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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 23, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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olympics creating a predicament for the olympians' families and some they are agonizing over. "news4 at 4" starting right now. >> i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm barbara harrison, and the temperatures are struggling to get to the mid 20s in our region and the cold has led to multiple accidents as cars and trains struggle with the snow. >> but right now, we will go to is the storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson and now we are hearing that it could get colder? >> yes, that is because the temperatures are going to drop again and to the same levels that they were last night, and on top of that the wind is going to increase, and because of that, there is a windchill advisory from maryland to washington county to allegheny county to clark and warren an page and shenandoah county, and all of these highlighted in the blue. the windchills here are 5 to 10 degrees below zero in the overnight period. and even those counties not in the windchill advisory we will
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drop the 5 below zero tonight. so it is going to be cold as the winds pick up. all of this is that system that brought the flurries making its way eastward and looking at the current wind speeds, they are between 10 and 15 miles per hour in most neighborhoods and that is again bringing down the windchill readings. right now, 5 degrees this in montgomery village and wheaton and fran cone na -- franconia and bristol, and it is feeling brutally cold. and by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, you are looking at the temperatures, folks. 5 to 10 degree below zero again to the north and the west. so in the forecast, very cold night coming up, and colder read inin and the snow chances continue. when i return, i will show you the next chance of the flakes coming down throughout the area. >> all right. the cold weather is take thing a
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toll on the infrastructure can across the area. a cracked rail on metro left many commuters standing ow ing the cold. >> and adam tuss learned that one of them was the metro. and he has this report from the metro station. >> earlier this morning, it was a rough start to the day for many of the metro riders just south of here at the reagan international rail station is a cracked rail. that is the problem with we are dealing with the temperatures droppi dropping. metro apologizing for a service disruption, and the gm again today. >> on a railroad, when you have a severe drop of temperature the rail rails contract and try to pull apart, and we did have a crack that occurred near the international airport this morning. >> reporter: and back here now, as again, the rails are in good shape tonight, and the trains
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that whole mess this morning. we will tell you about that coming up "news4 at 5:00" and 6: 6:00. at reagan international airport, i'm adam tuss, news4. right now, part of one of the busiest roads out of the city is closed. mass avenue in bethesda is blocked because of a late crash. a driver lost control and slid to ndoga way, a nd that near sangmore road is not expected to reopen until after the evening rush. check out the mess from a broken water main and taylor streets in northwest washington. cars are frozen in place surrounded by ice. and the neighbors have been using garden tools to try to break up the ice on the sidewalk. they say they have complained for weeks about the flowing water. ahead on "news4 at 5:00," mark see greys will look at the sidewalks in front of some government buildings.
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>> the ice has made the going tough for pedestrians and look at the sidewalk at pentagon city. it is practically an ice skating rink. the crews are working feverishly to melt the ice to melt the conditions there for pedestrians. and the icy roads may mean that you get a break from the cameras. if a camera snaps a picture of you sliding through a red light, it does not automatically mean that you will get a ticket.s wi sit down to look at every individual traffic ticket, and take into account if there is ice on the roads preventing you from making a complete stop, but they say it is ultimately the driver's responsibility to drive slowly. make sure that you are prepared for this deep freeze in our area,m?g( can go to nbc washington at -- and download our nbc washington app and you will getu÷ latest breaking news and weather alerts around the clock. and right now, pop star justin bieber is out of jail, but he is facing multiple charges after being arrested
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overnight in florida. bieber was pulled over in a yellow lamborghini in miami beach. police say that he was drag racing and smelled like alcohol. he is 19 now, and bieber is now charged with bui and resisting arrest and drag racing. coming up in ten minutes we will talk to access hollywood's billy bush and we will learn what other substances bieber may have been using before police arrested him. >> and one other person in the hospital after a dramatic police chase and shooting. it started in forest hill just before 6:00 last night. police responded to a armed robbery at a liquor store that led them to a chase to 57th and kleeton street. police are still trying to determine if the bullet that hit him was from the officer's gun or whether the suspect shot himself. he is now under arrest and
