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tv   Today  NBC  May 28, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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[♪] [laughs] hi, papa. [snores] uncle arthur! mama, mama!
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[laughs] [♪] [children laughing] marvelous meringue. scrumptious soufflé. marvelous meringue. scrumptious soufflé. how about both? then rataxes would have two marvelous desserts to choose from. two marvelous, scrumptious desserts. hmm. the banquet is sure to be a success. well, it might be, if the royal orchestra will play. i'm sure queen celeste will be more than satisfied
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with the superb soprano, madame kiwi liguana. although i know for a fact that babar prefers the rousing renditions of the royal orchestra. but a superb soprano... rousing renditions. queen: i'm sure the rousing soprano will do a superb rendition. with the help of the royal orchestra. pom: alexander, it's my turn now. you just had your turn. now look what you did. someone will have to climb the tree. maybe we should ask cornelius to help. brilliant blue towels. radiant red towels. blue! red! queen: purple? both: purple? you mean new purple towels, celeste? expensive new purple towels, your highness?
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well, celeste, that will never do, because-- we'd be forced to borrow from the household allowance. pompadour: next thing you know, there'd be no food. cornelius: the children would go hungry! and we'd all wind up in... both: the poorhouse! sh. [laughs] [both laugh] can you imagine purple towels? [laughing] we'd all go hungry? and wind up in the poorhouse? what's the poorhouse? sh. pom: it's a house without tv. oh. alexander: a house without toys? a house without a... house! oh! we must think of a way to help mother and father. let's have a palace yard sale! isn't that stealing? we'll keep a list and buy it back with our allowances. but that will take years.
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uh... but i guess it would be okay seeing as it's for mom and dad. well, okay. but we shouldn't tell mother or father. let's make it a surprise. a yard sale it is! quiet! shh. [whispers] a yard sale it is. rataxes: i hate-- pht-- staying with babar. i hate-- pht-- signing peace treaties, and i hate this mindless, misshapen-- pht-- mistake-- pht-- of a hat. but, sir, look on the bright side. we only sign the peace treaty once a year. that's exhausting enough. pht. whose dumb idea was it for us to exchange gifts anyway? pht. ah, yours, your rhighness. besides, the elephant hat does have a certain style. the elephants wouldn't know style-- pht-- if it looked them in the face. stay away. i said stay away! stay away, stay away,
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stay away! basil, even i, rataxes, the ruler of rhinos, the lord and master of rhinoland, even i cannot handle this hat! it's really quite easy, your rhighness, once you get the hang of it. see? no, i don't see, and i don't want to see it again! lady rataxes: rataxes! you're not ready? b-- but-- basil won't give me my elephant hat. whoa! here! now, let's go. to think i exchanged this-- this-- pht-- horrible hat, pht-- for my favorite first lamp. oh, pitiful. pathetic. p-- p-- plastic!
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now, now. let's get it cleaned up and in my office. oh! how humiliating, sire. to think that we gave away a national treasure like our old king's honored hat in return for this-- this-- this-- thing! it's the thought that counts, cornelius. good morning, your highness. morning, pompadour. hello, celeste. hello, cornelius. i see it's lamp time again. hat time too. [both laugh] knapsack? check. pom: duffel bag? check. pom: lunchbox? well? lunchbox! ready, troops, you have your orders! let's go!
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doll: mama. mama. [sighs] pompadour: careful, cornelius! patience, pompadour. look! whoa! good heavens! [squeaking] oh, my tusks! hello, alexander. hi, dad. sire, i took the liberty of drawing up the papers for the turtle kingdom loan agreement. if i could get your authorization.... loan?
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bye. ahem. has anyone seen my pen? whoa! pompadour: sire! cornelius: are you all right? has anyone seen my chair? it, uh, appears to, uh, have disappeared, babar. first my pen, now my chair. what's next? my crown? [gasps] my crown! sire... oh, heh, heh... we know you've been working hard lately... and have been under a lot of strain.... yes, but what about my chair? alexander: and then i heard about the loan. alexander's right, flora. we must be in a lot of trouble if father's borrowing money. yeah, toys are not enough. we have to sell more. besides, no one will ever notice. you hope no one notices.
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there. palace yard sale, bargain prices. pompadour: sire, the rataxes' have arrived. coming right away, pompadour. presenting lord and lady rataxes. hello, rataxes. lady rataxes. babar. pht-- you're wearing our hat, lord rataxes. a thrilling sight to behold. yeah-- pht. thrilling. i wear it all the time. pht. look! my lamp! rataxes: great lamp, huh, babar? yes, indeed, rataxes. ahem. so... why don't we show you to the guest rooms? i'm going to freshen up. rataxes, see that we get unpacked. of course, darling. pht. basil, put the suitcases on the table.
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basil: whoa, whoa! uh, sorry, sir, but there is no table. what? no table? ouch! i don't remember the beds being this hard. lady rataxes: rataxes! oof! don't hide behind doors, basil. rataxes, something very strange is going on. there's no hornpaste, no mud packs and only one towel! how dare they! pht. what an outrage! pht. we rhinos deserve more respect. whoa! why, when they stayed with us i gave them tuskwax! i gave them trunk cream. why, i even gave them three towels! pht. basil. pht. get over here. what's going on? basil: it appears king babar is having a yard sale, your rhighness. [laughs] a sale? why? maybe they've run out of money! it would certainly explain the condition of this room. that must be it.
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pht, pht. gee, too bad. poor babar. it's going really well. mother and father will be so proud. you should see all the neat stuff i got. pompadour's old wig... ohh! oh, wow! alexander: a pair of...huh? isabelle: they're funny! [giggles] oops. these must belong to cornelius. better put them back. no one will ever buy that. we'll have to try and sell it at half price.
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announcer: low-fat cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread are high in calcium to help build strong bodies. [burp] can your food do that? chef truffles: king babar! an atrocity! an abomination!
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someone has stolen zee wooden whisk. i can't create without zee wooden whisk. maybe you just misplaced it. of course i haven't misplaced it. i know my kitchen like zee back of my hand. can't you use a spoon? for cake à la truffles? babar, isabelle's crib has disappeared. sire, the most terrible thing has transpired. the guest book is gone! how can we have guests without a guest book? babar, i have to talk to you. cornelius? yes, ah, it seems my glasses are missing. [gasps] the lamp! it's g-g-gone! [both gasp] we've got to find that lamp. i'll take the upstairs! i'll take the downstairs! and i will take zee kitchen!
