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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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anded over to mayor-elect muriel bowser. good in you. happy new year. i'm eun yang. >> i'm richard jordan on this friday, january 2nd. it is 38 degrees. 5:00 on the dot. a chilly start on this friday morning. . let's check in with tom kierein to find out what kind of day we're going to have and ahead to the weekend. good morning tom. >> good mor. part cudy sky. dry roads for the morning commute. for thos heading off to work, low 30s for the morning commute with sunshine. during the afternoon a lot of clouds. still dry roads. temperatures in the upper 40s by midafternoon a sky over washington. weather heaes this friday. a cold morning. a milder afternoon. but the weekend still looking wet. our temperast now in the 20s and low 30s across most of the region. upper 30s around washington and the chesapey. as we get into the afternoon hours, we'll have increasing
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clouds. the loprseg us ra. we don't have any rain now on storm team 4 radar. but that rain is down in the south of tennessee, georgia, alabama, mississippi, arkansas, louisiana, even into texas. and snow up in new england. those are the only spots where there could be travel delays today. hour-by-hour coming up next weathe and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. with what's going on melissa? looking good as you take a wide look at things. we have two situations we're dealing with. 198 right athroundabout, a a crash that police are investigati aipoint. pedestrian ck at the germantown mc n. more about that line and whether that is running properly this morning. 66 west of 29 gainesville is running fine. no problems there. 95 into and out of town here north and south, no problems in
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virginia. and prce george's county, no issues northbo or southbou into town. guys? . thanks, melissa. 5:02. the people of d.c. will officially welcome their new mayor. outgoing mayor vincent gray will hand over the seat to pure yell bowser. news 4 megan mcgrath is live with a look at today's events. megan, goodor >> report good morning, eun. a busy day for muriel bowser as she prepar to be the next mayor of d.c. there are a number of events and festivities today. the public has an opportunity to participate first ll at 8:00 this morning, there's going to be an interfaith service at the first congressional church of christ on g street northwest. then at 9:30 that's when the inauguration ceremony here at the conventienr gets under way. and that od o e public. now, members of the council and the attorney general will be sworn in first.
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and muriel bowser will be sworn in right around 11:30 this morning. then tig a p the d.c. proud inaugural ball will take place al here at the convention n. you do however, need tickets to attend thl. now, if you coming to the swearing in ceremony here this morning at t convention center doors open to the pli at 8:30 thni seats are available on a first come, first served basis. reporting live megan mcgrath news 4. eun, back to you. the inaugural events begin tomorrow. tickets are required and are available onhe's website. it will include music al and performanct fun activities and refreshments. the.s shadow representi franklin garcia will be swin today. he was elected back in november. sit one of three positions in the shadow congressional delegatio he says ie next month he plans to advocate for the
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admission of t state of new columbia the 51st state in the union. new th morning, detectives from montgomery county police department work to go identify a m hit by a train. this happened around 2:00 a.m. in germantown at the marc station. thman was walking near the tracks and hit by a freight train. investiga are work to go find out why he was on those tracks. i'm molette green at the live desk breaking ut of madrid spain. a bomb atinon there. we can te you that authorities have evacuated the scene there. spanish media reporting that the suspected suicide bomber has been arrested at the rail station with a backpack after claiming hha a vest, explosiveses on a train. we can tell you they are rerouting the trains right now. that is the latest. back to you. >> molette, thank you.
