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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 8, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a little bit of a light northerly breeze coming in for much of the morning. temperatures under the cloud cover will remain in the 50s all the way through about 10:00 this morning. by noontime much of the region should be climbing into the mid 60s. that includes clarksburg. northern montgomery county should be in the low to mid 60s. a little sunshine breaking out. now let's look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning, tom. following breaking news. a crash in stafford, virginia, has all of your northbound lanes at i-95 prior to center port parkway. they are blocked because of the multi-vehicle accident. folks are traveling north but just in the left shoulder lane. if you want to avoid this, you can use route 1 as an alternate in this area. again, the northbound lanes temporarily blocked. crews are responding to the multi-vehicle accident. head up to maryland, talk about i-270 southbound at 80. crash blocking the left lane and now it's clear to the shoulder lane. that's good.
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delays are starting now out from fredericks, maryland, you are sluggish. you're seeing heavy delays as you make your way towards 109. 109 the road opens up clear commute for folks as they continue. now we'll head over to the beltway. i have a trip around the beltway in prips gorges county. 6:02 is your time. the government shutdown has made for a quiet week on the national mall, but spaces that have been closed to visitors are about to be packed with supporters of dueling immigration rallies. melissa mollet is live on capitol hill and what congress has planned for the day. melissa? >> reporter: good morning. that's right. two different groups holding two different rallies here on the national mall today. it has been completely shut down for the last week and a half or so but now will reopen just for these two rallies. the first pro immigration rally at noon. tens of thousands of people expected including house minority leader nancy pelosi. the other, that counter protest
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organized by help save maryland in front of the capitol. these rallies are happening as senate democrats are planning to introduce a stand alone measure that would increase the government's borrowing cap for about a year, about $1 trillion we expect. that could happen as soon as today. it could also though, some say, turn into a showdown with republicans. that could totally unnerve financial markets. on capitol hill, melissa mollet, news 4, thank you. melissa, thank you. prepare for a messy commute on friday. a planned trucker protest is promising to clog the beltway. the trucker's ride for the constitution rally will circle the beltway for three lanes wide for three days. it is a call to attention to a list of frustrations among truckers and express approval for political leaders. some are claiming to ride to capitol hill to arrest lawmakers. four minutes after the hour
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now. with the shutdown entering its second week, federal workers in our area are looking for some help. more than 24,000 unemployment claims have been filed in d.c. and maryland over the past week. if furloughed workers receive back pay, they will have to repay any unemployment benefits they receive. stay with news 4 through the day as we cover every angle of this shutdown until it comes to an end. get the latest update any time at new this morning, a fire forced 20 people from their apartment in month gomt gmontgo. the fire broke out at a complex on spice berry circle. that's not far from washington grove lane. no one was hurt. the red cross is helping the affected families. the fire caused more than $100,000 damage. . no word on what sparked the fire. two people were shot in the district. the double shooting happened after 3:00 this morning on somerset place near 7th street in northwest. police found two men suffering
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from gunshot wounds to the legs. both victims were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. police have not released a motive in the case or any suspect information. this morning we now know the identity of the man who set himself on fire on the national mall and died. d.c. police say he was 64-year-old john con stand teen know from mount laurel, new jersey. investigators used dental records and dna to identify him because his wound was so severe, they saw him pour gasoline on himself and he was engulfed into flames. he was flown to the hospital and he died. a marine strike force is on high alert this morning. it's ready to respond to any threats against the u.s. in retaliation for the capture of a suspected al qaeda leader. u.s. command joes caught anas al liby over the weekend. a team of interrogators is on its way to question him.
