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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 3, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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an abundance of caution. northern-most frederick county maryland near the pennsylvania border little bit of icing there. temperatures are still below freezing. much of the area here highlighted counties that's a winter weather advisory that goes into the afternoon hours. i do suspect the weather service may have to trim that back a little early. good news. primary threat sleet, freezing rain. possibility of light icing or glaze primarily right along the mason-dixon line. rain in the metro. temperatures near 40. northern frederick county. northern washington county maryland near southern pennsylvania that's where the pockets of cold air are the deepest. we could see slight accumulations there. parts of the shenandoah valley as well. bigger pictures show the leading edge of warmer air near roanoke will start inching its way into our direction. we'll start surging into the 60s tomorrow. temperatures in the 30s right now. we'll see a slow and steady rise in temperatures evening as well. most areas near 40 degrees later this afternoon. temperatures will rise overnight
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tonight and lead us to a mild day tomorrow. the polar plunge arrives midweek. your seven-day forecast coming up. >> all right, chuck. thank you. new this morning, firefighters are trying to figure out what cause this had house fire in prince george's county t happened on dartmouth avenue, not far from the university of maryland. news 4's kristen wright is live there. kristen? >> reporter: good morning. crews are here on the scene, boarding up the windows. let me show you. concentrating on the upstairs left side of the home here. they have new information they can share with us. first we want to share with you video overnight of firefighters trying to put out this fire. the fire was going quite strong and was heavy when they got here. this is at about 4:30 this morning. firefighters appeared to be concentrating on that front corner of the room i just showed you on the second floor. a lot of smoke coming from that room in the early morning hours.
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college students live in the house. we're told six were inside when the fire started. they were able to get out safely before firefighters even got here. the fire department tells us one of their firefighters was hurt but not badly. he has burns to his hands. now the fire department also tells us that more students live in the house and, fortunately, they are away on holiday break. again, six students inside the home at the time of this fire. everyone got out safely. one firefighter with burns to his hands. the question now is how the fire started. that is what firefighters are trying to figure out right now. live in college park kristen wright news 4. >> kristen, thank you. we'll continue to follow this story throughout the day. another developing story we're watching. a man was shot and killed this morning in the district around 4:00 this morning on bruce place in southeast. we'll bring you more information as we get it in. they prayed he would be found alive but this morning one virginia community is mourning the death of a local yoga
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instructor. hari simran went missing while hiking in mexico earlier this week. his body was found yesterday. he fell in a ravine and died from a head injury investigators say. yesterday members of the faith community held a vigil at the sterling yoga center where he zblaut really lived his life full of the virtues of being giving and giving to anybody. >> we all have heavy hearts. he was a very beloved young man. >> hari simran was 25 years old. he and his wife lived in leesburg and were in mexico for a yoga retreat. video of a daring rescue by u.s. park police from the district. the police used a helicopter yesterday to save an injured hiker at shenandoah national park in virginia. take a look. the hiker fell about 20 feet and broke his leg. this was at the summit of old rag mountain. park rangers hiked to the summit of the mountain about 4,000 feet up. realizing it would have taken
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hours to carry him down that mountain. the national park service then called in the helicopter. air crews lowered a rescue basket to him and hoisted him to safety. they flew him to the foot of the mountain where an ambulance was waiting to take him to the hospital. a developing story. a 7-year-old girl the sole survivor in a plane crash. that wreck killed four other people. the aircraft crashed in lyon county in kentucky where police say they received a 911 call when the girl walked to a nearby house and told the residents she had been in a crash. police say the girl walked at least a quarter of a mile to get to that home. crews found the wreckage of what believed to be the plane. the girl was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. missing pieces of the airyash flight 8501. video from the department of defense. the u.s. is one of the number one countries helping in search for the victims and the wreckage. the plane crashed last sunday
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with 162 people on board. this morning, the head of indonesia's search and rescue agency says they've found parts of the airyash plane. four large objects have been detected 90 feet deep in the java sea. the bad weather is slowing things down. katy tur has more from indonesia. >> reporter: another day of rough seas and high winds, as search teams recovered more than 20 bodies pulled from the java sea along with three large pieces of plane wreckage. but six days after the plane went missing, there is still no confirmation of where the fuselage may be. investigators had hoped to be able to spot it visually in the shallow waters. now it's up to specialized acoustic equipment to listen for pings from the black boxes. >> currently we have about a three-week window left for the pingers, for the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder. once the weather calms down the odds go up exponen tichlt atialily.
