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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  December 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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?? here's adventure! ?? here's romance! here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west, the cisco kid!
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>> step right up, folks, step right up. with this book, anyone can learn to become a hypnotist. and to prove it, i will offer ation.nstrat now, would any of you gentlemen care to volunteer? >> i will, senorita. >> oh, thanks, sir. now, will you please remove your hat? >> si. >> now, look me right in the eyes. >> oh, no. i can't do it. >> but you must look me in the eyes. >> well, i will, if you don't tell cisco. >> now, i want you to keep your eyes on this little locket.
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very heavy. you can hardly keep p them open. ?? now, you are sleeping. fast asleep. now, i want you to walk to the board. walk. walk. walk. walk, walk, walk. stop. turn around. lay your head back against the board. you're sound asleep.
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[applause] [snapping] wake up, my friend, wake up. >> uh, ah, ooh! who tried to kill me, huh? >> no one, my friend. did you enjoy your sleep? >> sleep? oh, you little devil, you. you hypnotize me, don't you? >> that's right. there you are, folks, it's just as simple as falling off a log. nonow, who'll be the first to by one of these amazing books? >> i will, senorita.
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>> here you are, sir, thank you. now, who's next? >> i'll take one, lady. i said i'll take one, lady. >> oh. say, who's that girl across the street? >> oh, that's sue prentiss. she's a foreigner here. >> foreigner? >> yeah, she wed bill prentiss a couple of months ago, when he took a herd of cattle back east. >> thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> very interestin >> well, bill, did you get the loan? >> no, no i didn't. >> your father blocked it, i suppose. i might have expected it. the richest man in the whole valley, and the meanest, when it comes to his own son and his daughter-in-law. >> sue! >> well, how do you expect me to buy nice things, when all the money he gives you is a miserable monthly salary?
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other things he does for us. >> well, it wouldn't hurt him to part with a few extra dollars. after all-- >> that's enough, sue, get in. >> i'm sorry, bill. i didn't mean to be so harsh. but i do so want you to be proud of me. i love you, bill. >> i know you do, sue, and i'm gonna make it up to you, soon as dad decides to loosen those purse strings. >> you stand in front of the looking glass, and you look yourself on top of the eyes. hocus pocus, diamond-ocus. you are a parrot, you are a parrot. >> [squawks] uh, dummy? >> hey, shut up, or i'll hypnotize you, too. hocus pocus, diamond-ocus. pfft, pfft!
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>> oh pancho, pancho, where are you? i've been looking all over the town for you, pancho. why don't you answer when i call you? hey, pancho, what's the matter with you? >> [squawks] hypnotized dummy. [squawks] >> cisco, why you slapping me? >> where did you get this, pancho? >> oh, a senorita was selling them, and one minute i'm practicing in the looking glass, and the next minute, you are slapping me with a book. >> you hypnotized yourself. >> did i? oh, i guess. >> pancho, hypnotism is nothing to laugh about. it can be very serious. a book like this can do a lot of harm. >> and when you have done as instructed, you will remember nothing about this, nothing. i repeat, you will remember nothing about this. your memory will revert to
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>> good morning, mr. prentiss. >> morning, chum. bill, what's the matter? what are you doing? >> i came here to get you. i'm gonna kill you. >> oh, bill, what's come over you? you're out of your mind. you can't do this to me, i'm your father. [gun firing] bill, my boy, what's come over you? >> i've got to kill ya. i've got to kill ya! >> pancho, get some water. i think we'd better take him home, sir. >> i'll get my rig. i'd give my life for you, dad, you know that. >> i know, son, i know. now, take it easy. nobody was hurt, and that's all that matters. >> don't you think, dear, that
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>> you think i'm losing my mind? >> now, you know better than that, son. she doesn't mean any such thing, none of us do. but, it might be wise. >> all right, dad. anything you say. >> you know, i remember the same thing one time happened to my uncle quito, only it was different. he was coming home from a barbecue, and he go to sleep alongside the road, and when he wake up, he didn't got no memories, and he didn't got no money, neither. [laughing] >> come on, pancho. i think we better go. goodbye, mr. prentiss. we'll see you in town. >> what you think happen to him, cisco? >> i think he was hypnotized, pancho. he had the same glazed look in his eye as you did. >> who you think do it, cisco? and why you think they wanna kill his papa? >> i don't know, but we're gonna have a talk with madame lil.
