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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence, this is wral news on fox 50. the hunt is over for the man who shot and killed a southwest airlines employee. hello and thank you for joining us. >> the suspect was foun in a truck in an airport parking garage. he shot and killed an airline employee outside oklahoma city's will rogers world wide airport this afternoon. the airport was shut down while police investigated. they haven't released a motive for the shooting. tonight the airport returned to normal operations. a man is fighting for his live after being hit by a car in fayetteville. the man was hit on owens drive near village drive about 6:45
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condition. anyone with information about this crash is asked to call the fayetteville police. new tonight, facebook may hold clues to a raleigh murder. chad copely is accused of shooting rogers from his garage in august. he told dispatchers on 911 he was quote locked and loaded and wanted to secure his neighborhood because people at a nearby party were vanned lying and -- vandalizing and using profanities. later he said he was just protecting his family. but police reports show there was no evidence that thomas was armed. police want to look at facebook video posted by someone who claims it shows what happened that night and that it is indeed murder. it's been more than a month since hurricane matthew left behind a trail of destruction in north carolina. tonight hundreds of people are still trying to recover from the loss of their homes and
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a meeting in fayetteville tonight. candace sweat was there and is joining us live. >> reporter: well, just to put this into perspective, a spokesperson tonight from fema says cumberland county has received the second highest dollar amount than any other county in north carolina, but the people here still need resources and are going to for quite some time. in people in this room came with ain public mind. how to -- in mind. how to help people for the long haul. >> it will be months, possibly even a year to two years for long term recovery. >> reporter: steve rogers is chair of the cumberland county disaster relief coalition. they provide resources after devastating events, in this case hurricane matthew. >> now there's still clean ups, muck outs and debris removal, and once all of that is done
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>> reporter: matthew swept the coast and flooded neighbors. a spokesperson for fema says while some 12.5 million dollars has been dispersed in cumberland county still anarchal of 71 people are -- an average of 71 people are registering a day. here churches and organizations mobilize, especially when small loans are exhausted. >> we the united way to direct the citizens who who wanted to help. >> reporter: roger acknowledges the coalition is at the mercy of the generosity of others. >> but the ones still living in shelters or motels, they're not. >> reporter: so the coalition handed out this booklet tonight. really helpful and has a lot of numbers of churches and
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resources. again, after all of the loans are exhausted people still need help, so for more information go to and click this story. >> candace sweat live in nate, thank you. now the -- fayetteville, thank you. now the first meeting today was held in lumberton. he got an up -- they got an update on the people effected, and finding people housing is a top priority, and the community had a chance to ask and get feedback. there are more meetings, find the dates and locations at governor mccrory is challenging what he calls several hundred fraudulent absentee ballots cast for roy cooper in bladen county. they're investigating alleged irregularities in bladen county during the general election. the investigation continuings. the durham county board of elections meets tomorrow morning to see if a request to
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votes is valid. the general council for the state's rocky mount prep party claims the -- republican party blames 94,000 -- claims 94,000 ballots can't be relied upon. the june says she respect the -- judge says they respect the right of anyone who believes the results are unfair. >> it's entirely incorrect for someone who feels they have a basis on which to challenge the election and file a protest. that's what the system is set up to do, and we're willing and happy and able to do it. >> roy cooper's campaign responded to the complaint against the election results saying it's an attempt to undermine the election. wake county is preparing to open several new school, and they addressed parent concerns about where their students will end up tonight.
