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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  August 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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. we promise a pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. right now on wral news on fox 50. one of the state's top scientists quits. why her res eugination has to do w how the state is responding tonight. what a newly released 911 call between a woman walking down the street and a man who shot her to death. a suspect on the run since last month is now in custody after turning himself in. the state's epidemiologist resigned over coal ash ponds. >> wral's ken smith is following the story and joins
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letter and the state's response, ken? >> reporter: hreupbda, gerald, with the help of our capitol bureau team we are trying on get to the bottom of it this resignation of megan davies. no one saw it coming. the war of words continues between davies and leaders of two agencies including the department of health and human services. >> the state's cool ash ponds and more specifically the safety of well water near them are the center of the difference of opinion. the controversy goes back to a few weeks ago toxicologist raised concerned of well water safety in our state. in her letter megan davies wrote she can not work for the department and administration that deliberately misleads the public. taking exception to the state leaders of not taking the advice. the doctor created fear and confusion for well owners with
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elements. leaders from the department of health and human services and environmental quality called the findings wrong and he was lying. he is davie's colleague. accuses the two agencies of pushing a false narrative and criticizing a scientist who helped develop safety advisories from well owners near duke energy coal ash ponds. >> late there was a statement issuing the res eugination and also making the 90 that statement. it is important for north carolina citizens to know that while there are differences of opinio differences ensuring citizens safety and communicating are a top priority. also in that statement, naming the acting state epidemiologist. pied atric disease specialist and a epidemiologist. we reached out to the governor's office. at this hour we have not gotten a response about davies resignation. lynda? >> thank you. we are learning more about
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walking down the street in fayetteville. >> an intense search is underway with a man who shot and killed a woman who walked down the street last night. newly released 911 calls seemed to tell us how it happened. >> the man was riding up on his motorcycle and the lady was walking towards the neighborhood and they were saying words and i -- and i looked away and i heard gunfire. i turned around and he is still shooting at her. who was shot was angela taylor. walking along andy street at 6:30 last night when it happened. she was taken to cape fear medical center where she later died. the detectives are looking for the person in this picture on a cruiser-style motorcycle wearing a bright shirt heading towards brag boulevard moments after the shooting. right now the police do not
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they are taking the time to identify the motorcyclist was and see the connection of what led up to this. as far as we know she was walking down the street. she gets approached by someone on the motorcycle and she was shot and the person flees the area. >> there may be a way you can help if you were in the area and saw something or know something. contact the police. >> adam owens, thank you. a man charged with murder for a shooting a parking lot of a business is in custody tonight. he turned himself into the police today. a accused of shooting mclamb as he sat in the car on south riley road last month. he later died at the hospital. two other passengers in the car were not hurt. a soldier stationed at ft. bragg is now facing rape charges. the 20-year-old christian chalk is charged with second degree rape and contributing to the delinquenciy of a minor. he was arrested on monday.
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involving a 16-year-old. he is at the detention center under a $100,000 bond. two arrests have been made. neighbors tipped off the sheriff's office. it led to an investigation and raid at the business today. >> they were selling drugs out here. neighbors called anded this store here has been selling narcotic -- called and said selling nar cottics. we have someone go in and make undercover purchases and come back and -- narcotics. we have someone go in and make undercover purchases and come back and arrested them. a high school student taken into custody by immigration officials nearly 7 months ago is expected to be released next week. he was held for months in a detention center in georgia. his attorney believes he
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fled central america to escape gang violence. his supporters took too gofund me to raise $10,000. we talked to one of his teacher and asked her what will happen when he returns it. >> we are expecting him to reenrole in school. he only has one semester to finish. and i am sure he will have a big transition back to just normal life. he has been gone for months. >> immigration enforcement officers tell wral the bond decision was made by the court system not ice they will comply with the judge's orders. a role in the multimillion drug operation in orange county. he pled guilty to fraud in
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the federal authorities conspired. a voting rights group is voting to add more hours for early voting this fall. they want the state to pay for it. more than half is early voting. the governor says they should to help the counties cover the cost. some candidates need to file for november's election all over again. the filing period starts tomorrow at noon. the elections for county commissioner and school board are this fall. they were supposed to take place under a new map drawn by state lawmakers with 7 districts and 2 super districts a&b. a federal appeals court ruled the map was unconstitutional. under a ruling on tuesday on the county must use 9 district maps drawn in 2011. the a&b districts will no
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the commissioner races are not effected but the a&b districts on that board no longer exist. the helping hand mission needs your help to support low income children. volunteers handed out donated school supplies, food and offered haircuts at the raleigh location. the group is working to collect school supplies getting ready for the new school year. they received many donations they are in need of gently used clothing. go to our web site to find out there are companies that are trying to get a cut of money that is owed to you. a local woman contacted 5 on your side after she had to pay a fee to get her unclaimed carb. den fall for that. we will have more at 5:00. northbound lanes through ft. bragg close wednesday august 17th. the southbound lanes will close once work is done.
