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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  February 3, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EST

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school report today. tara lynn is live with why the governor says the first report was too negative. thanks for joining us. i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. new overnight, a big fire at a house in dunn. >> that house is broken up into several apartment units. wral's mikaya thurmond tells us who was inside and how they got out. >> reporter: they are made it out safely. the call came in at 2:00 ams 607 w. broad street. firefighters responded. the things seem to originate from the second floor. the home is broken into six apartments. residents say they only made it out safely because of the bravery of two dunn police officers. the sergeants happened to be patrolling the area, as part of the flames and arrived within minutes. residents say that jumped into action and knocked on doors. >> you wake up, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, someone is screaming, "fire." you are like, what? it happened to me. >> reporter: those officers
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extinguished. at this time investigators have not released the cause of the fire. but, they do say that he red cross has been providing help. also overnight, a fire destroyed a home in north raleigh. it happened shortly before 1:00 in the morning at a home on wingette drive. firefighters tell us the home was vacant. no word on the cause. new information on the deadly head-on crash in harnett county, a story that was breaking news yesterday troopers have identified the victim as 50-year-old tonya benton out of spring lake. the crash happened on highway 210. troopers tell us that a southbound vehicle collided head-on with the northbound vehicle in the center lane about to turn onto bill shaw road. three teens are due in court today accused of tossing rocks off of an overpass onto cars below. it happened at the i-95 overpass. at the cheryl back it over
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passing cumberland county. troopers say the trio was tossing rocks from the bridge. several trucks and cars had windshield shattered and damage to the roof but no one was seriously hurt. there is a prayer vigil to bring attention tonight to a unsolved murder victim. sean kaid horry was found shot to death december 1. the crime was not random, so far no address. pastors at three local churches will hold a vigil at the scene of the crime. several states across the west are dealing with powerful storms. public schools in one tennessee county are closed as officials survey damage from strong winds. meanwhile, tornadoes touched down in mississippi and alabama leaving behind a lot of destruction. luckily, minor injuries were reported. nothing major. officials issued a tornado watch for most of the night. further west, a powerful snowstorm buried parts of colorado and nebraska in more than a foot of snow. and in minnesota the state department of transportation is advising that no onetravel in
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the southwestern part of the state because of blizzard conditions and near zero visibility. >> we could see dramatic weather as well, although certainly not like that. it's way to one out there. >> is miles and monkey this morning. >> is. that is a setup for potential thunderstorms and severe weather. we are an emotional risk for severe weather ter today. the biggest threat appears to be from wind damage. what you're doing with this morning is much more calm but still an issue. we have a lot of low cloud cover and fog developed across the region, a good biggest missed and drizzle coming out of these clouds, too. it is a bit wet as you're heading up this morning. a look at visibility, i apologize for the issue on the graphic behind me, the numbers. visibility is down to a quarter- mile at the airport, half-mile in irwin and fayetteville, not a lot of fog. clouds cover. they are producing wet conditions for you this morning.
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it's very warm. 55 in cary. 51 in rocky mount and 59 right now in southern times. satellite and radar picture showing rain to the west. radar does not pick back up on drizzle because of particles are small. we have some real rain about to head into the viewing area. we will see that increasing as we get closer to lunchtime. and then one of thunderstorms that ec back to the south and west arrived here by the evening commute. lunchtime, 65. high of 70 so it stays nice and mild today but it will be fairly wet, especially later today with storms ming through. brian is taking a look at what's going on in durham, not weather-related the backups to talk about. >> looks like a minor accident or disabled vehicle causing problems at 8:05 on the northbound side of the durham freeway and cornwallis road. in addition to see some flashing lights, that is a d.o.t. imap truck. whenever you see flashing
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lights on the side of the road move over at least one lane and if you're not able to do so, slow down considerably. looks like people are opening the move over law. 12 miniature from i-42 mangum street is morning. consider using 55 w. down as an alternate route. we have other accidents in raleigh causing problems and another part of wake county. one of our twitter followers at wral traffic telling us about a wreck at ten ten and ten ten is down to one ne, it is busy this time of mourning so effective -- expect some delays. monies will head up over two ten ten, pick up old state road and pick up 400 and one from there. coming in from garner, good news. we have been watching children's come back down to normal, 30 mins from 42 to the balance played and 13 minutes
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to e fortified work zone one 442 us-1. still a slow ride on airport and rtp. overall major roots are in pretty good shape. accident in durham causing problems on university drive, right around starlight drive. this was a single car accident overnight. apparently repair work at last check, university was closed in both directions between briarcliff d starlight. probably your best option this morning is going to be roxborough street, head down to cornwallis road and pick up university on the other side. 751 also an option. customers without power. they are estimating 1:00 for restoration. back to you. >> we appreciate the update. thanks. we are learning more about what a teenager told friends before she was found dead in north carolina. >> why the girl may have left home in what police revealed about how she died. and the unexpected way zika virus was transmitted to a
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boy, does that sound bring back memories. >> i have no members of at song. >> i have never heard that one. >> oh, come on! you are seeing right ong. >> you haven't heard that some? >> that was a big hit. >> is renee's birthday. >> and i am just a spring chicken. i have not heard it, honestly. but it was fun listening to you guys sing. >> we have not hold you happy
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>> happy rthday tochou. >> we have been saying that since 4:3. they're probably like, okay, enough. >> spread birthday cheer. especially when the weather looks like that. i just saw somebody walking by the courthouse a few minutes ago in xboro. they do not look to please. it's not cold, fortunately, but blustery. you can see the flags flying on the courthouse lawn, and you can almost tell from looking at the sidewalk here, and the street, it is a little bit wet. we don't have any real rain showing up on the radar, but there's just a lot of dribbling and missed, you can kind of tell. we have showers that we are starting to move on into. chatham county, and orange county right now. i will say that in a second. it is not the greatest morning. we have had some drizzle and miss in places only one. 54 degrees in roxboro. actually ading eastward, i took another look a minute ago at wilson and you can see sunshine there.
