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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 18, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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we've all rising to the roofs and seen people paddling boats down some of the streets there. >> we want to go to dundalk councilman who is heading to the scene now. are you with us? >> yes, i am. >> what can you tell us about what you know about what started this and how long it's going to take to begin to stop this surge of water? >> yeah. i'm actually on the scene. i was listening to the reports. everything they said is accurate. there are swift boat operations going on as we speak. we have divers from baltimore county, baltimore city on the scene, as well. i spoke to the county executive. we have all the forces down here we need. it's pretty bad. it's a 60-inch water main break. i'm sorry, 72-inch water main break. they are just trying to figure out how they can, where they
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want to turn it off at. they have to be careful how they turn it off because if they turn it off too quickly, it may cause ruptures in other areas. >> do they know how it broke or why it broke? >> we haven't gotten that information yet. it's still in the preliminary stages. right now the focus is on the residents in the area and doing swift boat rescues. there's two-fold here. we are trying to get the water turned off and secondly make sure we look after the safety of the residents of the community. >> councilman, what are you hearing about that in terms of are people trapped? are they having to rescue anybody? what word are you getting about that? >> i haven't heard of anybody being trapped yet. i think it's more of a matter of getting their resources here. as you can tell, the more the water gushes out, the higher it will rise.
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there are instances of people walking in the water up to their waist and up to their chest. cars are up to the level where it's up to the hood. want the residents of baltire county to be reassured all the resources we have on hand are here, and that the safety of the residents is our number one concern. >> dundalk councilman john oshevsky, hope you get that turned off soon. >> we are going to do our best to make sure we get that water turned off. >> thank you. first lady michelle obama took center stage today in the push for health care reform when she delivered a speech at the white house. the first lady called health care a women's issue. >> her speech is part of an all-out public relations push on health care reform from the obama administration. steve handelsman on capitol hill has more. >> reporter: good evening. in recent years, women more than
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men have tended to support democrats. now president obama and his wife hope to use that to win on health care. first lady michelle obama urged women's groups in washington to mobilize like never before to fight for health care reform. >> it is very much a women's issue. >> reporter: she said women work more part time and low-wage jobs, so their medical coverage tends to be worse than men's. >> we have to reform the system. the status quo is unacceptable. it is holding women andamilies back. we know it. >> reporter: across town at the value voters conference, conservatives said they, too, want reform. >> that lowers the cost of health insurance for working families and small businesses, but the american people don't want a government-run insurance plan paid for with billions of dollars of taxes. >> reporter: conservative mike huckabee said before there is health care reform, americans ought to get more exercise and the like. >> simply covering more people
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only exacerbates the problem by making it so more people will be encouraged to live unhealthy lifestyles. >> reporter: many of the value voters call barack obama a socialist. moderate republican senator olympia snowe does not. >> i don't. in fact, i almost sense the opposite. he's been very realistic in s views on health care. >> reporter: democrats hope snowe will vote with them. she might if there is a change in the fines for people who refuse to get health insurance. >> if there is a penalty, i would like to pay it for coverage than a penalty. >> reporter: many mocrats want changes. besides the fines and penalties, another issue is a proposed tax on high-cost medical plans. some democrats say they don't want people with great coverage now to be penalized so that other people can get coverage.
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live from the hill, steve handelsman, news4. >> thank you, steve. in montgomery county, police arrested a 17-year-old and accused him of murdering a 35-year-old woman. police found that woman's body in a storage shed in her backyard. she lived on castleter yas in silver spring. jane watrel reports. >> reporter: the disappearance of 35-year-old rosa vasquez was solved last night by montgomery county detectives, just a few feet away from the back door of the family's home. there, detectives discovered the woman's body stuffed in a plastic storage container. the silver spring woman that had initially been reported missing by her ex-husband, last seen leaving for work august 31st at 7:00 in the morning. she lived in the 3600 block of castle terrace. her employer, her husband and everyone who knew rosa vasquez told police she was highly reliable and this was not the case of a missing woman.