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>> reporter: meanwhile at captain arionda's home in surabaya his wife sits by quietly, receiving condolences. how are you doing? >> fine. >> reporter: fine? >> fine. >> reporter: friends say she's holding on to hope that her husband is still alive. his flight school classmates friends for 30 years. >> first time we cannot accept what happened but now we realize it's that god has to do this. >> reporter: praying for the weather to clear and that the search finally yields answers. >> pilot's flight school friends tell nbc news he was a fighter pilot before you went into commercial aviation. he leaves an 8-year-old son, who
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still thinks his father is at work. rockville's lincoln park community center is partnering with burlington coat factory to help provide warm winter coats to those in need. drop off coats at any size in new or excellent condition until january 8th at several locations in rockville. generic prescription drugs are supposed to gv you the same benefits at a better value. you may notice that's not the case anymore. we will break down what is driving those prices up. another look at storm team 4 radar. rain today. meteorologist chuck bell will have more on what's coming after this rain leaves. buyer beware. a warning for pet owner this is morning.
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we're back at 9:09. if you're a dog owner, you may want to check buying. jump your bones, florida-based company, has recall eded the treats that are distributed in stores nationwide. you can return the product for a full refund. 9:10 right now. more and more of you are buying cheaper generic drug alternatives same benefits but lower prices. at least in theory. >> over the past year generic drug prices have gone up dramatically. kate snow has more. >> reporter: cindy jackson takes about a dozen pills every day for her heart. ten are generics including one drug she started in may. >> when we went to the drugstore to pick it up and they said that will be $398 i was like oh, no! >> reporter: a year before that drug cost about $85. and the digoxin to regulate her heart rate used to cost $5 a
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month. now it's three times as much. >> my husband had to get a second job on the weekends to help pay for the medicine. >> reporter: she's not alone. nearly half of generic medications increased in price in a year some dramatically. one migraine medication spiked 700% in six months. a common antibiotic up more than 8,000 percent. jackson's local pharmacist sees it every day. >> every other week you're seeing some products well-used products jumping for no reason. >> reporter: after from constituents elijah cummings organized a meeting. what's driving up the price, do you know? >> greed. it's not all generic companies but other companies are buying up a company, a drug. then they turn around and say we can make a lot of money on this drug. >> reporter: not true says president of the generic farm
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pharmaceutical organization. >> you're still basically talking pennies compared to very expensive brand medicines. >> if a medicine has gone from 34 cent ace day to $7.36 a day, that's a big increase for people. how does that happen? >> it happens sometimes because there can be drug shortages. there could be supply problems around the world. there could be a whole bunch of market forces. >> ja medicine she has to take. >> you can't pick and choose what medicine you're going to take when it comes to the heart. >> reporter: with her husband working catering jobs on the weekends they're paying the bills for now. kate snow nbc news washington. sony has a post-holiday gift for you. how they're making up after the hack that some say ruined their christmas. chuck? and we've got cloudy sky sies, rain drops here in the metro. a possibility for a little icing across northern maryland. we'll talk more about
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in the day ahead, family friends and officers will say a final farewell to the second officer killed in ambush in new york. wenjian liu will be held in brooklyn. buddhist monks will lead the
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procession. he and rafael ramos were sitting in their patrol car when they were shot and killed. the shooter took his own life. bill de blasio says the funeral is about grieving not grievances. this is in response to police officers' conduct at the funeral of ramos, when they turned their back on the mayor. the elder cuomo died of heart failure thursday night. he was 82 years old. new round of u.s. sanctions are in effect against norirst action in response to cyber attack against sony targeting three north korean organizations, including the country's intelligence agency and ten government leaders. those people will not have access to the american financial
