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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 31, 2014 6:00am-6:57am EDT

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hear about the gunman. plus another cool morning, but don't expect to feel that way for too long. tom kierein is here to help you plan your thursday. >> indeed feeling more summer like on this final day of july. good morning. starting oof on the cool side, your weather headlines for this thursday morning, it's a long sleeve morning. temperatures in the 50s much of the region now. a summery afternoon. it will be making the 80s much of the region. and turning a bit more humid by midafternoon, but still comfortable humidity. right now in prince george's county, it's in the low 60s by the chesapeake bay, in the mid-60s. away from the waters, upper 50s. and it's in the upper 50s now near 60 in fairfax, loudoun county. storm team 4 radar scanning the sky, we have no rain anywhere in the vicinity starting off
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gorgeous. the hour by hour forecast for the day ahead coming up. now still looking pretty good out there on the roads, isn't that right? chopper 4 over virginia, 66 at the beltway. over pretty good looking roads i would say. no issues. as we back up into fairfax, a tiny bit slow, but no major problems. through dale city up 95, a little slow, as well, but nothing atypical for this time of morning. beltway looking great. a little slow 295 as you pass 50. and 270 southbound in frederick, a little slow heading down near 109. other than that, looking pretty good. my beltway barometer, colesville road, when it's smooth we're good pretty much every. when it's slow, it's a little nasty. coming up, a look at 95 in maryland. right now two teens are in the hospital after being hot in
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hyattsville. police are on the hunt for the three suspects responsible. this shooting happened on 30th avenue and lancer place. megan mcgrath has more now from the scene. >> reporter: well, the three victims are allyoung. they're teenagers. ranging from age from 15 to 17. they are all friends and they were walking down the 5700 block of 30th avenue around 8:00 last night when they were approached by three men. one of those men pulled a gun and ultimately opened fire on the teens. two of the teens were hit by bullets. one in the side. another in the face. they are being treated right now at an area hospital. the suspect aboabous ran away ad in to a brown jeep cherokee and sped off in the direction of queens channel road. some of the sprtray bullets hit
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house on the block. there were people home, but none of those people inside the house were hurt. police still looking for the three help involved as well as the person who drove that getaway vehicle. anyone with information you're asked to call hyattsville police. megan mcgrath, news 4. a man accused of attacking a transgender girl will be charged with a hate crime. police say reenginald klaiber stabbed the girl in the back on the green line train near ft. totten. friends say he made hit fall comments. >> i don't know. he was just at my friend like you're ugly, you got this hair, are you a man, are you a man. and he like pulled out a knife and stabbed my friend and then that's when i maced him. >> metro transit police arrested klaiber when the train pulled in to ft. totten. he has been arrested for for resisting arrest and assault
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charges. the star witness in the bob mcdonnell corruption trial is expected back on the stand today. john any williams is testifying for thes from kugs. he says he showered them with gifts while in office. the prosecution laid out that long list of gifts yesterday including the use of this ferrari on vacation. other gifts included loans and private plane trips. prosecutors say williams provided the gifts in good x. change for promotion of his diet supplement. you can learn more on susan help drink sndrickson missing since monday. her family is we're eworried ab
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emotional well,. and a student arrested during a botched alcohol sting is getting more than $200,000. agents thought she and her roommates were drinking beer, but it turned out to, sparkling water. daly originally sued for $40 million. a new lawsuit says the district of columbia is not funding charter schools at the same level as regular public schools. the "washington post" reports the lawsuit was filed by more than three dozen d.c. charter schools. it says they spent $2,000 less per student since 2008. hair gray listed in the lawsuit referred questions to district lawyers. we will learn whether d.c. students are making the grade. the district will release the results of its annual assessment tests. it's given to students in grades three through eight and then again in tenth grades. the exams measure proficiency in math, reading and science. new this morning, sparks fly
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and a sonic boom on a plane mid flight. and much needed relief. the new app that can warn people with allergies how to avoid the itchy eyes and stuffy nose. plus it is warming up out there. take a live look. we will show you exactly when temperatures will jump the most in your hour by hour forecast. (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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kids are learning to like their vegetables accordinged to a new study that says elementary ablg students are okay with new healthier school lunches. 70% of schools say students ared a justi
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aed a justing to the new men on you options. sales are up. usda changed nutritional requirements two years ago. a new way to attack kour yo allergies. a new app uses a sensor to warn you when to take your medication. and it can be placed outside a house or office to monitor local pollen and air quality levels. it will send you notifications when conditions change. >> could be useful when the pollen is high. >> allergy sufferer, whatever they can to help them out. so maybe it does work. >> is it heating up out there, tom? >> not yet. it's a cool start this morning. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. the eastern sky flooded with a rosy glow. temperatures in the fifth much
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fifth much of the region, but a quick warm up in. by noon, should be making it to near 80. mid-80s midafternoon. a little more humid. just a few clouds popping up. but big changes on the way for the weekend. next weather and traffic on the 1s, a look at the new weekend forecast. melissa, a new accident? brand new accident. this is in kensington, maryland. chopper 4 over the scene. is this connecticut avenue at pulver street. we have the report of a car versus a motorcycle.ems working the person. so we'll get more information to pass on to you. again connecticut avenue temporarily shut down at culver. otherwise looking fairly typical. prince george's county side of things looking good.