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he helped plan bombings in kenya and tanzania. 6:06 is your time. 13,000 pounds of concrete dangling over manhattan. the crane malfunction that left the load midair and the reason it brought back bad memories from superstorm sandy. and helping furloughed federal employees. the community a d.c. business created to help them find part-time work. plus, temperatures lower because of yesterday's heavy rain. what you can expect in the coming hours in your weather and traffi
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6:09. add popcorn to the freebies. they're offering a free small popcorn to anybody with a valid government or military i.d. >> you can actually credit the
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popcorn. the deal is good until, quote, common sense is restored in washington, d.c. until the shutdown ends or we run out of free popcorn. >> don't rely on your phone to help you lose weight after all that popcorn. a new study says most weight loss apps falls short after helping most people change their behavior. the popular weight loss apps. most were significantly lacking in motivating and encouraging users to stick with a healthy diet and exercise. there is some good news. the study found free apps were just as effective as those requiring a fee. >> coming up on 11 after the hour following breaking news on i-95. danella. >> traveling northbound i-95 prior to center port parkway, you'll see all of your lanes
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blocked by a multi-vehicle crash there. northbound doing so, pretty slow. we talked to authorities and it looks like three vehicles are involved in this accident. the response is to the accident. over to tom. >> good morning. a chill in the air. big change from yesterday. we're down into the 40s to just near 50 degrees around much of the region. later today have a jacket, we will have temperatures by noontime into the low 60s. maybe a little sunshine in and out after a lot of clouds this afternoon. by mid afternoon we ought to be reaching 60s. you can stay in touch with me social media, twitter and facebook. connect with me, share your photos, and we'll share them on tv. eun. >> tom, thank you. it's now 6:12. we're following breaking news in
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prince gorges county. two people were found -- this is prince william county in virginia. two people found dead inside a fire on a -- in a mobile home, rather, after a fire on fuller heights road. we will have a live report from the scene very soon. >> right know, many federal workers are waking up and cannot go to work. video coming into the newsroom. 6:12. stay with us.
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6:15 now. the grinding showdown on capitol hill is taking a toll on your view of our nation's leaders. two new polls show growing frustration with congress this morning. an abc news washington post poll found 70% of americans disapprove of the way republicans are handling negotiations. 61% disapprove of democrats' actions. meanwhile pew research finds 38% blame the gop. angie goff joins us with how that's happening.
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>> aaron, good morning. we are hearing a lot about job boards for furloughed workers hitting the web. there's a free forum. any company, in fact, can post part-time jobs on the google document. if you want be work, you can actually post your resume as well. so far dozens of jobs have been listed. website does the same thing. remember, as a federal worker you should always check with your agency before accepting outside work. here's another useful page created by the former art designer of the white house. the site tracks it by the second and shows how much money is being lost. we have more information on this as well as the freelance job sites on our "news 4 today" facebook page. over to you. angie, thank you. as the shutdown's second week marches on, local businesses are starting to feel the pinch in their pocketbooks. >> small businesses, many of which are heavily supported by government workers, are seeing
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their bottom line head towards the red as the furloughs continue despite congress approval back pay, many furloughed workers aren't willing to part with their money just yet leaving a lot of businesses wondering how much longer they can sustain themselves. >> usually there's a lot of customers in the morning when they're going to work. and i haven't seen it in the last week. >> some of the businesses most heavily hit so far, dry cleaners, nail salons and capitol hill restaurants. we have a full list of what's open and what's closed during the shutdown. head over to our website, 6:17. molett green is following breaking news from the live desk. happening overnight, teacher protests in rio de janeiro. the teachers are demanding better wages, and as you can see from this footage, their protests got out of hand and
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turned explosive when reports say a group of anti-establishment anarchists started rioting and looting. riot police fired rubber bullets and set off grenades. all of this happening while negotiations with the city leaders were being held inside rio's city hall. that's the latest from the live desk. i'm molett green, back to you. this morning a prince william county mother is recovering after being shot while watching her child's soccer game. this happened during sunday's game at george helwig memorial park in manassas. she was sitting in a chair when she felt a sharp pain in her right thigh. so far no arrests have been made. it is now 6:18. new this morning, the u.s. and russia are on the same page with how to get rid of syria's chemical weapons. russia's president vladimir putin says they have a common understanding of what needs to be done and how to do it. they met in bali. u.n. secretary general ban
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ki-moon wants 100 people from the u.n. and the world's chemical weapons watchdog agency to work together. north korea is warning the u.s. of a, quote, horrible disaster. the north is putting its army on high alert and says soldiers are ready to attack. the latest threat comes the same day the u.s. joins south korea for a joint naval training exercise off the coast of korea. the north has issued similar threats during the past during those training drills. tree one, car zero. that was the score of this interaction from yesterday's rain. take a look at this here. the driver of a black car hit the brakes in lincoln park in d.c. when he saw a tree starting to fall. somehow no one was hurt when the tree came down. flooding also became a problem for drivers trying to get around town. >> looks like the driver hit the brakes just in time. we're waking up with cooler temperatures. >> tom kierein is here to tell us about it. >> that was the price we paid for the return of autumn. here's the storm team 4 weather
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team giving you reports of chilly temperatures. many locations we're down to the 40s in the rural areas of maryland, virginia, west virginia. closer to washington. prince gorges county, much of fairfax county and montgomery county. alexandria, arlington, the district low and mid 50s. mid and upper 50s near the chesapeake bay. here's the temperature graph hour by hour. we'll stay in the 50s until about 10:00. then low 60s to mid 60s by noontime. a little sunshine may peak through after highs reach upper 60s by mid afternoon. then this evening under a mostly cloudy sky, another chilly start tomorrow morning. low and mid 50s. starting off wednesday morning and then increasing clouds tomorrow. four day forecast showing afternoon highs in the 60s on wednesday afternoon and wednesday into thursday, pretty good chance of rain returning. that may be with us off and on into wednesday evening and perhaps on thursday.
