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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 7, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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1.6 inches in leesburg and over a half inch around fredericksburg. week seen reports of flooding and downed trees. pat collins has more on what we've seen. he's live now in washington. >> reporter: doug, today was a special day. different than the last 30 days. know why? >> why? >> watch this. rain! >> it sure did. >> yes, yes, yes. rain, rain, rain. for the first time in over a month, significant, meaningful rain. >> it's water, yeah. >> it rained today. >> that's good. >> that's good. rain is good. >> yes. >> you happy? >> yeah. >> bring out the boots. bring out the umbrellas. we've got a gully washer. >> we haven't had that for about three weeks.
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>> what is that? >> rain. >> you happy to see it? >> yeah. >> the close call on capitol hill. 911. tree limb into car. the final score, tree 1, car 0. driver and passenger, they escape injury. >> all of a sudden i saw a cloud of leaves, and so i'm like a tree that fell so. i'm putting on my brakes and it's nowhere for me to move. to maneuver around it. it fell on top of us. >> reporter: virginia rain. it usually starts there and then well, comes our way. this is what it was like on i-66. today we got rain. >> that's interesting. we did. we did get rain. we desperately needed the rain. >> reporter: maryland rain and prince george's county. now it didn't affect emergency calls or emergency responses,
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but some of the bosses, they ended up reading reports by flashlight. rain, rain, rain. it was a wash down, cool down, that we really needed. rain is good for? >> for plants and us and the country. >> and farmers. >> farmers. >> you know a farmer? >> i don't. >> neither do i. it's good for them. >> yes. >> i love farmers, they grow cattle and corn and cabbage and all of those good things we like to eat. by the way you know the guy whose car that was hit by that tree limb, it was a rental. that hurts. be safe. live in northwest, pat collins, news 4. >> thank you. don't forget during a storm or any time download the weather app. search nbc washington weather. >> day seven of the government shutdown, and here's where
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things stand right now. house members have been warned they could be in session this coming weekend. that could be an early indication the shutdown is not expected to end this week. congress has ten days now to raise the debt ceiling or risk defaulting on more than $17 trillion in debt. some experts say a default would trigger another recession. president obama visited fema headquarters and called on congress to raise the debt limit and fund the entire government with no strings attached. >> his visit in southwest happened this morning. roughly 86% of fema work force is furloughed. even the workers called back to respond to tropical storm karen will be furloughed again now that the storm has passed. president obama urging congress today to reopen the government and he openly dared house speaker john boehner to call an immediate vote on a funding bill with no strings attached. >> the house should hold that vote today. if republicans and speaker
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boehner saying there aren't enough votes they should prove it. let the bill go to the floor and see what happens. >> a few minutes later john boehner did speak on the house floor, he accused president obama of refusing to negotiate on a bill to reopen the government, or the debt ceiling. >> more than 300,000 civilian employees of the defense department are back on the job. defense department lawyers determined those workers are exempt from the furlough because their work is covered by the military pay act that was signed by the president just before the shurtdown. >> for that same reason lockheed martin did not have to furlough as many workers as it initially played. 2900 were furloughed today. last friday the company thought it would have to furlough 3,000. many lockheed employees are affected because they work at government offices now closed or their jobs require government inspections.
