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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  January 3, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 midday." i am barbara harrison, it's tuesday, january 3rd, 2012. we begin with the weather moving in, and the snow hitting people to the north and west. megan mcgrath e-mailed us these pictures from the ski resort in western maryland. she says they got a foot of snow there last night. and we have wind out there, too. and storm 4 meteorologist, tom kierein, joins us with the first forecast. >> we have had winds gusting to
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around 30 miles per hour this morning, and out there in western maryland, garrett county is where wisp is located. counties in lavender under a winter weather advisory. here's another photograph sent in by one of the viewers from winchester this morning when they got a strong snow shower coming through. kenny gardener sent this in. there were many accidents record there in the northern shenandoah valley. and here is another photograph in howard county. they had a snow shower coming through this. this was sent in by our own veronica johnson as she was driving around there. the temperatures are below freezing, so what is falling is sticking now. there is snow activity coming into howard county. they had a rather vigorous snow shower there in frederick county earlier this morning, too, as
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well as in washington county that put down a dusting of snow. there was a dusting of snow in faulkner county, and that extended far south as fredericksburg this morning. temperatures are cold. we are in the upper 20s to around the freezing mark. now it will not warm up much more. chances for snow showers later this afternoon, and how long the cold snap will last will be coming up in a couple minutes. right now a teenage boy is in a wheelchair recovering after he was involved in a crash. it happened this morning in mcclain. chopper 4 flew over the scene, and the police are investigating the cause of the accident. the driver stayed on the scene, and the teen is expected to recover. they have been on the campaign trail for months now but today division 2012
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officially begins. thousands of iowa republicans will head to schools and church tonight to caucus the candidate they want to take on president obama in november. and they are trying to hit the trail hard this morning to get last-minute votes. >> this late in the game for many voters, it's not just about issues, it's about trust. >> he's humble. and i trust him. i i don't don't anybody else. >> you heard it hear first, ron paul is going to carry iowa. ron paul is just two points behind mitt romney. >> we will win this thing with all of the passion and strength. >> rick santorum thinks he can win too. >> i did not have the money to compete here, but we were able to do it. why? because money doesn't buy iowa. >> newt gingrich claims money,
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romney's negative ads seems to have knocked him out of the top three. >> we may pull off one of the greatest upsets in the history of the iowa caucuseaucuses. >> and the biggest factor this year is electability, who can wheat barack obama. >> every candidate will be going out and shaking hands and meeting these caucusgoers individually, and at the end of the day, though, i think that i do believe that mitt romney is going to end up on top. >> reporter: romney says he was referring to the nomination, t
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continuing. the president will stay in campaign mode tomorrow when he travels to cleveland to discuss the economy. a critic of d.c. mayor vincent gray my file a recall petition as early as today. there's a recall movement because the mayor turned his back on the low income voters that voted for him.
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butler says he plans to file a recall petition against brown and council members harry thomas jr. and graham. and then today's move in meant more traffic headed to the complex right off 395 and seminary road. angie goss was there as workers arrived. she joins us live. good morning. how was the commute? >> reporter: good morning, barbara. i think the commuters are complaining more about the cold than their way into work this morning. with the federal holiday behind us, yesterday it seemed like those who worked here, they noticed more traffic in the new year. at the marks center in alexandria, they were bracing for more traffic.
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>> the traffic is going to be a little bit bad. but we'll adjust. >> reporter: today the final round of federal employees move in, and the transfer to the new center is part of the base realignment plan that started next summer. for some, the new year means more ways to travel. >> i have to work up earlier every day to get to work on time. >> reporter: surprisingly, commuters say the morning drive was generally light. >> so far it has not been bad. but people have been off on vacation and stuff, so we'll see. >> and dothey limited 6,400 workers to 2,000 spots. and v-dot tried to open more lanes. some drivers have noticed.