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boulevard by 2017. new cans are available. find the cans in local grocery stores and vending machines for pepsi. 2 million were distributed throughout the state. lazy days is in carry. time to look at the olympic medal count today. the u.s. leads with 30 medals, 10 gold, 11 silver and bronze. china follows with 23, japan, 18, and russia with 15 medals. we will have a live report on the news following nbc's olympic coverage on wral. because the olympics will be on wral morning, noon, and night some of our newscasts are changes. news at noon and 4:00 p.m. will air on fox 50. still to come tonight. the outcome of a stunt at trump
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headlines as a man tried to climb this megaskyscraper. just ahead. how a woman was shot and killed during a realistic training demonstration. the latest town fighting plans to build a publix in their area. >> you know it is a warm area when bees hang out on our porches. only to get warmer in the coming days. we will let you know when the
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it has been called a horrible accident. a woman shot to death during a police training exercise. >> an officer accidentally used live rounds in shoot role-playing scenario. >> reporter: on tuesday night, mary nolton, a member of the community joined the group at a citizen's academy. eventually they were brought outside for a shoot, don't shoot scenario. >> she was randomly selected and very excited to be randomly selected. >> reporter: her friend john wrighted she played a cop while the officer impersonated a villain. these pictures from a previous
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shoot. they were told the guns fired blanked with a deter gent. when the officer fired they were real bullets. >> within seconds there was 3 maybe 4 loud gunshots. and she looks straight towards the crowd and next thing she buckled and she was on the ground. >> the police chief, tom lewis, says the revolver is used for these training exercises. >> ammunition was available -- we were unaware live ammunition was available. the officer is on leave. nolton's son, steve, is e motional but has a message. >> we forgive you. i know my mom forgives you and. nobody means for this to happen. nobody. >> how horrific. that was john rogers reporting.
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grief-stricken. other officers were assigned to him to make sure he is psyche logically stable. a man kept the police at bay for 2-1/2 hours. the police officers grabbed him through a window. we followed the story throughout our early evening newscast. he used a harness, a rope and suction cups to fasten himself to the side of the building. he got a third of way up. he will receive an evaluation. the police chief is determine what, if any, charges will be filed. a plan to sell something on- line nearly cost a man his life. it happened on tuesday. using an online program called "offer up" he met with 2 men to sell them an item. the suspects tried to rob him and threatened to kill him. he started to drive away one of the suspects fired a gun hitting his car. the police say he captured these two men after a foot
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murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon. >> residents of pinehursts is fighting to bring a publix to the area. it will be just outside of the corp rat limits. they want to build a four-lane road to provide access. neighbors say that would cause major safety and traffic issues. the president of the pinehurst civic group says people are questioning the need for the project. >> it is like, really? we need another grocery here? we have no idea how much food we must consume here. [ laughter ] >> it is ultimately up to southern pines to decide if the project goes forward. the mayor, david mcneil, told us it is important to work with neighbors towns to preserve the care of the area and ensure new development is compatible. you can not book your uber
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advance to just 15 minutes. users get text reminders of their appointments, until now, riders his to wait until they were ready to travel and hope a driver was available. >> all you have to do is check out the bees and high-five and tell you if it is hot or not. >> are they getting hair under their wings? >> it is very hotted in of the hives. >> i bet. >> so they just come out and get cooler air. what they will do to cool the hives is flap their wings. >> for the queen bee. >> yes. keep e comfortable to maintain a temperature. in the sum wher it is hot you will see them cover the entire front of the hive, when i had my bees a few years ago they would come out and cover the front. >> oh, gosh. >> so many bees in the colony. can you imagine how hot it got. >> yes. and for us it will get hot. find a cool place to be or stayed in where air- conditioning is. take a look at what is ahead. high pressure built in. it will maintain itself for quite some time.