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hospitalized. police also have a second suspect in custody. a montgomery man is charged with murder after a deadly stabbing inside of a 7-levin. they say that shaun king was op gaithers road overnight, and that king tried to run away when they got to the scene, and investiga investigators have not determined a motive in the case. they have identified the victim as 63-year-old abdul gafar. >> and sen tentsing in the former redskins' star. and diana row se is at the spor. >> yes, rivera who is now 23 years old had faced a maximum life sentence, but he was convicted back in november of second-degree murder and armed burglary for the death of redskins' safety sean taylor, and he was one of the most
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feared in the nfl when he played. he was at his home in 2007 when prosecutors say that rivera and four other guys broke in and shot him. three of those men are now awaiting trial. in a video-taped confession, rivera admitted that he fired the fatal shot after kicking in taylor's bedroom door, and he apologized to taylor's family in court during his sentencing this afternoon. now, we are waiting to get more reaction from taylor's family on this sentencing, and we will bring you the very latest. back to the you guys. >> and now we have more information about the data security breach at neiman-marcus, and when it happened and how many shoppers may have had their credit cards accessed. >>
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same-sex marriage. and dramatic video from the lapel of first responders and see how they pulled a woman from her burning car. hang on, hang on ist stuck. >> a dramatic rescue caught can w goes up in flame flames. that fireball in new mexico exploded just seconds after police pulled a woman trapped inside to safety. the this video is from a lapel camera, and it was clipped to one of the police officers, and rning and incredibly 0 ay 50 more ravens' torrey smith restock his childhood school after a terrible fire.
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he said he had a lot of great times in the school that burned down on january 5th, and the build being is no longer used for a school, but to store supplies for the school district. and torrey smith is lead ing th effort to resupply the building and repair the building. and he is going to be at walmare when sec the school. dvt octobe happened and how many credit and debit cards have been compromised. the retailer says that 1.1 million credit and debit cards may may july 16th to neiman- what's more, july 16th to neiman-
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of those cards have already been used by hackers. the hack only affects shoppers who shopped in a neiman-marcus or a last-call discount department store owned by knne n neiman-marc >> a sipge w.00 and one free year of protectiony desk. ♪ she will never believe you >> and sipger billy joel is going to return to washington, and we will tell you when. f'07$
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belly joel is returning to washington this summer, and live nation announced that joel will perform at nationalist park on july 26th. tickets on sale saturday, february 1st, and he performed at the first ever concert at nationals park in 2009. well, it is big news in the entertainment world, justin bieber arrested in miami for allegedly drag racing while under the influence. he is out of jail now, but he is facing a bunch of charges. joining us with more on the arrest is billy bush from "access hollywood." walk us through what happened, billy? >> well, he gave up the fun in the snow ins a pep aspen to fu
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sun in miami. he then went out clubbing with $75,000 in singles, and clubbing all night long and more lately arrested for misdemeanor dui and drag racing in a rez dsidential area with another rapper ka lil who is a friend of his, and justin in the yellow lamborghini, and he was loose with the verbiage and dropping f f-bombs, and it is reported that his father was on the scene with him and not only at the nightclub, but on the drag racing scene, and he has a girl with him, and spent some time in front of the judge today, and posted $2,500 bond, and afterwards comes out, reminiscent of michael jackson's court case, and he jumps up on top of the suv to wave to the
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fans which is not a great sign, because you feel like, he is not getting it, but the big news today is that i spoke to a very, very close source inside of justin's camp, and scooter brawn, justin's manager, the guy who found him at 14 years old, ado adorable and playing on the internet and the youtube and gatekeeper and friend issued justin a tough love ultimatum, and you need to get help with the substances referring to the marijuana and the prescription pills or we are done. so scooter will walk away from him in business if he does not get help. >> meanwhile, he will have a day in court can, a when is that? >> well, we don't know the exact date and time at this point, but he is not in as much trouble to go the prison, because $2,500 was the bond to suggest that he is probably going to come out okay here, and forget about that, he needs to go the rehab or his gate kookeeper is is gond
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the career will take a big hit. >> and $75,000 in singles. boy, what kind of bag was he r carrying around? >> well, he just ordered it right there and they brought it out and it is called making it rain, and in that case, it is making it pour i imagine, because that would take a long time to get those singles out. >> yes. inkr incredible. billy bush, thank you. >> thanks. >> and we are getting our first look at uniforms that team usa will be wearing at the opening ceremonies of the winter games and the big reveal came this morning, and matt laww -- matt lauer and savannah guthrie and others modeled the pieces. each piece was made in the usa. you may recall the con troe vtr in the london games two years ago when we found out that ralph lauren lauren was dressing the team in uniforms made in china. >> what do you think? they stand out. >> well, very patriotic.
