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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  November 25, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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right now on fox50, the shopping malls and stores are filled with bargain today. black friday shopping is underway. we help you make the most of your experience. plus , the passing of a beloved tv mom, florence henderson. reaction from stars who worked with her. for some of us it was a foggy start to your friday. elizabeth will tell us how warm it will be today and what we will see through the weekend. look at that shot.
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tv, well, you can see it now. [ laughter ] elizabeth is going to show us the best looking sunrise i have seen in a long time. >> it is not fair because i already had that pulls up. i was going to be the one that goes, "ta-da!" it is absolutely incredible. about 30 seconds ago it was even prettier as the sun was a little bit lower and the color is dramatic. it is still really, really a mix of sun and clouds today, we will see bright sunshine from time to time. it will be overcast as well. of course you can see some clouds hanging out. that's where we get our prettiest colors. if it is a clear sunrise it typically does not have that color. sunrise. 50s in the triangle, said -- town by town, 43 in roxboro, if the one in south hill, 52 in
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a very mild start. temperatures this morning, low to mid-50s, 65 at lunch time and a high of 70 degrees, well above normal. 10 degrees above normal as a matter of fact. mix of sun and clouds today. we end the day with a shower. it is friday, if you are going to be out today, expects a patch of rain or two and a better chance of rain in the middle of the next week or so. we will talk about that in a minute. bryan mi i shrader this morning, is it getting busy out there? >> not really. there is a landlocked at i-440 westbound at the i-40 split, not really sure what's going on out there but this just pops out in the last couple of minutes. if you're in that area you might see some slowdowns. the sensors are not showing any slowdowns, of course it is the friday after thanksgiving so many people are not going to
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some traffic looks like it's heading to the crabtree valley property, here's i-40 , nothing any problems on i-40, in durham, triangle town center is clear and free, looking great out there. drive times in downtown durham, no delays whatsoever. same for i-40 west heading out of garner through johnston county, no delays whatsoever. of the morning but nothing in the way of delays on 40 westbound coming in from johnston county. so, looking pretty good. >> good to hear, thank you. millions of americans will spend black friday to get a jump on holiday deals. >> six in 10 of us are expected to take advantage of bargains and shop over the weekend. jay gray reports from one of the busiest malls in the
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actually began while the turkey was still warm. shoppers started black friday on thursday. but, the real crush comes today through the weekend when 6 in 10 americans are expected to make a holiday purchase. >> we know that they are not only shopping but 61% of people are planning to spend more money this season as opposed to last. >> reporter: sales are predicted to be up by 3.6% over la the end of what has been a difficult year for retailers. once again this year, big ticket items include electronics, televisions, clothes and toys are also a go to gift. shoppers can either show up to sores or log in. everyone looking for a bargain on black friday. >> and that was jay gray reporting. locally, we are going to see
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as some stores that were not open last night are open this morning. >> shopping should be a fun experience and a safe one. law enforcement reminds you if you are going out shopping, be aware of your surroundings. wral's emmy victor is live on how you can stay safe on this black friday. >> reporter: the mall has been open for aut have seen a lot of people with smiles on their faces as they have been able to purchase the items they want. if you are not vigilant, that smile could easily turn into a frown if you are not safe. we want to make sure you're all staying safe this holiday season. here are some tips from the fayetteville police department on how you can be aware of your surroundings. there is safety in numbers. the more people who can come out black friday shopping with you, the better. leave large amounts of cash at home, use a credit or debit
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don't bring items that could be a target with you. use a small purse or wallet, do not wear expensive jewelry and stay off of your phone when walking around. packages and shopping bags should be placed in the trunk of your car. if you have to go back into the store or mall, move your car somewhere else in the parking lot. crime prevention as the police department says is something everyone should be aware of and if you see something, say something to a local officer. back to you. >> emmy victor live from crabtree valley mall. police believe alcohol played a role in a deadly crash in raeford. gil garcia was speeding near business 41 last night when he crashed into another car causing it to overturn. a family was inside of that car including a 9-year-old child. a man and woman were killed and a third person was taken to the hospital. we are trying to find out how the child is doing. officers tell us they will charge garcia. raleigh police are working on two death investigations.