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five minutes a after 5:00. marie mcd is back in the headlines this morning. accordin he richmond times dispatch, 25 years ago maureen wrote to an nfl quarterback asking m for money. the football player says maureen mcdonnell's former boyfriend. mcdonnell youngest sister said the whole family was always worried abt maureen's bad behavior. thclms we ten in a letter to a u.s. district judge as part of the family's request for leniey. . rig now d.c. police are searching r fo men suspected in a violent kidnapping along alabama avenue southeast. the victimls police he was walking when four men in a man grabbed him. they drove around while two of them sexu assaulted him. police do not have much to go on for a suspect description. police are asking then with
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informati ta them. . it seems the new process has come after frustrations from local residents. arlingtony board will now is ask for community input on where schools firestations and where other civic infrastru sbeui. they willo be asked how to retain p and open space. the effo is in an attempt to restore the arlington way. caps fans are probably still waking on a high from the greatest er classic ever. some say yesterday's game should be an instant classic. it came complete with with an early lead for the caps and come back by chicago. they tied it at two. and the f seconds of the game. a crowd of 43,000 plus watched that go right there from troy bougher whor game-winoa a little more tn 12 seconds left. fans werin in the crowd, in the stands. it is somng they wi remember for a long time. >> we didn't know what was going on a at first. we were like, no, no it's going
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to go intoverhe time. 13 seconds and they got it in. it was i great experience. >> everyby started roging the t d yein caps caps caps. >> awesome way to end the game at a nationals park. fans were deterred by the cold weather. many stayed at theum for a good 30 to 40 minutes after the end of th game just taking in the whole experience. awesome. greaga . timei now is 5:07. new year, new data breach at a popular fas food chain in our area. what chick-fil-a is warning customers about. we'reinyo weekend chances for rain. . what
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welcome back. a new study says taking your kids to church can discourage them from using drugs and alcohol. kids livi in harsh environmes were less likely to use drugs and alcohol when they had access to pastors and church. theyaid it helped them feel more connected to theirarts and commie
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researchers found two-thirds of cancer types can be blamed on mutations d not on smoking. they foun 22 of them, including leukemia and pancreatic brain c and others can be explained largely the mutations. it is down to biological bad luck. >> tt'th tough part. we work so hard to eat healthfulex. you neve. >> it's really unfortunate. do the best to live your best life. 5:11. weather a c on the 1s. another c start here on this first week of january. almost the first full week of january. >ah. tom, wha going on? >> second day starting off not as cold as it did new year's day morning. r n we a a little below freezing ss virginia and maryland. cloto washington right around 30 degrees. mid and u 30s around the
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bay. there's th view from tower camera. und a partly cloudy sky. hour by hour temperatures today, mid-30s by 8:00 a.m. low to mid-40s by noon. should hit upper 40s by midafternoo late afternoon, a lot of clouds around, dropping to the low 40s after suns and overnight tonight. ra lelmo tomorrow. look at t timing next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5 which listen 21. melissa, tf on the road now? >> a littlbi of traffic on the road. nothing mar right now. camden line today is canceled completel because of the holiday. and penn and brunswick are operating on the s schedule. pedestriantr at germantown marc statio tweeting about this to see if we have any c l t. 95, w parkway flowing just is fine. taking a look at the wilson bridge moving along nicel 66 95 no problems there. back in 10 the weather in the west
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is troubleso where thersuch snow they ran out of gas and hotel rooms. he survived a terrible car crash. 51 years later what he discovere sd si of him.