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>> 395, it's better. >> reporter: also helping ease the traffic is the metro here. a lot of people are using mass transit despite there not being a station here. one guy said he was upset about that, but when the center was able to score more than the 6,000 jobs from the army, they put a plan in place to transfer people over. back to you. >> thank you very much, angie. and starting today, metro riders will notice a few changes with the smart trip cards. according to the washington examiner, riders do not need to go to the vending machines to add money to benefits to their cards, and they can also add money to their card online. the benefit dropped to a maximum of $230 a month to 225. if they do not lose all the
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benefits by the end of the month, they could lose all of their cash. and starting today, a high school will be closed for the major makeover. they are undergoing a $100 million renovation project. for the first time, they will get a regulationed gym. the 600 students will attend class across the street during the renovation. coming up, the new warning from iran to the u.s. millaire tea, and what we now know about the country's latest missile tests. and plus people
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today the second session of the 112th congress formerly convenes. no official business will be conducted and most senators will not return to the capital until next week, and house members will not hold a session on the floor until the 17th. and then a military leader did not give details on what would happen if it returns. the threat comes as iran wrapped up a naval exercise that included test firing two long-range missiles. the drill showed iran could shut down the straight that the ships use to carry oil.
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new video out of north korea today, shows the new leader rallying troops at an elite tank unit. it's the first time he has been shown in public since his father's funeral. kim was dressed in a dark overcoat and gloves looked relaxed as he speaks with the soldiers did. it's the sign of kim jung is quickly expanding his acceptance among those in north korea and followers of his father and grandfather. pb filed a lawsuit seeking $20 billion from the contractor haliburton. it wants to be reimbursed related to the 2010 disaster. the explosion killed 11 workers and spewed more than 11 million
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barrels into the gulf. today, new laws go into effect around the country. it's aimed at cell phone use behind the wheel. all commercial drivers are banned from using handheld cell phones. the law affects commercial drivers. it does make an exception to roadside assistance workers. a new survey by aaa reports people are concerned about safety, but still admit to potentially deadly driving behaviors. some admit to driver when they thought their alcohol level was too high once in the last year, and distracted is a problem. one-third admitted to driving and reading an e-mail or text in the last 30 days, and some
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admitted to sending a text while driving, and many admitted to going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. nearly one in four drivers admit they have driven without wearing a seat belt in the last 30 days. it's freezing out here, but we are not getting hit with a major stow snow storm. a cold blast is heading our way and it's causing a mess in michigan and indiana. the near whiteout conditions forced officials to close parts of i-465, and that's in indianapolis. the storm is part of a larger system wringing colder temperatures to our region, too after an unseaenbly warm december. >> well, it's colder than average here for early january. the average high is 43. we will be ten degrees colder
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than that during the afternoon. good morning. since i started here this morning at 4:30 a.m., when we first been the on the air we had scattered snow showers and they have been continuing on and off since then. and there is the sky over washington, and clouds are cruising through and blue showing through. and to the right down river it's at 32. and they only go up another degree or two for the high for the day. the dew point is dry and down to 8 degrees. you will need the skin lotion. and the wind sustained at 32 miles per hour. now, as we look at the radar, we are seeing more snow shower activity, and the moving white and gray is snow shower activity. we are getting a few snow showers right here in montgomery county, and the panhandle of west virginia, but south of there, much of the shower activity dissipated. it could get moving right back
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in by later this afternoon as we have an upper level disturbance come over. and fredericksburg, 34, sxels wear it's only in the upper 20s to around 30 degrees now. and these are the latest wind gusts. reagan national just had a gust much 39 miles per hour. elsewhere, we have had gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour as a result of the windchills, and it feels like it's down into the teens near 20 degrees. and hagerstown windchill, 11. and montgomery, arlington and fairfax and prince georges county the same. and quite a bit of cloudiness coming in now, and a few snow showers as we get into the evening hours. sustained snow further to the west, unfortunately could pick up several more inches in western maryland. and then tomorrow, maybe another
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quick passing snow shower during the afternoon and perhaps a few more out in the moun tupz, but much of the snowfall there will be ending late this afternoon. for the rest of the afternoon, clouds coming through and from time to time they may be producing some perhaps brief show showers, and the winds gusting to 35 miles per hour, and temperatures will only be in the low 30s briefly over the next couple hours, and then they will drop back down into the upper 20s by sunset, which today is at 4:58. and under a clearing sky tonight, the winds will diminish, and we will have the temperatures dropping back down by midnight to the low 20s, and then by dawn tomorrow it will be down into the teens. the coldest morning since last february. we will be down perhaps even to 10 degrees in much of the rural area of virginia and west virginia and closer to washington and the suburbs, may