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395 at duke, no problems. inches there are death. a mistake that sent this ags flying throuflax flying through a wind shield. and a developing story is changing by the minute. the promise of military action israel is now promising whether there is a cease-fire or not.
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new developments morning in the israel/gaza conflict. israel's prime minister is v vowing to dismantle the tunnel network and will not accept any truce that will not allow israel's mission of destroying the sophisticated tunnel network. in the meantime the israeli military is calling up another 16,000 reserves. that move will bring the total israeli offensive to 86,000. more than 1300 palestinians have been killed since the fighting
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began 23 days ago. nearly 60 israelis have lost their lives. new this morning, a u.p.s. car go plane had to make emergency landing. witnesses say they heard what sounded like a sonic boom and then they saw sparks coming from the aircraft. it's not clear what the problem was. new this morning, one of the stores that many of you shop at has a new leader at the top. target has hired brian cornell as its new executive. he was at pepsi for nearly a decade target has been looking for a new ceo since the data breach. the first time they have looked on the side the company for a new ceo. and target is hoping the new ceo can turn things around. the company has seen sales drop since the security breach that affected millions of customers. the data breach was announced
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during the holidays and that kept many customers away for months. according eto the "wall street journal," the company is expected to post low sales numbers for the quarter that ends this saturday. police say 13-year-old boy stood over a woman and shot her at point blank range and now they're looking for the gun. the 18-year-old victim was walking with a group of girls yesterday morning in wheaton. investigators say the boys met the girls on plyers mill road just after 5:00 a.m.. the 13-year-old is charged with attempted murder. and armed robbery. new this morning, crews have stopped the last of the water gushing from a 30 inch pipe near the university of california los angeles. the 93-year-old pipe burst on tuesday spewing an estimated 20 million gallons of water. the water flooded six buildings on campus including the newly renovated basketball arena.
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six people help to go clean up are being treated for exposure to carbon monoxide. they're expected to be okay. we're celebrating summer in loudoun county today. >> it's been a little cool the last few days, so they have decided to give us a little christmas spirit. >> angie goff live outside of town hall with a specific guest. what is going on out there? >> reporter: hey, guys. i hate to tell you, but tom kierein got the forecast wrong. it is snowing here in leesburg. it is christmas in july. what we have here? what is this i hear? the loudoun county high school marching band. ♪
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>> reporter: we have a couple special guests. look who showed up in true summer fashion. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: a break from making some toys. is an tarks you took a break to come out and happening out with us. >> celebrating christmas early in he'sbur buleesburg. merry christmas. >> and we have rudolph and frosty. here the christmas parade is one of the biggest events. in fact this is a county that really likes to celebrate. one thing that is a sight to see, christmas in middleburg. there is the oktoberfest or join
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a fun filled sterling fest. and first fridays always draws a crowd. it's celebrated every month downtown. first friday happens in fact this it friday, it is free. everybody is invited to come down to the town of leesburg. and with this, how are you liking this weather? it's a little hot out there for you. >> a little warm. i like it a little colder. >> well, don't worry, your job is done here. you can kcan get back to checki your list twice. thanks to the loudoun county marching raiders. ♪
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sfwh she >> she's having a great time. thanks to santa for coming out. >> she gets santa to come out. >> and the entire marching band. she made it snow in loudoun county. 6:21. time to get a check of weather and traffic on the 1s. following breaking you news on the roads. still breaking news in kensingt kensington. this is connecticut avenue at culver street. a motorcycle versus a car. the car has been pulled out of the way. somebody was transported out of the way. it looks like it's now open. this just happened within the past couple of minutes, so thank you very much, chopper 4.
