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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 6, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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visitors. and we are moving closer to hosting the 2024 olympics. the olympic committee is expected to announce the winning american bid on thursday. d.c. is competing with boston san francisco and los angeles. the winning city then competes with finalists from around the world. the international olympic committee will choose a host city in 2017. and "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. right now the snow is falling. we are live in virginia. >> tom kierein will tell us what you need to know about the snow heading out the door this morning. it's 5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang on the snowy tuesday morning. we are starting to get school closings into the newsroom. montgomery and prince george's county schools will open two hours later today. federal agencies in the d.c. area are open.
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but employees have the choice to take unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. heads-up if you ride the rails or bus to work this morning. metro says it is not seeing any problems. both are operating on a normal weekday service schedule but if we run into problems you'll be the first to know here. what about the forecast here? that's weather alert day with the frequent storm team 4 updates all throughout the morning. we are getting snow now hitting the ground and sticking. the district and maryland here's the scale. anything in the darker gray to medium gray is light snow. the brighter colors are coming down a little harder. we are getting one band coming down harder in prince george's county and ann arundel. that stretches across the potomac over to mount vernon and it's a light snow sticking to all the streets andeated, it is sticking out of the midwest. the fast-moving area of low pressure is one of these clipper systems moving very quickly. most of it is going to be done
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by noontime. we have an area that is under this winter weather advisory. all the counties in purple west virginia maryland northern virginia the district until 1:00 this afternoon. leaving in its wake half inch to an inch across northern virginia. the immediate metro area a dusting to the south. a little more north and west. some of the spots near the mountains could get five inches. this is changing minute by minute. the next update is at 5:11. melissa, we are seeing snow-covered roads. we are closer and closer to the spots we travel every day. 270 at old hundred road i just saw a police officer coming off there. not sure what is going on but it is slower than normal because of the snow. 66 at prince william parkway, in and out of town at prince william it is snow covered right now. allow yourself extra time. be careful for sure. 95 in maryland at scaggsville road saw snow falling.
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so it is wet there. we'll be back in ten minutes. 5:03 is the time right now. sometimes the timing of the snow is more important than how much we get. and this blast of snow is happening right during the morning commute. it could make things tricky. news4's megan mcgrath is driving along the roads this morning in frederick now with more on the conditions there. how is it looking, megan? >> reporter: unfortunate the timing of this right during rush hour. we are on buckey's town pike in frederick. you can see the accumulation we are seeing on the roads. it's a little slippery out here. and this is a well traveled road. there are a lot of cars that have gone through heree're still seeing snow cover on the roadway. so people are going to want to certainly be careful out there. we're going to pull off onto a secondary road. this is grove road off this is even more snow covered here. it's not a tremendous amount of snow. we don't want to leave the impression we're expecting a major storm here, but we are starting to see some
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accumulation especially on the roads that have not been treated. with the timing of rush hour this could add time to your commute. we could see minor accidents as a result. so people need to take it easy out there. we are starting to see delays in terms of school systems and the like. so certainly something to keep in mind this morning. it's a light snow i have to say that. it's blowing around quite a bit, but we are starting to seen impact with respect to the conditions and the traffic. back to you guys. megan mcgrath driving in frederick, maryland for us this morning. thank you. this is also the first big test for area ddot crews and the department of transportation crews preparing last night in virginia. about 500 trucks are on standby right now across loudoun, fairfax, prince william and arlington counties. loudoun county had pretreated roads with salt brian. other counties are using salt and sand and plowing will begin when two inches has accumulated.
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d.c. crews applied a brine of a beet juice mixture on bridges yesterday to prevent freezing. 5:05. now to a developing story in the bronx, new york. two police officers there shot while responding to a robbery call. our sister station in new york city says one officer was shot in the arm and the other was shot in the back. both are expected to be okay. so far no arrests have been made. a 19-year-old woman was struck and killed bay car in rockville. police say the 19-year-old was hit while crossing beers mill road near twin brooke shopping center. she left a bus and was walking home with her mother. the driver in the crash stayed on the scene. he was transported to the hospital. his injuries were not serious. today we will learn weather virginia's former governor will head to prison. bob mcdonnell's sentencing set for 10:00 a.m. richard jordan is here to break down what could happen today. >> reporter: a decade in prison or no prison and community service instead.
