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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>>used on people and community for0 years. this is wral news on fox 50. >>ight now, get ready for the coldest temperatures so far this season. >> tonight the freeze watch is in effect. longt i lasts. tonight wealk to supporters and opponents of the esident-elect. we talk w the family forced to flee the flames with clotheon their backs. police are on a scene of a shooting >> a call for hp came a little more than an hr ago.
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information yet. we do know that law enforcement agencies are the scene. we have a crew on the way to the scene and bring you updates to this newscast asell as wral at 11:00. >> hundreds are matching right now. you can seehe crowd there in downtown right now. >> this their concerout whe president-elect donald trump might take this country. there have been other gathers like this. hundreds came together on nc stat cpus. i ask that you acknowledge the impact the rhetoric that is happening. >> reporter: they thought it was
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livingn the u.s. my faith and devotions has falters. >> reporter:e says the presidenti election results are emotional. >> it means sexism, homophobia. >> repter: he backs tp.rum the legislate reas why people reoting for him. >>eporter: most people in america are out of work. trump promised to fix that. >> he was never exactly elegant speaker. i think he said some things he probly shouldn't have sd. >> reporter: peopl said he did say them and that matters. therwill be more rallies like
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we will have conversations tha we needed to have a long te ago. >> there is a big boo for up coming elections two years and four years from now. we are about to feel a big shift in the weather. a feze watch effect on sunday. the latest so how cold will it go? we expect moay morning. take a look a the today. 74 at fayetteville. again unon sday morning we expect the first freeze of the seon. everybody in the viewing area in at freez watch. you folks have already had freezing temperatures but that hasn't been the case for raleigh and fayetteville.
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some of the coldest air this season over eastern canada. this is making its way to the uth and set up cold for saturday night into sunday morning. this is it cools sunday night. 10:00 upper 30s. low 30s by 2:00 a.m. it isck shot of cold a. we are back in the 60s. we are watching an opporni for we'll talk about thatnd full forecast in just a fewinutes. linda? >> thank you.rein the western part of our state. they closed highway 64 and 74 a. dozens of families forced out of their mountain hom. >> reporter: forci neighbors
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we talked to one family that baly got out with what they have with them. >> all i have is the laptop i took to work and the clothes on my back. that is basically it. >> reporter: they are now staying with relatives. these are pictures he posted on social media as they qckly got out of the area. >> it became more smoky as like if you were on a campfire and all you. >> reporter: arson is suspected as hundredsof firefighters battle the fire. >> the fir picked up and ran so hard, so fast it beat us to the puh when it comes time to light it off. >> rorter: extmely dry conditions turning trees into match sticks. ward sayse is n sure when
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goe. hom >> checked my homens iurance to make sure it was up-to-date. >> the governor declaring state of emergency. several states of pks are inclose -- including mount mitchell. a shooting happened in an apartment complex at 6:00 tonight. a domestic december -- police identified the shr 27-year-old patrick glen. they are warning he is armed and dangerous. police say dominique was
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morning wn he hit ab and a guardrail. the passenger died. police say the two were related. memory of the victims of the attack nearly one year ago. players and spectators including the french president joined tribute. attacksultiple around par killed multiple people. today is veterans day. >> in washington president obama hosted a veterans day breakfast this morning.
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encouraged unity despite of versity. 16 million americans were honored today. each veteran in attendance was recognize for their service and honored with a wreath. among them was former senator bob dole. in cummerland county a smoin -- an honor guard operations posted. there were about 75 people many who served in the military including eric who lose a buddy. >> you know, i kne him. he was a greatuy. he loved doing what heas doing.
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during the timofourning. buyers was killed in afghanistan. a morial service was held for captain buyers today in upstate new york. still ahead why doctors a service dog could change the world for those serving from post-traumatic stresdi plan from the transion in the whe house. it was a chilly night for high school football.
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new details on a shootingn goldsboro. >> s williams was shot while he was assaulting his response. the investigation is ongoing. so far no charges have been filed. two people were arrested last nighturg the protest.