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come on. ?? >> who are you? and what do you mean by coming in here without knocking? >> that's no way to treat an old friend, blanche. >> my name isn't blanche, and i'm not an old friend. now, get out of here. >> my, but you have a short memory. or maybe that comes from marrying rich. >> get out of here, or i'll have you thrown out. >> just try it, dearie. and your sweet loving husband will find out that his innocent wife is none other than blanche modell, con-girl and sideshow hypnotist. now, sit down, blanche, and
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to you about. you and this mug get out of-- >> jerry doesn't like being given the brush off by an old friend. >> all right, how much do you want to keep your mouth shut? >> my dear blanche, are you trying to bribe me? tsk tsk tsk, goodness. >> can the chatter and get to the point, how much? >> well, beings we're old friends,ha about $10,000? >> $10,000, you're crazy. why, i don't have anywhere near that kind of money. >> then get it, dearie. unless you want your husband to know that you hypnotized him into trying to kill his father. >> that's a lie. >> is it? i've done some checking up on you, bright eyes.
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so you cooked up the bright idea of getting rid of both of 'em at once, and taking the whole jackpot. >> you'll have a hard time proving that, you trollop. >> call me that name again, and i'll drive this right down your throat. there i go, losing my temper again. i'll be waiting for you at the boyle crossroads. don't forget, 3:00, $10,000. >> all right, you win. you meet me alone. i'm not gonna take any chances on him knifing me. >> i'll be alone, dearie.
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>> i was just about to leave. did you bring the money? >> yes, i'm ready to pay off. here's payment in full. [gun firing] ?? >> somebody's shooting, cisco. >> this way, pancho! stay here, pancho!
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>> [grunting] if this is your idea of a joke, i don't like it. >> i'm sorry, mrs. prentiss.
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>> do i look like a man? >> of course not. i must be getting blind. >> well, never mind. i didn't hurt anything except my dignity. who was the man you were chasing? >> i don't know, but he shot the woman at the crossroads. >> oh, how terrible. do i know her? >> i don't think so. she calls herself madame lil. she owns a traveling wagon show. >> well, what was it, a robbery? >> i suppose so. >> yes, that's the only kind of exercise i enjoy. what's the matter? >> the man i was chasing rode a horse just like yours. >> well, thehei must be that man.
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[scuffling] >> what are you doing here? don't you ever talk? >> lil was a pretty good friend of mine. >> was? >> she's dead. >> dead? >> cisco and pancho just brought her into town, shot through the heart. who could have done it? oh, but of course. it must have b bn cisco and pancho. they saw me give lil the $10,000, and-- >> you're lying, sue. you killed her. >> don't, jerry. wait, please, wait. kill me, and what'll you get? the rope! but, string along with me, jerry, and i'll make it worth your while. >> keep talking.
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>> how much? >> 20. $20,000. >> 50. >> all right, jerry. $50,000 it is. >> and no tricks. >> wait, jerry. that cisco, i think he suspects me. he and his friend, they... >> don't worry about them, i'll take care of themem
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>> hey cisco, what'd the store keeper say about those clothes? >> i was right, pancho. these clothehewere bought last month by mrs. prentiss. >> oh, then maybe she did kill
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say, maybe that knife thrower that works for her in her show knows about it. i'll see if i can find him. >> i go with you, cisco, eh? hey cisco, i'm tired. when are we gonna find that fella with the knives? >> don't worry, pancho, we'll find him, let's keep looking. >> oh, looking all day long. ?? >> cover me, in case something goes wrong. ?? >> pancho, looks like the knife thrower found us first. [guns firing] >> we don't get outta here pret soon, the undertaker will get us next. [guns firing] >> see if thatatoor is open. [gun firing]
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>> for a professional knife thrower, that fella's not so good, pancho. >> cisco, he's getting closer and closer. >> hey, what are you worried about, he hasn't hit you yet. >> cisco, this ain't no time for jokes, not even good ones. >> i wasn't joking, pancho. >> how we gonna get out of this pickle? >> simple, we'll jt pick one by one. >> oh, just like that, huh? >> just like that. see how hard you can make it for them. [gun clicking] >> here you go, cisco. [guns firing] good boy, cisco. >> reload, pancho, and we'll smoke out that one. >> ready, cisco, we'll get that one with the e ives. >> yes pancho, and with his
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>> you'll see. now, you see those two rattan bands around that water barrel? you hit the top one, and i'll take the bottom. >ueno. >> ready? >> let's go. [guns firing] ?? up with your hands. >> go on, get them up. [overlapping chatter] ?? >> well, mr. prentiss, this... ?? pancho will tell you. i've got something else to do. >> yeah, yeah, it was this way. this man here, he was shooting the knife, and cisco was throwing the gun, and... ?? >> mrs. prentiss.