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that's what the two sides are asking for, but legal experts we spoke to say they're expecting something in between. bob mcdonnell has the chance to make a final plea to the judge before he's sentenced. mcdonnell and his wifeed of promoting a sentence of extorting $500,000 in gifts. his sister made a plea to the jail also named maureen and told northern virginia bureau chief julie carey her thoughts. >> i think we have to work through tomorrow and have the legal team do what they must do but really hope for full vindication. >> reporter: mcdonnell's wife maureen won't be sentenced until next month because her lawyers are working on another case. we'll send out a push alert on the nbc washington app as soon as today's sentencing is announced. richard jordan. thank you. 5:07 is the time. and right now we're keeping an eye on the spacecraft getting
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ready to launch this morning. >> we'll have more for you on the 1s when we come back.
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welcome back. today is a weather alert day.
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take a look outside at the snowy conditions throughout the region. this is a live look. this just into the newsroom now. frederick county maryland schools and grant county west virginia schools, both school systems on a two-hour delay in addition to the other notifications we have received from school systems in our area. >> we have seen closures already including fauquier county in virginia. keep your eyes to the screen. we'll let you know when things come in. now that the cold weather is here we want to remind you how to stay warm safely. if you plan to use an electric space heater always place that heater on the ground and at least 3 feet away from anything that could catch fire. don't put it on the table or anything on top of it either. always plug it in when you're not -- always up plug it when not in the room. don't leave the heater on when you sleep either. as always make sure your carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries to be safe. all right. we have been talking about snow throughout the region. it looks like it is here in our backyard as well. >> somebody tweeted a picture
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from nebraska avenue with a little snow on it. we'll go to cometom kierein for what to expect throughout the day. the storm team 4 radar showing over the last three hours it has quickly moved in for virginia and the nearby district and nearby suburbs and prince george's. prince william, loudoun and fauquier into the shenandoah valley. and howard county frederick county and east are getting the snow. ann arundel county is seeing the snow. but it leaves around noontime. a half inch to an inch the district and nearby suburbs in maryland just a dusting. far southern maryland hagerstown frederick could get up to a couple inches. and much farther west maybe a little bit more. two, three, four to five inches in western maryland over to oakland and down to elkins and the canadian valley. much of this ending by noon time as it's a very fast-moving system. but just enough snow for
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everything to stick on untreated surfaces. so it is going to have a moderate impact on your sidewalks and your side streets as it's going to be sticking all the way until noontime. there's national airport now where it is snowing lightly. light snow through the morning commute. lingering flurries at noontime in the upper 20s. we'll get above freezing mid afternoon. then by 5:00 a.m. back town to the low 30s. a look at the timing hour by hour all coming up at 5:21. melissa, the roads are getting snow covered. we have breaking news right now with the outer loop between colesville road and georgia avenue we have one lane getting by here on the outer loop. you cannot see it obviously, in this camera. but we'll start to see the backups here on the outer loop as you're approaching georgia avenue with that one lane getting by. it's a two-vehicle accident there. this morning we just tweeted about this. the beltway at 395 near mixing bowl, you can' see the snow on the grassy areas. everything is pretreated but
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allow yourself to leave early. it's nasty. a wider look at things no major problems as we see the yellow earlier than we typically would. back in ten minutes. 5:13 now. in just an hour from now, space-x launches a rocket to the international space station. and it will try to land part of the rocket back here on earth. once the iss cargo breaks off the original rocket then it will head toward a floating platform in the atlantic ocean. if it lapds successfully space-x says it's a huge step in how much space travel costs. >> we'll be watching for sure. and on "news4 today" now, ski safety. what you need to know to stay safe when you hit the slopes.