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for disorderly conduct. he was wearing a mask in public. more than 200 people participated in the march peacefully. donald trump made two surprisingnnouncements. >> one concerns his transition team and the other one of his key campaign platforms. >> reporter: he has named his transition team and announced his first shake pence as the head of the team. governor christie released a statement. sources familiar with the process say intensify -- two of
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chstie himself has denied doing bridgegate. former house speaker and retirement general mike flynn. he said he would look to keep certain aspects of obamacare a far cry wt he promised on the caaign trail. >> let me ask you about obamacare which you say you are going to repeal and repla. when you replace it, are you go preconditions still come -- >> yes bause it is the strongest assets. also children living wh their parents. we are going to try to keep that. adds cost but somethi we are going to try and keep. >> there seems to be another change of heart on social media today. he first dismisseds
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the immediate. hours later he praise their passion. her 11-year-old daughter posted a picture of herself on instagram showing support for president-elect trump. her daughter was confronted with nasty attacks on social media. >> this is not just adults having hate but it is going it is going into our schools which i'mot okay with that. i'm not okay. we need to unite. we need to work together. >> she notified the school. they took action against the student immediately. feeding the masses. a group will turn fayetteville
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the chairs, tables, and sliverware wer donated. all proceeds will go to the dollars relief fund. half a dozen explosions rocked southern peru. the rumbling sent more smoke from the top of the volcano nam the tongue of fire. thousands of the evacuated the hurt. >> that is one of my bucket list ings. >> you can see the light of the lava. > so heavy coats. >> yeah, tomorrow. >> someone is going to be in a soccer name tomorrow. no nes. >> cold on sunday morning.
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mebody posted that minneapolis has not had their first freeze. we will have our first freeze before they do. let's take alook what is ahead. a quick shot of cold air. freeze watch is in effect. at some point that will upgraded into a freeze warning. that means thend of the growing season. we are watching for rain. we willheck it out for futurecast looking towards downtown. we have a nice eve in proes because the winds have passed. the a may feel very dry. 53 here at wral in durham. some 40s showing up. 45 in roxboro, 56 in fayetteville and also that in clinton.
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did you see the halo. developing that halo and may still be ongoing now. during a commercial break go take a look outside and see if you see the halo. high pressure is building in. that air mass was pacific origin. this air mass is coming in from canada. it is ldanadian air. if high pressure sat there night they will have a freeze tonight. by the time they can cool down enough they will start to have southwesterly wind. temperatures will rise there after. take a look at temperatures out there right now. 40 in kansas city, 44 in philadelphia. all this cool air will be
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develop over the weekend. we will see it on feature cast right now. overnight we see high, thin clouds. mostly sunny for your saturday. at lunchtime it is 50. can't help but notice this. that area of low preure we were talking about. sunday watch how i builds to south and west.we should be par. those clouds build i during if it sta and r thee we should see rai upon the area on monday. unfortunately the way it is looking now western north carolina, georgia, alabama, tennessee th are deep in the drought will not see much at all. we will see majority of it around here. if it does not change. stay tuned for anyup dates on that rain chance.
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here in the triangle. plenty of sunshine on mday. it will be breezy and rather rather chilly. tomorrow afternoon we expect mid and upper 50s. if you have any plans make sure you are well-dressed. you can have many of them on in the morning. it is going to be cold. 55 in raleigh. our normal high is 65. we rebound quickly on sunday with 63. monday we will go of rain. we will call it quiet with highs in the mid-60s. time of year.we be this two things in the forecast, a quick shot of cold air this weekend and a chance for rain on monday. that's what we are watching. >> thanks. i like one better than the other. for some travellers there are long car rides. >> there is technology to get you through the time.
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best pks you need toack. opening day action. ca's forward bryan has multiple sclerosis. ? ? ? ? with five different games and over 40 million in total prizes, holiday scratch-offs are the most
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wral sports with mandy mitchell.
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th sson. duke is a favor to be there. it starttonight against maris. they do get up to a quick start. a block on the one end and three on the other. he scores 16 points. pretty good sequence for him there. second half. two of his game high 18. they are expecting a lot from he gets some assist. he scores 16, duke rolls 94-49 win. >> a little bit on demand now. nobo feels sor for us becausey thinke have an excessiv number of m. but we just have to kp getting betterhile our guys are out and there is no time frame for their rurn.
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they almost do it again. terry henderson comes out in the first. he has 14 in the first. 23over all. the eagles hanging around. holds up for two. nc state up a point at halftime. no one blocking out. shawn gives georgia southern the league. they rely on the drive. to the hoop that's what they needed to d jr. follows. 81-79 win. >> we learn a lot tonight. we were challenged. we were tested. they did a great job. you have to give georgia state credit. kept us off-balance. never got a break growing for the most part of the night.
