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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  November 10, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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out in major cities across the country against president-elect president-elect donald trump. he makes the transition to the white house. where they are still counting votes today. because of an election day glitch. cooler and quiet today but elizabeth says colder air is on the way. when you can expect freezing temperatures. thanks for joining us. didn't know what day it was. i am nina colette.>> i am nina chu. we have learned one of the two police officers who have been shot has died. this happened at 4 am and it started when police responded to a domestic situation. this is an canonsburg, pennsylvania. the officers were ambushed upon arrival and immediately shot. swat teams have been seen near two homes in the borough. there is a search underway for the shooter and we will
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president elect trump gets his first look at his future home today. he's headed to the white house for a briefing from president obama. tracy potts has a look ahead at what this might entail. >> reporter: -- i say it is time for us to come together as oneunited people. >> that begins today with the extraordinary image many thought would never happen. billionaire now president-elect donald trump and his wife obama's at the white house this morning. for private meetings the president says the transition teams have been preparing for this for the last year. >> we are all now rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. >> there's a lot of work to do. mister trump has 10 weeks to select the cabinet and hundreds of senior members of his administration. then work begins on his promise agenda with the republican congress replacing obama care
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renegotiating trade deals, tax reform, filling the last vacancy on the supreme court. >> this is very exciting. >> not for everyone. protestshave broken out around the country. president-elect trump promising unity. >> now it is time for america to bind to the wounds of division. >> a deeply divided nation. tracy potts, nbc n asian shares have rallied extending a global recovery. president-elect donald trump's conciliatory speech helped soothe world financial markets scooped by his unexpected victory. the rebound in asia took its lead from wall street. the us wavered yesterday before advancing strongly. benchmarks all finished more than 1% higher with the dow jones near a record high close. some believe the controversy house bill 2 played
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in polls leading up to the election, many participants said they did not approve of the legislation and also said hb2 would influence their vote for government. north carolina governor pat mccrory is a supporter of the legislation. his race for reelection against worry cooper is too close to call. >> governor mccrory was the spokesperson for hb2. he talked about it. ads were about hb2. >> david mclennan, a political science professor, said the race for attorney general, is also affected by house bill 2. senator buck newton is a bill supporter and his race against josh stein is too close to call. durham county election workers will spend a second day today counting ballots that weren't tallied on election day. >> does include absentee balance set by mail.
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bill leslie is in the newsroom. >> county board of electionskay costner said she's not sure how many ballots this includes or how or if they may impact races. she is confident they will make things right and all votes will be counted. this hiccup comes after other issues at voting sites experienced this. it meant all sides countywide switched to a manual paper check process early in the day. some polling sites ran out of the necessary paper voter close for the day. the state board of elections voted to extend hours at those sites to make up for it. durham county is calling in extra people to help today and we have learned that there are 1700 provisional ballots left to count. eventually this should be straightened out in durham. >> a lot of work to do for them. several disaster recovery centers for hurricane matthew
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common area in lillington, the rehberg civic center and the health department in beaufort county. all close at 6 pm tomorrow. nash-rocky mount schools announce theirplans . three out of the five days missed will be forgiven and make of days for the other two are december 19 and december 20. a gorgeous day. i love this time of year when it starts off cool. it feels really nice. >> it warms up in the afternoon. >> temperatures have dropped to the upper 30s and a few spots. it looks beautiful. look from the raleigh skycam. it is a beautiful tree set right there. we will have color for a while. a lot of the color there is green on the trees. we look at durham at 43 now. 39 wake forest and 37 carry. we will see temperatures warming up.