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central prison yesterday. there are no signs of foul play. they are working to determine how he died. police are working to notify the family of a man found dead off of new hope road. someone spotted his body in the woods off of eva may drive. there is no sign of foul play. police are searching for a woman in fayetteville with a history of crimes. officers are looking for for robberies at a zaxby's and other stories. florence henderson have died. she went from broadway start to tv icon as carol brady on "the brady bunch." millions loved the innocent sitcom about a blended family.
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been in reruns ever since. her manager says henderson died surrounded by family and friends, she was 82. maureen mccormick who played marcia brady tweeted this morning, florence henderson was a dear friend for so many years and in my heart forever. love and hugs to her family, i will miss you dearly, you are my heart forever, florence. >> this was a surprising piece of news this morning, very sad. >> that is one of those shows that was a staple of childhood. >> you knew the bradys, you wash them, you laughed about them. >> talented lady. 7:08 now. many in our viewing area were especially thankful yesterday. >> coming up,, -- where families were able to give thanks in homes they thought they lost due to hurricane matthew. concerns about the
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welcome back. it is 7:11 now. protest against an oil pipeline in north dakota grew on thanksgiving day. 300 opponents demonstrated yesterday in a city 50 miles north of where protesters camped out for months, fighting the construction of the pipeline.
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standing rock, stew tribes and others are protesting the pipeline. this morning we are learning that president-elect donald trump hold stock into the company building the disputed pipeline and opponents are concerned that could impact any decision he makes on a $3.8 billion project when he becomes president in january. green party presidential candidate jill stein is closing in on a goal to raise $4.5 million for a recount in wisconsin. so far she has raised $4 million. security -- the move says that security experts alerted hillary clinton to hacks in key counties. there's another lawsuit challenging north carolina absentee ballots. earlier this week, a right evening think tank filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge to prevent elections officials from counting ballots cast by thousands of voters who used
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yesterday we learned a left leaning voting rights group is asking the judge to throw the case out. a group is calling the civitas effort a last-ditch effort to overturn the election. for some families, thanksgiving carried a special meeting for those who were flooding -- flooded in hurricane matthew. carol's home was condemned after floodwaters his house. he and his wife made repairs and they were able to move back into the home that they shared for more than 45 years but after six weeks, many neighbors still have not returned. debris is still heaped on the curb and condemnation notices remain on many houses. >> what did it do for you when you saw that sign on your home? >> it kind of shook me. but i am a god-fearing man. god is good, he can do anything
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i said, we are going to make it, no doubt about it. >> less than three weeks after this story her wife elizabeth underwent a heart transplant and she is doing well. despite that all they were able to celebrate the holiday with their friends and kids in the same home they've hosted thanksgiving dinner in for so many decades. a suicide bombing in iraq
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[ music ] 'twas the night before christmas and all
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laughter ] curtis lowe, starting off our friday. curtis lowe will be performing at the dpac tomorrow for the hip-hop nutcracker. >> that sounds like a ton of fun. >> i know, right? >> i've been to the one, the hip-hop one, though. >> put your own twist on it, new traditions. i love it. >> durham is looking nice this morning. >> it is beautiful. we have this sunrise going on in many places. it give you an idea of what we can expect which is going to be sunshine, cloud cover. up in roxboro, same story. notice the flags are very still this morning, have not had much wind. we have had a little fog that has tried to develop in a few places. 55 is our current temperature, so it is warm.
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it is feeling a little on the moist side. in roxboro, visibility is down to a quarter-mile where the sensor is but you can see downtown, no visibility problems at all. you will not run into much patchy fog. your best chances heading east of i-95 and closer to the coast if you're planning on traveling, be on the lookout for some dog. certainly, rule or low-lying areas could end up with patchy light fog. temperatures this morning nice and mild, from 55 in raleigh, 57 fayetteville, 50 in rocky mount and wilson and eric cool spot has been roxboro at 43. temperatures will warm up nicely, by lunchtime, 65. when we do see sunshine, those temperatures will warm up very quickly. 70 degrees at 4 p.m. get outside and enjoy that nice weather today. satellite and radar showing the little bit of cloud cover.