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welco back at 5:16. following developing story this morni. threpeleuda gunman, a dead after a shooting central california. it happened 9:00 last night at a home in no modesto. four people were shot in what looks lik a murder/suicide. one woman survived. she is bei treated for a gunshot w. all four people who died were related. . two poffers are recoverinisng after a bizarre new year's day shoot-out in west va. this happ in lewisburg, south of charleston. the office were conducting a traffic soni-64. the suv had been reported
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stolen. another truck pulled over. someone inside allegedly began shooting at the officers. the office rn fire and managed to arrest the suspect. police also found two bodies under a mattress in a second car. the viim are from north carolina. day protesters in new york plan to disobey a request for mayor bill de blasio to take to the streets. members of the ferguson national response network will protest against pe outside the headquarte of news corp. it owns fox news channel and the new york post. the group is protesting what they call the newspaper's racist lies. mayor de blasio asked all protests to be suspended until two nypd officers were buried. in our area, protesters stopped shoppers their tracks at the westfield wheaton mall. about 40 es on the floor in silent protest in what they call a in
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they walk ha t ml with theiran they are th dthof black mene ofoli officers. mall managencoeriv roping offar the police chief of peach tree called 911. no information what led up to the accident. the chi is currently on leave from his position. . sevelon football players a trouble for the way they celebrated their rose bowl win fste. this vine video shows them chanting nan. it was mea t frid state quarrbmei winston. in 2012, aomus wst of raininge the athlellsclin
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a new data breach. chick-fils it may have been hacked. they are looking into reports of potential activit a data breach has not been confirmed b there is an ongoing insti to determint i on there. if a breach is revealed, chick-fil-a is assuring customers any fraudulent charges will be t restaurant's responsibity harsh weather continues in arizona. a desert area got almo fe inchesw in las vega it was the chilly air that hit the headlines this weekchfrn more cold is expected to continue in much of southwest californi today. tourists have been overwhelmi a small town in southern california for a chance to enjoy some snow. this is julian about an hour west of san diego. see, that the thing.
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six inches of snow fell there earlier this week. highway ol said every road in town was backed up for miles. thousands travelers. a lot of are enjoying the winter weather. hopefulle a place to stay. julian is out of hotel rooms at least until saturday. the town had run out of gas at one point. in that part of the country they're n used to seeing snow. >> it's a treat to get the snow. >> did it ev snow in miami? >> i don'tno it's true or not. it was bere my time. but there i legend that it did snow in mion who know no snow around here this morning. >>has right. but it's cold. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologt ern for weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:21. blizzards on south beach ever. it has snowed in south florida before. we haven't had any recently. we don't have any snow here in
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the foreseeable future. looking forwa here at the latest extended models. as we look at what to wear today well, yes, dress like this young lady. you'll nd a scarf hat coat. no umbrella. we'll stay through the day today. temperat cold this morning. we are hovi near freezing. most of va,an wt virginia mid to upper 30s. as well national airport. but in nearby suburbs, it's generallyr 30 degrees to upper 20s in northern virginia. when you're heading out and about forh weekend or going out tonig keep up where you are with the storm team 4 weather app. later today, skies will look a lot like that. clouds coming in. partly sunny. afternoon highs though, mild. should be making it into the upper 40s on saturday afternoon - this afternoon. and saturd afternoon into the mid-40s. ou clo igh here timing on rain on
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saturday. satd morning, by 8:00 a.m. mostly lig rain. the area in pink, high spots, western maryland, might get a little sl or wet snow as it does initially move in. all rain after that. showers coming through the rest of the day on saturday. late satu afternoon it may go to sprinkles and drizzle. as we get into the late evening hours on saturday and into sunday morning. we'll have that the rain continuing. and durihe day on sunday it will be milder as we get into the mid-6 0s. sun getting back to work and school on monda colder wit highs near 40. really coly the end of the week. mid-30s thursday. next weathe and traffic on the 1s at 5:31. hour by hour changes the next 24 hours. now melissa is looking at road condition >> andhee loi pretty good rig now. overall, no major problems.
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one situi on marc in just a second. 66 and 95 in virginia, rolling along nicely. inner and outer loop, again no major problems. a lot of construction on hold because of holiday yesterday. prie george's county, that is flowing nicy as well. taking a live look here in maryland,95, at cherry hill road, int and out of town you're fine. same thingbw parkway. colesville road, fine. germantow s still shut down. a pedestrian was struck. marc cam ben line canceled because ofhe holiday altogethe penn and brunswick lines operating an s schedule. i'm back in 10 minutes. i'm molette green at the live desk. following on breaking news. police in madrid, spain tweeting out that the bomb scare at a train sonls did not hn. we have a twitter picture to
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show you of the aftermath showing se ofhe evacuations after the bomb alert went out. police have now reopened the train station. they did t arrest the suspect. a suicide bomber who claimed he left explosives. the train reopened after police tweeting out that the bomb threat was false. back to y an, e. the latest report from the centers for disease control shows the virus, flu virus is now widespread in 36 states and 15 childr nationwide have died from the illne in september including a fifth grader in ashburn, virginia. the cdc warned they will likely continue f s weeks. because of that, some hospitals are starting to limit visitors in an attempt to control infection >> t pea of the flu season is december to february. now we're look at the pk the peak. so it willetrs >> washing of the hands.