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by the end of the week and the weekend. the heat should peak this weekend. middle and upper 90s, heat index values, 105, 107. the heat will be at least monday, tuesday,ed with this week. should be by thursday and friday as the next cold front approaches. by that time we will want it to go away. >> the garden camera quiet out there all of the thunderstorms out to the south and west of us are gone. 82, cloudy, the dew point is at 72. numbers close to home. still in the 80s, 83 here at wr 81 in holly springs. we expand the view. 85. 94 earlier today. likely see that again tomorrow. so, the distribution of showers and thunderstorms were more widespread off to the west we talked about that yesterday. and they would not be all that widespread down east. certainly was not that way. high pressure is expanding. it is now making its way into the middle mississippi valley.
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how it is air sinking, as it sinks it dries out. it is like a cap on the atmosphere. we have the air that tries to rise and develop into the thunderstorms that hit that cap or put it back down. the cap is not strong enough to prevent something from happening to it. that is what is coming in the days. then, the big feature to the south and west. the pressure, there are many flooding conditions happening. right now, flood watches that are flood warnings. this will be pulled up and right around the ridge in coming days and the heavy rain will fall all through the mississippi valley, ohio valley, and we will take a look at rainfall totals and potential coming up in the next half-hour of weather desk top. >> here we sit at 10:00 tonight with the temperatures in the 80s. overnight, partly cloudy, middle and upper 70s by 5:00 a.m. a warm start, muggy. 8:00 a.m., some locations could be at 80 degrees. lunchtime tomorrow, upper 80s to perhaps lower 90s in fayetteville. watch how a few isolated
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not all that widespread. they will likely be very, very small. the high should be in the lower to middle 90s by eight clock tomorrow in the middle 80s. this time tomorrow night we will be back where we are now in the lower 80s. the same scene will be repeated for friday, saturday, sunday. >> lower to middle 70s. 74 at fayetteville. the fitness forecast, 76. scattered showers, patchy fog, burning off quickly. lunchtime, upper humidity up there as well and upper 80s to middle 90s in fayetteville. raleigh, rocky mount. and again, can not rule out an isolated shower. friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, everybody in the 90s. perhaps peaking out into the middle 90s here on the triangle. now, if you are working outside
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stay hydrated. plenty of breaks. >> do it early. >> yes. >> pretty much, yes. >> thank you, mike. notebooks, pens, rulers, glue, it adds. >> do they ever. how to save on back to school items. >> i loved back to school. so much fun. talking about team usa's close
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?? from the mountains... to the beaches... the piedmont... to the sandhills... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ]
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? i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ? ? to make the good life ? ? and i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? it's ours to preserve...
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u.s. basketball against australia. the u.s. pulled away to win it 98-88. there were tense moments there. anthony scored 31 points. it was huge in the 4th quarter for the u.s. he broke the game. coach k. talks about the big win. >> for this group that is the first real, real international game we have had. and the experience of playing in that, the exhibitions were not -- first of all they are played in america. the first two games we played, you know, we were significantly better than those teams. this is the real world.