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days hung up across the mountains and ahead of the front , it's nice and warm, temperatures near 70 this afternoon. on the other side of the front it will be much cooler and that is what we will feel tomorrow. all of that cool air arrives. it will be noticeably cooler for sunday morning. watch these white lines. the wind is blowing along these lines. for today, the wind is coming out of the west. temperatures are going to be nice and mild. of course, the color contours represent the temperatures. we get into temperatures, the blues, and yes, these temperatures will fall. here's tomorrow, we get into that northwesterly flow, going to cool us down saturday and sunday. monday and tuesday we start to see a gradual warm-up. watch this flow, coming out of the southwest pushing the warm air in. we are talking 70s for tuesday, wednesday and thursday and with that comes a front which looks like right now will give us a much better chance for rain.
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weeks, since hurricane matthew. 73 degrees today. we end today with a chance of showers but it will be mainly after sunset. today will be patchy and light. if you're heading out to dinner do do some shopping this evening, it is maybe just a touch wet. nice conditions saturday and sunday, but 59 for the high temperature tomorrow. if you're heading out to pick out your christmas tree you will need the jacket or sweater. 10 a.m., 59, not a terribly cold morning but crisp during the afternoon. we jumped to 33 saturday morning so it will be chilly. if you are traveling on sunday, the weather looks good. our main hubs if you have to fly on sunday still look good, very similar to what we saw on wednesday up and down the east coast. looks nice and dry except in new england where there may be some snow in the rockies, some showers across the midsection of the country but chicago
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of course, brian is here with a look at what's happening on the roads. looks like a couple of incidents. >> a couple of incidents barely worth mentioning. this is the time of morning we begin to see problems on a typical weekday, but not seeing much of anything out there. we have one accident on road, -- road, make that capital boulevard, the beltline, 440. there is an accident causing a bit of a delay about the only problems but we are seeing. here's a look at the accident, looks like a minor one. here's i-40 at airport boulevard, no delays on the interstates, any other freeways, i-40, lake wheeler, wide-open, no problems to speak of their. here's a look at the drive times heading into rtp, no delays to speak of, durham freeway south, mangum street to the interstate, just an eight
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look at your road weather index, some clouds or fog toward the eastern part of the state, not much in the triangle. renee and brian? >> thank you. new overnight, there is a manhunt in france for a masked gunman accused of stabbing a woman to death. this happened in a retirement home for catholic missionaries in southern france. a worker called police saying she had been attacked. officers found that woman okay but another woman gagged and with three stab wounds. police believe the suspect was armed with a shotgun and knife, no one else was hurt. the death toll stands at 74 following a scaffolding collapsed at a construction site in china. it was a country's worst work accident in 2 years. eight-hour was being built at a cooling plant when the scaffolding came down yesterday. 60,000 people are out of their homes today in israel where wildfires are raging in several locations.