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a 75-year-old illinois man just had surgery. you could it long overdue. >> he had a seven-inch turn signal lever removed from his insane. it had be there from 51 years. arthur crashed his thunderbird car interest a truck. his fractured hip drew attention away from the arm. the arm healed and he never knew what was stuck inside until weeks ago. >> i was amazed to see how corroded it was. it almost has all the chrome of of it. >>he rod was removed on wednesda artaid he isn't sit. he said thoug about making hain but it's too ugly. if it'sur body for so long you like you can't through a lot together. >> gh he must have felt some discomfort his whole life and not realized. that's not a little piece of metal. >> it huge. >> glad he's fine and it didn't
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hurt his recovery. well, only news 4 gets an inside look how security cameras are used at local schools. why paren say it's not the best way to keep kids safe. >> tackling fat is on your new year's resolution, there's a new tool to blast it away. how you can look thinner even after you gain the weight back. the b chg are coming up in your forecast. cold, rain, and 60s.
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a little b of snow upstate new york, new england from texas, over towards georgia. under partly cloudy sky, near
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freezing. upper 20s to low 30s with a light wind. a live video from city camera looking nationals park where the big winter classic was such a success yesterday. cold through the morning. near freezing through 8:00. by noon jumping into the mid-40s with increasing clouds during t afternoon. temperatu hitting upper 40s by 2:00, 3:00. by 5:00 p.m., down to the mid-40s. cloudy tonight. we'll be down to the upper 30s by midnight. going out don't, should stay dry. tomorrow, gha beginning to move in. temperatus will be in the low 30s. next weathnd traffic on the 1s, a look at neighborhood highs today at 5:41. good morning, melissa. how are the >> brand-new report of a crash, 95 maryland southbound. reports of totrailer. headed intwn66 hopping on near prince william and
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centreville, oak ton, you're fine. 95 in virginia, cardinal drive, that is mon along nicely too. prince geos county, all those rout are nice and open and clear. we have ts pedtrn situation at the germantown marc station. ju t an update on this one. the tra is still there. not investigating any other lines at this point this morning. camden is canceled pause of the holiday. and penn and brunswick operating on an s schedule. more infoio of a crash coming knupp 10 minutes. a virginia man is missing in mexico. hari simran lives in leesburg, virginia. it's been two days since frien and famha h
5:32 am
jackie bepoh s wife. this o oth site was em 20 m. eastern td 3h. about threhotawa supposed a t up the mountarbe pointing ttht a four-day ya t. his wife,ly, o so attended t r, okto news >> he was wearing shorts and ten tpheus shnnes t-shirt he had a be era ll phone. a very smha otrl mix. >> smith tra is daunting. >> they shrrctes up. they chart aopr. we charteouhecoer. the federalie. he has fral t world. we put thutceoknd twitter.
