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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 23, 2014 11:00am-11:54am EST

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right now, police are not calling it a robbery, but early this morning a store clerk in gaithersburg was killed. what we know about the suspect police are questioning. our crews were on the roads before the sun was up this morning, checking on conditions. we found a lot of roads still covered in snow and ice. coming up, the areas still working to clean up. and these temperatures are making road-clearing much tougher. we're still in the teens at 11:00, and storm team4 tells us tomorrow will be colder. good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. it's thursday, january 23rd, 2014. we see evidence of the deep
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freeze everywhere. ice on the potomac, snow that won't melt, and much more storm team4 meteorologist amelia segal is in for tom, and joins us with the first forecast. good morning. >> good morning, barbara. the low temperature was 2 below zero. it's the coldest it's been there in the last 18 years, just to give you an idea of how cold it is across the area. at this time, we're seeing clouds moving into the area. 22 degrees is the temperature in washington. the winds were calm this morning, but now they're starting to pick up, and they'll continue to increase on into the afternoon hours. when you factor in the wind, the wind chill temperature, or how it feels outside right now, about 13 degrees. the wind chills will remain in the teens this afternoon. in addition to that, clouds continue to move into the area, and within those clouds, some very light snow flurry activity. i was tracking some flurry activity around the area, and for the most part that's gone away, and also light snow around the winchester area.
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for the rest of the afternoon, there could be flurries until 2:00, 3:00 p.m. a high temperature today of 26 degrees. barbara, there's a better chance of snow on saturday. i'll be talking about that in just over 10 minutes. >> ahh, more snow, huh? >> yes. >> okay, thanks, amelia. the big drop in temperatures is to blame for problems on metro this morning. the transit agency says a 50-degree swing in temps over the last few days caused a rail to break outside the reagan national station. trains had to single track for a while causing big delays on the blue and yellow lines. metro says they've repaired the rail, but you cou still see some delays out there. and from metro delays to amtrak cancellations, the railline cancelled several runs on the keystone line, which covers most of the northeast corridor, including stops bos n boston, new york city, and right here in d.c. most passengers were notified last night, giving them time to rebook or change their plans all together. well, rail lines aren't the
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only ones that are affected by this deep freeze. iced-over roadways made the morning commute this morning a lot harder, the last couple of mornings, in fact, and caused hundreds of school cancellations today. news4's megan mcgrath is live in ashburn, virginia, and she has more on the icy impact on all of us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. yeah, we're still seeing ice in some of the neighborhoods. not so much on the main roads but on the neighborhood streets, take a look, on small branch place in ashburn. and this froze solid overnight. it didn't get plowed up, and now it's really, really slippery. we are also seeing another impact. look at all of the kids that we have in this neighborhood. the kids, the dogs, they've been building snow forts. a little while ago, they were actually sledding, and the dogs are even joining in. they're grabbing some of the snowballs and having a grand ole time. this is because loudon county public schools are closed because of the snow. closed not just today, but for the rest of the week. they just want a little extra
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time to get their maintenance crews out there, to continue cleaning up the sidewalks, the parking lots and everything, so that it's safe for when the kids return to class on monday. in loudon county, folks are chipping out their cars. what was melted by wednesday's intense sun froze overnight. slush has become ice and what wasn't plowed is now snow packed. >> if anything melted yesterday, it wasn't cleared off pretty well, then it's just solid now, totally solid. >> reporter: the trouble spots are mainly in the neighborhoods. major roads have been treated and look good. you having any problems? >> no, not at all, not on my car, i'm not. i'm heading into d.c. in a couple of minutes. >> reporter: not so good are some of the roads around schools. this is cedar lane elementary in ashburn, and you can't see the pavement out front. loudon county schools will be closed until monday. midterm exams have been cancelled. maintenance crews just need more time to clear the sidewalks.