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fires were intentionally set. they had been burning for three days but intensified yesterday fueled by strong winds and dry weather. hundreds of homes have been destroyed but no deaths or serious injuries have been reported. new overnight, the islamic state group is claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide truck bombing in iraq. officials put the death toll at 73 including 40 iranian pilgrims. 65 people were wounded in the attack. the pilgrims were heading home following a major shiite religious observance baghdad. first lady michelle obama will receive the final white house christmas tree of her husband's presidency. this is video of the first lady receiving last year's tree. this year's is a douglas fir in wisconsin, it will be on display in the white house blue room. shoppers across the country are hoping to check out their holiday lists and get great deals. >> we are going to check back
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is at crabtree valley mall this black friday to get an
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good morning, 87:26. i'm brian shrader. the right-leaning think group civitas has filed a lawsuit asking a judge to prevent officials from casting ballots cast by thousands of voters who used same-day registration in north carolina. now a left-leaning voting rights group is asking a judge to throw out that lawsuit. the coalition for social justice is calling the civitas
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overturn the election. it has been a deadly holiday travel weekend on area roads. one person died and another was taken to the hospital with serious injuries following a crash on lynn road in raleigh. it happened before 7:00 last night. police are still investigating. beautiful thanksgiving yesterday and beautiful black friday. >> the weather looks awfully nice for this time of year. we had a beautiful sunrise on our raleigh sky cam a few minutes ago. look at this cloud cover, just a bit ominous. not expecting any rain until this evening. we will see a mix of sun and clouds today. it is warm. for three has been our cool spot in roxboro, 55 in souther pines and 57 in fayetteville. mix of sun and clouds, maybe more clouds than sun. nice and quiet for saturday and sunday, eyes in the upper 50s, sunday morning, chilly with a temperature near freezing. good morning, it is 7:27. have seen a few accidents out
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that capital and high winds boulevard, we will take you out to the scene, does not look like much if anything. let's look around the mall, i- 440 at glenwood avenue, no big delays outside crabtree valley, here's fayetteville street, traffic moving along just fine
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welcome back. 7:30 now. after thanksgiving dinner comes the next big american tradition, black friday shopping. >> yes, many people are taking advantage of discounts and deals in stores across the country. wral's emmy victor is live at crabtree valley mall in raleigh. are you taking advantage of any great deals out there? >> reporter: you know, i really want to. just yet. check in with me in about an hour or so. i was looking at macy's a couple of minutes ago and was thinking, i really need to get in there. lots of great deals for people who are shopping, for you and me, renee, brian, i think we could all find something. take a look here at aeropostle, the store is closing so they
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first come first serve basis. you can see a wave of people carrying bags. there's a hollister bag right there, lots of different bags, there is an h&m bag, and sephora, a really great place to shop this holiday season. people are here, as the hours have continued, more people have shown up taking advantage of these great deals. not just even here at crabtree valley mall but other retort -- retail stores as well. we saw a large earlier and we do know walmart as well is open. great deal, great day, i think everyone here is pleased. >> would you say that you are seeing a lot of people there since the mall and stores were open on thanksgiving day? i wonder if that cut into the number of people coming out for black friday. >> reporter: yes. you know, there were over 1000 people at target alone. at 6 p.m. yesterday when they opened. it goes to show you that some
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other people as you see behind me, taking advantage this morning. >> emmy victor, live at crabtree valley mall where people are doing their thing, shopping. we are working to learn more about a deadly crash in raleigh. this happened before 7:00 last night at lynn road near battleford road. the crash involved three vehicles. one person died, and others in the hospital with injuries. so far they have not released any names. police reope crash. a large wildfire burning in watauga county is almost contain. crews are working the lines of blowing rock around the clock. 55 homes are considered to be in danger. crews are parking in driveways and streets to cut the flames off of their paths. >> it is a very tough thing for them to be away from their homes and families at this time, but firefighters are a