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wider look, we look quite good. a little slow 66 inbound inside the beltway there. and then dwoo.c. 295 be looking pretty typical. 66 at 123, a little more volume than we like to see. remember to always tweet us with your traffic issu issues @first4traffic. i did not see any snow on the road there, angie. must only be snowing where angie is. and we have a gorgeous summer morning, not wintertime even though you hear the christmas music. there is the sun, a beautiful pink and blue sun advise. final day of july. 67 at reagan national. y due point now at 60. temperature now in leesburg, under way celebrating summer 61.
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much of fairfax county is in the upper 50s. and all across the region, a mostly clear sky this morning. there is the sun this morning. later today, most of the region will be making it into the mid-80s. and a mibit more humid. tomorrow afternoon storms be looking likely with highs right around 80. this weekend, late saturday morning could be some showers. saturday afternoon showers and thunderstorms. highs low 80s. and more of the same on sunday. overall a lot of cloud, late morning shower and afternoon stores on sunday. storm team 4 seven day outlook, first full week of august, it heats up. afternoon highs near 90. monday, tuesday, wednesday. a look at hometown forecasts hour by hour coming up.
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today the first lady will do her point for veterans. she will speak at the national reference on ending homelessness. mrs. obama is expected to discuss new initiatives to get former service members off the streets. the group is aiming to end veteran homelessness by 2016. a new website allows you to send anonymous e-mails to anyone you want. it requires no signup. but it's not totally anonymous. the company points out that users are traceable by their ip address. so far the website has more than 10,000 postings in just 24 hours. take a look at this. an ax cracked through a windshield in massachusetts. a woman was in the passenger's seat at the time. she was shaken up but not hurt. a landscaper put the ax on the
6:25 am
hood of his truck, forgot about it, it flew off on the highway. he now has to pay a $200 fine. could have ended up much worse. pretty remarkable. a nosy dog put his nose where it didn't belong. >> take a look at this poor pooch. this is chip. he got his head stuck in a concrete fence in arizona. stuck overnight poor guy. a news crew happened to find chip and called the local fire department. they came and carefully freed chip from the fence. his other than had no idea that he was even stug. >> isn't it cats that are supposed to be curious? >> maybe he smelled food. s sgr. >> probably. always gets them into trouble. this morning sharknado sequel still trending on twitter. >> probably will for a while. here is one of our favorite clips.
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i think an oscar nomination there. there are dozens of guest stars. of course matt lauer and al roker you saw there. >> and in case you didn't already know the plot, it's a freak weather system hitting the big apple unleashing man eating sharks. look at that, he's riding the shark in an effort to control the problem. >> in case you missed it or you you want to watch it again, you're in luck. sci-fi will reair the show saturday at 7:00. i'll need a big bowl of popcorn for that. a rockville doctor in jail, the drug operation investigators say he ran that brought patients from out of state to become his customers. and these temperatures are staying pretty cool right now, but it will all change in the
6:27 am
next 12 hours. tom kierein will show you you what it means for your neighborhood. and a new trend in how american families are paying for college. without the internet i would probably be like a c student. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost internet access to over one million low-income people at home.
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at 6:30, hyattsville police are trying to find three men who shot a group of teens. one was just 15. and one was shot in the face. they were rushed to the hospital and it's not clear how they're doing this morning. "news 4 today" has your weather and traffic together every ten minutes. we'll start with tom kierein. >> when you step out the door, you'll notice the area is a little more humid. not as chilly as it was yesterday morning. and as we look at hometown forecasts, rinohytsville at 63. and later today, temperatures hitting the mid-80s there. and rather humid by
6:31 am
midafternoon, but not uncomfortably so. falls church, partly cloudy there, in the low 60s. by noon, around 80. hides the mid-80s midafternoon in much of northern virginia. and rockville, they're now at 64. later today, should be reaching the low 80s. midafternoon, hey gmay get in t upper 80s and you humid, as well. a look at hour by hour changes over the next 12 hours at 6:41. melissa, what is happening? looking pretty good. 270 at old hundred road moving right along. no major problems there. taking a look at the beltway at branch avenue, you can see we're looking good there, as well. and 95 in maryland at 32, fairly nice for us this morning. a wider look at things, you can see lots of green on the screen. no passenger problems. a little slow 66 as you head inside the beltway and then d.c.
