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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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chilly afternoon. looking wet for this coming weekend. temperatures a all below freezing acros maryland virginia, west virginia and the bay. those are the warm spots. closer to washington, nearby suburbs into the upper teens, including montgomery, loudoun, fairfax and prince william and fauquier. manassas manass degrees. charles county, southern maryland, down into the low 20s. shenandoah valley in the 20s to 30 degrees. no travel problems around 95, the beltway. 66 west, dry pavement all around. a lot of traveling here on this new year's day. the only trouble spot in louisiana and texas where there will be cold rain and a wintry mix. dry pavement today.
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dry roads through the morning. dry roads o e low 40s. coming up next weather on the 1s at 5:11. the hour by hour chilly temperatur th the day. now back to you. thanks to you tom. well, the winter classic is today. crews have been getting nationals pk ready all ready for the game all along with a few places outside the ballpark too. >> that'right. megan mcgrath joins us live from outside the gates with a preview of all the day's events. you must be ld >> it is a little chilly out here. people comdo to the game will certaiwa to dress appropriatel you c ta a look behind me. the gates to nationals park. a couple of lights on. by and large things very, very quiet here. but the ballpark has been transformed. the fld now home to an ice skating rink. we're expecting a large and enthusiasticr show up
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later today. but first they'll be showing is up here to the fairgrounds on half street for a fan festival that will getting under way at 9:00 this morning. last night we caught up with crews as they were putting the final touches than giving, for all the events happening today. 9:00 a.m. it is free to get in. they have a kinds of activities. live music, food, games, lots of family-frid activities as well. even if you' not coming to the game you ca still participate in the festival and all the activities at involved. now, people have come from all over to attend today's gape. local bars and restaurants are expected to do a brisk business today and for the next couple of days as fans come to particat and take in all thais happening a now, if you ar coming to the game you want to make sure that you dress accordingly. it is very chilly out here.
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also metro is probably your best bet. it will be tough to move around in terms of parking and traffic as the crowds start to arrive. megan mcgrath news 4. thanks megan. believe it n there are still tickets on stubhub. standing room tickets, $330 or more right now. >> what? >> yeah, $330. for anybody going to fan fest or the game, the road is closed. pretty much all streets bordering the stadium are shut down. take the green line to navy yard. it game starts at 1:00. you can watch it all here on nbc 4. at 11:00 is the preview show and then the tournament of roses parade benn at 11:30 a.m. this mornin in virginia and maryland gas is going to tle more
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expensive. new gas taxes took at midnight. it is to help pay for a $6 billion transportation funding package. in maryland a 3 cent tax is expected. metro is on a sunday schedule. it closes at midnight. trains wil running every 12 minutes. we' fol the latest developmentsn search for the missing airasia plane. this as cough ins containing bodies ofhe victims arrive today at an airport in indonesia. molette gre is monitoring the situation from our live desk. erika, good morning. crews are getting what they need in the visibily and the search area. it has doubled in the sea where divers and helicopters are scouring the waters for victims and wreckage. seven victims were recovered and
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being processed for identifica. this is new v into the newsroom. they have been placed in cough ins with flowers at the top. the bodies appear to be in good enough position to make the process quicker and easier for the families that are waiting and desperately wanting some information 162 passengers and crew were on board that plane bound for sipping pore. we know why the baltimore ravens security director facing sex charges. sanders's attsa he denies the claim. we have video of a burglary on christmas day. the loudoun county sheriff's office released this surveillanceid take a look. you can see a man hitting the bridge end convenience center store on berlin turnpike with something.
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he g into the store and stole 120 cartons of cigarettes. so far they have not arrested anyone there. today virginia's new raffleold out. three $1 million winners to be announced : p.m. it of was bought in late december in berriville. six tickets will win $25,000. 300 additiol tickets $500. binge drinkers beware. a hangover isn't the only thing you can wakup with after partying t hard. experts say you maye subjectglf it's dry but cold. tracking wt will feel like in your neighborhood in your hour-by-hour forecast. . the new year's resolution that just mig save your rela
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being the first baby born in 2015 may not get the attention he deserves. that's because of growing safety precautions. comni hl systems, one of the largest health care operators, recently ordered its 207 facilities to stop publicizing thr baby of the year. it cites the potential for abduction and identity theft.