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system. they've also been banned from entering the united states. the fbi believes north korea targeted sony over the release of the movie "the interview," a comedy about the assassination of the country's leader ken kim jong un. north korea denies any involvement in the cyber attack and has not responded to any sanctions. if you or your kids could not access your playstation on christmas day, you will receive a five-day extension. hackers caused a three-day outage on the playstation network. icy surfaces for drivers in the south. frosty road conditions caused several accidents in texas yesterday, temperatures at least 20 degrees below normal in the area. it's not just the south being affected by the big freeze. this video shows a 60-pound fire written in a ditch after sliding off the ice. that happened in missouri. even first responders were caught off guard by the bad werth conditions. >> over in new hampshire, more
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snowy conditions dozens of pile-ups. this video showing a 50-car pileup. thick, black snow interrupting the snow as the massive cleanup began. no one was seriously hurt. dozens were stranded for hours in temperatures below 20 degrees. some people in our viewing area are waking up to icy, dicey conditions. >> montgomery county has just dispatched salt truck. >> isolated spots are seeing a little bit of freezing. mostly across northern maryland. farther north and west from the d.c. metro, your chances are higher to see at least a little sleet or freezing rain. no reports of serious accumulations anywhere. that doesn't mean there can't be few slippery spots. northern montgomery county frederick county maryland hagerstown take it extra easy and slow this morning. northern montgomery county is under the advisory.
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salt trucks out for isolated spots in the county. go to nbc for the latest on where any troubled spots are. and download our storm weather app for absolutely free. i really suspect that the weather service will be able to pull this weather advisory down close to the metro a little bit early. in town though it's cloudy and wet and cold outside, it's way above freezing. 39 degrees at national airport right now. not much of a wind out there. not much of a windchill to deal with. temperatures 34 in frederick. thurmont at 29. hagerstown at 31. most of the troubled spot potential is way up here along the border. hourly temperatures today, though it will stay cold and stay wet, we should gradually trend up into the low 40s by later this afternoon. once the sun goes down temperatures will continue to rise. we'll actually have our high
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today potentially at 11:00 tonight. we are watching a little bit of sleet, rain potential this morning. it becomes all rain this afternoon. major roads will not have any trouble at all. it's really the side streets, secondary roads in the sheltered area that is have the potential of seeing some trouble. as you plan your outfit for the day today, plan on a coat hat and umbrella as it will be cold and wet all through the course of your saturday. here it is on storm team 4 radar. light rain. pockets of icing there in northern frederick county. high spots of western loudoun county toward leavittsville, parts of the panhandle of west virginia. anywhere you see the pink here that's where we could have some icing. it's all rain in the metro area right now. that's where it's going to stay. warm front is coming our way. it's going to be way warmer tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow 20 degrees warmer than this afternoon. huge warm-up, but brief, coming
9:21 am
our way for tomorrow. going out on your saturday night, plan on it being cold and wet. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. future weather forecast any opportunities for sleet will fade away by late this morning. here kochls the scomes the leading edge by late this afternoon. course of the evening and overnight hours. we could even ring out a couple of drops early tomorrow morning before the warmer air really wins out and it may even see a touch of sunshine tomorrow. your seven-day then. 43 today, cold rain. 62 tomorrow. most of those drops are early tomorrow. we'll be dry and mild then turning much colder monday and really cold temperatures only at or above the freezing mark on wednesday and thursday and highs in the 20s thursday. overnight lows single digits and teens by late in the week. so soak in that one-day warm-up for tomorrow. >> all right. chuck, thanks so much. we did just get new information. we know there are a lot of road closures across montgomery
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county right now. also getting word of a situation where someone hit some black ice. this is out in the clarksburg area and they drove off the road and ran into a house. we're working on getting you the images and latest on that. >> going through a digital app you can see a handful of road closures in montgomery county until they can be treated with the salt trucks. we'll keep our eyes on that. a stabbing blocks away from the white house. what we're learning about the victim. >> liquor sales are big business on new year's eve.
