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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  December 27, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> to go shopping. >> hey, guys, i'm ready. >> you can shop at home. >> you're right. someone who did a little shopping herself after christmas. >> very good deals. really wasn't that bad. we were saying it's all about having people at the register to help you. you go that way. you go that way. >> as long as you have enough people manning the booth, you'll be fine. >> i'll tell you which way to go. the way to go today is make sure you grab your umbrella. we sense a beautiful morning but a dry morning. around 10:00 we'll see the first showers fall here. we're down about five to eight degrees, a little cooler than where we were yesterday at this same time. currently at 42 degrees in bowie and clinton. 39 in bethesda, and reston at 40 degrees right now. not too bad, but, again, a little lower than our temperatures were yesterday. the cloud cover came in last night about 8:00, and that cloud
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cover has been lowering, thickening, and later today we're going to see low visibility with rain again developing about 9:00 a.m., staying with us until 7:00. so the radar currently pretty quiet across the area. showers on tap for today. let's get a look at traffic with carol parker. >> thanks, veronica. we had a big problem on the inner loop past the bw parkway. only the right lane is getting by, an earlier accident with a tractor trailer, and they are cleaning up a fuel spill. hopefully, they're going to get that out of the way before the rush hour really gets rocking. 495 colesville road, we're looking fine. in virginia at the robinson terminal, no problems now on the beltway. back to you guys, eun, angie. >> thanks so much, carol. new from overnight, firefighters are trying to determine if a pair of garage fires in maryland are linked. both fires broke out in townhome communities in frederick less than a mile apart. the first fire broke out after 11:00 on the 3700 block of
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singleton terrace. a short while later, firefighters were called to a garage fire less than a mile away on the 3900 block of addison woods road. several detached garages were damaged in each fire, but no one was hurt. at this time, firefighters are not saying if the two fires are linked or if they are suspicious. >> police in the district are investigating an early morning shooting. this happened in the 4600 block of benning road southeast. a male victim is being treated in a local hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. police have not arrested anyone for the shooting. this morning a renewed search for a missing blind man is gaining attention from maryland to north carolina. 33-year-old mitchell smith has not been seen in ten days. he had come to d.c. in early december to visit relatives but disappeared on the train ride home to birmingham, alabama. he was last seen at a train station in charlotte, north carolina, where his grandmother said there may have been some kind of mix-up. >> a lot of confusion.
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the charlotte police called us this morning and said that they understood that he got off the train in charlotte. however, they say that someone at amtrak told them that they put him on the train to come back to washington. >> smith, who is legally blind in both eyes from injuries from a shooting several years ago, is 5'11" with a slim build. he carries a red and white cane and sometimes wears dark glasses. if you have information about his whereabouts, you are asked to call police. prince george's county police are releasing this new surveillance tape in the hopes of finding three men who robbed a burger king earlier this month. police said one man armed with a gun demanded money from the cashier. then two other suspects jumped over the counter and took the cash. all three then ran off. the holdup happened on december 5th. they're hoping this video is going to generate new clues.