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hicks. anthen to justinackson who has aweet shot here. pretty big right now. this one still in the second half. 58-42 unc on top. the umc women. first quarter paris key. two of her 22 points. in the second quarter stephanie watts pulls up for she had four of those. unc rolls in the season opener 84-54. the duke women on the road with liberty. final score 98-38. bryan bickell has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. he has been struggling to figure out what was going on with his body. he says this is a shock to him and to his family. he came in june.
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one goal for the canes. he says he hopes he can return to the ice. pretty surprising news. football players are hoping to spark some change when it comes to the marijuana policy. why it could lead to solving lems within the league.
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a special program helps veterans by using a service dog. k-9 for warriors gives them a training dog. >> i was hospitalized in the psych ward. i said basically i'm going to end it if you don't help me do something. >> reporter: after tours and afghanistan. the veteran said symptoms were killing him. >> i couldn't think. things were foggy. >> reporter: he heard about k-9s for warriors. an organization providing especially trained service dogs. the rescue dogs are put through
10:31 pm
three weeks learning to work with dogs. >> it is like watching a blossom. you can see them come out of their shell. you can see them smile again, laugh again, tell jokes again like they did before war. >> reporter: it is proven animals can help reduce stress. >> the empathy by having that companionship is fundamental. >> reporter: chris has had steel for two years and cut down medications to just two. >> i have a buddy there. as much as you rescue him he has helped you too.
10:32 pm
thoughts have lowered. if you want help go to their web site. >> what a great organization. dylan roof is incompetent for trial. some reasonable cause that he may have a mental disease or defect. they ordered another exam this week. he plans to make a ruling on it in the coming days. jury selection for the federal trial could begin later this month. a judge ordered a bond -- the motion for home deliver was filed under the safe drinking water act. more than 34 thousand flint residents have been living without safe drinking water for more than two years.
10:33 pm
concerned how it is affecting his body. many people use narcotic painkillers. morgan and former players signed a letter calling the nfl to change the marijuana policy. consider alternative therapies for pain management. a computer booking system it is used by major hotel, airline, and travel agents. it came back up an hour later not before backing up flights and frustrating passengers. the service inside the country. it is the first time russia has -- storing personal data
10:34 pm
be next. it could cut the country off the internet from the rest of the world. a federal judge ordered amazon to set up the process early next year. the federal trade commission made it too easy to run up bills resulting of unauthorize charges. nintendo the entertainment system. the system priced at $59.95. it is sold more than a thousand dollars on ebay. it comes from 30 games preinstalled including the game dongkey kong.
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many of us grew up says he is calling it quits. >> why he is focusing on more activities behind the camera. a little boy learns about
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and actor who was one of nbc's big star has died. he died after a brief battle with leukemia. he was 83 years old. he was in the western the magnificent seven. robert says he plans to spend more time behind the camera. he is getting tired of acting. old man with a gun will. the next woman to stake on
10:39 pm
the motion picture is based on graphic series. no word when production will start. check in with lind dan with what is trending. >> you never know what you will get. this maybe the most interesting. this is an orangutan. this is a woman who is pregnant. >> what? what is happening? >> what possessed her shirt and put her belly? >> are you serious. >> look how interested it is in her and it will consistently like to touch her belly. >> i wonder if that is a momma orangutan. >> the husband was shooting
10:40 pm
i don't know about that. at one point it kisses her belly through the glass. >> that is nurturing. >> it rubs his head against the belly. >> there it is. >> you start off what is going on but it is -- >> it >> very human-like. this one will make you laugh. this kid is going to help take the trash out. >> [ laughter ] >> the wind -- >> [ laughter ] >> it is like watching one of the three stooges. but wait, there is more.
10:41 pm
>> [ laughter ] >> poor kid. he is having a bad day. it is getting away. >> [ laughter ] >> he is going to say i'm not doing this next week. >> it is getting away. >> [ laughter ] >> he doesn't give up though. he is all into it. so i have those links on my facebook page. you think should be on just tweet me or send me a message. >> i enjoyed that. a memorable story emerges from the coast and it is one we cannot stop telling. a marine returns home. i needed to laugh today.
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every since the marine deployed to africa his family missed him. >> he was able to come back and
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son's day. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> we apologize, that is the wrong video. that was the long standing tradition state of the jrtc run that happened this morning. let's -- >> it is just so dry out rain. it is not north carolina, it is tennessee, kentucky even in arkansas they have been seeing some fire. wildfires as i just mentioned come across the southeast. check out the smoke in northern georgia. it was started a lightning strike back in october.