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so who do americans blame for the shutdown? barbara harrison is at the live des welcome the latest poll numbers. >> jim, we got two new polls today. here is a look what they found. a washington post/abc poll found 70% disapprove of how republicans are handling the budget negotiations. 61% disapprove of how democrats are handling the budget. 51% disapprove of the president's job. a new pew poll found 38% blame republicans for the shutdown, 30% blame democrats. 19% blame both sides. more than 40% called on both sides to give up something so the government can reopen. from the live desk, i'm barbara harrison. >> we are learning more about a work accident that killed a contractor in a metro tunnel near union station. the ntsb won't be investigating that deadly weekend incident on the red line. news 4's transportation reporter is live with the latest on this
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story. >> reporter: still so many questions about what exactly went wrong here over the weekend. but a metro contractor is dead t company that he worked for has sent its own team of investigators here to figure out how it all happened. at the union station metro stop today, some up to date on metro's checkered past with safety issues. >> i am aware that a lot of metro workers and contractors have been injured. >> reporter: ralph wonders about the overall state of safety. >> i travel all over the world and i never encountered metro system that has as many mechanical issues as this one. >> reporter: the accident happened beyond the platform here at union station. at the time the red line was shut down in this area but about a dozen huge pieces of equipment known as prime movers were operating. metro crews and contractors were
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welding big pieces of rail together. just after midnight sunday morning a fire and a loud noise, then a section of rail shifts, perhaps violently. two metro workers hurt, one contractor, harold ingram left dead. the company has sent its own team of investigators here with thoughts of the episode fresh in their minds, other riders think about their own personal stories with the metro system. >> me and my friend the other week like it like stopped in the middle of one of these things and we're both from california so it was dark and weird like. >> reporter: back live outside the union station metro stop as people try to make their way home. the tri-state oversight committee, the group that has direct oversight of metro safety, also overseeing this investigation and coming up at 6:00 what the company that contractor worked for is telling us about the loss to the mid-sized company.
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reporting live at union statio , adam tuss. >> someone shot at a soccer game. police are trying to find out if anybody saw something. the victim had been watching her child's game when she felt a pain in her thigh. she thought she was hit by a bb gun. it may have been a .22 round. it happened yesterday in manassas. no one reported hearing gun shots or seeing anyone with a weapon. >> we have an update on a raid at an electronics seller. police say the owner sold thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods at his northwest d.c. store for years. and it's not the first time he's been busted. mark is live with new details about this. mark. >> reporter: that's right. detectives say that this was a major fencing operation going on in our area, responsible for buying and then reselling many
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of the ipads and iphones that have been stolen in our area. >> individuals would steal stuff, either in robberies, thefts, they would take to the him and he would purchase the items and get rid of them, whatever. >> reporter: police say these are only about a third of the more than 500 items they recovered when they searched this electronics store off massachusetts avenue and third streets northwest. >> linked about 50 of those items to i think around 24 specific crimes that include robbery, burglary and theft from auto. >> reporter: the store was openly displaying stolen items like iphones, cameras, lap tops, even electric guitars. police also recovered dozens of credit cards, drivers licenses, and even medicare cards. >> we actually hit the store back in december of 2011, and he was charged back then with receiving stolen goods and we were on this current
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investigation for several months, you know, by the time we got the warrant. we think he has been doing this for some time. >> reporter: police say that the district officials have also closed down this business, revoking its business license for the next 96 hours until there will be a review of the business. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you more about the suspect involved. new york police officers may be connected to this video of an suv driver being attacked. find out about the new investigation that's now been launched. debris is all that's left after deadly car crash and we just learned tonight new details about how the man accused of driving drunk has ties to a local law firm. and a new challenge tonight to get the redskins to change their name. native americans have a new powerhouse voice in their corner after president obama makes history by taking a stand. doug. >> we're talking about future weather, the rain is gone at
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least for today. future weather showing not just more rain but a coastal storm developing later this week. i'll show you when coming up.
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thousands of furloughed fed roll workers file forward unemployment benefits in the region. in d.c., 10,000 claims have been filed as of today. in maryland workers filed 14,000
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claims so far, and the first checks are being sent out this week. workers in virginia are filing but the state has not yet provided an update on the numbers there. >> meetings going on to decide how long the d.c. city government can hold out during this federal shutdown. the city is burning through its available cash to stay open. tom sherwood says the crunch could force the city to delay paychecks. >> reporter: the shutdown closed the national mall. tourists are making do as best they can. local d.c. services including parking ticket writers are at work since the mayor declared all 33,000 workers essential. that created a problem. the cash to pay those workers is tight. some workers and contracts could see their paychecks delayed. >> the cash issue we're assessing. at this stage. we've been looking at whether we can access other areas of cash
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for the city if this goes further. >> reporter: the d.c. attorney general and city administrator in heated meetings friday and today warn the mayor he can't easily shift funds. the city spends about $18 million a day on city services and pay roll. it had 153 million of available cash on hand to spend. enough to last a little more than a week. >> have to be in the right pot of money to make it available. >> that's right. we're using our contingency cash reserve. we have other funds that we are trying to determine if we can tap into. >> reporter: the mayor's office emphasized the city can meet payroll next week, october 15, but paychecks and contracts could be delayed after that if the federal shutdown continues to hold up the city budget. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> a food fight because of the government shutdown.