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the olympics. behind every successful athlite is a great coach. hernandez won her gold medal she got to celebrate with her coach. he connects the dots for rio to nc state. >> reporter: usa assistant coach maggie hanney had a stellar gymnastic career of her own. >> i i am the type of person if i say i am going to do something then i like have to do it. after i got 10 on beam i said i have to get one more. i have to get a second one. >> reporter: she did. a fierce competitor. she learned a sense of calmness and balance from her wolf pack coach, stevenson. >> he took really good care of me. not just about gymnastics but developing me into the person that i am today. >> reporter: today she is working with the gold medal
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specifically lori hernandez. >> she is special. i had her my entire life. i got her when she was five or 6. my sister found her like at a recreational class and said this girl is so cute and good you will love her. >> reporter: they worked together for over a decade in new jersey. >> people have alwaysed she was going to be here and she was going to go to the olympics. sometimes you are like that is just a dream. not reality. >> reporter: this blossomed into reality here in rio when something she shares with her coach. >> i am like wow, this is like amazing. i am having this moment with her. watching her do this. i just told her before she went on floor. enjoy it. have fun. when i was watching her i was enjoying her. not nervous for her. >> do you miscompeting? >> i don't think i can touch my toes anymore. but i will say it is more stressful as a coach than a gymnast. >> reporter: hernandez may be
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hearing for her and the entire usa squad. back to you. no practice for the panthers because they play tomorrow. open up the preseason on the road against baltimore. plan to give young guys a chance to show what they can do. you will not see the starters for long in this one. kick off. we have not seen him since the super bowl. fun tomorrow. >> oh, yeah. >> seems like yesterday. >> no it does not. >> i need my goodness. we will see what we can do this year. >> yes, see how they do. >> yes. thank you. >> now downtown dinner deal in raleigh. why restaurants are opening their doors and offering discounts. when a judge allow -- what a judge allowed a suspect to do has a lot of people talking. what was uncovered in a
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the highest ranking officer acquitted in the freddie gray case is expected to receive more than $126,000 in back pay. baltimore police lieutenant was acquitted last night. gray died last april after suffering a spinal injury. last month they dropped all remaining charges. police require that officers
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were acquitted. deputies in western north carolina arrested a suspect in a 1977 murder in florida. 75-year-old allen bragman was arrested at his home in highlands. he is charged with killing his former lover, debi clark, in 1977. the police in miami say new technology connected dna evidence to the scene to him. his lawyer says that the dna was there because he owned the apartment clark rented. a man that blew up a house will spend the next 20 years in prison. it killed two people. he reached a plea deal. four other people face charges and sentences. new information today in the new jersey bridge scandal. the former aid to chris christie claims that christie lied about the knowledge of his administration's involvement in the lane closures.
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someone that christie, quote, natout lied about who was involved. they denied involvement in the scandal. funeral services are friday for a 10-year-old boy who died on the world's largest water slide. the park reopened for the first time. the slide is still closed and could be for months while the investigation continues. the boy was decapitated while he road the slide on sunday. two other woman were injured the u.s. national white water center in charlotte opened the white water channels today. they were closed for six weeks since an 18-year-old from ohio died from a brain-eating aneba. the channels were drained when the river tested positive. they cleaned the channels and installed processes to stop it from returning. 9 of the sickest and
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prince george's hospital in maryland tested positive for bacteria that can be deadly in people with bad immune systems. it can be transmitted through water and soil. delta airlines say three days of disruption because of a power outage is coming to an end. the airline says they canceled some nights because the crews hours after all of the delays. planes are in the air in florida taking on a new wave of ariel assault on mosquitoes that carry the zika virus. they are spraying a insecticide. they use 2 table soons for the area the size of a football
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eyesore. there is a black film covering the dome on the jefferson memorial. the park service wants it gone saying it makes it look dinghyy. first they have to identify it. a judge is receiving attention for compassion in the courtroom. >> the moment happened earlier this month. a 24-year-old suspect and his wife were both due in court during a burglary case. the judge issued a no contact order between the couple but on august 5th she made an exception. the judge learned the suspect had yet to meet born while he was in custody. so, she allowed the baby to be brought in and the man was able to hold his son for the very first time. >> wow. >> wow. >> emotional. >> what a moment there. raleigh's restaurant scene exploded with the downtown resurgance. >> reporter: the raleigh downtown farmer's market offers
10:35 pm
fresh food and music. [music] but this week's market featured something different. previews of what is on the menu at next week's downtown raleigh week. >> 45 restaurants are participating this year. many are offering lunch specials and three course fixed- priced dinners. >> the third week in august we found there was a depression in the food revenue. and that is the slowest week of the year for a lot of restaurants in the area. let's start a promotion to bring people into town that week. >> reporter: eight years later it is a downtown tradition. many see double or triple for business as people come in for discounted meals. tony price managers this restaurant. it say great way to introduce people to his lebanese dining experience. >> expose them, potentially new customers and friends.
10:36 pm
restaurants to put their best foot forward. the chef is planning special items for next week's menu. >> a great opportunity it for us. a big dole for us. he hopes it -- a big deal for us. >> he hopes it is a way to bring people back. >> reporter: back to you. if. >> if you want to take advantage of the prices this weekend you might want to make a reservation. you seen a in the "ocean's" movies.