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cutting back on technology in the new year may be good for your health. one recent study found smartphones d other devices enter fear with marriages. no way. brigham young university surveyed 143 women married or living wi a partner. two-thirds using cell phones and computers hurt their interactions with their significant or often or all the time. the women said they were more hikely to feel depressed and less satisfied with life. >> ouch. >> put the phone down. >> it's so truug you're wondering what everybody else is doing when you're missing outn me tt's right there in front of you. >> in this situation, pot calling the kettle black. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here looking at our new year's dayweather. >> it's going to be cold. >> there's the moment in front of you. a cold start to the new year.
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good morning. happy new year. 2015 under way with a clear sky and temperatures down to the teens to just near 20 degrees. in the nearby suburbs including prince george's, a arlington, alexandria, fa church. here's a look from storm team 4 tower camera. a clear sky. friendship hgh on the horizon. bethesda and southern montgomery county. nebraskavenue, northwest. lots of sunshine by morning. by noon time, should be in the upper 30s, low 40s around 3:00 this afternoon. we'll have some breaks. maybe a few areas of sunshine in the afternoo then ou b to roll in. after sunset we'll drop down to near 40 degrees as we get into the evening ur average high is 44. we'll be a little bit below
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average on saturday and sunday. monday, tueay next week, colder than ara temperatures. a look at that. wet weekend and winter classic next weather on the 1s. 5:12. ahead on news 4 today 2015 could be the best year for job seekers. what employs are offering more of that we all want. plus, we're talk building an epidemic in local emergency rooms
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i'm molette green at the live desk. we still don't know what sparked a deadly new year's fire in queens, new york. three people lost their lives. one firefight was injured in this high rise blaze in elmhurst. theire is w out. that's the latest. back to you, erika. . it's story you saw first on 4.
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d.c. police almost ruined one woman's chras by misidentifyi son as beinged dead. now we are hearing from the mother of man that was in fact killed. she said he had been missing for days he shot at police after committing a robbery christmas eve and th he was shot and killed. police misidentified the body. they thought he was raymond robin son. detectives told his mother he was killed. police eventuly used fingerprintso identify the right man. prince george's county police coueheir search today for a taxi driver's killer. he was un shot in death in his cab. yaya worked for silver cab company. he picked up a passenger at the addison road metro station and dropped someone off in capitol heights a couple hours before
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his body was found. police are hoping some people will do the right thing this year. if you picked up parking lot of the td bank police want you to return it. a a robbery suspect dropped tring getaw yesterday morning. some people say some people picked the cash up. if it isn't returned, they could face theft charges. 2015 bringing with it law changes. a minimum wage hike for federal contractors. the hike to $10.10 is effective today. new employer provisions mandated under obama care also go into effect today. many of the factors is now companies of a certain size are required to provide coverage to employees. a new year means new jobs. this could be the best year for hiring sinc20 job's forecast, more than
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one-third of jobs plan to add full time per employees this year. that number was only about a quarter th time last year. in terms of pay, 6 of 10 employers will offer higher starting salaries this year. that number was less than 50% last year. well, the flu is already having a terrible impact this season. joshua justin, a fifth grader from ashburn died last week after spending several days in the hospit with an illness. 15 children have died from the flu in nine states. chris gordon has more after seeing a recd nu of patients co canning in. >> they are characterizing it as an epidemic. 40 flu tests a i day were given in december. 154 people tested positive for flu. and 43 patients were admitted to the hospital with the flu. >> the emergency department the has been about as busy as we've
