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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  September 14, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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gray pushing for change in leadership and promising to be a more inclusive mayor if elected. >> i grew up in d.c. like all y'all. i want this to be the best city in the world especially for our kids. >> we thought we could win it. we feel confident we could win this election. >> polling places ope at 7:00 this morning and will remain open until 8:00 tonight. >> let's see what kind of day we will have for voters. >> tom is here with the latest on the forecast. >> did voting weather. off to a mostly clear start this tuesdaymorning. temperatures in the region are pleasant. it's 68 at the national airport. and in downtown washington, mid-60s. low 60s prince george' county. arlington, fairfax and montgomery near 60 degrees. good weather across maryland for
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the election. it's in the low 60s and upper 50s on the eastern shore inhe mountains of western maryland and west viinia. near 60 this morning. a few high clouds drifting from the northwest. we'll have quite a bit of sunshine today. a few high clouds fm time to time. highs reaching the low 80s. a bit of a northwest breeze. tomorrow more of the same although a bit cooler. a chance for rain moving in after sunset, thursday evening and rush hour friday morning and drying out after that. how is the tuesday traffic? >> tom, good morning. good morning, everyone. starting off quiet and dry. good visibility this morning. unlike yesterday. interstate 66 yesterday this time was shrouded in fog. not the case this morning. moving along nicely. germantown along i-270 southbound around the bend to 118. so far so good as we get under way.
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>> well, thank you, jerry. >> today voters will decide prince george's cnty executive. it is expected to be a highly competitive race. >> i have a proven record. i brought resource toss prince george's county. i have provided leadership of an agent that was almost extinct when walked in as sheriff. >> this is a great opportunity for prince george's county. if you look at where we're standing right here in largo, the opportunity to bring usinesses to prince george's county, and the han-on experience i have, working with our education system, it's an important election. >> levi, dean, and turnerre the other candidates in this primary. they're all trying to replace jack johnson, returning to private sector after eht years in office. a possible rematch between
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o'malley and uhrlich. today th will face members of their own par. o'malley is expected to easily win the race today. and uhrlich will face murphy. u u uhrlich is favored to win the republican nod. >> we're keeping an eye on the 16th district. there are 13 different candidates running for the spot ream vacated. we will be monitoring all the races throughout the morning. stay with us for live reports at 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. you can get the latest on also right now, metro is
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still work to go repair a string of elevator outages that affected several northern virginia stations. the roslyn, courthouse, pentagon and crystal city. paramedics had to free one woman from an elevator after she not trapped at courthouse station. work could last through tomorrow. still not clear what caused the elevators to shut down. this moing, georgetown university is investiting what they call several hate and bias incidents. they occurred between september 6th and 13th at two separate residce halls, now south hall and darnell halls. hitlerand swastikas were written on dry ee race boards. a neighborhood dispute over a speed bump may have led to a murde in fairfax county in the
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springfield area. police say the suspect and victim knew each other. pat collins talked with neighbors who knew the victim. >> this is a story about a man who lives in this house. and another m who lives down the street in that house. and a new speed bu on field master drive and how an argument over this hump could have led to a case of murder. >> he kept an eye on all us here. on all of us. he went to our house ihe would go away. he would check the papers and stuff like that. just a great guy. >> neighbors say a short time ago the murder victim lobbied deposit to put the speed bump on the road in front of this house. they say some people didn't like the bump. they say david patton, who lived up the street, really didn't
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like it and he would drive past carr's house and honk his hn in protest. june 11th it escalated. there was an altercation, police say, between carrr and patton here. carr charged patton with assault june 11th. july th, august 11th, september 11th. the two were supposed to go to court this thursday. but police say last night patton came to carr's house, went inside and shot and killed his accuser. >> neighbors can get along sometimes. nd a silly thing like a speed hump can cause a tragedy like this. doesn't make any sense, does it? >> not at all. >> yeah. really sad day for the community. >> i'm pat collins, news 4 today. prosecutors charged 44-year-old david patton with
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murder. he is being held without bound. police in south florida are investiting the murder of a d.c. woman. the chief executive officer often traveled to florida for business. investigators if florida. pci said it shocked and saddened b the loss of their ceo. it is still unclear what really happened moments before a d.c. pice officer shot and killed a dog at the adams morgan day festival. a 2-year-old pitbull shar pei mix. he did bite a poodle during the fight but was in the middle of
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calming him down when a d.c. poli officer stepp in. the officer put his hand on parrot's throat and he spun around and bit the officer on his hand. >> he grabbed the dog, flipped him down the stairs on his back. the officer came to the top of the stairs, fired one shot. it did not immediately kill my dog. they left him to bleed out at the bottom of the stairs. >> several other people witnessed the incident. some of the stories match what hapned block says. block raised a concern that police fired a shot into a confined space with lots of people around. a computer glitchesterday caused more headaches at the franconia office. it's not clear whether this was
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related to the computer meltdown of last monthwhich prevented customers from renewing their licenses in a week. that problem, though, was eventually resolved. 4:39. 67 degrees. students across the country will get a special message from the president of the u.s. what he plans to encourage kids to do this school year. aging pipes after a huge explosion in california. being being done now toake sure nothing like that happens again.