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now 43. 42 south hill. 44 goldsboro. high temperatures today climb to 62. 67 at lunch. temperatures after sunset dropping quickly back to the 50s and it will be a cool night tonight. nothing like what's coming for the weekend. a cold day saturday and a cold night on sunday. temperatures and more coming up. let's get an update on 40 westbound. looking good to garner. 11 minutes from 42 to 440. it slows down towards wade avenue. 24 minutes to make that trip through the works own and just beyond. we had an earlier crash on 40 westbound around the wade avenue interchange. still blocking the median. then along with congestion contributing to heavy traffic delay times on the south and
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seven minutes. let's look at the life commute map in greater detail as we look around the triangle. a crash on news road near 540. 540 westbound is congested between lewisburg road towards leesville road. we have another accident getting cleared up now from western boulevard around van allen drive. there is that crashing 40 westbound at wade avenue slowing down and because it is slow there as usual outbound wade avenue is backing up from overland road through 440 and clear to the i- 40 corridor. outbound wade, contributing to the congestion on 440 westbound , slow from newborn avenue towards wade avenue. slow warning as usual as you head out of west raleigh. still looking at delays in downtown apex from an earlier crash on 55 at salem street. it is slow in both directions but especially the westbound
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authorities are looking for a man who disappeared. kyle fleishman finished in 2007. elon graduate went to a standup comedy act at the bobcats arena and then to the buckhead saloon in charlotte where he was last seen. video shows him leaving the bar around 2:20 am and detectives say fleshman left his bank card there. in another video, five minutes later, he is buying pizza. he made his last cell phone call at 3 am and he hasn't been seen or heard from since. l norm, a woman sterilized by the state when she was 16. >> what they did to me was not right. >> the state admitted to the sterilization and promised to pay her to make things right. she has waited 50 years for justice. we asked officials why she has not received her full compensation. watcher story tonight at 6:00
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what was taken from an officer's home during a break in that has officers concerned for your safety. the latest on the battle for mosul. iraqi troops said troops were able to launch surprise attacks. businesses are preparing to roll out the red carpet for
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veterans day begins as arm assist day to commemorate the first anniversary of the end of world war i. a day for the country to pay tribute to all- american veterans living or dead who served during world war piece time. it is confused with memorial day. the fourth monday in may which honors servicemembers who died serving the country. we will honor delivering veterans -- living veter >> reporter: you are absolutely right. there are lots of free offers for veterans. actually many of these offers are valid for those who are currently serving. it's a nice gesture. starting on friday and some of them havarti started at some offers go through next week,
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retailers, all offering free and discounted things. for instance olive garden and red robin, texas roadhouse, offering free meet -- meals tomorrow. golden corral is doing the annual veterans function where the offer dinner for veterans and active military. that dinner on monday the 14th. there are grocery stores offering discounts between 10 and 11% we have a very long list of all of these offers. find them on the smart shopper blog, if you are a veteran or military take a look at that list because we're celebrating you tomorrow. >> do they require id? >> most of them do. a few of them don't like this morning i got an email from krispy kreme where they offer a free donut and a free small copy to anyone who let them know they served in the military or are currently serving. check out that list because
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let's talk about grocery deals. >> surprise surprise, we are only two weeks from thanksgiving. it's very hard to believe. we will start off with the turkey deal of the week. $.39 per pound at food lion. an additional $35 purchase which is a fantastic deal. you will find my favorite cheese deal whenever it comes up i'm always talking about it. yes i am. it would get old but i know you to get three free at harris teeter. chicken thighs are an excellent price at all these at $.69 a pound. go to the smart shopper blog to find all the great turkey deals and everything to get your thanksgiving table set up.>> in the freezer, a stockpile of cheese. >> you can never have too much cheese. [ laughter ]. a cheese
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>> kanye west waking up this morning. it is a good morning. >> a beautiful morning in south hill. >> blue skies. clouds are gone. >> we had cloudy skies
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it is going to be cooler especially cooler overnight last night. what is in happening -- what is happening in apex. no blue shies -- skies. everything looks fine. temperatures are on the cool side. 43 degrees and windsor,. dew point is 38 and we see temperatures across the region warming up now with the sun. 41 saw in roxborough earlier was 34 degrees and warming up dramatically now. 45 rapids. 45 rocky mount. 42 stanford. 47 lakeland. satellite and radar. we have cold front that has slipped southward and moving out allowing clear skies to take over today and plenty of sunshine. we have taking it out through
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another front comes through friday. ahead of it is southerly flow that will warm things up a bit for friday. here comes the clouds late in the day. here's lunch time. a little bit of cloud cover and the front passes by late on friday and opens the door to cold air saturday. temperatures start to rebound. we have up and downs here in the forecast for the next few days. 62 lots of sunshine and feeling good. when the sun sets it will cool off quickly. if you are headed to the game at duke, 7:30 pm. 50 degrees and finishing at 66. morning low tomorrow morning at 40 degrees. milder afternoon at almost 70 degrees. it is veterans day and a lot of veterans day parades will last but there will be ceremonies tomorrow at 10 am.
