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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 6, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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the snow is the big story this morning. look closely at this video from sterling virginia where a school bus is moving slowly on totally covered roadways. and good morning and welcome to news more midday. i'm barbara harrison. it's a weather alert day out there. this is why. snow has been falling since before the sun came up. crews did pretreat the roads, but the cold temperatures and heavy snow made for a terrible commute for many of you and your friends and neighbors. as you can see conditions on the beltwe are improving at this time. this camera shows i-66 at the
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virginia visitor's center around 9:00 this morning. vdot reported 600 vehicles on the road and crews are only plowing areas with more than two inches of snow they're telling us. well we have heard a lot from parents in fairfax and loudon counties who said they were too slow to start on time. at one time fairfax county public schools was trending worldwide on twitter. this is video from sterling virginia this morning where buses were out on the snow covered roads trying to get through to kids and then to school. most of the area remains under a winter weather advisory right now until 1:00 this afternoon. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein begins our team coverage from the weather channel. tom. >> hey, barbara, most of the snow has ended in the metro area. the snow has ended. as we look at the storm team 4 radar, right now the last of the know is just to our north in the
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panhandle of west virginia into washington and frederick county. a few lingering snow flurries in the eastern shore. it has ended in west virginia. this is all quickly tracking away. as it is tracking away we may get sunshine breaking out late in the afternoon. snow totals reported in around one to three inches in the metro area. there were some higher spots that got more than that and out in western maryland, may get a few more snow showers into this evening which may bring their snow totals up a little bit. the accumulating snow is all gone from the metro area and it's a cold morning. we have warmed up a little bit. near 20 a couple of hours ago. now the snow is climbing into the mid and upper 20s. it may get a little above freezing with a few breaks in the clouds and a little sunshine breaking out, we ought to make it to the mid 30s everyone
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single afternoon. a look at a big change. chuck bell joins us now in prince william county. where are you now? >> reporter: good morning. we are ingainsville virginia in prince william county. we've seen about two inches of snow. it's turned everything out here into very much a winter landscape, and many parents were not happy about their kids still having to go to school. >> it started snowing in prince william county around 3:00 a.m. and long before 6:00 the roads had changed over from black pavement to winter white. schools remained open in the county. much to the surprise and disappointment of many parents. >> it's a lot of snow. maybe schools should be closed today. >> i think that i should be able to stay home because it's not safe for all the buses to be driving because somebody could get hurt in an incident. >> those walking to school had it the easeiesteasiest, but even those would have preferred a snow day. >> reporter: are you supposed to be throwing snow on your sister?
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>> i don't think so. >> reporter: you think you should be going to school in the snow? you do? it was more than half an hour after the first bell before the first yellow bus with only a handful of students on board came inches its way and sliding its way down the hill to buckland mills elementary school. and parents driving their kids to school weren't fairing much better either. >> the schools made a mistake this time. >> just getting here talk about an extra half hour. it's a long drive for a ten-minute drive. sbl and this parent estimates many others weren't attempting the trip. >> how many out of ten decided to not bring their kids to school? >> probably eight out of ten. >> reporter: though it added up to two inches of snow it came at the least opportune moments and had many parents second guessing the school district's decision to stay open. and this is what we were talking about.
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the slipping and sliding on the hill. again, we're live in gainsville. this little green car is not having any success. they're giving up and doing what a very big prince william county school bus had to do which is come back down the hill backwards because they couldn't make it up. there's a lot of hills out here on the foothills of the blue ridge. a lot of parents think most if not all of the kids should have had the day off. if nothing else, but for safety. >> this is playing out across the area. this is from prince george's county. snow covered roads, cars backed up for miles. we have reports of people pushing stranded motorists. even buses got stranded this morning. megan mcgrath is live in rockville with a look at conditions there. megan? >> reporter: well we're along shady grove road in rockville.