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we should soon learn who will be allowed to grow marijuana as part of the district's marijuana program. the washington times is reporting that d.c.'s health department will choose the top 20 out of 28 applications on friday to open cultivation centers in the district. that list will eventually be cut down to ten to start the program. the district plans to select five dispensaries for the drug. if all goes as planned, it could be up and running by spring. a $40,000 reward is being offered to help find a local toddler in maine. a group of private businesses came up with the money in the hopes of finding ayla reynolds. the 12-month-old disappeared from her father's house in waterville. it's the largest reward in maine's history. >> i pray that the person or persons who have young ayla reynolds that, they please keep her safe and return her safely to us. >> reynolds was last seen
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wearing green pajamas with white polka dots and the words daddy's princess across the front. when she disappeared, the toddler had her arm in a soft cast. reynolds' family is cooperating, and police do not have anyone connected to the case in custody. police in virginia have finally caught up with the man accuseded of killing two people on christmas eve then abducting a toddler. 27-year-old jamal clemons was arrested late monday afternoon in richmond. he faces charges of abduction, robbery, and murder. clemons shot two people to death before stealing an suv, left running with a 2-year-old strapped in his car seat. the boy was found unharmed a few hours later and was later returned to his family. a woman accused man accused killing a woman and her young son was arrested. he admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend and her 2-year-old son in new york last week. he took the victim's car and drove to his mother's house in
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laurel. he will be extradited to new york soon. tonight friends and family of a park police officer who died in the line of duty will gather to remember his life. a viewing will be held from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight for sergeant michael bayne. it's going to happen at the church nativity in burke, virginia. officer bayne was attempting to rescue an injured person from the tow path on the key bridge on december 16th when he suffered a heart attack. funeral services will be held tomorrow, also at the church of nativity, followed by a procession through d.c. he was a 19-year veteran of the force and leaves behind a wife and a son. nearly a dozen people are facing charges in the riot that's broke out at penn state university when they fired coach joe paterno. thousands took to the streets when it happened last month. state college police say they've charged 45 people and may file additional charges on others. 5 of them are facing felony charges for tipping a television news truck. university police also charged
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two people accuseded of stealing a parking meter. what was supposed to be a life saving flight ends with three people dead in florida after a helicopter crash. the medical chopper from the mayo clinic in florida was on its way to retrieve a heart for a transplant patient. that's when it crashed in this remote area near jacksonville. the pilot and two medical staff members died in the accident. doctors also say the heart they were trying to retrieve can no longer be used because its viability has expired. the fda says it raised concerns back in 2000 about the french breast implant maker at the heart of a scandal affecting hundreds of thousands of women worldwide. the fda said it sent an investigator to inspect the plant run by the now defunct company poly implant prothese. the company is accused of using cheap grade silicone in the implants instead of medical
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silicone. family members held a vigil for a maryland man in captivity in cuba. about 100 supporters showed up for yesterday's vigil calling for allan gross' release. gross was arrested at the havana airport in 2009. last week the cuban government announced it would pardon 2,900 prisoners, but gross was not among them. that news was devastating to his family. >> he's not doing very well. he's very depressed. and getting very, very hopeless. allan is a very strong gregarious man. to see him like this, no one can believe he's been affected the way he has. >> in march a cuban court sentenced allan gross to 15 years in jail for crimes against the state. his family insists he was in cuba on a humanitarian mission to help the jewish community. his wife judy says getting the news of the release of prisoners
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during the middle of hanukkah, just heart breaking. >> very tough times for that family. it is now 4:38. ahead on "news 4 today," calling for backup. the big name figure rick perry is counting on to breathe new life into his presidential
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happy tuesday, everyone. it's 4:42. sun is up today at 7:25, but very, very little sunshine today. rain developing around 9:00 a.m. low 40s upper marlboro, around waldorf. waldorf as well as stafford just to the south of us, and then upper 30s north and west. shan tilly and germantown. as far as the rain, the leading edge well west of the area. it's light showers at 9:00 a.m. day planner forecast could get heavy rain by the time we get into the afternoon hours between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. today. the high, though, about 48 to 49 degrees. that rain will end around 7:00. carol? >> thank you so much, veronica. at least we don't have rain to contend with now. this is a shot of the beltway past bw parkway in greenbelt.