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not be quite tampa, at least for the next few hours but your turn is coming. dewpoint 53, humidity 97%. it is muggy feeling. 50 in roxboro, 51 south hill. this town by town 52 in goldsboro, 61, our warm spot in southern pines, 57 fayetteville. visibility down to a quarter- mile in roxboro and erwin, higher in fayetteville, less than a quarter-mile in raleigh. these are places where you will run into drizzle d mister. but we also have showers rolling in, move into chatham county and orange county, just to the west, we will see more and more of this as we get closer to lunchtime. the main event comes along with this front, that will be late afternoon for the evening commute, and it's dinnertime. we're looking at a lot of rain out of the system. you can see heavy rain ck here, the strongest or heaviest rain coming through the mountains right now, that's where we could have some strong thunderstorms later on, or we could see some of those here along that line as we get into the late afternoon and evening. here we are to lunchtime. scattered showers. you will need your umbrella pretty rly today.
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so if you are about to head out the door by now make sure to have it with you. later this afternoon and evening we have a strong line of storms that comes through. damaging winds are possible, a tornado not out of the question but are tornado risk is pretty low. that front will stall out along the coast thursday bringing showers formerly eastward, especially along and east of the i-95 corridor, and finally all then moves on out of here. we do have the risk for severe weather. marginal risk, not a lot but again, d isolated wind damage or isolated tornado possible. this front does have a history of producing some severe weather back to the west. we are also expecting a lot of rain out this. this is maybe the biggest deal of all for the system from raleigh westport, 1 to 2 inches, while eastward, 2 to 3 inches. that could certainly cause problems on the roads, and some small streams may be rising pretty quickly. we get to tomorrow, and it turns much cooler and stays cool all weekend. of course sunday, everybody
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watching super bowl . so excited to be hosting that. the weather in california looks great. kickoff time, 72 with sunshine and of course, when the panthers win, the temperature will be about 62. >> when the game is over, when we are victorious. i like that positive thinking. >> i like that forecast. an emerson student in boston came up with a way to make extra cash by renting on his dorm room but ended up getting in trouble. 19-year-old sophomore, jack worth, put the listing on the website, air bnb. he hosted three guests before he was forced to take it down. he was fined by air bnb and is facing disciplinary action by emerson. many of us keep emergency tools in our vehicles. one woman says a particular device came to mind when she was rear-ended on a freeway in california. andrea fugi shows you what she used when seatbelts in carlock. >> i got rear-ended, and my car locked up.
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stretch of the 101 in sherman oaks where makis zarabe says she was trapped in her suv, right in the middle of traffic. >> my seatbelt locked up, smoke- filled up into my car, and my son was in the backseat. >> reporter: she says her first thought was her 3-year-old and she started to panic. >> i saw the smoke, and i couldn't get out. i tried on clicking the button and it would not work. and then i realized, oh, the one tool that i have i can finally use it. >> reporter: six years ago, she said she bought this seatbelt cutter, a plastic device with the blade on one edge which she kept in her side compartment. so she grabbed it. >> i cut myself out of my seatbelt and jumped into the backseat. >> reporter: she then cut out her son whose car seatbelt had locked as well. within minutes, both were out. >> this is seven dollar tool that i had bought saved my son and i. >> reporter: now she's hoping to spread the word about the importance of keeping a device like this in everyone's car. so, she wrote about her experience and posted it to a mommy group on facebook.
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and so far has received dozens of responses. she suffered a back injury from the crash but says she and her son are lucky to be alive and hopes her story wi help others. >> as long as i've saved one person i'm happy with that. and we do want to announce we have just heard senator paul rand has decided to drop out of the race for esident. after a fifth place finish at the iowa caucuses, his campaign out. fewer candidates moving on to new hampshire. >> will probably see some more exit after new hampshire next week. brian shrader is in for the race. >> absolutely, solutely. that i will always, you know, fundraising is very important in these things that i'm always open to income. week.
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did you all see this picture floating around the internet? this is from portugal. a fellow who runs a weather block of me type saw this interesting cloud formation, took a picture of it, and the way the sun hits it, it sure does look cool, doesn't it? >> it looks like a hand of fire coming down to punch somebody. >> a warm thoughts. [ laughter pleasant. >> bill has some nightmares. [ laughter ] >> watch what you eat at dinner. >> i need a banana. >> clearly. and i want to show you this incredible video. this is xico's navy at an old patrol vessel that they sank in order to create an artificial reef. and, they put go throws all over it to show you what it's like. you know, nightmares, to be on a sinking ship, i guess. it is really neat to tch. >> yet very frightening. >> it's neat. and i have that on my facebook
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you can watch the ole thing. it goes all the way down to the bottom of the sea. what was a little mermaid song? do you want to sing that? under the city? >> if you want to know what that feels like.
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>> when you see renee chou ns 55
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[cheering and applause] and from san diego, california, it's the barutha family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and hopefully, drive out of here in a brand new fuel-efficient, ford fusion hybrid. right there, folks. [cheering and applause] let's play for the money, let's go! give me crystal, give me dan, let's go! [music] [clapping] here we go, guys, top 8 answers are on the board. we talked to 100 married men. [chuckles] name something about your wife you'd get in trouble for telling other people. [ring] >> she's too fat. steve: crystal says, "she's too fat." [bell] [cheering and applause] pass or play? >> we are going to play, steve! steve: they are going to play, dan. [cheering and applause] hey, kimberly. >> hi, steve. steve: let me see. nah, i forgot. what do you do? >> i'm a professional mom, steve.
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