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the latest draft of the new student assignment plan. >> reporter: some parents in cary have been against a wake county student assignment plan for awhile now, and that continued tonight. parents believe decision-making at the district might be flawed. >> we really do all have hearts. we don't just look at numbers. >> reporter: but in school reassignment a lot of decisions come down to numbers. >> we're opening a new elementary school, and we can't schools and not fill them up. >> reporter: three new schools will soon open in wake county. a proposal will move some from mills park elementary in cary to one of the new schools. horton's creek. some parents are upset, and they've been vocal too, be it in the third draft -- but in the third draft of the proposal
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>> we're baffled there's been in changes to the recommendations. >> my kids have to go to three different schools in four years. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: these parents say in time the new school will be overcrowded as well. >> the data clearly shows there's no benefit to dividing our neighborhood of cary park. >> reporter: in the end school board members said they wanted to look at the numbers one more time. >> weapon didn't reach decision tonight about what's going to happen. >> reporter: the school board members plan to talk this over later again this month and a final vote is expected early next month. >> always a hot topic, adam owens live in cary, thank you. a meeting was held to discuss development in parts of holly springs. about 60 people attended a meeting to discuss the plans for the wood property. new homes in the area they say
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congestion. nothing was decided. they'll hold another meeting next month. >> business leaders say they're being booted out along hil lboro street. the shops got news their leases are not being renewed. two owners say they may have to close all together. >> who would, um, i mean, right it should be january 1st. pretty upset about it. nobody really knows where they're going to go. >> several weeks ago target announced plans to build a small scale school just above the effected businesses on the street. developers say they'll still use the space for retailers. a man who helped lead the desegregation of fayetteville public schools has died. brown died yesterday.
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1960s. the grave side and burial takes place saturday. dr. brown was 87. tonight billy graham is reacting to the death of long time friend cliff barrows. he wrote cliff barrows was one of the closest friends my wife ruth and i ever had. he was a role model of what a christian ought to be. he was the musical director of the he was 93. >. still to come/teen is fighting for his life after he was found locked in a basement. and new details about the wildfires threatening homes and businesses in the western part of our state. and the local efforts to help bring the fires under control. >> and some customers across the triangle will soon have access to ultra fast internet. >. and with the clears of the clouds today we've cooled down more this evening.
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rocky mount and 4 degrees cooler in raleigh. also a warm up is underway. how the afternoon highs will make you smile if you like the warm weather. we'll talk about that coming up. thank you mike. and as we head to break here's this beautiful shot of the moon
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wral news on fox 50 with lynda loveland, gerald owens, and meteorologist mandy mitchell. mike maze. new tonight prosecutors want to fast track sentencing for a gang murder that confessed to murder. jailers found dangerous items including a two and a half inch shank in his cell. in september he pleaded guilty to the lake wylie couple. they were killed to and them testifying to a robbery at their mattress store. he was in jail at the time of the murders, but he ordered the killings. emergency management will implement an evacuation for parts of highway 9 in henderson county starting at noon tomorrow. should be complete by 5:00. this is due to the party rock fire that burned tens of
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firefighters in knightdale and eastern wake fire departments left saturday and plan to spend a week in the area. wake county sent four engines. and officers issued a silver alert for joshua benny, last seen heading east on newburn avenue. if you've seen him call the raleigh police. to address the homeless problem in our community. they want to remodel a vacant building into a homeless facility. some say having all the resources under one roof is invaluable. >> it's hard, i struggle to get from one part to the other to get the things i need, and then
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>> this stems from a controversy from several years ago when people were threatened with arrest for feeding homeless people in the square. this plan is considered the long term solution. >> at&t is expanding its fiber network in the triangle, launching ultra fast internet in surrounding areas. the internet 1,000 they s 20 times faster than the average cable customer. you can download 25 songs a second or a 90 minute movie in less than 34 seconds. that sounds fast. >> yeah! [ laughter ] the wral christmas parade is this weekend. the excitement comes to downtown saturday at 10:00 a.m. >> and this is one of the largest holiday parades on the east coast. marching bands, floats, balloons all march through the