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back at 9:25. you could start the new year richer if you played the d.c. lottery lottery, and have the winning numbers. 17 27 37 40 53 and the powerball number was 35. the ticket holder of that $1 million ticket matched the winning numbers but not the power ball number. d.c.'s fourth distillery will open this month. what could be better than drinking something that is made on your doorstep? tom sherwood takes a look at 18 northwest washington. >> reporter: alcohol is big business in the district. bars and restaurants opening
9:26 am
everywhere. and adding to the mix are industrial places like 18 a new distill distillery having its grand opening next week. >> vodka, rock creek white whiskey and we'll begin aging our rock creek rye whiskey and burr born bourbon whiskey and start making our gin. >> reporter: fourth distillery in addition to several beer breweries remaking the city's booze market adding new jobs and opportunities. green hat gin are in a warehouse around the corner. sandy wood is ceo and co-founder of 1-8. >> it's a nationwide trend, craft movement where people are
9:27 am
interested in creating and participating in the things that they consume. so we're very much a part of that. >> reporter: setting up expensive. and time consuming. 1-8 has been at it for more than a year before opening its doors next week. why the name one eight? >> it refers to article i, section 8 of the constitution the provision that allowed for the establishment of a district to serve as the nation's capital. we're d.c. proud. we wanted to be part of the city. we're definitely a renaissance in this neighborhood as well as the city as a whole. >> reporter: in the district tom sherwood news 4. and with more jobs and cheap gas prices you could say 2014 ended on a high note. will it carry over into this new year? the economic relief experts say you can look forward to. the celebration for d.c.'s new mayor, muriel bowser continues today. what constituents say should be top priority as d.c. enters a new chapter.
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keep your umbrella handy today. showers are in the forecast and so is 60-degree weather. meteorologist chuck bell is timing it all out and
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at 9:30 firefighters are trying to figure out what cause this had house fire in prince george's county at dartmouth
9:31 am
avenue and knocks road not far from the university of maryland. so far no word on injuries. we're monitoring that. the body of a missing virginia hiker has been found. hari simran never returned from hiking in the mountains of central mexico earlier this week. his body was found yesterday. searchers say he fell in a ravine and suffered a head injury then died from that injury. he was 25 years old. this morning, a new winter weather advisory in effect. montgomery county has deployed salt trucks because the roads are that bad. picture of black ice in the clarksburg area. the reason we're showing you this this is actually where a vehicle went into that house, far right of your screen there. that road closed with several others in our region. >> lot of patchy spots out there. most dangerous part of all is you can't see it. biggest line of defense is driving a little slower this morning. we posted all the areas blocked off at newly updated nbc washington app
9:32 am
as well. >> that's right, updating that app with some of the road closures. let's go over to meteorologist chuck bell tracking this weather whachlt weather. what it will mean for us the next few days. >> david and angie, we're watching isolated pockets of sleet or freezing rain this morning. again, if you're in one of those little pockets, you need to be paying careful attention to what you're doing, careful attention to the thermometer. lot of cars have those now. anywhere at or below 32 degrees sloerks down out there. northern montgomery county into northern frederick county. reports have been very few and far between. where we are seeing it just enough of a glazing out there. use extreme caution this morning. around town this is all rain. bethesda chevy chase, prince george's county fairfax, loudoun. looking out for any potential in icing. leading edge of the warming air
9:33 am
will be arriving later this afternoon and into this evening. temperatures mid to upper 30s now will climb into the 30s overnight tonight. watch out for that possibility of some sleet or freezing rain the next couple of hours in northern maryland. again, no problems in the immediate metro area. if krur going out tonight, plan on a cold and wet night. temperatures near 40. big warm-up ahead of polar plunge. that's coming up in your seven-day in just a few. >> thank you, chuck. in the district, police trying to figure out who stabbed a man a few block frts white house. just after 1:00 this morning, video from the scene happened pennsylvania avenue 19th street in northwest. the man is expected to be okay. d.c. police want you to take a good look at these two men. these are the folk that is they say are involved in a stabbing incident at mcfadden's. it happened last weekend. investigators aren't saying how they are linked to the crime. fiefb people were stabbed at the
9:34 am
froggy bottom bar and mcfadden's lost their liquor license because of that attack. police are trying to figure out who pulled the trigger when a man was shot at midnight on landover and firehouse roads in landover. the victim is expected to be okay. university of virginia's president is asking a federal judge to go easy on former governor bob mcdonnell during his upcoming sentencing. theresa sullivan wrote a letter to the federal judge. she says she was never pressured to help the company at the center of the scandal. sullivan's letter is one of more than 400 sent to the judge in support of mcdonnell ahead of his sentencing this tuesday. a legislative push to keep students living in virginia illegally from paying in-state tuition in the commonwealth.
