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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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well if you were betting on a dry weekend, think again. tracking the rain system passing through our area meteorologist chuck bell has more impact on your weekend, which areas will see the most problems. close family and friends remember a virginia hiker found dead after days of searching ntd mountains ss of mexico. good morning, i'm angie goff. >> and i'm david culver. welcome to this saturday december -- not december. we're into january. january 3rd 2015. >> it's the first weekend in january. we made it.
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>> that's right. >> it's going to be a wet weekend. >> let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell. >> it's going to take me a little while to unpack the warmer air from florida. you'll appreciate it tomorrow. for now rain drops and sleet pellets first thing. we have a winter weather advisory that will carry us through the late morning and afternoon hours. out until the blue ridge. into the metro until about 1:00 this afternoon. all these areas in the counties mostly north and west. little light icing to a glaze out there. use caution. most of the area roads should be all right. if you see any sleet pellets or have a good picture of it tweet it in to me @chuckbell4. i heard sleet pellets on my window on the drive in. organized sleet out toward the blue ridge, maryland and west
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virginia. we'll be keeping a close eye on that. lot closer to the freezing mark in northern maryland martinsburg, west virginia. it will have a moderate impact on your plans to get outside and enjoy today. sleet turning to a cold rain later this afternoon as temperatures will climb up to near 40 degrees. super mild day tomorrow ahead of the polar plunge later on in the week. more on all that. for now back to the news. a man shot in the hand and foot at prince george's county. right now police are trying to figure out who pulled the trigger. metro transit police investigating because it happened at a bus stop around midnight in landover. the victim is expected to be okay. one virginia community is mourning the death of one local yoga instructor who disappeared while hiking the central
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mountains of mexico earlier this week. jackie bensen has more on how his sikh community is responding. >> reporter: dozens gathered outside the spiritual center in virginia where he has deeply loved and respected. just 25 years old, when he was found dead of an apparent fall during a hike in new mexico. described as that of an old soul. >> he really lived his life full of the virtues of being giving and giving to anybody that wanted it. that's something that i can say could just be 1/18 of him, if i could be one small percentage of him, i would be a complete human being. >> next to a search helicopter in this recent photo from new mexico. she told news 4 last night they were part of a group attending a
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four-day yoga retreat when her husband, an experienced hiker, set out for a short solo hikey mountain december 30th. he later text this had photo of himself, pointing down to the site of the yoga retreat. it appears he later fell into a ravine struck his head and died instantly. they spoke glowingly of his devotion to the yoga center. >> we're humans and all have heavy hearts. he was a very beloved young man. >> reporter: it is likely some of the money raised to search for harry cimron will be used to further the good he tried to spread in the world. >> u.s. park police from the district rescued a hiker who fell about 20 feet and broke his leg at the summit of old rag
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mountain. park rangers hiked to the summit of the mountain 4,000 feet up realizing it would take hours to carry him down the mountain. the national park service then called in this helicopter. they lowered a are rescue basket to him and hoistd him up to safety. they flew him to the foot of the mountain where an ambulance was waiting to take him to the hospital. 7-year-old girl sole survivor in a plane crash that killed four people. the aircraft crashed in lyon county kentucky. police received a 911 call when the girl nearby house and told the residents there that she had been in a crash. the girl walked at least a quarter of a mile to reach that house. search crews found the wreckage of what they believe to be the plane. the girl was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the u.s. navy is assisting in the search for missing airyash flight 8501. the u.s. is among the nations helping in the search for victims and wreckage. the plane went missing last
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sunday with 162 people on board. the head of indonesia's search and rescue agency says they found part of that airasia plane. two objects have been detected 90 feet deep in the java sea. crews are working to get closer to the wreckage but bad weather is slowing them down. katy tur has more from indonesia. >> reporter: another day of rough seas and high winds as search teams recover more than 20 bodies pull friday the java sea along with three pieces of plane wreckage. but six days after the plane went missing, there is still no confirmation of where the fuselage may be. investigators had hoped to be able to spot it visually in the shallow waters. now it's up to specialized acoustic equipment to listen for pings from the black box. >> currently we have a three-week window left for the pingers, flight voice box recorder and data recorder. >> reporter: the same strategy