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ever seen it. with record numbe of patients beginning with all kinds of things. but ceain the flu is the major issue that we're dealing with >> the flu outbreak is hitting montgomery,ri george's hard. >> there is of concern that it is not exactly covered by the vaccine that's available this year. in fact, i think we're hearing 50%. >> the sharp spike? symptoms cs a dramatic increase in 911 calls for ambulance services. >> all the ers in this region throughout e montgomery county, prince george's county, they are ab to move them into their bed count process. >> dr. a.j. reddy says stay at home, drink liquids, take tylenol or advil to lower your
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fever. >> if it is more than 101 or 103 see one of the urgent cares or the doctor. and if they are feeling dizzy or some other, then e.r. >> we posted the latest flu activity online and nbc nbcwashin. . n taki care of your health, it's almost time for the -- can you believe it? >> the 2015 nbc 4 health and fitness expo. it begins january 10th in downtown d.c. we're expanding the focus on one of the most important kinds of health, meal illness. a terminally ill cancer patient hopes to raise $10 million for cancer research. lauryn hill has an inoperable brain tumor. she has raised $1.2 million
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throwing hps >> no family will have to be -- because thereog tore goi to find a better treatment. they're going to find something to help them live longer. >> donations can still be made for @layup for really incremental lady. doing incredible things for other people. >> can you belie it's 2015. >> 2014 flew by. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein al here this morning. it is a clear day out there. but, tom, it is crisp. >> starting off very cold this morning. out and about today, going to the winter classic keep up with the latest weather with the storm team 4 weather were app. did you get a new tablet for the
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holidays? you c load for me. as we take a look around the region, a cold start. you'll see that on the app this morning. temperatese teens where you live, no doubt, to 20 degrees in the nearby suburbs. upper 20s ou the bay there. out to our west, upper 20s, shenandoah and most locations in the upper 20s to near 30. oakland down to 18 degrees. manassas is only 16 degrees. for the winter classic today we zoom into nationals park. where usually we play baseball, we are playing hockey today. winter classic at 1:00. gates open at 11:00. it will feel like the mid-30s with a little bit of a blustery wind through the game. bright subpoena shine. temperaturein low 40s by 3:00 p.m. bit end of the game, still chilly. 40 degrees. dress accordingly.
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you will ne y warmest winter gear footgear, warm coat sunglasses. going to beua tkphraeur glare coming off the ice. tomorrow ar after another cold start it wl partly cloudy. right now looking wet saturday afternoon, saty night. and sunday, rain likely moving in. wintry mi it will be in the low 40s saturday afoo as the rain moves in. occasional rn saturday night. and sunday, soaring to around 60 degrees with rain likely sunday. we all get back to work and school on monday. remaining dry in the next week. colder than average with highs in the upp 30s. next weather on the 1s at 5:31. hour by hour chilly temperatures the next 24 hours.
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now back toyou. binge drinking will cost more than ju a rough hangover. adults who take four to five shots of alcohol in a 20-minute span are doing serious harm to their immune system. the effects aren't happening years later. a drop in the body's infection-fighow can be seen just two hours after binge drinking. wow. and d.c. is of course a tourist destination. but it's quickly becoming a booze destion. and more and more alcohol is being made here in the city. tom looks at a look at 18, the latest distillery about to open in washington. >> bars and restaurants opening everywhere. and adding to the mix are industrial pte like 18. it's a new distillery that's
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having its grand opening january 8th. >> this will make vodka raw creek whit whiskey to start. and then we will start the aging our rye whiskey and bourbon whiskey and we will make gn. >> the head distiller showed us around the place. they are adding w bsnd opportunit the makers of the gin are in a warehouse arou the corner. sandy wood and co-tpourpbld of 18 which will have saturday tours and host special effects. >> there is a crafts movement where peopla interested in creating a participating. >> setting up is expensive and time consuming.
