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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  November 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EST

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right now, president elect donald trump reacts to calls for recount in three states. where he is alleging voter fraud. with the state board of elections says it needs before it can move forward in this undecided gubernatorial race. >> a cloudy day today and we have rain in the forecast. elizabeth will tell us when we will need the umbrellas. thank you for joining us on this monday. i am renee chou. i am bill leslie. today we expect to find out if wisconsin can finish the recount for the electoral college deadline. >> the green party is challenging results in three states. the clinton campaign is joining them. president-elect donald trump calls it a scam. >> the green party is requesting recounts in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. >> this is not about helping one guy and hurting another guy. this is about providing a system that we boaters can believe in. >> trump is denouncing the effort alleging voter fraud in
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proof he won the popular vote because millions voted illegally. he calls the recount a fund raising scam. the green party denies that. >> this is a complete distraction and a fraud. and something they should drop. >> clinton campaign lawyer said they found no evidence of hacking and not behind the recount but will participate. dissension in the trump transition. over a possibly appointing mitt romney as secretary of state. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney will be given the most significant cabinet post of all. we don't even know if you voted for president-elect donald trump. >> the death of fidel castro. questions about whether mister trump will embrace or reverse president obama's renewed relationship with cuba.
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elections is tentatively scheduling a hearing on thursday on governor mccrory's recount. that is only if dermal election officials turn in a legal order of its actions repeating on november 18. copies of evidence for during the hearing. germ denied a request for an appeal. state elections officials called an emergency teleconference on the issue with plans. governor mccrory wants a recount in durham county. state board of elections will certify statewide results for all other races at a state aa cp said the protest from north carolina governor pat mccrory are an attempt to overworld the will of the people. a moral monday march today. the rally is expected to kick off at 5:00 tonight at the state capital. wake county high school teacher headed to court. devon madigan is a teacher at athens high school. they believe he had sex with a former female student when he
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high school and the girl was a student. he is due in court in henderson county at 9:00. a homicide investigation underway after a man was found shot dead inside a hotel room. this happened at the crossland economy studios suites on 55 before 8:00 last night. they have not released to the victim's name or information on the possible suspect. state fell police shooting at a wendy's restaurant. this happened at the wendy's on raeford road saturday. brandon raven was killed. two other men were injured but not seriously hurt. police have not said what led to the shooting. they do say they believe the shooter knew the victim said that they were specifically targeted. raleigh police investigating a motorcycle
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last night. one person died. the motorcycle was the only vehicle involved. police have not said what may have caused it. students and staff at north carolina central university are finalizing plans to honor the life of debra saunders-white. she died saturday after battling cancer. she had a list of accomplishments that made history as the first permanent female chancellor in north carolina central. the school is working on details for a memorial service. family, friends and students are remembering her many are taking to social media and her picture was posted on the nccu new student services. it says forever saunders strong, and to the family, she will be missed. let's get a check of the weather. >> ray out there this morning. temperatures have been chilly.
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they had the christmas decorations up and it looks so pretty. it is great. temperatures is still low in the mid-30s around the triangle. 34 holly springs. 32 durham. 30 roxborough. 34 south hill. 48 southern pines. 33 degrees and fayetteville. by lunchtime we warm to the low and mid 50s and the mix of sun and clouds today. the clouds will be thicker in the afternoon but still sunshine in downtown raleigh. a high of 60 today. from time to time we are not expecting rain. this time tomorrow the commute may be messy we showers and we will talk more about that. nate is in for brian this morning talking about the spots slowing down. >> 8:05 am. we have a stalled vehicle on 40 west found near lake wheeler road. this is starting to loosen up as we look at the live commute camera. you can see things moving along
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let's go back to work after the long holiday weekend. we are not seeing lingering aftereffects. after the boulevard there is a traffic stop light but you can see interstate 40 is moving smoothly in both directions. travel times into rtp, six minutes from wade avenue to 540. from 54 chapel hill, eight minutes there eastbound. south on the freeway from lincoln street to i-40 out of checking in on wade avenue at 440 this morning, moving along smoothly in both directions. a back up here as folks emerge off of 440 on wade avenue. for 40 over on the east side of town, us 264.