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greater chance of some rain moving through from time to time with an east northeasterly wind. highs reaching the mid 60s on thursday and again on friday we could get occasional showers. we'll be stuck in this bit of a wet pattern all the way into friday. then perhaps into saturday we could get some passing showers with highs reaching the upper 60s. storm team 4 seven day outlook into sunday. just a slight chance, a little bit of drizzle around. otherwise partly to mostly cloudy. partly cloudy monday near 70. i'm back in ten minutes. how's traffic now, danella. >> tom, seeing big delays in stafford county. tracking news with a multi-vehicle accident. this is prior to center port parkway. if you're traveling in fredericksburg, expect delays. you can see large response to the multi-vehicle crash here. blocking all of your travel lanes. if you're traveling, you can get by, just single file to the left shoulder lane. delays right now are at about four miles. as you continue that northbound
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commute. so slow, slow as you travel in virginia. let's shoot over to the belt way taking it to pennsylvania avenue. outer loop looks good. it was off to the right shoulder lane. checking your drive time as you make your way to the wilson bridge. here's what you're looking like. not bad at all. ten minutes to get from pennsylvania avenue heading to 95. still checking delays on the rail. not seeing any. met metro, marc, vre no delays. a corner's final report shows that ariel castro died by hanging himself in his prison cell. he died last month just a few weeks into a life sentence for holding three women hostage at his home for a decade. the report also says prison medical staff tried reviving him and that no drugs were found in his system. castro was not on suicide watch but the guards were supposed to check on him every 30 minutes. this is the day many of bernie madoff's victims have been waiting years to come. five of his former employees will go on trial.
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prosecute orgs say they were part of madoff's billion dollar ponzi scheme. all five have pled not guilty. the trial could last into next year. 6:23 now. thousands of marylanders may be taking advantage of the affordable care act to get health insurance. more than 13,000 members have created accounts. these changes, the executive director says 170,000 people have visited the site since it opened a week ago. more than 10,000 people have called the call centers as well. there were some tense moments in new york city. a crane became stuck with a 13,000 pound concrete counter weight hanging 20 stories above the street. this incident happened yesterday at the same building where a crane dangled during superstorm sandy on 57 street in mid town manhattan. >> it's a disaster. this is crazy. >> i think the building is cursed. the emergency crews evacuated that area.
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the concrete weight was eventually lowered. the construction management team apologized for the inconvenience. we've been hearing from many federal workers because of the furlough. one california ranger is disgusted for a different reason. she says she's running out of time. 92-year-old betty reed soskin is the oldest national park service ranger in the country. soskin gives tours at the world war 2 home front national park in richmond. the shutdown is getting in her way of bringing important stories to the public. >> i have a sense of urgency that this is my last decade and i can't afford to have anybody waste my time, and that's what they're doing. >> soskin gives tours three days a week and works in the park administrative offices two days a jeek this morning, one week later and still shutdown, the back and forth we're seeing between the white house and the speaker of the house and whether there is an end in sight.
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plus, talk about a major miscalculation. the gas glitch that could have a,0a thousands of you feeling ripped off. off. weather and traffic on the
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as a small businessman in virginia i'm voting for terry mcauliffe. he's the one that can create jobs and grow virginia's economy. he will work with republicans and democrats to get the job done. that's why i trust terry for governor.