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get lost! pht. get lost, get lost, get lost! lady rataxes: rataxes! what is it-- pht-- my dear? i don't know what to do. the plug for the sink is missing. how will i freshen up my horn? basil? lady rataxes needs your assistance. at your services, your rhighness. babar's too cheap to buy a lousy, rubber plug, so you're gonna have to plug the sink with your finger. ow, ow, ow! poor babar and celeste. i think we should help them out. well, okay. but how? why don't you buy them a plug, sir? wait! sure! we'll help them out. pht. i'll buy some of their belongings. cheap!
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i love a good bargain! pht. that's it! that's really it! that's really, really it! lady rataxes: rataxes! put it on! why do i always have to wear the hat? you know how much i hate that hat! why can't someone else wear the hat? hm. that's funny. well? basil. basil! help! there, there, babar. don't worry. we'll find it. rataxes: hurry up, basil. oh, my tusks. [trampling footsteps] lady rataxes: poor dears. they're probably looking for more things to sell. gee, what a shame. forget about them and find that hat!
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quick, basil. find that dratted hat. babar: ahem! rataxes? just checking out the closet, babar. er, great, uh, door! i like it. ahem. with your permission, sire, i'll dispatch the loan agreement immediately. babar: go right ahead, pompadour. did you hear that, basil? a loan. say, babar, nice palace you got here. wanna sell this clock? sell it? well, sure, why not? i'll bet you could use the money. nice table. how much you want for it? i don't want anything for it. wow. what a deal! you hear that, basil? it's free. well, what the heck, why don't i just buy the whole darn hallway? has the whole jungle gone crazy? new supplies!
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what is that? i think it's a hat. i think it's a "no sale". well, i think that next time you two should get the supplies. someone from the palace is coming! are you playing hide and seek, cornelius? in a way, isabelle. are you worried about the poorhouse? the poorhouse? no... the poor mouse. what poor mouse? the one in the house. what mouse in what house? the house down the street. the street, er... down there. the one with the house and the mouse! what are you children up to? pompadour: cornelius? cornelius! hurry! all: phew!
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king babar! zee lamp is gone! sire! it's a diplomatic debacle! a protocol panic. a major misfortune. a-- a-- a mess! cornelius: sorry, babar, i couldn't find it anywhere. but strangely enough, i did find my glasses. babar? what are we going to do? we're going to calm down. it's time to sign the treaty. [sniff] not a bad chair this, basil. what do you think? lady rataxes: rataxes! i think we're in for trouble, your rhighness. where's the hat? well, my love... you see... well, it's like this... yes? i hate to interrupt, your most majestic majesties, but it's time to sign the treaty. maybe babar won't notice. and maybe he will!
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ready for a little treaty-signing, babar? hey! what happened to my lamp? w-w-where is our national treasure? wait a minute... i know what you did. you-- you-- you sold my lamp! he sold my favorite lamp! rataxes: just like he sold everything else. it's not fair! it's my lamp! and i want it back! look what i found in zee-- zee-- zee-- zee garbage! this is totally inexcusable, rataxes! hey, i didn't throw it out. even though i wanted to. you're talking about our treasure. a royal rarity, unlike your lamp! it's the most beautiful lamp in the jungle! and what jungle is that? why you... you... pompous pachyderm, your rhighness? [both gasp]
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you... babar: that's enough! we're here to sign a treaty, not to argue about a hat and a lamp. ah! no lamp, no treaty. this whole situation is ridiculous. i have to disagree, babar. i have to agree that i disagree, sire. sacre bleu! all: father! father! look, dad. we know the palace is running out of money, and we wanted to help you out. we held a yard sale! we didn't want to go to the poorhouse. whatever are you talking about? pompadour said there'd be no food in the cupboards. and cornelius said we'd go hungry. [laughs] children, children. you mean, the palace hasn't run out of money? no, son. asn't.
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but what about the poorhouse? there is no such place, alexander. so we did all this for nothing? no, flora, you did it for us. now, what were you saying about a sale? well, we sold a lot of stuff, father. don't get mad, dad, but we sold everything, except some ugly old lamp. lamp? isabelle: daddy! daddy! no! babar, i've been looking for you everywhere. you must hurry. rataxes is leaving. look, celeste, the lamp. come quick, babar. maybe you can stop him. where is daddy going, mommy? he's trying to stop rataxes from leaving, dear. [panting] rataxes?
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rataxes, wait! my lamp! you should have this. it deserves a better home. well. gee, thanks, babar. but this doesn't change anything. i didn't throw it out. i know, rataxes. the children did. both: the children? dad, we're sorry. please don't go, lord rataxes. it's all our fault. we were only trying to help. pom: they were talking about no food in the cupboards, and us going hungry and-- it's all right, children. adults leap to conclusions too. ah. they sure do. well, i guess we should be going. well, perhaps we could discuss the treaty over dinner? that's the first good idea i've heard today. well, i am getting a little peckish. we sure got the better of that deal.
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we definitely came out ahead on that one, sire. next time you want to help, children, please ask first. you're not angry with us, father? babar: no, pom. i'm not. but what about everything we sold? [laughs] we'll worry about that later, flora. phew. that's good. well, at least we didn't sell the food. what's for supper, mom? both: alexander! [both laugh] [all laugh] i think it breaks a little to the left. uh-uh. to the right. nope. straight. girl: come on! i told you it was going right. ♪ get up, get up, get up ♪ and be a playah ♪ get up, get up, get up ♪ get up, get up, get up ♪ and be a playah
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so get off that couch, and let's move. take a walk. take the stairs. better yet, power squats. ugh--whew. you'll stay in shape... the more you know.
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♪ cruisin' on down main street ♪ ♪ you're relaxed and feelin' good ♪ ♪ yeah! ♪ next thing that you know, you're seein' ♪ wa-ha-ha-hoo! ♪ an octopus in the neighborhood! ♪ ♪ surfin' on a sound wave ♪ ♪ swingin' through the stars ♪ ♪ take a left at your intestine ♪ ♪ take your second right past mars ♪ ♪ on the magic school bus ♪ navigate a nostril ♪ climb on the magic school bus ♪ ♪ spank a plankton ♪ on our magic school bus ♪ raft a river of lava ♪ ride on the magic school bus ♪ [beep beep] [beep beep] woman: good morning,
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and welcome to the weekend edition of "in your face," the only tv show that asks the question, what's really going on here? i'm your host gerri poveri. this just in--the monster of walker lake has just surfaced again. mom, hurry! look! the monster's back! uh-huh. this i've got to see. here is an exclusive photo of the monster as it reappeared this morning at the crack of dawn. whoa! unreal! i couldn't agree with you more, wanda. gerri poveri would do anything for a story, even if it means making it up. but, mom, what if the monster is real? what if i, wanda lee, am the first person to make contact with this monster of walker lake? [gasp] oh, no! my whole class beat me to it. how come the monster never came up before now?