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police worked the case for a couple of weeks and last night decided to go back to the family home and retrace their steps. they found h body. now they are trying to come up with a motive. >> as you might guess, this is still very fresh. we started very early this morning in discovering her body and detectives have worked all night and day on this. we are still waitings for information from the medical examiner's office, as well. her family is in shock. we want to be sensitive to them before we start asking more questions about the details that led up to this. the main thing is we believe we have her assailant in custody. >> reporter: under arrest, he is described as an acquaintance of one of the vasquez family members. they say there was some sort of argument before her disappearance. he has been karnlged as an adult and is jailed. he was arrested early this
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morning. >> the victim's body has been taken to the medical examiner to determine cause of death. we told you earlier about a huge water main break in dundalk, maryland. it happened a couple of hours ago. streets are flooded. we are hearing now or we have on the phone with us now the baltimore county executive jim smith. are you there, mr. smith? >> i'm here. >> can you give us an idea on any update in terms of when you might be able to turn that water off? >> baltimore city water department is trying to locate the appropriate valve to turn the water off. it's a 70-inch main and it is setting up a gusher of water. the water in this vicinity of dundalk avenue around the logan llage shopping center is anywhere from knee to chest high. we have both our police and fire rescue teams on the scene. our swift water boat team is on
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the scene. we are really asking for the cooperation of the people in the community. number one, don't play in the water. it's dangerous. it's rushing water. you can't do that. number two. if your home is in the vicinity where there is water in your yard or on the road or driveway, stay in your house. shelter in place. that's the important thing. we have rescue boats on the scene. actually, we have had a couple of rescues of people, but frankly, it's people who came out in the water. if you stay in your home, at least at this point, that's the action you should be taking. we set up a command center. we have interoperable contact with police and fire. as soon as they can locate the appropriate valve to turn it off, the water will stop and
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obviously, we will still have cleanup and some inconvenience, but hopefully, we'll have no loss of any life. there have been no injuries reported up to this point. that's just basically the latest that i have. i'm almost at the scene myself. >> mr. smith, you must have concerns about people stuck in their homes though who can't get out and who may have emergency needs, medical needs, things like that. >> if you have emergency medical needs and this is what we've been saying, if you have a medical emergency, you call 911, that gets right to our command center. we have the equipment and the personnel to immediately reach you and get you the emergency medical assistance you need. we are on the scene for that. that can be provided.
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>> council board county executive jim smith. we appreciate your time. we'll have more on this story as our broadcast continues. right now, we want to tell you about delonte west, born and raised in prince orge's county. he is a star in the nba. last night he was arrested in upper marlboro. police say he was speeding and carrying a number of weapons. west is a guard for the cleveland cavaliers. he has a home in brandywine, maryland. an officers pulled him over on the beltway. he was speeding on a motorcycle. authorities say they discovered a hand gun in his pocket, another in his pant leg and shotgun in a guitar case strapped to his back. west is facing speeding and weapons charges. he was released last night on his own recognizance. today secretary of state
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hillary clinton defended obama's decision to end a the plans for a missile defense shield. the plan caused significant tension with russia during the bush admistration. now polish and czech officials say they feel betrayed by the u.s. today nato secretary-general says lingering cold war animosity should be forgotten. he is calling for the u.s., russia and nato to work together against potential nuclear threats from asia and the middle east. we should explore the potential for linking the u.s., nato and russia missile defense systems. >> we would never, never walk away from our allies. >> president obama replaced his predecessor's plan with a reconfigured system. the decision was praised by russian leaders, including prime minister vladimir putin. president obama will meet with
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russian president dmitry medvedev next week at the united nations. the subject of iran is expected to come up. coming up in our broadcast, we are getting our first look inside the home of a couple accused of holding a woman captive for 18 years. >> there are reports dna evidence ties the lab technician to the murder of a yale university graduate student. >> a neighborhood in virginia on edge after a woman was carjacked in a popular retail store. >> and we'll continue our coverage of the massive water main break. >> we had som sunshine coming back after all those clouds. great weekend coming up. greater football for all the friday night lights. also great football for sunday. >> we are talking baseball. nationals swept in philadelphia, and of course, football. redskins talk about home field advantage. plus, the challenge of facing another top-flight running back in steven jackson of the rams. news4 at 6:00 continues.
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you are looking at scenes of a water main break in dundalk, maryland. the main broke about two hours ago. it is huge. six-foot water main break we are talking about. a goodly area of that community around dundalk has been flooded. no reports of any injuries. no reports of any fatalities.