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bottom out in the teens. afternoon highs tomorrow, only, again, the low 30s. more clouds around, too. small chance of a brief passing snow shower tomorrow afternoon, but thankfully, the winds will be greatly diminished. in the morning, subfreezing in the 20s. the afternoon highs mid-40s. and still subfreezing in the morning. afternoon highs in the upper 40s on friday. and on saturday, a bit milder. partly sunny, and highs reaching the mid-50s. looks like we will cloud up on saturday night into sunday, and then we may have sprinkles of rain. it will be too warm for any snow because the highs will be 50 on sunday, and then back to school and work in the mid-40s. but for the kids going off to school this morning, it was tough getting off to school this morning. >> yeah, i was out there this
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morning walking, and huffing through the wind. make any new year's resolution? >> yes. >> you going to share? >> no. >> did you make any new year's resolution and are worried about keeping them? there are certain things can you do to boost your willpower. on the "today" show this morning, it was explained the steps you should be taking. >> get at least six hours of sleep. >> i will say no to that cake tomorrow if i have more sleep tonight than less sleep? >> yes, surprisingly. if you get less than six hours a sleep at night the brain has a hard time being focused, and it's equivalent to being drunk, which is bad for self-control. >> if you have something big to tackle that will require willpower, tackle it early in the day as opposed to later in the day. >> yeah, it drains over the
11:21 am
course of the day was spend some of your willpower. if you have a resolution to do something, it makes sense to schedule it when you have the willpower. >> that's the author of the willpower instinct. and in the book she talks about yoga can also increase your willpower by exercising your mind. still ahead, the questions you need to ask before you pick a doctor. plus, changes the tiger mom says she made since harsh public reaction to her parenting style. first, here is a look at what is hot on [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. mom, we're dying.
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we're hearing from the hiker who was rescued in part to iz iphone. he was lost for seven hours on new year's eve. he said when his gps would not work he used 911 and used a flashlight app on his phone and that worked. he says he will be more careful from now on. >> be prepared. have a map. know what you are doing. don't get lost and have a friend with you. >> he was able to get home just in time to go to a new year's eve party with his wife. his new year's resolution, don't get lost.
11:25 am
one of the most controversial moms of 2011 was battle hem of the tiger mother author. she was criticized for her mothering. part of included the no sleepovers and tv, and she ripped up a homemade birthday card her daughter gave her, because it was not good enough. today she regrets some of her decisions. >> i think i would write the same book. the book is a memoir. i made a lot of mistakes, but if i had to do it all over again i would raise my kids the same way, i am incredibly proud of the girls i raised, and you say extreme parenting, but it's interesting. if you think about the tiger parenti parenting, it's not that
11:26 am
different from the traditional parents. it's basically helping them be the best they can be. >> well, she may have gotten the last war for the styled of parenting, because her oldest daughter is now attending harvard. the 13-year-old from australia is getting fame for making her eyebrows dance. she is from sidney. her video was inspired by the cadbury dairy milk chocolate bar commercial. the video called the girl with the funny talent has been viewed by more than 7 million people. >> it's 11:26. and the next half hour coming up, why tonight's iowa caucuses
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are so unpredictable. plus, strangers risk their lives to save lives of those that crashed into a icy ravine. stay with us. we're i just had it with cable.
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right now, on news4 midday, gop hopefuls are making their last push before the iowa caucuses later tonight. voters will gather starting at 7:00 this evening to choose who they want to challenge president obama in november. tonight mitt romney and rick santorum and ron paul are among the top three. and then 41% of caucusgoers say they could change their mind between now and tonight. ron mott has more on what makes the decision so difficult. >> you didn't do anything? >> reporter: breakfast at the white house's were different this morning. ask mom and dad who they will
11:31 am
vote for in tomorrow o's caucus and they are a lot more uncertain. >> i don't think there's that guy or woman that has excited the electorate out here. >> eileen towards mitt romney, mostly because i am looking for somebody that i can trust. >> across iowa, 41% of likely caucusgoers were undecided go into the final weekend according to a poll. >> we have to narrow it down. >> reporter: the indecision was still on the menu at the diner. are you leaning towards anybody this morning? >> i like gingrich, and ron paul has good ideas, and i will probably have to jump in a boat but i don't know yet. >> to me what it will come down to is the guy with enough support to win the election next -- this year. >> reporter: with six candidates vying to win their vote and during a mix of messages and positions along the way, deciding is easier said than
11:32 am
done. it's not just about choosing what candidate lines up on the issues. >> they want to hear what their friends and neighbors have to say about the meetings before they make a final decision. >> reporter: those decisions have not always propelled the nominee. mike huckabee won here four years ago and mccain finished fourth. >> i think iowans can be stubborn. >> that was nbc's ron mott reporting. another big story today. the change in the weather. we're going to check in again with tom kierein. we see we have clouds out there. you don't see the wind, because we don't have flags or anything in our viewing area right at this minute, but it's windy out there as well, which is making the temperature even colder. tom, how cold is it? >> it's around freezing now. we have had the winds gusting over 30 miles per hour.