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. news 4's following breaking news on i-95 in stafford, virginia. danella. >> that's right, aaron. dealing with a five-mile backup. a multi-vehicle crash here. this is just north of center port parkway. as you're traveling you can get by but just to the left shoulder lane. again, approaching this accident, pretty large response to the accident here but chopper 4's over the scene and again
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seeing a five-mile backup in this area. now we're going to shoot over to maryland and talk about i-270. southbound at route 80, there was an accident blocking the left lane unfortunately from fredericks, maryland. as you are traveling southbound, you are jammed. very heavy delays as you make your way towards 80. once you get closer to clarksburg road you will be sluggish there. once you get to 121 clarksburg road traveling southbound, tom, these folks are clear. back over to you. the pavement's dried out overnight as we had all of that rain yesterday. now we've dried out. temperatures have dropped dramatically from where they were yesterday at this time. in the 70s. now in the 40s to 50 degrees throughout much of the region as we start off on this tuesday morning. sunrise not until 7:11. by 10:00, near 60. by noontime, partly sunny, maybe a little bit of sunshine. a little cloudiness throughout
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much of the day. temperatures by noontime in the district of columbia, hometown forecast location. should be in the low 60s from anacostia to adams morgan. i'm back in ten minutes. a look at your tuesday afternoon, how warm will it get. that's coming up, eun. see you then, tom. 6:30 is your time. we are now in week two of this government shutdown. president obama is calling on the house to vote to end it. he says he's sure the measure would pass but house speaker john boehner still hasn't called that vote. let's go live to nbc's tracie potts for more on that. good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. he hasn't called a vote because he says the vote won't pass. he insists unless health care is in there republicans are not going to pass any sort of clean budget to get this government running again. what we're not seeing on capitol hill is any sort of quick end to the shutdown. what we are hearing is a lot of back and forth between president obama and republican speaker john boehner. the president insists that the votes are there.
6:30 am
our own nbc count shows as many as 21 republicans might actually cross over and vote with democrats. the president's argument, bring it up for a vote and let's see how it comes out. boehner says no. their approach has been a piece meal approach to try to bring the government back piece by piece. today they'll vote on head start. it will likely be largely ignored like the other eight that they've done so far by the senate. the senate's working on a fix for the debt ceiling next week. we're about to hit that as well. we probably won't see that plan until later this week. >> tracie, live on capitol hill. thank you. the government shutdown might force local veterans to wait longer for their va benefits. they reviewed the va shutdown policy. it shows more than 7,000 of the agency's 21,000 benefits employees are furloughed. the va has scrapped overtime for claims processor which was put in place to cut down on the back
6:31 am
log. the international spy museum tells us that they've seen a 40% increase in ticket sales over the past week and each day since the shutdown they've seen more and more visitors pour into their doors. visitors have had to opt for privately owned museums because most free options are closed. if you are wondering what's open during the shutdown and what you can do and can't be do, head to nfc for a full list. police identified a man killed in the accident on the beltway. marvin elton patterson was driving on the inner loop when he was involved in a two-car crash near college park. it shut down the beltway for two hours yesterday morning right at the beginning of rush hour. police are still examining trying to figure out the exact cause of that death. police are looking for the man who sexually assaulted a woman in northwest washington and then robbed her. the victim told police she was walking near tenth and quebec street when the man grabbed her around the neck and dragged her
6:32 am
to the ground before the attack early monday. if you have any information that might help police you're asked to call dc police. >> right now police in annapolis are looking for the man who robbed a woman outside the annapolis mall. the man pushed the woman to the ground near the m and t bank and grabbed her purse around 6:00 last night. she hurt her ankle. she is expected to make a full recovery. a group of prince gorges county lawmakers is urging a developer to reconsider plans to build a shopping center near the university of maryland. brian givens plan would pave over the green area. >> you may have paid too much for gas in d.c. in the last week. the mistake that left people paying more in tax than they should have. plus, more teenagers using hard drugs in fairfax county. the startling statistic about when it's beginning. 6:34. if you're traveling in
6:33 am
virginia along i-95, expect big delays. i'll give you delays at
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6:37. megan mcgrath just arrived at a fire in prince williams county. >> reporter: you can take a look behind me and see the emergency response we have on the scene. fatal fire, two people dead. what we're being told is that early this morning a fire broke out in a mobile home just off of fuller heights road here in triangle. apparently we're being kept at a distance at this point, but apparently there are a number of mobile homes that are sort of tucked in along this road kind of amongst some commercial development, but these are residential mobile homes we're told. early this morning a fire broke out. emergency responders came to the scene. they extinguished the flames, but when they went inside, that's when they discovered the bodies of two people. no information on the gender of
6:37 am
those who have died, ages, or anything like that. certainly not identities at this early point in the investigation. no word on what caused this fire either. you can see that emergency responders are still here on the scene. we're told there's extensive damage here. we can still see a little bit of smoke rising from the distance. the damage was done. we can tell you two people died in this fire. still a lot of unanswered questions, but we're hoping to get an update here shortly. reporting live in triangle, megan mcgrath. back to you. if you bought gas in the district last week, it's possible you paid too much. that's because the d.c. office of tax and revenue says it mistakenly overcharged gasoline wholesalers ahead of a gas tax. wholesalers were overcharged as much as $95,000 last week because of a miscalculation.