7:32 am
maybe it came up because it was hungry. maybe so, phoeb, but if i were a monster, it would take a lot more than a banana to get me back to the surface. ok, but if it is hungry, we have to feed it. if it won't come up for the banana, i'll send the banana down to it. oh, no! a banana floats. that's ok. i like banana splits better. carlos! carlos! well, if i can't get the monster to come up here, i'll send my camera down there. hey! my monster-cam floats, too. who would have guessed? if you want to see that monster, we'd better find out a way to turn these floaters into sinkers. maybe we should use my mother's calzone instead of a banana. they go down like rocks. wanda: did you see it yet? did you touch it? dorothy ann: what took you so long? we thought you'd be the first one here. yeah. well, i'm going to be the first one down there! i'm going to the bottom of the lake to find the monster. i don't know, wanda.
7:33 am
what would ms. frizzle say? it's the weekend, phoebe. no school, no ms. frizzle. arnold: look! look! look! it's coming towards us! the monster! the monster! yikes! yikes! oh! good morning, class. ms. frizzle? ms. frizzle? nothing like a dip in the deep. are you looking for the monster, too, ms. frizzle? well, if you don't look, you'll never see, and what you don't see can be very hard to find. huh? huh? hmm. you look like you have that sinking feeling, wanda. want to float something past me? gerri poveri showed a picture of the monster on tv. it has to be true. pictures can be faked, you know. to prove it's really real, you need evidence. and there isn't any. and what do you do when there isn't any evidence? go home? no, you look for it. i'm going after the monster myself! woman: this is a warning! monster alert! stay out of the water!
7:34 am
i repeat-- stay out of the water! hey, it's gerri poveri. for updates on the monster of walker lake, watch the next edition of "in your face." you heard me, folks! stay out of the water! return to the safety of your homes! wait a second. she doesn't own this lake. we can look for the monster if we want to. can't we, ms. frizzle? not only that, we can take chances, make mistakes, get wet! is it just me, or does this sound like a field trip? i propose an underwater expedition to learn the whole truth and nothing but the truth about this monster. ah, splashing idea, wanda. [whistles] [beep beep] hit it, liz! all right! cool! an underwater field trip!
7:35 am
ready to dive, ms. frizzle. ready but unable, wanda. the sinker linker is rusted. somebody forgot to swab the deck and dry the sinker linker the last time we went under. without it, we can't sink-- at least, not automatically. but we've got to get down there! this is our chance to make history! be history, you mean. oh, as my uncle wilbur used to say, "you can lead a bus to water, but you can't make it sink." yes, we can, ms. frizzle. there's got to be a way. let's see. the banana floats, and the rock sinks. they're the same size, but the banana is light, and the rock is heavy. if something is heavy enough, it sinks. what will a banana-rock do? keesha: good one, phoebe.
7:36 am
the extra weight of the rock is making the banana sink. yo, monster! lunchtime! that's it! the monster? where? what's it look like? no, not the monster. extra weight! that's how we're going to get to the bottom of this. arnold: how many more of these do we have to fill? enough to sink the bus. carlos: hey, wanda! we've almost got enough extra weight. uh-huh. this one should do it. look out! here we come! hurry! come on, liz. all aboard for the last bus going down. wanda: dive! dive!
7:37 am
tim: sinking... sinking... sunk. something about this field trip seems "fishy" to me. ha ha! carlos! carlos! you were right, phoebe. nothing like adding a little extra weight to make something sink. do you think underwater monsters like peanut butter and jelly? i don't know, but if you feed it, i'll film it. are we going to keep sinking until we hit bottom? sinking only ends when you hit bottom, arnold. hard left! hmm. looks like i've got some competition. well, not for long. [banging] what is that? we're losing our weights! phoebe: oh, no! we're rising to the surface!
7:38 am
ms. frizzle: right you are, phoebe. can you feel the water pushing us up, up, up, up? oh, isn't floating to the surface exciting? no. sinking is exciting. i don't want to float! hmm, no one is going to ruin my story, especially a bunch of nosy kids. ms. frizzle: whaa-hoo! wanda: oh, no! oa! ms. frizzle: whaa-hoo! whoa! wanda: oh, boy. we're floating again. oh! isn't it delightful? water can be such pushy stuff. push water out of the way, and it pushes back. it's the water's push that's making us float. but we've got to find that monster, ms. frizzle. we're sunk if we can't sink. as my uncle vern always said, "arrr! there's more than one way to sink a floater." coming, liz?
7:39 am
what are we going to do? maybe if i put enough heavy rocks in here and seal it up tight, my monster-cam will sink. say cheese down there! it works! now how am i going to feed the monster? send him your sandwich u.s.s. u.s.s.? united sinking service. ha ha! uh, just pitch it out there. hey, my bread's not sinking. it's floating. check it out! phoebe, there's your bread. now i'll never get to feed the monster. oh, the poor thing will starve! oh, well. hey, phoebe, don't look now, but your bread ball just sank. i don't get it. if they both weigh the same, why does a bread slice float and a bread ball sink?
7:40 am
did someone say "sink"? over here, wanda! instant replay! there. see it? your bread ball is sinking. ms. frizzle: so what's the difference between a bread slice and a bread ball? ok. i give up. what's the difference between a bread slice and a bread ball? it's not a joke, ralphie. the only difference i can see is that the ball is a lot smaller than the slice. ooh, a big point, keesha. they weigh the same, but the big one floats, and the small one sinks. does that mean you can take something that floats and crumple it down smaller, and it'll sink? now you're thinking, wanda. make it small enough, and even a cork will sink. i get it! if we crumple the bus small enough, it'll sink, right? now you're thinking sinking! class, prepare to crumple. all right! let's crumple this floater into a sinker. it'll be a tight squeeze, but not to worry.
7:41 am
we're all friends. liz, activate the crumple zones! carlos: but i still don't get it. we weigh the same, so how does being smaller make us sink? keesha: maybe it's because the more we crumple in, the less water we shove out of the way. now i get it! the less water we shove out of the way, the less the water pushes back on us. wanda: yes! and down we go-o-o-o! ms. frizzle: ♪ a-sinking we will go, a-sinking we will go ♪ ♪ down to the bottom, oh, a-sinking we will go ♪ don't these children ever give up? cut it out, phoebe. it's crumpled enough in here without you squirming around like an eel. i'm just getting ready to feed the monster when we find it. when i find it, you mean. arnold: we bottomed out, ms. frizzle!