11:33 am
reagan national had a gust up to 39 miles per hour. it feels colder. look at the sky. that's a live view from the skywatcher camera looking into virginia from upper northwest. and some of those clouds have a little snow falling out of them. a lot of it evaporating, but a few flurries may be falling in fairfax county. and let's look off in the distance. it's sugarloaf mountain, and just off to the right it looks like a snow shower there and some of the snow may be reaching the county. the temperatures are cold enough it may be sticking. that's a snow shower putting down a light dusting.
11:34 am
>> watch out the roads that have not been treated are slick, and it's below freezing. and the winds will diminish later this afternoon and tonight. the windchills are only in the teens now, and as we get into the afternoon hours, we will have a lout of clouds around with a few more passing snow showers from time to time and then cold tonight. teens tomorrow morning, and warming up into the week and weekend. sunday, might get a little light rain, and a small chance of that right now. in another news, authorities found the body of the iraq war veteran suspected in the murder of a park ranger. vest dpaters believe the 24-year-old bonds died from the cold snowy conditions at mt. rainier national park. they found him in chest-deep snow without a coat and missing a shoe. he sped through a check point
11:35 am
and he killed a forest ranger. police say a man who set more than 50 fires in los angeles may not have acted alone. the 24-year-old burkhart is now behind bars. he set 52 fires since friday, burning cars and buildings. the man may have gone on the rampage because he was upset over his mother's potential deportation. a man recognized him from surveillance video after a fire in a parking structure. >> the two officers that backed me up as soon as i put on my lights and initiated a traffic stop of the suspect vehicle, i had an lapd behind me and ready to go. >> it's the worst arson spree in the city since the l.a. riots in
11:36 am
1992. and new york city police say they are investigating a string of fires as possible hate crimes against muslims. similar fires happened within a two-hour span on sunday. one was at an islamic center and one at a deli and two other fires were put out in houses. and the disturbing kidnapping and assault in china town was not a random act. a woman told investigators she was in her car last thursday when a man jumped into her vehicle. she sexually assaulted her at gun point while her 15-month-old son was in the backseat. they left the child custody meeting. so far no arrests have been made in the case. police are trying to figure out what led to a fight between two brothers that left one of them dead and the other in the
11:37 am
hospital. the shooting happened yesterday on eagle harbor road in prince georges county. investigators say after an argument a young man shot his father in the back and took his own life. a third person in the home was grazed by a bullet, but not seriously hurt. the names of the victims have not been released. investigators are also working to identify the name of the body found in the potomac river. it was in the 6400 block of washington parkway in alexandria county. there were no obvious signs of trauma. a bridge demolition may cause more delays for drivers around tyson's corner. at 11:00 tonight, vdot will begin to take down the old
11:38 am
lewinsville road bridge. it's one of 20 bridges crews will replace. the demolition should take three or four weeks to complete, we're told. and in arlington county, you will soon have a better idea of how long it's going to be to drive in traffic along route 50. drivers will see message boards, and they will be placed at various locations. county leaders hope to have the project finished by early 2013. well, a utah man is thanking good samaritans for saving him and three children. he lost control of his car and slid off an icy road and landed upside down in a ravine. fortunately other drivers rushing by stopped to help him.
