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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  November 24, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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missing worker. plus we are live in durham where an annual tradition is just hours away. cutting up some birds, ready to serve up a delicious thanksgiving meal. also making it to your thanksgiving destination can be stressful. just when you start to relax, it's time to hit the road again. where some passengers are getting help navigating a busy airport from a robot. good morning, everybody, and thanks for joining us. i'm renee chou. >> and i'm brian shrader. elizabeth gardner has a look at the yucky start, but it's going to be just fine. >> we need the rain and i know folks are thankful to see it. it started around the area, 3, 3:30 this morning. still lingering. we're not finished with this yet. it should be out of here by lunchtime and in some places probably before that, but i
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lunchtime, we should cover almost everybody. steadier rain from roxboro over toward mecklenburg county, virginia, steady rain. from raleigh south ward and westward, a little bit of mist and drizzle. christmas decorations, and i know it's kind of a yucky start to thanksgiving, but we needed the rain. not a whole lot in the rain gauges, though, probably just a trace to a quarter of an springs. much, much warmer -- holly springs. in your planner at lunchtime, expect the rain to be over. we'll start to see a peek of sunshine here, starting to see that in a couple of spots already. 58 at lunchtime and with a little more sunshine, expect mid 60s for highs this afternoon. tomorrow also remains mild. we may see rain toward the end of the day and i'll show you the progress of a front across the
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minutes. >> thank you very much. it's 802, and breaking news from china where people have been killed and others trapped in a scaffolding collapse. two workers injured and one is missing. at a power plant's cooling tower. unknown number of people buried beneath the debris. china has suffered construction accidents based on and pressure to increase production. 16 were injured in a car bomb attack in turkey. video shows several cars in the parking lot caught fire after the blast. it also damaged the government building. authorities believe the attack was carried out by a bomb woman. this is the latest in a series in turkey for more than a year. >> a hack exposed names and
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members. unauthorized individuals breached a contractor's lap type. this is taken extremely seriously and calls it a matter of enthusiast. this breach includes current and former sailors. they'll be notified in the next few weeks. some retailers will not be making a profit this holiday season. still cleaning up from the devastating floods after hurricane matthew. oxford wholesalers makes most of its money decorations but lost a lot of inventory. estimating 2.5 million. losses are still adding up. >> it's hurt us more than folks think. it's hurt us, our sales reps. they're not making money. it's hurt our customers. they're not making money off us. >> despite that, chad harris says they've worked out a financial plan and they will stay in business. several weeks ago they held a community sale, putting out many items that were unboxed or
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as it always is on thanksgiving, it is a big morning at the durham rescue mission. >> you can almost smell the turkeys they're ook cooking already. providing meals for those less fortunate. emmy victor live in durham. emmy, i know you have an army of volunteers. >> reporter: certainly an army or maybe even more than that. some of these volunteers are entering their 12th hour on the job. others just got here and there is a lot of they are smoking. i think you can visibly just see how hot they are, and they actually just got off the stove and now it's up to the volunteers here to cut them up. they're going to be working on that through the next couple hours. as they get prepared for the hundreds of people that will be coming around noon to get a meal, it's for those who are less fortunate. those who were not as lucky to have a thanksgiving meal this year. and because of the durham rescue mission, they will.