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>> you frighten n ry easily, don't you? is this why you run in here? >> well, i don't exactly relish being hit by a bullet. >> what about a knife? >> i i afraid i don't understand you, cisco. >> you don't, eh? that's why you hired some men to kill pancho and me? >> i? oh, please, cisco. don't say such a thing, even in jest. >> i never jest when it comes to murder, mrs. prentiss. madame lil. >> yes, cisco, i did it. >> why? >> oh, because she knew too much. >> she knew that you hypnotized bill and asked him to kill his father? >> yes, cisco. >> and you wanted the inheritance money? >> yes, cisco. >> and you hired people to kill pancho and me?
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i'll tell you all about it. but first, you must re. you are tired, and sleepy. >> right, sleepy. >> yes, very sleepy. look at me. you are very sleepy. sleepy. sleepy. you poor fool. and now, i'll put you to sleep permanently. [gun clicking] >> oh, it isn't loaded, i forgot to tell you that. >> you-- you weren't hypnotized? you-- you were faking! >> yes, mrs. prentiss. you know you can't hypnotize anybody if they refuse to. >> it's your word against mine.
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?? >> abracadabra, mira konam. systum-bellum, abracadabra. the witches brew and parrot stew. >> [squawking] help, he's at it again, police! don't let him eat me, he's a canninil. [squawk] >> who, me, a cannibal? shut up, can't you see i'm reading? >> [squawk] wonderful, what's the name of the book? [squawk] >> tell him, pancho. >> should i tell him? >> whyhyot? >> the book is about one of those fellas they call a 'magican', the kind of a fella that pulls a hat out of a rarait. [squawking] yeah, what's so funny about that? >> there's a trick i'd like to s s you try. lay an egg. [squawking] [laughing] >> you win, pick up the marvel. >> oh, pancho!
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?? ?? >> goodbye, amigos! >> s s you soon, ha!
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?? ralph. whenever you get a moment, the lettering on that sign is beginning to weather. i got mr. gilman's place to do right after this. oh, there's no rush. whenever you get the time. first thing in the morning. good afternoon. that be him? that be. he's the big man of the bank? you sure about that? sweeps it out every y y, four to five. i don't know. i do. i know.
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l swallow it. so fast he'll choke himself getting it down. ?? ?? trackdown
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?? want me to lock up for yah? no, no that's alright. i just wanna get these over to henrietta's before she closes. oh, i forgot. i got something for yah. that's mine, but where'd you find it? well the reverend found it under one of the pews. gee i looked yesterday when i came out of church, thought i had taken the wrong one, i looked all over. well that's where he found it anyway. you got nothing else to do, uh, wait around for me we'll have some dinner r gether. now i had it in my hand... and i sat it down for the singing.
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evening. zack. hey if you're looking for the ranger, uh...he'll be back in a minute. is's a marvel. what? and them eyes. look at them eyes, zack. a marvel, levi. wh-i don't understand? uh, tell him. zack. i'm too choked up. don't yah see it, son? your kin? your very own pappy in us?
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after all these years, thinking wewe'd never seen him of any of the family again. but i don't have any uncles. zack: no uncles? your father's brothers. levi here, and me, zack. no... the farm. listen son, the farm in des moines where you was raised. you remember that? yeah but i... and that time uh, give me the yearar, zack. 47. that was the year we were on our way west aftererold, and we stopped by the farm. oh, sure you remember. well, i don't. well, how could he? he was just a tad, two, three years old. i neveveheard about any uncles. ah, i knew it, zack. i told yah. told him what? told him what it was, son. we was never m much in favor wih your ma and pa.
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never settling, amounting to much. family sort of, wrote us off. mm. i thought all my family was dead. all but us and you, ralphy. rest all gone. i can't believe it. i just can't believe it. hey mr. gilman! these folks are sayin' they're my uncles. levi and zack, mr. gilman. glad to make your acquaintance. my folks names, what were they? caleb and ruth. and where were they born? my pa, where was he born? pennsylvania. cammal. gee that's right. zack: yeah, all of us was. levi, caleb, and me, little old dirt farm. dirt farmers. grandpa and grandma, that's just what they werere. how come we never heard of you before?
