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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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? look into the sky for a momentary high, ? ? you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ? ? everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ? geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. focused on people and community, we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news. >> shots send an officer and suspect to the hospital. tonight, new details. the shooting of a man brings protesters back out. the frustration around their
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a new twist in the undecided race for governor. gunfire since an officer and a suspect to the hospital and tonight we are getting our first official update on their conditions. it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon. kim smith has been following the developments. he is alive with what we have learned. >>reporter: we have learned police officer suffered serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect is in critical condition. let me show you what residence have been coming home to tonight, lots of raleigh police officers patrolling and standing guard as well crime scene tape. this section remained under heavy police
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their homes. >> i got home and there was a lot of police officers. >>reporter: this man moved in less than a month ago and says this scene is not the neighborhood he have come to know. >> peaceful. i don't have trouble out of anyone. >>reporter: wednesday afternoon the usually peaceful community turned into a chaotic crime scene. numerous responding to a break-in when one officer and the suspect were injured. the scene had neighbors puzzled and concerned. >> i was sitting at the window and i heard five or six shots.>> i saw 50 cars and then an ambulance. >>reporter: we saw one victim being loaded onto an ambulance.
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ambulance. the ambulance rushed one of those injured victims to the trauma center. a heavy police presence at the hospital. bryant says he isn't afraid to keep living here. >> i feel like it is still going to be a safe place, something just happened.>>reporter: at this point we are still trying to find out why shots were fired and who fire them. at this point, police are not releasing the names whenever there is a please involve shooting the sbi and internal affairs investigate. we will continue to check for updates on both the officer and suspect. look for overnight development starting at 4:30 am on wral and 7:00 right here on fox50. the state board of elections call for a recount of war the 90,000 votes during
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difficulties. adam owens has been following the story and joins us outside the state board of elections office.>>reporter: linda, there were technical issues and voting in durham county earlier this month mac earlier this evening as they board of collections decided they would require a recount of tens of thousands of ballots. >> there was no irregularity.>>reporter: was there a that was at the heart of arguments. a batch of more than 90,000 votes pushed were cooper ahead of pat mccrory. the votes were delayed initially by a technical error, memory cards that cannot be read by the computer system. an attorney for cooper's campaign says that is exactly what durham election officials
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republicans who work together to ensure an accurate result should be applauded. >>reporter: he says there was no evidence of a mistake, but a lawyer for the republican party says the issues cast doubt on the boat and a recount could help to clear it out. >> the easier thing to do is to retire relate. it is so easy to do, why wouldn't we? frankly, i do not understand why the cooper campaign has been opposed. state board of elections did not agree on whether there was an irregularly. >> i respect you, judge baker. i strongly disagree with you, sir. >>reporter: split down party lines the state board voted 3-2. dallas woodhouse as his -- is with the state republican party. >> the voters now have the opportunity to have full and
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results that came out of durham county. >>reporter: the mcquarrie campaign released a statement saying they're pleased with the decision. there is no real word on how long this recount could take. some say could happen fairly quickly, others face several days. most agree that in a recount would not substantially change the outcome of the governor's election. governor's race this afternoon, roy cooper is leading by more than 10,000 both, the threshold for calling for an automatic recount. tonight cooper is ahead by 10,257 votes with four counties outstanding. several dozen people came out tonight to protest outside police headquarters on a
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charge a police officer in the shooting death of keith scott. tonight's event has been mostly peaceful. officers didn't arrest three people for obstructing traffic. anja murray announced today that he and a dozen other prosecutors decided unanimously that the officer acted lawfully. the das ascot an ankle holster and refused to drop it. scott family says they are disappointed by the decision and will pursue legal options. and men are a lot more is that after being hit by a drunk driver in johnson county. troopers tell us the l'amour's lives were not on and the writer was on the wrong side of the road. a car coming in the opposite direction struck a killing the man. now to the deadly wildfires in tennessee. tonight the white house says president obama has spoken with
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offer sympathy and support. today the death toll climbed to seven. at least 14 fires have burned across 15,000 acres. many residents say the devastation has to want the community apart. the governor calling this the largest wildfire in the last 100 years. residents are coming together to support each other. >> we drove around with the church to help, i don't belong to the church th hell. there is family coming in today to pick up a bag of clothes. if people didn't help me i don't know where i would be right now. >> with 14,000 evacuated many have i friends and coworkers to move in. authorities have not said when residents will be allowed back
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continued tomorrow for michael's leg or. the jury deliberated for about an hour before dismissing for the night. slagle was accused of killing walter scott who went from the scene of a traffic stop and was shot in the back. cell phone video capture the confrontation. the jury may also consider a lesser charge. there is a new program shortening the time it takes to get injured soldiers medical care. the army used to depend on life likes to get soldiers to hospitals transport troops and family members. they make about 40 trips per month and are saving lives. for bragg is the only military post in the country.