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we createwe. support fr oe wod is pouringn. >> emy sa hn is an exped b i worried hbeed. searchers have not consistently had a helicopter with infrared radar avail to them. the sear continues >> we are waiting to hear whether judge will grant a request to delay the trial of boston bosutsna. they arg a fair jury would be impossibl find in boston. but yesteryruto urged the court not to delay the trial or to change the venue. tsarnaev's trial is scheduled to begin monday in virginia, a husband is in jail accus of killing his wife inside a n house. police s jo sherwood stabbed his wife over and over agn his homeod. erica sher w t
5:34 am
friend's hse s g into an aen h husband. neighbors hewe sleeping oko e sound ofoan yesterday in the husband oa bereave chbee ash his car anarnng toward i. the policht. the couplehiin protectivod rememngheanso who wernn middle ofhe 49-year-ostneus and prestner. police arellhi f suspectseser a man tdeof smoke pou oa restauranors washingt he realizepeorngnd eating in hid iwas on fire. the man rntruran to let evne >> so i raer i said thef bldg
5:35 am
is on f you need etf re. >> no one was injured in the fire. officersve the fire started ie kitchen. a news 4 review found local schools have installed hundreds of new security cameras in recent months. there are 30,000 cameras in schools across d.c., montgomery, howard, frice unl countie some parents questn whher all those cameras are the best tools. >> i don'tnk it's necessaring to prevent things. we wol to have people watching the cameras or being on the grounds. >> part of the reason there are so many cameras is that government agencies gave school districts a lot of grant money to buy them after recent school shootings y mabe affected by the trash haerstrike. despite t strikes is
5:36 am
residents are being asked to p trash aeces out by 7:00 today. despite t strikes some routes are still sd. the holiday slide is in effect. pickups sl back one day due to the holiday season. ahead on news 4 today, putting a family meal on the table this year won't be the same as in 2014. which will cost you more and how long befo the prices go back down. we wait to learn how long bob mcdonnell will go to prison his wife maureen is under attackmen alleged financial request coming to light in court documents. you'll get a little relief today. how it will feel in your naked with your w
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you are in for sticker shock the next te tth groceryre prices foef, d gs are going . beef prillath 5% this y op he 1 it rose in01 the surge rofhe drought oe oas while conditns tre have improved, could still be another yeabereouwaet feels anli . all you cas are back at ihop.
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you can sta with five buttermilk pancakes. if that enough, you can have two eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and pancakes and a big old side of butter. and if that isn't enough, you can get more until you're completely stuffed. how many pcas could you eat, do you thi? >> the initial five would probably t . >> i think so too. >> it's january 2nd. the way things have worked out i don't thk will start under new year's resolutions until monday. >> so eat whatever we want today, tomor and sunday. >> it all starts monday. 5:41. time for a check of weather and traffic onhe 1s. starting off early this second day of january. high clouds coming through. sky cast. clouds coming and going through the morning by noon time. high clou drifting over. they will t over during the afternoon a into the evening
5:41 am
hours as well. no rain today. won't have any snow. temperatu are hovering in the low 30s, upper 20s. by midafternoon, neighbho across maryn virginia, west virginia, low 40s. upper 40s metro area and to o south. a look at big changes for the weekend next weather andrc on the 1s at 5:51. breaking n with melissa. >> talking about maryland 95 south at 100. all lanes are now blocked. we just pushed this out from our nbc washington app. southboundes blocked. a tractor trailer w disabled in the midd of the roadway. no word on injuries. still this situation a pedestrianitt germantown marc trainti as far as avtimes maryland,did. 270 southbound.
5:42 am
outer loop from 95 to 270 looking go as well. 66 in virginia no problems into town. no proem o of town. quantityt beltway, 22 minutes. looking good. i'm back in 10. >> see you then. thank you melissa. many of you hope to slim down in 2015 not with the pancakes. now there is a new dice device that claims to help why you will still be hap with the results even if y g the weight back. a ma automaker starting life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully
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being able to find backups.