7:42 am
♪ we're as low as we can go ♪ wanda! wanda! wanda! where are you going? where are you going? carlos: wait a sec. we're going up! what happened? why didn't we stay sunk? we were ok until wanda left. of course! when wanda left, it made us lighter. wanda, come back! [gasp] aah! wanda! wanda! tim: look! the monster's got wanda! we have to get back down there. how? the water is shoving us up again. i've got it. let's get smaller. oh, i'm afraid we can't do that, ralphie. the crumple control is jammed. we need something heavy to weigh us down, but what? i know! carlos! carlos! carlos!
7:43 am
what's he doing? keesha: he's letting water into the pontoons. the pontoons are filling up with water. now one side is heavier than the other. ralphie: i see what he's doing. water's heavy, right? more water, more weight. and down we go! good one, carlos! good one, carlos! hang in there, wanda! we're coming down! ungh! if that girl finds my monster, why, i'm sunk. ungh! [gasp] help!
7:44 am
7:45 am
[gasp] hey, mark. hey, mark. hey. where've you been? i lost my cat. aw. that's not right. yeah. so i made this cat magnet to try and get him back.
7:46 am
cool. does it work? kinda. [meow] nice. yeah. but that's not my cat. i gotta keep working on it. see ya. see ya. see ya. announcer: anything's possible, keep thinking. get started on your own inventions or just play some games at... [spits] announcer: sure they're juicy and delicious. but did you know fruits like melon and mango
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are packed with vitamin a to help you see better? eating fruit can also help make your teeth, skin and hair healthy and strong. [girl spits several seeds] can your food do that? run, throw, think, eat better.ti let go of me! get away! oh, all right! you asked for it!
7:48 am
ungh! wha--its nose just floated away! my mother was right! oh, there is no monster. it's all just pretend. gerri poveri: and i get to reveal it all on "in your face." you mean, you did this? well, i had no choice, did i? i mean, when your ratings are sinking like mine are, you need a boffo-socko expose to make them rise up again! but this is dishonest! no, no, no, no, no. i prefer to use the phrase "creative journalism." call it what you want, you won't get away with it. nobody is going to believe you. why, you're just a little kid. we'll see about that! if nothing else, she's a feisty little kid. keesha: where's wanda? carlos: and where's the monster? arnold: what if the monster ate her? but i wanted to feed it. phoebe! phoebe! just kidding.
7:49 am
wanda! ralphie: here she comes. are you ok? did you find the evidence you were looking for, wanda? what happened to the monster? ugh! the monster is a fake! what? what? the real monster is gerri poveri. she set the whole thing up just to get people to watch her show. we have to get back to the surface and stop her! the truth must be told! the truth is, the pontoons are completely filled with water! which means we're sunk-- for good. hold it. we know how to sink a floater, right? so there must be a way to float a sinker. easy. remember how we got lighter when wanda left? oh, no! do i have to go out there again? push on, arnold. i think you're wading into something. well, i was thinking that if the water in the pontoons weighs us down, what if we push the water out with something lighter?
7:50 am
and what is a lot lighter than water? air! air! air! pump hoses in place. do you think this is going to work, ms. frizzle? only one way to find out. pumpers, start your pumps! it's working! the air is pushing the water out. we're getting lighter! wanda: we've got liftoff! ms. frizzle: ahh! now that we're lighter, the force of the water pushing up is greater than our weight pushing down. and that means we can stop gerri poveri from floating a lie to the unsuspecting public just to boost her ratings. gerri poveri: ha ha ha! sink again, little girl. carlos: hey! what happened? wanda: we stopped going up! oh, no! we're going down again.
7:51 am
the corks are gone, and the air is escaping! as my old uncle windchill used to say, "air today, gone tomorrow." look! it's gerri poveri! wanda: what do we do? what do we do? the inflatable genius of gerri poveri is about to rise to the surface. it's showtime! this is gerri poveri reporting, live from walker lake. ungh! ungh! ungh! ungh! it's no use. what's sunk is sunk. look! it's gerri poveri's fake monster! dorothy ann: it's rising to the surface. there must be something we can do! we have to get lighter. wait a second. what about getting bigger?
7:52 am
remember my bread slice? crumpled and small, it sank, but when it was big, it floated. so if we uncrumple the bus, we'll get bigger, push more water out of the way, and float to the surface. good idea, d.a. ms. frizzle, maybe you can uncrumple from the inside. you got it, wanda! come on, liz! use those uncrumpling muscles! ungh... yaaah! yaaah! ummphh! ungh! ungh! dorothy ann: it's working! the bigger the bus gets, the more the water is pushing on it. carlos: no kidding! we're turning this sinker into a superfloater! bring the monster-cam, tim. i've got an idea. we'll be right back. going up! going up! underneath a deceptively calm surface, the residents of walkerville are gripped with fear,
7:53 am
but the recent sightings of the so-called monster have caused this reporter to be more than a little skeptical. hey! what's going on? hey! ooh, my camera! ooh, my chopper! ohh, my story... our story, you mean. ready, tim? ready. [air hissing] gerri poveri: so that's all that remains of the monster of walker lake. i know we ruined your story, but the truth had to be told. well, i have to hand it to you-- you're certainly a brave bunch of kids. and your camera work is excellent, tim. thanks, gerri. hi, mom! we may have been brave, but you were wrong to perpetrate this hoax.
7:54 am
you owe your public an apology. yes. yes. right you are, wanda. ahem--to these kids here and to all my viewers out there-- i'm so sorry. whoo hoo! all right! all right! yay! so let's look once again at the shot which got you a spot on this show and me an offer to star in a new underwater action/adventure series. how did you do it? wanda: we knew the monster was big enough and wide enough to float, so all we had to do was let it loose. and you know the rest. your very own monster ended up "in your face"! [laughter] yes, well, it did, didn't it? well, you must be very proud of your class, ms. frizzle. well, gerri, as you yourself once said, "the truth always floats to the surface." [laughter]
7:55 am
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8:00 am
good morning. going to extremes. the holiday weekend kicks off a scorching heat in the east while powerful storms threaten to again batter parts of missouri and the midwest. can you believe snow -- mountains of snow in the midwest? what the wild weather means for you and your travel plans. explosive testimony inside the casey anthony trial. her father takes it stand again and this time testifies about a key piece of evidence, what he found inside her car. we'll have the very latest from the courtroom. and then cuddle up, this you've got to see. a sleeping cat, her adorable kitten, and what may be just the
8:01 am
cutest video ever to go viral. this is saturday, may 28, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television you can hear the ahs across the newsroom. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> good morning, i'm amy rom batch. good morning on this holiday weekend. look at that. >> it's a very tender moment between a mother cat and her sleeping kitten and as you might imagine it's drawing millions of views on youtube. just too cute. >> more on that just ahead. following serious news this morning including the latest from joplin, missouri. president obama will tour the area tomorrow and his visit comes as the city continues to pick up the pieces and continue to rebuild.
