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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  January 22, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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colosetial canle l de oyoureng righlullth ea goinha ret we're ffthe area. it is coming down in someplaces wee ing tosee a wide ranging diffent tys of heand differg amounts as whead through e day today. hest amounts precipitatn are acal up around roanoke rapids that ju had a viewer e-mail arou rid comiowvin erdauread
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e a caanlojuindyecg d weofourst are . rnthh puse ec up ghno we y an weyb of t ls, good h rduntyndiawn viprly g more about anywhere from traceto two inches and then from raleigh north d westwe see a more. as a matr of fact we're still lookinat some very significant snow pen near the virginia l wier weather advisory for the remainder of thviewing area n, some much ter nts bustbe ve ponoming oktrlie wethum
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we'lt atjustliwhen islandoue 8:07nt to r in wth the radara thd thatr in yfasoa fr inelev gisineres hbeonosarintoreez hare pos yoe the osopd th slice. yoou ne lybritlisueay ov ela wjust
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stetasads g ou 0 e i u seairopretty gohape. unfotely t.o.t. has turned that camera ound the 540 bridge over 64 and it is still snow and ice coved this morning bridges are still in pretty bad shape around the triangl we've been talking out this lull in the ptation ound the triane anwhat's eninly t tarto tebeme lbu wvellal peg te ancodeg yeai ta ao juba tyothda gary
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igd so no tt ghtu, wereof rctrrhin ndryto tca s. vek 'r isismoimbeppg ever ste el yi me ayar caat sawarliinre ng e ste t d thinalezing aghnowe yin ghofindurham second and thirwaves comewe'll be here to bring you those live updates. billatherine?
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exactly whu are, hearing the ping of the sleet on your windshield. thank you. >> gid of what's pping down just from or ingi zing rai
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g italofe ine isteologgar acking tm l ine inte wow look at boone. king street. >> yeah it is piling up there. we're continuing to bring you
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coverage from this storm sweeping north carolina. you've been talking about the ice, potential for ice and wind is a big story. >> it will be. meteorologist amy wilmuth is with me and we will be talking about the wind and precipitation and even though it may have tapered off where you are we have one burst that came in this morning about 6:00 a.m. depending on where you were and we had pretty snow and vote and some spots its begun to taper off back down to vote and even freezing rain. we start off with a lock at what's happening in wilson right now and you can see the road looks wet and folks are driving pretty slow there down nash street. we don't have a close enough view to tell if we have as much of a blazing happening just yet but certainly we've had sleet in wilson. the road looks wet and thetemperatures is below freezing so pretty quickly, we'll start to have slippery conditions especially on bridges, brian will be coming up to talk about some of the slick spots on bridges but we'll start to have some
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power lines and with the winds picking up later this afternoon that helps to create some power outages unfortuntely. still looking at a good chance of that as we get through the day today. here is a look at the radar picture with the nice burst of snow copping through in the 6:00 hour, but still seeing some heavy precipitation and a lot of snow up here in some parts of the viewing area especially north an east of the triangle where you're seeing those darker blue colors and its lightened up around the triangle area for now starting to pick up in intensity a little bit just west of fayetteville into parts of harnett county and moore as well as hope county a lot of freezing rain mixed with a little bit of sleet here so it's going to continue to be a messy situation as we get through the morning. as i'm talking about weather we're also going to be rotating through the cameras and you can see what's going on. i40 airport boulevard looking really messy people are moving pretty slowly there. brian will talk about it coming up in just a little bit. here is a look at what's happening wet roads, gilbert is there doing a great job of
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conditions are in fayetteville and the temperature is 29 in fayetteville, so all this water that you'll see is likely to begin freezing at any point on the roads on the bridges, on peoples decks as you step outside it's going to be very slippery and don't want anybody to get hurt. the wind is starting to pick up this is officially at the airport where we have freezing rainfalling northeast wind at 13 miles per hour so not only is it dangerous in terms of the precipitation but wind chill that we're dealing with too. our dew point right now is 22 degrees in fayetteville and 29 in irwin, 28 in goldsboro, 29 in clinton. everybody is well below freezing certainly enough that wore seeing that glazing starting to happen across the region. it's 23 in roxboro 24 in south hill so i do encourage you with the wet conditions out there not to be driving. even though where you are maybe the snow isn't piling up to three or four inches, but we have this wetness this dampness freezing rain that's falling