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coming up, what troopers found that cause them to close traffic at the start of rush hour. the new color for surveillance video local police hope will help them solve a bank robbery. we have been watching a lot of under storms. take a look at the progress it has made. no severe weather and no severe weather threat overnight.
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part of in an estate in california is back open at this hour. the highway patrol shut down interstate 580 in oakland. troopers found two people shot. the two were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. investigators close all eastbound lanes to search for evidence. police are looking for a man in a color for outfit who robbed a bank. the suspect walked into the bank around 9 am and asked the teller for money. he left with an undisclosed amount of cash. he was wearing a dark green coat, black gloves, white sunglasses, and a multicolor scarf. if you know anything
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police report on the shooting death of frank clark who was killed last week. according to a report charles barkley is the one who shot clark. his family and their attorney say berkeley has a history of poor relations and are calling with changes on how police operate in the apartments. a number of women's health groups filed a federal lawsuit challenging north carolina's abortion law. the aclu, planned parenthood and the center for reproductive rights filed the suit claiming the ban on abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy prevents doctors for providing proper care. it also says women with fewer resources may not be able to access care because of political hurdles. lacrosse and blue shield of north carolina is preparing for hundreds of thousands of new
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a company spokesman says they hired hundreds of additional staff to handle extra volume with the 20 17th open enrollment. the insurer is the only one offering coverage and all 100 north carolina counties. they say this year the key is to enroll now. the deadline is december 15. hillsboro police will let you pay off your parking fines this holiday season with foo. the food for fines program lets you clear tickets with canned or boxed food items throughout the end of the year. five items will clear one $10 ticket. the donations go to orange congregations to help local families. a holiday tradition continues, the annual tower lighting is thursday. we will hold a special celebration as we flip the
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will be here and we will have special guests joining us at 6:15 pm. i heard who it was. >> really? >> it is a surprise. >> i knew it last week. >> and you didn't even say anything. >> i know people. we have some much-needed rain around the area. we watched a lie moving out of charlotte earlier this evening. they are checking to see if there was actually a tornado. let's take a look at the radar, the rank continues to cruise by. nothing severe. you can go to bed knowing there will not be any severe weather. here over the past hour we saw light rain cruise by. it is now moved into franklin county, nash county, wilson county.
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light side. we will head further to the south and west across sampson and cumberland county and we see light rain cruising by. our cold front will come by until about midnight. with the approach there may be a few spotty showers. the bulk of widespread rain is coming to an end. no severe weather around here, but there were reports to our west. some near hickory and further to northeastern tennessee. the one around charlotte have reports of a semi truck overturned southwest of the city and 2 to 3 foot diameter trees were blown down. the national weather service will investigate to see if that was actually a tornado because some of the damage is indicative. here are the rainfall totals so far, there was a little bit
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our next opportunity may come sunday night and also on monday, but it looks to be like. this guy can looking fine downtown. 68 right now at the airport. 65 is the dewpoint, still breezy , but once the front passes we will have the wind from the northwest bringing in cooler and drier air. you can see how mild it is. putting this back going back in time and you can see under storms moving through the mountains. some estimates over eastern tennessee, 2 to 5 inches of rain. that certainly did help out. there is another system that will develop to the southwest on friday and saturday. so things are looking up for those folks. behind the front is the cooler air. this time tomorrow night it
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is forthcoming for friday, saturday, and sunday. here is futurecast, we are starting at 10:00. it continues to move to the east. there is our cold front moving by after 2 am. there you see a movie down towards the coast. i daybreak you will feel the difference in the air. likely 50s to start the day. bright skies by the end of the day. tower lighting at 6:15 pm, no rain. by this time tomorrow night it will be quiet and cooling. we are falling to the 50s to perhaps low 60s in fayetteville. your fitness forecast will be a bright start with gorgeous sunshine. by lunch time we are in the low 60s. what a beautiful afternoon.