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the snow has begun to taper off. just a little flurry heen and there. and the the road crews are finally getting work done on the roads. we still have slushy conditions. but it's no longer the snow pack pavement that we saw earlier. >> this morning's rush hour was just absolute misery for thousands of people who had to go to work this morning. take a look at this video. this is southbound 270. it was at a crawl this morning. we were driving along. at times we were going 15 miles an hour. there were other times where we came to a complete stop as people were exiting in front of us. it was a terrible situation. people were not happy about the road conditions. a lot of frustrated people out there. lower the plows and move them around. the damage had been done at that point. side streets that hadn't been treated, they were particularly
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bad. we saw people sliding off the roads. we talked to a number of commuters. and some it took them hours to get to work. >> i was stuck in traffic for three and a half hours coming from virginia. it was pretty rough. >> three and a half hours? >> i'm treating myself to starbucks right now. >> my drive was horrible. i came from baltimore city. i probably saw eight wrecks. cars turned around. a lot of people going fast and tons of people going slow which is great, but it was at a standstill at one point. >> and spots got two to three inches of snow. little surprised by the amount of snow they saw when they walked out of the house and plenty of people had to go to work and brave the roads. but at least at this point we
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can say there has been improvement. >> well they seemed to be moving along. thank you so much megan. and right now tepco is working to restore power to thousands of customers near dupont circle. you can see fire and smoke coming from a manhole there. three underground breakers tripped. at last check, more than 6100 customers were without power. no word on when the problem will be fixeded. and the power will be restored. and the former virginia bob mcdonnell is waiting to hear his fate right now. >> and barbara, we just learned through david culver that the judge has adjusted the sentencing guidelines in favor of the defense. bob mcdonnell now faces six to eight years in prison, as opposeded to the ten years min many um the prosecution wanted.
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you can see the former governor arriving at the courthouse in richmond. grieving reporter. now if his lawyers get what they want it would be no jail time. and just thousands of hours of community service. more than 400 family and friends wrote letters asking for leniency. he was convicted of multiple counts of corruption. his wife was also there, she was also found guilty of corruption last september. she will be sentenced next month. that's the latest back to you. >> we have a team of reporters out there to bring news on this whenever it happens. thanks so much angie. right now we are checking airports for delays and cancellations. the weather is not just the problem here. despite weather, a new congress will be sworn in less than an hour. a look at if we should expect any drama there today.
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right now the snow is starting to slow down in most of our area. you can track the snow and the whole storm with the interactive radar on our storm team 4 app. the highest totals remain to the north and west but road conditions are bad nearly everywhere. first 4's traffic melissa is joining us now with trouble
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spots. what's going on with i-66 now? >> i-66 as you know all shut down earlier this morning. westbound at fairfax county parkway, we now have one lane getting by. that was shutdown because of a jackknifed semi. overall, looking a lot better than we were. top of the beltway inner and outer loop probably the nastiest spot right now. you can see a live picture there. very slow there. 270 is looking a lot better than it did earlier. 66 west of nutley, a little bit of volume there but nothing major. melissa? >> chris grover is outside bethesda with more on how the snow created a mess of a commute in that krear. chris? >> reporter: well, good morning, barbara. metro bus is on what they call a moderate snow surface schedule. which means they stick to main roads and they don't go up to the narrow roads, the neighborhoods, the hilly terrain, the problem areas. you see people arriving here for metro rail.
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it is running well. we also had seen a lot of ride-on buses. people getting rides over here to the metro station. reporting that old georgetown road and connecticut avenue are both a mushy mess. a mushy mess with slow traffic. now 355 on rockville pike is moving pretty good. but we want to show you some of the other roads throughout montgomery county. let's show you route 28. this is between quince orchard between rockville and 270. and our camera man was coming to meet me and it was a slow go. about 5 miles an hour at best. and very crowded, and he got on 28 because he had to get off 270. it was such a slow mess on 270 trying to head south. so the conditions throughout our area are beginning to let up. treatment on roads, old georgetown and connecticut, only one lane has been plowed.
