso and ft. bliss. you can find that streaming live at >> wendy, thank you. the snow has stopped falling, but the weather threat isn't over. the big concern is ice on the
6:47 pm
roads after today's wintry blast. a reminder fairfax county schools on a two-hour delay tomorrow. they have already announced that. here's doug with a look at what we can expect tonight and tomorrow and one question you haven't answered yet, should we do our homework. >> i said you should do your homework last night. fairfax county, you're glad you did your homework because you had school today. that's one i guess silver lining there. the i tell you areas, i think will see a few more delays coming in. make sure you check our web page and our weather apps. now, your evening planner tonight, we're going to be seeing temperatures fall fairly quickly as we move through the next couple hours. and the winds have already started to pick up. we've seen winds gusting upwards of 20 to 25 miles per hour. and that will continue too. temperatures dropping from 31 where they are right now down through the 20s. 29 degrees by around 7:00. 26 by 11:00. and we will be windy at that time. already down to 19 in gaithersburg. now down to 21. you just saw it move there. and the college park area. 25 in manassas.
6:48 pm
21 towards dulles where they picked up 4 inches of snow. all of the snow that came in today will freeze overnight tonight. especially anything that melted. so really watch out for ice. not just tonight, but early tomorrow morning. i do expect that morning rush to be a problem, especially in the side roads. storm team 4 radar shows the snow has moved out of here. it is now gone. tomorrow's forecast windy and just plain cold. temperatures will actually fall. get up to about 24 to 29 degrees by around 11:00, 12:00 tomorrow morning. but then in the afternoon, they will fall. the wind will begin to rise and take a look at this. the feels-like temperatures as we move through tomorrow morning, down to 18 in t.c. 11 in winchester. that's at 7:00 a.m. by 11:00 tomorrow morning afternoon, rather 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, look at the wind chill. 2 to about 10. so we're talking extreme cold here in our region. and it gets even colder. look at the negative numbers here by thursday morning. 5:00 a.m. 4 below in winchester. 4 below in martinsburg and a wind chill close to 0 in the
6:49 pm
d.c. metro area. so we're definitely talking about the coldest air we have seen this season. 11:00 a.m. still in the single digits as far as the wind chill is concerned. temperatures will stay that cold right through the day thursday with a high of only 24. we get to 37 on friday but then 29 on saturday. 37 on sunday. and then we look at another possible storm next monday and tuesday. so guys the cold air is here. we told you about a month ago, january would be very cold. there it is. very cold. >> looks like you were right. >> this time. not last time. students in montgomery county may get to sleep in later. today a work group released four new options for adjusted school start and ending times. they'll be presented to the school board next week. they range from schools starting 20 minutes later to starting elementary schools first, to staggered start times for high school students. the options are outlined in detail online at nbc washington. you can study them and weigh in when the county holds public hearings on january 22.
6:50 pm
any change to bell times will be approved in february. senator harry reid went on youtube today to explain why he missed his first day as minority leader. he noted that he used to be an amateur boxer. >> i didn't get this black eye by sparring with manny, by challenging floyd mayweather. i didn't go bull riding. i wasn't riding a motorcycle. i was exercising in my new home. >> the senator was injured last week during a workout when a resistance band snapped and threw him off balance. earlier today, the senator tweeted a photo of a meeting with his leadership team explaining his doctor told him to work from home. dianna has got sports now. it looks like we've got a new gm. >> yeah it's being called a great move for the redskins. scott mccloughan, the new general manager here in washington. he may not be known to many
6:51 pm
around here but around the league he is a big deal. we have all you need to know about him, stay here.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> so are we happy with this? do we like this guy? >> yeah everyone i'm talking to around the league is telling me this is great. people from seattle, people from the 49ers will say this guy has done a lot of good things for their organization and
6:54 pm
something this redskins team needs, especially because bruce allen, he's done some great things. but in terms of finding good players, that's not exactly his forte. so first defensive coordinator jim haslett was fired and now the new gm. the redskins are off and running making significant changes to this team. scott mccloughan will officially be named general manager later this week. bruce allen will remain team president, so who is this mccloughan guy? the 43-year-old spent five years with the 49ers, serving as general manager from '08 to 2010. he was also a senior personnel exec with the seahawks from 2010 to 2014 helping build their super bowl team. so those were good years there. and in his year away from football this past year mccloughan ran a private scouting service. so he should be able to make immediate impact to the redskins' upcoming draft. mccloughan definitely has had a great track record with the 49ers. he had a major hand in directing these guys. check this list out.
6:55 pm
tight end vernon davis, linebacker patrick willis frank gore and joe staley. everybody on the list has made the pro bowl. pretty good. equally impressive check this out. his time spent in seattle. mccloughan was one of the main reasons the seahawks drafted russell wilson in 2012. also richard sherman linebacker bobby wagner and defensive end bruce irvin. no one in the league i've spoken with questions his football smarts although some have pointed that he has had two stints in rehab for alcohol abuse. it looks like he's cleaned that up and will get another shot in washington. over to college basketball a battle at the verizon center. georgetown hosts marquette. hoyas have won 4 of their last 5 games. the freshman led the way. a 15-point win over crayton. tray campbell peak and paul white combining for 37 scoring in double figures.
6:56 pm
the first time since 2005 the three georgetown freshmen were able to do that. this may be their first year on the hilltop, but doesn't feel like it. >> don't call us freshmen call us basketball players. some freshmen would be scared when we go out there, but us we're not really scared. >> so many times these days the kids come in and want to tell you how to coach them. this is what i do this is what i'm good at this is what i should be doing. we have a group that is very talented very unselfish. but it's their willingness to learn new things willingness to grow willingness to be coached. >> those are words you want on your resume. over to baseball. the hall of fame announces 2015 class, and a good one. five-time cy young winner randy johnson received the most votes. no surprise there. martinez three-time cy young winner best known for helping the red sox win a world series.
6:57 pm
john smoltz 200 wins helped atlanta reach the world series five times. and craig biggio great seasons with the houston astros. barry bonds, 36% of the votes. roger clemens, 37. you think they'll get in? >> one wonders. but i'll tell you what. i heard somebody say the first two guys on there were guys that when rookies they were traded. didn't give them time to develop. you've got to give your pitchers time to develop. >> the big unit. >> the big unit. that's it. >> the big somebody. >> we know what you meant. >> you know what i meant. thank you very much. that's our broadcast for now. we invite you to stay tuned to a press conference regarding that active shooter situation at a military base in texas. it will get under way in a few minutes. we're going to stream it live on with our website. >> and we'll keep you updated
6:58 pm
about any school delays and closings. for the thank you cable. for the
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on our broadcast tonight, triple threat. bone chilling cold, wind and snow as serious weather now grips much of our country, that includes mud slides tearing through homes and forcing evacuations. the price you pay. while the price for gas has come way down, the freefall in oil prices isn't all good news for family finances in this country. battling alzheimer's. tonight julianne moore on the emotional role that could win her an oscar. the movie that will make a lot of people think. and cliff hanger. the story of an incredible climb, perhaps the most difficult ever attempted, as tonight people all over the world are following the vertical progress of two brave men. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news


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