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downtown to the parade don't worry, we'll broadcast it live on wral. bill leslie, renee chou and brian shrader will be there to bring you the fun saturday at 10:00 a.m. in downtown raleigh. >> imagine if it ever did snow for our parade. >> yeah, but saturday will start out chilly, but once the sun comes out the temperatures rise fast. >> nice. >> so during the parade we'll rise quickly into the 60s. >> very comfortable. >> yes, so light jacket in the morning, and then the end of the parade could be well into the 60s. here's what's ahead. it's a chilly evening in progress. clear skies, temperatures rising though as the week goes on. warmth through saturday, especially friday into saturday. the highs should be in the 70s. we're following a cold front developing in the plains on thursday, and could bring showers on saturday with its passage. and then once it moves by it's abruptly colder for sunday. temperatureswell below normal, we'll see that in the seven-
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calm winds, dewpoint at 41. some smoke in the area from the wildfires out west because of the westerly wind today, and with the winds remaining light overnight the smoke could become trapped in the area. i'll look at what's happening close to home, we're in the 40s. 41 at wake forest, and in the broad view 34 the chilliest, and 46 in goldsboro. beautiful day. we got rid of the it was 64 at rdu. the front and area of low pressure well offshore into new england bringing them much- needed rain, and we'll call it surprise rain for mississippi and alabama. they had showers move by. there was an upper level disturbance and enough moisture to create rain. there are still a few showers left in the panhandle of florida. they'll not see any rain
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moisture in the atmosphere. for us it's high pressure. by the end of the week a ridge aloft starts to build in, and that should help propel us into the 70s friday into saturday. saturday it's ahead of a cold front taking shape in the plains during the day on thursday. futurecast for the next 64 hours, the next now days it's all about high pressure. waking up to sunshine until morning. 30s and 40s to start the day. lunchtime in the low 60s. tomorrow afternoon mid to upper 60s. two to three degrees warmer than what we had thursday morning we wake up to lows in the 40s. there's the front taking shape during the day on thursday. snow moving into the plains. nebraska, south dakota, north dakota, eventually into minnesota. could be looking at a decent snow fall, and then into the day friday here's the front in the mid-mississippi valley with showers, and taking aim into place that is really do need the rain. alabama, tennessee, georgia, western north carolina as well,
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rain. maybe a half inch here and lighter amounts to the east. we'll take a closer look at rain fall totals in the next half hour. so overnight generally clear to mostly clear. 30s to low 40s. 42 fayetteville, 39 here in the triangle. 30s for roxboro and south hill. you're already there. fitness forecast in the morning looking nice. you'll need the sun glasses as you head out. 41 by 8:00 a.m. lunchtime in the low 60s, feeling good. light winds, and mid and upper 60s tomorrow afternoon wi 67 in raleigh and 69 in fayetteville. here's the seven-day forecast. 67 tomorrow, ditto on thursday. friday we warm up nicely. take a look at the football friday forecast. our morning low 42, the afternoon high 73. on the blotchiers a -- bleachers a little cool, 10:00 55. saturday i upped the numbers a little for the forecast in the morning.
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start the day. we have 47, but by 10:00 a.m. it could be 60, and the finish upper 60s with partly cloudy skies and the potential for showers in the afternoon, and as gerald said yesterday it won't rain during the christmas parade, and we're counting on that. he's our gene your among, but we could have highs in the 40s on >> >. i prefer the word cadet. meteorologist cadet. >> cadet owens. we just learned from police there's a car that crashed into a home. >> we have a crew on the way to the scene, and we'll bring you updates. >> >. two sisters team up to fight cancer and help others. >> still ahead, how they're being honored for their work. the triangle sports
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duke against kansas, carolina
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other.
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rooted in local sports since his days a hometown athlete. wral sports with jeff gravley. before jetting off to hawaii to play in the maui classic north carolina welcomes long beach state to
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minutes of game. north carolina does. justin jackson to joel berry. the freshman lobbing it in to jackson who has 14 points and 3 rebounds. woods to bradley in double figures again with so points, but -- 10 points, but joel berry lead the way. north carolina rolls over long beach state michigan state makeup the champions classic at madison square garden. the blue devils and jay hawks tipped less than an hour ago. here comes kinard finding matt jones. great pass and shot for the three. grayson allen sharing the
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leading 16-14. >> tonight the hurricanes hosted san jose and welcome, back justin falk. the two teams combine for 25 shots in the first period, but no goals. the canes have several shots in the second, but the red light remains dark. no score after two, comes another.chance. nordstrom with a back hander, the only goal of the game, and it's in favor of the hurricanes. back to back wins for the canes, 1-0. duke's coach said you don't like momentum from game to game, you need to take momentum from game to practice. they hit the road to end the
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duke's roster has been whittled down, but their standard of performance is still there. >> we'll travel to pittsburgh with 57 scholarship players available out of 85. so you start, and what that does, it's a confidence level. there's a lot of people playing a lot of roles. it's a confidence level that runs through the program. >> the new college football rankings out, alabama is one still, ohio sit d two and three, they'll play each other later in the year. clemson is four, and louisville is five. >. former north carolina head coach butch davis was introduced today as the coach add florida international today. >> we want to be known as a football team and a football program filled with character,