9:35 am
two legislators are trying to block temporary legal states from paying in-state tuition instead of out of state. the bill challenges a directive from virginia attorney general mark herring who said they could apply for in-state rates under a 2012 presidential initiative. new this morning, trial of a terror suspect will not go ahead. abu anal al liby has died. >> that's right. he was in new york awaiting trial. the terror suspect had been suffering with liver disease as a result of hepatitis c. he was being treated at a new york area hospital when he died. also new this morning, that terror suspect again, we told you, he has passed away. we'll move on now to a federal judge refusing to delay jury selection in the boston marathon bombing suspect. dzhokhar tsarnaev's lawyers wanted a postponement. the trial will begin monday as
9:36 am
scheduled. 21-year-old and his brother, who later was killed by police set off two bombs at the finish line of the 2013 marathon killing two people and injuring more than 260 others. he could get the death penalty if convicted. >> working to find out how one teenager is doing after being stabbed at a hotel party. underage drink wags going on at the hilton. three teens were stabbed, one seriously hurt. police are not releasing the descriptions of the suspects. so far no one has been charged for providing that booze. with gas prices way down the stock market way up and more people back to work the economy ended 2014 on a high note. the good news will seem to continue in 2015. all right. and we are working more details on that. you could help montgomery county
9:37 am
police catch a christmas eve robber if you recognize this man. >> first we want to go back to nbc's jennifer johnson. she has more on the economist's predictions for the new year. >> reporter: the collapse of oil prices that sent gas prices plummeting was the gift that kept giving for consumers at the end of 2014. economists say that will likely continue for a while, saving consumers $700 a year. >> that means manufacturing has to make more stuff and they have to hire more people to do that. that's really good for the economy. >> reporter: economists predict job gains will average $250,000 a month, putting 3 million americans back to work. retail and food sales are expected to grow 5%. wall street soared in 2014 predictions are optimistic for 2015. wage growth is expected to remain modest. >> there is question whether the growing economy will finally
9:38 am
reach down and lift the middle class up in 2015 in way that is it hasn't reached them thus far. >> reporter: motor vehicle production is expected to grow. home building will stay modest as fewer buyers can afford homes. whether to raise the debt ceiling and what to do with the dwindling highway trust fund. >> those kinds of deadlines can either be met in ways that are dramatic and create a problem for the economy or they can be done smoothly which would be most important for an economy that has a bit of momentum going for it. >> reporter: for now, enjoy the gas savings in your pockets. jennifer johnson. drones are in the skies above us. some of these flights are illegal. news 4 i team reveals most dangerous and popular locations where drones are taking flight. >> let's take you outside for a live look. wet and cold start for your saturday. icy for some of you
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possible presidential hopeful and new jersey governor chris christie will begin the year with a republican victory lap. he will be with a fixture at several swearing-in ceremonies of republicans who won their elections. christie is also scheduled for several speaking occasions for republican causes this month as well. muriel bowser is waking up for her first full day as d.c.'s mayor. the inaugural events continue today with the kids' party at 2:00. it's at the southeast tennis and learning center. tickets are required. she is the seventh mayor of the district and the second woman to hold this office. derrick ward has more on the party to celebrate the d.c.