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5:00 down to 62. a pretty day for veterans day. certainly chilly saturday morning with the cold morning sunday morning. that will be the coldest morning that we've seen all season. 53 on saturday is well below the normal of 65. folks may be looking for something inside to do. comic con is in durham all we can. 53 for the high and 47 at 5:00. 28 quite cold. normal is 42. 23 is the record. if we don't hit the record on sunday morning we won't be far from it. a hard freeze on sunday morning. the first one we've seen all season. may be able get rid of the mosquitoes which would be nice. iraqi troops are regrouping as they continue their operation to retake the city of mosul for isis militants. forces are regrouping in an area that was once occupied by islamic state.
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troops andaircraft are the story. 70 tunnels which the militants had been using from inside densely populated areas. workers are making progress in filling a massive sinkhole in japan. truckloads full of gravel and swell dumped into the hole whh devoured a five lane intersection at the center of the city. the sinkhole measured 98 feet long and 49 feet deep. it should take 2000 truckloads of soil to fill it. the hole disrupted traffic at japan's seventh largest city. walmart revealed it's black black friday plans will give more affordability. customers can shop the majority of the deals early on its website beginning at 12:01 am thanksgiving morning. in stores walmart black friday event will begin at 6:00 thanksgiving night and new this year, walmart is offering black friday deals on their mobile app. epipen makers are the target of federal
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department and the sec. mylan reveals this news. the company is accused of pharmaceutical price gouging and the price of a pair of epipens went from $94 in 2007 to $608 this year. it cost less than $10 to produce one of these pens. the company announced a $300 generic version of the epipen in december. tesla is buying a german manufacturing engineering firm to automate its electric car making process. the company is buying roman engineering for an undisclosed price. the company hopes the acquisition will improve the speed and quality of production at its california factory. tesla will build the $35,000 model three cars next year . 300,000 people have already reserved a model 3. general motors is cutting 2000 jobs in response to a shift in demand from cars to trucks and suvs.
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assembly plants in ohio and michigan starting in january. the plants make the chevrolet cruz, camaro and cadillac and cts. gm said it will invest $900 million at three factories to prepare for undisclosed new vehicles. twitter operating officer is leaving the company. adam bain joined the company six years ago and he was in charge of twitter's operations worldwide moneymaking efforts. twitter has failed to keep pace with facebook, snapchat and instagram. investors want to see the company sold or revamped. last month it was cutting nine- percent of the workforce. video sharing app is down. twitter stockist down 3%. a new sheriff in cumberland county. sheriff moose butler and he will take his place. starbucks rolls out holiday
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avoid controversy. this is a live look at the future rockefeller christmas tree being loaded onto a truck
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8:26 am. i am lena tillet. durham county election workers will spend a secondday counting ballots that weren't tallied on election day. there are 1700 left to count. a warning from durham police after someone stole department uniforms from an officer's home. police say you should request an id if there's question about an officer's identity. it was discovered during a break-in call.
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quite chilly this morning, but it will warm up. >> upper 30s and a few spots out there this morning. durham skycam showing sunshine and it will warm up temperatures quickly and it's already doing so. we drop down to 37 an hour ago. 43 in raleigh and 40s for roxborough and south hill. 49 in fayetteville. coming up today, hyatt 62 with sunshine. here and call tonight with a low of 40 and a mild 68 for tomorrow. cold air comes in for saturday. high of 53 and saturday night, up to 28 are crashes showing up on the life commute. we will start off in raleigh where there is a report on hillsborough near bowlan street. accident on south saunders street at hubert street on the south side of downtown.