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searchers tried unsuccessfully to find malaysia 370 in the indian ocean. in surabaya a man's wife sits by quietly, receiving condolences. how are you doing? >> fine. >> reporter: fine? >> fine. >> reporter: she is holding on to hope that her husband is still alive. among those paying their respects today, flight school classmates friends for 30 years. >> the first time we cannot accept what happened but now we realize it's -- god has to do this. >> reporter: waiting for the weather to clear and for the search to yield some answers. >> the pilot's flight school friends tell nbc news he was a fighter pilot before he went into commercial aviation. leaves behind an 8-year-old son who still believes his dad is at work. d.c. police wants you to take a look at these men right
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here persons of interest in a stabbing at mcfadden's last weekend. investigators are not saying how they're linked to the crime but do want to speak with them. mcfadden's had to shut down and lost its liquor license because of this attack. police in montgomery county also need your help. they're trying to catch a christmas eve robber. if you recognize this man, give them a call. police say this is a guy who held up a td bank in silver spring. he got away with some of the money the teller handed him but not all of it. the robber actually dropped some of the cash and bystanders started scooping it up. the suspect was last seen running into a family dollar store where he may have changed clothes and took off. you're going to want to give yourself extra time if you plan on taking metro this weekend. orange silver and blue line trains will run every 24 minutes. crews are working on the emergency call box right now and doing track work between eastern market and stadium armory metro
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stations. everything should be back to normal for the monday morning commute. at 6:09 buyer beware. a warning for pet owners. the food recall that is putting you and your dogs in danger. okay. so so, forget about the winter blues. some people shoulder at the thought of spring. we are going to introduce you to one local woman who is changing minds about depression and cold weather. and here is another look at storm team 4 radar. rain today. chuck bell will have more on what's coming aft
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a new round of u.s. sanctions against north korea. three north korean organizations including the intelligence agency and ten government leaders as well.
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these people will not have access to the american financial system. they will also be banned from entering the u.s. the fbi believes north korea targeted sony over the release of that movie "the interview." it is a comedy about the assassination of the country's leader kim jong un. north korea denies any involvement in the cyber attack and it also has not responded to this latest round of sanctions. if you or your kids couldn't access your playstation network on christmas, here is the deal. you'll get a five-day extension. automatically apply the extension to members who had a free trial on december 25th. they had a three-day outage on the playstation network f. you're a dog owner, check the band brand of treats you're buying jump your bones could be contaminated with salmonella. there's also a risk to you from handling contaminated products. you can return that product for a full refund.
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good morning once again. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. cloudy cold nasty outside with sleet pellets this morning. all that will be changing soon. complete check of your whole
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this weekend, family friends and officers will say good-bye to the second officer
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killed in an ambush in new york city. buddhist monks will lead his funeral service. new york mayor bill de blasio and the new york police department police chief will give eulogy. in a memo he says quote, a hero's funeral is pot about grievance. it's about grieving. this is in response to what happened during the funeral of rafael ramos. officers turned their backs on the mayor when he spoke. mourners will be able to pay their respects monday for mario cuomo at a manhattan funeral home. there will be a private funeral service tuesday morning. current governor andrew cuomo, made that announcement yesterday. >> in texas yesterday,
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temperatures were at least 20 degrees below normal in that area. it's not just the south affected by the big freeze. a 60,000-pound fire truck, you see it right there, in a ditch after sliding off the ice. that happened in missouri. even first responders were caught off guard by those bad weather conditions. in new hampshire, more snowy conditions and dozens of pile- pile-ups. this video showing a 50-car pileup. can you believe that? thick, black smoke interrupting the snow as a massive cleanup began. no one was seriously hurt. dozens were stranded for hours in temperatures below 20 degrees. can you imagine? >> when the cold weather rolls in many of us start feeling perhaps a little cold inside. and some people actually get a bit sad. for others this time can be downright depressing. >> it's called season alal
