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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 26, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, the white house weighs in. white house officials say new rules to keep ebola out of the u.s. go too far. remembering hannah graham, the new memorial created to honor the uva student. and the marine corps marathon. see what it took to get through 26.2 miles. strict new rules meant to keep ebola out of the u.s. and keep us safe, but tonight the white house is airing its concerns in one of the country's top experts has a specific warning for what virginia should and should not do. a senior u.s. official says the obama administration has contacted the governors of new
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york, new jersey, florida, and illinois, about unintended consequences in procedures. they have mandatory quarantines for workers coming back to the u.s. after treating ebola patients in africa. a top health official says the aggressive quarantines could back fire. coming from dr. anthony fauci at the national institutes of health. today on "meet the press," dr. fauci said other states with international airports like virginia and dulles should not follow suit. >> go with the science. >> the science says? >> the science tells us that people who are not sick, if you do not come into contact with body fluid, if someone comes back from wherever, liberia and they're well, they are no danger to anyone. >> fauci says it is important to treat health workers with respect. especially when coming back from areas in africa that have been hit by ebola. new jersey has isolated one
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nurse under its new mandatory quarantine, and she says she feels like her basic human rights are being violated. new at 6:00. we learned the name of a man shot and killed in northeast d.c. ellis alphonso anderson died after being rushed to the hospital. investigators are looking for clues around the area where officers found him off brentwood road off rhode island avenue. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information that helps find anderson's killer. d.c. police are looking for the man that violently attacked a woman near a metro station. investigators say a man pulled a gun on the woman friday night and then sexually assaulted her. police are still looking for that suspect. and the university of virginia wrapped up homecoming weekend by honoring hannah graham. students and alumni gathered in charlottesville and set up a memorial near a wall that has a chair made of skis. that symbolizes her time as a
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member of the ski team the h. the medical examiner positively identified her body. a virginia man is missing and his family members are desperate to find him. his name is maurice cotman. his house is on island house loop south of prince william parkway. police say cotton left on his own, but may need help. he is 32 years old, has a tattoo on his upper arm that says zion. this crash in frederick, maryland, killed a woman and sent three to the hospital. police are hoping someone saw it happen as they try to figure out why the driver lost control. investigators say the car hit multiple trees, rolled over several times, and ended up in a field. the accident happened before midnight saturday along harmony road, north of i-70. a woman in the car, a passenger, was killed.
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hillary clinton is coming to prince georges county. the former secretary of state at a rally for brown thursday. brown is shown to lead his republican opponent by 11 points in maryland's race for governor. but larry hogan got high profile political backing of his own. new jersey governor chris christie stuck with hogan last week in bethesda. in virginia, the candidates just wrapped up their final debate in what could be one of the tightest races on election night. republican barbara come stack and democrat john faust focused on business as they squared off in the race for virginia's 10th district congressional seat. they debated topics ranging from jobs to immigration and abortion. this race received a lot of attention across the country, because the winner will replace republican congressman frank wolf who is retiring since 1981.
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nine days left to decide who you are voting for election day. some people are already heading to the polls. earp ee voting is under way in montgomery county and continues. voters in d.c. can start heading to polls tomorrow. after a nice weekend you can expect a chilly start to the work week. some of you might wake up with some frost. amelia is in with the details. >> good evening, chris. it was a gorgeous weekend across the area. a little breezy today. as the sun continues to go down, the winds will die. as the winds diminish, temperatures plummet tonight, especially for those of you well west of washington where the national weather service issued a frost advisory overnight tonight on into monday morning. the counties in blue, including counties to the west, under that frost advisory. if you live in one of these areas, protect sensitive plants by covering them or bringing them indoors. what it means for everybody tomorrow, a cold start.
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temperatures will be in the low to mid-30s for west of i-95. washington and areas east of i-95 looking at temperatures starting off for monday morning in the low to mid 40s. a jacket for everybody. but after a chilly start, another beautiful day, chris. feeling more like summer tuesday. and toward the end of the work week and next weekend, it will be feeling like winter. i'll talk about just how big of a temperature swing we're talking about in the full forecast in about ten minutes. >> thanks. if you're going to run 26.2 miles, perfect weather for it. the 39th annual marine corps marathon. we go right on the course for the sights and sounds of today's route. >> reporter: it was the marine corps marathon, but the first to finish wore the combat colors of the u.s. army. for samuel coske, it meant the race was over but not the run, after competitively running 26.2
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miles, got a cool down. >> cool down. >> the woman marathon winner, army again. being the fastest female at the finish was part of a theme for megan coran. >> feels good. it is fun. >> reporter: the fly over, military hardware, and tandem parachute drop by a medal of honor recipient. and then they were off. 30,000 participants from 59 countries, amid ideal weather and eye dill i can course through d.c. and arlington. some ran, some rolled. army finished first. veteran tom davis was wounded in iraq but inspired on the toughest part of the course. >> see the signs of people that remember fallen service members, they definitely -- no way you can give up. >> it is the 39th time the race was run.