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295, a little slow as you're coming in same thing outbound on 50 as you're heading out of up to out of the city. we also have chopper 4 up over the beltway. outer loop at georgia, you can see we're moving nicely. something happening in the right shoulder, but not slowing things too much. i'm back in ten minutes. megan mcgrath is on the scene in bowie. what is going on? >> reporter: well, this is all just starting to unfold here. a situation very, very new. the 911 call came in just not long ago. take a look behind me here. you can see the police presence here on the block. this is the 9900 block of chessington way. a 911 call came in early this morning, the report of a shooting here at this house.
6:33 am
we have been away to confirm with the fire department that they did not make a transport, that there is one person who is dead on the scene as a result of the shooting. the circumstances of exactly what happened, who the the person is dead, none of those details known. this is a very new situation. we're hoping to learn more from a public information officer soon. but at this point, we can tell you one person is dead inside the home and that there is quite a police presence here. megan mcgrath, news 4. congress has a month long break coming up in august, but there is still serious work left to be done. can they pass important bills? we turn tracie potts for more. >> reporter: the to gsh -do lisa
6:34 am
big one. the emergency bill on border crisis, not clear that anything will get done on that. the house and senate are $2 billion apart. in fact republicans with that the party don't even agree on what they want to spend. but they have added a second vote for today to prevent the president from deporting people later rather than sooner. so that coming up. also today the reforming the v.a., that may actually pass. we're expecting a vote in the senate and whether they can put in more doctors and more thursdays and allow vets to go outside the is for him care. the highway bill is also on the to-do list for today. it will go bankrupt if congress does not act, but not clear if we'll get anything on that one done today. >> tracie potts, thank you.
6:35 am
today closing arguments are set to begin in the case of a metro driver charged with sexual assault. a woman claims he pulled his butt over and said he said hurt her if she did not take off her pants. lawyers will begin their arguments at 9:00 a.m.. this morning a rockville doctor is in jail for allegedly running a pill mill. his name is silviu ziscovici. he's also known as dr. z. people came in from all over the country and one patient died for using methadone for no medical reason. >> people were coming from outside the state because they knew that there was a doctor in maryland who would be willing to prescribe pills without proper medical purpose. >> ziscovici faces mandatory 20 years to life for the patient's death and another 20 years for each the 29 counts of
6:36 am
distribution. a new report says we are borrowing less and paying more out of pocket for college. the average amount families spend for college last year was about $20,000. salary may says 42% of costs were covered by parents or student income. families borrowed 22% to pay for schools. students are also choosing more money saving options like living at home or representing textboo. no strollers, no high chairs, no crying. >> i'm completely shocked. because i've never had that happen. >> rules to keep kids away are drawing outrage at a popular restaurant. why the owner says there is no chance the rules are changing. plus people with virginia with the right to vote told they cannot. the mistake leaving people with bad voting information. and it will deal more like summer today. when the warmer temperatures will arrive.