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defective disorder. >> reporter: when she retires her idea for a perfect spot isn't the beach, some golf course or even an island in the sun. her idea of a perfect spot is some place much much colder. can you tell here by the difference in her smiles. >> people always talk about retiring going to the carolinas or go to florida. my husband and i were talking about caribou, maine, alaska. >> reporter: while the cold air gives linda a lift -- >> i love being outdoors when it snows. >> reporter: she wants to hide when springs roll around. >> the minute things start blooming and the greens around hate it. hate it. >> reporter: it's the heat humidity bright sunshine that really gets her. >> i'm going to be depressed for the summer and i am mostly. >> reporter: her fall decor comes out september 1st. her holiday baking starts in november. the sounds -- ♪ have a holly jolly christmas ♪
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>> the sights draw her in even a term that sends chills up your spine, polar vortex. believe it or not, she is not alone in the summer version of seasonal effective disorder. dr. norman rosenthal is a clinical psychologist and expert on seasonal effective disorder. he too, suffers from the winter version of sad. >> the winter folks have garnered most of the attention. i'm glad that the people who have trouble with the summer are finally getting their day in court. it's less well understood because it's not as common or long lived. >> it's nice that there are different kinds of people that enjoy different kinds of weather. >> reporter: but, he says there are tool that is can help those who suffer from either version, like medicines, therapy, meditation. for those with winter sad, a box light for that boost of vitamin
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d. as we make our way through winter linda is on standby, waiting for her idea of perfect, brutally cold bitter day. >> i'm like bring it on bring it on! >> reporter: days she hopes are just around the corner. >> i would be in my glory. my hair would look great. everything would be great. >> you have better hair days in the winter? >> i have better hair days in the winter than i do in the summer. it's a big thing for me. >> reporter: melissa mollet news 4. >> wow! >> does the dry air in the winter help or hurt your hair? >> i don't know. >> it's tough. >> hairspray can fix anything no matter what the season. >> this is true. >> i don't know. for most of us we're looking forward to the warm weather and get away for the winter. >> one day of warmth this week. one day. that will be tomorrow everybody. it's january, after all. even those of us who are snow lovers but not necessarily brutal cold lovers are happy to
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hear about one mild day. that will be tomorrow. then the bottom falls out and winter really comes roaring back into the area with a vengeance by mid to late this coming week. be ready for that. first thing saturday morning, winter weather advisories are posted. not expecting a big impact from this but a little bit of light sleet or glazing of light, freezing rain could cause some isolated travels early this morning, especially into northern maryland, i-81 west of the blue ridge there. these areas in the purple is where the winter weather advisory is in effect until 5:00 this afternoon out farther to the north and west and only until 1:00 this afternoon, a little closer into the metro area. not expecting a whole lot of anything to accumulate but again some sleet, freezing rain light icing or a bit of a glaze, up to a tenth of an inch of icing of accumulation north and west. use caution. slow down. leave extra time on your way out the door first thing this morning. what to expect? sleet around this morning,
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changing to just rain later this afternoon and major roads are going to be fine. it's really those back area roads and some of the on ramps and off ramps we need to be most careful for. moderate impact on your day today. chilly rain and sleet around first thing this morning. at national airport, sleet pellets being reported. 38 degrees. windchill only 33. not much of a wind out there yet. wind will pick up tomorrow. 30 in hagerstown. 32 frederick. those are the areas i'll be watching most carefully the next couple of hours. if you live out that way and get a picture of the sleet pellets, glazing of ice, share it with me @chuckbell4. i'll be happy to share it. a slow steady upward climb. temperatures will continue to climb overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. all the icy troubles will be done by 2:00 3:00 this afternoon. hometown forecast clifton, virginia sleet at 9:00 am cold rain upper 30s by 2:00 and by
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7:00 tonight, light rain but well above freezing. with all the mentions of winter weather possibilities today, go ahead and download our storm team 4 weather app and have your zone-by-zone forecast there. out to the north and west there are pockets of sleet from weather weathers weathersville, south of warrenton and opal virginia eshd southern prince george's charles and st. mary's counties you will be getting rain here shortly if it's not already raining. a big push of very warm air arrives tomorrow. that will be in the form of some rain showers. as we go later on into the week mild tomorrow. then the cold air really starts to roll in late tomorrow and bitter cold by late in the week. all that and more here in your seven-day forecast. rising temperatures but falling rain drops today. hit and miss showers off and on through the day tomorrow especially in the morning hours. by tomorrow afternoon, a brief push of warm air arrives in.