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the rest may have been treated, but it is difficult because traffic for the most part is heavy. now met retoles us that if you are waiting for a bus, now the bus stop is snowy. but do not stand in the street. do not stand in the street when you wait for a metro bus. we'll all the take it more seriously and get out earlier next time. so there were some problems today. chris gordon news 4. >> thank you. school closings are one of the biggest issues this morning. many virginia schools opened on time despite poor road conditions out there. how parents are reacting coming up. >> accumulating snow has ended in the metro area. big change blows in tomorrow. it's strong winds,
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i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. the accumulating snow has ended in the metro area. we're seeing still a little bit of light snow in the panhandle of west virginia and frederick county. that's passing north of the metro area, and we're starting to see pavement now as things are beginning to warm up a little bit. this is continuing to track off to the east. temperatures right now are still below freezing. we're in the mid to upper 20s in the metro area. reagan national is at 20 degrees. stay up with the weather with
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the storm team 4 weather app. you can get it on google play and the itunes store. a look at the cold winds coming up at 11:30, barbara. crews are in fairfax county treating roads right now. we saw pictures all over twitter. cars and school buts stung stuck in the snow. richard jor don is live outside luther jackson middle school with more on that part of the story. richard? >> reporter: barbara, here at this school like every other school in fairfax county there is class. the bell just rang to indicate a change of period. but now the school district is facing a backlash. many parents say the school district should have either delayed classes a few hours or canceled them all together because the conditions were treacherous for parents to get their children to school. fairfax public schools saying that they are apologizing to their parents. they have just put out a letter to the parents this morning.
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they say they have to make the call on whether or not to open or close schools by 5:00 a.m. they say by that time very early in the morning, the snow was light. they thought it would be best to keep the schools open. now they are regretting that decision. there has been an outpouring online. on twitter it's trending. on vine videos posteded them walking to school because their bus was stuck. there were minor accidents because of the weather. een a lot of posts, a lot of pictures. some students showing empty classrooms. school is open but many decided not to send them to school. many teachers didn't change it to school the parents are saying the school district paid a bad call. >> i know we had difficulties
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with the school closings. i guess that's the reasoning behind it. but other than that yeah i'm very surprised. >> the traffic is dangerous and awful in many i state. >> fairfax county public schools saying regular dismissal today. they don't want to let the kids out early because with the road conditions we're seeing right now, it would just not be safe to get the school buses back on the roads. so they're hoping once the afternoon hits the plows have time to hit the streets, things will be better. however, if there are parents who want to pick up their students early, the school will accommodate them. richard jordan news 4. >> angie goff is following breaking news for us at the live desk. >> really important information into the live desk. we have learned the walker health center is closed for the day. that's because they lost power. at this point they don't know when the lights will come back
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on. we did make contact with them. they're calling as many patients as they can to inform them. trying to reschedule them as well. meanwhile, the center has not been impacted. that one is open for business today. back to you. >> thank you. all the snow did not shut down the federal government. at noon the house and senate will be in session for the start of the 114th congress. for more on today's activity we're joined by mark murray. were there any chance they weren't going to show up? >> it would have taken a lot of snow. everyone is ready. and most of them are there. >> tell us what we can expect today. >> not yet. really everything starts happening around noontime. the biggest will be the vote for speaker. we pretty much know who the speaker of the house of representatives will be. it's the same speaker but there
11:23 am
is a vote for speaker. and right now 10 to 15. maybe a few more house conservative republicans. and there is a magic number. john boehner needs to more than 28 29 to get his majority without a second vote. but we're watching the little drama with a little bit of rebellion. he's probably going to end up being speaker. a few folks are trying to make it difficult for him. >> any names floating around. >> the stiff conservatives have two people voting. one is a republican from florida. another is a conservative republican from texas. >> i see the new congress. quickly tell me what it looks like. >> "washington post" has a great statistic statistical break down. 80% white. 8 90% male. it's not diverse as the country as a whole. the whole is 63% white, 49% male
11:24 am
and 73% christian. but this is more diverse than it's ever been before. glass half full glass half empty. it's really striking to look at the statistics and see the makeup of the congress. >> it's moving in the right direction. >> very slowly. >> very slowly thanks a lot. >> and for more from mark and the rest of the political team check out first read on congress is back in work with republicans in charge of the house and the senate. on the agenda a showdown over the pipeline. the gop wants to push it through the house later this week and in the senate where there now appears to be enough votes to pass it. what's going on with the weather out there?