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background, there's about 125 turkeys that they're working with. they started cooking those around 7 p.m. so they've been here for about 12 hours now, and they will be preparing them with greens and beans and other food. so a big effort here. you can just see how busy they are and what's so interesting, even for those who were here 12 hours, those who have been here on the job for a couple hours, they are just so them communicating and smiling. it's just been an overwhelming experience to be here. we look forward to seeing them finish up and giving the meals out to those who need them. >> through the year they have events at the durham rescue mission, and when you're out there, you can feel the spirit. it is a great place just to sit and be. >> such a warmth and generosity there. >> thank you. the raleigh rescue mission
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800 meals today to people in need to make their thanksgiving brighter. it's called gobbles to go. more than a hundred volunteers are packaging and delivering hot thanksgiving meals to those who might otherwise go hungry. volunteers and staff started preparing the meals on tuesday to make sure that everything was good to go today. along with single-serving thanksgiving meals, volunteers will deliver a bag of groceries to help get through the weekend. it is 8:06, moments caught on camera at a new york city train station. >> coming up, an e cigarette exploded in a man's pocket, sending people running for cover. >> plus a police officer who died one day after being shot. plus robots could be taking over concierge service in airports and malls across the country. where this concept is being
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. welcome back at 8:09. you're looking at rdu international airport where thousands of passengers will be passing through this thanksgiving weekend. there was a big rush last night, but despite the crowds, many travellers say things went smoothly. airport fishes are urging you to
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the website for parking. expect big crowds sunday when people come back home. we know airports are busy this week. malls are as well. ann rubin is in san jose where people navigating those two places will get extra help. >> reporter: if holiday travel has you stressed, piper is here to help. >> wow, you know, it's a robot. ha ha. >> reporter: she along with her robot cohorts, norma and amelia, have mov the national airport. they can host a dance party, give you directions to shops, and even flirt and wink. >> oh, yes, she made eyes. she's pretty. >> reporter: the idea is to offer travellers that little something extra, information with a bit of silicon valley flair. >> kids simply adore this. adults adore this. i adore this. >> reporter: of course as with any technology, there are
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so today upgraded models came in. >> i'm going to remember this when i go home. i'm going to tell my boyfriend all about it. >> reporter: and from piper, we go to pepper as a replacement. that's the name of the robot greeting shoppers at the westfield valley fair mall. >> pepper is 2016. >> reporter: there are two in san francisco, they speak multiple languages, dance and take selfies. >> she can read whether a customer is happy or sad. so we want to know if a customer is delighted to interact with her. that's thrilling. if she is not, we want to make sure she is something that our guests really appreciate. >> pepper is a work in progress. needed a reboot while we were there. this is really a pilot project to see if a robot might take the place of a concierge service. >> i might not be hesitant to ask him or her. >> pepper will give mall
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if the launch here is successful, pepper could be expanded to other westfield properties throughout the west in the future. >> what do you think? >> it seems cool now, but this is just the beginning of the robot takeover. >> that's right. >> taking over our job. >> i for one welcome our robot overlords. 8:12 right now. a lot of people lining up for black friday deals. >> protesters in chicago plan interrupt sales on the city's interrupt sales on the city's famed magnificent mile. why some say writing famed magnificent mile. hey! interrupt sales on the city's famed magnificent mile. why some say writing is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room.
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hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? happy thanksgiving from publix.
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[music]. >> that's awesome. this year's thanksgiving play list. >> you know, you're in there cooking. i love to cook to >> this is a little more direct to the point than greens, beans, tomatoes. chickens, turkeys, rabbits. >> does she say rabbits, really? >> i think she gets towards rabbit. i think. that's my interpretation of the material. i can't do it. >> nobody can. >> no, no. but once you hear it, it won't
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hams, lams, to make it a thanksgiving song. she says rams, and i don't think anybody has a ram here. >> that's part of the song. and then the internet made it into a thanksgiving song. >> right. >> well, a lot of folks thankful for some rain this morning. it can be inconvenient. especially i know there are a bunch of folks and i saw some posts on social media that they were just going out there anyway to get out, get their turkey trot in. i love that idea. i almost always work thanksgiving so i almost always miss out. but this morning it was a little damp for that. probably still running. a little showery out there. the bulk of the rain is stretching from durham up the i-85 corridor, up to mecklenburg county, virginia. we're not done with it. still some clouds on and off and a little mist and drizzle up
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more sun peeking through. tiny showers from pitsboro over toward chapel hill, a lot more rain from roxboro and on up into south hill, virginia. but down south, fairly patchy and light. not much happening around fayetteville and starting to ease up around clinton. about 4:15, rain was rolling into the area. started to steadiest, one patch here around the triangle area and coming through our area first. fayetteville, no rain falling there, but gray at the moment. temperatures at the airport 49. dew point at rdu, 47. more moisture than this time yesterday. 46 in rocky mount and wilson. 46 in sanford, 56 in fayetteville. we do have a steady flow, more
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yesterday. colder air on the back side of the front. this moves through late tomorrow with a sprinkle or two and brings us cooler temperatures for the weekend. folks down in central america not very happy about what's going on there. this was forecast yesterday to be a category i storm, making land fall, almost category iii. this is otto. formed an eye there, 105 miles per hour winds. it's going to bring a lot of wind damage and flooding to parts of nicaragua as well as costa rica. it should be out of there in less than 4 hours, but still that's not what folks need on thanksgiving day. 65 degrees for us today for the high temperature. still lingering showers early. most of that gone by lunchtime. 59 and sunshine peeking through this afternoon will make it pretty nice. friday, 72. much warmer than normal.