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and patchwork quilt. >> and those sweaters would not be enough for what we are going through now. >> right. because it is again, covering the, posed skin when we are talking about the windchill readings. and the temperatures taking precedent offeverything including the flurries today. we will drop down the close to where we were last night. we are will stay within a degree of last night, and that was 10 degrees, and amazing, folks, and we have done it twice this season so fark and the last time we had temperatures that low with was in 2009, and we could do it again and maybe again as we make our way into the early part of february. we will talk the temperatures across the area and see what is going op. again, the windchill readings are 5 to 10 degrees below zero the night, folks, and the windchill advisory is extended to include loun loudoun county and montgomery county and it is a sub freezing temperatures, and
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they are on par with today. and alexandria the high tomorrow, 23 degree, and camp springs, 22, and again, so important to emphasize, frostbite and hypothermia-type weather and cover up. we have a little bit more storms coming through in the next couple of days as well. we have been getting one today, and the flurries as around mt. airy and damascus are going to hang around for a couple of hours. we are at 25 right now, and again, we will get windchill t, bethat is going to be between 9:00 p.m. into tomorrow morning. and more icy patches, too. we have sunshine back tomorrow with a partly sunny day, and meanwhile in terms of the high temperatures again, 20 to 25 degrees and very cold conditions with a few clouds across the area, and the windchills are 5 to 15 during the afternoon with that northwest wind at 10 to 20
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miles per hour. and it does not get any better. we will look at the storm team 4 forecast here, and again, 23 form, and -- 23 tomorrow, and slightly above freezing this weekend, but it is more wind for saturday and a lot of the folks are worrying, because we have upped the probable on the chance of snow here now of 50% chance and it does not mean we will get heavier snow, but it means that the chance of snow showers coming through is higher and we are putting it likely right now, and there might be light accumulation around the area, and especially up around the maryland and pennsylvania border and eastern pennsylvania right now. but some trace amounts of snow, but what i like is the 36 high temperature for saturday and 32 for sunday, and at least we are close to it, and we will see more melting. when i return i will show you a time line forecast for saturday as that snow comes in and through the area. pat? >> thank you, veronica. a virginia delegate is hoping to bring gender diversity
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to congress. more on her candidacy and what it means for the commonwealth. and a week after her husband was shot and killed for texting inside of a movie
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now, to a bombshell in the gay marriage debate.
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herring said today he will not defend the ban. he believes that the ban is unconstitutional and he has joined the lawsuit challenging it. he does not want anybody telling his kids who to marry, this is the latest shift in virginia politics. today, the chair sharnell haring spoke today to hopefully be the lone woman to represent the commonwealth in washington. >> i am excited to announce that i will be running for congress to represent the 8th district. >> reporter: she was elected to represent alexandria in the virginia house five years ago, but she has been a rising star, becoming a minority whip there and then the first african-american to lead the state e state's party, but she says it was a struggle in her childhood that forged two special interests, education and homelessness. >> i lived in a homeless shelter for six months, and that was a
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difficult time, and i understand the importance of programs to help children get their education. it was a state-run program that got me to george mason university. >> reporter: and the field of other potential democratic hopefuls are bruce shuttles worth who challenged her in the 2012 exam pain -- campaign, and delegate alphonso lopez and james bouuehler is contemplatina run. there is a push to increase more women on capitol hill has urgeded her bid. and emily's list says that what we are seeing onow more than ever that when you want something to be done in washington, look to the women. she says she won't spotlight her gender, but she said it does have an aim kt pa. >> it would be nice to have a diversity in congress, and as a woman, i understand the fight for health care for all women
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and that is the government does fot interfere with health care decisions between a woman and her doctor, and i had that fight in richmond and i will continue that fight on capitol hill. >> reporter: her run will open up a high profile position, and she will step down as democratic party chair to focus on the r e race. in richmond, virginia, news4. there is one republican running, micah evan does plan to run in the heavily democratic district. a big chill today around the country from the big chill to the record-breaking cold weather. >> and surprising new comments from the attorney general eric holder and why he says that he is open to a resolution with former nsa