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18 has been at it more than a year before opening its doors next week. but why the name 18? >> article 1, section 8 of the institution which allowed for any district to serve. there is dete a renaissance in this neighborhood and the city as a whole. >> in the distt sherwood, news 4. hocking helping veterans heal. breaking news on the airasia plane crash. molette green will have more from the live desk. drying out. storm team 4 meteorologist trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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looking at the stories making heaes now. the caps will square off against the chicago blackhawks in the 2015 winter classic. you can wat ibc coverage bens at 11:00 with our preview show. gas is going to get a little more expensive. in virginia, you'll payan extra five cents more per gallon today to help pay for a $6 billion transportatn ing package. in maryland, a 3 cent increase
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is expected. breaking news in the search for the missing airasia plane. adam, we just heard another victim has added which brings the total to eight. the remains are headed to indonesia'ma city for identificati. also knew, the first body of a passenger a flight attendant has been positively identified using fingerprintsal records and i.d. cards found on the body. her remains have now been turned over to relatives. singapore's na is looking in an area where investigators believe there is a higher possibility of finding the main fuselage and black box. thanks, molette. we want to welcome you on this new year's da i'm adam tuss. >> thank you for joining us on this the first day of 2015.
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i'm erika gonzalez. it is cold. it is very very cold out there. >> it will sy way. good morning, tom. >> feeling like a winter morning. teen toss 20 degrees. right near the bay, near 30. annapolis 30. upper teens to 20 degrees. down to 17. manassas, on 16 degrees. leesburg and dulles 19. low 20s nearby suburbs alexandri arlingt in the low 20s. the skyline of washington under a clear sky. lots of sunshine through the morning. by 8:00 can, jumping into the 20s. by noon near 40. by 5:00 p.m., back down to 40
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degrees. into the evening hours, the next 24 hours by 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. and i feel a connection because aoeufp also had -- while in the program we haad a couple of members who have also lost their lives to homicide. one police official that was
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at the vigil stressed that the department continues to investigate the past year's murders pointing out that 15 homicides from2013 were closed this year. december was a tough month for firefights maryland. 11 people killed in fires. they were kied a plane crashed into their gaithersburg home. the sta frss remdi everyone to install smoke detectors in their homes. new changes to the law go into effect today, the first day of january. maryland's mim wage is set to increase to $8 per hour tomorrow. that 75 cent increase the first of january. they will increase every year until it reaches $10.10 in 2018. maryland is one of 21 states to
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raise the minimum wage. drivers over 71 will have to renew their license at the dmv. they will no a dit online. special provisions for older drivers >> montgomery county school system is launching a new website. starting january 5th you can use open data to analyze different data about the district. for example, look at the t districs or capital budget. and compare student budgets at different schools. it makes it easier to interpret and search the information. . 15 hos w punished this too much patieplatns. the program is a new effort
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under the affordable care act. d.c. street cars will start running in early january. we have been waiting for them. they were sued to be ready to go by 2014. at least alonghe see corridor. announced the new target date of drum roll, please, january 19th. >> let's hope they make that. at the winter classic today, a group of veterans will have some of thees seats at nats park. >> half and half. kristin wright tells us about the special experience they're all looking forward to today. >> certainly a once in a lifetime experience. >> russ will be i vip at the winter classic at nationals park. he got to watch right at the glass.
5:36 am
bridgestone is honoring 15 men and women. >> it's not easy coming off active duty. this is a really great group of guys. >> a helicopter pilot stationed at andrews air force base. it's demanding. thiss his outlet. >> playing hockey. >> there will be a segment we will honor them during the game. >> these troops say they found comfort hspor instant getaway from the rigors and stresses of the military. they play on a club team at andrews. >> gets your mind off the job or off deployment or whatever you're going through. it's just hlife. it's just fo it's nic >> kristin wright news 4. >> tomorrow th group will get a chance to skate on the ice at
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nats park. don't forget you can watch on nbc 4 following our coverage of the tournamt esare. her inauguration is tomorrow. today theres a fresh start 5k to honor her new role. bowser's other inaugural events include a ball tomorrow night after the main event. saturday the' a kid party in southeast d.c. >> from his friendly wager to his plans for the future, ted leonsis goes one on one with jim sraps. the one thing he want the to do to unite the city of washington. a live look outside. you're starting the morning off cold. your afternoon will be chilly. how high temper bin your neighrh >> the cause of your stress could come fromhe palm of your hands. we're going to tell you what you use every day that can make the
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drunk walking may be more dangerous than drunk driving. you're almost twice as likely to be killed tn heda >> here's another study that
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supports t less is mother approach to technology. canadian researchers wanted to see how constantly checking e-mails affected stress levels. half could check as often as they liked and the other group only three times a day. people were less stressed when they checked their inbox less often. >> iminthat. you don't say. >> i believe it. i believe it. when you're always attached you never have time to recoup, recharge yo batteries. >> do we have to set up a whole study to come to that conclusion? >> well said. >> a live look at the data starting off this mornin >> very clear out there.
