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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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[spanish guitar music] (female #1) 'premier mylo jans died two weeks ago.' as premier, it was his task to unite the dissident nationalities into one nation. and to dispel foreign interests. miss taub, what's that medal there?
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[explosion] [people screaming] [dramatic music] oh! are you alright? is anybody hurt? no, we're okay-- [clamoring] oh, my goodness.
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- the dove? - you are satine? he s sent . did you get the dove? i've put it away. you are to help me to escape. can you get me out of this country? [police siren] your tie. give me your tie. [siren continues] now, over the side and behind the post. go ahead.
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[police siren] [motorcycle engine rumbling] ombre instrumental music] did you see him fall? he was quite close to you. - so it would seem, colonel. - we had wanted him alive. yes, i too, would have preferred that. [music continues]
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[police sirens continue] [radio static] open the red line. [gadget beeping] (waverly) 'red line is open.' solo here, sir. the overseas relay. the dove? it's in the u.n.c.l.e. drop on the raymar bridge. you must bring it home. at once. now. mr. waverly, you detailed me abroad to sernia. now, premier jans was to give me a silver dove. now jans died while i was en-route. the only message i've had from you was to get the silver dove at all hazards, nevertheheless.
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even get out of this country. 'if you can go to the american embassy' 'there's someone there who can give you cover.' what about satine? the man i told you to contact on the raymar bridge. well, i made that contact, sir. and satine's agent just about smuggled me out of this world. i was afraid of that. who is this satine? mr. satine is the first deputy chief at krebb. 'sernia's secret intelligegenc'' 'no photograph has ever been taken of him.' even his co-workers at krebb don't know what he looks like. e do know that he has stomach troubles.' he has stomach trouble? 'he imports some special drugs from england.' satine was devoted to premier jans. that's why he was to help you. 'with the death of jans, he's probably picked another side.' sir, would you tell me what the sides are and why this dove is so important? - thrush is involved. - breaking contact, sir.
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[people chattering] it was a plot by certain forces of the west. 'the americans had their hands in--' my friend! my dear, dear friend. premier earnst, it's a pleasure. may i intrododuce mr. solo? a visitor from my country. premier earnst. major linz, first secretary of the cabinet. premier earnst, may i offer you my personal condolences and those of the united states at the loss of mylo jansns.
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'that-that incident in the tomb.' oh, yes, mister ambassador. yes, it was. why would anyone do a thing like that? uh, e-excuse me, i have forgotten to tell you about the trade commission's last proposal. - would you excuse us, please? - excuse me. they, uh, didn't like that question. [people chattering] if...mylo's death were to be exposed as a plot by u.n.c.l.e., and, uh, if one of their agents could be captured and brought to trial and if during this trial, a plot to overthrow the government by u.n.c.l.e. was exposed then, mylo's mysterious death, the incident at the tomb
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the truth is more important now than a trial. all are agreed, my premier, that public confidence in our regime has precedence over truth, at least for now. what we need is an u.n.c.l.e agent. a live one, to be brought to public trial. and i think i could use another glass. you? oh, no, no, no, but of course. you don't drink, do you? - no, no. - of course not, excuse me. cigar, please. milo jans always felt that you are the only one he could trust, satine. thank you. i wonder...might i hold the same trust? oh, surely, my premier. as long as you take the position that will best protect our nation. what position is that?
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'through him, thrush has control of your cabinet now.' 'and certain military echelons'' however, unofficially, i shall recover the dove. i will continue to see that no u.n.c.l.e agent 'is captured alive to be brought to trial.' for the sake of u.n.c.l.e... and ourselves. very well. find the u.n.c.l.e agent. help him to escape. or kill him. [sniggering]
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that i can draw and fire my gun 'accurately, in one second.' don't make any alarm. (earnst) 'waiter, may i have a drink, please?' thank you. (earnst) 'now the problem..' [people chattering] [music continues]
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[tires screeching] [footsteps] [tires screeching] [dramatic music] we have been waiting for you, mr. solo 'i believe is the name.' you are under arrest for the conspiracy in the murder of milo jans.
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[phone dial ringing] i have first secretary linz on the wire. how can you, with your bureaucratic obstractional tactics-- the prisoner will not be moved without hand carried authority. he will not be searched. his person will not be touched. security, think of security. regulations say that a suspected enemy of the state, when apprehended will not be moved until it is ascertained whether he falls under the jurisdiction of civil or military intelligence.
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(colonel) 'your papers please.' he refuses to give his name, only the designation. it's kr1256-- yes, that is this week, colonel! but, as you know the digits change. you come yourself to pick them up, colonel. [receiver ringing] satine, satine. - was it satine? - how can anyone know? satine has arranged civil intelligence so that hundreds of its agents have identical authority. and there designation is numerical. and they rotate the numbers. so any, or all, or none of them could be satine.
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we have an u.n.c.l.e agent. all that remains is for us to know how much satine knows about us. to do that, we must know who satine is. thrush strongly thinks you should find a way. [footsteps] - oh, man. - come on now, stu. stick together now. we have to hurry. we've got to get back to the hotel and pack. or we're gonna miss the train. [indistinct chattering] (sarah taub) 'come along now.' what are they doing? arresting someone? shh! now, come on now, we really must go. no, wait a minute, miss taub, i wanna see. i wouldn't take that fall again. you can never be lucky enough to survive twice.
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[dramatic music] [clamoring] [music continues] [explosion] [people coughing] - ah! - are you alright? you're sure now? you're alright, are you? - oh! was that a bomb? - it sure was! come on. hey, did you see that guy run? the prisoner?
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[police siren] satine himself, isn't it? well, for a man with your reputation you're doing a pretty sloppy job of the whole thing. [tires screeching] [police siren] - quickly, hide. - where? out of sight! i tried to stop him, i tried, but, uh..
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alright, you drive. no, no. it's simply my medicine pills. my stomach is very upset. your people go in for these gadgets more than we do. cyanide spray? with a co2 cartridge to ensure sufficient trajectory. it's accurate up to three meters.
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out. you'll never make it to the border without me. you need my help. believe me, i have your interest at heart. also, you must let me have that dove. it's most important. out! are you going to kill me? unfortunately, i'm a professional. i can't, just because i want to. i have to know why. n't use the car any longer than necessary, it's stolen. [engine cranking] three men? you lost three men? onel. well, i don't care if he kills half of your army. we want that u.n.c.l.e agent alive. if i may, secretary linz.
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he's been snatched from them, either by accident or design. and each time, the same man was present. 'that alone tells us a great deal.' 'who knows?' perhaps we shall find satine when we find solo. (male #1) 'all aboard.' stay together because we have to meet our travel guide. now where could he be? the tub is really shook. after all, two bombs in two days. don't call ms. taub a tub. she's very upset. well, i'm very upset, too. ms. taub, ms. taub, i have to go the bathroom.
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hey, this place is really swarming with soldiers. maybe it's got to do with that thing at the tomb. whom are you speaking to? 'nobody. i'm with the americican school.' 'we're waiting for our travel representative, mr. brickman.' 'and i amam mr. brickman.' yes, forgive the delay, last minute changes in itinerary. you know, that sort of thing? changes in our itinerary? well, no, mine actually. uh, oh i think come along i mustn't delay the train. you too, curt. the tickets, ma'am. i have ours. i don't have yours, though. was i supposed to? it would have been nice. come along. oh. come along, everybody. come, come, children. double on. hurry up, now. move right in. move in. mustn't waste any time now.
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