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they know that they are out here and you can start to see it in their faces, some folks are on day 20, 21. we try to encourage each other as much as we can. >> the horton fire is one of the largest burning in the southeast right now. it has grown to 1200 acres. investigators aren't sure how it started. they think it could be arson. governor mccrory promised more aid to fight the fires in the western part of our state. he expanded a state of emergency to cover 22 additional counties. he made the announcement yesterday during a stop at a command post center in franklin. he shook hands with emergency management officials, volunteers and those out on the front lines fighting claims. 7:33 now. i know that we were concerned about seeing fog this morning. elizabeth, has that materialize? >> a little bit near the virginia line and heading east, toward i-95 a bit and thanks toward the coast. there has been a little bit of cloud cover in some plots --
7:34 am
some cloud cover out there, variably cloudy all day. looks pretty ominous in downtown raleigh. we saw this gorgeous sunrise, the peek in the clouds, the sun coming through those clouds there. the rain that we will see today will likely happen this evening. around sunset or just after and it will be patchy and light, but should be fairly dry for much of the day. 55 in durham, 52 in cary, 55 in erwin, start, we warmed 262 at lunch time and a high of 70 this afternoon. at lunch tiny in downtown durham, variably -- at lunchtime in downtown durham, variably cloudy, could see a chance of a shower but most of that will hold off until after sunset. bryan is here with a look at the roads this morning. a lot of people have the day off today. >> they have the day off or are heading to the mall's doing
7:35 am
it is smooth going to the mall out there around the triangle. just a couple of accidents, one occurred in the last few minutes at walnut street and maynard. as you can see from the traffic sensors, it's not causing any delays. we will take you out to the scene, walnut and maynard, not sing any delays on the roads. here's i-440 from glenwood avenue looking down the beltline, toward crabtree valley mall. not seeing any congestion there really around the mall. here's i-40 and saunders street, normally this is when we see things thickening up on cary through the fortify zone, southeast raleigh. wide-open through that stretch of freeway. here's a look at the road weather index. we are seeing some foggy patches in the viewing area mainly tour the coast, eastern north carolina. but around the triangle as you saw from those traffic cameras, we are seeing cloudy skies but not a whole lot of thick fog in our area. be careful as you head to the
7:36 am
bill and renee? make that brian and renee. >> either one. >> he answers to whatever. >> that's right. it starts with a "b." in the coming weeks santa is going to be making that list and checking it twice. there are some naughty ones on that list for sure. >> how to make sure you are buying the right gift and gifts you should avoid altogether. and the startling number of people who plan to do some of their shopping while at work. again, we would never do anything like that. pick three numbers, 7, 4, 0,
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7:39 now. before you start your holiday shopping, health experts at vanderbilt university have some tips on how to pick out safe gifts for the little ones in your life. first thing, be sure all toys are age-appropriate. avoid buying toys with small pieces or long cords for children under 3 because they can pose a choking hazard. check that there are no br or sharp edges on any items and be sure to choose crayons, paints and other art supplies that are non-toxic. keep your eyes on those button batteries. each year, children visit the emergency room after swallowing lithium batteries. remotes, watches, jewelry or decorations that contain button
7:40 am
from small children. >> experts say there are some toys to avoid altogether. projectile air rockets, darts, and slingshots not recommended for any age and are definitely dangerous for young children. bb guns should not be considered as toys. kids need to be properly trained and supervised while using any type of gun. and hoverboards are back after some caught fire last year making headlines. the consumer product safety commission said shoppers should be sure the product carries the ul certified symbol, meaning it has stopped all -- passed all safety protocols. of the workday? for a lot of people it's shopping. 53% of workers say they plan to look for christmas gifts online while working. that is the highest that has ever admitted to it in the career builders survey. more than half of those people say they will at least use their own devices while shopping on company time instead of using office equipment. >> i would never, ever do that. many people give to charities during the holiday
7:41 am
there are a lot of tips this morning. make sure you're giving to approved charities. that's the only way you will get a tax break. financial organizations need a written statement. if you are planning on giving items such as furniture or clothes, make sure to get a receipt from the charity -- a receipt from the charity so you can get it gift deduction for your taxes. dish. >> we look back at some of our favorite moments as we celebrate 10 years of dishing out recipes. starter plus , from an accidental text to the dinner table. what these total strangers had to say about their thanksgiving invitation gone viral. hello, this is lieutenant ruth, and i'd like to wish my family and friends in north