6:38 am
a new 8.3% tax went into effect on october 1st. wholesalers should get a refund in that amount from the overcharge to the service stations and be then gas stations should pass that refund on to motorists. good luck. >> i was going to say, i'm not holing my breath. let's check the forecast now. beautiful look outside and much cooler weather. >> sunrise at 7:11. we have clouds over the metro area. breaks in the clouds as well. there's more cloudiness moving on up here through the rest of the morning. there is certainly a chill in the air this morning. temperatures are down just into the 40s now. yesterday morning at this time it was balmy. we were in the 70s. now it's just near 50 degrees in the nearby suburbs, in the upper 50s. in the 40s to near 50 degrees. here's overlooking this morning. a few breaks in the clouds. a partly sunny afternoon. temperatures by noontime should be into the low 60s.
6:39 am
by mid afternoon we should be into the upper 60s. i'll look at your next seven days. more rain on the way. coming up at 6:51. breaking news. traffic trouble with danella. good morning. >> for folks traveling in stafford county, expect big delays on i-95. still tracking an earlier accident. live look from chopper 4. 95 local lanes, these are all blocked. the travel lanes are blocked. getting by in just the left shoulder. single file and as we talk about delays, i'm going to head out to a map to show you. they are ahead five miles. we're talking solid delays. if you're thinking of dropping on route 1, heads up. easy ride once you get to route 17, folks on i-95, folks already bailing off. that's where you start to see delays. now over to the rales, metro, marc, they look good. vre, they're dealing with equipment blocking the entrance to union station. fredericksburg, train number
6:40 am
304, your delays about 30 minutes. aaron and eun. >> danella, forced out by flames. this morning we're gathering details on a fire that ripped through a gaitersburg apartment overnight. >> the government may not be all that is shut down a few days from now. why a protest could mean a major why a protthis country was built by working people.