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the swift water rescue team has been in the area in the event they are needed for that. so far things seem to be quite a mess as you might expect, but there have been nothing more serious than inconveniences at this time. especially for people whose cars have been flooded. as high as up to the roof tops, if you will. more on this story as our broadcast continues. >>. >> the home of accused kidnapper phillip and nancy garrido is under intense scrutiny tonight. they are the california couple charged with kidnapping jaycee dugard as a child and holding her captive for 18 years. now investigators are trying to figure out if the garridos had anything to do with two other kidnappings 20 years ago. lee anne greg has our record. >> reporter: the touche continues in antioch, california, in connection with the disappearance of two young
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girls two decades ago. police dogs recovered a bone and pick up the scent of what could be buried human remains. >> we are not going to say where the hit was because we don't want everybody to try to get to that spot. it was on the garrido property. >> reporter: am sis is under way to see if the bone is human. investigators say the area is known to be a nive american burial site and to contain remains of animals. these photos taken last month by county building inspectors before the house was condemned show filthy conditions with piles of furniture, scattered dirty dishes and debris. the home had already been searched after the garridos were arrested last month and charged in connection with the kidnapping and rape of 11-year-old jaycee dugard who was abducted 18 years ago. police say dugard lived in tents in the backyard with her two daughters fathered by her captor. the garridos have pled not guilty. >> we still have other things to pursue before we can walk away from him as a potential suspect.
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>> reporter: the search will be halted over the weekend and continue monday. >> the kidnapping authorities are focusing on a 9-year-old girl who disappeared in 1988 and 13-year-old girl who disappeared in 1989. we are getting new details about the man accused of murdering a yale grad student annie le. also perhaps a possible motive for her killing. there are reports the suspect, raymond clark, has a control freak who often clashed with researchers in the skoons lab where the woman's body was found. one report says clark sent a text message to le on the day she disappeared to talk about the cleanliness of mouse cages in the lab. clark was arrested yesterday and accused of murder. there are reports they found clark's dna at the murder scene. he is being held on $3 million bond. coming up, we'll tell but a maryland county considering
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banning people from the age of 18 from using tanning beds. >> new rules for people planning on tailgating at this weekend's game. >> and a check on the weather forecast from bob. stay with us.
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>>. >> let's get an update on that
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water main break and flooding going on in dundalk in baltimore county. john sherman from wbal tv is ve on the scene. what can you tell us about what's going on there? >> i want to give you a look behind me. you can see the actual problem itself. this is the water main break behind me. you see that massive amount of water being forced out of there. it is a 72-inch water main that broke sometime after 4:00. we are told it's going to be hours before it is shut down. the wat coursed across dundalk eave here from the west to east and moved into the neighborhood back behind it here. there are folks about 15 blocks to find their houses under water. they have swift water rescue teams from baltimore county standing by. police are telling folks who may be in their house, can't get out coming to their lawn, it's covered with water. they should hang a t-shirt or towel out their window, some indication there is someone in there so when fire and rescue folks know to go inside and pull someone out. no one has been injured in this.
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there's major property damage, as much as 15 blocks under water. as you take a look back over here, you can see actually live for the first time, that has diminished some what. it appears they have gotten it just a little more under control as we've been live here on television. we are told it will be hours before it is shut off completely. a long night here in dundalk. >> john sherman on the scene at that water main break in dundalk, maryland. thank you, john. >>. >> it is amazing how destructive and how quickly. >> six-foot water line. my goodness. >> we've got better things to do with our weekend. we have great news. after clouds, chill and drizzle earlier in the week, outside we have a lot of sunshine. warm sunshine as our winds kicked into the southwest. high temperature today after that chilly start made it up to 78 degrees. the one negative this time of year, we are heading toward that
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autumnal equinox. our current temperature in washington with that sunshine is still in the 70s. dew point crept up a little bit. it's a touch of humidity. you are going to notice a difference over the weekend. especially sunday morning with another shot of really dry air coming our way. look at the morning low temperatures up to our north again this morning. it was in the 30s in caribou. remember it goes down to 29 degrees, 50 this morning in buffalo. we are still in the 70s. here is where that cool air, the next one coming our way with the return of the sunshine and southerly winds. our temperature, 11 degrees higher than they were yesterday. they were the first cool front that moved to our south. here is the next one moving through new york and back of it. more cool, but refresh airing coming our way. on doppler, nothing going on around us. there have been showers along that second cool front well to our north, up around lebanon, new hampshire. they are getting a few showers.