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8:06 am. nine days of mourning have been declared across cuba. >> tens of thousands of cubans plan to pay tribute to fidel castro today. a better picture of the toll from the battle for mosul.
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you are looking at a life
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were thousands of natives will gather in the streets to pay tribute to fidel castro. who died friday at the age of 90. is remains will be brought to havana's revolution plaza in preparation for a mass public ceremony tomorrow. jk -- ray reports. >> hidden on this narrow street and hold havana. inside this modest but well- kept home. roger without fidel castro.>> the loss of fidel castro has two faces. one clear and one dark. >> he has lived here almost as long as castro was in power. following the same routine every day while the country he loves has changed around him. change that was necessary according to him.
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his leadership strayed from problems at home focus more on the international standing of the island nation.>> now he has renewed hope. >> when that happened i saw the salvation of the cuban revolution. >> the revolution sparked by the men they honor. to cubans fidel castro is an indispensable being. >> remember with nine days of official morning and with a renewed spirit of many,>> dedicated to that party despite pressure from the us and others, the cuban government to change. >> we are going to perfect our social economic system. we're going to do socialism with new philosophies. new philosophies, deeply rooted. in their past. >> as so many in this country
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morning's of -- and a funeral will be held on sunday. jay gray. us touros in havana say it is a historic moment to be there as cubans reflect on fidel castro. >> it's an important time for the cuban people. actually for everyone. we hope that it will also be the beginning. >> castor is remains have been cremated. his actions will be taken around cuba on sunday. major progress reported overnight in syria. the latest on the battle to reelect boat for rebels. fire vitals -- firefighters
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[ music ] i like rudolph. >> who doesn't like rudolph. >> [ laughter ]. >> santa need and you get an excuse for watching rudolph year after year. i still love watching it. if i didn't have kids i would sit there and watch it. >> [ laughter ].>> it is all of those christmas tv shows, so
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right now. still looks like fall. still have some lovely color in the trees along the driveway. sunshine to peek through now as well. mix of sun and clouds today and later in the afternoon and clouds. still chilly. make sure your kids grab the code on the way out. this afternoon on the milder side. nice warm temper more about that in a minute. dew point 31. 34 south hill. 32 in rocky mount. wilson 29. 33 fayetteville. 35 clinton. temperatures for the next few days. nice warm up on tuesday and wednesday. cloud cover and rain to go with that. rain in the morning tuesday and in the evening wednesday. back to sunshine by midmorning on thursday. our normal high temperature is 60 degrees in the front end of the week. temperatures monday and friday
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70s are well above normal. we want enjoy it a lot because some of the rain won't rain the entire time. it will be nice. we could use rain. you can see the cloud cover well ahead of the rain coming across the mississippi valley. we check that out on future cast. we see rain in the rain starved mountains by late today. we don't see much of it here. until early tomorrow morning. there is 7 am. the time the morning commute is getting cranked up. it is likely to be wet. it brings accidents. plan extra time this morning. by lunchtime most of the rain is over but a stray shower or two is out of the question. a break in the rain until late wednesday. watch what happens. another round comes up. a band or disturbance out of the gulf of mexico bringing another round of rain to the mountains on wednesday morning.