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well, i am an elton john super fans i requ >> that will get you moving this morning? >> that's right. it is all quiet at rdu this morning. everybody is where they need to be. >> sunday, though. >> enjoy the pretty day. we had a 72 yesterday, likely to hit 70 again today, a beautiful day. let's take a look at our rdu sky cam this morning. it's nice out there, mix of sun
7:45 am
blue skies, if you look at rdu, you can see the sunshine peaking through there on the buildings. it depends on where you are as to what you are seeing and that's going to be true all day. 55 is our current temperature, our dewpoint is way up at 63, so a lot of moisture in the atmosphere this morning. that has translated into fog in a few spots but at least visibilities are low enough that it should be. we looked at it a little very patchy, south hill, quarter-mile visibility. 2 miles in rocky mount with cloud cover certainly, low clouds and many spots. it's cooler in roxboro, that has been the cool spot all day. 51 in south hill, 51 in southern pines. beyond roxboro, everybody is mainly in the low to mid-50s right now. a little bit of cloud cover from the triangle area
7:46 am
the mountains and ahead of it, the warm temperatures, the same warmth that we saw yesterday. on the other side of the front it is much cooler. eyes will be in the 50s tomorrow, the fund itself comes through this evening and will bring a few sprinkles to the area. the amount of rain will be fairly light. we do need more rain but we get into a better chance of that by the middle of next week. we take it through the afternoon in the evening, there is 5:00, a couple of sprinkles pop up, not much. if you happen to see rain, it will move th light. we wake up to low clouds in the morning but we'll see gradual clearing and lots of sunshine, sunday morning is going to be chilly with temperatures dropping to near freezing but after that we warm up a good bit into next week. not a lot of cold mornings in the next seven days. 70 degrees this afternoon, we do have a chance of some rain laid today, this evening, up to midnight, 20% chance. again, the amounts that we see are a trace to a tenth of an
7:47 am
saturday, 59, 58 on sunday, saturday a big travel day. we are going to be tracking this front that arrives for us by the middle of next week. it'll be nice and dry up and down the east coast with the exception of new england and maine. chicago should actually be dry with rain approaching for monday and denver looks dry with snow back into the mountains. some rain up along the west coast. on tuesday, 72. that front gets a little closer to us and finally brings a good chance of rain. we may have thunderstorms on tuesday, wednesday and thursday as well. are. 62 on wednesday morning and 63 on thursday morning. we have our tower lighting on thursday, something that we always look forward to here on wral. yes, it may be just a little bit wet but it won't matter, you will be at home watching and the lights turn on at 6:15, not going to feel a whole lot like christmas with that high and 70 degrees.
7:48 am
friday. >> not at all. it is pretty quiet and that's a good thing if you're in the mood to go shopping. you won't have any delays getting to your shopping destination of choice. let's take a look at i-40. this is incredible. usually this time of morning, i- 40 is jampacked. the westbound lanes through garner. you can see a string of brake lights, but nothing like that this morning from the clayton bypass on up to i-40, jones sausage, look how clear it is. an eight minute drive from 42 to 440. we will take a look at lake wheeler, in his smooth sailing all the way through there. to fortify , we take a look at the road weather index, some fog in eastern north carolina around rocky mount and halifax, northampton counties but around the triangle, not seeing a whole lot of fog. anything dense anyway. here's a look at our life commute this morning, a couple of accidents, one near the
7:49 am
us-1 and 64. but they are minor, not causing any problems in those areas. renee and brian? thanks very much, bryan. we are celebrating 10 years of local dish this morning with 500 recipes and counting. to mark the anniversary, the ag department's lisa prince and i found some bible moments in the archives. >> we are going to get started with a hot crab. >> reporter: it all started 10 years ago with lynda loveland, lisa prince and her sister michelle's kitchen we have always used. they whipped up a bunch of holiday recipes back then including this, the shrimp tree. in 2007, commissioner steve troxler joined lynda loveland to share a shrimp recipe and she approved. i started doing local dish in 2009 with a commute -- cucumber tomato soup recipe that left a
7:50 am
of that on my pants? this is what happens when you cook with brian. >> reporter: lisa evened the score earlier this year. [ laughter ] >> i want that on camera. >> reporter: my grandmother made a couple of guest appearances over the years. here she is in 2010 sharing her recipe for thanksgiving dressing. >> where did you get this recipe? >> i just made it up. >> reporter: in 10 years we have had some great food like back in 2013. >> that is so good. >> happy thanksgiving to us. >> reporter: and, some duds, like peanut slaw back in october. but, as you have seen, we always have a good time. >> oh, hasn't it been fun? >> it has been fun and i'm looking forward to many more years. >> maybe another month at least. at least.