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our normal highest the nine. we will still be well about that. taking a look inside the tubes and tower lighting forecast for tomorrow evening. we are expecting clear skies and 55. we have another tower lighting on friday. gerald owens will be the emcee. upper 40s, it will be a little tobacco. 53 on saturday, sunday 49. 77 today, that tie our old record high. this morning we had a record low of 65. >> what a day. >> yes, we have had a day. if you're christmas dinner requires pecans you probably need to stock up now.
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the pecan farmers calling this the worst year they have ever seen. in sports, the milestone moment for carolina coach roy
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carolina's matchup against indiana is not just a showdown against two top 13 teams, they are also two of the most historic. they have 10 ncaa titles between them. this game is game 1000 forward williams as a head coach. i don't think he likes what he is seeing. indiana comes out firing. blackman just back from injuries. back to back three-pointers. justin tries to counter. jackson has eight in the first half. blackman makes another three making it a 17 point whose early. carolina scratching back a bit
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jones made up for his lack of scoring by leading the team with forces and four steals. he quickly became the next in a long line of defense of stoppers at duke.>> a great example for people playing any game, where you are all about winning you are really important. matt jones is only about winning. >> his defense for our team has been unbelievable. i really don't know if there has been a better defender in the country this year. for our team he has been irreplaceable. >> we have five more games than i. purdue at louisville. adel, his long distance plan has a range. louisville up 14 at the break.
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over purdue. for more games going on tonight. early on, the guys from the atlantic coast, virginia tech comes from behind to be michigan. the late games are going the other direction with big ten teams leading. nebraska has a four point halftime lead and ohio state is up 12 at virginia 36-24 at the half mac and now to football, lemar jackson is the accs player of the year for 2060. he is considered to be a front runner for the heisman. he might need to clear some shelf space. he set a record accounting for 51 touchdowns this season. it was almost even passing and running for him, that is what he was so effective. they never knew what he was going to do.
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>> he has had a tremendous season. at some point defensive coordinators have jobs because they are figuring something out. we pause to remember the maker of the big mac. still to come, more about the berger creator. hillary clinton hasn't spent a lot speech. we will tell you about her most
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severe stalls -- storms move through the south today. the woman who shot this video says this started as a wate tornadoes were also spotted in georgia, one touchdown near atlanta about 7 miles north of the city. heavy rain trends the area. and storms produced a series of storms across tennessee and alabama. in alabama a daycare facility was ripped apart and three
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investigators say it is too soon to call the attack and ohio state an act of terrorism. officers say the suspect bought a knife before the attack, but it is not clear if that was the weapon used. a police officer killed the suspect after he drove his car into a crowded area and/people with a knife. and memorial tonight honor the victims of a plane crash thousands lick candles and doves were released in the air. 71 people died, three survive. the united nations warned hundreds of thousands of people are still trapped in aleppo. these people are without basic medical care. the bombardment destroyed all functioning hospitals. earlier, the president of the
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to the violence to give residents a chance to leave safely. the un commissioner for human rights says the fighting escalated today. an inmate who escaped from a california jail has been captured. authorities say he was arrested without incident. he was found after crashing on the ceiling of his sister's addict where he has been -- attic where he had been hiding. the other two inmates were arrestedmm they face possible life sentences if convicted. an investigation into a pipeline rupture will have to wait until the heat from the fire subsides. repairs have not begun yet. no one with her, firefighters say the pipeline carries propane gas. police in new york city are looking for a man who stole