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westbound around wade avenue. you can see flashing lights blocking the median. not really blocking travel lanes but under the states move over law if you can scoot over at least one lane you need to slow down considerably and that's happening on outbound wade avenue. back up to 440 towards the i-40 interchange. new information in a baby's murder investigation. next on fox 50. what family members tell us
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the time is 8:30 am. after 22 years, cumberland county sheriff is hanging up his badge. >> some call him a legend. cumberland county sheriff earl "moose" butler is retiring at the age of 79. live in fayetteville on how we plans to share his news today. >> reporter: it looks like the sheriff will be getting more sleep during his day. hope that she will make his center in cumberland county where he will tell everyone that he is retiring. he said he's been thinking about this for quite some time. he tells us that he wanted to wait until elections were over to make the big news. >> i feel like it is time and it is proper for me to make the exit and leave it in the hands of a very capable person who has worked for me for 18 years. >> the next person in line is
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two years of butler's term. butler will remain into the position until december 31. you can stay tuned to wral for more on the retirement announcement. >> a 22 year run for sheriff butler. the core of editorial -- the gubernatorial race in north carolina is too close to call.fewer than 5000 votes separate democrat lloyd cooper and rt mccrory. coopers campaign is calling the race a done deal and mccurry is calling for all provisional and absentee ballots to be counted before declaring a winner and there are more than 27,000 of those that we know about. mail in absentee ballots postmarked on or before election day will be accepted until november 14 and each county will certify results on november 18. if the difference is fewer than 10,000 votes of the runner-up can demand a recount. durham police investigating accident involving a pedestrian that happened last night.
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theater. a woman with a cane was crossing the street when she was struck by a car. she died at the scene. her name has not been released. police do not expect charges. police in smithville released information about a father charged with killing his infant daughter. resendez is charged with negligent child abuse. they were called to a home on brightly boulevard saturday tonight in response to an infant in distress. vivian sue unresponsive and pronounced dead at the hospital. autopsy results led to the arrest. the baby's grandmother tells wral her daughter told her it was all an accident. we will get an update on the number of deaths in the state. two people have died the state from the flu. sporadic to activity in the state is the case for most of
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after someone stole uniforms from a officer home. if there's any questions about an officer identity, let police know. it was discovered during a break and call. no id were stolen which all drum officers carry. if you have information about this break and, call police. veterans day is tomorrow and ahead of that unc holds the third annual tar heel tribute ceremony. the invitation event honors those who are serving or have served in the milita. it starts at 11:30 am at the carolina club. students got a chance to learn more about the meaning behind veterans day. yesterday fifth-graders placed american flags on grades at the veterans field of honor at oakwood cemetery in raleigh. volunteers will clean the monuments today and tomorrow the cemetery will retire damaged american flags. good for them.
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temperatures in the 60s for tomorrow. south hill looking beautiful. big american flag flying. gorgeous blue sky outside the theater. 48 vincent, 44 rocky mount, 45 roxborough, cool this afternoon and temperatures at lunchtime in the upper 50s and we climbed to low 60s midafternoon and back to 57 at expect it to be sunny all day today. we had cloud cover yesterday. 57 at noon in durham and 62 this afternoon. tomorrow warms up. high temperatures in the upper 60s and we almost get to 70 and the weekend turned chilly. we will talk about how it will feel sunday morning. something we haven't seen yet the season. more coming up. starbucks will begin rolling out their new red
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there are 13 of them this year. they are designs created by customers. the 13 designs were picked from 1200 instagram post from last december. they focus on traditional holiday themes like snowflakes, candy canes and santa claus and reindeer. after last year's subdued design customers accused starbucks of being part of the so-called war on christmas. now christmas on steroid. refurbished iphones in its store since 2007. prices discounted by up to 15% off. the phones are available with a one-year warranty and including new battery and outer shell. high carbon dioxide levels are threatening people in coral reefs around the world. according to a study released by duke university.
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survive. the damage will cause the most immediate and serious threat in areas where humans depend greatly on the reefs. it means a lot of fish and habitat will be lost and shoreline protection. a sweet homecoming for sailors and families in connecticut. the uss new hampshire returned home to new london after spending months at sea. one sailor even got down on one knee when he walked off the ship and proposed to his girlfriend. and she sai >> that is so lovely. how romantic.>> i think those hand -- they hand those out to the sailors, give them to your lady. [ laughter ]. >> child safety cameras get safety. >> one of the latest features and how it works and why it
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a safety feature is making its way to infant car seats in the us. already proved that these work. monica liberty is here to show was more. >> reporter: child safety seats have come a long way since they were made in they first came about. they have come a long way in the 20 years since my kids were little. consumer reports said the progress is continuing with a new design called a load lake. >> safe and secure. today's car seats are a lot different from those from 40 years ago. when consumer reports started testing them. changes have dramatically improved safety.