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>> looking at the weather for the next two days, it was not going to unfreeze. it was not going to get better. in fact, we're going to have refreezes at night. when you have 800 buses on the road at 5:30, 6:00 in the morning, in a refreeze situation, it's just not worth the risk. >> reporter: needless to say, most kids think it's -- >> awesome. >> reporter: what have you been doing? >> building a snow fort, and, like, having fun with my friends. >> reporter: fun for the kids, but the week-long vacation caught many parents off-guard. what about you? what have you been doing? >> i have to go to work. which is fine, except that when you come home, you still have a lot to clean and still a lot to do and exams, i've never heard of exams being cancelled. >> reporter: so all of the kiddos back in class on monday. as for the cancelled exams, you don't have to take them if you don't want to. if you were counting on that
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grade to boost your overall grade, you needed that score, we're told that the kids can take the test, they can make it up if they need to. hard to say how many will take that option, however. but back to school on monday. and, hopefully, all of the ice that you see will be off of all of the neighborhood streets by then. back to you in the studio, barbara. >> so you better hurry up and build your snow fort out there. or you may not have a chance to. all right. >> reporter: that's right. that's right. >> thanks a lot, megan. thank you. for the first time this week, you shouldn't have a problem getting a flight out of town. here's a live look at reagan national. we just took a look at a app, and there aren't any delays listed at our three airports. there are just a handful of cancellations, though, so you may still want to call ahead, just to check. the good news for travelers extends to most of the country, too. there are just about 100 cancellations nationwide right now. that's a huge improvement considering nearly 5,500 flights
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were cancelled in the first half of this week. the biggest delays this morning are in new york city, boston, and canada. well, make sure you are prepared for this deep freeze with our nbcwashington app. you'll get the latest breaking news and weather alerts around the clock, plus news4 midday is streaming right now on your phone. and right now, police are trying to figure out what led to a deadly stabbing in gaithersburg. take a look at the scene earlier this morning from chopper 4. police tell us the stabbing happened inside the 7-eleven along snowfor school road, around 2:00 a.m. and it was not during a robbery. news 4's richard jordan is live with the latest. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. we're beginning to learn a little bit about the victim that was killed here overnight. this is turning out to be a lengthy investigation. police have closed off the gas station and the convenience store since early this morning just after 2:00 when they got the call of the stabbing.
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and a short time ago, some of the victim's family members showed up here. they say the clerk did not typically work at this 7-eleven. he normally works at another one. he was here last night covering for someone. police have not released information on the motive, but the relatives are saying that the clerk had an argument with a customer, and they believe that was the source of the violence. two 7-eleven employees ambushed, the workers were on the graveyard shift when police say a man with a knife came in and stabbed a clerk. the victim died at the hospital. his family members came to the crime scene. they say they can't believe what happened. >> yeah, somebody -- somebody stabbed him with a knife. >> reporter: the convenience store windows were covered up to conceal the bloody scene, but investigators say behind the paper, montgomery county's major crimes detectives pulled the surveillance footage of the attack. in addition to the video, police also have the man that could explain what happened.
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>> the arrest happened right here at the store. officers arrived within three to four minutes. the suspect was still here on scene, was taken into custody without incident. >> reporter: the suspect is off the streets, but those who frequent the shopping center are still disturbed and stunned. >> no, it's a typical 7-eleven. i don't see a lot of police activity or a lot of crime there often. so, yeah, it's pretty surprising. >> reporter: now, the big question that remains unanswe d unanswered -- why? >> it does not appear that robbery was a motive. we do not know what the motive is at this point. we don't know if there was a prior relationship between the suspect and victim. those are all things investigators are looking at now. >> reporter: and police are still working to confirm that motive, but again, family members are saying that it was a customer who is now in custody that has been arrested and apparently the clerk and the customer had a longstanding argument, that apparently was settled here overnight. now, the family also saying that the victim is survived by his wife, who lives here in the area. he also has children who live in pakistan and in australia.