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the snow is starting to come down throughout the region.
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here's a live look at the radar. coming up in a few minutes, tom kierein has the timing of all the snow especially as it starts to hit during the morning rush. so right now we're tracking snow across our region. >> including at our studios here in northwest d.c. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is live outside on the weather deck. chuck, good morning. aaron and eun, good morning to you guys. we have been driving around all morning. most of the main roads are fine but the secondary streets are absolutely snow covered. it is not a lot of snow. i have any pat collins snow stick right here. the snowfall amounts so far only in the tenth to quarter an inch. not a lot of snow just yet. we are expecting on average an inch to two inches farther to the north and west of downtown washington. still light snow here in town. and there are very small powdery flakes right now to tell me it's a dry snow indeed. so we should have success getting all the roads treated around here. we are not looking for a lot of snow but the roads are cold enough to hold it. any untreated roads,
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particularly the on-ramps and off-ramps, overpasses and bridges, any exposed surface like that will be slippery sooner than the main roads. but if you're in your neighborhood you may want to be careful. out on the main roads, keep it slow and steady. they always win the race in these kinds of situations. we'll be back on the road here in 30 minutes from now. for now, back to you guys. chuck, thank you. 5:18. we are not the only ones dealing with the cold and snow. a large swath is dealing with frigid temperatures. in minnesota, windchills dropped to 50 below zero. chicago firefighters had to call in steamers to thaw out frozen hydrants. and the cold is impacting hawaii where it snowed today. of course n the higher elevations. >> not hawaii. bad weather is forcing search crews to make changes as they continue the recovery of airasia flight 8501. the search operation will move eastwards today because the weather and currents are moving wreckage in that direction. indonesian officials say the bad
5:19 am
weather has made it difficult to locate parts of the plane and recover the 125 bodies that remain missing. there were 162 passengers and crew on board that plane when it crashed. that was on december 28th. so far 37 bodies have been recovered. we now know the name of the officer who shot a man in 2013. this is video of gere outside his home at the time. his family says that's not enough. >> we are doing everything we can to get information out of the connecticut. >> the gere family filed a $12 million lawsuit against the fairfax county police. gere was killed after putting his hands down after the standoff that day. >> a woman charged with vandalizing the national
5:20 am
cathedral is heading back to court. the judge ruled that she was not competent to stand trial. today she'll appear in superior court. she was charged in july 2013 with destroying property at the washington national cathedral. she's also connected to a string of other vandalism cases including an incident at the lincoln memorial. she's remained at st. elizabeth hospital pending tomorrow's hearing. one of four siblings accused of several robberies earlier this year will learn how long he'll be behind bars. alex alexander pled guilty to robbing the bank on ninth street in silver spring this past may. the two older brothers alvin and their alvonte and their sister alicia pled not guilty to the crimes. today jury selection is expected to start for dzhokhar
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tsarnaev. he is also charged with killing a police officer a few days later. federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty if he's convicted. we are already seeing quite a few school delays and closings today as the snow is coming down. >> it is a weather alert day. we'll check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to find out the latest on this forecast. we saw this coming down out here tom. it really is all across much of the region now. we're getting the snow. the weather alert day means we'll have frequent storm team 4 updates as this snow continues through the morning commute. it is sticking to area roads, sidewalks and side streets especially even though the roads were pretreated. it's beginning to stick on system of the pretreated surfaces. right now we see areas where it's a little brighter and coming down harder. there's one band of moderate snow in northern rapahanick county. right in the metro area in washington we're getting one band of light to moderate snow from near vienna and fairfax
5:22 am
right into arlington, the district and our northeastern suburbs over to bowie into prince george's county. and where you see the darker gray area there's the intensity scale. that's where it's coming down a little lighter in northern montgomery county with flurries. nothing falling in southern maryland yet. it's going to be arriving there later today as the system moves on through. temperatures are certainly cold enough for everything to stick. down to just near 20 degrees for most of the region. the mid-20s in washington. upper 20s near the chesapeake bay. we'll stay below freezing throughout the morning, so it here's the timing at 7:00 a.m. still coming down in northern virginia the district and much of maryland. eventually we're getting into parts of southern maryland near 9:00 and 10:00. by noontime much of it is moving to the north and east. and just dissipating, maybe a few lingering flurries in northern parts of maryland and into west virginia during the afternoon that might have a few lingering snow showers out in the mountains into tonight where they can get higher amounts of snowers perhaps up to two to five inches farther east.