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songwriter of copying marvin gay the hit "thinking out loud" is like "let's get it on." representatives from sharon have not commented. adele could be taking the stage for the super bowl. she may not have the guts according to "the sun" her
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it or not. the ocean's film franchise is next in line for a gender flipped reboot. according to an all female offshoot is in the works with talk of an a-list cast. an hathaway and mindy kalin are all in talks to join sandra bullock and kate blanchet. >> you know i think it can work. i just saw "ghost busters" loved it. it was fantastic. >> oh, good. i got to see that. >> it is worth seeing. i think it is worth seeing. a lot of fun. you remember the quirky dance like the sprinkler in this is what it is brought to you by. check out this bear. now it is getting squirted and now sprinkle action. check it out. and then a mouthful. i don't know what that is but it looked like fun for him.
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comments. people love watching this bear. that feels good. >> as long as he does not get mad. you don't want to be on the other side of that, right some. >> right. very cute. and this would never go at my house. if we had our guinea pig still i don't think our dogs would get along like it this. what a sight. yes. they are so cute. >> the fact that -- i had a dog vegetables would not touch it. >> my dogs like tomatoes and they liked your figs, too, by the way. >> really? >> yes. dogs can be protective of the food. yes. >> buddies. >> yes. here they are doing well. i got all of these -- so cute -- i got it all linked if you
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what's trending send me a message. how to save on the school supplies, mike? e. we had a lack of showers around here today. that is not the case to the southwest. take a look at the spin. watching it all week. counterclockwise rotation across missouri, alabama, louisiana, low pressure. now, quite a bit of rain will fall there. not here. we will check it out in weather desk top, to thrive in an ever-changing environment, companies must adapt. but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that understands pnc corporate and institutional banking offers strategies tailored to your company's needs. know that our dedicated teams of local experts offer insight to help you achieve your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow at ?? now how's that thing supposed to convince anyone to buy a car? it's just full of hot air and doesn't say much. like the labels you see on a lot of chicken packaging.
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that's just a trick to get you to pay more money. fact is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. it's a marketing mr. floppy arms here. though i must say, he is somewhat hypnotic. don't fall for the hype, dale. dale?
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back to school means back to spending more money or always means spending more money. parents will spend about $273 on school shopping for child. how to save on supplies. >> reporter: for kids back to school means back to cool. for parents, back to school shopping can be stressful. accordin nearly 30% of parents polled says it puts a strain on family finances. >> we are going to see prices increasing and parents in particular are going to be buying their kids electrics for the back to school season. tablets, laptops, even smart phones. those things add up. >> reporter: there are apps. keeping all of your loyalty points in one place.
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deals so you are not paying more. some are given just for walking in the stores giving parents something, too. retailmenot highlights discounts and sales. >> jc penny has great offerings, bed bath and beyond has great deals on everything from lunchboxes and binders even. sears and target have great steals and deals for back to school in particular. >> reporter: the savings may others are finding dori. >> big box office hits are influencing back to school trends. star wars, frozen, angry birds, all of these types of images from everying from binders to backpacks to lunchboxes. >> reporter: for consumer watch, back to you. a tech geek in raleigh wants to inspire invasion. >> they know schools face a big challenge with lack of funding.
10:47 pm
box mobile labs. they come stocked with white boards, laptops, 3d printers, cutters, scanners and electrics all designed to help the children build things. now, they are builted in shipping containers. they cost anywhere from $800 to $4,000 a day. right now there are three. he plans to add 2 more by the end of the year. >> oh what a neat idea. >> for a young guy, 24 years old, good idea. >> yes, helping a lot of people. >> yes. >> >> yes, the heat is on. i was hoping we would escape it. fayietville has had 101 twice this year. heading up to connecticut where you don't hear that often of tornadoes touching down. they have one here today. a small tornado touching down in connecticut causing damage that you saw there. in fact, on the doppler radar they saw what we call a debris ball. we mention today here before. where you can see the debris on the doppler, on the duel radar.
