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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  November 18, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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air quality is worsening due to the wildfires in north carolina. many counties will be under code yellow some minor concern for those who aren't usually sensitive air pollution, the air is unhealthy and western half of the state. state leaders meet again today to talk about the flooding. the committee holds second
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at college pick it feels like november but it will not feel that way later today.>> it is chilly now but we're looking at a warm of this afternoon. you can see the blue skies, it's 45 at the airport, 37 in roxborough 45 goldsboro. it another couple hours and will see the warm up happen more quickly 76 this afternoon, there's a live look at the camera on interstate 40, this is westbound, we have a minor accident in the median
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not a bad ride over all just expect heavy traffic especially between harrison we have heavy delays at the freeway interchange.
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focused on people and community for 60 years.
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it's 8:30 am to county board of elections is closer to making a decision on tens of thousands of votes will be recounted or not.>> the conversation continues more than a week after the election and a decision could determine who the next governor could be. here are details on the hearing later this morning.>> reporter: this is now the second time this week they are having a hearing on this matter. they still need to decide whether there's enough evidence to support a recount or go to a two to one. they're talking about 94,000 votes. of petition was filed last week when the counted manually entered in the data after a computer glitch. whether or not to county is critical in the race for governor. the last total has the
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each other. roy cooper held a tight lead against mccrory. the hearing will start at 11 am on the second floor at the health and union services building. we are told depending on the outcome they will extend the period that they let these counties and.>> the delay in determining the one problems especially for those planning the inaugural ball. generally rally organizes the event and they don't know who they want to in past years the winnerps hel to pick up food and music, but to get out in time, the invitations will include the name of the next governor. >> we had been eager to host the ball, we have been ready.
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this time. >> rebecca ayres is in charge of the event will take place. police in fayetteville will be out looking for information on cold case in the murder of craig johnson who was found shot to death at a barbershop. detectives and his family will be distributing flyers. high-profile case goes to court today in lumberton. daniel green, of killing michael jordan's father in 1993 what's more evidence from the state. he and another man are serving life sentences for the crime. his attorney argues that he helped to move the body but not the murder. with civil lawsuit for a
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lawsuit references a former deputy. he shot and killed john livingston in 2015. grand jury cleared him of criminal charges but the fbi is looking into whether civil rights were violated. a funeral in fayetteville for an educator today, doctor brown died at 87. and elementary school in spring lake there's his name. students there through pictures and wrote short notes in his honor. he opening day every year until his health prevented him from doing so. he was a community activist who fought for civil rights. burial will be at cumberland gardens at 1 pm. zora felton , 65 years old, died unexpectedly this week she spent her career in education and retired e threyears ago.
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board president and reelected last week. crash involving a durham police cruiser, highway 70 shortly before 10 pm last night, our crew arrived on scene short time later a record was taking away the vehicle. -- a tow truck was taking away one vehicle. fortunately no one was hurt. fell for inlet is back open, it was on his way to morehead city. the coast guard says no one was hurt and no damage to the ship. tugboats help to move it at high tide. it's the perfect day for a picnic, or stroll, -- and in three-day span we will have weather for everybody. it's typical for this time of
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struggle between cold air ankiel death cold air and warm air -- we are still having a struggle between the cold air and the warm air. you can see we're still having clear skies over wake county, 41 to rocky mount, wake force that 45, garner will warm up to 69 degrees at lunchtime and afternoon. and then fip have backed out to around 68. eautiful day today. if you're headed out to run errands or walk the dog it's a little cool this morning with temperatures in the mid-40s, we will talk more about how cold gets behind saturday's front after this period. it's a weekend in the triangle to get into the
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the holidays up next we will look at weekends best choices. hey! is this enough? a little more... is tgrandma!gh? there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go.
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. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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wral is back. it's beginning to look and feel like christmas this weekend, a lot going on. a lot going on always but we have parades entry lightnings, wral has you covered in kathy hanrahan has a preview of the weekend. let's start with our big parade, we are excited.>>
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sponsored by shop local rally, and reni you will be there.>> i will be doing my broadcasting. >> i will be doing video that you can check out on w if you can't go make sure you watch online. >> and it'll be 60 degrees so the weather will be beautiful. you can go ice skating, we have the ice-skating rink and downtown raleigh plaza. the ice rink will open up, the fee is for your skates. i'm not a great ice skater but i love to go. >> it has been a while but i may try.>> they are open through january.>> the tree
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>> go out to northville they have sip and shop where you can get drinks and go shopping, and then between 4 pm at 8 pm, santa claus will be there at 6 pm to light the tree. you can write trackless trains, chocolate covered bananas, it was bashed it will just be a great day. >> -- at 6 pm to light the tree. you can't ride trackless trains, get chocolate covered bananas at it will be a great day. >> please send your pictures because there is a 5k for your dogs. we have a celebrity santa, everyone has a great time and at the rate of that to take your plants.
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take your pets. we haven't art fair from their council -- hurricanes has local food, beer, music and special artwork all from north and spam a lot, and you like monty python and the search for the holy grail runs throughout sunday at the theater. and the temptations and four tops at the durham performing arts center.
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throughout the weekend. for more information search out and about on the website. pumpkin pie, that might be the most favorite dessert at thanksgiving but if you have room for something richer, stick around for this week's local dish. they are serving up a super satisfying part that is very easy to make.
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is your daughter like ariana grande a >> i should know more, she has a little ipod, -- >> i'm sure she's listening to appropriate, right?