5:23 am
one to two inches in the panhandle of west virginia. frederick, loudoun and northern montgomery. just a dusting farther south and east. then some cold air moves in later tonight with some strong winds tomorrow. so the impact on the commute is going to be rather treacherous with slick spots. the late afternoon commute should be fine. the morning commute will be the tough one. we'll just be drying out during the afternoon. keep up with it on the storm team 4 weather app on your mobile phone and tablet. windy and cold on wednesday and thursday. moderating temperatures into the weekend remaining dry. now, melissa, how are the roads? brand new crash in centreville. 66 eastbound before 29 near centreville, you can see the slowdown here on 66. we're seeing snow already on 66 this morning. the outer loop between colesville and georgia, the crash we saw earlier on the shoulder not slowing things down thank goodness. that can cause a problem for the entire commute. springfield parkway is moving along as well right now. we are seeing a bit of a slow
5:24 am
down headed northbound but you can see the snow on the roads there. be careful and allow yourself extra time. the beltway at indian head now on the roads there. a wider look at things i'm seeing a lot of yellow. this is not something we typically see this time of the morning. this is more like 6:30 a.m. than 5:30. allow extra time if you can. prince george's county overall looking pretty good. a little slow here on branch avenue headed northbound to town. taking a look at 95 in maryland looking good. same thing for the bw parkway in and out of town. more live cameras of the snow coming up. it is now 5:25. today airport screening restrictions will be relaxed for people arriving in the u.s. from ma ma mali. travelers will no longer have to undergo monitoring when entering the u.s. and they are allowed to travel through any u.s. airport, not just the five designated ebola-screening airports. we worked so hard to prevent our bodies from aging, but
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sometimes we don't think about how to prevent our brains from aging. here's more on how to keep your brain healthy. >> reporter: more and more research finds doing a few simple things can work to keep your memory cognitive function and skills intact while you age. today we're looking at how to stay sharp. >> what happens is that the brain naturally peaks in our 20s, unfortunately, and then starts a very slow process of cognitive decline. that's completely natural. and that can show up in various ways. your memory can feel slower your processing skills are not quite as sharp as they used to be. >> reporter: but new studies show you can slow down the aging brain. len mento is senior vice president for aarp which just introduced the staying sharp program for its members. it includes four key areas to protect brain health. number one is exercise. >> so the one area that's most
5:26 am
closely corroborated with brain health is better physical health. so even 20 minutes a day of exercise is shown to improve your processing speed and memory. >> reporter: she says exercising helps the brain get more oxygen flowing and also up deuces hormones to keep the brain healthy. want to learn more? tonight at 5:00 we'll give you four ways to keep your brain healthy. and it will be a major topic at the nbc4 health and fitness expo this weekend. doors open at 9:00 a.m. saturday at the washington convention center and admission is free. >> we have built a special app for the health and fitness expo. you can see all the weekend's events and set reminders for yourself to the ones you want to go to. go to the app store and search expo to go. with the cold weather, here some of you are getting ready to head to the ski slopes. skiing can be intimidating with a chair lift to take you up the
5:27 am
mountain. you should avoid any loose scarves, clothing or expose long hair that can get caught in the lift mechanisms. they also say decisions on whether to sit should be made well before you get into the chair. >> make sure when skiing with somebody you know which side of the chair you want to sit on don't be getting up there and deciding to switch positions. always have control of your ski poles. >> experts say you should also remove your ski poles strapped from your wrists and make sure to pull down the safety bar. that lift is one of the hardest parts to navigate. >> is it? >> yes. skiing is not really our thing. it's too cold for both of us but i have done it. i have tried it. all right. your time is 5:27. coming up today, the new congress heads back to capitol hill today. a live report on what to expect from the new session. the snow is here all across the region and is sticking to the ground in some places and making the roads slick. storm team 4 meteorologist tom
5:28 am
kierein has your hour by hour forecast and melissa mollet is checking the roads. we'll be right back.
