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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  January 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tonight at 6:00. flames worked through a local home with six college students inside. the one thing that helped them get out in time. rain continues tomorrow. >> and with the rain we'll have the timing on when it stops. and new details on a local hiker who fell to his death in mexico. when his heartbroken family plans to say good-bye. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. well it has been a very wet, messy day for a lot of you. but what is on tap for tonight? good evening, i'm chris lawrence. expect more showers and fog but as storm team 4's amelia siegal has been following it there is
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no real worry. >> that is great news temperatures overnight will stay near steady or even slowly warming. but there are concerns for fog in the forecast here is the hour by hour forecast as we work our way to midnight. notice in the beltway temperatures are in the mid-40s, in the subway in the mid-to-upper 30s. i am tracking fog fredericksburg and gaithersburg. and fog will continue to be a concern until about midnight tonight and then after that any fog should break up. in addition to that chris, showers at times tonight but rain in the forecast tomorrow. all the law on that coming up in about ten minute. all right, thank you, amelia right now students are looking for a place to live after a fire gutted their place in maryland. the fire gutted their place so quickly they are lucky to be alive with smoke alarms going off early this morning at 4:00
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a.m. and firefighters had a very tough time one of them had to be rushed to the burn unit. >> reporter: a ball of fire lit up the night. flames took up the avenue on dartmouth college park. >> my husband woke me up at 4:30 a.m. and said the house was on fire. >> reporter: he took these pictures after calling 911. >> the whole back of the house was hit with flames. >> reporter: six university of maryland students escaped. after firefighters fought the fire from outside, they knocked down the heavier flames and went back in. a firefighter was hurt. >> he was taken to the burn unit at med star unit where he was treated and released. >> reporter: investigators believe the fire started in a family room while the students were sleeping, smoke alarms woke
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them up. >> you know they require working smoke alarms. the city of college park does a tremendous job in ensuring that rental homes have a multiple amount of smoke alarms. >> reporter: the red cross is helping the students tonight. >> initially of course we were really worried about it but really glad to hear they got out. >> reporter: in college park. new at 6:00. a northern virginia yoga teacher will be laid to rest he fell to his death in mexico. his family has scheduled a funeral monday. the search teams found his body friday in a ravine and the family believes he fell off a cliff and hit his head. he was 25 years old, an experienced hiker. people who knew him spent the night praying. >> praying for him last night, he was a very beloved young man. >> simaran was at a retreat with
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his wife. he sent this photo to her tuesday night, with the message looking down on you. for the second time d.c. police were investigating a stabbing at a bar in foggy bottom this time it was at a club in zanzibar. derek is standing by with new developments. >> reporter: well indeed since we came by the d.c. police came by and officially closed this establishment as they do an incident such as this. they did it not far from here. i want to show you video from early this morning. it was about 1:00 a.m. this morning when according to police there was a fight out here that resulted in the stabbing. now, according to fliers put out last night there was an event here featuring the tv show love and hip-hop. the police say two men got in a fight, one was stabbed, they
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arrested 35-year-old joseph ricardo johnson and charged him with assault with intent to kill. now the temporary closing sign went up on the door. the police chief has the authority to do this when the establishment is deemed in imminent danger and will be closed for 96 hours pending the review of the liquor license and the security efforts here now, mcfadden has been closed since september 27th when five police were stabbed there. that has been closed. police do have two persons of interest but no arrests in that case. all right, now police are investigating the district's first homicide of the year. it happened around 4:00 a.m. on bruce place southeast. investigators say someone shot and killed rahji ross, detectives are trying to identify and find two masked men who were spotted at that scene. in new york thousands of officers came from across the country to attend a wake for an nypd officer who was ambushed and killed.