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come watch us play they go they have great respect for us. >> you could hear him pounding the podium. he'd had his name or tried to put his name in the running for a lot of bigger programs a few years ago and it didn't turn out, so he's just glad to be back in coaching. >> oh, yeah, you can tell listening to him on the radio. >> there's passion in his voice. >> and he's back in miami. it's not the university of miami, but he's in miami. >> and weather is still good. >> that's right, and so recruits [ laughter ] people have been waiting decades for these shoes. how much nike is charging for the futuristic self-lacing sneakers. >> and the busiest travel season of the year is almost here. the large number of people packing up for the holidays, and why we'll see more people on the roads this thanksgiving. and a teenager locked in a basement for two years with hardly anything to eat or
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a teenager in alabama is fighting for his life after police say he was locked inside a base. for two years with hardly anything to eat or drink. >> doctors called police when the boy 14 years old weighing just 55 pounds arrived at the hospital. he was severely malnourished, dehydrated, and being treated for shock and hyperthermia. the recovery will be long and
10:31 pm
bond. >. police are trying to figure out why a straight a student stabbed five people at a school in utah. the 16-year-old was new to mountainview high school, and had been home schooled in the past with no disciplinary issues. the students were stabbed in the locker room. four are still in the hospital, but all should be okay. the suspect also stabbed himself. he was treated and released from hospital, and is in custody tonight. they're wrongful death lawsuit against a north carolina gun dismissed. tonight family members of victims of newton are appealing, wanting to hold remington responsible. the family claims the gun maker along with the wholesaler what sold the weapon were negligent in the process. the judge cited a law passed in 2005 as protection from such
10:32 pm
signed off on a sentence for a former fort bragg officer. he's been to court three times for the murder of a mother and her child. dna evidence linked him to the crime and a jury convicted him and sentenced him to death. the army appeals court found in problem with the trial or sentence. the court martial of bergdahl will start april 18th. yesterday the judge would be in may. also the presiding june said he would wait to rule on admissibility to evidence closer to the trial. the mayor of a small town in west virginia stepped down after fallout from a racist post about michelle obama. the mayor commented on a post saying the post just made my day. today she submitted her leg of
10:33 pm
>. the state supreme court wants to avoid potential deadlocks. under a rule adopted last week they can now call back retired justices when sitting justices recuse themselves from cases. the court currently has seven justices so a recusal could cause a tie. it would be on a case by case basis. some question if the move is legal. >. two women in north carolina will have both their names on their children's certificates. they had two sons and had the proper documents to make the change in 2014, but the state refused to amendment the certificates. they sued. this thanksgiving is expected to be one of the busiest for travel in nearly a decade. aaa estimates nearly 48 and a half million americans will head out of town for the holiday. that's mostly due to a boost in consumer confidence, gas prices are at one of their cheapest levels in nine years. experts say if you plan to
10:34 pm
leaving too late. >> some people say i'm going to go into the office, work a half day and then hit the road. a lot of other people are thinking the same thing, so you want top avoid that wednesday before. >> if you're flying this thanksgiving get ready to pay a little more. holiday air fares are up about 21 percent this year. the federal government is changing focus on driverless vehicles with a policy driven by innovation and safety instead of regulation. >> we envision advanced technologies not only help reduce crashes, but a world with fully self-driving cars with the potential to limit traffic fatalities all together. >> >. the head of the national highway safety administration outlined the policy today and said it will keep regulations from stalling innovation, and also outlined more than a dozen key safety protocols. he said the organization will respond to problems as they
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but these robots are teaching students how to write code. they're part of a project called code snaps. students work in team to assemble the code that help it is robot navigate a force on the code, then the instructions are fed in through a tablet. people's sexiest man alive, it's a very coveted title. >> only one celebrity gets it very year. when we come back recipient and how he feels about it. and the nba team well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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you know what i love? when i see all the savings at the bottom of my receipt. it's proof that i'm a smart shopper.
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how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. at the dales of a -- details of aerosmith farewell tour kicks offer in israel, and then heads to russia and germany. during the tour they'll also play after number of music festivals. they've been together for 45 years and sold 70 million albums here in the us. congratulations to pink, some big news. the singer is pregnant. she made the announcement on instagram over the weekend.