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morning for football. it will be chilly at 59 tomorrow morning. at 10 a.m., 51 around maine and new england, a little bit of snow and rain in the midsection of the country. that arrives here by tuesday or wednesday. gives us pretty good chance of showers and storms by mid week. i-40 fayetteville, looking fine. normally at this time of the day busy. a lot of folks traveled yesterday so the roads are pretty quiet this morning. i-85 at duke street is wet. but nobody is having trouble getting around. >> thanks very much. 8:19. an athens drive teacher is accused of having sexual contact with a student. police say it happened in june. he is in jail this morning on
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5-year-old student because of a muslim background. care made the allegations to charlotte mecklenburg schools. it says the teacher harassed the boy for weeks and at one point grabbed him by the neck. the claims are being investigated and a state attorney is reviewing theler. a new york man is being treated for third-degree burns to his hands and legs after an e cigarette exploded in his pants. it happened terminal. it looks like fireworks going off. everyone took off running, no one else was injured, and it did not hamper train service. a dash cam shows the moment an officer was nearly ambushed while talking to an officer during a traffic stop. someone tried to get out of the trunk. the man was a wanted criminal and carrying a weapon. the officer managed to wrestle
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sh >>. a wayne state police officer has died in michigan. he was shot in the head while patrolling near the university. the 29-year-old was investigating thefts from vehicles around the area when he was ambushed. a detroit man was taken into cuss -- tus toed, but no charges have been filed. lights were flashing outside the hospital in detroit in honor of him. a sixth child the bus crash in chatanooga tennessee, and we are learning more about the investigation. the driver, johnthony walker, left the bus route to drive along a curvy road. he was driving well over the 30 miles per hour speed limit when he lost control of the bus and slammed into a tree. walker did not have drugs or alcohol in his system, but investigators are looking into whether fatigue played a role in that crash.
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during the kickoff of the holiday season. some say writing off the group would be a poor decision. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: thousands of protesters in chicago say they intend to reenact the protests of black friday last year. it's not in a neighborhood but in chicago's magnificent mile, surrounded by high-end retail stores. >> we're saying to them, the jig is up. we are no longer going still and allow you to profit from our misery. >> reporter: it happens when most protests come down to a pile on of every issue right down to the election. a protester from the west side thinks continuing protests are going nowhere. >> they may have a message. they may have an agenda, but for the most part, these are young people who really don't understand. >> reporter: one focus recent demonstrations have had an
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justice into ferguson. in chicago, following a protest, people lost their jobs. an officer who shot mcdonald has faced murder charges. >> there is a great deal in terms of keeping a problem on the front burner and letting the public know that something needs to be done about this. >> reporter: as protests continue, conservatives tend to write the demonstrators off as cry babies, unfocused and unable to election. one columnist says that misses the big picture. >> what's going on, the left is organizing young people for the next election and moving the party to the left. >> reporter: dismissing the demonstrators could be the same mistake the clinton campaign
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fox news. different forms in different cities, minneapolis zen med
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. it is 7:26. stories. tens of thousands of passengers will move through rdu this thanksgiving weekend. there was a big rush last night. despite the crowds, many travellers say things went smoothly. airport officials urge you to arrive two hours before your flight and check their website for parking availability. big crowds are also expected sunday when everyone goes back home. today more than 500 volunteers at the durham rescue
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those in need will experience a hot thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. the meal begins at noon. duke energy is contributing $1 million to protect a river, lake, and wetlands near will himmington. it's a settlement of a lawsuit over coal ash over a closed plant. the utility has settled lawsuits with the group over eight of its coal pow the money will be used to fund the preservation fund. it's damp out there, but not all day. >> no. a few peeks of sunshine after lunchtime. it's starting to taper off from raleigh west. there's a chance of patchy light rain through about lunchtime. at rdu, it is wet, a shower came through recently. 46 in rocky mount.