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eastern parts of new hampshire up into new england. it's going to be the feel of fall out in the mountains of new england. heavy rains continue through much of the south. that's where they'll be staying. next week some of that moisture coming our way. if you are heading out to ocean city, right now it's in the 70s. there will be quite a brisk northeasterly wind as we get into tomorrow with that next weather front. the tropics are quiet. these are the great images from all around the world. composite of all weather satellites from the folks of the university of wisconsin. there is a little dying tropical storm marty. i wanted to show you out on the pacific, this is still what had been super typhoon choi-won. winds are still 120 miles per hour. here is a great image from the japanese meteorological satellite. look at that circulation. fortunately, it will be missing japan. overnight tonight, the next area
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of cool air coming in. high pressure will build in on us. tomorrow, i guarantee you a beautiful day. a lot of sunshine. the clouds getting pushed to t south. then as we get into sunday, some of that moisture tries to come back. especially if you are heading out to the blue ridge you may see clouds sunday, sunday afternoon. especially sunday night. they'll be on us sunday night. tomorrow into the mid 70s. the really dry mid 70s. overnight tonight, a few clouds. those will move through. by tomorrow morning when you get up and head out, it will be delightful. a clear, cool morning. temperatures into the high 50s to about 61, 62 degrees if town. sparkling blue azure sky tomorrow afternoon. puffy, cumulus clouds. a delightful day. maybe on the breezy side with that northeasterly wind. with the clear skies tomorrow night, i think temperatures will be dipping by later on tomorrow evening and tomorrow night into the 60s. probably bottom out in the next ven days.
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as we get into sunday morning, perhaps some spots even into the high 40s to low 50s. the next seven days we are going to be seeing return of the moisture as we get into monday and tuesday. by tuesday we'll see rain showers. with southerly winds coming back. probably a touch o humidity by next wednesday and thursday. at the same time, sunday morning, if you are up early heading out to church and about, you may need that nice warm jacket and sweater. that will be followed by thunder showers wednesday and thursday. >> we haven't seen the word delightful on the forecast in a while. >> great weekend, enit. >> thanks. >> we'll continue bringing updates on the massive water break in dundalk. in sports, the redskins believe they're ready for the rams. last night though, howard not ready for this guy. how about four punt returns for touchdowns in two weeks?
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we want to update our top story now. that huge water main break in the dundalk section of baltimore county. that's just east of baltimore. fire officials say the main was six feet wide. baltimore county police say the water is several feet high in some areas. police were sending swift water rescue crews to the scene. we don't have any reports of anybody being injured. we do think there are people stuck in their homes. it is clear there will be substantial damage from all this. we've seen people wading in water up to their chests and water rising to the roof of some cars. authorities are urging people who are stuck in their homes to stay inside their homes and not to come outside and not to get into the water. it's moving quickly in some places. we did see in a live report from wbal tv reporter on the scene that the water flow seemed to have been reduced quite a bit.