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authorities released video of the theft. you can see the man grabbed a bucket of gold flakes weighing about 90 pounds. police say it took the men about an hour to make a trip that normally takes about 10 minutes on foot. mysterious jellylike creatures are stopping scientist. they washed ashore and disappeared almost as quickly as they came. scientist poured over the pictures trying to pinpoint what they are. they will not get a firsthand look because the creatures are gone. the scientists best guest burling c cucumbers. just bizarre. today marks the end of the atlantic hurricane season. scientist a this is the first above normal season since 2012. matthew was the longest lived,
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than $1 billion in damage. the atlantic had ft name storms including seven hurricanes. as house leader. in today's election she was opposed i tim ryan. he's at the loss of dozens of house seats over the past six ran for the position. she says she looks forward to working with the entire caucus. >> today has a special excitement for me. i think we are at a time where it is well beyond politics and about the character of america. >> she won reelection by a vote of 134-63. hillary clinton was back out in public this week. she attended the unicef snowflake ball last night.
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the audrey hepburn humanitarian award. stepping outside feels more like spring the late fall, but soon the temperatures will drop. many children in our area do not have a winter coat. you can help i donating to the coats for children campaign. you can drop off new and gently used clothes and toys through december 31. you can also donate on . six counties in eastern north carolina are getting assistance to recover from hurricane matthew. we will tell you what homeowners in those communities are eligible for. but first, why pope francis
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meatball magnifico the most dramatic meatball you've ever eaten. ? ? ? ? carrabba's new meatball magnifico now available for a limited time only. carrabba's. this is how you do italian. grant tinker has died, he was the force behind shows like the mary tyler moore and the bob newhart. he was also the nbc chairman when the network launched hits like cheers. he was 90 years old. at&t announced plans
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called taylor swift now, a 24 hour streaming catalog. you can see her music videos, concerts, and special glimpses into her life and career. pope francis met with martin scorsese at the vatican today, one day before the film silence makes its world premiere. it documents the persecution of missionaries. with two paintings. the pontiff offered him and his family rosaries. a new star wars film is already breaking records, presale tickets boasting the highest number in 2060. early estimates show the opening weekend could do as much as $130 million in sales. that is what you call a popular
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>> i am looking forward to that. >> i don't know if i can top that. this time of the year if you have kids or pets it can be stressful. check this out, the owner says the cat is addicted to hiding in the christmas tree. every time they go into the den the cat is hidden and comes poking out. >>[ laughter ] >> that reminds me of the christmas vacation with the squirrel. very cute. speaking of hiding places, you are going to love this next one. squirrel and mountain doll. look at this.
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that squirrel is hiding a net in the power of the dog. watch it cover it up. the dog is just looking. it takes off and runs. isn't that the funniest thing? it is so cute the way that it covers it up. it pushes it on in their. >> the firm is so thick owners put it there. >>[ laughter ] >> who has a pet squirrel? just the fact that the dog is so cool with it all.>> the dog is probably seen hundreds of squirrels in the backyard. >> but digging in the far. >> i have seen a waterskiing squirrel, this doesn't surprise me. if you can waterski you can
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residence in pitt county share concerns as they tried to recover from hurricane matthew. the governor announced six counties have been added to the list for qualification for temporary housing assistance. that means manufactured housing units will be available for owners and renters primary residence is now uninhabitable or was severely damaged. pecan pie is quite popular during the holidays, if you are able to enjoy during thanksgiving consider yourself lucky. local pecans are in short supply. 5 miles from the community of anthem this family makes a living by processing pecans.