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re sort of, black sheep. we decided to spend most of our lives out west in the tetons. yeah got a little claim, up by horton. didn't buy us no railroad, but it did keep us with eats. then you are what you say. yah are my uncles. since you were born. gee...after all these years. well what are we standing here for! come on, i'll take you over to the hotel, and show you my room. ah, ah i'll take it, ralph. well come on now, i bet you fellers are hungry. been on the road long? i bet you... ralph! the appearance of the two men, their attitude toward rarah, it seemed too convenient. ranger gilman didn't know why anyone would want to pretended a relationship with ralph. he could be wrong. but something about zack and levi benson, rang sour.
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something wrong with it, tenner. it just, the whole thing smells. pick a card. go on, any card. look at it. now slip it back into the deck. shuffle. if they were really what they say they are, if they were ralph's uncles, i'd be the happiest guy in the world. ralph wants a family so bad. so? well, why's he never heard of them? his own father's brothers. black sheep of the famil you heard him say it yourself. won't even consider table conversation. and all l that business about mining a placer claim up in the horton. i checked that. there isn't any placer claims up there, it's all open cut country. can i ask you something?
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well, they seem to. not seem to, they do. names of his parents, where they were born, even dates. now if these two old geezers were fakes, where do you suppose they got a hold of this information? nobody in this town knows it but ralph himself. that's what i've been trying to figure. well um...while you tryin' to figure things, try this. she rest in peace, i led out. wasn't nothing to keep me there no more. so i kept coming west. got as far as porter and just kind of settled in here. people here in porter treat me real fine. especially my friend mr. gilman. mr. yedor down at the bank. used to get lonely sometimes. especially at night.t. sure, sure it does. but you're never going to be lonely again. ain't that a fact, zack?
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hey, let me giveve you some more coffee here. no, it's all right, that's plenty. oh it's all right. well then... let me help you unpack these bags here. hey...this one of them things that doc. calhoun uses to listen to hearts. uh...just uh, something, uh we found on the road. yeah, uh, on the road. say, my, near midnight. oh, already? say, you fellers must be dog tired. we've been tired of pushing it. well you can bunk in here as long as you want to. on your bed? oh we couldn't do that. oh sure, i'll be all right down at the stable for a night or two. well... for a couple nights, yeah. night uncle zack, uncle levi. i'll see yah in the morning. oh, by the way, before you go, i meant to mention it. we got ourselves some valuables in the suitcase. mining mats, now we don't figure that anyone would be after stealing it. nice little town like this.
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safe place? oh...somebody you trust? maybe someone you work for or something. well, there's who son? well i was thinkin' of mr. yedor. the e banker? yeah. oh! yes! in the vault. it'd be in the lock and key, we'd have nothing to worry about. well, except that... except what? well mr. yedor's got a rule agagainst it. nothing but money and bank papers goes in the vault. wewe, uh, we wouldn't want to do anything against the rules. oh no, no, no. well i'll, i'll ask him. he just might. we take it right kindly, son. well, i'll turn in. is there anything else i can do? not a thing, not a thing.
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wh-u-uuh...your grandmother told us. wh-in a letter, uh two years ago before she died. grandma died ten years ago. you must have meant grandpa, uncle zack. oh oh, sure he meant grandpa. yeah. of course. (both giggle uncomfortab) well it sure is good to ve your kin folks around you, ain't it? mhm. well, goodnight. goodnight. goodnight, son. see yah in the morning. night. l the thing? i thought hihis bible said grandma, i thought it did. (tea cup shatters) you stupid! get a rag! anything! fast!
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it's alright.
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is there any particular reason why these maps are burned into hides? that's becausese the hides stand the weather better than paper. interesting. that's very interesting. i don't like to make a practice of this, there's a strict r rule against it. oh i explained that, mr. yedor. there's hardly enough room in the vault for the banks business, let alone somebody else's. well they understand. but, seeing as how they're your uncles, and you asked the favor ralph, uh, this way gentlemen. oh, no ones allowed back here.
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?? now you can keep those maps in there for a couple of days or so, i don't really mind that. but for your own protection, i'd run them over to templeton. it's only a two hour ride, and you can safe deposit them there. good notion, mr. y yor, come after first thing in the morning. oh you don't have to be in that big a rush. sooner they're stocked away, the safer we'll feel.