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business is plummeting for food trucks downtown. many of them laid off staff or stayed home. "the washington post" reports sales are cut in half or more at some trucks. more trucks are planning cutbacks if things don't improve soon. >> we're learning that the damage from friday's tornado in nebraska will likely run into the millions. the governor toured an airport. some of the buildings were flattened by the ef-4 twister. 15 people were injured. >> turning to the weather. we haven't been talking about storms or rain for a while. how much more are we going to get to talk about? >> we've seen a really quiet three weeks and quiet month and a half. we had two instances where we talked about a lot of rain like today and another one about the weeks ago. now we're going to move into a different pattern here. more october like. cooler temperatures and yes, a chance for more rain.
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outside we're looking at cloud cover, as the rain has moved off but the clouds, they are sticking around. i think we'll see the lower clouds move out but the high clouds stick around through the overnight. radar showing the storms. we did see some areas of higher winds, one or two tornado warnings earlier but nothing confirmed and not a lot of wind damage. we did see some damage toward the mall which did have roof damage. the rest of us high and dry. as far as the damage was concerned. it's just been a rain events. we did need see rain. the airport over an inch and again, that helps. the storm system continues to move off. that's the frontal boundary. we're dealing with clouds. the clouds streaming in from the south and that's the key. something to look at. yesterday a high 91 degrees. extremely hot day, right now we're sitting 23 degrees cooler than where we were this time yesterday. as that front has moved through. so much cooler conditions down to 63 in the afternoon right now
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winds out of the southeast at about 3 miles per hour under cloudy skies. overnight we're going to be cool, you expect cool temperatures in october. 44 in martinsburg, 54 in washington and 50 down toward fredericksburg. at or a little below average or above average rather, tomorrow below average a bit. temperatures only in the 60s. 69 in d.c., 70 in fredericksburg. here's where the new change comes in. we were talking about this storm clearing and even yesterday looked like it would clear out. but that's not the case. i think we see sunshine with high clouds early tomorrow, a little on the cool side. then the clouds start to move back in, then the wind shifts out of the northeast. that wind is going to shift out of the northeast and stay there during the day on wednesday. cool, cloudy and breezy, winds out of the east to northeast at 10 to 20. here comes thursday with plain rain. we could be talking about a nor'easter developing that could linger, not just wednesday and
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thursday, maybe friday, saturday, and potentially in the rest of the weekend. this is something we're going to watch closely. for now 69 degrees, tomorrow not a bad tuesday. more clouds on wednesday and cooler, 65 with rain on thursday. and again, 10 to 20-mile-an-hour wind. friday and start looks like shower activity. but we could be looking at more rain too. so we went from beautiful, beautiful, to not so much. that looks like it may stick around. >> thank you, doug. nearly a full week since its launch and frustration over enrolling for health insurance is growing. we'll tell you about the glitches that are really hitting folks in maryland. >> change the more pressure brought to bear to more pressure brought to bear to change the w
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february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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the controversy over the name, the team's name here in washington, we're talking football, is heating up. >> and now it appears the nfl is ready to meet with a group of native americans who want the team to change its name. >> the united indian nation is asking the nfl to pressure washington to change the team name. >> began by thanking president obama for his comments over the weekend and waking up the country on this issue.