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good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm barbara harrison, and metro is continuing to deal with the issues in the frigid weather we are having. this morning the yellow line was a disaster for the commuters and the steep drop in temperatures caused the rail to crack, and putting the whole system in gridlock. for now, things are back to normal. >> and a robbery suspect is recovering from a gunshot wound after a crash and police chase and shooting. police chased the suspect into northeast d.c. last night and one other suspect. they took off on foot after crashing the getaway car, and one suspect was hit by a gunshot, but it is not clear if it was fired from the officer or the suspect's own weapon. and police are trying to figure out what led up to a
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deadly stabbing in gaithersburg at a 7-eleven. they say that the man did not appear to be provoked. let's look at the cold night ahe ahead. and veronica, how cold will it get out there? >> well, way down. 5 to 10 degrees below zero, and many locations, montgomery and loudoun county, and that windchill advisory and, folks, not an accumulating snow, but look at the clouds roll in. this is the time lapsed camera from reston, virginia. and what you won't see is much in the way of the melting snows. the windchill feels like 5 in silver springs, a nd potomac, ad 13, and riverdale and bowie, feeling like 12 degrees right no now. and the evening forecast, windchills are way below zero by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we will start out at 11 degrees to 13, and by 7:00 tomorrow morning. so, folks, we are going to be tired of the winter weather gear. even in the colder conditions
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and for tomorrow afternoon and the snow chances continue. in a couple of minutes i will be back with the seven-day forecast, and for the meep time, we go out to the weather deck with doug kammerer who is standing by with the cold frigid conditions for the rest of the area. >> well with, it is freezing out here, and this is ridiculous, and i feel like i'm doing the weather in buffalo or something, because the wind is driving right through us, and you know we are not al a loan, and we have seen it all across the country with the exception of the southwest. and everyone else under the deep freeze and take a look at philadelphia as they saw 13 inches of snow, and up around the philadelphia area, they are still trying to dig out, and the biggest problem of philadelphia is the side streets, and many of the streets are narrow, and the kids still had to go the school, and earlier to i a da, but they were having a lot of trouble out there on the roads, and yes, the in pennsylvania.or four death s out towards indianapolis, and indiana, a big accident. look at this big semi truck off of the road, and it swerved off
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of the road in a major crash down i-70 earlier in richmond, indiana on the border of indiana and ohio and you can see the cargo out there. it did cause a lot of problems in that region and just more crashes out there on the roads across the area. and you think that florida, you think, hey, a nice warm place to go. no, not at all. florida protects the citrus crops, and that is what it is doing, to fly over, and the wind helps to keep it warmer. they sprinkle and put water out there on the limes and the oranges to keep them warmer. that helicopter, believe it or not causing a little bit of wind keeps the fruits from freezing. they have seen it all across the area, and down around miami and i have a lot of pictures of people actually putting their names in their windows, because of all of the frost. we are not alone, guys, but we still don't like it. >> we don't. all right. thank you, doug. within the hour, nsa leaker eric
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snowden wrapped up a chat, and criticized president obama's protocols. it came after the privacy task force sharply disagreed with him and called for an end to the nsa's bulk collection of the u.s. phone records. our steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with the detalils. hi, steve. >> hi, bar ra ra. that conclusion is the opposite of the conclusion drawn by president obama is a week ago about this controversial program revealed by edward snowden. >> i think that the third party -- >> reporter: the privacy and the civil liberties board analyzed in depth, the 215 program, the phone program, which phone connects to which and every log of every phone call saved. and they said it is not illegal. 215 did not stop the boston marathon bombing. >> and the results of the program have been limited and falling far short of the highly
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desirable outcome promise d for it. >> reporter: and the board found that phone logging uncovered no new terror plots, although some members found it helped ongoing investigations, and the white house said that 215 is useful. >> one of the number of tools that we are able to employ to help to protect the united states against the terrorist attack. >> and last friday,b president obama said he won't stop 215 at the nsa. >> they are not abusing authorities to listen to your private phone calls or read your e-mails. >> reporter: and meanwhile, edward snowden, and the nsa mass int interception of e-mails and texts said in a web chat today from russia, what makes the country strong is our system of values that we can correct the laws and restrict the overreach of companies, and the company that did snowden's background check is now accuse of fraud for allegedly faking 650,000 checks over for years, and another