8:02 am
we'll have a look at those missing in the tornado. >> we're at work today. most americans are spending a few days off enjoying the unofficial start of summer and 35 million people will be hitting the road this weekend. what will gas prices mean for you and your holiday travel and the summer months ahead? we'll tell you coming up. take a look at this. this is a lost relic from a true pirate of the caribbean. a huge anchor from blackbeard's ship was hauled out of the sea off of the coast of carolina. the anchor and the ship have been under the water for 300 years. it's a pretty incredible discovery. more on that in a few moments. >> a lot to get to. let's start with the extreme weather this holiday weekend. dangerous new storm threats in kansas and missouri to tell you about. chris warren is here to tell you about the latest. guo m. >> good morning to you, lester. the threat of severe weather will be with us as we head through the holiday weekend. what we're looking at here, the overall weather pattern we're
8:03 am
expecting today through monday. we're going to have more summerlike weather in part of the south and the '. in the west, it will be more like winter. right in the middle, we'll have the chance for the strong storms developing. right now, north of joplin, south of kansas city, we are seeing some of the strong storms developing. it looks like the biggest threat here will be through about mid morning. and with that, we could see some large hail, damaging winds, and possibility some isolated tornadoes with this. but light severe storms, possibly severe storms will be with us during the day today from eastern colorado all the way over to indiana. it won't be as bad as we head to sunday, however, monday, once again, we could see another round for the plains starting to fire up. so, lester, looks like this severe weather threat is not over. >> it's a wicked spring in that part of the country. thanks. >> now to the search for the missing in joplin, missouri a week after the tornado left the city in ruins, a list of unaccounted people stands at
8:04 am
1060 wi10 160 with the death toll rising to 132. good morning. >> good morning to you. the good news is that the number of missing is falling. a lot of that is because some survivors is coming forward and it continues to be something of a confusing situation. but at the same time, the number of dead is increasing. more bodies are being found. and they expect that to continue as well. we're seeing the first funeral taking place here, the first of so many that this town will have. and at the same time, we're beginning to learn more about some of the people that this town lost. they celebrated the life of adam dwayne, a joplin electrician who would have turned 28 this week. also services for ray tripp miller, 49, a sports enthusiast and long-time participant in the special olympics. not far away, residents scoured the six-mile zone of destruction going over some places for a
8:05 am
fifth time. >> as the days go on, it gets a little tougher. but we're holding strong and we're still hopeful. >> finding and identifying the dead has been slow, only 19 identified so far. worried families are not allowed to view the remains. one woman mistakenly identified one victim as her son. so the painstaking forensics are under way at the makeshift morgue outside of joplin. >> go through a very specific process to identify the bodies using medical records, using fingerprinting. >> i think there's some frustration and certainly we understand that. >> the mayor sees daunting problems everywhere. thousands still without power. phone service spotty, only bottled water is safe to drink. and some 4,000 jobs lost. >> as we continue to search and find more fatalities, we may be going through a second phase of shock realizing the number of folks that we lost. >> despite all of the pain, something is happening here
8:06 am
that's hard not to notice, american flags, all across joplin. they seem to be rising everywhere in the rubble. along with the resolve of the people. >> we will survive. we're americans, after all. we're missourians, we're joplinites. we will survive. >> state officials say they're bringing on extra staff and working around the clock trying to speed up the process of identifying the victims and notifying the families to give them some measure of peace. they identified 31 sets of remains. it's an emotional weekend around here. a memorial service plan and president obama will be here to attend that service, to pay his respects, and look at all of the devastation for himself. lester? ron allen this morning. thank you. now here's amy. >> thank you. now the politics and all eyes are on sarah palin this weekend starting a bus tour that many believe will lead to her making aed by for the race for the white house. david brody is the political
8:07 am
correspondent for the christian broadcasting network, good morning. >> hey, amy. >> no politician goes on a bus tour that ends in new hampshire who doesn't have her eye on the presidency. what is sarah palin hoping to get out of this? >> i think et's all about testing the waters, amy. i think that's a big part of it. she's going to go down and go to the early primary states and take a look. this is the unofficial testing the waters campaign, if you will. sarah palin is unpredictable. we never know what she's going to do. it's par for the course. we have a bus tour starting tomorrow. let me check the details for a moment. oh, wait, there aren't many. we have no idea exactly. this is part of her mchl o. she enjoys the fact that the media has to play catchup a little bit. but that's part of it. but, amy, if she wants to be considered a serious candidate, she has to do a reboot here, a 2.0 if you will. it's important you have to have substance on the trail. >> she startles off the tour
8:08 am
with a bit of a hiccup. she's going to start off with rolling thunder. that group is saying they want to avoid the public politics. they don't want her to speak. could it be a possible presidential run? >> she's polarizing. the problem is she has to deal with independents. part of the tour is it's going to be a bunch of, as we hear, sound full rallies across the country where folks are enjoying themselves and the liberty bell is behind them in a good photo-op. that's great and all. but she needs to add some sub stanls. how is she going to change the narrative? if this is going to be 2008 all over again, i don't think many people are interested in that. and, of course, her base is interested in that. but if she's going to move the ball forward, march it down the field, she needs to change the narrative. >> i want to take a look at the new cnn opinion research poll, it's difficult asking voters who
8:09 am
they would support as a nominee. rudy giuliani isn't in the race right now takes the lead. mitt romney, sarah palin, ron paul. no one candidate had an overwhelming support. there's not much enthusiasm, correct, for this group? >> it's a wait and see enthusiasm. at some point someone is going to come to the forefront. but, look, i think what that poll shows is that mitt romney is a flawed front-runner here. he's not a slam dunk by any stretch of the imagination. rudy giuliani comes along, he's been under the radar, but he's got major name recognition. that's important also. don't forget social issues not going to be as important in 2012 or 2008 or 2012 as they were in 2008. that's part of it as well. >> david brody, thanks so much. >> thanks, amy. time to get a check of some of the top news stories of the day. richard lui at the newsdesk. good morning, we begin in poland where president obama is wrapping up the five-nation
8:10 am
european tour. the commander in chief met with poland's president and oh leaders today. he's asking them to use the other lessons they learned to help with the fall of communism to help with the democratic movements in the middle east and north africa. the results of an uprising in egypt as they promise to improve relations with the palestinians. they took a big step in that opening reopening for the first time in four years it gaza strip, gateway to the outside world. palestinians lined up across the border to reopen permanently. israel is concerned that hamas militants will be able to move more freely. history made in space twice in one day on friday. two astronauts made the final space walk of nasa's 30-year shuttle program. they installed a 50-foot boom to stay in the international space station. friday marked the completion of the $100 billion ism. future space walks will be deployed by space astronauts.