7:51 am
recipes or to submit your own recipe, and her recipes in the search box at next week, lisa and i will kick off the 11th year of local dish with a month of great recipes for the holidays. we show you how to start a red velvet cake. the triangle is represented during the macy's thanksgiving day parade including a group of local dancers. for the first time, the macy's thanksgiving day parade selected studio fuquay-varina to perform. 11 dancers and their parents traveled to new york last weekend to prepare for the parade. the studio five dancers will head home this morning. and the cary high school marching band also performed in the thanksgiving parade. [ music ] look and sound great! the flag -- the rube stopped in
7:52 am
store and played music from the movie, "the incredible's." we were there when officials announced cary would be one of only 10 high school bands in the parade. 11-year-old timmy richardson had a prime spot in the thanksgiving day parade. the raleigh native got his start as a drum major at shaw university when he was just four. yesterday, he led the macy's great american marching band. >> wral's 28 annual coats for the children -- the wral 20th annual coats for children has star used coats or toys at participating jiffy lube locations. the campaign runs through december 31. to make a financial donation, do that at search the keyword coats or you could easily text the word coats to 41444. earlier this week we reported the story of a mother
7:53 am
24-year-old jamaal showed up to wanda's house yesterday. things she said she meant to send the text to a few members of her family about thanksgiving dinner at her house. and accidentally sent it to jamaal. he promised to come by, after posting screenshots of the conversation online, and it went viral very quickly. >> it showed me what a great person she is. i'm thankful for people like that. >> it has come from god above. he uses us as tools and vessels to bring a message to others. >> both say they have a lot to be grateful for including each other. >> you never know where the text goes and what happens. but, what a wonderful story. >> it really is. the black friday shopping rush is on. >> stores and malls are crowded. what you need to know to
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it is 7:56. i'm renee chou. here are your top stories. watauga county is almost fully contained. crews are working the front lines of the blowing rock fire. 55 homes are considered to be in danger. crews are parking on driveways and blocking streets to cut the flames off in their tracks. dry conditions keep spreading to the east in our state. the latest drought monitor map shows abnormally dry conditions reaching as far east as raleigh. that is the yellow on the map in 19 counties, mostly east of i-85. 38 more counties are dealing
7:57 am
and another mild and dry day for us, elizabeth. >> that's right. we may wrap up the day with a couple of sprinkles but it's not going to be much. we look ahead to next week and have our first significant rain in weeks and weeks that happened, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. a mix of sun and clouds today and you can see some of that sunshine as we look west across wake count at 43. everybody else in the low to mid-50s, higher than that in fayetteville at 57 but certainly a mild morning and afternoon with a high of 70 but will see him at of sun and clouds. saturday and sunday, nice and bright but cooler with highs in the 50s. >> it has been easy on the roads this morning, no accidents, nothing significant. a couple of accidents around raleigh but not causing any problems. fayetteville is looking pretty good, too. we will take you out to 440 and capital boulevard. it is all clear. here's a look around crabtree valley mall, no congestion at
7:58 am
and a quick look at the road weather index, you can see areas of fog in eastern north carolina and around the triangle but not seeing any significant problems there. >> thank you. we will have much more news, weather and traffic coming up
7:59 am
right now on fox50, the shopping malls in the stores are filled with bargain hunters
8:00 am
black friday shopping is underway. we will help you make the most of your shopping experience. georgia plus , the passing of a beloved tv mom, florence henderson. we have reaction this morning from some of the stars who worked with her. it feels very nice out there right now. elizabeth will tell us how warm it will get today and how long this will last. thank you so much for joining us, it is 8:00 on this friday after thanksgiving, i'm renee chou. >> i'm brian shrader in for bill millions of shoppers are heading out for black friday to get a deal. >> 6 in 10 of us are hoping to take advantage of those great deals. jay gray reports from one of the busiest malls in the country. >> reporter: the dash for deals began while the turkey was still warm. shoppers starting black friday on thursday. but, the real crush comes today through the weekend, when 6 in 10 americans are expected to


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