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revelation spawned by snowden like today's call by the privacy board to end nsa phone logging. u.s. attorney eric holder said today that he is open to a plea bargain deal to let snoweden de return to the u.s., but clemency is too far. steve handelsman, news4. thank you. new allegations of a cheating scandal involving the air force. what do you have at the live desk? >> well, we have just learned that chuck hagel has ordered a wide investigation of four airmen who were amid allegations of cheating on the nuclear exams. this also came from allegations of drug possession by some of the air force members. they say that the new review will examine the air force leadership, and the quote health of the culture in both the air force and navy nuclear weapons
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mission. the pentagon did say that they are confident in the safety and the security of the nuclear arsenal. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. >> and george zimmerman is hoping to make some money are from the artwork. his latest painting is up for sale. >> and a tragic development for a pod of whales stranded in florida. the latest from the rescuers
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dozens of people were injured when a passenger on a greyhound bus attacked the driver. the bus was traveling from los angeles to dallas today. the pas ssengers mikhail morris began screaming and attacking the bus driver. the bus drove off of the highway and stopped just before running into oncoming traffic. they were in tanopa, arizona, at the time of the crash. three passengers were injured and air lifted to area hospital s, but they are expected to be okay. the man is charged and in custody tonight. and a police officer is charged with firing a fatal shot in a movie theater in florida. >> reporter: for nicole olson, a rare movie date turned tragic. >> in the blink of an eye my whole world is shattered into a
4:41 pm
million pieces, and now i'm left to pick them all up together, and it is so hard and so unbearable. >> reporter: olson and her husband, chad, a navy veteran were in a tampa veteran and as parents of a 22-month-old daughter, they treasured the moments. >> me and my husband didn't get a date night very often and much less a day alone and so i was looking forward to the day together with the love of my li life. >> reporter: and in the movie theater they texted the baby-sitter and then another mov movie goer got into the dispute, and shot her husband. >> i am trying to rekocover fro the shock. >> reporter: the police captain is charged with second-degree murder, and he is being held without bail. >> and everyone with a cell phone is at risk, because you don't know when he is going to go off again.
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>> reporter: he had been at buh gardens and served as the local president of the crime stoppers program, and in court, his attorney said that he was defending himself. >> the alleged victim attacked him and struck him with an object which resulted in the gun fi fire. >> reporter: according to the arrest affidavit, chad olson had thrown popcorn at him, and reeves feared being attacked. he is due back in court next month. >> it is unimaginable. >> reporter: nicole is reko recovering from the bullet wound to the hand, and a loss of a date with her husband that she never expected. >> i want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: for nbc news, gabe gutierrez, atlanta. and an update on a story in florida that we told you involving a dozen whales stranded. and the whales stranded there, at the scientists believe may have caused the whales to be lost. >> and why all of this cold weather could be good for your waistline. veronica? >> well, more cold, cold weat r
4:43 pm
weather. today's high temperature is 27 degrees, and take a look at a this. where are we going to be a week from now? hmm, pretty darn close in e between, and we have a few chances of seeing some snowfall, if you have high blood pressure like i do,
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many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin hbp it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin hbp.
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>> the 2014 washington auto show is now officially under way. right now cadillac and volkswagen are hosting ride and drive events.
4:46 pm
it is a chance to test out some of the newest models, and some carma carmakers are offering contests to let you win new cars. there are also celebrities making appearances, and the nationals' bryce harper will be on hand tomorrow, and the washington auto show is open until 9:00 tonight, and runs until february 2nd. you can see some of the highlights from the show this year on saturday morning right here on nbc4. veronica johnson will host "drive time" starting at 10:00 a.m. saturday morning. >> rev the engines. >> the newest of technology and everything coming on. >> we saw snow today, and when is it going to snow today? >> well, you may need the big pickup truck today, and it is going to be a few days before we have to shovel again, but we will see the small storms coming through the area, and the next chance is saturday. i will detail the hours for you now. looking at the chunk of ice in the potomac as we look at the woodrow wilson bridge, and the national harbor cam.