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so far the giant water main break has to the been turned off. here is what people on the scene are saying about this. >> the power went out about three times on and off. i knew something happened. my husband got home from work and tried the water and the water pressure was very low. that's when we turned on the television and seen what happened. >> what is the plan as the night progresses? the water is still coming. what should folks do as the evening goes along? >> the fire department has powerful lighting systems. we are hopingo make use of them. we are hoping maybe we can get this water somehow turned off. the advice remains the same. stay where you are. go to a higher floor, but stay put. >> that is a spokesman for the baltimore police. we will continue to cover this water main break and the flooding that covers about a 15-block area in dundalk maryland near baltimore. police still looking for a
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man they say carjacked a woman from a strip mall parking lot and led police on a chase with that woman in the car. it started last night in prince william county in virginia and ended with a crash in prince george's county in maryland. tracee wilkins has our report. >> reporter: a 34-year-old mother of three was the victim. >> i'm sure nobody knows why. he could have let her out or just took her car. that's the scary part is he took her with him. >> reporter: shortly before 9:00 last night the woman was carjacked at gun point in the parking lot. a relative witnessed what happened. called police and followed the victim's dodge journey up the road all the way to prince george's county. >> he got on 911 to our dispatcher and was keeping us
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posted as to where he was. we weren't actually able to overtake him until we got into maryland. >> reporter: the suspect lost control of the vehicle and crashed. he jumped out and then took off on foot. one officer hurt his hand trying to scale a fence and catch the gunman but the suspect got away. his weapon was recovered on the scene. the victim was not seriously injured. in gainesville, women who heard about what happened are trying to make sense of it all. >> i lived out here eight years now and that's the first time i've heard of anything like that in the area. that's a shame. i'm glad she's okay. >> reporter: this suspect is still on the loose. police do have a description. he is described as a 25 to 30-year-old light-skinned black male about 6 feet tall with a thin build. he was last seen wearing a blue-knit cap with khis. anyone with information is asked to call virginia state polite
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703-803-0026. in gainesville, tracee wilkins, news4. fairly soon, young teenagers may no longer be able to use tanning beds in howard county, maryland. the leaders of the county there have announced they're sending proposed regulations to the board of health for their consideration. the measure would ban teenagers under 18 from using tanning beds. those beds are widely suspected of causing melanoma which is a deadly type of skin cancer. a briefing on the issue will be held next tuesday at 1:30 in the afternoon at the county health dechlt. centers for disease control said today the united states is about two or three weeks away from the first shipment frs swine flu vaccine. the government will try to get people vcinated as quickly as possible. >> reporter: the cdc says nearly 3.5 million doses of the h1n1 vaccine will be ready the first week of october. it will be the nasal play. because the spray contain as
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live virus, pregnant women can't get it, even though they are high risk. experts started testing pregnant women. >> pregnant women may respond differently by side effects or how much immune response they have. >> reporter: despite recommendations, the cdc says it's now up to each state. >> there is a balance there, recognizing that there is demand, ability to administer it and we have disease. >> reporter: the world health organization warns production is falling short. u.s. officials admit getting the vaccine out could be slow at first. >> there is no magic to this. this is a huge logistical process. there is not sudden appearance of vaccine in 90,000 refrigerators around the country. >> reporter: but the virus is spreading twice as fast as the regular flu this time of year. h1n1 has been reported in all 50 states with widespread activity
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in 21. fear is spreading, too. birmingham, alabama's mayor closed and cleaned city hall after one worker was diagnosed. >> i've got city workers to be concerned about. >> reporter: birmingham health department said it wasn't necessary, but the mayor called it good judgment. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. the virus is widespread, but it is a mild or moderate strain. in fact, the cdc says the number of people hospitalized so far is fewer than in a normal flu season. coming up tonight, we'll tell you about changes for people who tailgate at the redskins' gape
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good evening. bob ryan, storm center 4. still warm. 76 degrees in leesburg. we'll see more cool, dry air coming in after a cool start tomorrow. temperatures will be into the 70s. there will be a brisk, northeasterly wind. there is a bit of advisory, small craft advisory out for sailors. great sailing weather. coastal flooding minimal on the west part of the bay. st. constantine having a great festival up there on 16th street and the blumont fair. great weekend. back to you. howard university is
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receiving an historic grant to help preserve the school's history. today federal officials, including secretary of the interior ken salazar, joined universitied administers to announce the grant made possible by the american recovery act. 20 black colleges are getting federal aid to make repairs and improve historic buildings on their campuses. you might be interested in learning the coldest place in the solar system is not all that far from where we are sitting right now. craters on the south pole of earth's moon have been considered to be the galaxy's new coldest spot. scientists measured those temperatures minus 40 degrees celsius. the moon is getting colder. it is colder than pluto which used to be the coldest place.