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60s breezy and cooler. highs freezing or below wednesday and thursday. wake-up temperatures in the teens by late in the week. that's going to feel like winter you guys. >> you bet. >> yeah. >> thanks, chuck. 1600 pennsylvania avenue could soon be getting a facelift. what we're learning about plans to revamp the white house to better protect the first family. plus how one cleaning business is helping mothers fighting cancer keep their families in orde trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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>> cancer treatments can be burdensome. >> now committed to helping women clean their house. brittany glasser reports. >> reporter: cleaning is a passion for stacey miller owner of classy cleaning. from apartments to businesses and homes, she and her staff are like well-oiled cleaning machines. but there was a time three years ago when she had to put on the brakes, after being diagnosed with breast cancer. >> it feels like you have the flu and somebody has beat you up with a stick. that's how bad you feel and cleaning house is not what you want to be doing. >> reporter: once cancer free she decided to partner with a nonprofit organization cleaning for a reason to serve other
6:28 am
women with cancer inside their homes by offering free professional cleaning services. >> the house has to be cleaned. you have a family to take care of dinner to fix, kids to get ready. and none of that gets put on hold. >> reporter: women undergoing chemo or radiation are eligible for a service that provides a three to four-hour housecleaning once a month to three to four months. that can allow a woman to relax, putting herself and her recovery first. >> at some point you have to realize you've got to stop and rest. and you need to let somebody else help. >> reporter: it's more than a clean house. it's a break from daily stress and a chance for women to reconnect with what matters most. >> instead of having to worry about taking care of the house or doing dishes or doing some laundry, i can go spend a little more time with my husband or i can spend a little more time with my kids. >> and that was brittany glasser reporting. can you help by donating cleaning services or sign up as a recipient.
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all you have to do is go to cleaning celebration for mayor muriel bowser today. starting the new year off right. what you can do to get your diet on track now that the holiday treats are in the past. showers in the forecast. keep your umbrella handy. so is
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i've smoked a lot and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now...i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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in today's top stories, the bofd a missing virginia hiker was found yesterday. search teams say simran fell into a ravine and was killed instantly. metro transit police say a man who was shot experienced wounds in his foot and hand. is he expected to be okay. the head of indonesia search and rescue agency saying they found parts of the airasia plane. two large objects have been detected about 90 feet deep in the java sea. crews are working to get closer to the wreckage but bad weather is slowing them down. good morning to you. welcome to news 4 today. i'm david culver. >> and i'm angie goff.
6:33 am
glad you could join us. we have some rain moving into parts of our region as we kick off the first weekend of january. >> that's right t sounds like it's going to get at some part throughout the weekend. >> sleet this morning and 60-degree weather coming our way briefly for tomorrow before more cold air arrives. a whole lot of stuff in the weather department the next couple of days. first thing's first, out the door winter weather advisories northern maryland eastern west virginia parts of the shenandoah valley. this is primarily for a little mix of sloet and freezing rain. not expecting any big accumulations of either. any time you get a little light icing or glaze out there, you'll want to slow down, use extra caution on your way out the door first thing this morning. rain showers here in the metro with sleet pellets mixing n a lot more in the way of sleet than rain out across parts of the shenandoah valley. we'll be watching it very very carefully. temperatures in and around the
6:34 am
metro are well above freezing. it's a whole lot colder out to the north and the west. have your winter coat ready to go for today as well as your umbrella. and maybe a little bit of a scarf as well potentially. hour by hour, temperatures will stay in the 30s this morning, rising to near 40 degrees later this afternoon into this evening. 60s tomorrow. more about that and the cold air to come in a few minutes. >> chuck, thanks. we are following a developing story in the district. police trying to figure out who stabbed a man near the white house. the stabbing happened just after 1:00 this morning. and it happened on pennsylvania avenue and 19th street in northwest. the man is expected to be okay. >> this morning, muriel bowser waking up for her first full day as mayor. kicks off a kids party at 2:00 this afternoon at the southeast tennis and learning center. tickets are required. can you find them on the mayor's website. the seventh mayor of the district and second woman to hold the office.