8:11 am
the actor jeff conoway has died best known for "grease" and "taxi." it was a serial substance abuser and it cost him his life at the age of 60. after 300 years, an anchor of one of blackbeard's pirate ships was discovered friday off of the coast. it comes from queen anne's revenge. blackbeard's ship sank in 1718, five months after he was killed in a battle. the anchor will be on display in the marathon museum. for cat lovers and haters, little ginger slumbers. the twitches, single paw, double. dreaming along, fir jetting. mouth wide open. mom stretches and pulls baby ginger with a hug. now snuggled up to mom, the
8:12 am
kitten sleeps calmly. 4 million views in three days. that's 20 seconds of ah shucks for you. >> no cat haters. >> no, can't be. look at that. >> we're pretty much done. we can't top that. chris warren is back with a check of the national forecast. >> we could have weather haters in some spots as we head to the day today. still a chance for storms. possibly some severe storms today as we look in the middle part of the country. also in the northeast, a chance of storms. we have a way from the coast, cool and unsettled across the north. a look at what's happening across the country. now a look at where you live. >> on doppler, skies are clear for the time being. no problems this morning. you're out and about, you're just fine. 64 in winchester, it is 70 in d.c. 69, quantico, and 72, southern
8:13 am
maryland. our weather out on the bay, 81 degrees. water temperature, 72. there's a small craft advisory in effect. we'll probably fire up some thunderstorms this afternoon. shouldn't be any widespread s. that's your local forecast. now here's amy. chris, thank you. the mystery surrounding the crash of air france flight 447 may have finally been solved this week with the release of the detailed report on the tragedy. the findings reveal the terrifying last 3 1/2 minutes for that jet. nbc's tom costello joins us with more now. amy, good morning. what emerges from the black box of flight 447 is a portrait of chaos inside the cockpit. trouble struck four hours in to the flight from rio to paris. the two co-pilots at the controls a the time were 32 and 37 while the veteran captain was on a rest break. it was a cockpit voice and flight data recorders discovered amid the wreckage in 13,000 feet
8:14 am
of water that have now given the investigators the best clues over what caused the disaster. the air bus a-330 was flying in turbulence over the atlantic when the air speed sensors iced over and failed. without those sensors, the autopilot and autothrust systems disengaged. amid the chaos with the captain on a routine rest break, they reacted by pitching the nose up, beginning a dramatic climb from 35,000 feet to 38,000 feet. soon, the plane lost lift and went into an aerodynamic stall. >> it's a lot of confusion. the airplane wasn't doing what it was doing seconds ago. it's not doing what you expect it to do, why not. >> the plane rolling from side to side, both co-pilots called out they had no valid indications or speed readings. fighting the stall, the pilots may have been spatially disoriented, not knowing up from
8:15 am
down, right from left. the captain raced back, but apparently never took control of the plane. >> you have the airplane pitching up and down dramatically but left and right dramatically. it became a high level of confusion for them. >> in the next 3 1/2 minutes, the plane plunged from 38,000 feet to the water below, slamming into the ocean's surface, belly first. it's possible the passengers never knew how serious the trouble was. even before the crash, air france knew those particular air speed sensors were defective. it has since replaced the sensors on a all of the planes. this is not the final report. that may not come out for another year or so. but the investigators report the plane's engines were working until the moment of the crash, indicating that had the plane not gone into a stall, it was most likely flyable. amy? tom costello, thank you. still to come, sky high gas prices or not, find out if this
8:16 am
summer will bring relief at the pump. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:17 am
8:18 am
we have good news at the gas pump this week. don't adjust the volume. we had good news for gas. prices fell. one in new jersey changed the sign with a new lower price per gallon. with 31 million americans traveling by car this weekend, will the relief last through summer. the finance correspondent joins us with more. good morning. >> good morning, lester. >> irregardless of what happens over the spring, normally this is when prices start to go up. >> it's unusual to see prices fall going to the memorial day weekend and fall further the days after memorial day weekend. but that's what we're likely to see here. we're seeing prices that spiked in the beginning of the month. we had refinery issues that were really a concern for a lot of refiners. that helped to drive up prices. now we're seeing relief there.
8:19 am
>> it's still expensive. gas is $3.80 a gallon. it's not cheap. could there be more relief or are we going to the typical summer pattern where it stays high? >> we're more $1 an average a year ago. this is not what i want to be paying. we're likely to see more weeks coming because demand is starting to taper off. the high prices we had under $4 a gallon for the national average, that did start to hit people. and they did cut back on their driving. if they continue to see demand fall, we can likely see prices continue to drop as well. >> the volatility, you mentioned the flooding in the mississippi river. hurricane season is about on us. a lot of variables here, right? >> a lot of variables. people need to realize. not so much the price of oil as much as it is as the wholesale gasoline that determines what you pay at the pump. that has to do with the refineries. if we have a hurricane that hits refineries along the gulf coast, that could cause gas prices to spike.
8:20 am
because we see these flood fears abate a bit, that causes the prices to come down. >> demand dropping. are we beginning to see long-term impacts of high gas prices? are we changing fundamentally of how we live? >> we've seen demand fall 2% versus what we saw the same time a year ago. this is a trend going on for the last two months. so it does seem that $3.80 a gallon or so might say, hey, this is too much for me to handle right now and they start to taper back some of the driving habits and demand starts to come down. if we continue to see that happen, we continue to see prices fall. >> thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> back in a moment. but first these message ms. took some wild risks when i was young. but i was still taking a risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more, and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol, stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39 to 60 percent.