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this is a story that is bound to draw a strong reaction from parents. >> a restaurant at fisherman's wharf is telling people to leave their kids at home. check out the sign. the owner of the restaurant stands by his policy saying the rules are the rules. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think kids need to learn how to behave in restaurants and if you don't take them to them, they don't know how to behave. i think kids should be allowed in restaurants. >> the police has a rullace has either abide or find a place more suitable for your dining. >> the owner are says the policy has been in effect for two years and he has for plans to change the policy because it's not hurting his bottom line. >> i think reality is there are
6:41 am
people who want to go to dinner without having children nearby and so those parents probably have to choose just somewhere else to go especially to make a point. >> there are lots of options. but it's also very family friendly lays. you always run into kids someplace. time to get a check of weather and traffic on the 1s. we start off with live pictures out in leesburg. we are celebrating loudoun. >> having a great time with the marching band. but i'm for weather and traffic on the 1s. tom kierein, what kind of weather will we have in loudoun county? >> a great way to wake up with a marching bandangie. it's at 59. metro area, near 60. a beautiful dawn under way. sun climbing high in the sky. your hour by hour forecast, by 8:00, most of the region will be in the upper 60s. by noon, right around 80
6:42 am
degrees. more humid midafternoon. rain on the weekend coming up next weather and traffic at 6:51. we have breaking news, a fire on the bridge, so marc camden south 583 stopped at greenbelt. we'll get an update on that for you. otherwise looking fairly good. fairly typical for this time of more than. no major issues or incidents anywhere else. 66 headed in, about 40 miles an hour. 270 at montrose road moving right along. i'm back with more info on the marc delay. and we're following breaking news in bowie. we're live on the scene of a shooting there. a man is dead. megan mcgrath is talking with officers and people there he scene. we'll go back for her life in just minutes. >> and a group of teens shot while walking in a hyattsville
6:43 am
neighborhood. the clue polic
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we're following breaking news this morning. a map shot and killed in bowie. >> one of the stories we're following to get you up to the minute the minute you're . >> one of the stories we're following to get you up to the minute the minute you're uholl . >> one t sri wre foow g y utohe minute theine u' u we start with stephanie gos following the kree bol ebola ou.
6:46 am
>> reporter: a patient walked into the emergency room and told nurses he had recently travelled to africa. they isolated him and cordoned off the e.r. until they realized it was a false alarm. but we speak to a specialist and we ask her should we be scared. her answer is pretty interesting. back to you. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. we're looking forward to hearing more on the "today" show. a maryland family is calling a relative's death a mystery. nathaniel dennis recently traveled to liberia and tested negative for gee bebola but sta having seizures. he was in a coma for over a week. his family was raising money to bring him back to the u.s. when he died. >> we're all devastated.
6:47 am
we feel like we tried as hard as we could. we'd like to give him a broprop burial here. >> they held a fund-raiser this week to help pay for the funeral. right now hyattsville police are looking for the men responsible for putting two teens in the hospital. three teens were shot last night while walking on 30th avenue and lancer place in hyattsville. investigators say the three suspects left the scene in a brown jeep heading toward queens chapel road. police say the victims are between the ages of 15 to 17. two of them had to be rushed into surgery last night. one teen was shot in the face. the other one shot in the side. a man accused of attacking a 15-year-old transgender girl will be charged with a hate crime. reginald klaiber stabbed the girl in the back several times during rush hour yesterday. it happened on the green line train near ft. totten metro station. friends of the victim say klaiber made hateful comments
6:48 am
just before the stabbing. metro transit police arrested klaiber. court records show he has been arrested before. the man at the center of the bob mcdonnell corruption trial is expected back on the stand this morning. johnny williams says he showered the former governor and his wife with gifts heil in offiwhile in. including the use of this ferrari on vacation. prosecutors say williams provided the gifts in exchange for promotion of his new diet supplement. and there are countless other details and make your raalleged free on registered voters in virginia just received notice they can't vote anymore. it's a mistake. the elections office is trying to fix, 125,000 letters were mailed to the voters who recently moved within the state.
6:49 am
they should have been septembnt people who moved out of state. virginia officials will send follow up letters to reassure voters their registration has not been canceled. >> and we've been talking about the spectacular weather. the sun is out and it's starting to heat up a little bit. s >> summer is back just in time for the end of july. tom. >> yes, indeed. when you step out the door, you will notice it is more humid. in fact we've had the humidity coming overnight. the sky cleared out and temperatures are begin to go warm up a bit. right now reagan national at 67. later today with a partly cloudy sky, we'll be reaching the mid-80s by midafternoon. it will be a little more humid, too, during the afternoon. but not uncomfortably so. and the fairfax county fair gets under way today.