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snow will not . it's a snowy scene in washington today. pat collins is out in the mess and joins us along with his famous snow stick. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. here it is. the official pat kol lincollins snow stick. it's out and at the ready for the first measurement for winter 2015. as you recall on the back i've marked all the big snows we've had over the years so you get a
11:28 am
little bit of history. then we have the numbers to measure the snow of the day. later on i will tell you how you can get one of these from your very own. now here to make our first measurement of the 2015 weather is pat collins. >> pat collins. where are you from? >> i'm from minnesota, eh. >> you've seen your share of snow. >> oh, you betcha. >> okay pat. take that stick. go over to untouched snow. insert the stick into the snow. what do you got? >> you got four inches. >> four inches here at connecticut. pat collins from minnesota. he knows snow. he knows how to measure snow. now here's what we're going to do. we're going to have our first snow stick challenge of the year. we're going to ask you to take a picture of your best snow hat. tweet that picture to
11:29 am
to @patcollins. the one with the best snow hat gets the chance to get an official pat collins snow stick. compared to minnesota, what is this? >> this is a nice dusting. >> this is like easter sunday in minneapolis, isn't it? >> early summer. >> from one pat collins to another pat collins, to you, barbara. >> you found a comedian out there today. that's great. is he really pat collins? >> he's really pat collins. >> oh, yeah. absolutely. >> he's been here 25 years. i would show you his driver's license, but it's under like four layers of clothe ls. >> we'll hear from you later today about thanks a lot. right now many people are hoping the evening commute will not look like this. snow covereded roads and bumper to bumper traffic this morning. we'll get you up to date on road conditions. and a cold wind is moving in as winds move out. detted@@0 l
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0 l
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the weather is causing all sorts of problems for the airports. right now reagan national is reporting 25 cancellations. dulles has six cancellations. the best advice is to call your carrier before heading o the airport. if your flight is taking off, leave with plenty of time to get there because of the snow
11:33 am
covered roads and tom kierein is joining us now. it's going to stay snow covered. >> and temperatures get above freezing this afternoon and still below freezing now. is what fell did stick, and we got more than anticipated. we had the snow arriveing earlier than we thought. so as a result it came down longer and the snow was fluffier as well. so it tends to sort of pile up more. and we had a little more moisture as well. so that all added up to somewhat higher totals thean we had anticipated from the storm. a few isolated spots. a little bit more in the northern district and a little less south and east. three to four inches. much further north an west in the dark blue zone. way out in western maryland it's not yit over yet. they've already had four to five inches.
11:34 am
they may pick up an additional inch there. generally enough to cause havoc. doesn't take much to cause major problems. what was going to fall was going to stick. it may have only been an inch or two but enough to cause all kinds of problems on the roads. and that's what happened this morning right now we still have lingering snow in howard county and frederick and washington county. this will continue to pass north of the metro area. there may be an additional passing light snow shower later this afternoon. the majority of the accumulating snow has ended temperatures near 30 by the chesapeake bay. may get a few breaks in the clouds as we get a little bit above freezing by mid afternoon. then a partly cloudy sky and the
11:35 am
winds start to come in. by done tarm temperatures down to 20 degrees. keep up with all these changes with the storm team 4 weather app. then during the day highs only reaching the upper 20s. the winds tomorrow will be very strong. 0 to 10 degrees is what it will feel like. even though temperatures will be in the 20s to 30s. and then frigid down to 10 degrees. and then on thursday afternoon into the mid 20s. on friday a bit milder. cold air on saturday with a high of only 30. highs around 40 with sub freezing mornings. that's the way it looks, barbara. this is the scene that played out in most of the area this morning.
11:36 am
snow covered roads, cars backed up for miles. we have reports of people pushing stranded motorists and somes buts got stranded. we want to go to megan mcgrath. she's live with a look at conditions in rockville. hey, megan. >> reporter: hey barbara. things are improving. we had a line of plows that came by. they got all the slush off the roads. so definitely an improving situation out here. but this morning things were downright miserable. take a look at this video. we encountered this gentleman driving a lovely sports car this morning. and he just couldn't handle the amount of snow on the the road. his car slid off and he got stuck. there he stayed. another car on 270 spun arrange in a ditch. major roads like 270 were in tough shape this morning. and it took people hours to get
11:37 am
where they were going. we've been talking to commuters all morning long. they say it was just horrible. >> something like five six miles. >> how long did it take. >> about an hour. a lot of accidents. a lot of sliding. >> we talk to one woman who travels to rockville. it took her almost three and a half hours. she says however, her boss was pretty cool about it not mad at all. >> of course the weather is just getting starteded. you can stay on top of the forecast any time with the storm team 4 weather app. check forecasts if r your hometown any time of the day. tonight is the first of several total closures of i-66. vdot is installing a new overhead sign to display a lot of information for your drive in and out of town.