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they gathered outside a brooklyn church to honor wenjin liu, and his family will hold a traditional service tonight. police officers saluted mayor de blasio today unlike last week when they turned their backs on him. the new york police commissioner said funerals were for grieving. some say he supported the protesters after officers put an unarmed man in a chokehold and accidentally killed him. it has been six days since an areaasia flight crashed into the java sea, the indonesia officials believe there is part of the fuselage there in the sea. so far, 30 bodies have been recovered out of 132 passengers on board. officials say many of them may be strapped in their seats. and a little girl is the only one who survived a plane
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crash that killed her sister and cousin and parents. her small plane crashed in kentucky. the 7-year-old girl is the only survivor. investigators say the pilot reported engine trouble and lost contact with air traffic control. about an hour later a man called 911 to say a child had just knocked on his door bleeding and crying. and told him she walked away from a plane crash. >> the 7-year-old you would thought when she was in the briar patch, she would have headed back to the plane but she kept on coming. >> a survivor. >> a survivor. >> deserves a lot of credit. >> to find help that little girl walked nearly a mile barefoot in 30-degree weather. she and her family are from illinois and were flying home from florida when the plane went down. well the weather certainly put a damper on the week for some folks. but nothing like what some folks suffered through, more pictures
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ahead. and maryland elected a republican governor in more than a decade find out how larry hogan will pay them
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well apparently the steep drop in gas prices has a lot of us feeling good as we fill up our tanks. and experts say the low prices
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could last well into 2015. compared to last year prices are down more than a dollar with some states seeing it less than two bucks a gallon. analysts say it is uncharted territory. and what makes it confusing is saudi arabia is pumping oil to drive down prices and push out competitors. >> we never witnessed this before as gas prices plunge and the economy is still chugging. >> and experts say you could save big money per vehicle. and ruth ginsburg talked about what inspired her to get back on the bench, she had surgery, she is 81 years old and doing pretty well. just ginburg said she read briefs while she was in the hospital and was back in court less than a week later. >> my motto for going back was
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after massive surgery, a woman was on the bench nine days after her surgery. >> ginsburg knew something was wrong when she got exhausted working out one day, today she spoke before a group of law students. and sworn in last night, the celebration didn't stop there. and we're going from mild weather to some of the coldest air we've s
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some breaking news tonight, a u.s. senator who broke barriers has died. we have learned that former massachusetts senator edward brook died of natural causes at his home in florida, now brook was elected to the senate in 1966 and in doing so he was the first african-american to sit in that capacity. and the maryland incoming governor thanking the people governor larry hogan is visiting larry county and will be in allegheny and washington counties tomorrow. he is only the second republican to win the governor's race since the '60s and the first since 2002. he won more than 70% of the vote in allegheny in washington counties and nearly 80% in garrett. and wrapping up three days
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of inaugural activities today it was all about the kids. live bands played at today's inaugural kid's party at the southeast tennis and learning center in southeast. there were fun activities and games for kids of all ages but most importantly they just got a chance to meet the mayor, and one of muriel's first events will be on a segment called the women who run washington you can see it at 10:30 right here. and storms wreaking havoc across the country, in amarillo texas, drivers are having trouble getting any traction on ice and snow. the forecast is calling for six inches the ice is coating the trees and power lines and causing folks to lose power, in fact more than 9,000 customers
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in that area don't have any electricity. and i think a lot of people are wondering if that is the same snow coming our way? >> we're not getting snow like that, but rain tomorrow we'll continue to have rain at times. temperatures will be mild highs in the 60s. then as we look to the rest of the week a cold snap making its way into the area. we're talking about the potential for reportedly cold talking about snow chris, there is snow in the forecast but only flurries are in the forecast which will be on tuesday. i'll have the timing and location on that in just a moment as far as the latest satellite and radar, you can see the clouds in place, mainly dry conditions across the area. there is drizzle and mist out there with showers overnight tonight. no steady soaking rain which looks to hold off until tomorrow morning.