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can't find words to thank you, mr. yedor. no trouble at all. right nice of yah. see you for dinner tonight, ralph. 5:30. ?? ?? over to the table.
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let me see it. ?? beautiful. ??
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what do you mean somebody was in here last night? don't ask me when, i don't know. don't ask me what they took. nothing as far as i can tell. you're not making any sense at all. mr. yedor? i'm busy, jed. yeah sir, i know. but i think you better t te a look at this. counterfeit. pretty fair job, except for the paper. how'd this get by us? i wish i knew, sir. it was in the stack of fives you took out of the vault this morning. race it. yes, sir. how do you know somebody was in here? i set the combination dial on the vault everernight before i leave. how do you mean, set it? oh by the date. ah, for example, say it's the tenth of the month, well i set the combination dial on the number ten. now yesterday was the fourteenth. when i left, that dial was set on number fourteen. when i came in to opop the vault this morning, the dial read thirty seven. hoby, somebody turned that dial during the night. oh blake...anybody could have been in here...
5:51 am
i was the last person to leave last night, and the first one in the place this morning. oh what about your tellers, , ad and frank? they left before me, and came in after me. alright, somebody else thehe ralph was in here last night sweeping up. he could have brushed against it. frank? see if you couou find ralph for me, will you? ralph? yeah check over at tenner's. he was supposed to do a job for him over there this morning. okay. oh, sorry. no damage. morning, mr. yedor. come to get our suitcase. off f do like you say, take it down to templeton, safe deposit it. if you wouldn't mind, coming back. uhuhwell, we were figuring out beating the heat. the sun out there is making up for something. alright. nice little town you k keep her, mr. gilman. mhm.
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figure to going to chickens maybe. whwh would you say levi? oh i was always partial to chickens. here we go, gentlemen. thanks for the bother, i guess we'll... oh you'll want to check it first. oh there's no need. well it's procedure. well, long as it's procedure. jed you can see that i'm busy. i found some more, sir. what? just like the other. everyone in this packet. uh, well, uh they're all here. every lala one. uh like i said again, thanks. thanks a lot. counterfeit? every plain one of them. how did these get by us? i have no idea... wait a a minute.
5:53 am
no. no! counterfeit. almost half of them! counterfeit! you want me, mr. yedor? ralph. night? near it? i don't know what you mean. was it open when you were sweeping up? did you noticic anything? no. i don't go near the vault. you know that mr. yedor, especially after you lock it up. then how!? somebody broke into here last night, ralph, into the vault. broke in? but they couldn't. i saw you lock it. my uncle's suitcase! it's gone! they were in a couple minutes ago, and took off for templeton. sure glad of that. wouldn't wawt anything to happen to it with all those maps. what maps?
5:54 am
e of those might be. what are they doing with... ?? ?? ?? how did you get here? shortcut. instead of the one to templeton? how? blacksmith saw you go by his place. oh yeah. well uh... you see, templeton being such a small town, we figured el paso... all the way to el paso, huh? two day ride? just to stock away some old mining map. like we was explaining to the nephew back there, these have value. is that a fact? yeah, sure. wellllthen they ought to be worth seeing.
5:55 am
throw down the suitcase. you wouldn't want to see a bunch of dirty old maps. shut up. well but he... shut up. i could make it profitable to yah. levi: more profit than you'll ever know. you know what's in there? you know what it is? 10,000 bucks. levi: 10,000 bucks, gilman. levi: think of it. think of what it can do for us. for you. levi: six years, gilman. six years in that stinkin' prison. you listening? g it out, the both of us. and nobody, not... (gun shot) throw down! throw it down right now. off to the side.
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it's all here. who in the world were they, hoby? well they were a couple of old geezers. named barrett and cate. barrett, he was the shorter of the two. he was a counterfeiter, a top-flight engraver. and cate was a safe-cracker, they met up at the prison in austin. planned the thing out. all but the end. hoby: ralph? yes, sir? i'm sorry, old timer. well you tried to warn me. no really, i bought most of it myself.
5:59 am
their working on me, on my bank, that i can stomach. picking on a poor guy like ralph. well, maybe he learned something. yeah. what? well not to be so all trusting. (sighs) whatever he learned, i hope it wasn't that.
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