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as a first sitting president to speak out against the washington team name president obama's comments over the weekend were nothing less than historic. >> reporter: the president made the comment in this interview. >> i've got to say if i were the owner of the team, and i knew that there was a name of my team, even if it had a storied history, that was offending a sizable group of people, i'd think about changing it. >> reporter: the d.c. delegate believes it's only a matter of time before it is changed. >> we take names, put them in the dust pans of history and dispose of them. understand why they were used at the time and i think the name is used at the time by our residents only because they identify the name with the team they love. they would love that team just as much if it had any other name particularly that didn't disparage anyone. >> reporter: it invited an nfl representative to be part of
5:24 pm
this symposium but didn't hear from the nfl or washington team owner dan snyder. nfl owners are meeting at another location in washington, the ritz-carlton. i'm told they scheduled a meeting with the oneida nation on november 22, the nfl issued a statement today we respect that people have differing views, it's important that we listen to all perspectives. native americans have been trying to change the redskins' name for years. >> they haven't won a super bowl since we filed our lawsuit in 1992. >> reporter: it's ultimately a decision for the team owner and he has said he will never change the name. chris gordon, news 4. >> well, they had a week off to rest and now it's dallas week. >> that's right. the redskins getting ready despite the rough start there is plenty to be excited about. jason is here with more on that. >> most players relax during the bye week, santana moss and steven bowen, they spend a few days in the bahamas with their
5:25 pm
families. ryan went home to muncie, indiana, now it's back to work players and coaches, for get about the record because it's redskins and cowboys. the first practice taking place inside the bubble today. in a pretty good mood. now it's all about dallas. this is a prime time watch-up. this steam very much alive in the hunt for the division title. >> fortunately for us that's how the nfc east has worked out. hopefully with that being the blessing that it is we can take care of business. >> if i was to be blessed with that opportunity, all of us still have a chance to talk about winning our division or being a half a game or game out of it, you know, we got a lot to play for. we got a chance to seize the opportunities sunday night. hopefully we can put the best
5:26 pm
forward and play good football. >> this sunday night the skins will travel to dallas. you can watch that here on nbc 4. kickoff is 8:30 p.m. >> thank you. right now, new controversy, new questions. >> a turn in the vaes gags into the chaos on capitol hill. >> did police have to use deadly force to stop the woman who tried to ram her car through the white house gate. >> my sister was fleeing, trying to figure out how to get out of there. >> a va lawyer finds himself accused in a deadly drunk driving crash. we have the report on the shocking blood alcohol level. >> the news 4 item investigates. what is next for veterans who will lose
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hello everybody. i'm doug kammerer looking outside. we have a lot of cloud cover across the area. those clouds are going to continue as we move through the rest of the evening tonight. i want to show you take a look at this, this is our satellite and radar. as you can see what's happening our storm system has moved through. no rain left. but notice the cloud cover back toward the west. these clouds actually moving up from the south, remember we had tropical storm cameron in the gulf. that same system is going to try to move up the coast as we move through the next couple days.
5:30 pm
i think it will affect us in the middle part of the weekend. a fast forward through the headlines, two new polls suggest voters blame republicans and democrats for the government shutdown but blame republicans more. and wile disapproval numbers of up the president's approval numbers are rising. >> we learned a metro contract worker was welding two pieces of rail when he was killed in the tunnel on sunday. a piece of rail shifted, striking the man, two metro employees were seriously injured. the ntsb is not investigating because the government shut down. the tri-state oversight committee now will do the investigation. >> an electronics store is closed now accused of selling thousands of dollars of stolen iphones, cameras, even credit and health insurance cards. police seized more than 500 items from the shop. the store owner was already
5:31 pm
accused of trafficking stolen goods in 2011. >> an ashburn, virginia couple is dead and an attorney in jail charged in their deaths. >> they were riding a motorcycle over the weekend when they got hit. police say the driver had been drinking. >> northern virginia bureau chief julie carey talked to the family of the victims. >> reporter: ricky and leah would have celebrated their seventh anniversary. instead their loved ones are making funeral arrangements after the couple was killed. they were about a mile from home, together on their motorcycle when they were struck by a man the sheriff's department says is driving drunk. >> it's hit me but it hasn't. i woke up this morning and i you know, expected my dad to be there. i mean, expected my mom to be there. walk down in the morning and they're there. it's not like that anymore.