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while runners did the 26.2 miles, in less than 2 and a half hours, no small feat, no records were set. achievements measured in personal best. and there's a bit of advice from this year's -- derrick ward, news 4. >> if you know someone who ran, head to we have maps and video of the winner and the medal of honor recipient that ran the race. search for marine corps marathon. his family has publicly pressured him, but will jeb bush ever run for president? tonight his own son weighs in. the comments he made that is fueling more speculation. and a final salute. u.s. soldiers mark a major milestone in afghanistan.
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disgraceful. a personal attack from a desperate candidate. that's how even republican leaders describe this false ad from... ed gillespe. the accusations aren't true. but they are exactly what you would expect from a d.c.... lobbyist, who made millions lobbying for oil companies...
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and enron. who specialized in dirty tricks as a partisan operative... and now he is bringing them to virginia. mark warner is working to solve problems... ed gillespe and his attacks are the problem.
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the military marking the end of nato combat operations in afghanistan. today, u.s. marines and british combat troops transferred control of the bases to the afghan military. officials are not saying when the troops will actually leave the country because of security
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concerns, but it has been 13 years since the u.s. led invasion of afghanistan. george w. bush was president when that started, and tonight there's more speculation his brother is considering a run for the white house. a true family insider sparked new rumors about former florida governor jeb bush. george p. bush hinted it is likely his dad will run for president in 2016. the younger bush made those comments on abc news while talking about his own bid to become texas' land commissioner. 2,000 degrees and threatening to engulf homes. up next, molten lava on the move and the damage already done in hawaii. and enjoy the day while it lasts. big weather
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it is anything but paradise for dozens of families on hawaii's big island. look at what could force them out of their homes at any minute this coming week. an active lava flow, oozing towards homes in a rural part of the puna region. and it is dangerous. it has already seeped across roads, as hot as 2,000 degrees fahrenheit, could spark fires or ex-employes. dominion wants to bring a natural gas pipeline through virginia and now it is asking property owners on the proposed path to let them survey the line.
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it starts in harrison county, west virginia, winds through virginia into north carolina. so far 72% of property owners say the company can look at their land, 12% declined. a company spokesperson tells the newspaper that they will continue talking with property owners. well, just a fantastic -- if you're going to run a marathon. >> today was the day to do it, absolutely. >> i wonder what chuck bell is doing right now. are his feet in ice, in an ice tub somewhere? >> funny you should ask. i read a facebook post. he wanted to thank everybody for wishing him the best of luck and encouraging him along the race. eating a lot of dinner, there's chuck, running through the p peacock zone. temperatures in the 60s, some said the wind was an issue, we talked about it yesterday as well as this morning. still a little breezy outside
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now. as the sun goes down, winds will diminish, 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. shouldn't be much of an issue any more. after a chilly start tomorrow morning overall, it is a mild start to the work week, not only tomorrow but tuesday and even wednesday as well. big changes arrive later in the day wednesday. that's going to set us up for a chilly finish thursday and friday. next weekend, downright cold. not only that, but windy conditions. a little extra chill to the air as we begin november. temperatures right now still pretty nice across the area, especially for this time in october. 70s now in washington. the high today was about 73 degrees. 61 in ghaithers berg, 64 in leesburg. 70 in fredericksburg. not a cloud in the sky. star lit skies tonight. temperatures will fall from midnight, maybe taking the dog out for a walk, maybe yourself getting a quick walk or jog in during the evening hours. a light jacket.
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9:00, temperatures in the upper 50s. by 11:00 p.m., mid-50s. then the temperatures tumble into the 30s and 40s across the area. tomorrow morning as kids wait for the school bus, definitely need a jacket. under that jacket, a t-shirt. it will be mild by the time dismissal rolls around. another sun filled day. probably come home carrying the jacket in their hands. it will be spectacular. the bus stop is chilly. recess fabulous, dismissal, wonderful, after school sports, weather not an issue. highomor tw is 74. another mild day. tomorrow night won't be as cold as it will be in the morning hours. 7:00 p.m., temperatures will be in the low 60s across the area. look at the high temperature tuesday. 80 degrees. a good 15 degrees above the average high which is now 64. wednesday, plenty of clouds, a chance of dealing with showers. a high temperature around 70 degrees. those showers wednesday, that's a cold front moving through, so
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after that temperatures are going to turn cooler, starting thursday morning, with a temperature around 48. high on thursday of only 60. 62 on friday. this is halloween. for the trick or treaters it is looking dry but definitely chilly. love this picture from seven corners. er in tweeted that. trick or treating, they need a jacket or extra layer with the costume. first weekend of novice cold. 48 saturday, 51 sunday. wind chill saturday in the 20s and teens in the suburbs. and chris, we get an extra hour of sleep next weekend as daylight savings time comes to an end. >> thanks, amelia. you saw the jack oh lantern on the seven-day forecast outlook. halloween is not until friday, but a lot of people are getting in the spirit at national harbor. some stores were open for trick or treaters. pets even got in on the action. the black dog store held a
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howl-oween with furry friends showing off their costumes. still ahead, a wild day in the nfl. one rookie learns a valuable lesson.