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let's check out what's going on. i love history, it's on the quarter of the courthouse building, a gorgeous dark reddish brown color and the beautiful blue sky. it looks so pretty. 45 degrees outside and the winds are called. 44 degrees -- 45 degrees outside and the winds ar called. called -- the winds are calm. >> let's talk about the drought, we have had nothing to worry about here because of hurricane matthew but that's not the case to the west weather wildfires are. it doesn't come out early enough for us to show it to you
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at 9 am, but check out the yellow shaded area which is abnormally dry and we put that into motion and show you this week, it is a big jump this is skirting western edge of our viewing area and maybe in the next few weeks we may see western counties come into the abnormally dry area. everything out west is still extremely dry wildfires are still burning the skies were clear yesterday when the picture was taken from nasa you can see a number of smaller fires south of interstate fires south of interstate 40 not too far from morganton and there's another one southwest of asheville back your new york franklin. it does affect the air quality, not so bad for us, but we do
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in the next 24 hours and that may bring us some of that smoke. in terms of danger, not too bad. but sensitive folks, the red area is unhealthy for everyone with thicker smoke. >> cold front off to the west is bringing us rain on saturday briefly and very small amounts. on the west side of that of big drop in temperatures. 76 today, more than 10 degrees warmer than normal and almost a record, 79 is the record. we probably won't make that but we will be close. on saturday nights and mild, it will probably moved around 3 pm and out of here by 5 pm. looks nice and dry and utile
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we will start at 61 degrees and finish at 68 degrees. on sunday, the bottom drops out, 49 degrees. well below normal on sunday. a dramatic change and on monday be prepared for cold temperatures, 29 degrees, normal is 39. that doesn't put us near the record of 17 and 1914 but it will be a shot we have seen this week. by wednesday and thursday, thanksgiving is looking better and we will seek fairly normal conditions.>> we are bracing for monday. if you're looking for all winter on your dessert menu, on local dish, they are arina favorite from lisa. >> we are making brown sugar
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the go to recipe and thanksgiving is a pie holiday. he can -- >> combined brown sugar was softened butter, add for beaten eggs vanilla extract and lemon extract, it heightens the flavor. when it's all combined we prepare the crust. >> prick them with a fork import half brown sugar mixture into each. >> we put them both into the oven at 350 for about five minutes then drop it to 325 for 35 minutes until a knife inserted between the center and edge comes out cool. >> just a few ingredients and you have a decadent dose of dessert. >> that is delicious. >> it is very rich.
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>> happy thanksgiving to us here >> you can get a copy of the recipe at you can get a copy of the next week ryan and lisa celebrate 10 years of local dish with some of their favorite moments. the dress worn by marilyn monroe as she sang happy birthday to president jfk sold or nearly $5 the sparkling iconic formfitting cow is gorgeous with 2500 handstitched crystals sold to ripley's believe it or not for $4.8 million may 19, 1962 four early dinner celebration for jfk. she was found dead later of overdose at 46 years old. a cross-country runner
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during a race. take a look at this.>> the animal sprinted across the field and knocked over justin. he said someone shouted, watch out for the deer, but it was too late. it hit him in the stomach. he was able to get on his feet and it is the 8k race at the university of pennsylvania race. his goat says he's okay just sure bruised up. -- his coach says he's just sure and bruised up. the christmas parade is one of the biggest on the east coast and one star is santa claus and mrs. clause here>> this is the first time that mrs. clause has been able to join us because she has been so involved in finishing up all the productions. >> we know she is your better
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direction keeps track of the liz, who's naughty and nice. >> you have to keep him in line. >> be sure you select a life partner who is nice because they are with you for a long time.>> santa, we are always thrilled you are in our parade. is going to be 61 degrees.>> i may need a fan nearby to remind everyone, folks going to raleigh every day, if you have never been to the parade, this is the day. if you are a parent comes to the parade it's free and fun and it's fabulous. ho, ho, ho! >> will the kids have a direct line to santa their? >> i get a chance to say ho, ho, ho!
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to see santa. it is fun. >> how will christmas be for kids across the triangle? >> hollywood says is an naughty and a nice list, but there's always a nice one.
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8:56 am during county board of election hold a hearing today on a complete of counting of ballots.
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accuracy saying exhausted election workers manually entered the votes due to a technical glitch. beautiful sunshine but will start to the morning and starting to warm up. we will be in the 70s this afternoon. looking across downtown raleigh looks beautiful, funny a sunshine, 45 degrees, where he seven s. hill, or defied in goldsboro. 52 at the airport. >> 76 degrees the high today, the christmas parade tomorrow will be dry and warm. about 5 pm a cold front will move through. a few accidents on the life commute map, we wind up friday morning looking for crash near durrant road north of interstate 40. and overall carpentersville road, interim, we have a crash
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of the 501 near 751 interchange. the delays begin just after the durham freeway and heavy traffic on 751 in both directions. a photo shoot gives women across the world a raffle. a powerful set of photos has reached millions of people online. today at noon we will explain why it helps to spread awareness about rainbow babies. our next update in 25
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: how you doin', brandon? let's go. how you folks? [cheering and applause] thank you very much. thank y'all very much. thank you. i appreciate you. i see you. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good for you today. returning for their second day from hayward, california, it's the champs. it's the cole family. [cheering and applause] and from omaha, nebraska, it's the quaites family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new bold


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