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tom kierein joining us now wiyour forecast. >> we just saw a live view of nationals park. mostly sunny. a few high clouds coming in. by noon time, still sunny. by late arch still mostly clear. it's going to be cold right now. 20s to teens. maryland west virginia in the upper 20s. neighborhood tempetus 40 degrees in the metro area. 30s shenandoah into the mountains above freezing. by midafternoon low 40s around the metro area.
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upper 30s 40. neighborhoon shenandoah valley, the mountains hovering near 40 by later this afternoon. coming up next weather on the 1s at 5:51, a look at the winter classic forecast and a wet weekend. back to y it's a renter's market and you are goi to pay for it. >> and getting
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right now a few of you are falling out of bed with excitement for the winter classic later today. the puck drops at 1:00 this afternoon.
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this is a live look outside nats park where there is a fan fest for free. it starts at 9:00. somebody brbreakfast please. the capitals are in fourth place in their tkweugdz. the blackhawks are in first in theirs. they wot t standings faze them. >> these are big points in the standings. i kn can't afford to give up any points to anybody. >> this will be the second winter classic. they won the first three years ago. the segmt of course is building for the winter classic. for caps owner ted leonsis hopes it will be his best of the year. he talks about the future and why he is so high on it. >> there's been a good, long
5:48 am
window. are these the guys that are going to have you hoisting that cup? >> we're adding young kids can into the lineup. we hope what happens is that core that now is in their late 20s with the new kids coming up that that gets us over the hump. i think the new coach and general managering are working very well. we still have high hopes for the team. >> the wizard, are just playing lights out these days. >> they won the first round in the playoffs last year. what in your mind would be a good season this year? >> well, the players have challenged them and me that if we go to the finals then i will
5:49 am
get a mohawk. and i will do that in front of the fans. i said maybe we will get other fans to do it and charge them and raise money for charity. but they have a lot of confidence gh the light go and i'm so happy for our family. this is the greatest basketbl city i li tnt we have souc talent. love the game so much. i just know if we can build a great team that the community is proud of, then we will own the town. >> are y having fun? are you like boy, i'm glad i'm me? >> i don't want to say i'm glad i'm me. but i think washington, d.c. is the greatest city on earth. i feel hay d blessed to be leg in the city and have this
5:50 am
platform verizon center three sports teams, hopefully the ability to bring the olympics here. nothing would unite us more than bringing the olympics here. yeah. i wake up with a smile on my face. but we are determined to pay it forward, give back. that's why i do think using sport for positive change is great. >> well our conversation continues online. nba star kevin durant coming to d.c. head to our we posted it on our nbc washington app. >> right no we are looking at a live shot of new york city. the ball drops in times square at the romi
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revelers ha lost the streets of midtown. now it's time for the big cleanup. oh, boy. an estimated 1 million people middle mid up to for this rich tradition. >> california is trying to end any question over whether no really means yes. the new standard is yes means yes. michigan is trying to cut down with meth manufacturing by restrictinggh and cold medicines. school skipping students in nevada could lose their driving privileges. the mo ier new law, in new york you c no longer take a selfie with a tiger. and we're all upset about that. selfies have gotten to be too much. everydys t on a
5:52 am
cliff or in danger. >> everybody has the selfie sticks. >> what is that? stay away from the tigers. >> all of them. just stay away from them >> we have lots of something and excitement ppg around the area today. tom, we have t winter classic coming up latr on today. >> yeah. duct tape yo po e d of a ho stick going to the winter classic. you guys ever play hockey? >> yes. >> no. you're asking texas girl. what? >> it is a lot of fun. i used to play out on a lake. nationals pa inead of baseball is hockey. it's going to be great weather for us too. lots of sunshine. a glare off the ice, though. have your sunglasses with you. the winter classic forecast. goats open at 11:00. it will feel like the mid-30s.