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reporting live in gaithersburg, richard jordan, news4. >> thank you, richard. right now, one person is in the hospital after leading police on a dramatic chase, crash, and shooting. it happened in forestville before 6:00 last night. police were responding to an armed robbery at a liquor store along walters lane. they say the suspects led them on a five-mile chase to 57th and clay streets. that's where the suspects' minivan crashed into a pole and took off, the people did, on foot. at least one gunshot was fired, injuring one of the suspects. it's not clear if the officer or another suspect fired that shot. two people were arrested. one of them is in the hospital this morning. the officer involved in the shooting is on routine administrative leave, pending an internal investigation. well, in just a couple of hours, a man convicted of murder in the death of sean taylor will find out how long he will spend in prison. a judge has scheduled to
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sentence 23-year-old eric rivera jr. in miami. rivera was convicted of second degree murder in november. he told police that he and some other men broke into the nfl player's home to steal cash, but they shot taylor when he confronted them with a machete. rivera says someone else fired the fatal shot. he faces a maximum of life in prison. a local newspaper just filed for bankruptcy. news4's aaron gilchrist is following that. aaron? >> we're talking about a mainstay in the frederickburg and north maryland area, freelance star saying it filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. it owns the freelance star newspaper and several radio stations in virginia. the paper reporting that this filing won't have an immediate impact on operations of the paper, the radio stations. it will, though, end the company's 130-year ownership by the same family, the roe family, in that area. the expectation is the new york company that holds the "freelance star's" loan could be
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a buyer for the entire company there in the fredericksburg area. that's the latest from the live desk. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, aaron. new today from virginia's attorney general, the state's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, and he will no longer defend it. coming up, how other lawmakers in the state are reacting. plus, take a look at this sheet of ice. it's a sidewalk. the busy area, commuters ran [ male announcer ] when your small business has the power
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we have a crew in annapolis right now for maryland governor martin o'malley's final state of the state address. it's beginning shortly. in fact, he is at the podium now. the governor's office says o'malley will highlight his achievements over the past seven years, and is expected to focus heavily on his proposal to raise the minimum wage across the
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state. o'malley already introduced a measure that would hike the wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour by the year 2016. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife will have to appear in federal court tomorrow. a judge denied their request to delay their arraignment. prosecutors say the mcdonnells accepted thousands of dollars in gifts from johnny williams sr. in exchange for promoting his dietary supplement company. they wanted to postpone the hearing, because one of their lawyers is out of the country at this time. news4's aaron gilchrist is following a developing story at the live desk. >> this is an earthquake in virginia politics, the new attorney general saying he has officially joined the lawsuit challenging virginia's constitutional ban on gay marriage. mark herring holding a news conference now, talking about joining a lawsuit that was filed in norfolk, challenging that 2006 ban. take a listen to what he had to say about a few moments ago. >> i believe the freedom to
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marry is a fundamental right, and i intend to ensure that virginia is on the right side of history and on the right side of the law. >> saying that virginia's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, and that's why he's joined this lawsuit that challenges the law that, of course, went through the general assembly, approved by voters in 2006. our julie carrie is at the news conference. you might remember when the new governor, terry mcauliffe, debated here on nbc 4, in the debate that we co-hosted, he said he would not be challenging virginia's gay marriage law. he didn't anticipate trying to introduce any legislation, and said that he would sign off on anything that did, though, strike down that law. now his attorney general is taking this to court, so we'll see where this goes from here. that's the latest from the live desk, barbara. back to you. >> thank you, aaron. that's an interesting development that takes us to domenico, the nbc deputy with news on how others are reacting to that news. good morning.
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>> good morning. >> let's look first at the statement from speaker william howell, a republican in the virginia statehouse. he said the attorney general has a constitutional and statutory obligation to enforce and defend the duly adopted laws and constitution of virginia. this is not an obligation he can take lightly, it says. what do you say? >> we've seen a lot of that federally, where president obama hasn't enforced some of the things that house republicans, of course, would say are on the books and need to be enforced. do you see this sometimes. i think aaron brings up a great point, this is not exactly how terry mcauliffe wanted to start his term. there were a lot of things out of bob mcdonnell's control, you might remember the abortion probes and things like that. you know, it can be tricky and a little dicey for mcauliffe as he appears to be bipartisan. but it's a reminder that elections have consequences. >> harry has changed his tune on this issue in the last year or two, hasn't he? >> yeah. i think a lot of people in this country have changed their tune
11:19 am