4:47 pm
yes, mighty cold out there and the windchill temperatures are colder. 3 in gaithersburg, and 6 in leesburg when it feels like 3 in dulles, and 12 in reston, virginia, and 13 in rockville. and single-digit windchill readings out there which is why if you are out for any period of time, you need to cover up any exposed skin so that the hat, and the gloves on if you are going out this evening or early tomorrow morning. and still some icy conditions expected and icy patches, and 111 degrees is the temperature, and we started this morning at 9:00 so temperatures are on par, but this time, we add in the wind, and again, very, very cold tomorrow. and 23 degrees is the high in d.c. and 24 in la platte. and you will see a partly sunday
4:48 pm
day tomorrow, and then saturday, again, the next chance of picking up snowshowers, and i think that there are areas up to the north around the maryland/pennsylvania border and off to the east of eastern maryland and maryland's eastern shore that might pick up close to an inch of rain. those are the best locations for seeing any additional accumulation, and as far as general areas, most of the neighborhoods just a trace of snowfall coming through, and that is from about 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. to about 1:00 p.m. to saturday. and we got a call today with a lady traveling back in to the d.c. area saturday and she is worried saying that i do not believe it will have an impact on area roads saturday. and behind it a chance to clear out, and that means more wind, too, for saturday night and sunday morning, and the low windchill readings again, and looking at the storm team 4 forecast, we go from saturday 23 to the low 30s, and 32 high on sunday. and then early part of next
4:49 pm
week, we have taken the snow out for monday, and 30 degrees is the high temperature, and 23 for tuesday, and yes, though, it is a chance of snow back midweek at 21 for the high temperature on wednesday, with some snow that could be around the area, and of course, we will continue the monitor all of the systems throughout the next couple of days and back to you. >> all right. veronica. and scientists are investigating a marine mystery and what caused a pod of whales to strand themselves off of the southwest coast of florida this week. >> eight whales died and charlie kegan has more on the search for answers. >> for sure. i'd like to know why it is happening, and why aren't they out in deep water where they should be, and what is going on? is it a disease or if it is, who knows. >> reporter: craig odebt is not the only one asking those questions, because scientists and onlookers want to foe what caused this pod of pilot whales to strand itself near lovers key on monday. >> up fortunately, we don't know the answers to that yet, and we are trying to figure it out in
4:50 pm
the postmortem exams if they were sick and what ha they were affected by. >> reporter: today, teams of scientists performed neck r neckroskoepies on the whales. >> it is a huge list of things that we look for, toxins and many things. >> reporter: samples will be sent off for testing and results won't be back for several weeks. >> well, i think it is very sad for the wild animals. >> reporter: richard bishop saw the dead whales yesterday and hoping for more of an update today. >> well, i was hoping that we didn't see what we saw yesterday. >> and a larger pod of whales beached themselves back in december off of key west. scientists will compare genetic samples from both groups to see if there is some connection, and the pilot whales typically live in deep water 20 miles off of shore. a young girl is opening up
4:51 pm
about the horrific parasailing accident that left her with a serious brain injury. alexa was in florida for spring break when a cord broke and the two crashed into a 13-story building and power lines and then finally smashed into a parked car. fairchild says she remembers the entire accident like it was yesterday. >> i remember it a lot. all of it actually. i mean, to a point where i blocked out, but i don't know. is it too hard to relive, can you tell me? have you seen the video? >> no. >> you don't want to see it? >> no, i lived it. >> alexis underwent a lot of surgeries to put her skull and other dozens of bones back together, and right now, she can only read at a fourth-grade level, and she has memory issues and her friend is still undergoing procedures six monhss after that accident. and george zimmerman is
4:52 pm
hoping to cash in on another painting. his latest masterpiece is of the trial prosecutor angela corey. he posted this on twitter yesterday and calls it "angie" and he is going to sell it on ebay at some point today. she was one of the prosecutors in his murder trial over the shooting of teenager trayvon martin. zimmerman was acquitted in july. this is not the first painting. he already sold this one for $100,000 back in december. in news for your health today, all of the snow may have you out there clearing the driveway and surgeons in new york city have some advice to keep you safe. they say that you should warm up before you shovel, and just like when you exercise and also don't lift the snow. instead, push it. finally, they say to never throw snow over your shoulder or to the side, because it can lead to serious back problems. well, we know that shoveling snow can help you the lose weight, pause it is exercise, but decides the fact that it is
4:53 pm
exercise, dutch researchers say that the body burns more calories when it is cold, and so turn the thermostat down to 62 for a few hours if you can stand that, and they say this overtime, you will have less body fat to burn. they also say that this quote temperature training contributes to healthy aging. >> and after multiple terror threats in sochi, the familyies of olympians are facing an agonizing decision. >> we are in virginia and 12 days into the office, and the new virginia attorney general says he will not defend the gay marriage ban, and a look at what that means ahead. this ice dam has literally this ice dam has literally frozen these my dad has aor afib.brillation, he has the most common kind...