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good morning, everyone. 70 degrees outside. clear skies for now. there may be some storms a little later. it's 8:27 right now. i'm kimberly suiters. the memorial day weekend is here, and if you haven't left yet, you might want to. especially if you're headed to ocean city. the bay bridge can get pretty clogged up on weekends. experts suggest leaving before 7:00 this morning. we're a little too late for that. you can also leave after 5:00 tonight to avoid the heaviest traffic. on sunday, you can expect less traffic before 11:00 a.m. and after 10:00 p.m. we'll be right back with your weather
8:28 am
8:29 am
kim martucci standing by in the storm center 4 to tell us about the storms that could pop up this afternoon. kim? >> yes, that's a key word, this afternoon. because right now, as you can see on digital doppler, nothing's going on. we've got a gorgeous morning. but later today, we'll be keeping an eye on the sky for some storms. i don't think they'll be as widespread as yesterday, nor as severe, but we'll be watching some today. and today will be the stormiest day of the holiday weekend weather. it is 70 in d.c., 67, clinton,
8:30 am
and 69, quantico. this afternoon, we'll take you up to 83. and by 3:00, that's when those storms should be around here, kimberly. back to you. >> thank you, kim. 90 minutes of local news, weather, and sports coming up at 9:00. for now, back to new york and we're back on this saturday morning, may 28, 2011. it's the unofficial start of summer, memorial day weekend. it feels like summer out here on the plaza. but i'm not complaining. a group hug on this holiday weekend here with us. we want to thank them for spending part of their morning with us. out on the plaza, i'm amy robach along with lester holt. it's day five of the casey anthony murder trial. the jury sequestered today as well. >> a witness for the prosecution who may in fact have helped the
8:31 am
defense case. coming up, the testimony, why it may have backfired for the prosecution and what we expect to hear in court today. >> all right, with all of this summerlike weather outside, many of us have been outside fixing up our yards, planting, weeding, maximizing the home's curb appeal. before and after curb appeals and how you can achieve the same look before the summer months. >> after the hot day in the yard, how about ice cream sandwiches. we've got the segment on which ice cream sandwiches fared best in a taste test. of course, we've got to taste for ourselves to confirm the findings. >> it's going to be a really tough job, lester. a lot to get to this half-hour. but first, another check of the weather from the weather channel's chris lawrence. >> good morning, chris. >> good morning to both of you. we're having a warm day warm da here on the east coast and the south. it's also a happy day for some people here. we have a couple happy birthdays here.
8:32 am
and what are we doing to celebrate? >> i am going to be going to a mets game later on today. >> all right. well, good luck, have fun. and as far as the weather goes, we'll have some spots where we are going to see strong storms today and tomorrow. here's where we have the greatest risks. see the areas in red in the great plains and outer lakes, that's where we have a chance for storms. it's going to be hot on the east coast and the south by the time we get into your sunday. that's a look across the country, here's what's happening where you live. >> 73 is the warm spot at annapolis this morning. i'm meteorologist kim martucci. great to have you with us on this holiday weekend. a nice little warm-up in place already, but it's still comfortable. 69 in martinsburg and 68 in fredericksburg. yesterday, storms are over, but the boundary that triggered them is still nearby, so we'll look for a few more storms today. not as widespread. the temperatures will be warm. middle 80s here in warrenton. 83 in st. mary's, ands. remember, you can find your weather any time of the day, 24
8:33 am
hours on the air, on cable, and on, it's your weather channel. amy? chris, thank you. coming up in a few hours, the murder trial of casey anthony resumes. >> who will take the stand today? we'll find out. but first these messages. i've seen the sunrise paint the desert. witnessed snowfall on the first day of spring. ♪ but the most beautiful thing i've ever seen was the image on a screen that helped our doctor see my wife's cancer was treatable. [ male announcer ] ge technologies help doctors detect cancer early so they can save more lives. bringing better health to more people. ♪ is this a jowl?
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8:36 am
now to the murder trial of casey anthony. a florida mom accused of killing her young daughter, caylee. the jury will hear more testimony in that case today. it follows a week full of surprises from the courtroom. kerry sanders is in orlando with the latest. kerry, good morning. well, good morning. today is day five of what's expected to be a two-month-long trial. it's only just beginning. but testimony on friday was explosive. casey anthony stands accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. prosecutors say the single mother killed her daughter so she could enjoy the carefree life of a party girl. but on friday, the testimony from one prosecution witness backfired in gripping fashion. >> casey and caylee had a very -- a very special bond. >> mallory parker, casey's brother's fiancee said the only thing she saw in casey was a doting, loving mother.
8:37 am
>> did she ever appear neglected to you? >> no. >> did you ever see casey strike orator chur or punish caylee in any harmful way? >> no, sir. >> and the best way that you can describe their relationship would be amazing? >> amazing. >> that testimony of a mother's love for her daughter was in sharp contrast to video after video after video in all 11 recordings of casey on the day and in the days following her daughter's death, seemingly living life as if nothing was wrong. on a shopping spree at places like target, ikea, and winn dixie. casey's lawyers have accepted the tapes for what they are. >> the parties have agreed to the fact. it should be considered as true. >> what remains at issue is casey's car, illegally parked and take on the the tow yard.
8:38 am
the tow yard operator said when he approached the car, it had the odor of a decomposing body. >> the instant flash is like, whew, i know what that sounds like. >> later casey anthony's father george approached the car. >> that particular smell when you smell it is something you never forget. >> a former law enforcement officer, george had come to claim the vehicle. now having not seen his daughter for 23 days or grand daughter for 31 days, he said he feared what he was about to discover. >> i don't know if i said it in a high whisper or a low tone of voice, i said, please, god, don't let this be casey or caylee. >> there was no body. the only thing that was in the trunk was a bag of garbage. now, this was all important to the state's murder case because they need to connect the dead body in casey's car, because then that connects casey to the allegations of murder.
8:39 am
amy? all right, kerry sanders, thank you. one weekend, it's clear two very different pictures of casey anthony are emerging to the jury. one is a loving devoted mother and the other is a young woman more interested in partying than being a parent. beth karas is a former prosecutor. good morning. >> good morning. >> we know that the week began with testimony about casey's character. but as we saw in terry's piece, it ended with the prosecution trying to focus on the smell of death in her car. did the prosecution in your opinion state effectively, or at least connect the fact that there was a dead body in casey's car? >> they are beginning to make the connection. there will be scientific evidence that will support that there were human remains in that car for some period of time. but this just the beginning. it was good compelling evidence -- the odor of decomposition because it's so distinct. the defense, however, does not
8:40 am
agree. that odor was not decomposition. they will try to dismandl the scientific evidence that will come in the next few weeks. >> the murder weapon in this case is the duct tape found in little caylee's body. on her mouth and nose. that's how she died. what, then, are they laying out to be the motive in this case? >> well, that's a good question. prosecutors don't have to prove motive. but if you can give the jury a motive, that's helpful. and they are suggesting that the single mother who had a child at 19 was now 22 years old, really just wanted to live life and not be burdened by her child. that's the only motive they can suggest. however, the evidence right now seems to suggest otherwise, that she really was a doting mother. but susan smith years ago was a good mother and she drowned her two boys in the car to be with a new boyfriend. so, it doesn't necessarily mean that she's a good mother she's not also a murderer. >> beth, the defense is saying that caylee's death was the
8:41 am
result of an accidental drowning. but how then do they plan to explain the fact that casey waited 30 days to report her daughter missing and also the fact that she was out partying during that time even if it was an accidental death, how could she be out and how could we be seeing her in the pictures that are there in evidence? >> well, the defense started to deal with that in opening statements. granted, openings aren't evidence. they will present evidence later. but they conceded that there's dysfunction in this house hold and that casey has a problem and she is a big liar, she has hidden this big secret for years. the jury heard about this big secret in the opening statements and in the selection, sexual abuse at the hands of her father from the time she was small. they're not denying she was partying. she lived a life of deception. that's what she did for years as a child adolescent and a young dull. that's what she continued to do
8:42 am
after her daughter died. she feared her father. they said the father found the baby dead. she said look what you 'done, what's your mother going to do. she conspired with her father to hide the accidental death. i don't know how far they can go without putting a lot of the details, they can't without putting casey on the stand. you have to testify about the scenario at the pool finding your daughter dead. i don't see any other way that that can come in. but it remains to be seen what they'll do with the odor and decomposition with the other evidence in the trunk. how did the body end up in the woods. what did george anthony do with the body? those questions are out there lingering. they're not offering that explanation yet. >> we heard the father deny all of the claims as well. that's a lot to get to. appreciate that. >> pleasure. >> first, these messages.