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14 before the hour -- 16 before the hour right now. visitors are kept from seeing the vietnam wall because of the shutdown. our cameras were there as people were turned away from the memorial this weekend. now the vietnam veterans memorial fund and georgetown university have brought a traveling wall to the university's campus. the wall that heels will be on display through columbus day weekend on the lawn of heely hall. the 250 foot long replica is free and open for anyone to view. free shuttle buses will be available to bring people from the mall to campus. in just a few hours the mall will be filled with people rallying over immigration but with opposing views. this comes as the first bill to raise the debt ceiling could get a vote. melissa mollet on capitol hill with a preview of both. >> reporter: that's right. senate democrats set to introduce a stand alone measure and it could come sometime later
6:44 am
today. it will increase the government's borrowing cap, $1 trillion. it will come as a showdown. it could unnerve financial markets. two rallies will be allowed on the national mall today. one, the pro immigration rally at noon. tens of thousands of people expected here. the other at the same time, a counter protest organized by help save maryland in front of the capitol asking lawmakers to enforce existing immigration laws. live on capitol hill. back to you. melissa, thank you. your commute on friday could be a mess if a planned trucker protest packs the punch that the group is promising. the truckers ride for the constitution rally would circle the beltway three lanes wide for three days starting friday morning. organizers say it is to call attention to a list of frustrations among truckers and to express their disapproval for political leaders. some are even promising to ride to capitol hill to arrest lawmakers. as of last week 3,000 truckers
6:45 am
had rsvped to that event. federal workers are looking for some help. more than 24,000 unemployment claims have been filed in d.c. and maryland over the past week. if furloughed workers receive back pay though they would is then have to repay any unemployment benefits they receive. the "today" show will pick up our coverage starting at 7:00 right after "news 4 today" with more on how the looming debt ceiling crisis is coloring the shutdown debate. 6:46 now. molett green is following breaking news from the live desk. eun, happening now libya has summoned deborah jones to explain a weekend military raid. during that raid on libyan territory u.s. forces were able to capture a highly suspected al qaeda leader, anas al liby. his son claims some of the gunmen were libyans. the u.s. has said mr. liby was a
6:46 am
legal and an appropriate target. he is being questioned now about his reported role in the 1998 bombings in kenya and tanzania at u.s. em abo smps. embassies. new this morning, investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire that forced 20 people from their apartment complex montgomery county. take a look now. you can see the flames coming out of the window. the fire broke out at 1:00 at a complex on spice berry complex in gaithersburg. the fire caused more than $100,000 worth of damage. the red cross is there helping the families displaced by the fire. also new this morning, police are looking into a double shooting in the district. the shooting happened just after 3:00 this morning. police found two men suffering from gunshot wounds to the legs. both victims were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. police have not released a motive in the case or any suspect information. 6:48 your time right now.
6:47 am
we now know new details about the man who died after he set himself on fire on the national mall. d.c. police identified the victim as 64-year-old john constantino from mount laurel. they used dental records to identify him. witnesses saw him pour gasoline on himself friday afternoon and then he was engulfed in flames. he was flown to the hospital where he later died. police are looking into why he set himself on fire. a marine strike force is on high alert this morning. it's ready to respond to any threat against the u.s. in retaliation for the capture of a suspected al qaeda leader that molett just told you about. they caught anas al liby over the week end. a team of interrogators are on their way to question him. he helped plan the 1998 bombing sz in kenya and tanzania. it is now 6:49. news from northern virginia about teen drug use.
6:48 am
the fairfax county youth survey found both recreational and prescription drug use is up among teens as is depression. the research showed students are also starting earlier than in years past. there is good news, drinking alcohol, cigarette smoking and the use of marijuana all down. 32% of students ranging from 14 to 18 were asked a series of questions to get these results. a heads up if you work near the supreme court. we expect hundreds of protesters to rally outside the court today as the justices hear arguments in a case that challenges a campaign finance law. the case is mccutcheon versus the sec. it challenges whether you can limit the amount of money you donate to a campaign. a new $100 bill goes into circulation today more than two years after it was supposed to. angie goff has an interactive look at its cool new features.
6:49 am
>> right now it's all about the benjamins. seriously, it's been trending online all morning long. after all, this glitzy design has been more than ten years in the making. today the federal reserve begins circulating this new high tech 100. take a look. new has the interactive tools showcasing the security features. they include the blue 3-d security ribbon and a copper bell. and you have the opportunity to flip and tilt this. you can see the bells in the blue strip. they should be changing to 100s here. you can feel the changes. there's a rough patch along franklin's shoulder. it will make it tougher for counterfeiters to copy. each new bill, aaron and eun, costs more than 4 cents to print. it's an addition $12345800 million in costs this year. >> wow. >> it took a lot of time.
6:50 am
the $100 bill, those counterfeited. they tried 40 times to make the right $100 bill. >> it is 6:51. weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 1s. we turn to tom kierein. >> those begging for autumn to return, your wishes have been fulfilled. it is back. after we have the storm temps yesterday. we had a beautiful sunset. you can see the crescent new moon in the western sky in west virginia. this was posed by one of our twitter followers. you can post it to look at that live view of our sky over washington. now from the hd city camera, quite a bit of cloudiness across the region. 55 at reagan national. dew points, 45. we have a northerly breeze continuing to bring in the autumn chill. view from space showing a lot of high clouds over the region. a few breaks in the clouds strifrom time to time through midday.