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rur shan security officials are are working to keep the sochi olympics safe from so-called terrorist attacks. richard engel spoke to american athletes and their families about safety in the upcoming games. >> reporter: after years of dedication, come petition and training, american athletes and their families are facing a choice that they didn't expect -- whether to go to the olympics in sochi or not. snowboarder sage's parents won't join him, and terrorist threats were part of that decision.
4:57 pm
>> well, even if it does not happen, it freaks you out and spoils the whole scene of the olympic vibe, you know. >> reporter: and asia's mother is going, but she will keep her eyes peeled. >> i am certainly going to be more focused on my surroundings. >> reporter: and that's the same approach of the parents of speed skater brian hanson are taking not pulling out, but watching closely. >> it has brought us together as a team usa. and we are really on top of it as families. >> our son is going, an unless they cancel the olympics, we will be there. >> reporter: and with the anti-russian islamic militants threaten ing threatening to disrupt the games, what is there to expect? there are two main sections, the coastal cluster built around the black sea, and built in clusters are the opening ceremony and the hockey and the ice village, and the train station and airport connected, and then 30 miles up
4:58 pm
a w away from the mountains are a road. and snowboarder sage does not expect he will be venturing too far from the protected olympic venues. >> i want to the stick to myself and roll up in a little ball and do my event and get out of there. >> reporter: richard engel, nbc news, sochi. >> and the games are two weeks away and you can get ready with the nbc washington app and download it with the latest news from sochi, an follow your favorite athletes and teams after the games begin. search nbc washington in the app store or google play. right now at 5:00, snow flurries and dangerous bitter cold. weather advisories are going up right now. >> and more than a million shoppers at risk after hackers steal credit card data from neiman-marc neiman-marcus. and growing legal problems for teen pop star jus ttin bieb.
4:59 pm
could he be deported back to canada? >> first at 5:00, the snowshowers are bringing in another cold night. >> and right now a windchill advisory is in effect. >> and doug ckammerer is here with the updated forecast. >> well, we have seen the snowshowers today, but the big story is the koecold. we have been stuck nit, and looks like we will be right there with it. looking outside, we will show you the few snowshowers that are left, and came through loudoun county and fredrick and montgomery and around the district, and through montgomery county and you will see a few snowflakes and that is it, but the bigger story is the temperatures in the 20s all day long and they are starting to fall at 18 in gaithersburg, and 16 in martinsburg, and 18 in culpepper, and this morning, dull lets, 2 -- in dulles, and 2 below zero, and the coldest in 18 years, but we will be right back there tonight. the temperatures are to be
5:00 pm
between 10 and 5 below zero. and from loudoun county and northern fauquier and points to the west does not include the advisory or d.c. or southern maryland, but we will be cold there, and i expect the windchill in d.c. tonight to be zero. we are talking about another frigid night, and we are not close to being done yet. i will let you nknow if there i any light at the end of the tunnel coming up in a minute. >> all right. thank you, doug. right now, commuters in bethesda are trying to get around a road closure. a driver lost control near glenn ec echo, and slid into a pole on o onadega way. and the road is not expected to reopen until after the evening rush hour is over. and more delays on the metro. red and yellow lines are single tracking because of a fire on the track. it is happening between mount vernon square and t


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