on this, as they've seen that it's more politically palatable. there have been polls showing that virginians are okay with same-sex marriage, and given that reality, i think some democrats feel they have cover. >> is this an argument the attorney general can win without the law being changed in virginia? >> i think it's very difficult. as an argument, you can win -- i mean, he doesn't have to enforce it, right? i mean, what's the enforcement mechanism for attorney general that won't enforce a law? you know, shame him publicly? i don't know. and so, maybe he can win the argument based on a, you know, a support -- if you're talking about whether or not there will be same-sex marriages in virginia, well, that's not going to happen unless the law is changed. >> well, i'm sure we're going to see this argument continue in virginia. >> no doubt about it. >> and we'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow. >> thank you. other issues to tackle, domenico. thank you. for more from domenico and the rest of the nbc news political team, check out firstread on
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of course, the weather is making news continue and continues to, and continues to make the news. >> a better chance of seeing snow on saturday. right now, i'm thinking we'll have a coating on saturday. that's my forecast. of course, stay with storm team4 as we continue to update that snowy outlook. but everybody focused on the temperatures. it is cold outside! the chill lasts, the arctic chill lasts not only today but tomorrow, as well. it will ease a little bit over the weekend. we're breezy this afternoon, tomorrow afternoon, as well. and then, again, there's that chance of snow on saturday, as the temperatures this weekend, it's going to be short-lived because the arctic blast returns next tuesday. it's looking like we're going to remain below average, at least -- at least through february 5th. on storm team4 radar right now, i'm tracking some very light snow flurry activity mainly around winchester, over that i-81 corridor, down just to the
11:21 am
north of laray, remember you can download the weather app, in itunes or the google playstore. free to download. you can get the radar right there in the palm of your hand. really comes in handy. temperatures right now, they're warmg up with help from the sunshine. 22 in washington. still at 18 in gaithersburg, and 14 in frederick. and annapolis is coming in at 20 degrees and 21 right now in culpeper. highs today will be in the mid-20s, but when you factor in the winds this afternoon, the wind chill temperatures for the most part will be in the teens. so this is how it's feeling outside right now. it's feeling 2 degrees in martinsburg and 13 in washington. so once again, you need that warmer jacket that you have, and, again, we are looking at high temperatures in the mid-20s. typically, our high? it's about 44 degrees. this time of year. so we are running well below average. with future weather, notice just after noon, still the chance of light snow across the area. this includes loudon and portions of the d.c. metro area.
11:22 am
the best chance of any light snow today will be around washington and areas to the north. however, we are not really looking at any accumulation. 2:00, notice the threat of snow mainly over prince george's county, into anne arundel, and howard county, as well, and maybe light activity up in frederick, and potentially a flurry or two around fredericksburg. the threat of any snow is done by 4:00 p.m. this evening, so the evening commute, well, just dealing with the cold at that point. clear skies overnight tonight means our temperatures plummet once again. a low temperature tonight inside of the beltway, around 11 degrees, in the suburbs once again, looking at single digits. for friday, tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, but we're colder, a high of 22. saturday, it's a breezy day. finally, though, we're going to make it above freezing. there's that chance of snow. i'm forecasting less than an inch of snowfall on saturday. sunday, a cloud/sun mix, barbara, right at freezing for a high. and then, we jump to tuesday and
11:23 am
wednesday where we're back in the mid to upper 20s for high temperatures. we just can't shake this chill, and tomorrow morning, again, it will be another bitterly cold morning. >> who would think we'd be thinking 32 was warm? >> balmy, right, i know. >> thanks a lot. it's 11:23. it's the talk of the social media this morning. the arrest of teen pop star justin bieber. we're watching developments from miami, and we'll bring you the latest later in the newscast. plus, big happenings today at the washington convention center. when you can head down to the auto show, we're going to tell you all about it. first, here's a look at what's hot on
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breaking news coming into the live desk from annapolis, maryland, chopper 4 is above a boat fire in the marina there on
11:27 am
eastern -- on eastern avenue in annapolis. it looks as though the fire is out at this point. they were dousing flames just a short time ago. two boats, it seems, involved in the fire here. possibly, it looks like, maybe from that picture, extension to a third boat. firefighters have been on the scene here since what you see here, taken earlier of flames on one of the boats. at this point, we don't know if anyone was on either of those boats. we don't know if anyone has been hurt. the fire department, obviously, still responding here. barbara, we sta'll stay on top the story. back to you. head to the 2014 washington auto show, opens less than an hour from now at the washington convention center. it runs through february 2nd. tickets are $12 for adults and $5 for kids between the ages of 6 and 12. kids under 5 get in free. and you can see some of the highlights from this year's auto show saturday morning here on news4. veronica johnson will host
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"drive time," starts at 10:00 a.m. this saturday morning. we're watching a developing story out of arizona. police say a passenger may be responsible for this accident involving a greyhound bus. we'll get the latest from the live desk. plus, edward snowden will get his say today. his upcoming q&a session. and another very cold morning out there. look at the current temperatures. coming up, some of the problems the cold weather is causing. we'll be right back.