10:46 pm
atlanta. the far southwestern tip of north carolina has now been added to exceptional drought since yesterday. it is really really bad. we will check out what is going on with the cold front coming in and then we will talk about the rainfall potential who will see how much in the coming days. let's start with the satellite picture. not bringing any rain but will deliver a the air is coming in from eastern canada and the cold air will make its way south. the air will dry out a first lot. you want moist air. that helps fight the fires. we are seeing a high thin clouds but press out of the area by morning. we will have a lot of sunshine tomorrow and a lot of chill. let's take a look at the
10:47 pm
it will upgrading to a freeze warning. we are seeing freeze warnings to parts of missouri and past -- parts of texas. there is our freeze watch up graded to a freeze warning. so we told you about that potential for rain. here is that potential for tuesday. that wave of low pressure in the last half spreading rain and into north carolina during the day monday and ending monday night and early tuesday down east. we are talking anywhere from half an inch where you see the greens. we are talking about quarter of an inch to half inch. maybe two inches around morehead city. this is the anticipation of rain.
10:48 pm
in the water. hopefully some of that rain will get into the western part of the state. not enough to put off the fires but hopefully we will see rain. let's check out our seven-day forecast. 70 today to 55 tomorrow. real cool down for saturday night to sunday morning. we are talking about a killing freeze. 63 sunday afternoon. there is that bit of rain on monday and the is dry. >> thanks mike. we want to go back to the breaking news. officers on the scene of a reporting shooting. adam, what do you know? >> reporter: we are continuing to work this scene. there is quite police presence. we have been told they are responding to a shooting scene to this location.
10:49 pm
particular home around the corner. they haven't given any information what happened here or exactly where it happened. we have been told we could get more information soon. if we do we hope to have that for you. back to you. >> we will have the latest at the top of the broadcast. adam, thanks. still some knew technology that can some knew technology that can help you ?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ?? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy
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travelling is part of the holiday season people. orbit says 70% plan to travel this year. >> we have been there. navigating the airport can be a hassle. some advise to make it less stressful. >> reporter: for many travellers mobile entertainment is key to enduring a long trip. >> what people tend to do is they turn the volume up what they are listening to.
10:53 pm
>> reporter: this model b akg is compact with 30 hours of listening time. >> noise limiting head phones caps the level at 85 decimials. >> reporter: some come in fun shapes for kids. inflight wi-fi can keep connected but is limited. >> you are not going to be able download large pictures. you won't be able to stream for sure videos. >> buying wi-fi access the help. lugging luggage can be a painful
10:54 pm
suitcase. >> nbc news. some airlines like delta and airline offer a smart tracking tag. according to orbits there are busiest airports over holidays. the event brings artist and ark tore -- actors. restaurants honored veterans with a free meal. city barbecues feeding veterans today. it was on the house for all military veterans.
10:55 pm
>> their barbecue is fantastic. >> it is. we have many employees who are veterans. ken smith is one them. president ceo held a lunch for them. bob matthews and 12-time teacher of year was the guest speaker. >> i didn't know clearance was here today. >> we were h there. >> so many people. >> so grateful for a company that recognizes. >> you were in the national guard? >> yeah. >> i was in the air force academy. >> you are one of us. >> i was civil air patrol -- [ laughter ] >> does that count? >> the cold coming in tomorrow morning.
10:56 pm
seven-day forecast. we will have plenty of sunshine tomorrow. a bit of breeze in the morning. we will make it feel extra cold. if you will have games watching the children play, it will be chilly. the first hard freeze of the season. right now it is a teacher watch. likely to up graded to freeze warning. sunday afternoon we warm up quickly to 63. the hope we get a good round of rain on as i showed you moment ago half an inch to three quarters of an inch of rain. >> we haven't seen rain in a substantial -- >> since the beginning of october. >> it has been dry for sure. rain barrel almost empty. we have that video of that poor kid taking out the trash.
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i don't think so. say yes to more. call now. >> some of the really great things that have been achieved. >> the number one celebrity magazine has got some stars very upset. i'm kit hoover. as the dust is yet to settle from this very turbulent week. >> it is how we feel. but i really pray and hope that -- >> just hold on. >> hello. >> hey. >> okay. now i want to see the main thing our exclusive tour and kyle and m mauricio's mansion. that closet even carries some housewives baggage. >> i remember when we were shooting it and i wore this. that night was a disaster. >> we were screaming. >> i'm scott evans a huge honor for all three stallone sisters. but listen up. >> at your own risk. i'm warning you. >> lights, camera, access.


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