6:51 am
it is dramatically cooler than it was yesterday. this morning at the same time we were in the 70s. now it's into the 40s to near 50 degrees around much of the region. for much of the morning we'll have quite a bit of cloudiness around. we'll have temperatures in the 50s for another two or three hours. students at the bus stop you'll definitely need a jacket. then by 10:00 should be near 60. ought to be hitting upper 60s. a partly sunny afternoon. temperatures dropping back down into the 50s by late this evening. we've had a rainfall shortage. did the rain we have yesterday help out at all, chuck? >> absolutely. that rainfall yesterday, our heaviest rainfall day since back in july. 1.13 inches of rain yesterday. compare that to the entire month of september, only 1.22. the entire month of august, only 1.34. so literally as much rain yesterday as we had in the whole month of september and august. we've only had half of our average rainfall. since august the 1st we've only
6:52 am
had 3.5 inches of rain where 7.5 would have been average. the coming rain drops are still needed. >> we'll make that up perhaps tomorrow late afternoon into the evening. we'll get more rain moving back in. tomorrow's highs into the mid 60s with increasing clouds. then some rain likely off and on on thursday, perhaps thursday night into friday. coming from a coastal area of low pressure and we'll keep that rain chance in perhaps into saturday. small chance with a little bit of lingering drizzle maybe on sunday. monday, partly cloudy. highs near 70. danella, how's traffic now? good morning, tom. seeing breaking news. update for folks traveling i-95 northbound. if you're in stafford county, expect delays. single file. this accident is just before you reach center port park way and you can see folks are getting by just the left shoulder lane. delays are over 5 miles this morning. in fact, 5.5 miles.
6:53 am
if you're traveling route 1, once you get near route 17, that's where you're going to start to hit the brakes. now we'll check on the earlier mobile home fire. still seeing fuller heights road closed between fuller road and old triangle road. also closed fuller road itself between fuller heights road and old triangle road. aaron. danella, thank you. 6:54 right now. later this morning alexandria mayor will announce plans for the boat parking lot. the waterfront redevelopment has been in talks for more than 15 years. the projects could eventually bring hotels, restaurants and housing to that area. today we will see the launch of a new effort for a living wage bill in the district. council member tommy wells will hold a press conference to announce his living wage for all d.c. bill. it would increase minimum wage $1 over the next two years until it reaches 10:25 an hour.
6:54 am
a federal judge ruled maryland puts a historically black college at a disadvantage by duplicating their program as predominantly white schools. the practice is called segregatetive effects. they sued a maryland higher education commission. the judge urged the two groups to begin mediation. >> news 4's megan mcgrath has information on breaking news in prince william counselee. >> look off in the distance. you can see what's remaining of the mobile home. not much. the whole thing is melted and twisted. two people have new information here. >> not sure if that person was
6:55 am
inside. perhaps they were not home. they are trying to locate that third person. no word on the identities of those who were killed or the cause of this blaze. reporting live in triangle, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you in the studio. >> out the door forecast with tom. >> we have a chill in the air this morning. you'll need a jacket. temperatures now just near 50 degrees around much of the region. later this morning will be in the upper 50s by 10:00. by noon, low 60ed. partly sunny with highs reaching the upper 60s. another chilly night tonight. a lot of clouds around. tomorrow a lot of clouds increasing and by late afternoon into the evening we could get some rain moving back in. likely passing showers thursday, friday, perhaps on saturday. maybe a little drizzle sunday. danella -- >> around the beltway, not bad. a couple of slow spots montgomery county, no red here but the folks along i-95 will drive down right now in virginia. you are jammed. seeing that red streak there is
6:56 am
over 5.5 miles. that's because of this multi-vehicle crash before you reach center port parkway. you are getting by the left shoulder lane. single file. arp and eun. >> starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. weather, traffic, any breaking news. >> 4:26. we'll join you then. we went out and asked people a simple question:
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how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need
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6:59 am
government shutdown preventing the families of fallen soldiers from collecting death benefits as this country moves ever closer to an unprecedented default. >> the 9-year-o boy that snuck on to a vegas bound flight but new questions surface about his past brush with the law. turning the tables, a new york deli clerk surprises a would be robber with a weapon of his own and then chases him out the door and police are calling this exactly whatnot to do. today, tuesday, october 8th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in


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