11:39 am
>> this easily could have been a funeral for four of us. >> few of us think we will ever have a day like a day he had, and even fewer have a day that ends like his. >> the roads were clear. >> reporter: it was a perfect day for skiing. he loaded his 4-year-old son, and his daughter and her friend in the car. the roads were slicked. he came upon milepost 474 and the river where several cars had spun off the road. >> i tapped the brakes once. that's all it took. >> the vehicle hit the water and flipped shattering rogers window as water rushed into the cabin. >> the first thought was so this is how it ends. >> reporter: he tried to free the kids in the backseat but was
11:40 am
disoriented. he freed himself and came up for air and was suddenly surrounded by people. >> in five seconds there were men in the river, and ready to assist in helping in any way. these people there at the scene without hesitation, they just did what they had to do. and that, for our family, made all the difference. >> reporter: with the children submerged they fought against the river to reach them, and then together no more than eight men lifted the vehicle and flipped it over. >> it was greater than just physical hands and hearts, it was something more devine that went on that day. i have tried to flip cars with other people, and there's not eight people that can do that. >> mia and bayler were unconscious. bystanders went to work quickly
11:41 am
saving their lives. two came up on the accident and helped to pull them from the water. >> i picture his eyes staring at me on that roadway, and there was no hope, not even faint. there was a woman standing next to my shoulder, and i said please tell me you know cpr, because this child has no pulse. >> two went on to primary children's medical center, and all are doing fine thanks to quick-thinking strangers willing to risk their own lives willing to save those strapped in the river. >> i love them and will be forever grateful. they are my heroes in every since the word. really. they are the reason i have my children. >> that was jennifer stagg reporting. all three children were released from the hospital and went back to school today. still ahead, the questions you need to ask before you pick a doctor. plus, the first trading session
11:42 am
of 2012. how wall street will begin the new year. new year. stay from the bedroom you could see the fire and that work me right up. and it was absolutely terrifying. we got out of there as quickly as we could. i'm watching the house burn up and i'm sitting there saying, there goes everything. these days you don't have to lose your house in a fire to know what it's like to be left on the edge in the cold. the shelter gave us a place to stay. and citizens energy helped the shelter with heat. i'm excited to finally have a place of my own. citizens energy is helping us with the oil. citizens energy was created to help the forgotten ones keep warm. we asked the big oil companies and oil producing nations to help. only citgo and the people of venezuela said yes. and this year, in spite of soaring fuel prices, congress cut home heating assistance nearly in half. while people need help more than ever. for the last seven years, citgo has helped families and homeless shelters in good times and in bad. thanks joe and thanks citgo. so if you need help staying warm this winter give me
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fios. a network ahead. today ups expect to set a record for mail in returns. they anticipate the couple will handle 500,000 returns today. that's the most ever. several other days this week, the company is expected to
11:45 am
handle more than a million returns. and ups expect most people will return electronics. a warning about e-mails that may appear to be from american airlines in your mailbox. the airlines believes hackers are posing as the airlines program to get information from the customers. american airlines warns customers not to open questionable links or attachments. stocks are higher on the first trading day of 2012. we will check in at cnbc. >> happy new year to you. and we're kicking off the new year with strong gains. and we have better than expected economic data from around the world. you can see on your screen, we're having a good first start
11:46 am
to the trading day. u.s. markets trading closely and linked to the european markets. all european industries closing in the green, but greece, they just bought 462 euros in government bonds last week. the bond buy supports them borrowing money. and as you can imagine, we're watching the european market closely, and specifically the on going debt crisis. that always adds positive sentiment. and another thing we are watching is asia. and we have seen growth slow down in china and the broader markets, those closed down by 25% for the year of 2011. that's a factor that investors are watching, and we will see if
11:47 am
we can still hold on to the growth rate. and we are putting a lot of focus on technology stocks, and a lot of other performance includes apple and google. we are expecting apple to announce the ipad 3 that is expected to come out as well as their ipad tv. that will help stocks go forward in 2012. back over to you. >> always something new, huh? >> always new. >> thank you so much. in news for your health this morning, important information on how to choose a physician. and it becomes more complicated when you choose a doctor to perform medical cosmetic procedures. good morning. >> good morning. >> the folks planning to look for a doctor of any kind, what is the first question they
11:48 am
should ask? >> qualifications. qualificatio qualifications. where they trained. years of training. and how long they have been in practice, not that just somebody out of residency is not a good physician, but the more seasoned doctors had seen more than the residents have seen out of residency. the bad time to go to the hospital is in july, because that's when all the medical students finish. well the same that finish residency, they get out and practice. those are just -- >> january would be a bad time to choose a doctor? >> no. they're better seasoned, and somebody that has been in practice for a while is probably who you want to look at and somebody who has the qualifications for the specific illness that you have. you need somebody well-versed on the condition like diabetes, and