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the temperatures on pluto only go down to as much as minus 230 degrees celsius. japan's unmanned space freighter is docked at the international space station. it took the freighter only a week to get there. an astronaut onboard took these pictures using a robotic arm. the freighter can haul up to six tons of food and supplies needed at the station. eventually the unmanned freighter will become the main transport vehicle when nasa retires the u.s. space shuttle fleet next year. we are getting a look at what could be one of the most valuable pieces of art in the world. this is "portrait of a man half length with his arms akimbo." it was done by rembrandt in 1658 and hasn't been seen in nearly 40 years. it will be sold at auction in london in november. it could sell for as much as $41
6:43 pm
million. that would be a record price for a rembrandt and one of the most expensive paintings ever sold. coming up, a guy who made three holes in one. that's holes in one. three of them in five days. >> wow! >> that's nice. >> what do you have? >> nothing as good as that. we have a lot of football to talk about. high school football is what we are starting with. northwestern and suitland. redskins want to slow down rams' running back stephen jackson. they want to hold on to home field advantage. saturday night we'll be talking redskins football. the good, the bad, and the ugly. it's "redskins showtime."
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first time on the home turf this season. it's a biggie. >> i want to say it's going to be fun, but we don't know that yet. >> of course it's going to be fun. >> we have to keep it positive. in sports with more than 16 games like hockey and basketball and baseball, the goal for most good teams is to have a winning record at home and finish around .500 on the road. if the redskins can do that, let's say 6-2 at home and, i don't know 4-4 on the road, that puts them at 10-6 which means a playoff berth. last year the guys did not take advantage of home field finishing just 4-4 in landover. by far the most disheartening loss to the rams. which is the team that happens to be in town on sunday. the rams were one of the worst teams in football, yet they found a way to steal one from
6:47 pm
the skins. if that happens this year, we could be looking at a burgundy and gold implosion, which is one reason players say a loss to the rams at home is just unacceptable. >> we take pride in our home. when an opponent comes in on our own turf, we have to defend that. for us, as a defensive team in general, a win is very crucial for us. >> the best remedy to a team's success is confidence. to get that confidence, you have to get going as a team to get some wins to have more confidence and to build up your morale to play that way the whole season. a win is a must. we know what we put in, we need to get something out of it. only way to get something out of it is by winning. >> the redskins' ten-point gafrts in this game. it makes them, if not the
6:48 pm
heaviest favorites in the nfl, among the most heavily favored teams. >> i have a feeling it might be closer than we expect. a win is a win. that's all that the matters. santana moss, remember he fought corey webster and fined $5,000 for an impromptu boxing match last sunday. moss held to two catches and just six yards in that game. he says he wants the ball early and often this weekend. defensively, the redskins can shut down stephen jackson if they c do that, they take away something from the rams' offense. probably a huge key for the rams is stephen jackson. he battled injuries this last couple of seasons. the 26-year-old is the best in the game. a couple of years ago he rushed for over 1,500 yards and had 90 catches in the same season. >> one of the best backs in the business. the guy at minnesota is off the chart.
6:49 pm
then i put jackson just right underneath there. he's big, he's strong, he's fast. he can go the distance any time he touches the football. if the hole is not there inside, he'll bounce it outside. i think this guy is a home run hitting type back. >> all right. tomorrow night it's showtime. redskins style. doc walker, mike wise joining lyndsay and me talking about everything, letting jason campbell taking the training wheels off. you can catch it at 7:00 here on nbc 4. >> college football this weekend. 19th-ranked nebraska in blacksburg taking on number 13 virginia tech. virginia at southern miss trying to turn their season around. the terps at home against mtsu, middle tennessee state, a team that shocked them on the road last year. last night, howard had trouble in tallahassee. due in part to this guy. this is florida a&m punt returner leroy van back to catch
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this thing. this is not the way he wanted to start the return. he's 5'9", 185 pounds and he can absolutely fly. one of two kick returns for a touchdown in the game. he's had four in the last two weeks. famu beats howard 48-10. our high school football game of the week at prince george's county. suitland players with a heavy heart after head coach nick lynch died in a car accident last december 31st. they did make him proud today. guys playing well honoring their fallen coach with stickers on the back of their helmets. suitland up 6-0 and on the move. kevin williams getting the handoff and taking it to the house. 15 yards for the touchdown. his second td of the game. the two-point conversion. 14-0, suitland. how abouter who? this is a 20-yard touchdown.
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suitland shuts out northwestern 21-0. they are now 2-1 on the season. talking baseball now. nationals starting a three-game set against the mets in new york tonight. last night they got a good performance from their rookie pitcher. the phyllis got a great performance from coal ham yils. the result loss 96 for the nationals. cole hamils was cruising along here. facing the rookie ian desmond. hamils with a perfect game through five. he retired the first 15 batters he faced. mike morris breaks it up. hamils went eight innings. chase utley.