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pink and her husband cary hart. they have a 5-year-old daughter willow. exciting news for them. and people magazine, there he is, dwayne the rock johnson, 2016's sexiest man alive. this is the cover of the annual edition which hits newsstands friday. people call the former wrestler sweet, smart, and sculpted. johnson said he's humbled by the title, but sure he'll get grief for it. he said he reached the pinnacle and isn't sure where to go from here. he just seems like a cool guy. >> yeah. >> and he's played a number of different roles. >> tooth fairy. >> haven't seen that one [ laughter ] >> that's a different role. >> but either he's not six five or he's more than 245. the proportions don't add up. >> see, i think men always
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three. >> he's shorter an gerald. >> oh, yeah of course [ laughter ] >> and a lot smaller [ laughter ] >> anyway we go from the rock to soft and cute and cuddlely. dogs seems to know what we want whenever we need it. he says the baby crying and the dog steps around and starts licking the baby. >> aww! >> the things, trying to calm the baby or get the baby food off his mouth. >> it could be either one of those. they have that sweet smell anyway. >> >. aww that's cute. >> >. what a sweet baby. >> quit licking me! >> the dog is so gentle! >> oh, yeah, it's got 3 million views and counting. >> i believe it. >> 3 million. >> love it.
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first, tell me what you think. i've been looking real hard at this and can't tell if these things are legitimate or edited, but some teens with this hat trick. >> that didn't look right. >> but you see things like this all the time. >> the way one of the hats moved doesn't look right. >> ooh [ laughter ] >> hey, he was what? [ laughter ] >> we didn't need to see that. >> did you watch this video all the way through? [ laughter ] >> just watch the hat. >> i posted both these on my facebook page. see if you can figure out where it was edited. >> i don't know, that's kind of impressive though. >> yeah. >> it just didn't move in a natural way. >> can you imagine how much time they spent on it? >> we're going to pause it
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>> just in time. >> how does it stay on the head? anyway, if you think we should put something in what's trending send me a tweet or message on facebook. >> wow, either they spent a lot of time practicing or some fancy editing is going on. cancer can tear families apart. two sisters don't want it to happen to them. how they've teamed up to take on the disease next. and there's a disturbance in the western caribbean. a big area of
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? ? ? ? with five different games and over 40 million in total prizes, holiday scratch-offs are the most
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two sisters teamed up to fight cabser personally and -- cancer and in underserved community. one sister fought the disease in roxboro. >> and her sister works for the local chapter komen foundation. here's more about their holy mission. >> reporter: five years ago even though breast cancer had not effected her immediate family, shaun began working for the susan g. komen foundation on the grants committee. >> and that next year my sister was diagnosed with breast
10:46 pm
it had spread to a couple of lymph nodes. >> reporter: then 46-year-old kim began an addressive routine -- aggressive routine of chemotherapies more than 40 minutes from her home. >> i realized i have to go to durham for this and what that, what about the people here? >> reporter: that was something her sister had already been >> it brings it home knowing my sister is a part of it. >> reporter: once her sister was cancer-free she got involved in the race for the cure. >> two or three years i've had my own team. >> reporter: her sister also suggested outreach in her home church with a program called worship in pink. >> we lit a memory candle for those that lost their battle.