5:32 pm
it's hard to believe. >> reporter: tanya is leah's daughter holding one of the four grand children. she says only the little ones keep her going right now. that and her memories of the couple. >> they were always happy and they were always smiling and they cared about everybody. they of course were in the biker group and they did st. jude stuff. they raised money. >> reporter: this is the man charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter for causing their deaths. he is a senior partner in a tysons area law firm. investigators say he was driving his bmw when he turned into this shopping center smashing into the motorcycle. his vehicle then drove into the median, knocking over a sign. court documents show his preliminary breath test was .23, one done later registered .15. almost twice the legal limit. the defendant in this case mark scarlota is held without bond in
5:33 pm
jail. coming up at 6:00 you'll hear from a couple who spent a final day with the wrens all doing what they loved, riding their motorcycles. >> investigators want the public's help in finding this man in connection with a murder. his name is john douglas cornell. investigators say he knows 59-year-old roberta dudes, a family member found her dead and her van, a 1999 chevy venture similar to this one vanished. the sheriff's office says cornell also had access to that van. anyone who may know where he is should call police. police are taking a closer look into the deadly shooting of a woman outside the capitol. police internal affairs is looking at every detail to make sure the police officers were justified in using deadly force against miriam carey. her sisters questioned police action on the "today" show. >> to me my sister was a little
5:34 pm
afraid being surrounded by officers with their guns drawn. if in fact she wasn't supposed to be in a restricted area how was she allowed to drive in that area? >> policing in washington, d.c. is a lot more complicated. they have to protect the u.s. capitol and the white house. they are concerned about terrorism, and also the concern about other citizens who might be injured as well. >> carey's sisters say she was suffering postpartum depression. >> secretary of state john kerry is defending the capture of a suspect eed al qaeda operative. they snatched him off the streets. kerry says the raid was legal. >> he is a key al qaeda figure. and he is a legal and an appropriate target.
5:35 pm
>> al libi is a suspect in the bombings in kenya and tanzania. he is believed to be aboard a u.s. navy ship. >> right now technicians working to fix glitches with the government's health insurance plan. thousands are still having trouble with the maryland health connection, technicians plan to update the software. they increased capacity already. also the website for the affordable care act is back up after being taken down for repairs. health crashed when it launched nearly a week ago. demand was five times higher than expected. >> new developments on the next debate in washington over the debt ceiling. barbara harrison at the live desk. >> a short time ago we learned that senate majority leader harry reid could introduce a bill to raise the debt limit. the bill would extend the country's borrowing authority until after the 2014 midterm elections. a debt limit increase has to be
5:36 pm
approved before october 17. it's unclear whether it would pass in the house. also today, we learn laura and john arnold extended up to 10 million in funding for head start that allowed 7,000 students in six states to have access to head start during the shutdown. from the live desk, i'm barbara harrison. >> elizabeth smart is sharing details she never shared until now. find out why she wants everyone to know what happened to her while she was held captive. it's not just government workers on edge because of the showdown. local contractors reveal plans
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investigators hope surveillance video from nearby businesses will provide clues 18 crash that sent nearly a dozen people to the hospital in prince george's county a. car traveling north on route 301 cross add median and hit a pickup head on. that caused a chain reaction accident involving four other vehicles. this all unfolded in brandywine. two people had to be flown to the hospital, the victims range from just 3 to 69. >> new details coming in about a glen burnie woman under arrest in a series of robberies. she is accused of holding up
5:40 pm
three banks, there were two last month in glen burnie. the third saturday in severn provided the clue. a teller got the tag number and we found out the suspect is a school bus driver from prince george's county. >> one of the country's most famous kidnapping survivors is now revealing more about what happened to her. in her memoir out this week elizabeth smart describes being taken during the night at age 14. and daily rapes that followed. today smart explained why she chose to go into great detail. >> i want other survivors to know that they are not alone, to know that these things, they do happen, but that they can move forward, that they can be happy, that they can come back and have a wonderful life. >> smart is now 25, married and finishing a degree in music. she set up a foundation to bring awareness to crimes against children.