11:38 am
every marker shows where one of those signs will go up. tonight some time after midnight all westbound lanes at route 28 will be closeded. this weather is tough on a lot of people especially commuters. it can also be tough on our skin. a look at how to prevent those problems. sta with us. we'll be right back.
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we've been talking about it all morning, that cold weather out there. dr. cheryl burgess joins us with a look at how to protect your skin in conditions like this. everybody is feeling how dry it can be. you say first don't forget to drink water. >> drink water and hydrate yourself and hydrate your environment. you can boil some water on the stove or get a humidifier for your home. >> especially with the heat on. you also talk about showers and bathing at this time of year. >> yeah we don't advocate you not take showers or some people workout. they need to take a shower once or twice a day. just minimize the time you're in the shower and the degree the hot water. people like to get in and warm up from the shower but make it a little bit more lukewarm and you can take them as often and shorten the time span.
11:42 am
>> suppose you use a moisturizing soap when you get in there, there that make a difference? >> yes we even have one for men. so when you're dry, you itch. and that presents a lot of problems. people with certain conditions can it can flair it. so these are cleansers that can be used year round. they bm more popular in the wintertime. zblf best not to use a real soap. what about other ways? >> there's tons of them out a lotion where you squeeze it out is lighter than something in a tub. so these products are heavier. they retain moisture in the skin. there's some that actually droi may i approach out of the air. if you're steaming up your home it will draw that to the skin. and these are what we call specialty treatments and
11:43 am
lotions. and this one in particular is one of those such humidifier type drawing the moisture to the skin type of lotions. they work really well. zbr those are for all types of skin? >> if you have breaks in the skin be careful with these ch because they can sting when you apply them. >> good advice especially for this weather and the coming months. thank you so much for getting through the snow. our coverage of today's snow continues. we are watching withineds all over the area and we could show you some of your pictures. >> what do you remember about the day that you lost your leg? >> i think the most significant thing is i just wanted to know -- i didn't know if i was going to see my wife and daughters again. >> you're going to hear from this bethesda veteran today. stay with us for
11:44 am
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11:46 am
good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. got a lot of posts on facebook and twitter. take a look at some of these. this love this one taken in northwest washington. you can see on the deck there, there's about maybe three inches of sno tele. very fluffy dry snow. that's probably going to be half
11:47 am
as deep as it is now. this one sent in by brooke in frederick, maryland from this morning. love this one. this is a beautiful scene in virginia. photo posted by grace blanchett. keep your photos coming in. barbara? >> thank you, tom. it's a nice picture outside the white house from afar. down on the ground the snow caused problems for a lot of you in d.c. tom sherwood is at a news conference for mayor bowser right now. the mayor says the streets will be clear for commute. and when the temperatures are expected to drop below freezing. and we have an update from fairfax county public schools. angie, what's happening? >> this message from fairfax public schools to pass along. afternoon pre-k with afternoon activities have been canceled.
11:48 am
this includes everything from inner scholastic contests training courses. anything involving adults and staff as well. also loudon county schools are planning to dismiss on normal times. all of their after-school activities have been canceled as well. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. ♪ one by one ♪ >> disney's beauty and the beast is back on stage here in washington but only for a limited time. two of the stars join us this morning with what aud y enss can expect and welcome. >> thank you. >> we get to see what you really look like. so great to see you. so happy to have you. thanks for getting through the snow to get here. the same song as on the animated movie. >> for the most part. there's some different songs
11:49 am
added for the broad way show that you'll get to see you may not be familiar with. >> kelly, you play the wardrobe who is a former lady in waiting. is it tougher to do that as a real person than it is for an animated character? >> you know her character is -- i have a lot of similarities with her. she's a performer. she's very dramatic and wearing the costumes i definitely feel larger than life. kind of like a cartoon. >> it's quiet a different -- an interesting costume. all the costumes are so beautiful. are they the same as the animated film? >> i think they're significant will tim same in the sense that when you see it you recognize. there's the clock. >> tell us about that character. >> he's a lot of fun. i love him. he's wound up rather tightly. and i'm not like that. most of the time i'm pretty laid
11:50 am
back. >> do either of you have favorite songs? >> i certainly do. human again is by far my favorite song and moment in the show. >> yes, i remember that song. that is the one that was in the movie, right? >> no. or new song. >> well, it is in the movie now. # but ye. >> okay. do you think this is something both parents and children will enjoy seeing? >> absolutely. this is a show for everyone. it salespeoples to everyone about love and you'll laugh. you'll cry. and the numbers get you moving in your seat. >> the thing i was thinking about is tale as old as time. song as old as rhyme. is that one in the show? >> of course. >> that was my favorite of all of them. >> the ones in the movie are all in the play. >> we look forward to picking you out. >> can't miss either one of them.