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it will be wet during the evening commute on wednesday which may make for slow traveling conditions and the rain gradually shifts eastward overnight on wednesday. 70% chance of rain on wednesday and tuesday is more like a 50% chance of rain. all total, tuesday through early thursday morning, the amount of rain will range around a quarter of an inch up to an inch depending on where you are. wednesday 73. nice-looking temperatures will be with us but on the gray side for tuesday afternoon and wednesday morning. not likely to be raining for the tower lighting at wral. we encourage you to tune in and the lights go on at 6:15 am. look at the temperatures in the 50s. you can head out to the american complex and there will be music and all sorts of fun stuff
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event kicks off. take a long coat. saturday and sunday looking at highs in the low 50s. some cooler temperatures into the weekend. doctors in the main hospital treated victims in mosul. they are overflowing with civilian and army casualties. one doctor says the main triage center is seeing 102 150 patients daily. enough beds in the emergency room. they want to free mosul of militants and it's in its second month. progress has slowed as troops avoid mass casualties. the military bands reporting on numbers of killed and injured. syrian government troops made their move on aleppo capturing neighborhoods and 3000 buildings. russia's defense ministry says
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down their weapons today and exited the eastern suburbs. syrian government troops push the rebels from a key neighborhood of eastern aleppo. the operation is backed by thousands of shiite militia fighters from lebanon and iraq and i be on -- i ran. a building islamic state militants use it to attack forces. this -- targeted and abandoned united nations building. yesterday militants opened fire and a patrol on is really side of the golden bikes. the aircraft responded with a machine gun mounted vehicle. troops were wounded. a man who deputies say was behind a violent rampage in baton rouge died in a shootout with police. the 48-year-old man hasn't been identified shot a woman and
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had been shot and injured another person and ran over two people including a 17-year-old medical training. the suspect fired at deputies but they demanded he show his hand. he was captured and died on the way to the hospital. the victims of the shooting early sunday were innocent bystanders. two men began arguing and shooting each other sunday in the french quarter. one man was killed. nine others her. four victims in the hospital. investigators are looking for the suspects were arrested at the scene on gun charges. one of the suspects was among the center. 21-year-old man has been charged with criminal homicide after a junior firefighter died of a gunshot wound to the fire department. this happened in the redstone township south of pittsburgh. officials say the victim was a 16-year-old sophomore at a
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victim's name. the suspect is being held without bond. army corps of engineers has a deadline for people who have been camping in north dakota to protest the access pipeline. federal lands in the area will be closed to public access next monday for safety concerns. those who choose to stay do so at their own risk and will be subject to prosecution. critics are concerned about water safety and public health and loss of land. jury selection resumes in the killing nine south carolina church members. a judge found dylan roof is competent to stand trial for the deadly shooting at emanuel ame church. he is charged in federal court with hate crimes and could face the death penalty if convicted. he has been found competent and state -- in states where a second death penalty trial will happen. in million american children experience a divorce or breakup of their parents. pediatricians may be able to guide families who are
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have behavior problems after a divorce. they feel sad for many years. pediatricians can help parents understand reactions and refer children to a mental health specialist. experts say it is important for parents to answer questions and children honestly. reassure kids that they did not cause the divorce. continue cis returning from thanksgiving vacation. travelers arriving home. 35,000 people expected to come through the airport yesterday. music is a mood lifter. it relieves the stress there after all the travel. 8:23 am. rebuilding trust after an officer involved shooting. >> that is a goal of the meeting happening in your neighborhood
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8:26 am. i am bill leslie. state board of election officials has scheduled a hearing for thursday under a governor's appeal for a recount of votes. that is only if the turn in details from the hearing from the governor's request. the state naacp said the protest from north carolina governor pat mccrory are an attempt to overrule the people. reverend william marco plans to
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moral march at the capital. the rally is expected to kick off at 5 pm. the weather today is cloudy. gray out there this morning. temperatures are chilly. in the low and mid 30s still. may be a slow to warm up day. we should see temperatures climbing to 60. it does look ominous but not expecting rain today. likely waking up with rain 32 rocky mount. 35 hillsborough. tangier for -- temperature today climbs to 60. morning rain on tuesday evening. highs both days in the low 70s. things are starting to wind down now with the morning commute period. starting to come to an end. a fair amount of traffic on 40 and lake wheeler moving smoothly. posted speed. at 540, a little bit of a slow down at page road.