6:52 pm
how many times havee seen this from ryan zimmerman? very lucky he didn't get hurt. going all out. even though the team did get their 96th loss of the season. full count. clifford uncorks the wild pitch. that's trouble. phillies complete the three-game sweep with a 4-2 victory. the nationals looking for something positive up at shea stadium toght. we'll keep you posted on that. >> what they don't want is to get to 100. >> that's inevitable. >> let's stop talking about that number. >> we can't. it's right there blinking like a big sign. >> thank you. >> we'll recap our top story of the big water ma
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>>. >> we want to recap our top story for you now. that big water main break in dundalk, maryland, east of baltimore. you are looking at video from earlier. fire officials say it was a six-foot wide water main that broke. right now we do know that traffic on interstate 95 is not being affected by this big water main break. baltimore county police say the water is several feet deep in some areas. there is no word of anyone being injured. we can see from this live picture it looks like they do have that water main shut off. as we have seen earlier, the flooding affected an area of about 15 blocks wide.
6:56 pm
again, no reports of anybody injured. we do believe there are a lot of people stuck in those homes there. they are being advised to stay in their homes until authorities can get to them, and hopefully the water will be receding again. looks like the water has been shut off in that big wer main break and flooding in dundalk, maryland. >> check on our weather. >> a lot of wet basements, i'm sure, too. our weather is dry and drier for the week. right now it's still warm and a touch of humidity. some very dry air coming in on us. tomorrow just a sparkling beautiful day. temperatures into the mid 70s, low 70s out there in the mountains. by sunday morning, there will be some spots, i think, in the high 40s out towards martinsburg, winchester, toward fredericksburg. clouds coming in during the afternoon. nothing to spoil way think is a great weekend. it will be a bit cloudier if you are heading out to the mountains of west virginia. then rains coming in, but not until late monday or tuesday. back to you.
6:57 pm
>> thank you, bob. those who choose to drive to this weekend's redskins game will have to deal with new game day rules. starting this sunday, tail graters face restrictions on where they can party in the hours leading offo the kickoff. julie carey has more from fedex field. >> i've got two tents, five grills, a deep fryer. >> reporter: that is a sam bling of what ted brings to the orange lot for the massive tailgate he organized for a decade now. when he learned of the new tailgate rules, he was worried. >> we haven't had a good product. tailgating has been the most fun part of game day. now you are telling me i can't do that anymore. >> reporter: under the new rule, nontailgaters will get to park in the front of their designated park. tailgaters who need more than one car will be shuttled to the back. ted thinks he will be able to adapt, though is worried his friends and tailgate contributors will be scattered throughout the lot.
6:58 pm
>> it's almost a hodgepodge mess where the guy bringing the ice is 20 cars down or the guy bringing something else is a pashing lot over. that's going to be a huge change. >> reporter: season particular holder john drum encountered the new rules preseason. because he planned to confine his tailgating, he didn't quite follow the instructions to go to the back of the lot. >> we just went to another spot where we wanted to. they came around and said you need to move. we said we are settled here. they didn't force us out though. i don't know what they'll do for game day. >> reporter: the big question sunday with a full house, how well will fans comply with instructions? and there is one more change. a new lot, the gray lot, will bring 3,000 more spaces to season ticket holders. john drum checked it out and doesn't recommend it on a rainy day. >> it's in a field. it was a muddy field. we got stuck the first time we went in. i'm to the going back there. >> reporter: not all season ticket holders are ready to make
6:59 pm
peace yet with the new tailgang restrictions. there is a website called with more than 1,000 signature on the petition to end the new rule. julie carey, news4, fedex field. >> adam sams is a lobster fisherman up in nova scotia. he's been playing golf more than 20 years. last friday he w playing at his home course and got himself a hole in one, don't you know? adams could have spun that tale for years in the clubhouse. two days later, guess what? another one. then two days after that, there he was on the third hole, picked up his pitching wedge, ball traveled 160 yards, rolled into the hole. adam sams says he was shaking. a mathematician figured out how unlikely it is to hit a hole in one in three rounds of golf. he said would you have to hit one shot on a par 3 hole every minute of every


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