5:41 pm
still ahead, news 4 iteam investigation as the government sloot down continues. time is running out for local veterans who will soon lose v.a. benefits. what this means for the men and women who serve their country. >> need cash now? online lenders can get you money quickly but are fast cash online loans a smart deal? my story is coming up. >> heavy rain we saw earlier continues to move on out of here. something else is moving in. something else is moving in. then something else
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of american women use them at some point in their lives but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made common forms of birth control illegal, including the pill. cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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we have breaking news. new video of a building collapse in d.c. barbara harrison has details. >> we got this video in just a short time ago. d.c. fire is calling this a partial building collapse. it happened this afternoon on n street in northwest d.c. this was a rowhouse that appears to be under renovation. the back wall of the house collapsed. they tell us it does not appear anyone was injured. from the live desk, i'm barbara harrison. >> local military veterans will lose their v.a. benefits later this month if the shutdown continues. the agency says it will have to burn through the money remaining money to pay them. >> the i-team learned local vets face the prospect of longer waits in getting benefits.
5:45 pm
scott mcfarland dug up this story. >> these v.a. reports obtained by the i-team show about a half million veterans nationwide are waiting to get benefits, waiting an average a half year and that wait could soon spike. nick served five years in the army, one of them on the ground in iraq. he tells us some of the troops are fighting a different battle. to get their benefits for injuries. >> it makes living your life that much more difficult. >> reporter: the work load report shows the average claim for a veteran has been pending 331 days. >> just to be told we're working on it, you know that's fine if it lasts a few days or weeks but you know, 300 and 400 days. >> reporter: the medical centers and the clinics remain open in the shutdown including this one t d.c. v.a. medical center. the review of shutdown policy
5:46 pm
shows 7,000 of the agency's 21,000 benefits employees are furloughed. and they scrapped overtime for claims processors which the secretary approved in early 2013 to reduce the backlogs. the secretary announced in december. >> the president wants this fixed and we are on track to eliminate the backlog in 2015. the money, to continue paying these claims amid the shutdown runs dry. the end of the month. a v.a. official telling the i-team if that happens v.a. benefits for pension and education benefits will all be, quote, suspended. scott mcfarland, news 4 i-team. >> maclasses returning to norma. the faculty and staff are back on the job today. the pentagon decided over the weekend that civilian military workers are exempt from furloughs and could go back to
5:47 pm
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d.c. and maryland included. but online payday lending is thriving and easy way for lenders to skirt state laws. >> i see people struggling every day, hard working people. >> elijah cummings says he knows why families are enticed by the quick fix loans. >> it's like quick sand. and people are already drowning in debt, and this puts the speed of that drowning on steroids. >> earlier this year he co-sponsored the safe lending act, if passed the bill would force online lenders abide by the laws in the state in which they are lending. it would allow the federal government to help enforce state rules. >> so what we want to do is be a deterrent. we want the federal government to be able to step in and help out. >> we reached out to the online lenders alliance which represents companies that offer internet pay day loans. it opposes the safe lending act
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and says it would effectively eliminate online access to short-term credit for millions of americans. ed addses that it supports the consumer credit access innovation and modernization act it says would create a federal framework for online lenders to be chartered. for ratcliff she paid $210 to borrow 500. next time she says she'll avoid payday loans entirely. >> never. i will never go through that again. >> if you are in need of a loan but want to look at alternative means, the center for responsible lending has some ideas and for that information go to our website, crenshaw. >> a lot of fees and high interest. >> thank you, liz. >> let's look at the weather which is looking like what, zmoug. >> it's moved out of here.