10:48 pm
crews are going to assess the damage. quite a bit of it throughout that area. i saw on facebook there was video going around on facebook of a tornado that touched down. weather desk top. no rain out there. by pass that. let's talk about showers. we mentioned this a couple of days ago. the meteor shower will peak tomorrow night and friday morning. now, step out tonight and look you can, from time to time, see one flash by. the night after midnight and toward dawn on friday. it predicts an outburst of meteors during this event. 100 to 2an hour. the good news is the moon that is up now will set at 12:43. the moon will not obsecure the view. you want to look away from lights, dark spot, traveling east towards the coast or the mountains that is a prime spot. tends to be darker in the
10:49 pm
night. mostly cheer to partly cloudy skies. warm, we don't have to worry about being chilly like in november. let's look at what is happening with the jet stream. big picture. putting the jet stream on the map. now, monsoon rains it in the southwest. for us, the ridge we were talking about on monday made its way to the west, building into the mississippi valley. again, we mentioned it the last half-hour, a feature and well is the area of low pressure. that will be drawn up to the north as all of the moisture will be drawn up and pushed off to the west, riding to the ridge. we will not see much in the way of rain. we will be the haves and have knots. we will be the have knots in the next coming days. we see the moisture. there are flood watches in effect for the lower mississippi valley. flood warnings as well. 4, 5 inches of rain, big totals across illinois, indiana, ohio,
10:50 pm
little rain. mountains seeing a bit over an inch. so, if you have outdoor plans that require dry weather the days ahead will be good. unfortunately there will be hot days. a quick look at what is going on for future cast. next 64 hours, there is the big spin to the south and west around here tomorrow afternoon. maybe a few isolated showers and storms. once we lose the heating of the day they will die down. patchy fogg on friday morning during the afternoon on friday, again. widely scatters, isolated shower and storm. the same thing repeated during the day on side. there is the big moisture now starting to be drawn up to the north and big rains could be falling across the ohio valley through the coming weekend. side, sunday could be wet. around here it is all about the heat. and drier weather. we removed all of the lightning bolts out because there is a small chance that most of us will not see anything. perhaps increasing by tuesday and wednesday of next week as the next cold front approaches or cool front it will not cool
10:51 pm
plenty of heat over the next several days, still summer. >> it is. >> all right, mike. i am hot just thinking about it. some people will think themselves lucky to survive a plane crash landing. >> or to win the lottery. >> a man did both of those things just this month. we will tell you about today, we can connect more.... play more... do more. and all that more takes energy. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here.... ...with power for your life. cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less.
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raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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netflix is going big on the tv shows. the company is one of the biggest in programming. so big that they plan to spend more than $6 billion on programming next year. 1 takeaway from the hollywood reporter's annual tv executive round table. they say that is tough for other networks to follow. at the round table at least one tv executive admitted the deep pockets of netfli providers to raise the bar. pokimon go is attracting people to go to japan in an area that was damaged by earthquakes. the company is setting up more poke gyms. they are considering creating rare characters and a series of stamps to increase traffic in the damaged areas. >> oh, smart. he never considered himself
10:55 pm
dealership worker may have to change his opinion about himself. he recently survived last week's dramatic crash landing of a aircraft at the dubai airport. it then this week he won $1 million in an airport duty-free sweepstakes. >> they called to me, you are the winner for the millionaire. i said [ laughter ] >> oh, no joke. he plans to continue to work at the body shop until he feels ready to retire. he wants to use his money to support his family, of course, and start a charity. >> oh, wonderful. >> still working at the body shop with $1 million in the bank. i wonder what was the guys are saying. lunch is on you. >> can i get you something do drink? girlscouts of america is celebrates national s'mores
10:56 pm
s'mores cookie. one with a crispy cook double dipped in cream icing and a chocolate coating. >> oh, yes wipe the drool off of the table. the other is a krufrpbgy gram cracky sandwich with chocolate and marshmallow filling. the cookies will be carried in select markets during the cookie season. they will be available here in north carolina. >> we are a select mark stphet. >> yes. so exciting. >> yes. we know -- >> which one do you think is better without them. >> the chocolate dipped ones. >> yes. i will buy them both. >> thanks for watching. >> here on fox 50 beginning at 7:00, have a great night,
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she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible
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lights, access, rio. >> then it was my turn to just finish it off. >> the final five! >> they soared higher than any team in olympic history, and they're not even done yet. i'm natalie morales, but wait till you hear what we've learned about the final five. >> oh, >> something made you break out in laughter. >> what made him laugh, what made him cry? i'm billy bush with the whole story behind michael's amazing night include that swim cap close call. >> you saved the day conor. >> cannot beat that takeoff. i'm kit hoover. but sticking the landing may be


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