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earlier in the middle of the night, we had a fuel spill and an accident with a tractor-trailer on its side. the good news, as you can see, two right lanes getting by, and they're working to clean up that spill. 95 north of the rest area in virginia, wide open. and also, 395 north of the 14th street bridge, we look good. back to you. >> thank you, carol. 4:43 now, 41 degrees. if you're looking for a new job, you may have to look for a new place to call home. we'll tell you the best spots to live when it comes to finding a
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welcome back. the iowa caucuses and the beginning of the primary season are less nthan a week away, and now rick perry is hoping america's toughest sheriff can help his campaign. sheriff joe arpaio is joining perry today. he has been a staunch supporter of a tough immigration policy and can help perry with conservatives. meanwhile, romney is trying to drum up last minute support with a new campaign ad, and newt gingrich is trying to rebound after a drop in the polls. >> he has a wave area in politics, but somehow he's the man for the time. he was the man for a few weeks ago, but that's not the wave to carry him forward. >> gingrich suffered a setback this weekend in virginia after not getting enough signatures to
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make the ballot. he hopes to become a write-in candidate despite the fact the state would have to change its primary laws in order to do so. this morning a security firm whose clients include apple and the u.s. military is putting new anti-hacking measures in place. it comes in the wake of a major security breach at statfor. members of the group anonymous said they stole thousands of credit card numbers from stratfor's clients and used them to donate to charity. anonymous says it will wreak plenty more havoc throughout the week. and police in texas are trying to piece together a family history after a man dressed in a santa costume shot six of his relatives before turning the gun on himself. police in grapevine just outside ft. worth say the shooter showed up in costume christmas morning as family members were opening presents. a few minutes later people in the complex reported hearing gunfire. police found the bodies of four women, two men, and a teenage boy inside. a robber in north carolina
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hoping to steal some cold hard cash got knocked out cold instead. the man walked into a we buy gold store in hendersonville just before closing on friday wearing that hoody and bandanna. then he flashed a gun. he came behind the counter and demanded some money, but as he went to take the cash, the clerk pow, he sucker punched and knocked him out unconscious. >> instead of putting it right into the bag, i stuck it out here and said, just take it, just cake take it. when he reached out, i took a step in. i cocked back and preloaded and hit him hard with everything i had. at the time, you really don't think you hit somebody as hard as you do. but i hit him pretty hard, i guess. >> i'll say. the clerk said he discovered after he knocked the robber out he was only carrying a pellet gun. the suspect has been charged with attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon. it was a tale of two halves for the washington wizards as the team kicked off its strike
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shortened nba season at the verizon center. team's young stars john wall and jordan crawford helped build a lead in the second quarter. but in the second half, the nets bounced back with a strong showing by kim kardashian's estranged husband kris humphreys, who had a double double. even though the score did not go the wizards' way, businesses in chinatown consider the game a big win. those businesses are getting a nice boost bringing in customers on week nights the caps aren't in town. it looked like there might not be an nba season after all. last night we saw restaurants packed with fans catching a drink or a bite to eat before the game. all it took was a bad first period for the team's third loss
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in four games. caps coach pulled michael neuvirth from the game. matt hendricks and alex ovechkin scored for the caps. they return home to play the new york rangers tomorrow. move over dan marino. saints quarterback drew brees now has the record for most yards passed in a single season. brees topped marino's record set back in 1984 with this nine-yard touchdown pass last night in the saints game against the falcons. brees entered the game needing 305 yards to set that record. he's passed for 300 yards or more for an nfl record 12 times this season and still has one more game to play. love that drew brees. >> we do. two major indicators of the health of the nation's economy will be released today. first the standard & poor's kay shiller home price index. it's one of the leading measures for the residential housing market across the u.s. it tracks the changes of real
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estate value both nationally and in 20 metro areas, including washington, d.c. the consumer confidence index for november will also be out today. it's a source of economic and business knowledge for companies around the world. last week the leading economic index for the u.s. increased by half a percentage point. november's consumer confidence went up after a dip in october. >> the midwest may be the best place to find a job in the new year. that's according to the u.s. job outlook survey. the survey asked employers all over the country how they expect job numbers to change next year. overall the survey found the country should gain jobs next year. the midwest is expected to see a 10% increase. that is the best region in the country. here you go. if you're looking for a change of scenery. >> well, i worked in the midwest. yes, they get quite the snow in iowa. and not a bad place to work, though. very friendly people. >> although why would you want to leave this area? >> this is my home.