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i'm aaron gilchrist in the news4 live desk, following a developing story out of arizona. we're getting new information about a horrible bus crash that happened there earlier this morning. we can tell you that 24 people at least were hurt in this incident. apparently, according to police there, just outside phoenix, one of the passengers on that bus that was leaving los angeles and traveling through arizona attacked the bus driver. that caused the driver to swerve. he managed to stop before
11:32 am
entering into oncoming traffic. still, at least 24 people were injured, as we understand it. some of them had to be flown from the scene. the man who allegedly attacked the bus driver has been arrested and authorities -- state police in that area are still investigating this bus accident and alleged attack that happe d happened, resulting in this accident. that's the latest from the live desk, barbara. back to. >> thanks, aaron. russia is taking some extra steps this morning to further protect what will already be one of the most fortified olympic games in history. the russian army has now installed artillery and rocket launchers in the mountains to shoot down a 9/11-style attack. there've also been high-level talks with the u.s. about lending moscow high-tech equipment to stop remote-controlled bombs. a former olympian says despite all of the focus on security, most athletes likely haven't thought about it much. >> -- as athletes, you're focused on your training, the environment around you, how you're performing in that time.
11:33 am
>> russian leaders continue to express confidence that sochi will be protected from an attack. and with just two weeks to go, u.s. athletes are continuing to prepare for the sochi olympics, despite security issues. this morning on the "today" show, designer david lauren revealed what the u.s. delegation will wear during the ceremonies. this is the fourth time ralph lauren has designed the opening ceremony gear. the uniforms were inspired by classic patchwork quilts and sweaters, we understand. every piece of the opening ceremony gear was made in america. ralph lauren came under fire during the london games for outfitting team u.s. in uniforms made in china. well, we're feeling the deep freeze today with temperatures barely reaching the mid-20s. the cold temps are icing over much of our area. take a look at this picture of a sidewalk at pentagon city, located near the skating rink. it was practically turned into an ice rink on its own, creating a really dangerous situation. crews are currently tlt that ic,
11:34 am
making it safer for pedestrians to use. and a subway sandwich shop is assessing the damage today after a car smashed into it, right into the front of it, in fact. take a look at this video from chopper 4 last night. you can see how the car busted through the front door of that shop. officials haven't confirmed what caused the accident, but they believe the car may have hit some ice in the parking lot and lost control. fortunately, no one was hurt there. let me check in again with amelia segal, braving the elements out now to tell us what it's looking like out there, and what we can expect later today. amelia? >> barbara, i have to say it's very white out here. the ground covered in snow. what's not covered in snow is salt, and the sky is completely clouded over. it's calm outside here at the station in northwest. but we are going to see the winds pick up during the afternoon. it will be breezy at times. so that's going to bring in a wind chill factor.
11:35 am
in addition to that, some very light snow on storm team4 radar, some of the activity making its way into loudon county, north of leesburg, and you could see light snow or flurries until about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. our focus, though, really changes to the wind chill, though. later today, overnight tonight, and early tomorrow morning. this is tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. how it will feel outside. so once again, you into ed to dress very warm tomorrow. 1 below in washington tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. that's how it will feel. and then, tomorrow, throughout the day, wind chill temperature also continue to remain in the single digits and teens. here's a look at the temperatures tomorrow morning, barbara. again, it will be another cold start this morning at dulles. it was the coldest temperature there in the last 18 years at minus 2. the chill not going anywhere. >> wow. all right. thanks so much, amelia. we'll see you again shortly. if you got a speeding ticket in fort washington this past year, you may get a refund. the camera in question was near the st. ignatius loyola school
11:36 am
along brinkley road. it was removed earlier this month after police realized an advertisement about the installation was never printed in the local newspaper. according to state law, police have to advertise camera locations in the paper. >> just be cautious, because chances are it may come back and the next ticket you get, they're going to be for real. >> since the camera's installation, the county has issued more than 2,000 $40 tickets, and nearly 1,500 violations will be refunded. that alone totals more tha $58,000. the rest of the tickets will be voided. well, today, you can help baltimore ravens star torrey smith collect school supplies after a huge fire at his former school. you might remember this video from earlier this month of the old colonial beach high school burning. smith attended that school, but for the past two years, it has housed supplies. well, today, smith hopes to restock the school by collecting
11:37 am
supplies at the walmart at washington square plaza in fredericksburg. he'll be there from 6:00 until 8:00 tonight. also today, you can ask edward snowden what he thinks of president obama's efforts to control the nsa. snowden is taking part in a live webcast today. it comes on the same day a government task force urges the president to take even more steps to rein in the nsa's power. nbc's tracie potts has more now from capitol hill. >> reporter: this is the website where former nsa contractor edward snowden will answer questions live this afternoon about the government secrets he leaked to the world. >> it is our firm position that he ought to return to the united states and face the charges against him. >> reporter: the spying program snowden exposed are now under heavy scrutiny. in a report due out today, a government task force is expected to recommend that the national security agency stop collecting americans' phone records.