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right now at 5:30 it's a snowy start to the day. outside our studios in northwest washington. as we take a live look outside, you may have a similar view. make sure to send us those photos. tom and the rest of the storm team have been talking about this for the past few days and here it is. tom has more on what the snow means for the rest of the morning in just minutes. for a lot of you, it means a delayed start to the day for you and your kids. >> if you work for the government you can work from home today. offices are open but employees can telework or take unscheduled leave. and prince george's and montgomery county schools, we just learned are two hours delayed as well as schools in alexandria city. they are opening two hours late as of right now. >> schools in maryland are also delays so are frederick county maryland schools. frederick county virginia schools are closed along with
5:32 am
fauquier county. check the nbc washington app for some of the latest closings and delays. of course we'll scroll them at the bottom of the tv show this morning. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news4 today" on this tuesday, january 6, 2015. let's go to tom kierein with the latest weather update. we'll have updates all morning long with the snow quickly moving through from the north and west. heading to the east we have light to moderate snow in washington fairfax county southern montgomery county and prince george's. another ban coming out of the shenandoah valley heading east. it's going to be moving into southern maryland and the northern neck here within the next hour or so. it is not snowing there yet. we are getting one area of moderate to heavy snow. one little small area here in montgomery county stretching from rockville down to bethesda and over to the potomac river
5:33 am
near mcclain and great falls. we have a fairly large area under a winter weather advisory with the counties in purple northern virginia the district much of maryland and west virginia. it's in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. total amounts by the time this tapers off by noontime about an inch near washington and nearby suburbs. a half inch farther south with a dusting in southern maryland ape over to fredericksburg and charlottesville. farther north and west a couple inches in frederick and hagerstown. out in the mountains, many locations getting two to five inches down to the canadian valley and the pennsylvania border. a half inch to inch is common in fairfax county prince william, fauquier prince george's southern montgomery the district and arlington between now and noontime. that is just enough to cover all the roads. there's national airport now where the snow is falling. we'll stay snowy through 8:00 in the mid-20s by noon. upper 20s and lingering flurries by then.
5:34 am
for the afternoon, cloudy and hovering near freezing. and it's going to get windy and colder tomorrow. another update coming in ten minutes. it's changing minute by minute. now a look at the roads with melissa. we have a new problem here near silver sp this is georgia avenue at wind windham lane. your alternates are here on the scream. it is just getting slow everywhere. 66 eastbound at lee highway, the left lane is blocked from the earlier crash. the beltway at central avenue that actually is looking pretty good but you can see the snow moving on the ground there as the cars zoom on by. be careful and allow more time. look at this. a lot of yellow for 5:30 in the morning. it is just slow everywhere. 227 270 is slow down near the spur. the bw parkway and 95 are slow as well. back in ten minutes. you mentioned frederick and we want to talk about that keeping an eye on the roads this
5:35 am
morning as snow falls across the area. megan mcgrath has been driving in maryland this morning. she's in frederick right now. megan, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, aaron, take a look at the conditions here on buckey's town pike. this is a pretty heavily travelled road that has been treated. all the traffic is removing the snow and melting the snow on the roads. so the conditions here are not too bad. just a little bit of slush here and there. we are about to go underneath 270 here and then go up to the ramp to give you an idea of what major roads like 270 look like. all the roads, the major roads have been treated. we have seen snowplows out there kind of poised to spring into action if they are needed. this is a light snow not a major snow but it is falling during rush hour, which is not good. a lot of the kiddos will be
5:36 am