6:35 am
derrick ward has more on the celebration of d.c.'s new mayor. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> thank you. >> made it fun, d.c. style. >> my name is muriel bowser and i am the mayor of the district of columbia. >> reporter: so begins the business of running a city of 600,000, nearly a million with daily influx of commuters and tourist. >> i would hire the best and the brightest people set impossible expectations and hold them accountable. now i'm going to wake up every day and do what i'm supposed to do. now are you going to be with me? >> reporter: residents came to revel. besides the dancing shoes they also wore their hopes and wants for incoming mayor and city council. >> ward eight is looking for more housing, man, for our people.
6:36 am
>> we're looking for new energy on the council and, of course a new injection of dignity after some of the scandals of the last few years. >> a lot of changes especially d.c. public school systems. >> looking forward to mayor bowser continuing many of the wonderful initiatives that mayor gray started. >> reporter: there's a sense that there is a certain momentum to things now. massive budget deficit that other new mayors have had to contend with. it also means there are some patience for a bowser administration to there's also a limit for some. >> i think we'll know a lot after the first 100 days like any leader. >> derrick ward, news 4. >> one of bow dlts ser's first interviews as mayor will appear on nbc 4 on "meet the press" along with school chancellor kaya henderson. they're part of a special segment called "the women who run washington," 10:30 tomorrow here on nbc 4. trial of a terror suspect will not go ahead.
6:37 am
abu anas al liby has died. he was in new york awaiting trial. the terror suspect had been suffering with liver diseases a result of hepatitis c. he was being treated at a new york area hospital when he died. a federal judge has refused to delay jury selection in the trial of the boston marathon bombing suspect. dzhokhar tsarnaev's lawyers wanted a postponement. the trial will begin monday as scheduled. prosecutors say the 21-year-old and his brother, later killed by police set off two bombs at the finish line of the 2013 marathon. he could get the death penalty if convicted. asking a federal judge to go easy on former governor bob mcdonald during his sentencing. theresa sullivan wrote to the federal judge. she said during her close working relationship with the former governor she was never pressured to help the company at the heart of the corruption
6:38 am
scandal. sullivan asked the judge to consider a lenient sentence. sullivan's letter is one of more than 400 sent to the judge in support of mcdonnell ahead of his sentencing. it's 2015 and you want to change your eating habits. where do you start? what works and what to avoid so you stick to your goals. behind closed doors, important discussions have begun about changes to the white house fence. news 4 has learned you could soon see a facelift outside 1600 pennsylvania avenue. let's head outside for a live look. it is wet and cold start to your saturday. chuck bell though will more on what areas
6:39 am
6:40 am
after a few months of christmas dinners and holiday spreads many of you need to clean up your diet. >> those of you looking to have
6:41 am
a healthier 2015 than 2014 nbc's erica edwards shows you where to start. >> one person is going to put the bananas in. >> me! >> reporter: the ingredients at after-school snack at the leak household are simple. bananas and milk. homemade banana ice cream is a great illustration to the leeks' commitment to clean eating little or no processed food. clean eating refers to food in its most natural state without extra sweeteners preservatives or other additives. the key is finding ingredient label that is don't read like a science experiment. >> shorter ingredient list and simpler ingredient list where you really understand what you're eating and putting in your stomach. it's really that simple. >> reporter: experts say refrigerated versions of food tend to be less processed than similar products on store shelves that may have additional
6:42 am