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65 our high this afternoon with increasing sunshine, variably cloudy and 72 friday but turning colder on saturday with a high near 60. back to you. thanks. we are here at work keeping you informed but we're not the only ones working this thanksgiving. the surprising statistics coming
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it is 8:30 now. demonstrators in durham took to the streets last night over a deadly police shooting. >> sky 5 was over durham when dozens of demonstrators took to the streets chanting and carrying signs calling for justice. police shot and killed 34-year-old frank clark. michael clark is frank clark's brother. they grew up in the mcdougal terrace neighborhood. they want police officers to be more respectful to residents. they say many in this crowd feel intimidated by police. >> physica community, how they go about it. you know what i'm saying? it's another way than just hopping out, put your hands up, search you, pat you down for guns. >> during the demonstration, the family listed some demands that included an independent autopsy, the firing of the three officers involved, and a call for residents to file police complaints of any wrongdoing by durham officers working the mcdougal terrace area. organizers are planning for
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the three officers in particular. master officer charles barkley repeatedly harassed residents at mcdougal terrace, according to them. he was disciplined in the past but the police department won't say why. the other officers are goss and southerland. southerland was treated and released. he was not shot. they were placed on administrative leave pending the president-elect trump released a video message with a holiday wish, that the country heal its divisions and move forward as one. >> let us boldly face the exciting new frontiers that lie ahead. >> the video was posted on the official white house transition team's youtube page. trump also emphasized the importance of bringing
8:32 am
inner cities. the president-elect will spend his thanksgiving in florida along with his family. amazon has suppressed some of megyn kelly's reviews of her books. within hours of its release, negative reviews appeared. many came from a pro trump forum on the red dit. they were removed if they couldn't be verified. >> breitbart news has been cut off. this has served as a platform for the white nationaliest movement. hate speech was the reason for the removal. while breitbart was not a direct client of app nexus, it has been removed from the market place, cutting off from tidesers.
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counselor to president-elect trump. thanksgiving is always a huge undertaking for volunteers. >> getting ready to serve up a grand meal for those in need. live at the durham rescue mission this morning where so many folks are hard at work there. hi, emmy. >> reporter: high, renee. they are very hard at work. forming an assembly line behind me just to make things quicker people to come in and get meals. i'm here with ernie mills. you've been behind this for 42 years. tell us a bit about why you guys do this every year. >> my dad was an alcoholic sharecropper. we never had a special thanksgiving meal. we want to make it special for those in the community that are low income. a lot of the guests that will be coming are not homeless. they're just low income. we wouldn't have much of a thanksgiving without the durham rescue mission.
8:34 am
can do. it takes hundreds of people to put this effort on. so why are the volunteers so critical? >> because there's no way we could do it without them. really, when the volunteers come together, when durham comes together, we can solve all of durham's problems, and today it will be a large gathering of the haves and the have-nots, all working together to make drama better place. >> reporter: there's a lot of food here. we've been talking turkeys all turkey. what else is on the menu today? >> turkey, barbecue, green beans, corn. just hundreds of different did hes certificates. we're going to have just a wonderful time today -- desserts. we're going to say y'all come. make it a if he istive time. >> reporter: i like that.
8:35 am
here. i'm told there's more giveaways. >> 15,000 pieces of clothing given away and for the first time this year, we've got gift cards. $20 gift card, and they can use this to shop at any one of our three thrift stores. they can go shop and it's a card for each person. so if a mama brings four kids, she'll get $100 worth of gift cards. >> and there's 725 of those available? >> reporter: wonderful. what a special way to give back this thanksgiving. i'm amazed by all the volunteers taking time out on their thanksgiving morning to be here. back to you guys. >> well, ernie and his family and all of his volunteers do so much with the durham rescue mission all through the year and we're grateful for them. emmy victor live in durham. coats for the children campaign is under way. you can help by donating new or gently used coats or new toys at participating jiffy lube
8:36 am
the campaign runs through december 31. donations can be made on just search keyword coats or you can text the word coats to 41444. throughout the years we've helped collect 158,000 coats for the salvation army and raised more than $1.6 million to help families during the cold winter months. most americans are giving thanks with families and friends. others are having to put up with our co-workers. >> trying to put >> right. career builders annual thanksgiving survey finds more than one in four workers will be spending thanksgiving with their work family. that's a substantial increase over the 20% who said they'd be working last year. those in the healthcare industry will be most likely on the job today. also on the job today on weather duty, of course, elizabeth. >> i love you guys. >> i love you, too. i love you, too, renee. >> i love you. >> people are loving the rain, too, which is not something that
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coming up in about ten minutes, going to show you what happened with our drought monitor. it's not good news for us, of course. but there is a little rain out there, from roxboro, on up into mecklenburg county, virginia. we're seeing showers patchy and light, south and southwest of the triangle area. a beautiful sky cam shot right 62, and by noon most of the rain could be over. a lingering sprinkle. at that point we're pretty much done with the rain and we'll see holes in the clouds this afternoon. i hesitate to call it clearing, but variably cloudy skies. lunchtime, 65. tomorrow even warmer but we'll talk about how much sun we'll see to go along with that. brian. >> thanks very much.