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we will highlight the slowdown here on that side. take a look at travel times into the wade avenue to 540, seven minutes. 54 to the germ-free way, eight minutes. back to you. the search continues for a tie the reporting missing and
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it is almost 8:30 am. welcome back. a neighborhood meeting interim will try to rebuild trust between residents and police. mcdougall terrace, the officer involved shooting that left one man dead. emmy victor is live outside durham police headquarters with white leaders say this conversation is necessary.>> reporter: meeting is to strengthen relationships between those who live in mcdougall terrace and other areas. they do not want this relationship to diminish because of the shooting. frank clark was shot and killed in the officer involved shooting on tuesday. durham police have not yet released what prompted the officers to approach clark but more officers have been seen at mcdougall terrace because of a rising crime in the neighborhood. the incident brought out
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the germ housing authority and the durham police department will lead the conversation in hopes of responding to fears. the be recreation center at the terrace. residents can come with concerns and ideas on how to make things better for the relationship. emmy victor live in term. we all belong. that was the message during a refugees welcome dinner in church world service for the event. the purpose was to spark discussion about relationships between the community and refugees. and shed light on the stigmas and stereotypes. the dinner was in response to the stance donald trump has taken on the topic. trump said during the campaign he would suspend immigration from syria and libya. the people at this event want the opposite.>> in this country
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know where you are from. and you know what let's make that question okay. and as long as we can believe that -- as long as we are here we all belong. >> hundreds of syrian refugees are here in north carolina. police in dunn every viewing a search for a girl who was kidnapped from a truckstop. jetta colwell reported missing from the let's truckstop on i-95 saturday night. the child's father caldwell said he was traveling from baltimore to south carolina. he went inside the truckstop leaving his daughter and girlfriend in the car. >> and i came back outside of the gas station and the car was gone. she threw my luggage out. it was out of spite. she has done it before.>> at this time it was bad because
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i was stuck. >> police said the child could be with mazza dixon who was driving a dark silver rental 2016 dodge journey suv. no amber alert has been issued so far. if you have information call dunn police. a major progress in the containment of wildfires in western north carolina. five out of 11 wildfires are 50% contained. recent weeks. the rain is expected in the forecast this week. firefighters worked thanksgiving digging lines and using aircraft to fight the blazes. the wharton fire is 80% contained. volunteer firefighters have been sent home. hurricane matthew will be a topic tonight when prince fills the board of commissioners holds its regularly scheduled meeting.
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the board is likely to go over her plan to offer temporary housing assistance. bedfellow city council will hear from the public regarding plans to build a minor-league baseball stadium. the baseball committee will hold a meeting tonight. council members and the houston astros signed an agreement back in august to bring a minor-league team to the city. the ballpark will be located near the prince charles hotel. the hearing will be held at 7 pm at city hall on eighth street. get ready for the annual wral tower lighting. three, two, one. merry christmas. >> during the holiday season the wral tower is a beacon of cheer. we will hold a special celebration as we flip the switch on western boulevard this thursday. some very talented musicians will be performing and we will
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i hope the weather will be nice. >> we need the rain. maybe by then it will be pretty good. >> we will see rain mainly tomorrow morning and then went to evening. those will be the times. the skycam over downtown raleigh looking great. even though it will be gray on and off we are not expecting rain today. tomorrow morning at this time it will be wet. temperatures this morning in the low and mid 30s. we added precipitation. by the time we get to tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the 50s. 32 in rocky mount. 32 roxborough. 36 garner. by the time we get to lunchtime low to mid 50s and climbed to 60 for the high midafternoon. temperatures will be pretty close to normal today. you are heading out the door now, you won't have to worry about rain.
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put on a hat if you are taking the dog out for a walk. temperatures are in that low to mid 30s. nice and warm for the next few days but dodging rain on and off. the red cross has another record year for natural disasters. >> live with the president and ceo of the organization about the impact of hurricanes and find out how you can help. cyber monday is here but it
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1 billion packages are expected to be delivered to
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season. thieves are lurking to steal goods left on your doorstep. >> nathan o'neil has more on how a las vegas neighborhood is fighting back.>> reporter: front door package dean's targeting the central las vegas neighborhood in recent weeks. >> it is getting worse. >> irix no -- eric snow is taking matters into his own hands. >> we put out the bait pack. >> it worked. eric caught these guys on surveillance cameras in saturday afternoon rolling up in a green car to steal bait package. the pair unfazed by their guard dog but what exactly did they get away with what >> i stepped it full of the reprocessed dog chow. >> reprocessed dog chow. in other words, a pungent package from his 95 pound german shepherd named heidi. >> that is right. the thieves got away with a
8:40 am
>> i thought it was hilarious. >> a unique tactic. >> these people should realize we are tired of them. >> these neighbors are fed up. >> we enjoyed this. i mean you know. >> that was nathan o'neil. 2016 has been a record year for weather-related disasters perfecting hundreds of thousands of people including many here in north carolina. the red cross canceled 15 major does answers -- disasters including matthew, floods and tornadoes. it is a 50% increase in large disasters over 2015 and the organization's resources are stretched to the limit. joining us is the american red cross president and ceo gail mcgovern. good morning. >> good morning.