11:49 am
you need a physician up-to-date on that. >> and you say it's more complicated when you are choosing somebody to do a cosmetic procedure. >> yeah, it's elective and you do not have to have the procedure done. you want to look at training and qualifications, and you don't want somebody that went to a weekend course and now they have the device or laser and who is getting ready to do a procedure on your face. >> should you look at a friend's face, and say i like the way the botox looked on that work. >> personal refers are always great. a lot of people i know will never go to a telephone book or internet ad or any of those types of specials that they have, because one, they want to see somebody who has been treated by that physician, so they can see outcome and results. >> one of the problems is a lot of people don't admit to having any kind of cosmetic procedures,
11:50 am
so you can't rely -- >> that's the bad thing about washington, d.c. it's a very conservative community, and they just want everybody to think that they naturally look good. and that's not true. new york, l.a. -- >> people admit to what they are doing? >> all the time. >> so if you could get a friend to admit they look good. and you say to look at their training? >> yes, the american board of specialties is an organization that if you are board specialized in a specific specialty, you will be listed with this organization. cosmetic surgery is not a board certification. a lot of physicians will say they're a cosmetic surgeon or what have you. that's not a true board certification. plastic surgery, and dermatology, and internal medicine, those are board
11:51 am
certification. go online and look at the different certifications and go by that and look at their physician's name up in the listings. >> plastic surgery is any doctor with an md can perform plastic surgery? >> yeah, exactly. as long as they have a medical license, they can call themselves whatever they wants to call them. >> you say the person, who is going to be performing the procedure on me? >> it may not even be the physician. it could be some ancillary staff, and they are there giving the consultation, and when the procedure is performed they are not there or performing the procedure. you want to ask those questions, how many procedures like this have they performed, because after all, it's your face or an area where people are going to see, and it's an elective procedure. >> do your homework. thank you for coming. >> see you next week. 11:51 is the time.
11:52 am
coming up, the college team getting as much attention for their creative uniforms as well as their bowl win. we will have another check of the cold forecast. stay with nbc 4 all afternoon long beginning at
11:53 am
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this is's the question of who is going to stay and go.
11:55 am
the team finished the season 5 and 11. the worst nfl record for coach, mike shanahan. he was not there to give his team parting words. instead, players heard messages from a group of navy s.e.a.l.s and a marine that lost both legs. shanahan said he planned to meet with each of his assistant coaches in the next two weeks to evaluate the players. the redskins were a better team than last year despite the record. >> every time you have a loss, especially with the effort that you put in, it's like somebody sticks a knife in you, and it's tough to go through a season like that. thank god i have never been through a season like this before, might not be in the profession very long. >> and the team will have the sixth pick in the april draft. well, it's a big night for hoeky fans. virginia tech is looking for a big bcs bowl game against the
11:56 am
michigan wolverines in the sugar bowl tonight. it's the tech's 19th street bowl appearance, one of the longest bowl appearances in the history, and you can catch the game tonight at 8:30 on espn. and the ducks got a big win. this morning more people are talking about their helmets than the game. the helmets were made to look like mirrors, and it had a dramatic affect. the helmet changed in the game when the light reflected off the helmets, and it made for cool pictures. time for a final check of our forecast. >> it certainly did turn cold. it's not going to warm up but maybe another one or two degrees in the afternoon. the moving gray and white, that's snow. those are snow showers.
11:57 am
that's where you might get the ten or 15 minutes of snow, and then it's gone and over, but it could leave a quick dusting in its wake and that's what is happening right now in central montgomery county and into frederick and washington counties, maryland, and as well as the panhandle of west virginia. and there will likely be more on the way this afternoon. right now temperatures as we approach the noon hour are just in the upper 20s to around the freezing mark, and as i say, will only warm up another one or two degrees. the latest wind gusts will gust up to 20 or 30 or 40 miles per hour in some locations. as a result, the windchills are down in the teens. that's what it feels like when you step outside. if you plan on spending time outdoors in the next few hours, layer up. passing snow showers possible later this afternoon and a dusting is possible with the road temperatures below freezing, and it could stick to roads and there could be slick
11:58 am
spots if that happens. afternoon highs tomorrow the low 30s. a lot of clouds around. a small chance of a snow shower tomorrow. and then warming up on thursday, friday, and into the weekend, we will finally get back above average it looks like on thursday afternoon into saturday and sunday, and maybe some light rain on sunday. >> thank you, tom. and that's news4 midday for today. thank you for joining us, and we invite you to tune in for the news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and tonight at 11:00. and then we will be back tomorrow for midday, and we hope you join us for that. until then, have
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