9:42 am
mayor. >> reporter: inaugural ball made it fun, d.c. style. >> my name is muriel bowser and i am the mayor of the district of columbia. ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ >> reporter: so it begins the business of running a city that swells to nearly a million with the daily influctuation ofx and tourists. >> and hold them accountable. now i'm going to wake up every day and do what i'm supposed to do. now are you going to be with me? >> reporter: residents came to revel. they also wore their hopes and wants for the incoming mayor and city council. >> ward eight looking for more housing, man, for our people over there. >> we're looking for new energy on the council and, of course a
9:43 am
new injection of dignity after some of the scandals of the last few years. >> a lot of changes especially in the d.c. public school system. >> looking forward to mayor bowser continuing many of the wonderful initiative that is mayor gray started. >> reporter: there is a sense that there is a certain momentum of things. other new mayors have had to contend with. that also means there is some patience for bowser administration to find its footing but also a limit for some. >> i think we'll know a lot after the first 1 hun00 days like any leader. >> reporter: one of her firstinterviews as mayor will be here on nbc 4. she will appear on "meet the press" sunday along with police chief kathy lanier and school chancellor henderson. they're part of a series called "the women who run washington." you can see it here on nbc 4 tomorrow. a few spots are seeing some slipping and some sliding this morning.
9:44 am
but warmer air is on the way for later today. how warm and when do we as a small
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back at 9:46. we found drones flying near some very secure areas in the district. news 4 i team caught local police stopping four people dryingdry
9:47 am
ing -- flying drones near some of the most sensitive areas in the district. district. >> reporter: just before kickoff of the monday night redskins/seahawks game a drone was spotted the edted the night all flights nearby were restricted. they're considering charges against the man. that was one of 20 unmanned illegal flights spotted by local police in recent weeks. police pulled a man out of a tree that he climbed to retrieve the drone he was flying. it had gotten stuck in the tree, feds say. another person questioned with a drone near the lincoln memorial. and police stopped a person flying a kroen ondrone on the u.s. capitol grounds. >> your chances of getting hurt from one of these thing sincere next to zero.
9:48 am
>> reporter: this man says the rules are too strict. >> it's not unreasonable to tell someone in bloomingdale or grover park they can't fly a quad copter 20 feet above the ground. >> reporter: news 4's review also find that is two of them got into air space within close range of airplanes near regularn national airport. >> even one near miss if it was a little left or little right, could have created a larger problem. >> reporter: represents pilots nationwide testified to congress that drones pose an increasing threat. >> many people don't realize they're flying them in commercial air space and it could cause a significant hazard. >> reporter: scott mcfarland news 4. >> the i team found recent drone error scares in virginia and maryland as well. happening today, you could start your new year by welcoming a new family member. washington humane society is
9:49 am
discounting adoptions for all dogs over 30 pounds on the 3rd and 4th day of january. they can be adopted for $30, whole lot of love for a small price. take advantage of this offer at two locations here in the district. new york avenue northeast location as well as the georgia avenue northwest branch. foster animals are also included in that promotion. >> all right. >> iza need a friend? >> iza does not need a friend no. she's a whole lot of puppy as it is. >> she is. it's all about her. >> it sure is. she also does not really care much for the cold and the wet. little finicky when it comes to that. as are most of us. it can either be cold or wet but to be both is an unusually bad combination around here. it has led to a little threat of wintry weather primarily in northern montgomery county and frederick county in maryland. winter weather advisory includes all those purple shaded counties and officially goes into the afternoon hours today. i still suspect that the weather
9:50 am
service will drop most of these advisories before 5:00 this afternoon. northern-most maryland it may linger a little bit longer. even there, i think this will be a short-lived problem. here it is on storm team 4 radar. wherever you see the pink up near thurmont maryland pockets of freezing rain and sleet, hagger haggerhag hagerstown. rain down near fredericksburg. pockets of freezing rain near stanton and parts of the shenandoah valley. we'll continue to watch this over the next couple of hours. problems are few and far between but that does not mean you should let your guard down. you need to remain very cautious driving around this morning. black ice is unusually hard to see. south on 270 by the beltway. most of the problems are by clarksburg in northern parts of montgomery county. warm air is coming everybody. temperatures will inch their way near 40 degre afternoon. overnight tonight, temperatures will continue to rise.