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life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups. your time now is 5:46. the patriarch of one of new york's most famous political families have died. former governor mario cuomo passed aw yesterday. tracie po i on capitol hill with more on cuomo's last legacy in no and here in washingto
5:46 am
tracie, gmo >> repo:eun, good morning. it happen hours after son was andrew w inaugurated for a second term. cuomo talk about that in his speech. his speech was held in new york city so hd close to his dad. he said my father is in the room and in thar mdsf everyon. the governor's office said mario cuomo died of heart failure, natural causes. and the clintons call him a friend. from president obama o called the current governor son andrew cuomo and said his father was a champion of progressive values. flags in new york city are going to be flng at half-staff for 30 days in his honor. the govern'sice they are waiting to make more arrangemen. thathod come out shortly. the condolences aren't just from democrats. repca too. chris chre others talk building cuomo and his lasting
5:47 am
legacy, a said, eun, in new york and beyond. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. tracie tk you. time is 5:47. marie mcdonnell is back in the headliness g.eonti dispatchea mur wrote to flerck asking himor. the footba psa mre mcdonnell'rmfrnd. mcdonnellousieraid the wholeilalw worried amsa behavior. the claimreenn letter to.sri jge as part ofa rues for lenie bob mcdonll will be sentenced next week ciochge searchin fn spt in a viole kinalg alabama av sst. the victillcee s walking whouin v grabbed h they dved tw them sexuaasd m. police do hah gon for a sutptn.
5:48 am
d.c. pole are asking anyone with infor on this assault to contact them. . and li investigating why a man was beouea washingt paramedics loaded the victim into an amban last night. this was alabama avenue near 18th street southeas police sat man was stabbed several times. despite t brutal murder of a cab driver earlier this week prince george's county finished 2014 with the lowest murder rate since the mid-80s. it is down two from 2013. the deadliest year in the county was 2005chth 1 people wll it sethpresha come aftruon local res. arlington ty wl w is ask formunp o where sch tis d where othec infrastruesd blt. 20 residelle elected to study andp al they will bd w retain pansce.
5:49 am
the effortintet restore trl wa of life. and metro will install six new escalato monday. they are the third largest in the syst and went into service back in 1981. the proje is expected to take until 2018. metro hope to replace more than 130 of the system's oldest escalatorhe next several years to improve reliability. you'r probably making new year's resolution toss get in shape, e healthy. a new device could help us all slim down in 2015. it uses ultrasound, the same procedure to crush kidney stones. poerim relaxing for an hour while a high-tech ultrasound m will blast your fat. >> it might get warm. it's not painful. it doesn't hurt afterwards. there's n down time
5:50 am
>> report it is called downshape lydia was one of the first patients t try it aonth ago. she lost -- >> almost two inches in circumfer. >> poer i bunched up with straps. and then the technician sets the target points and zaps each dot with a pulse point of ultrasound >> we're killing them. we're desinthem. they're gone permanently gone >> reporte e as holes in fat layer and causes it to collapse on itself. if you regain the weight. >> the weigh will redistribute in other places. but you'll always be relatively thinner there. >> reporte athe fat your body absorbs it and eliminatest in t bathroom. >> the man was developed in israel. it's bn and eight years, used in 50 some other countries. but now ifihe ith u.s. >> i thought it was awesome. obviously it's a jump start. you still need to exercise a
5:51 am
watch what eat. but if youan to jump start your workout program at the beginning a new year why not? >> i'mke. dot ow. >> the doctor said it redistributh pass in other placeou don wa it to show up in places you might not want. that make nu i bet you the price of it is expensive. it $3,000. you probably require more than one treatment. so it's ainnt yea git st let us know. let's talk weather in case you want to wor out the old-fashion said way. >> a lot of us added a little insulatio the holidays. >> or a couple of layers starting a thanksgiving. >> you wa to add a couple more layers on top of that the clothing wi today, because it is a rather cold sta ditch the umbrella. won'ne that. but scarf, hat, coat, sun glasses, you'll need that. sun through the morning hours.