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time for weather and traffic. at this hour we have a partly cloudy to mostly clear sky. temperatures around the recently are cool and coortable. near 60 in the suburbs and ral areas. mid-60s near the water. in the mountains, near 60. high today reaching low 80s with a few high clouds coming through. partly cloudy to clear tonight. near 80 on wednesday. mostly sunny tomorrow. thursday, increasing clouds. could get showers friday morning. drying out after that. a look at the weekend in ten minutes. jerry, how is traffic? >> doing good. live pictures ket el works. a light volume of traffic this hour. the trip south of town to wilson
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bridge doing a-okay. had app aident in brandywine. that was cleared moments ago. overturned car. ot to wor. everything is gone. i-95 northbound and southbound between the two beltways looking good. 4:43. still to come, plans to build a mosque near ground zero may be quashed. why the man behind is is exploring different options. pictures show the hurricane from space, kind of upside-down. [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon.
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4:45 is your time. d.c. voters decide today whether adrian fenty will serve another term. voters in prince george's county will choose a new executive for the primary.
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it is a close race between baker and jackson. a deadly shooting may be linked to a fightover a speed hump. steven carr was shot and kied in his own home sunday night. patton was previously charged with assaulting carr in june. he was upset that he lobbied lawmakers to install that hump in front of his house. crews working to repair self elevators today. they could last through wednesday. it is still unclear what caused the elevators to shu down. today president obama heads to philadelphia to make his second speech to as many children. the president will tell students if they phone us on their studies and wor hard they can achieve their goals and dreams. last year conservatives accused
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him of using the speech to push the views of children. tax cuts as election day approaches. president obama has a plan to extend bush era tax cuts for the middleclass while raising tax on the wealthiest americans. he is feeling resistance from not only republicans but democrats as well. senate republicans say they have enough votes to block the legislation. and at least five democrats say they tonight support the plan. economists say hiking taxes on anyone could threaten economic recovery. >> lernlg share of consumption. at's a drag on the economy and that's not what we need right now. >> we're taking a chance that the recovery go back into recession. >> if the tax cuts are allowed to expire in disease, rates will
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rise for everyone. at led john boehner to say he may support the president's plan if that's the only option. all options on the table including finding a new location. his group is looking for a solution still. he says he thinks it is disingenuous to call the block in question hallowed ground because it's filled with sprip clubs and betting parlors. 63% think it would be inappropriate. ferl investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a natural gas pipeline to explode last week in san bruno. four people were killed in the blast and clos to 40 homes destroyed. nbc's leanne gregg has more on the investigation. >> reporter: gas station security video of an bruno. from the air, a view of what's
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left. >> this has been a tremendous disaster, and we want the people to know we're doing everything we can. >> reporter: pacific gas and electric started inspecting all natural gas lines as ordered by state regulators. but there's concern about aging pipelines beyond california. >> in many local communities, because of a lack of local rules and regulations neighborods have grown and sprawled over these high pressure pilines. >> reporter: critics say they should have replac the lines in san pru know earlier, point to go a company memo that reads the likelihood of failure of this location is unacceptably high. more than half the homes in america are heated by natural gas. officials hope what they learn
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will help prevent future disasters. forecasters are keeping their eyes on the atlanc this morning as hurricane igor continues to churn. nasa released this video of igor which is a category 4 storm with winds nearly 140 miles per hour. it is staying south of bermuda the next few days. igor isn't the only one. julia has winds 75 miles per hour. >> igor sounds like it could be a scary monster. will it become such? >> well, it is already. the question is is it going to spread in our coastline? it is looking like it will stay out to sea. i'll show you the latest track