6:50 am
flying pan park. should be a great day there. by 11:00, upper 70s. then during the afternoon, by midafternoon, hitting the mid-80s. always more humid. by the evening hour, it will be back down to around 80. and the nationals are back after a long road trip. they're taking on the phillies tonight at nats park. first pitch 7:05. temperatures by then will be low 80s. mid to upper 70s by 7th inning stretch. late evening, back down to the mid-70s. a great nice for baseball. big changes move in tomorrow. quite humid on friday with highs around 80 degrees. 60s in the morning. might get a late morning shower, but a greater chance of some afternoon showers and thunderstorms, then rain on the weekend. here is the timing on that. a late morning shower on saturday. maybe the first of the rain. then during the afternoon, occasional showers and thunderstorms on saturday. then again on sunday, too. in the morning, maybe some
6:51 am
showers and some afternoon storms. maybe a few peeks of sun now and then. highs in the mid-80s. if you'll be out and about, download the free weather app. you can get it on google play, itunes story. into next week, heating up. highs near 90 monday, tuesday and wednesday. we have a big accident to talk about. we're seeing a little bit of a delay here. this is inbound new york avenue at florida avenue. so as you're coming into town, watch out, because you will see police presence there. we have a lane or two here blocked. so hopefully that will be out of the way by the time you you make it in, but just a warning there in case it is not. typically slow as you approach 29. d.c. 295, a little slow just behind 50 there. 66 before the beltway, you're a tad slow. and taking a look at the prince george's county side of thing,off all looking pretty good. a little slow pennsylvania
6:52 am
avenue outbound as you you came out of the beltway. and then indian head highway a little slow, as well. follow us @first4traffic. megan mcgrath is live in bowie. >> reporter: police are focusing their attention at a home in the 9900 block of chessington way. we have at least a dozen police vehicles here and a number of investigators going in and out of a house here. now, police are only calling this a death investigation. they say that they came here at about 6:00 this morning. the report of a shooting. when they arrived, they found an adult male dead. he has been pronounced dead on the scene. in terms of exactly what happened, the circumstances surrounding the deadly shooting are, we do not know. this is all very, very new. investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what
6:53 am
happened. we do not have any information about the victim who was found inside this home. you can see from the chopper here that neff tthey have the a cordoned off. we've started to see the neighbors come out trying to figure out what is going on. unfolding situation. we of course will stay on top of it and bring you the very latest as soon as we get it. manage megan mcgrath, news 4. today a key hearing on the affordable care act. and new this morning, we have an early look at what is new report blames. that report describes the online health exchange as a rush job. it blames the department of health and human services for failing to plan or watch over contractors hired to set up and run the website. white house officials have owned up they did not test it completely.
6:54 am
it is 6:53. need a place to get away but you didn't want to go very far? you may want to check out loudoun county. it's a great spot for a staycation. angie goff has been celebrating summer all morning in leesburg. look at angie. she has her eye mask on, a robe. angie, are you there, do you know we're on the air? hello? what are you doing? >> reporter: hey, well, here in loudoun county, really easy to get lost because this is a place that you can call staycation central. in middleburg, there is the quick escape it to the new salamander resort and spa and the infinity pool. buildings date back to the 1700s. and there is always the great golf getaway in ashburn or perhaps the quaint prior patch bed and breakfast. in in loudoun county, wine
6:55 am
country is endless. and speaking of wine, joining us now, annabel and matt from barrel oaks. a winery out in virginia. thank you for joining us. i was surprised at the number of wineries in loudoun county. this is a great place to come even for a day trip. >> it sure is. the virginia wine industry has really blossomed the last several years. and we're happy to be a part of it. loudoun county does such a great job in supporting the industry. >> and you you have so many wines. >> and they're all wonderful. we're proud of our wine makers. we have 20 wines that we sell and all made at our house. >> and you can bring your dog, your pets. it's really for the family. my favorite one, i have to admit, they have this chocolate dessert wine, you won't find if anywhere else. we might have to crack into a bottle after the show.
6:56 am
but with that, we want it say thank you to everybody who came out. the town of leesburg, more than cheer, jewel green, the loudoun county high school bands. let's raise our glass to celebrating loudoun county! >> and you know what, angie, for all the hard work this morning, you need to -- you deserve to go back in your robe for all the hard thank you. you deserve the break. >> it's been a lot of fun. four things to know, kids are adapting well to new requirements for healthier school lunches. 70% of schools are reporting positive student feedback. from ferraris to shopping sprees, johnny williams is expected continue his testimony against mcdonnell and his wife. and sierra leone declared a public health emergency today in the after math of the ebola
6:57 am
outbreak. peace corps is pulling out volunteers from infected areas. hyattsville police looking for three suspects responsible for a shooting on 30th ae tth a last night. two teens were shot and remain in the hospital. july regains its dignity as a summer month. highs reaching the mid-80s. a little more humid. then showers and storms friday into the weekend. >> thanks for spending your day with us. >> the "today" show is next.


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