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today. starting to ease up a little bit in someplaces back to our south and west but just in the last say 30 minutes or so its begun to fill in a little bit. we have a good tap of moisture coming in from the gulf of mexico and it's likely not to continue all night. yesterday greg was talking and i was talking too this time yesterday about the fact this is going to continue all night as rain but that looks less likely now. still while the precipitation is falling today we are looking at temperatures below freezing. here is a look at potential snowfall amounts through about 2:00. it may be that we're going to be locking more like one to two inches around the triangle area certainly we still have the potential for higher ams up to the north but then definitely lower ams as you head south south and east of the triangle. we may add a little bit on saturday the amounts will be light as we see that wrap around moisture coming through. i feel like most of our viewing area will have a more significant impact from an ice storm with this system so maybe
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morning but we get into the afternoon watch what our icing totals do. it's that quarter inch of ice that really worries us. we get to that with wind this afternoon and especially for raleigh southward and westward that's when we may end up dealing with some significant icing which can cause real problems. meteorologist amy wilmuth is with me talking about the totals and winds we're dealing with. amy? >> right we want to talk about the changes we're experiencing with this system and some adjustments that probably are going to need to be made. this is a look at our snow and sleet map that we've been showing you but notice to the north and west, this is area i'd like to focus on. we are likely going to have to bring these numbers down a little bit. we haven't had as much snow as we anticipated the snowfall has been fairly light across parts of person county and we do have reporters up there that are reporting about a quart of an inch and that's it in roxboro right now, so we're going to likely to have lower these numbers here we'll be doing
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as elizabeth was mentioning probably around 1:00-2:00 maybe three inches around the triangle would be more likely in the northwest earn sections of the triangle but probably lowering these numbers as we are likely going to have smaller snowfall accumulations back to the north and west. now a bigger concern is the ice as elizabeth mentioned we upped these numbers a quarter of an inch to maybe half an inch in the areas you'll see shaded in this pink color here maybe a tenth of an inch to quarter in our eastern counties and southeastern communities, so ice is going to be a bit of a problem especially with the winds gusty today and tomorrow so that's something we're concerned about with the power outages but for today we'll have a mix of snow, freezing rain and sleet depends on where you are temperatures will be in the low 30s. saturday we'll start off around 29 and get up to around 34 this is a look at the wind gusts saturday and they will be gusting over 25 miles per hour so you could see if we have any accumulation at all on the power lines, on the trees, we
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especially as we head into the evening hours overnight tonight and into saturday. for our high temperature saturday we're in the low to mid 30s but we start to warm up on sunday, 40 degrees for the high temperature and upper whose as we head into monday and tuesday. brian is here now keeping an eye on everything going on as far as the reports we're getting in from viewers and what throads look like. >> we've been talking about the lull certainly in raleigh we've seen that but in durham there's still sleet this morning and as we've also been underscoring it really depends on where you are. we'll start off i40 at airport boulevard and i believe that so far this is the first spin-out that we've seen on one of our cameras this morning that is on the westbound side of i40 heading away from aviation parkway toward airport boulevard looks like somebody spun out in the median, d.o.t. truck on the scene for the most part we're seeing wet conditions but there might be snow lingering in those travel lanes. much different story as you head over to durham which you
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away but at 15-501 at hillsboro road still a lot of snow on the surface roads looks like the ramps have been pretty well treated there on one side but here on the other side, see a t of snow and ice still covering that ramp. bridges also are going to be pretty tricky this morning. but then when you head over to the actually i do want to talk about what's going on in the triad this is greensboro if you are heading to the west this morning they are seeing a little more in the way of snowfall over there and a little cooler temperatures and you can see that a lot of that is sticking to the bridges especially on i40 even on i40. this is what i wanted to underscore the fact that if you head over to the east side of raleigh at 440, we're looking at just wet roads and that's the way it is in garner this morning that trip on 40 westbound through garner just wet conditions. can't rule out slick spots on bridges but right now those fairly warm soil temperatures are overcoming what snow we saw earlier this morning and melting it leaving behind the wet roads. as as we've been telling you all morning long as amy and elizabeth just said we are
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this is not the all clear as you heard from rears, state troopers this morning and the d.o.t. best just to stay put. back to you. >> thank you brian. appreciate that and you mentioned the plows out there and the salt and the sand, what is the d.o.t. game plan for the rest of the day? >> yeah, we will check in with the north carolina department of transportation. they will let us know what they're doing and where things