8:38 am
thanksgiving day parade. let's take you to live pictures right now in new york city. parade steps off at 9:00. look how colorful. >> look at all the people milling about. exciting day in new york city. one of the singers performing at the parade, sara mclack hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls
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it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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. we're just minutes away from the start of the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. singer sara mclaughlin is one of the performers. she spoke with bill leslie about what's in store for the parade. >> i'm excited. i'm on one of the floats and i'm going to be performing. very, very excited.
8:41 am
the whole fantastic thing. >> reporter: what is it like to perform in a parade? i've never done that before. >> i did it ten years ago with my last record, and it was really fun. i mean, you know, we always come out and watch parades in van koufr, where i live, and this is a huge one. there's tens of thousands of people lining the streets. there's a ton of excitement and great energy. it's aot really amazing floats. >> reporter: and then next week it's christmas in rockefeller center tree lighting. a lot on your plate. >> the tree lighting. that's fantastic, too. great energy, packed with people. particularly at this time of the year and considering the election and everything, it's a really wonderful time to people to come together despite their political beliefs. remember we're all human beings and we have reasons to be
8:42 am
>> reporter: very nice. what have you been working on recently? >> well, i've been doing a lot of promotion around my christmas record, the new one, wonderland, just out. i've been writing new songs as well. new songs coming next year, going to finish up next year. >> where do you go as as song writer? do you find creativity, away from everybody else, place? what gives you that creative spark? >> that's a really good question and i wish i had a tangible answer for you. i would write a whole lot more if i did. i write from an emotional point of view and typically it's about personal experience. it's very ka that is rightic for me as a writer to be able to sift through the muck and the
8:43 am
to put myself in their shoes. it's an experience as a song writer. it's isolating and i do need to be by myself. one of the best things i do for myself, i hike every day. i have a puppy. we go in the woods and walk every day and that's the best place to write lyrics. there's space, freedom, and peace. it's the perfect place. >> that was a nice interview there. good to see her. the triangle will be well re thanksgiving day parade. members of the studio 5 dance company will be there. as well as the band. 11-year-old timmy henderson will be there. he got his start as a drum major at four years old. he will lead the great american marching band. there's a live picture, getting
8:44 am
you can watch the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade live on wral starting in about an minutes. can't wait for that to step off at new york city. >> so much color. >> yeah. 8:44 now. ohio proved to be paradise for the tar heels. >> why unc's victory may be a good omen. >> why a brand can help out outside noise, and the best pair of headphones to wear when you're exercising. pair of headphones to wear when you're exercising. >>t this... a silicon valley server farm.
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speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks. hmm... the award-winning geico app.
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. [music]. a little did it y dity from the sugar hill gang. >> i can't remember how that line goes, but i know there's a line about stomach medicine. >> don't overdo it. >> i have to play that. serious casseral when i get home. >> that will be unique. >> notice he didn't say good. >> i know brian well. he didn't say delicious. he said unique. >> unique. >> i didn't ask you what you thought of it, brian. >> and i didn't tell you what i thought of it. >> no. to each their own. >> exactly.
8:48 am
we have it at christmas and it's a thing at our house. >> what is in it? >> it was a local dish years ago. >> it's canned as spare gus, and that's brian's problem. it's mushy. it's not even like the real thing at all. you have to get your mind around the fact that it doesn't taste like it. >> it's a soft vegetable matter cass roll. >> yeah. >> cheese. it's good. if you need a little tip for your cooking, if it doesn't taste good, throw in mushroom soup. >> i'd be thankful for it. elizabeth. >> thank you. i'll get you later. our radar picture still showing a little bit of rain out there. especially from raleigh, north and east, really along the northern portion of that i-85 corridor and up toward roanoke
8:49 am
going to ease eastward. the patchy light rain isn't over. but that's about it for anything that's very heavy. you can see that from the northern part of franklin county, on up into roanoke rapids, and if you're driving up towards virginia, you're going to run into rain shortly. but it's all going to move out quickly. it's ten minutes to 9, and by lunchtime, i over. on up i-85 into south hill, virginia, and then as you head eastward, still dealing with a little bit of rain. then it's just patchy and light down here around fayetteville and clinton. not too much left there. take a look at the big picture radar. lightening up in the triangle. heavier rain toward roanoke rapids.