10:47 pm
in front of the entire congregation. >> i wanted to bring about awareness. >> reporter: the experience brought the sisters even closer tooth with a common purpose. >> we work together great as a team. >> it's made her a much stronger woman and i admire her a lot because of her strength. >> shaun and kim were recognized as heroes in pink by the komen foundation. big luncheon tomorrow devoted to research. debra morgan is the emcee. they have a few seats left. more information is available with this story on search health team or find it under the health and life tab. >> getting closer to a cure every day. >> definitely. >> all right, what a nice day. >> yeah, but did you notice the
10:48 pm
>> yeah, it was the smoke coming from the wildfires out west. >> already reaching year. >> yeah, we had a west wind that carried it in. charlotte was bad this morning with a mix and fog and smoke, and this is a time lapse. hillary clinton fog and smoke filling the air -- thick fog and smoke filling the air and obscuring the skyline. looking at the skycam today it took on an orange hue. there's a code red ozone or code red air quality alert for the charlotte area for the day tomorrow. so let's take a look at weather desk top. many things to share with you. we'll start with the satellite picture first watt jet stream, and -- with the jet stream just to show you the ridge of high pressure off to the west and southwest moving into texas. they had highs well into the
10:49 pm
cooler today, by friday this rim starts to build in, and the heat will grow. we expect mid and upper 70s friday and low to mid-70s saturday, and then the next cold front building in the plains tomorrow and thursday blows by and cools us down. it's much-needed rain they developed in the eastern part of country, the new england states the potential for over an inch of rain a valley friday half an inch to three quarters an of inch, and for us it could be a tenth to a quarter of an inch, but most of alabama, georgia, south carolina, we're deep into a drought. not likely to shelliest of rain. now let's look at the tropics because there's something brewing. a very large area of disturbed weather, and it's been sitting there the last couple of days,
10:50 pm
tops into a tropical depression or tropical storm, and the next name on the list is otto. if it doesn't move it could really bring heavy rain fall to south america, and look at some of the computer models showing where it could go in the coming days, and the steering currents aren't that strong, some models have it heading over central america resulting in very heavy rain fall nothing carrying i the drought in the southeast, so unfortunately won't come in handy for us, but some models carry it to hurricane force intensity several days down the road. so we'll watch that and see what happens with that. we've seen main high pressures develop in the caribbean -- hurricanes develop in the caribbean this time of year. mid-70s friday, and a small chance for rain on saturday. once that cold front blows on by it's tremendous cooling. it's going to be a different
10:51 pm
highs on sunday. >> big chill is on the way. >> sunday morning we have the santa paws 5k. >> that's sunday morning? >> yes, a chilly but happy santa. >> santa is always happy no matter what. >> true. >> i mean the north pole is a lot colder than that. >> it was really fun there last year. a lot of fun to take your dog with you and run. >> and you ge picture with santa. >> yeah, absolutely. should be fun. >> thanks mike. the dead sea's water is brineny and can even be deadly to ingest. >> so why would dozens of swimmers want to spend hours in the water today?
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
renovations at capitol dome are finished as a result of a three-year $60 million effort. the dome hadn't been restored since the eisenhower administration in the 50s. they fixed more than 50 cracks in the cast iron structure, and upgraded electric and mechanical systems and used 800 gallons of paint on the dome. >> that's stunning. like to see it in person. a seven-hour swim helped raise awareness about the dead sea.
10:55 pm
swimmers system all the way from -- swam all the way from jordan to israel. we had the video a minute ago. sorry about that, but they had masks, and were trying to raise awareness about the dead sea, but the video we showed shows almost salt in the water they were almost floating on it. meanwhile the rotunda is beautiful. >> sure is. >> it's been awhile since i've been in the rarely you see all the nooks and crannies and credibility of the evidence cysts. it's -- crevices. it's neat. if you go look at the house and senate office buildings and the detail and the intricacies of capitol building it's fascinating. >> i want to do a full tour. take the kids now that they're getting older they can appreciate it. all right, let's get another check of the forecast because we're talking about the
10:56 pm
is saturday morning, but then. >> yeah, it's warming up all week. 60s again tomorrow. closing in on 70 in some locations and by friday we will be in the 70s. could be mid-70s here in the triangle, upper 70s for fayetteville. full sunshine. the football playoffs comfortable, the christmas friday could be in the 60 -- parade could be in the 60s by the start of the parade and upper 6 other 90s 60s by the end, then a front blows through and sunday we'll be in the 40s, could be the low to mid-40s for highs sunday, so the 49 may be a little high. we'll see what the days ahead hold, but the trend is for much colder weather sunday. >> with sunshine. >> with sunshine and a breeze too. >> bit of a wind chill.
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lights, camera, access. >> it would feel -- what's that word? >> thank you. >> what a perfect pick for sexiest man alive. i'm kit hoover. but why stop there? president rock, anyone? >> it became a serious dialogue for me when -- >> this man and this woman wanted to hang out with me in a special >> menage a cohen? >> i said to him i'm gog send you -- >> you're receiving the honor for body activist. >> a night of pure power. i'm liz hernandez, glamour salutes the women of the year. >> then we go backstage with the honorees. i'm natalie morales. there the inspiration continues to flow. >> i knew it was dark. i didn't know i was going to


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