8:41 am
>> great to have you. this has been an extraordinary year for the red cross. the last 12 months has seen catastrophic floods and wildfires and hurricanes. how does the red cross respond to all of the disasters? >> the way we respond is because of the generosity of the american public and time and time again they step up for us whether it is a financial donation or by volunteering. as really challenging year. we had to deploy 24,000 volunteers to respond to those major disasters. that you talked about. right in your state, we had volunteers from all 50 states helping out. it is really an extraordinary year. >> certainly it is. the aftermath of the hurricane,
8:42 am
you don't just respond to big disasters, the ones that make news headlines. explain how the red cross helps local communities.>> we operate in just about every one of the counties in our country and every year we respond to 66,000 disasters of. that is one every eight minutes. most of them are single-family home fires. even though they may seem small when you are a victim of a home fire it's an enormous disaster to you and your family. we will be dispatched in the middle of the night and provide food, shelter, clothing, comfort , financial assistance, day in day out. believe it or not there are more deaths, 2500 on average, than any natural disaster because of these homebuyers. >> gail, how can people help
8:43 am
that. there are three ways that people can help. they can give us the wonderful gift of time and be a red cross volunteer. they can make a financial donation. every gift regardless is deeply appreciated. where they can give the gift of life by donating blood and help people that are in real need. and all three of these ways you can learn about on red our website or by calling 800 red cross. >> a big thanks to all the work that you and your volunteers do. gail mcgovern, president and ceo of the american red cross responding to a busy year. thank you. 8:43 am. disney did not disappoint at
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newest film wake in over the holiday weekend. how it almost broke a record. unusual pet adopted by russian family. 153, pick three numbers.
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[ music ]. nice declarations.
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one of my favorite things. christmas decorations going up. here at the studio, we have christmas tree lighting the driveway. >> more and more decorations between now and thursday. we have tower lighting. always exciting. to catch it all start tuning in towards 5:00. at 6:15 pm they will turn on the lights. it is gorgeous. look at what's happening in fayetteville. they have fayetteville coming up. it is the second week of december. second weekend i believe. fayetteville skycam looking great. but we will see some rain come out of it. we need that. still pretty color into the leads downtown fayetteville. 36 is the temperature at the airport. cloudy skies. not likely to see a lot of rain today but tomorrow morning
8:48 am
traffic issues. 31 is the dew point. temperatures are mainly in the 30s. 33 southern pines. 33 fayetteville. 37 rocky mount. in some spots, temperatures especially rocky mount and wilson down near freezing. a chance for rain over the next few days. today only a 10% chance and could be an isolated sprinkle later on. for the most part it looks quiet. 50% tomorrow will be the first part of the day. in the morning commute on to lunch time. during the daylight hours, a 40% chance of rain but overnight 70% chance. by thursday morning back down to 24%. the rain late wednesday could have a few thunderstorms with that. some of that could be the heaviest we see over that window. a band of rain coming in for
8:49 am
we're seeing rain this afternoon. the mountains needed. we're likely to see 1 to 3 inches of rain in the mountains. for us somewhere between a quarter of an inch and 8 inch. a wide range. depending on where the thunderstorms come through and dump the heavy rain, some folks may get an inch. here comes round one tuesday morning at 7 am. the roads are getting busy. by lunchtime most of the rain is gone. then we get a break. stays another way running through. some showers and storms in the mounds and we get thunderstorms around the time of the evening commute through midnight. still lingering rain and eastern parts of the viewing area and after four of the clock -- 5:00 in the morning. temperatures look good for tuesday and wednesday but we will deal with rain. showers tuesday. the first part of the day.