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coming up. a pleasant start to this election day. temperature, 68 at national airport. near 60 prince george's, arlington, fairfax and montgomery county. farther to the wefshths temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s. southern maryland anthe northern virginia is upper 60s. near 60 maryland and west virginia. a few locations dipped into the 50s. we have a few high clouds north andest on an upper level low. here's the latest with hurricane igor. it is a very well-formed storm. julie coming off to the right of your screen. not developing yet. igor is taking it north and west and near bermuda saturday midday. winds decreased, 135. it's200 miles southeast of ocean city. it looks like it will stay out
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to sea. he's how thgs are looking for tuesday, election day. great weather. temperatures in the upper 70s. low 80s by midafternoon. we'll have a crescent move in the sky after sunset. and then wednesday into the upper 70s to near 80 with sunshine. thursd, incrowsing clou. high mid-80s. jerry, how is the traffic? >> smooth sailing all jurisdictions. as we take a live look, capital and new hampshire. so far, so good. visibility much better than this time yesterday. let's head over. rush hour picking up a little bit of volume new york avenue inbound towards the exit for the third street tunnel. but no accidents to report. >> thank you. 63 degrs -- 66 degrees make
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that. thinning out the streets of d.c. we sit down with the man in charge of the strict's transportation department. who
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well, do you know how much your teens text if you believe one study you
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might say omg. teens send nearly 2800 text messages per month. ink abou that per day or even hour. women hold a clear advantage over men. the study finds women spend more than 14 hours a month on the phone, about three and a half hours more than men. the naion's capital -- >> i'm not surprised really. >> duh. the nation's capital has the worst commute. of course that's no secret to us who le in and around the beltway. >> just what makes driving in d.c. so bad and what's ing done about it. >> driving around d.c. in a nutshell. >> scary. frustrating. time consuming. >> the hatred is justified. at least according to a recent allstate insurance study. d.c. was the worst in which to
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drive. what makes it so seems to be about the only thing on which we can agree. >> driving in d.c. is hectic. >> root cause of the congestion depend on who you ask. the man who runs the city's transportation division says the west moved him. >>looking up and down the street and seeing until no cars. >> gabe has a plan. >> it's going to be free for the fir 30 minutes and very low after that. >> a bike sharing program to miles of new pike lanes. >> i love it. doors swinging open. cars running red lights. >> not everyone thinks they're so great. >> it sure seems like they've declared a law on motorists. >> and the general could be ron
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anderson. >> what you do to cars and to the metrobuses that use pennsylvania avenue, it should cause instant grid lock. >> aerson would rather see d.c. focus on these. >> i think signal optimization would help. >> d.c. is on it. >> it will flip the signal as long as there's no other carsn the corridor coming. >> while it's in the budget the expense means we won't see it for years. anderson says those well-intentioned efforts have been overshadowed by something else the city has done. >> it increased to toubl more
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than 71 different offenses. and of course they jacked up the on street parking now. $2, $3 an hour. >> but if you can find a spot. >> there's no parking. >> there's nobody that likes to pay for parking. >> the reality is times have changed. >> hopefully the grid lock soon will too. >> well intentioned. but it's hard to imagine fewer cars on the roads in the area. looks like we're getting more. >> it doesn't hurt to imagine. >> and try to do everything we can to reduce congestion. >> stay wi us now. news 4 today continues at 5:00 a.m. primary day is finally here. >> before t


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