9:51 am
and we'll surge to near 60 degrees for tomorrow. but for today, the weather will have an impact on your saturday. it will be a moderate one. mostly for a cold rain with a few areas of sleet out there. view at national airport. cloudy skies and plenty of dampness around. 39 degrees, the current temperature. areawide mid to upper 30s around town. already low 40s. southern maryland stafford fredericksburg still hovering just barely above the freezing mark. sheltered locations between hager sls hagerstown. hometown forecast beautiful clifton, virginia 35 light rain. staying drizzly. temperatures climbing up to 40 degrees. morning sleet will become all rain this afternoon. big roads are not the problems. it's the side roads and secondary streets. forecast zones on our storm team
9:52 am
4 weather app. you can go to the google play or itunes store to get the very latest. another little ribbon of rain showers lifting through the metro area occasional passing shower by 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. more rain between sundown and about midnight tonight. then gradually -- though it will stay cloudy tonight and could have a couple of showers around early tomorrow morning, gradually with time rain drops will push out and warm air will move in. leading edge of much colder air which arrives here late sunday night. colder air arrives monday and bitter cold later in the week. source of the cold air? the north pole itself everybody. colder air moves on in. temperatures for highs in the 20s and single digit and zero windchills by late in the week. there it all is in your seven-day. cold rain today. showers and mild tomorrow. cold on monday. then turning real cold.
9:53 am
maybe a flurry on tuesday. no real accumulations there. super cold by late in the week. >> all right. chuck, thanks. football and pizza fans
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if you are an nfl and pizza fan, today may just be your lucky day. in fact until january 28th, papa john's has a special offer in time for the playoffs.
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any large pizza ordered at the regular price, they'll give you another large pizza with one topping for free. they want to make your game day special. four things you need to know as you head out your door on this firefighter injured in this house fire. he suffered burns on both wrists. in college park not far from the university of maryland. six students were able to get out safely. the red cross also helping out. police trying to determine who stabbed a man a few blocks from the white house. the stabbing happened after 1:00 in the morning on pennsylvania avenue and 19th street in northwest. the man is expected to be okay. police trying to figure out who shot a man in prince george's county. this happened at a metro bus stop midnight at landover and firehouse roads in the landover area. the victim is expected to be okay. inaugural events continue today for mayor muriel bowser. she will be at a kids' party at
9:57 am
the southeast tennis and learning center. that should be fun. snow emergency in effect in frederick county montgomery county some roads closed because of slick conditions. this is isolated though? >> very isolated. these are not widespread problems but use caution if you're driving today. everybody will be above freezing tonight. no problems expected tonight. >> lots of road closures list add the thanks for joining us. >> we'll be how can i avoid maintenance fees? why would you want to avoid them? because i don't want to... you know what? i'm gonna bring my maintenance guy in here to tell you all about it. roddy! so, uh, without your fee your checking chamber can't run smoothly. every time you put money in it causes, uh...deposit friction. gotta get some fiscal lube on there. [ male announcer ] it's time to bank human again. [ defeated] okay. [ male announcer ] avoid monthly maintenance fees at td bank with a minimum checking balance of just $100. td bank. america's most convenient bank.
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here now is news4's doreen gentzler. >> hello there. we're just days away from kicking off the nbc4 health and fitness expo. it's an action-packed quekd full of free medical screenings, fitness classes and a lot of fun for kids, too. today, we're getting a preview of some of the events next weekend at the expo and a look at some of the important/gmyo health issues affecting our region. first a look at why some women in our are skipping their mammograms. >> it was january when i was supposed to go and get my mammogram. and you know just busy. and you know, you just


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