allowed to sleep in. so you should factor that in to your day. a lot of two-hour delays. for the complete list go to we're also tweeting it out. but a lot of -- oh look at this coming off the ramp. we are starting to see some slow conditions. this is southbound 270. back to you. 5:36 now. congress is back to work with republicans in charge of the house and senate. so what is on the agenda? tracie potts is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the white house yesterday said we want to wait and see on this so we have the possibility for compromise here. it's interesting today, we talked about perdue be sworn in along with 70 of his freshman colleagues. they are all moving in. yesterday was move-in day. you saw a lot of packing on the senate side with a lot of them in temporary offices for six months or so until they can get
5:37 am
things moved in and moved around. but very clearly republican leaders want to focus on jobs and the keystone xl pipeline. immigration could be the big clash between republicans and the democratic white house as they try to fund homeland security before the end of february. but also dealing with the immigration ordinances that the president puts out there. so a couple big issues coming up. as for the keystone pipe line we're expecting a house vote on friday and the senate will vote later this month. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you. vandals strike a cemetery in virginia. what is now missing at hundreds of grave sites. plus running to fill a legacy. he was the newest person to run for the council left vacant by marion barry. we are staying on top of the snow falling this morning with weather and traffic on the 1s. tom kierein will tell you what to wear today.
5:38 am
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5:40 am
we are just learning about another school delay. stafford county schools will open two hours late today because of the implement weather. and a lot of the school systems telling us about the delays are saying they plan to re-evaluate the decision as the morning progresses. so as weather conditions change they may possibly be closed or
5:41 am
delayed. >> it depends on the jurisdiction. some places pre-treated the roads. it is not sticking that much but sticking on the grassy areas. just stay with us and we'll give you and update on the road conditions with crews spread out throughout the region to give you and update on the conditions out there. tom kierein is in the storm team 4 weather center out there. tom? >> the chemicals are on the roads. otherwise, it is sticking to everything with temperatures in the 20s right now. getting the snow falling across northern virginia, the district of maryland there's the intensity scale where you see it closest to the whiter color coming down harder including washington and southern montgomery county. and some scattered spots across virginia loudoun, county. and it's to stay cold below freezing most of the day. after it all ends at noontime we'll have a half inch to inch
5:42 am
across southern maryland. a dusting to the south, a couple more up in the mountains where they could see five inches later this afternoon. a look at the timing on when the frigid air arrives, that's next weather and traffic on the 1s. how are the roads, melissa? we are slow everywhere. taking a look at northwest 16th street at colorado, everyone is being careful. same thing looking at silver spring georgia avenue is seeing the roads covered. we are seeing these more side roads. taking a look at the travel times, 66 east from fairfax county to the beltway, taking you 20 minutes. this is the worst spot, 95 to quantico it should take you 23 minutes but is taking and hour. 20 minutes from germantown to the beltway. it is slow everywhere and allow extra time. 5:43 right now. >> we have team coverage of this
5:43 am
morning's snow. we have crews fanned out throughout the region and will show you road conditions. here's a live look right outside the studios in northwest washington. you can see that it's starting to stick on parts of the roads. they are not treated. we'll continue to update you on roads throughout maryland virginia and d.c. to give you an update on the forecast. today is a weather alert day. stay with us
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
14 before the hour. today is a weather alert day. we are seeing the first sunny, snowy day. the roads are becoming covered with snow here and obviously the truck in front of ours is cutting a path. but you need to take it slowly. we have already heard from the federal government. as soon as we did we pushed out the news for our nbc washington app. the government is open today but you have the option for