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never easy. some days the machinery breaks down, some years the crop is just not what you expect. >> this is the worst year we have ever seen. we have had good years and bat years. >>reporter: and north carolina press release says as much as 80% of the crop could be lost. the family blames the the weather. >> matthew got a lot of trees. >> we had a late frost. the pecans were just butting. that hurt us a lot. >> it made for a pretty tough year. >>reporter: a tough year for those who depend on the seasonal work as well. this woman just graduated picking through the pecans is the best job she could buy right now.
10:47 pm
it means more jobs. >> son will usually bring it to rear 400 pounds, this year it was probably less than 100. >>reporter: that means they are purchasing nuts from as far away as georgia, that cost him more and they are trying to not raise prices.>> it is going to be an expensive year. >>reporter: while the harvest continues to be uncertain, they are confident about one in, how to pronounce their proct >> pecan. if i have a customer come in from out of state and say it differently, isaiah differently. >> the department of agriculture is urging you to purchase local pecans if possible. for the record, isaiah pecans in that story because the farmers themselves say it. >> you grew up saying it another way.
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are from. it was nice to see the rang, it hasn't been a whole lot, but we will take what we can get. there is more on the way. let's take a look at some video from atlanta. this is from neighborhood in atlanta. you can see the debris swirling in the air, the area was under a tornado warning. i was online earlier today and isaiah post near six flags over georgia, they had damage as well. we are going to talk about who saw the severe weather today. we are going to start with the ongoing warnings earlier this
10:49 pm
we were looking at tornado warnings around the charlotte area and then it fell apart. we were anticipating this passing by to the north, we lost the heating of the day and the rain moved out of the area. looking at the damage reports, plenty throughout the deep south and all the red triangles you see are reports of tornadoes that have touched down. you can see the ones in tennessee, northern alabama, video of the water spout in destin. things are quieting down. the futurecast model shows the rain moving out. we will fast-forward, take a look at what is happening across texas. more clouds and rain. friday afternoon with the rain developed their. and eventually the upper-level went will carry what is here
10:50 pm
start to see rain spread through alabama and georgia and make its way towards us. that will go well for those dry conditions. i talked about this, we have a trough coming by delivering cooler air. i want you to watch this area as we get toward tuesday and wednesday, we start to see cold air coming in and diving down to the south and east. this is a very big shot of cold air. i think it is going to get here by friday and saturday of next week. we could be looking at some of the colder air this season. we have cold air that will be with us over the weekend. we will be talking about that in the coming days. tomorrow is mild, 65 the high, perhaps upper 40s on sunday, we
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wednesday. back to the sunshine tomorrow. i think you can get by without a jacket. do you have two dollars? if so you can get free wendy's
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foster children. they are available at most locations and are already sold out online. a group of people taking part in the mannequin challenge did not have to work too hard to appear frozen in time. they recorded this video at -20 degrees. runners and 17 nations took part and stood for that, some of them may have really been frozen. >> yikes. father's world war ii era ring thanks to a family in italy. the military confirms he was forced to bail over northern italy on a snowy christmas eve in 1943, but his parachute was tangled in a tree. two brothers came to his rescue reluctantly took him to a hospital. he left behind the goal ring
10:56 pm
we are blessed to have a father like this. i feel blessed the vfw was kind enough to verify that everything was true and correct and bring this back home. i know dad is looking down from heaven smiling. the only thing to make it better when was if he were here.>> an amazing story. he recovered from his injuries and survived more than hundred days as the ring was returned in a small wooden box made from the grow where the pilot was found all those years ago. >> that warms your heart. thank you for joining us. watch our morning news starting at 4:30 am.
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so much of the news has been portrayed around -- >> the dancer. >> he has a huge crush on her. you know? >> kissing and looking cozy in the hawaiian surf. it is on for mariah and her dancer brian tanaka. have katie and orlando just taken the next huge >> i'm humbled. >> i kind of hit a wall. >> are you pregnant? >> a picture of me with a bump and a circle. >> she's put up with baby rumors for well over a decade but a line has been crossed for jennifer. her new plea to end the madness. >> we just got to break out of that and go, whoa whoa. >> were kim and kanye having major marriage problems before his breakdown? we head straight to paris with


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