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temperatures like i said earlier in the 30s, we'll stay above freezing tonight even warming into the 40. so by 7:00 a.m. we'll be warmer than right now. 44 degrees, cool not cold. no concerns of ice, just wet roads, we'll continue to have rain at times throughout the day tomorrow but dry time as well. look at the temperatures 52 by 11:00 a.m. 63 by 3:00 p.m. so it is mild tomorrow a great day to go out there and get the holiday decorations down. i don't think so if you're trying to plan that tomorrow i would recommend trying to do it around the mid-day hours. so 7:00 a.m. notice the showers, cloudy skies, rain continuing through the overnight hours. cloudy skies, as we get into the late and evening hours another round of rain is moving through. can't rule out a rumble of thunder. by 9:00 p.m. tomorrow we're dry. traveling tomorrow wet, breezy
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noticing the winds during the afternoon, heading out and about you do want to have the umbrella handy. for monday, noticeably cooler 40 plenty of sunshine partly to mostly sunny skies. a 30% chance that we're dealing with snow that would only be light, little or no accumulation. more importantly, tuesday marks the beginning of the cold snap. i think the two worst days as far as the cold is concerned will be wednesday and thursday. so it is not just cold. look at the high of 24 when you factor in the winds, chris, that will put the wind chill temperatures at times between zero and 15 degrees. find the warmest winter jacket you have and bring itnesday and thursday. >> all right, we're definitely in the thick of winter. still
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well, looks like the terps are going to have to find a new go-to guy. >> here is the thing, the more players you have for the nfl the more high school players want to
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come. maryland had football coach randy edsel, he needed somebody to put the team on the map, a player that turned out to be receiver stephen diggs, he was the biggest recruiter ever landed. the former 5-star recruit spent three seasons in college park struggling with injuries throughout his career missing three games this season six games last season. but diggs still finishing with 60 catches and 522 yards, all big-ten selection, he told the baltimore sun it was a very difficult decision for him and he hopes to help put maryland football in a better place. we go from maryland football to maryland basketball. mark turgin has a healthy and complete team in college park the terps sit atop the standings with the best overall record
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today hosting minnesota in their first big home game. the terps prove it is no fluke. they are checking out the terps there at the xfinity center. pulling down the rebound, wells misses there is dodd again, a career high 12 rebounds in this game. first half winding down that is joe king knocking down the corner three, only a three-point lead at the break, second half maryland turns on the defense showing muscle. nice block by dodd the freshman takes it all the way and walks. the terps go up by eight, later on in the half defense is still strong. that is jake leman playing ball. the freshman finished with 20 points in the game. the terps beat minnesota 70-58, now 2 and 0 in the big 10
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conference. minnesota becoming a very tough place to play these days. >> i think we were just excited. the building was buzzing, it was our first big 10 home game. the guy is nervous, i thought we were a little bit nervous because of it. we gained confidence. i just kept saying we have to keep getting better. >> 25th ranked georgetown looking to bounce back, hosting creighton, first half. creighton turns the ball over here georgetown on the run, smith, rivera takes it himself. nice finish gets the foul. hoyas within one, georgetown, on the break again, kicks over to trey campbell. hoyas take the lead later, second half georgetown up by five. peak driving the lane here somehow gets this shot to go
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georgetown on top of creighton right now in the second half. mike lonigan and gw visiting a-10 rifle st. joseph. big off the gw miss. kevin larsen watch this junior here strong slam there with 15 points in the game. gw up by 20 st. joe battling back seconds left in the game chris wilson gets to the rack gets the bucket hawks within three, made his first free throw misses. check out the effort by gorino, battling for the rebound, he gets it. gw holds on to beat st. joseph the final score in this one, 64-60. also the terps women's team defeat nebraska on the road today, big win for maryland 75-47, the virginia men's team in action right now leading
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miami at half time. 38-20. let's move on to the nfl now. redskins continuing their search for a new defensive coordinator. wade philips is scheduled to interview for the position. his son, wes philips is the tight end's coach. the ravens and steelers come your way for nbc 4, these two afc 4 teams don't like each other at all. the first post-season meeting this season the two teams sflit their game the steelers win by 20 points doesn't matter how you get in. everyone has the same record this time of year the ravens expect pittsburgh's very best shot tonight. >> both teams have been playoff teams vying for playoff spots and vying for super bowls. i think that is really what makes games so important and fun to watch. >> you know i think the playoff
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game everything is faster and more intense. i guess with the professional dislike i think it will be even more interesting. and i hope to be in the thick of it. >> kickoff for that game tonight at 8:15 p.m. also in the afc right now cardinals up 14-13 over the panthers. that game in the third quarter. nothing like nfl post-season football. >> should be great. >> and that game tonight is a real rivalry. baltimore/pittsburgh. on this saturday
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night, against all odds. a 7-year-old girl walks out of a plane that crashed and killed four others in her family. tonight her remarkable story of survival and her journey to summon help. piece by piece. the most hopeful signs yet that the wreckage of the doomed airasia plane itself has been found, one week after it went down. game on. now just a year away from the start of presidential primary season the jockeying has begun. we'll look at all those who may be in the running. and desperate move. families relocating to colorado in hopes of treating their children's illnesses. the latest twist in the marijuana boom.


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