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the nfl start in london, wound through a bunch of cities, none of which involved the redskins. >> it is a perfect storm of a day for football. started at 9:30 this morning. 14 hours you can stay away from beautiful weather if you want to. a lot of people if you didn't, we will catch you up. the redskins awaiting the match up with dallas. they hope the trend continues, and that trend is road teams rule. so far six road teams victorious today. but like any rule, there are exceptions. we will start with a couple, including an epic one, the one that got away for the ravens. john harbaugh, they're kicking themselves now. had former ravens defensive coordinator right where they
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wanted them. in the red zone, that handoff, and he goes untouched into the endzone. 8 yard touchdown run. one of two on the day. ravens with a one point lead. under four to play. he scrambles in the pocket. 53 yard hookup. he scored from a yard out. bengals up, 27-24. here is where it gets crazy. joe flacco flushed from the pocket. he goes for steve smith senior. number 89, makes that catch. he is taking it in. ravens look like they have a game winner, but hold on, take another look. smith flagged for offensive pass interference. this one coming back. ravens can't do it again, fall to the bengals 27-24. across the pond this morning, there was football. the american kind. falcons and lions doing battle in england. there were so many teams
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represented by fans. they had a good one to watch. second quarter, jackson from a yard out, falcons take a 21-0 lead. detroit with a ridiculous come back, fourth quarter, matthew stafford hits rid i can. he is in for the score. five yard touchdown. they trail by two. after stafford drove the lions down the field, four seconds left. matt prader for the game winning field goal. and misses it. hold on. they call delay of game against the lions, backed them up five yards, they get another chance. this time from 48 yards and it is good, the game winner. lions storming back 22-21. atlanta blows the largest lead in franchise history. the jets host the bills. gene oh smith benched after three interceptions first quarter. the real reason we are showing it is sammy watkins. the rookie with fever. going to head to the house.
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and then he will get tripped up. >> see it again! he must not have heard that. that's a little awkward. awkward! sammy gets his redemption in the fourth. he breaks through the defenders. this time he is looking back. is he coming? okay. 61 yard touchdown. doesn't celebrate early. big time winners. the washington capitals are about to embark on the first set of back to back games this season. last night, the caps downed the flames 3-1. tonight they're in vancouver. not a great time for tired legs. guess where they haven't won in 13 years. vancouver. history and the schedule working against them. caps looking to snap that streak. joel ward is the man of the hour, he was dropped to fourth line last night. then he responded with two goals, including the game winner. they hope wardo keeps going
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nutso on the offensive side of the ice. the coach loves it when a player responds to adversity like this. >> i've known joel a long time. you know, sometimes joel recognizes when he can go a little better. it was great response by him. he scored two big goals for us. that's what you want. you want guys to respond, not to about. you want them to take it as something to motivate them. he made very well. and nascar. martinsville, ten years after a plane crash claimed ten hen dick motor sports employees. ten laps to go. they get into it. both cars spin out. larson against the wall. that brings out a red flag to clean up liquid from larson's car. when they restarted, they had a pretty good bout. tony stewart and dale ernhardt junior. dale takes the lead, never looks
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back. his first win at mart insville. and gives hendrick motor sports a special win on the anniversary of that tragedy. rick hendrick lost his brother, son, two nieces, ten years friday was the anniversary. so two days later gets a big one. coming up later tonight, amelia is tracking the frost advisory. we will update that. >> get some sleeves back.
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on this sunday night, ebola battle, over whether those who are fighting the disease overseas really need to be quarantined when they get back home to the united states. ready to evacuate. residents in hawaii get ready to flee a red hot lava floweading for their homes. pot in the schools. in a state where the drug is legal for adults, the worry over what students are doing in class, in some cases right under the nose of their teachers. and down to the wire. with the mid-term elections just over a week away, why senate democrats are hoping michelle obama can do what they fear her husband cannot.


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