8:40 am
called the load lake extending from the base of the seat to the floor. making the seat more stable. >> in recent consumer reports issues, four seats with this receive the highest performance rating in a simulated crash test. this side-by-side crash test video shows how similar seats from the same manufacturer performed with and without the left leg. both performed well with the seat with a load forward motion than the one without. >> in the crash tests seats resulted in a 50% decrease in head injury risk into a dummy. >> load lake as a step to the installation but it is easy to use. of course you will pay premium for the new feature. prices range from $250 to
8:41 am
installed correctly and sees with the feature offer an additional margin of safety. consumer reports warns that not all american cars are designed to work with the new style so if you are considering an infant seat check your vehicle manual for restrictions and how it works. another note, rear facing infant seats typically offer the best fit for children under one euro. they are the safest. >> it's hard for a lot of pa facing backwards. >> you have that mirror.>> you can do many things. still rear facing. >> you can go up to 40 pounds or something before you flip them. but once you flip them you can't go back. it is the safest. they won't let you. [ laughter ]. we learned. she doesn't realize that is a possibility.
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information on look for 5 on your side under the consumer tab. school kids have access to a new and special playground. [ laughter ]. jinks. why a few playgrounds like this in the state. many are for seeing the outcome of this election. one of them was written in paper. we will tell you who predicted
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[ music ]. alicia keys,
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>> look at the beautiful blue skies. this is durham. lucky start tower. not a cloud. >> we can watch that for a while. good morning. >> get your smiles going for thursday. >> sunshine. it makes it feel warmer even if it is chilly. you find yourself in the sun and you are like it is nice out there. >> i am tanning right now. . heading out to check the germ skycam again. it is beautiful. second time around. 43 degrees is the current temperature. dew point is 38. it will be a nice dry day today. at this point we can stand to see some rain. we haven't had much of it since matthew and we need a nice break. it is pretty dry out there. a little shower or half an inch
8:46 am
yesterday's front brought us a trace to a 10th of an inch. 45 right now and roxborough. 49 fayetteville. feeling good temperatures. cooler than this time yesterday. nine degrees cooler and roxborough and six degrees colder in rocky mount. we started with mild temperatures yesterday. cold front has flipped eastward so that is history and behind it we have cool air moving in. that sticks around for today but overnight we approaching front and we will see winds briefly from the south warming things out for us tomorrow. nice day tomorrow and after that temperatures plunge. you can follow along when you take a look at the upper winds and temperatures. these are the upper level winds and they follow these great lines. today we have winds from the south. it will keep things cooler.
8:47 am
warm temperatures 270. back to the northerly flow again. it changes the color contour to blue. highs in the low 40s on saturday and an overnight low in the upper 20s saturday night and sunday morning. the coldest temperature so far this season. the weather service will issue a freeze warning most likely putting an end to the growing season. it is time. the normal first freeze or frost happens towards the end the latest. we won't set any records for this but it is about time for the freezing temperatures. 62 degrees today. 68 tomorrow. a nice day for veterans day with temperature of almost 70. today 57. 5:00, 62. on saturday lots of sunshine but it will be chilly. one of the indoor events around the area, and comic con at
8:48 am
a morning. 42 is normal and 23 is the record set in 1977. once we get past the weekend temperatures moderate. still cold for monday morning. code weather but low 40s for tuesday and wednesday morning. cloud cover for us on monday and tuesday. getting fifth-graders ready for middle school is a big and important task. than willing to help succeed. in partnership with the north carolina education lottery, gerald owens explains how she does it. >> reporter: how many squares will be in half of this? >> heather gibson at polenta elementary doesn't just give her students the answers. >> if i had to split something into fourths, is there an easy
8:49 am