5:52 am
temperaturer in the upper 20s of virginia and much of maryland hovering in the low to mid-30s. montgomery prince george's. upper 20s to mid 20s in fairfax. it's one of the colder spots. mid-30s t upper 30s in the bay. shenando all those locations generally freezing. you can e bay bridge posted by jen johnson on my twitter page. high clouds, blue sky with the kites flyg there. beautifust. post your pictures on febk as well d share those on instagram. you can coe with storm team 4. when you' mobile so are we. tablet ah the stor team 4 app. later tod we'll be reaching the 40s. still rather chilly. not quite as chilly as yesterday as of 7:00 a.m., this area in green, a light rain begins to move into virginia and
5:53 am
maybe in this pink zone a little bit of wet snow and sleet out on the highlands of western maryland west virginia. then the rest of the morning, light rainovo stf the reg some show during the rest of the day continue to go move off to the nor and east. may actually sort of taper off a bit on saturday evening. another round of rain moves in late saturynight. by midnight, the rain comes into the met area. it will be in place during the day on sunday too. tomorrow highs in the mid-40s with the rain. much milder sunday with the rain. into t mid-60s. back to work and school monday. into nexweek, remaining dry. highs near 40. by the end of the week, highs only mid-30s. now let's check on breaking news on the roa with melissa. >> breaking news once again. maryland, 95 southbound at route 100. take a look here. all your southbound lanes completelut down. we push this out on our nbc app as well. northbounde getting by. this is a tractor trailer crash. your alternate is going to be bw
5:54 am
parkway if w to avoid this altogether. it is a fspsoat with t c. so it's going to be shut down probably for some time. we have chopper on the way. we'll get you the picture in just a little bit. pedestria h at the germantown marc station. we do have brunswick delays because of that. of course sw is running on an "s" schedule today. camden totally closed because of the holiday. camden line. you'll notabta that today. wider at things into and out of town, looking good. inner and outer loop no major problems t now. everythin open. no constrone way. it is a pretty smooth, nice ride here. 66, 95 in virginia, moving along nicely as well. live picture of 95 southbound coming up me if youe o b a xbox 1, bu t.
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microsoft s t $5 price cutro on saturde e ll return toegri o $399. so in addisyamon and targetreg in50 gift card thurasof an xbox be. . g.m. closed out 2014 by issuing the more recalls. the largest involves the same issue tha plagued g.m. most of the year, faulty ignition switches that could affect power to the enge and air bags. the company says it hasn't received reports of crashes or injuries. g.m. recalled a record 30 million c worldwide last year. sales of music downloads fell as consumers switched from buying songs onthe line to streamingce such as spotify. audio and video streaming rose more than 50%. 2014's t selling artist, taylor swift.
5:56 am
despite h highly publicized stand agn spotify. start new year by welcoming a new family member. washingt humane society is discountill dogs over 30 pounds on the 3rd and 4th of january. the animals can be adopted for $30. you can take advantage at two locations. foster animals are included in this promotion. this is your last chance to visit thtihires museu at nationbo they planvetohe district a trsn maryland. they wantcrts program sceccsili to metro. some exhi w rete to d.c. pu lesusm finds a neac ready for a new era to begin.
5:57 am
d.c.'s ne mayor prepares to take offi in the hours ahead. we'll take a look at the events planned i your day ahead. and if u plan to attend any of those events take a live look outside. we've got cold temperatures to end off the week. we are talking some rain for the weekend. you don't want to miss tom's forecast. and following breaking news on the road. stay witus. news 4 connuju aew minutes.
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5:59 am
right on news 4 today, ready to t a new era. the transition of power in d.c. the day ahead as muriel bowser is sworn in as mayor. thinge bit warmer than the condit w dli with yey. so what does it mean for the day ahead now? storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has your drive time forecast. goodorng to you, tom >> good morning. dry roads heading off to work this 2nd day of january. temperatur hg in the mid-30s. ne sungls too. in the afternoon into the 40s with dry roads, increasing clouds. temperatuhg near freezing in prin grgs, fairfax. just a few high clouds over the
6:00 am
city. live vie from power camera. it is sti looking wet. right now storm team 4 radar not showing an w. coming up next, weather and traffic ot 1s at 6:11. the hour by hour milder temp througho the day today. on the roads breaking news with melissa. ma 95 southbound, take a look at this. all these


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