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we do still have something going on now. that's cooler air moving on in. current temperatures after all of the rain we saw, 63 degrees, yes, damp and overcast. as we move through the rest of the evening temperatures are not going to fall too fast but i think we'll be down in the mid to upper 50s by around 11:00. as far as the temperatures are concerned right now, or yesterday, we had a high of 91, today we're only in the low 60s. even 59 toward camp spring, 64 in leesburg and 61 toward fort belvoir. out toward ocean city and maryland and the atlantic but the next couple bdays to the south. the front moved through as far as the rain was concerned. tomorrow it will be breezy. we'll see clouds. a little on the breezy side. northeasterly winds, continued northeasterly winds on wednesday. with a lot more cloud cover and then watch what happens. storm system to the south moves right up the coast, this is actually the remnants of tropical storm karen. could actually come in and become more of a nor'easter for
5:52 pm
us that would mean breezy conditions, 10, 20, 30-mile-an-hour winds and the potential for rain. doesn't look like a ton but does look like a nasty day out there during the day on thursday. so high temperature of 69 tomorrow, 66 on wednesday with more cloud cover. and then rain and showers on thursday and friday. temperatures in the mid-60s and i think this system may stick around, keeping things unsettled for part of the weekend. it look likes the end of the weekend is looking better. >> there has been a new twist in the biker gang attack in new york. we learned there's been a new arrest in the case. >> and local students going beyond the books and the classroom for a life lesson. we'll show you how some kids are really working to get more than
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
trending online, two big developments in the case of motorcyclists beating a driver. a brooklyn man is in custody and expected to be charged with gang assault. also, a lawyer for an undercover new york city police officer says his client was with the riders chasing the suv because he thought there was a hit and run. the attorney says the officer left before the driver was pulled from the vehicle. >> a number of government websites have gone dark due to the shutdown kautzing an uproar on social media. concern glue when the amber
5:56 pm
alert sight displayed the message it was unavailable because of the lapse in federal funding. the department of justice has taken an employee off furlough to man the site a.d.o.j. spokesperson says the system was nefrp interrupted. >> tonight our local education nation series takes us to shan chi tilly, virginia. >> hands on business experience to students. >> reporter: the school day at chantilly high school begins like most others. students boarding a bus bound for learning. but these teens are part of a special education career class, they are headed to a lesson of hard work. their five-minute ride brings them here to securis. they check in and gear up. ready to tear apart and recycle
5:57 pm
old computers. >> the students go out from four to five times during the week, and they are usually with a teacher and learning work skills, life skills, social skills. >> it motivates me coming to school. >> reporter: cameron knows what he's gotten out of it. >> it's part of a job, some things you don't like having to do but if you make the most of it can be fun. >> reporter: susan likes the team work. >> sometimes we take the stuff out and you have to ask for help. >> reporter: that's where the employees come in. they break away from their usual work schedule to join the teachers in instructing, 3 have been doing it for eight years. >> take a child who wants to be part of society, wants to work, wants to wake up in the morning and feel like they made a difference, give them that opportunity. >> reporter: after about an hour on the job it's back to school.
5:58 pm
taking with them more than a pay to check could provide. >> 3 get respect, dignity. they build their confidence. >> good for them. if you would like to learn more about the county special ed class or our education nation series. >> log on to and search education nation. right now, rain out of here. now we've got cooler temperatures rolling in. >> day seven of the government shutdown. we talk with local government contractors who fear they are the next ones to be furloughed. >> and a local lawyer arrested in connection with a crash that killed two people. we'll hear from the family of the victim. good evening. >> one week and counting as the federal government remains shut down. right now both the house and the senate are still meeting. these are live pictures from
5:59 pm
capitol hill at this hour. the attention is now turning to the deadline for the debt ceiling which is ten days away. today president obama openly challenged house speaker john boehner to put a bill on the floor that funds the government with no strings attached. steve is on capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: thanks a lot. none of the big issues are settled here on the hill but more government workers are returning. more than 300,000 defense employees were back on the job at the pentagon. this was scott air force base in noyl and macdill in tampa. >> time to return to work. >> reporter: as the remnants of tropical storm karen swept east, fema workers called back for the storm last week were being refurloughed. fema headquarters president obama demanded a house vote to end the standoff today. >> the truth of the matter


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