stabilizers and preservatives. think fresh juice, salsas and salad dressings. >> if it's natural typically it has two to three ingredients and that really gets my attention. that that's what i purchase. >> want to put some spinach in your lunch? >> reporter: getting rid of refined sugar and flour, they noticed improvements in their health. including their daughter who suffer friday asthma. >> she literally went a year without wheezing at all after changing our diet. >> reporter: erica edwards, nbc news. >> problem is the food is so good over the holidays. but then you do feel like you lack energy afterwards. >> i think the big key is small steps, not saying i want to lose five or even ten pounds but one pound over the next couple of week. >> good point. good advice. >> want to check in with chuck? >> oh, yeah. i'll put these fattening nuts down and get back to the lettuce i have in the refrigerator. more importantly, we do have
6:43 am
some freezing rain and sleet out there first thing this morning. not expecting any big impact on your entire weekend. but it may slow down your saturday morning. the timing of
6:44 am
6:45 am
there could be big changes at the white house complex. scott mcfarland has learned that the secret service is meeting
6:46 am
behind closed doors with two government agencies that would have to approve raising that fence. >> there is new pressure coming from congress to make very specific changes. >> reporter: the secret service has been under scrutiny for weeks about whether it should raise the white house fence to keep this from happening again. a man recently jumped the fence, crossed the white house lawn entered through the front door. two lesser-known agencies would have to green light any changes, u.s. commission of fine arts. the national capital planning commission is planning to meet tuesday and it's still possible a plan is submitted beforehand. former secret service agent says the fence should have been raised years ago. but they get caught up in bureaucracy. >> the fact that we can talk about it in common sense terms and why it wasn't implemented is the problem. >> reporter: they recommend the fence be raised four to five
6:47 am
feet and that horizontal pieces be removed. the agency's acting director in late november strongly indicated to congress he's thinking about similar changes. >> there are some other things we are looking at to include adjusting the height of the fence or some modification to that fence. >> reporter: congressional staffers tells news 4 top administrators with the homeland security will brief congress on likely fence changes and say it will happen within the next few weeks, increasing the chances the iconic white house fence will look quite different quite soon. scott mcfarland news 4. >> you can read more about these proposed changes. go to i checked on our app, it's posted on the home page. democratic senate leader is out of the hospital after a freak accident while exercising. harry reid was using an exercise resistance band at his home yesterday when it snapped. he fell down broke several ribs. he actually hit other exercise
6:48 am
equipment as he was falling. as a result of that he broke multiple bones near his right eye. he was released from the hospital yesterday and his office says he will head back to d.c. this weekend for the start of the new congress he dislocated his shoulder and hurt his face back in november. a man using the slot-zilla zip line ride got stuck 140 feet above the ground. worst part is he was also upside down. rescuing the man with a bucket lift. the rescue was a success. the man, not hurt. it happened at the freemont street experience. >> once he got to the ground, he seemed fine. that thing goes 35 miles per hour. it's only gotten stuck a couple of times. >> a couple. >> once is enough. >> just twice. you're good to go other than
6:49 am
that. >> he was fine when he got down. he had a five-hour extended stream. does that count as good or bad luck in vegas? it's bad you got stuck. it's good the rope didn't break. our luck is holding out this morning. winter weather advisory is posted for montgomery loudon county and northern maryland martinsburg, west virginia winchester front royal, toms brook all under the winter weather advisory. north and west toward northern maryland and panhandle of west virginia that goes until 5:00 this afternoon. a little closer into the metro only until 1:00. and they may be able to shave some of those advisory counties out before even then as temperatures are above freezing here in the metro for now. out to the north and west sleet and freezing rain with some minor accumulations a possibility. just slow down early this morning if you have to go out and go driving around. just take it easy out there. national airport right now, early morning drop-offs taking place.