5:47 am
unscheduled leave or telework. we are also pushing out school delays for you at the bottom of the screen as well. we keep getting new updates on that. if you are about to head out the door we are out on the roads tracking conditions you'll face there for your morning commute. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is in the storm team 4x4 in northwest d.c. headed to georgetown. chuck? good morning, eun and aaron. this is southwest peace street in northern washington. we are going a whopping 8 miles an hour down the hill. let me tell you something, just because this is a quarter inch of snow it is absolutely stuck to the road. and we have seen quite a few cars having a hard time negotiating curves or getting stopped in time. it's sort of like the first rain after a dry stretch. the layer of oil gets on the roadway and it's slick with the first coating of moisture. that's the case here. it doesn't look like a lot of
5:48 am
snow because it's not, but it is absolutely stuck to the roads. and any time you try to break or turn absolutely start to slide. so be real careful this morning. these roads don't look all that bad, but they are very slippery indeed. we'll be passing over the key bridge here in the next four to five minutes. then we are back out on 60 to northern virginia. we are out there about 45 minutes ago. and the main road i-66 was this good shape because it was treated, but most neighborhoods like like this neighborhood here in georgetown. a thin little coating of a quarter inch of snow. but as soon as you drive on it it will pack it down to turn it into a layer of ice. use extreme caution out here this morning on the secondary roads, bridges, overpasses and on and off-ramps to the major roads. anything not treated is super slippery. this coca-cola truck coming past us is having a hard time getting traction on the hill on wisconsin avenue here in
5:49 am
northwest washington. >> stay safe out there, chuck. we'll check back with you in a little bit. we have team coverage for you of this storm. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is keeping a close eye on the system you see here. his forecast is minutes away at 5:51. 5:49 now. in news4 your health the drop in temperatures could lead to a spike in flu temperatures. this tends to keep more people inside and the students are back in school adding to the potential for the germs to spread. it is flu season and this could peak in january instead of february or march. to minimize the spread of the flu, holy croft hospital is implementing new restrictions for hospital visitors. and we are just days away from learning whether d.c. will move a step closer to hosting the 2024 olympics. the u.s. olympic committee is expected to announce the whipping american bid on thursday. d.c. is competing with boston san francisco and los angeles. the winning city then competes
5:50 am
with finalists from around the world. the international olympic committee will choose a host city in 2017. family members visiting a cemetery in virginia found that something was missing at hundreds of gravesites over the holidays. the sheriff's deputies say more than 200 bronze vases were stolen from headstones at the history land memorial park cemetery in king george. the weekend before christmas the occurred. you can see what the vases look like in the background of this photo. deputies say they are worth about $250 each. investigators are asking anyone with information to contact them. angie goff from the live desk of new photos of what you're seeing outside your door and outside our studios. take a look at this live picture of nebraska avenue in northwest. a nice fluffy blanket there already. in downtown maryland here's a
5:51 am
quiet morning with snow-covered car there is. through frank and rockville, the flakes are still falling off executive boulevardment and here's a pretty shot from capitol hill. we love to see your pictures all across the region. keep them coming. you can tweet us @news4today. don't forget #weatheralertday. >> keep the pictures coming. as angie mentioned, a weather alert day to update you on the forecast with snow falling throughout the region. the weather alert means we'll have expanded and more frequent storm team 4 updates as we get light snow moving in quickly this morning. it's been falling since 4:00 this morning. there it is all across virginia maryland and west virginia now heading to the bay and the eastern shore. we're tracking from the north and west heading south and east. areas are seeing wider and brighter colors. it's coming down harder in southern montgomery and fairfax county. it breaks up a little bit farther to our south.