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just a moment. h] mal tment.edkiweeize toveeventartzee tooraldati y iou'rchim.e-wiu
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if you're locking for cbs this morning you can find it over-the-air at 5.2 or time warner cable channel 1200 because we have something called a winter storm that we're covering. >> yes, so we have been keeping tabs and we have crews fanned
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we want to check in with the state department of transportation and mike, conditions have been rapidly changing over the past couple hours right now. what are you seeing on the roads? >> that's right we're seeing things go downhill as we predicted we had our crews out there all morning as the sleet and freezing rain and snow started to come down, trying to put out salt on top of that to break things up and melt so they could go through and push it off of there. we always warn people about bridges and overpasses, freezing first we certainly unfortuntely seen a handful of accidents now popping up in some of those spots and so our crews will stay out proactively all day long treating all of the major roads any time there's a report of an accident or report highway patrol of a slick spot or bridge or overpass we'll specifically send crews directly to that spot so they are responding to those as well so things are just getting started and getting a little worse so we've got a long day ahead if you really want to urge people to stay home, let the drivers do
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>> specifically, mike, how many people, how many trucks, how many tons of salt and sand do you have out there today? >> sure, well statewide we have got about 700 trucks across the state and then when you bring in the greaters and other things close to a thousand across the state. in the wake county area triangle area we've got about 70 trucks alone out there this morning putting down salt and sand and it was a big haul if looking for statewide numbers it was about 1.5 million- gallons of brine that went down before the storm, we've got plenty of salt and sand on hand to respond as well and we'll update you in terms as we get out there and put that down as well. >> you were mentioning the number of accidents that really confirming what we've been fearing this mourn chug is that the bridges particularly are icing over. >> that's right and when you have a storm like this with freezing rain and ice that's really the most dangerous.
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push it off the road as quickly as we can when it snows. we actually have to get out with the salt and try to melt and break things up and of course over time really we need the temperatures to come up to that happens. it's also a lot harder to see. you look at the traffic cams brian has been showing i know he's been doing a good job stressing this too but if you look at the traffic camera and you see it looks like you're seeing black pavement out on the roadway, don't let your guard down and think it's safe to get out and drive and to even get out and drive at full speed because we're seeing a lot of places where it's a thin glaze of ice seeing spots where it may be just a small patch of ice but it doesn't take much ice on a roadway to cause a major problem. it could be very dangerous, is so you need to heed those warnings to stay off if you can and if you absolutely have to be out there go nice and slowly no matter where you are. >> the state d.o.t. always a pleasure to be talking with you and get an update on road conditions and how you
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remarkable to see as they are switching between cameras the stark difference even just within a few miles of each other snowing in someplaces and freezing rain in others, so-- down. >> do not. >> it's still below freezing just about everywhere. >> yeah and plenty more to come even if there is a lull, elizabeth and amy both keeping good tabs on tax well the monster winter storm has started to bring snow and ice to parts of the south as people in the mid atlantic and north east brace for this. in d.c., maryland and virginia where blizzard conditions are expected officials have already declared a state of emergency. >> the system is forecast to bring over a foot of snow, ice, and coastal flooding to many areas, don champion has the latest now from the nations capitol. >> reporter: people in arkansas and north carolina were among the first to experience the storm overnight as a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain wreaked havoc on roads. more than 77 million people
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historic storm set to kim parts of the mid atlantic in just a few hours. >> i've lived in d.c. most of my life and i don't know that i have lived through a forecast like this. >> in washington d.c., federal offices as well as the nations second busiest subway system will shutdown this afternoon. in maryland and virginia, where blizzard conditions are also expected, crews began treating roads with salt hours ago, hoping to avoid a repeat of yesterdays mess when just an inch of snow caused accidents and delays throughout the area. >> along with the snow the storm system will have dangerous winds and ice that could lead t major power outages. >> ahead of the storm many rushed to supermarkets and supply stores, gearing up to be snowed in. >> we've got 700 shovels and within about two hours, all the shovels were depleted. >> others are taking it all-in stride. >> winter is coming. we had to know that.