when they get there themselves they remember and retain and it means more to them. >> she is preparing these fifth- graders for a move to middle school which comes with the motions. >> they are excited this time of year. they think i will be in middle school but the closer it gets, the more apprehensive they get and the more nervous they get. >> if history is any indication she will hear from them again. >> the first few weeks i get emails from studen the sixth grade so they remember the year before. and they say ms. gibson, can you help me with this. i always hear from them that first few weeks.>> the answer is always yes. >> i am still there teacher. if they keep in touch with me i will keep being there teacher. >> in garner, gerald owens, wral. to see all teachers of the week go to and search teacher. led mind elementary held a ribbon-cutting today for the always dream playground. it is built to help children with severe disabilities find ways to play outdoors as the
8:50 am
burke high school got involved in the equipment building. it's one of handful of schools with this type of playground. rockefeller center christmas tree will be cut down today in upstate new york. then norwood spruce will be hoisted by huge cranes onto a 115 foot long trailer to make the today journey to new york city. this tree. it will be decorated and lit on november 30 on wral. it will remain lit until january 7. it has a big journey. a letter about president- elect donald trump from president nixon is getting attention. from december 1987, the 37th president commented that misses nason said trump was great on the donahue show and it says as you can imagine she is an expert on politics and she predicts that whenever you decide to run for office, you
8:51 am
he shared his views on what was wrong with america on donahue's talkshow in the 80s. the letter was posted online by the national archives foundation. national toy hall of fame will be revealing class of 2016 today. experts has chosen the honorees from 12 finalists and here is a list. fisher-price and little people, care bears, rock them sock them robots, balls, i remember those, clue, you know, pinball, dungeons & dragons, coloring books and bubblewrap. who doesn't love bubblewrap. they will be enshrined during a ceremony at the strong museum in rochester. >> best toy ever, bubblewrap. for adults as well. >> i always said to decide for my mother. >> make her happy. >> you can stop popping.>> and then the little ones.
8:52 am
little pop. >> the bubblewrap conversation. [ laughter ].>> some election news this morning as the votes get tabulated. this is interesting from the chicago area. a law clerk who faces charges of impersonating a judge has been elected a judge in chicago. even though she has been barred from taking office. amanda crawford won opponent. she was the only name listed on the ballot and cannot be sworn in to the $180,000 a year job unless she is cleared of wrongdoing. when she was a law clerk working at the courthouse she would put on a black robe and preside over traffic cases that she should not have been presiding over. this illinois supreme court has suspended her law license. there you go. [ laughter ]. go figure.
8:53 am
[ laughter ].>> brandee barker took an uber in cleveland over the weekend and look at what happened. >> something very special who is the voice. >> welcome, you've got mail. >> do it again. >> you've got mail. >> oh my gosh. that is elwood airboats is the aol voice. and he drives for uber. >> is now in uber driver in cleveland. >> he must have big royalties from doing that.>> [ laughter ]. >> that is amazing. it sounds -- he can do it on demand. >> you said to the associated press that he recorded those greetings in 1989.
8:54 am
and he sounds the same. [ laughter ]. very cool. and he said by the way he said welcome, goodbye and files done. when you have the dial-up it took a while. good for him. >> you were waiting 10 minutes
8:55 am
8:56 am
time is a 50 6 am. i am rena chu. race for governor in north carolina is too close to call.
8:57 am
each county will certify results on november 18 and the differences fewer than 10,000 votes, the runner-up can demand a recount. cool side but a lovely day. >> sunshine will feel so good after having a great day yesterday. apex skycam all quiet. blue sky. we will see that all day. temperatures are warming up nicely. 30s this morning but 49 now in irwin south hill. a high of 62 today and warmer for tomorrow for veterans day. and then the chill arrives for the weekend, 53 saturday and 28 saturday night are we have a few accidents still on the life commute map zooming into raleigh. avon ferry road in centennial. down the street from the tv station here on mlk at rock quarry road.
8:58 am
downtown raleigh. accident cleared from the median at 40 westbound around wade avenue. a vehicle in the median right now. not contributing to delays but you will have slow traffic this morning on outbound weight avenue. out towards the interchange. thanks brian. 2004 indonesian tsunami to the lives of 225,000 people. instead of running from a sternotomy residents will be able to ride out the storm. a escape pod could help save lives. >> interesting. >> that is the news for now.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: ha ha. how y'all? how's everybody? appreciate y'all now. how's everybody? i appreciate it. thank y'all very much. thank you now. appreciate it, folks everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day from naperville, illinois, it's the barriball family. and from brooklyn, new york, it's the baron family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash


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