11:51 am
>> break a leg tonight. but don't. but don't. >> thank you. >> and you're here how many days? >> through sunday. thanks a lot. >> and we want to remind you there are just eight performances beginning tonight at the warner theater. some tickets still available we understand. coming up a look at how to keep your brain from aging. plus a look at how far temperatures are expected to daughters or sons over the next three days. stay with us.
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well, you know we work so hard to prevent our bodies from aging, but sometimes we don't think about how to prevent our brains from aging. doreen has more on how to keep our brains healthy. >> more and more research finds doing a few simple things can help keep your memory and thinking skills intact as you anyone. today we're taking a look at how to stay sharp. >> what happens is the brain naturally peaks in our 20s unfortunately. and then starts a very slow process of cognitive decline. it can show up in various ways. your memory can feel slower. your processing skills are not as sharp as they used to be. >> but new studies show you can slow down your aging brain. lynn is senior vice president of membership for aarp, which just
11:55 am
introduced the staying sharp program for its members. inincludes four key areas for brain health. >> the one area most closely corroborated with brain health is better physical health. even 20 minutes of day of exercise is shown to improve your processing speed and memory. >> exercising helps the brain in two ways. it gets more oxygen flowing and it induces hormones that keep the brain healthy. want to learn more? tonight we'll give you four ways to try to keep your brain healthy. it's also going to be a major topic at the nbc 4 health and fitness expo this weekend. the doors open at 9:00 a.m. saturday at the washington convention center and admission is app for the health and fitness expo. just go to the app store and search expo to go.
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and we're following several developing stories. bob mcdonnell is in court waiting to hear his sentence for his conviction on corruption charges. as soon as mcdonnell is sentenced, we will send a push alert to your phone. less than an hour ago the judge lowered the range of possible jail time from six to eight years. prosecutors wanted him to spend ten years behind bars. mcdonnell's lawyers are asking him to be sndsed to a thousand hours of community service as well. this morning's commute was a nightmare if more people. schools in fairfax and loudon county will be letting out at normal time. fairfax county has canceled afternoon activities. we also heard from d.c.'s new mayor who says the streets will be cleared for the commute home. and it wonlt be a snow day without pat collins. he's issued the first snow stick challenge of the year.
11:57 am
wheat your pics to to @patsnowstick. the best gets the official snow stick. i was asking you how to find out. you have a favorite now? >> i'm not allowed to enter. i'm a coworker. an as we look at the radar. accumulating snow has ended in washington. we still have a little bit in northern montgomery and howard near the pennsylvania border to washington county it continues to track off to the east. and there's a batch of snow? southern west virginia that may track to central virginia later today. mostly breaking up before then. temperatures still below freezing. 27 now at reagan national. and then overnight as we clear out, down to near 20. highs only in the 20s tomorrow. windchills in the single digits. frigid on thursday and sunshine.
11:58 am
dry weather into the weekend a little bit milder. >> staying pretty cold. thank you, tom. make sure to download the nbcwashington app to keep track of the plunging temperatures so you'll be ready for the commute home. and that's news 4 midday for today. we thank you for being with us and we'll be back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. with news 4 midday. we hope you will join us.
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>> theresa: oh, my god. ugh. why do i keep having that same stupid dream? what is wrong with me? >> victor: oh, brady. >> brady: yeah? >> victor: maggie says you're going over to the hospital. >> brady: yeah, i'm just dropping these papers off for the next board meeting. >> victor: ah, do me a favor. would you drop this off, too? it's for melanie. >> melanie: found this in my mailbox when i came in this morning. >> maxine: hmm. human resources department strikes again. >> melanie: right, okay. but it says i'm--i'm freelancing and i'm not going to get my benefits until i fix this. >> maxine: well, her majesty miss anne isn't here today. >> melanie: so what am i supposed to do? >> maxine: get her tomorrow, i guess. you don't


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