11:38 am
in a split decision, 3-2, the privacy and civil liberties oversight board will also say the government should purge its database. in a speech last week, president obama laid out reforms but stopped short of getting rid of those programs. >> we cannot unilaterally disarm our intelligence agencies. the review group turned up no indication that this database has been intentionally abused. >> reporter: verizon reports it's received more than 1,000 requests from the government for customers' information. that was just last year. and the top attorney for microsoft says he suggests that they keep their foreign customers' records in a database outside the u.s. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. in italy today, lawyers, experts, witnesses, and prosecutors boarded the "costa concordia" for an inspection. the inspection was at the request of the plaintiff in the trial of the boat's captain,
11:39 am
frances francesco. you may remember it capsized, killing 32 people. the captain is on trial for manslaughter and abandoning the ship before all of the passengers actually got off. george zimmerman is hoping to cash in on another painting. zimmerman's latest masterpiece is a -- is of trial prosecutor angela cory. he posted this picture of his painting on twitter yesterday. it's called "angie." he reportedly is going to sell it on ebay at some point today. angela cory wne of the prosecutors in hisurder trial over the shooting of teenager trayvon martin. zimmerman was acquitted back in july of that -- of that offense. this isn't his first painting. he already sold this one, you can see it there, for $100,000 back in december. the hacker accused of stealing images and information from the bush family is now in custody. coming up, how investigators finally caught up with him. plus, first lady michelle obama just announced the development of healthier kids'
11:40 am
meals at a popular restaurant. you can find out where coming up. stay wit
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11:43 am
remainian police arrested a 40-year-old man suspected being an infamous hacker. he targeted some of the country's most political figures. >> reporter: a high-tech hacker galled gutifer was arrested in a 1,000-year-old town in romania, identified with the help of u.s. authorities. he is suspected of hacking into the e-mails of george w. bush and family members, then distributing paintings by the former president, including those revealing self-portraits. >> is that second on your credit, president of the united states, painter, your resume? >> well, depends on whether you like the painting or not. >> reporter: he apparently managed to get bush family phone numbering and e-mail addresses, hacked into the account of a close friend of hillary clinton, making e-mails to her public. and accessed very personal e-mails between colin powell and romanian politician, alleging
11:44 am
the two were having an affair, which powell denied. she called powell the love of her life. among others, steve martin, former secretary of the u.s. air force. how is this possible? >> when it comes to e-mail, it's extremely easy to break into accounts. it's ridiculous. you have a log-in and a password. and in many of the cases, you're talking about individuals who aren't technically savvy. so even though there's a lot of security around a lot of the things they do, when it comes to their e-mail, it's pretty basic. >> reporter: he's now under tight security and romanian jail. >> that was michelle kosinski reporting there. experts say it really is hit-or-miss when they're trying to figure out passwords some hackers use to gain access to your e-mail. when you're a public figure, it's much easier for hackers to get the information that would be used in security questions like what's your mother's middle name. well, nearly 500 target
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employees will soon be unemployed. target corporation says the layoffs have nothing to do with the recent credit card breach that stole personal information from millions of shoppers. target officials say the chain, like many retailers, has been struggling, noting the first nine months of this year are -- or last year, that is -- their net income fell dramatically. all laid-off employees will be offered, though, some sort of severance package. netflix is looking to entice new and current customers with streaming plans that can be customized for your home. the new test packages would cost $12 a month and allow four different shows, or movies, to stream at the same time inside one household. netflix would then lower standard prices from $7.99 to $6.99 for customers looking to only stream one video at a time. not all customers will be offered the test pricing. in recent years, netflix has had to battle new competitors like amazon prime and rx.
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