5:52 am
also coming down harder in northern fauquier county and culpeper. madison in green. there's a band where it is harder to see near laurel and across the bay in the eastern shore. this is all coming from the fast moving area of low pressure across the ohio valley. and it's quickly end inging by noontime. temperatures are cold enough for everything to stick. we are near 20 degrees. and we're in the low to mid-20s in washington near the bay. we have this area in purple under the winter weather advisory until 1:00 this afternoon. covering northern virginia the district most of maryland. most of west virginia. this is in effect until 1:00. could be moderate at times, one the two inches possible on the slippery surfaces as we have seen this morning with our reporters out reporting on the roads. melissa is here in a second to show you the latest road conditions. the timing on the sno tapering off near noontime and will continue to snow through mid morning. you can see most of the snow is
5:53 am
ending. and by early afternoon, maybe just a few lingering flurries coming through. and down in the mountains, the lingering snow showers to pick up as much as two to five inches farther east in the panhandle of west virginia winchester and farther south and east of there in leesburg and montgomery county over to washington waldorf and prince william getting a half inch as well as the district of columbia. and the nearby suburbs in prince george's county all of it ending by noontime. for the morning commute, slick spots on the untreated surfaces in the mid-20s. we'll have drying roads and temperatures in the low to mid-30s. keep up with it away from the tv getting it on google play. did windy and colder tomorrow. temperatures moderate a bit heading into friday and the weekend. remaining dry through the weekend into the first part of next week. we have breaking news on the
5:54 am
roads. here's melissa. breaking news with prince george's county. the outer loop of the beltway past annapolis road near 52 the left lane is blocked here. we'll be slow and we're going to add to the slowdown of this road issue with all of the snow. 270 southbound here we have our live trucks driving southbound with megan mcgrath. she was telling me a couple minutes ago they are moving at 30 miles per hour. it is slow wet and slick out there. be careful. 66 near the virginia visitors center it is slowthere. they are going slow past this point this morning. northbound out of triangle it is jam-packed. moving at 40 miles per hour. slow through dale city. same thing headed southbound. it is just because of the slick roads. everybody is being careful. that's the good thing here. bw parkway in and out of town very slow right now. when i say really slow i mean 40 miles per hour. slow for this time of the morning. then southbound here 95 in maryland is slow as well running
5:55 am
about 40 miles per hour. remember georgia avenue is shut down. take dennis instead. a traffic alert tonight if you use i-66. all this month vdot is working on the new system to add drive signs. this is happening at night. all lanes in one direction will osed. and tonight sometime after midnight crews will shut down the westbound lanes of 28. we are told that the lanes will only be closed for at the most a half hour. and apple could be making a big announcement. landon dowdy is here with a big announcement. >> cnbc learned they will start to launch a new version of the iphone 6 and 6-plus today. depending on the screen size and storage space the price varies. apple will unveil them in stores and online.
5:56 am
the sales appear to those who don't want to be tied down to a wireless carrier. and all the commercials for next month's super bowl is an estimated $4.5 million per 30-second spot. there will be several first-timers including skittles and b brosnick. this morning the consumer electronics show is opening this morning. from tiny remote controls and sensors that look like jewelry to recycled airplane seats, the cop summer electronic show is saying smaller companies are making a bigger impression. >> you would never have seen these people before. they would never have a place in a show like this, but this year
5:57 am
we're seeing them all over the place. >> so many tempting gadgets to buy and there are recycled gadgets in the mix. we're helping you prepare for conditions outside as we deal with the first winter weather of the season. be prepared to see snow in your neighborhood and on the roads. we are tracking the conditions on the roads and the trouble spots ahead. plus storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking the headlines for the day ahead. when you'll see the snow stop falling and other changes in store furs over the next 24 hours. that's in your weather and traffic on the 1s. this... is the best part of the day. when we sit down together and talk. more and more, we're having conversations about the food itself: how good it is for us.
5:58 am
how good it is for the planet. at monsanto, we're working with farmers to make balanced meals accessible to everyone. while using natural resources more efficiently. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at
5:59 am
snow is coming down across the d.c. region creating slick roads. we have crews all over virginia and maryland to help you prepare before you get behind the wheel. and you can see the fast-moving system as it pushes into the d. d.c. area. >> the conditions are blamed for a number of delays.
6:00 am
maryland is seeing frederick county delayed. they are going to re-evaluate at 7:00 a.m. in virginia manassas city schools are opening late. stafford county schools and alexandria schools are delayed. culpeper and clark county schools are closed. >> if you work for the federal government offices are open right now. but federal employees have the option of unscheduled leave or telework today. check your office. let's begin with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein right now with the headlines for the day ahead. >> good morning. it has been snowing for the last couple of hours. we have a half inch around the metro area on the ground now. that's enough to cause slick spots on


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