5:53 am
blustery wind during the game. swirling around nationals park. low 30s by 3:00 p.m. by 6:00 p.m. winds diminish. temperatureba to 40 degrees under a partly cloudy sky. great weathor hockey today. dress accordingly. you'll definitely be happy you have a scarf, warm gloves and a coat for beg chf e day toda subfreezingro west virginia to the bay. upper teens to 20 depress purchase janry vcold high sunshine accompanied by light breezes. i took this photo. this is my favorite photo of 2014. i took this near jefferson, maryland a frederick. that was early fall. it was september. i love seeing your pics too.
5:54 am
many, manyou posted throughout the year. let's keep it going into 2015. post on twitter and facebook. i post pictures on instagram. connect with me there. we will share our photos and comments throut e coming year. upper 40s friday afternoon. over the weekend looking wet saturday afrnto sunday. . sunday wi onaer up near 60. back to work and school on monday. into tuesdnd wednesday highs near 40 with cold. . waiving t first bag fee. your first bag will no longer cost $25. it's free. but, but, but to take advantage you must be a member of the alaska airlis r traveli wthne is. you can sign up for free. >> the rental market is stronger
5:55 am
however. stronger, hev doesn't mean cheaper. many of us already know that. rent prices across the country and here at home, sky high. dianae olek reports. >> it's pret outrageous to find affordable rent. >> that's san jose california. same story in much of the nation. they paid a collective $20 billion more in rent this year than last ye ango zillow. that's $312 a year per renter. some metro markets are far worse. in san francisco rents rose 14% this year. and they also jumped by double digits in denver and pittsburgh. in the new york city area renters paid 10% of the total rent paid in the speier cup. so why don't renters just buy a home. >> the rent is so high that you
5:56 am
can can't sy to put aside for a down payment. >> jenny wants to buy a house with her husband, but a down payment wou cost her a full year's salary. >> people entering the labor market have struggled. they have been underutilized. they haven't seen the wage gains that you normally would. so that means you will probably be be renters a little longer. >> in time that should help ease sky high rents. >> but with rents still expected to rise further next year, rents will focus more on the math. >> millennials will come back in now. they will in twice about should i spend all this money on rent and should i just buy something. >> because despite everything that's happin in housing. >> i don't wan to throw my money away. >> i want haet towards re. >> home ownership still seems be the am d.
5:57 am
four people were injured during a freak wind event at the rose bowl i pasadena. a bouncy hou w airborne. the wind sent the canopy, umbrellas flying through the air. all four who were hurt by flying debris. no one was seriously injured, though. the excitement is building for the puck drop for this year's wint classic. a live look at nats park where the gates are set to open in just a few hours. the street closures and parking restrictions y need to know if youil be in the area in the day ahead. news 4 continues with with much more at 6:00 a.m. ring ring! progresso!
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are you ready? an nhl tradition ready to drop the puck right here in d.c. what you nd to kw if you're heading do to nats park for today's winter classic. >> but you will definitely want to bundle up if you are headed out on this first day of the new year, janua 1, 2015. temps in the teens and 20s around the d.c. area. storm team 4 meteorologist
6:00 am
tom kierein. >> happy new year. this first day of january clear sky. your weatrdl this first day of the new year cold subfreezing a few more hours. chilly afternoon. right now the weekend is looking wet. and temper closer in to washington hovering in the low 20s nearby suburbs and prince george's county, eastern fairfax. a little fart west and southwest is in the teens. right now down to 16 in manassas and prince william. much of loudoun county, fauquier county, down to the teens 20 degrees. northern mometh teens.


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