8:50 am
low cloud cover really starting to drop. our ceiling falling just a little bit here in the last hour or so. 50 degrees, winds northwest at 3 miles per hour. dew point, more moist than this time yesterday. 53 in fayetteville. 45 in south hill. a little on the cool side and with the clouds it will stay that way up through lunchtime. we should have a little bit of clearing. notice that last little bit right there in greensboro the end of the rain, clearing foothills of the mountains. southwesterly warming up in the next couple of days. talking about the drought situation, last week we started to see yellow abnormally dry area getting close to the viewing area. this week it's come right on in. we're abnormally dry from the triangle area westward. of course dealing with severe and extreme drought across the mountains. this little bit of rain helps, not a lot but it helps.
8:51 am
bit of sunshine. fairly gray for us tonight and cloud cover tomorrow but temperatures will be pretty mild at 72. behind friday's front, which by the way won't bring us much rain, it will be cooler for the weekend. high temperatures in the mid 50s if you're going to be doing some shopping. 51 at 10 a.m. and 55 at 5. for the trip home expect to see pretty much what we saw yesterday, rain midsection of the country. nice and dry up and down the east coast except in the northeast a little bit and some rain along the west coast. we're in for a better chance of showers and storms by the middle of next week. take a look at what's happening on the roads out there. i-85 at duke street a little damp but no real weather issues. traffic, of course, pretty light for a thanksgiving morning. brian? >> thanks, elizabeth. after i have a serving of your casserole, i'll want to go out and get a real bite to eat.
8:52 am
today. bob evans will be open until 8:00 tonight. cracker barrel will have a meal until tonight. boston market will serve up a tra dishingal thanksgiving dinner and -- thanksgiving dinner and denny's will be open as well. get a list of all of the restaurants at new overnight, unc fourth maui invitational. dominated the wisconsin badgers at both ends of the court. 71-56, they won. after the previous maui titles, unc won two national championships and reached the final four the other time. a good omen indeed. one of the big changes with apple's iphone 7, wireless headphones. if one of your gift list is
8:53 am
liberty shows us options. >> reporter: nearly every type of headphone, home or studio style, portable and noise canceling, comes in a wireless version. because they're usually connected using bluetooth, you can listen to music without taking your phone out of your pocket. for a good portable pair, consumer reports says check out these sony headphones for $200. >> they have very good sound quality and will keep some ambient sounds out while keeping your music in. >> reporter: open-ear pair, check out these headphones from audio techniqua. at $200, you get quality wireless headphones with 38 hours of battery life and a 28-month warrant. y.
8:54 am
quality for others. for exercising, x7 plus. they stayed in place and at $85, they are a consumer reports best buy. monica liberty wral tv5 on your side. >> just something else you have to charge. >> true. well will have another check
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. time now is 8:56. i'm renee chou. >> and i'm brian shrader, with a look at your top local stories.
8:57 am
lumberton. happened at the dollar general a martin luther king drive. the suspect stole items and tried to get away. tried to run over the police officer in the process. suspect is still in the hospital. investigators say a dish left unattended on the stove caused a deadly fire in raleigh. this is breaking news yesterday morning. the 911 call came in around 5 in the morning about a fire at reasonabling ency park apartment apartments homes. the name of the victim has not been released. breaking a promise to repair a major road, washed out during hurricane matthew. plans to keep pressure on the dot to keep the promise. failed to meet the promised deadline and has not come up with another one. dreary start, looking okay for the afternoon. >> we should have sunshine later on. we do still have rain from
8:58 am
then we should be finished mid morning to late morning. fayetteville sky cam showing cloud cover but a little bit of a break up there in the top left hand side of your screen. 56 in fayetteville right now and 45 in south hill. in yoer forecast, increasing sunshine, 72 on friday with variably cloudy skies, nice and warm tomorrow. front comes through with sprinkles late friday and cooler saturday and sunday. saturday and sunday. that's your news for now. i never shop without a list. and at publix what's on the list also happens to be what's on sale. stuff you actually want... on sale! isn't that something? that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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you know what i love? when i see all the savings at the bottom of my receipt. it's proof that i'm a smart shopper.
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how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: how you folks doing? how you folks doing? how's everybody doing? i appreciate you now. thank y'all now. i do. i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. and we got a good one for you today, folks. from anniston, alabama, it's the duncan family. [cheering and applause] and summerville, south carolina, it's the infinger family. >> whoo! steve: everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new stylish ford fusion hybrid


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