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have cancelled thousands of flights and provided waivers to travelers to rebook when conditions improve. don champion, cbs news, washington. as the weather system moves north, storm surge, coastal and flooding and beach erosion are certainly concerns.
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well, you go to wilson and you see this, which doesn't look like much of anything right now. dampness on the streets, but you go to the west and you'll see certainly a lot more snow and ice. >> as we've been hearing the roads may look damp and wet but that could be deceptive a lot of ice on the roads and slick spots and more to come. >> as we look at the system and it unfolds before us the big key is how much warm air is there above us. we have storms that come through here where we can say oh, there's not much of it and it locks like it's all going to be snow and then we are worried about how much snow may fall and other times we can see there's warm air that comes in. if it's shallow we're talking vote and really shall owe it's snow and if it's deally deep it's freezing rain because it's so warm just above us and it looks like as the storm is developing and moving in across the area that that warm air is becoming deeper and deeper and that means an ice storm for us so a lot of the focus across a
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there is a look at our skycam and you can see a little bit of water on the camera lensment our temperatures are in the mid to upper 20s right now so don't let that fool you. that is ice on the camera lens and it will be ice on bridges eventually ice on roads. ice on decks and cars and trees and power lines and with winds becoming gusty later on today, that spells a lot of trouble in terms of what's going to happen with power outages and icing conditions. now earlier this morning we had a nice burst with a heavy band coming through with snow and some sleet. i think that we may not see a whole lot more of that from the triangle area southward and it's leakily to be some lighter precipitation now for a little bit and most of that will be rain that freezes when it hits the ground, which of course is freezing rain. but take it over to fayetteville that's exactly what's happening it's 29 degrees in fayetteville and it looks like just rain but it is freezing on surfaces. we do have the winter storm warning that's in effect all the way through the day on saturday. the heaviest precipitation will happen during the day today and
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overnight. it might end up as a little fairly light. eastern part of the viewing area winter weather advisory for lighter amounts but still some slippery places for say clinton, goldsboro and up through wilson. brian here talking about how this is affecting the roads and we all know the bridges get hit first. >> bridges are the ones that get slick first. we have some icy bridges out there this morning, not getting very specific reports but we've had accidents on icy bridges here and there. not a lot of accidents however, traffic volumes very light and in case you you were not awake much earlier in the 6:00 hour we suddenly got this pretty significant burst of snow and sleet that moved across the triangle and really coated the roads pretty well with snow. then, in raleigh at least, the precipitation let up a little bit and that allowed the farely warm soil temperatures to overcome that snow and now we're looking at mostly just wet conditions, however there are still some icy bridges on
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need to be extra careful if you have to head out this morning but as we've been telling you your best bet is to just stay put. there are a number of accidents popping up around the triangle thankfully none of which are very serious. right now again, conditions are not so bad in wake county over in durham and orange county and up along the i85 corridor north and west basically still seeing a lot of snow still on the roads and much worse conditions. in wake county, we've had that melting going on and it has improved things a little bit. let's explain to you why those bridges freeze first. air temperature right now is 26 degrees in raleigh much of wake county average soil temperature is about 37 degrees so when that snowfalls on that surface road, it is allowed to melt a little bit because of that warm soil temperature but bridges are surrounded by that air at 26 degrees and that freezes faster and stays frozen and that's why you have to be extra careful but again the bottom line is if you can stay home do so. back to you. >> brian thank you very much.