8:43 am
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8:46 am
catcher. projects that go a long way, mark cartuzo. >> i always do that. >> mike, good to have you. you've been on before to talk about landscaping before. how that increases the value and the attractiveness of your home. but talk about lighting first off. bring it up a notch. >> landscape lighting is great. it will do so much. it can make such a dramatic change to the way the house looks. if you've never seen the outside of your house, there's a lot of things you can do. put lightings up in trees to catch a moonlit ambiance down in the yard. >> free examples. >> all of the things you can do. and there's so many options and so many different lights you can get. we've added some pathway lights because lights does a couple of things for you. they have practical purposes. it helps with safety and security because there's no better deterrent than light. safety on the path way to see where you're walking. >> the idea of wiring is daunting which these are not
8:47 am
wired. these are solar. >> these are virtually maintenance free. there's no wiring. but there's a photo cell so they turn themselves on at night. turn themselves off in the morning. you don't even have to turn them on. and, again, virtually maintenance free. >> drive them in the ground. >> drive them in the ground. >> talk about path ways. >> flowers. >> we want to talk about flowers. to add that punch of color to the front of your house, obviously looks great. it can help set your house apart from the houses that are in the neighborhood. but a well maintained flower bed indicates you have a well maintained home. so it's a nice addition to your house. so mulch. we talked about mulch before. lots of moisture, prevents weeds. >> talk about the walk waives. you have the big cement sidewalks. >> sidewalks, cement is fine. but you want to dress up, do something like this. big pavers from pave stones.
8:48 am
the process is relatively simple. it's not that complicated. clear a space, level it. add paver, a base, crushed gravel for drainage. add the pavers, these comes in all kinds of sizes and colors you. can do all kinds of patterns. fill the cracks with sand to lock them in place. there's weight involved. depending on the complexity of the pattern. they come in all kinds of different styles and shapes. these are stones that are really nice in the ground. another option is these, these look like stones but they're rubber. >> easy to work with. >> a lot lighter, easier to work with and they're made from 100% recycled tires to keep all of the tires from going to the land fill. comes in all different kinds of styles and colors. wonderful. >> paint is a no-brainer. paint in the door itself. >> a lot of studies talk about the return on the investment. a lot of things you can do at
8:49 am
home. but some things you invest on the money. two of the things on the list are front doors, entry doors, and garage doors because they play such a part in how your house looks. if your doors are in really good shape and you don't want to necessarily change them, you can paint them. so to add that nice punch of color, you have a blah door that blends to the house, this is going to stand out. you can do the same thing to the garage door. use the pressure washer to clean the door off. >> make your house eye catching. >> behr ultra is the paint we suggest because it saves you can step of putting the primer on first and you don't have to buy it so it saves you time and money. >> anything to make it easier. i'll take it. just to have you here, the cream of the crop, which ice cream bar is the best? the taste test coming up. but first, these messages.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
in morning on today's "taste test," ice cream bars. when it comes to frozen treats, nothing can top them. >> the most popular brands are the vanilla ice cream with the milk chocolate coating. we have doc willow by with cook's ice cream and america's kitchen. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is a tough job. we've been upset. >> nice. >> horrible, horrible. >> you can do it. >> tell us about your winner. >> the winner is dove chocolate bars. two things about an ice cream bar, the ice cream and the chocolate. we found that the tasters, in a blind taste test, chocolate is the most important. this is the deepest, richest chocolate flavor. >> so good. >> we're going to be tasting all of these, but there can be no losers. >> this is true. >> what are your tasters looking for? >> what they were mostly looking for, two things. most important thing is rich,
8:53 am
deep chocolate flavor. they wanted a thick chocolate not only for the taste but the spin you bite into it and it cracks up and falls off. looking for the thickest. the best -- >> pocket jobs what did you like about this one? >> the other thing, of course, is a good ice cream. they like the chocolate. >> going to get there, right? >> yeah. >> so this is the only ice cream of any of these bars that has no stabilizers or gums. it's what you have if you made them at home. the richest ice cream flavor. >> haven't found a loser yet. >> this might be a one that's messy to eat. i'll try. this one from blue bunny. >> that's right. they're thick, rich. people like them, but they felt the chocolate flavor was a little not strong enough. it was a little weak. >> it is. >> part of that is because all of them use coconut oil to keep the chocolate from turning gray
8:54 am
when you freeze it and they use more than other people. >> oh. >> oh, there you go. >> the next bar is the kind you say you might find in the ice cream shop? >> good humor bars. the ice cream is not as rich and the chocolate is very sweet. but the people who really like these are the people who grew up with them. >> it does remind me of childhood. the ice cream truck. >> the next one -- collondike. >> people who like chocolate that's more complex that has more flavors and toffee flavors really like the klondike. the chocolate they said wasn't quite pure enough. >> i have to say, when you start out with the best, it does have a different effect. >> you didn't taste a chocolate. >> really? i'm on a roll here. >> i'm going to take my bar back. >> really. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
good morning. i'm kimberly suiters. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. straight ahead on "news 4 today," it might be tough getting around town this holiday weekend. we'll run down some of the trouble spots including the metro stations with no service right now. and two cases of women attacked in taxis. this morning, the warnings the next time you catch a cab. and now to derrick. a prayer vigil and a search for a man missing since earlier this week. i'll have details coming up. and i'm kim martucci with your holiday weekend weather forecast. i'll let you know if we'll see
8:58 am
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