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i love it here. >> because you need a job. >> that's right. and the weather is cooperating, but some changes today. some changes today. we're going to see a lot of rain overspread the area. while the morning rush isn't going to be that bad, the afternoon rush, especially the first part, is going to be pretty nasty, as you'll see why in just a moment. temperatures are down some five to eight degrees down from where they were yesterday at this time. we've got a south wind at 9 miles per hour. today we'll keep the southerly wind around until the weather front comes through here. that's really going to drive the temperature back up to around where they were yesterday. we're going to get to near 50 degrees again. we're at 32 degrees right now. the cooler spot there north in frederick, maryland, where it's 39. manass manassas, 41. behind me, the radar. it's been pretty quiet. it's going to stay pretty quiet, again, for most of the early morning. light showers charlottesville to
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petersburg. as i open it up, that is indeed the leading edge of that rain. yellow and orange, heavier rain. that's sitting right now around cincinnati. the heavier rain just west of raleigh and real heavy rain just south of atlanta, georgia. much of the eastern half of the country is going to be covered with rain. some of this in one system today. behind it where the colder air is wrapping in. st. louis, missouri, around memphis, tennessee, a little light snow. what happens with the storm system, area of light pressure tracking north through the mountains. we'll get the moderate to heavy rain between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. the heaviest for the afternoon rush. the rain leaves out of here by around 7:00. let's go ahead and talk about high temperatures for today. we'll get up to 49 degrees today. 45 for wednesday. sunshine returns at the end of the week, but know that tomorrow's sunshine, hey, carol, that's going to come with a lot of wind to deal with. >> oh, goody.
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well, at least today we don't have the rain to contend with. the good news is the bw parkway, all lanes wide open. they did a great job of cleaning up that accident and fuel spill overnight. 66 at 28, may notice the vehicle off to the shoulder. nothing is blocked. nothing in your way. and we're wide open 66 at glebe road. angie, eun? >> thank you, carol. some virginia drivers are being fined hundreds of dollars for a violation that isn't even a crime. according to virginia lawyers weekly drivers in several counties have been ticketed for driving without proof of insurance. the problem is state law requires either liability insurance or an uninsured motor vehicle fee but says nothing about driving without proof of insurance. some police officers, however, have had to use the statute to charge drivers a hefty fine. tickets have been written for the violation in prince william, sussex, dinwiddie, and colonial heights county.
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>> some drivers will dispute those tickets for sure. >> a lot of money going to be given back, for sure. coming up, facebook to the rescue. how the social networking site might have helped save a woman and
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decorators are hard at work putting the final touches on the float of the tournament of roses parade last week. they're spending their days cutting the flowers to make the masterpieces. the 123rd tournament of roses parade will air live right here on nbc 4 next monday morning. it is the 85th time the parade will be broadcast here. and facebook is being credited for helping save the life of a utah woman and her 17-month-old son. a woman posted on the social network, quote, hello? is anyone out there? i'm having a serious problem. me and my son will be dead by morning. a facebook friend saw the post and immediately tried to get information from other facebook friends on how to contact the woman. finally a friend from south
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carolina posted the woman's address. they found her live-in boyfriend had held the woman and her son hostage for five days. he's now arrested on kidnapping and assault charges. >> you always hear about connecting people, but saving lives like that? pretty incredible stuff >> crucial moment. a colorado man is being called a saint after finding $10,000 in sin city and giving it all back. >> he found the money on his way home. mitch gilbert found two unmarked envelopes at the airport. each one contained $5,000. he says he could have easily kept the cash for himself but instead spent two weeks trying to track down the rightful owner. >> i just about fell over. i couldn't believe it. i wanted to show my kids the right thing to do. i said somebody's got to be missing this. >> the casino eventually gave him the name of a texas man who reported losing the same amount of money. gilbert found him and returned the $10,000 >> that man deserves a


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