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event has been roxboro, wral's tara lynn keeping us updated on conditions there, tara? >> reporter: well elizabeth or katherine and bill we are seeing what's falling this has really been sort of a steady snowfall since about 5:30 this morning. one thing though we are not seeing is icing on the trees and that is one of those main concerns of course during the snowfall or ice storm because that can potentially lead to power outages with that ice accumulation. now as you'll see on the ground here the snow, it's kind of powdery. really been like a dry kind of crystaly snow so again not something you'll make a snowball out of or anything like that, in terms of the road, as soon as this snow started falling around 5:30 this morning it immediately began to stick to the roads and we've seen d.o.t. crews here passing dropping sand and salt and speaking with d.o.t. spokesman just a little while ago and he said that you guys
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[laughter] so they are dropping that sand and salt to start that deicing process and then later will be using the snow plows to clear the roads and again we've seen people are out and about thankfully driving slowly in roxboro. maybe at this point about a half an inch to three quarters of an inch of snow we have where we are. >> i think those guys were order, tara? >> we've had food dropped off to us and coffee and we also had the pucci family come out with their home made biscuits so we are well taken care of in roxboro. >> that's one of the fun things about being out covering the snow in a field because you've got to deal with a lot of adverse weather conditions but people are generally very nice that come by and bring you food and coffee. >> that's really cool. its been a busy morning at wral. >> this is a live look at fayetteville this morning where ice has been mostly the concern down there, but fortunately i do have some fairly warm ground
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helping out overall. we'll take a look at some of the pictures that you've been posting of the snow and the sleet this morning. using that hash tag wral snow we'll go back to fayetteville and check out raleigh andorra
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after the br coming up on 8:45 now and we are in continuous weather coverage of this winter storm sweeping across north carolina really making a mark there in the triangle. >> let's check out fayetteville the scene right down there, gilbert has been up since very early this morning, and gilbert how are things looking in fayetteville? >> reporter: well still just kind of a misty kind of thing going on here but the mist is falling down is accumulating on some of the vegitation down accumulating here. if you look in the parking lot matter of fact you can see folks have their windshield wipers up and plastic on the windshield because they are
8:40 am
happening right now. ice is forming on the colder surfaces down here. i checked with the bus service down here and they are running today. there's a couple routes that have a couple delays think route 19 normally go on to fort bragg but because fort bragg is closed you won't be able to take that on e coast obviously but the fayetteville bus transportation is running fine so get out and about, it is working fine. the problem is the concrete areas that you'll have to walk up to get to those buses are going to be covered with ice. we're starting to see that accumulation happening here on the bridges, a concern as we've said all morning long but this is just a trickle of what's coming down here elizabeth keeps telling us this will accumulate but this is slow and steady enough unfortuntely to wash away some of the brine that's been put down by the maintenance crew here over the past couple of days, so slick spots will abound as we continue this morning.
8:41 am
road and get video of how things look right now and we'll have that next time we come up. >> a raw and slippery day in fayetteville. >> it just does not look pleasant down there although gilbert is making it look nice. >> gilbert is good. he always tells a compelling story even when there's not a whole lot to tell. >> [laughter] >> it is what it is you know? here is the conditions out your window in fayetteville. >> [laughter] we're under oath here, right? i want to talk about social media this morning. we really appreciate you sending all of those pictures of your snowy scenes to us using that hash tag at the bottom of the screen, wral snow and we've been talking about how it's just wet here in the raleigh area but if you head out to the north and west there's a lock at timberlake in person county and they're having a little bit of a snow day up there. here is another picture you just kind of look down at those feet and there's snow under there. that's a pleasant scene timber lake getting snow and she just had to do that.
8:42 am
picture from henderson this morning isn't that nice? scene out at the farm, the silos in the distance seeing a pretty good snowfall there i think i just heard amy in the weather center say they have an inch of snow reported in person county this morning so they are just north and west of raleigh, durham and chapel hill you're seeing pretty nice snowfall so far this morning and as you head out and take those pictures of that snow day we want you to send them to us at wral again using the hash tag wral snow back to you. thank you very much. just a remind r a full list of closing and delays are at the bottom of your screen and you could also find them on we are heading to break but want to leave you with a look at durham and it has been snowing earlier this morning, bit of a lull, but you can see snow accumulating on the roads and elizabeth will be back in
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u'ee noh twelshowg ci g alla9ouey yo th w has been mornin >> amanda w it lookout there? >> reporter:athe we e actually jng a spin throceal campus. of course school is called off today buthpublic school and e collegesut o t ththere e have toththis llar waty afothe shttin rast
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