6:50 am
temperatures at 38 degrees. there's still a little bit of sleet being reported in town. much more in the way of sleet out to the north and west. here's why. temperature, 30 34 in gaithersburg 30 in hagerstown. those are the pockets where we are the coldest. that's where the longest period of sleet or freezing rain may continue. fwradually with time today, temperatures will inch their way into the upper 30s and low 40s. once you're above the freezing mark all doesn't really matter too much. sleet around this morning. primarily rain this afternoon. major roads will be fine if you're headed home from the holidays to somewhere else. not a lot of travel impacts today up and down the 95 corridor. that's good news. you'll need your hat, coat and umbrella today as it will be a chilly rain for much of the day. storm team 4 radar. light showers in the metro. a little bit of moderate rain moving out towards port tobacco. also opal warrenton, faulknier
6:51 am
county. that's mostly rain east of the blue ridge. out west to the blue ridge, a pocket of sleet now into berkeley jefferson counties and west virginia. right through here it's still showing up as rain in winchester. there may be a lot of sleet mixing in with that. moderate rain down toward i-95 south, fredericksburg and quantico. warm air rushing in for us tomorrow. then rain brings a chilly end to that. and cold weather settles in next week. future weather forecast. mix of rain and sleet through at least 9:00 10:00 might last a of northern maryland. 1:00 today, another batch of rain pushing on through. by 5:00 6:00 tonight, cloudy. hit or miss shower chances east of 95. little bit of drying out overnight tonight. occasional hit or miss shower. 7:30 tomorrow till about lunchtime. gradually by the afternoon,
6:52 am
things start to improve. that won't last long. polar express comes in wednesday, thursday. 62 degrees tomorrow afternoon. then only 40 on monday. maybe a passing flurry. no big accumulations tuesday. high near 35. look at those highs wednesday, thursday friday at or below freezing. single digits and teens by thursday and friday morning. find that winter coat you guys. >> get ready for that arctic air, chuck. >> you bet. >> thanks. kevin durant returns to the district. what that means for the wizards. and if you're a football
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
everyone. what a college basketball saturday it is shaping up to be. maryland hosts their first big 10 conference game against minnesota. 14-1 record but not thinking about any of that. >> it's funny. i don't really get caught up in the record. i know everyone else does. if you ask me a record right now i would say we're 1-0. i don't even think about the other one at all. we're really not caught up in a record or where we're ranked. we'll figure out a way to beat minnesota. >> also in action later today, hoyas, after dropping the big east game against xavier tip-off in the verizon center.
6:56 am
kevin durant put on a clinic last night against the wizards in okc. dropping 34 points. down to the wiz kids they haven't won in 14 straight games. don't forget tonight here on nbc 4, afc wild card battle between division rivals baltimore and pittsburgh kick off here at 8:15. hope your saturday is a good one. and if you're an nfl and a pizza fan, today may be your lucky day. until january 28th papa john's has a special offer in time for the playoffs. order any large pizza at the regular menu price, receive another large pizza with one topping for free to make your game time more special. >> how does this figure in to our new year's resolution about losing weight and getting in shape? >> you get thin crust. >> oh, thin crust. >> the pizza cleanse. >> scrape all the toppings and good stuff right off there and just eat the crust.
6:57 am
>> okay so -- >> seven-day forecast man. be ready, everybody. up and down roller coaster kind of a ride. chilly. rain and sleet this morning. near 40 today. then for tomorrow seven-day forecast shows near 60 degrees tomorrow. over on max one if you can find it there, kurt. there you go. 62 tomorrow. then 40 degrees on monday. maybe a flurry tuesday and brutally cold late in the week. brutal! >> all right.
6:58 am
huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that.
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good morning. wintry mess. a huge storm is barrelling across much of the country from the southwest way up to the northeast. it left massive travel problems on the roads as heavy snow traps drivers on a new hampshire highway. the same storm could bring dangerous tornadoes later today. dylan will have the latest. a plane crash in kentucky. a 7-year-old girl walks nearly a mile in the cold for help. >> she got her and said her mom and dad were dead. shot in the dark. details about how a local police chief in georgia wound up shooting his wife in the middle of the


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