8:50 am
afternoon and evening and overnight. we do have a marginal risk for severe weather on wednesday. . damaging when possible with line of storms coming through and how much rain? maybe half an inch to an inch. the farther you go. most of the viewing area, a quarter to a half an inch of rain. back into the mounds, up to 4 inches. 4 inches could cause flooding issues in some spots. 1 to 3 inches of rain mounds. saturday and sunday if you will be out, they look nice. cooler with high temperatures in the low 50s. cyber monday may be in danger of losing its online sales title. shoppers looking for discounts spurred online sales on black friday to a new high. consumer spent $3.3 billion online on friday. that is a 21% increase from the same the last year. shoppers are skipping the black
8:51 am
cyber monday was coined in 2005 to get people to shop online at work where internet speeds were higher and before smart phones were about to. 35% of shoppers did shop by phone or tablet. that is up from last year. if you want to stay warm you put on that winter coat. but some children do not have one and with the coldest weeks of the year ahead the need is annual coats for the children campaign. drop off new or gently used coats and new toys at participating jiffy lube locations through december 31 or donate on by searching keyword coats or text coats, 41444. disney scored big. milana sale to the number one spot bringing and $81 million over the five day holiday
8:52 am
thanksgiving opening ever for an animated film behind other ones. fantastic beast in second with $56 million. and marvels doctor strange which finished third, $200 million mark. a russian family has turned an injured baby deer into it had. a local women found the young female deer in a forest and rescued it. she was happy to show how the deer now lives like a domestic pet demanding cuddles and having the run the deer named mila has recovered from her injuries. the woman that her for several months on baby milk formula. the family decided to adopt mila after nature reserves refused to take her. russian law states wild animals must live in a natural habitat but in this case authorities made an exception.>> 33rd annual production of cinderella opens this week.
8:53 am
lisa graham of unc chapel hill. >> i'm happy to be here. >> you have new stones -- new songs you are doing. >> we do have new songs. one was recovered from past shows by the codirectors. the slipper teenager, a fun dance number between me and the fairy godmother. the other is a new love duet written by the musical director joe lee. >> what you like about this? >> i like how i get to see -- i saw the show last year for the first time and they get to see how much it is changing and get to be a part of that change. i helped with lines this year. that will be really great to see how it changes over time.
8:54 am
people? >> one thing cinderella is teaching me is how to be kind. even when people are coral.>> some have a lot of cruel stepsisters. >> i do. >> thank you. it is opening night on december 2 running to the 18. $10 tickets. every ticket will go to
8:55 am
8:56 am
time now, 8:56 am. here are the top stories. five out of 11 wildfires
8:57 am
listed as 50% contained. 2505 buyers work through the weekend to fight the places. the horton fire is 85% contained and volunteer firefighters are being sent home. a great day and chilly to start off with. we started off with temperatures in the low and mid 30s. gray skies are over rdu now. boxborough 32. 33 fayetteville. 32 degrees rocky mount. forecast expecting high of 60 for this afternoon. 70 for tuesday and 73 wednesday. showers in the forecast early tuesday and late on wednesday. nice to see that rain. number of accidents, showing up off of the major routes at 8:58 am. not on the main drought -- route, 750 near the county road, a car in the median with
8:58 am
at 540, things running smoothly both directions. drive time seven minutes at 540, things running smoothly both directions. drive time 4:53 40. eight minutes. although the $421 million powerball ticket was sold in tennessee someone in north carolina played and still won a cash prize. find out where that lucky ticket was sold. ways you ca account as you go online to search for cyber monday deals.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: how you folks doing? welcome to the show. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] come on now. how's everybody? i appreciate you. thank you very much, folks. thank you, everybody. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybod i'm your man steve harvey. got another good one for you today. returning for their third day--do you hear me-- with a total 40,000 bucks, from anniston, alabama, it's the duncan family. and from nashville cashville, tennessee, it's the campbell family. >> [indistinct chatter] steve: everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and and a shot at driving out


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