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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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there with the main section, but get that ship out of there! sir, i'm going to switch over everything e power, but that's just about as dangerous. do it. kirk out. incredible. report. i just ran a thoroughhcheck on , and there's a complete lack of harmful bacteria in their systems, no decalcification, no degeneration of tissue, no arteriosclerosis. in simple terms, jim... they're not growing old, and i can't begin to tell you how old they are-- 20 years or 20,000 years. i see. opinion. quite possible. it checks with my atmospheric analysis. their atmosphere completely negates any harmful effects from their sun. add to that a simple diet... perfectly controlled temperature... no natural enemies...
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[gong sounds] mr. spock. apparently, our hypothesis is correct. there is no living being there. it is a machine, nothing more. well, the field's down, people are going in. let's see what kind of luck we have.
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that's not the way. evidently not. this is no ordinary machine, captain. ary intelligence. but it needs to eat frequently, so it can't have any great power reserves. that may not be of any help. the "enterprise" has only 10 hours left in which to break free. yeah. what happens... if vaal weakens around feeding time? spock, check the electromagnetic section of the astrophysics lab. get an estimate of the total amount of energy being expended against the ship. have them measure it hour by hour.
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what's going on, jim? mess call. in my view, a splendid example of reciprocity. it would take a computerized vulcan mind, such as yours, to make that kind of a statement. doctor, you insist on applying human standards to nonhuman cultures. i remind you that humans are only a tiny minority in this galaxy. there are certain absolutes, mr. spock. and one of them is the right of humanoids to a free and unchained environment, the right to have conditions which permit growth. another is their right to choose a system
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g to stand by and be blinded to what's going on here. these are humanoids, intelligent. they need to advance and grow. don't youuunderstand wht my readings indicate? there's been no change or progress here in at least 10,000 years. this isn't life. it's stagnation. doctor, these people are healthy and they are happy. whatever you choose to call it, this system works, despite your emotional reaction to it. it might work for you, mr. spock, but it doesn't work for me. so t ty can service a hunk of tin. gentlemen, i think this philosophical argument can wait until our ship is out of danger. [communicator beeps] kirk here. scotty, sir. we have a reading on the power source mr. spock requested. when we first monitored, it was generating alternating cycles totalling 100 to the 20th power waltham units. did it maintain, scotty? no, sir. power's dropping bit by bit,
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how are you coming along with the circuit switchover? we're putting everything but the kitchen sink into the impulse power, sir. it will take us another eight hours to complete the work. that's cutting itt a b. aye, but if we don't break out... i'd rather we didn't have to wait too long for the end of it. kirk out. every time i think of the "enterprise," burning up and us-- yeoman, you're wasting energy. captain, we are trapped on this-- sit down... and have something to eat. the "enterprise" is up there-- that hasn't happened yet. i wonder what would happen... what would happen if someone on this planet died? but they can't.
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accidents happen. yes...i suppose if s seone were to fall off a cliff or something, that might upset the balance of the population. then they would need a replacement. they'd need a replacement. opinion, mr. spock? i see no alternative. but these people... i mean, if they don't know anything about... what i mean is... they don't seem to have any y tural... um... i mean... how is it...done? mr. spock? you're the science officer.
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well, i...can believe it's safe--ahem-- safe to assume that they would... receive the necessary... instructions. from a machine? that i'd like to see. i understand, vaal. it shall be done. you know, if it weren't for...vaal,
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any place we can be together is paradise. pav... can the ship really break away? i don't know. will we be able to get back aboard? martha, i don't know. but if we do have to stay here, would it be so... very bad? no...
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why do you look like that? the way they touched... i do not understand. they were not angry. i think it was pleasant for them. but what is to be gained? not a dance. it gathers no food. it does not serve vaal. but... it did seem as though it was...
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it is pleasant, makora. yes. they touched... in this way. [thunder] vaal! ! is angry. the law is plain.
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do you beg the lightning to strike? you copied them? we meant no harm. [alarm sounds] vaal speaks truly to me. the newcomers are a danger. tell the men of vaal to meet me in the clear place when the strangers are asleep. vaal has spokeketo me. his words are true. hear them. we are t tkill the strangers. kill? akuta...
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g vaal. vaal explained it to me. i will show you. the head of one of the strangers. find--a heavy stick. come up from b bind the stranger and do this. it is a simple thing. it will be done... to all of them...
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i am concerned, captain. this may not be an ideal society, but it is a a viable one. bones was right. these people aren't living. they're existing. they don't create, they don't produce, they don't even think. they exist to service a machine. if we do what it seems we must, in my opinion, it would be in direct violation of the noninterference directive. not robots. they should have the opportunity of choice. we owe it to them to interfere. starfleet command may think otherwrwe. i'll take my chances. why don't you have a look around? kirk to "enterprise." mr. scott? here, sir. how is it going, scotty? almost ready, sir. we need a half an hour yet.
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i know that. as you said, that's cutting things fine. yes, i-- captain! kirk out. what is it? disturbing. the people of vaal seem to have disappeared. force field, captain. vaal... we are on a peaceful mission. we m mn no harm to you or your people. [thunder] variation in impulses, captain. i believe it is reading us. strong jump on all wavelengths.
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bones! second-degree burns. ll bet they smart. doctor, you have an unsurpassed talent for understatement.
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put them in the hut. find out where the women are. put them in there, too. the good doctor was concerned that the vaalians achieve true human stature. i submit there is no cause for worry. they've taken the first step. they've learned to kill. we're ready here, sir. all available power has beenenhanneled into the impulse engines. we have 12 minutes before entering atmosphere. all righgh scotty, put her in full reverse.
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full reverse, mr. kyle, all engines. sir! captain, we're doing it. we're pulling away! scotty, what happened? it's no good, sir. there's only a few systems responding. captain, we pulled away a little, but we gained... maybe an hour... but we blew almost every system in the ship doing it. there's nothing left to try again. i guess you'll have to fire me, sir. you're fired. 400 people... jim... they'll die because i couldn't see a warning sign.
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[gong sounds in distance] get back in there! a fine time to ring the dinner bell. get back in there now! bones, that's it. chekov: back in there. go. stayayith chekov. keep those people from feeding vaal. don't let them feed vaal! keep them in the hut. mr. spock. scscty, do you still have phaser power? aye, but what-- lock all banks on the coordinates of the energy field you located down here. on my command, commence firing on those coordinates. aye, sir, but they won't penetrate that force field. if my guess is correct, they won't have to. stand by.
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please. in energ readings are getting weaker, captain. y transmi, as though vaal were trying to draw on other sources. tapping its energy cells. i would assume so. good. the ship's pulling away must have weakened it considering it has to be fed, but its reserve capacity could hold out for days. if it had to reinforce its energy field to ward off a phaser attack, it would have to draw more heavily on its reserves. scotty. scott here, sir. scotty, commence firing and maintain. mr. kyle, all phasers commence firing.
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rce his energy field. good. let's see how long he can do it. [thunder]
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no power generation at all, captain. vaal is dead. mr. scott, status report. tractor beam gone. potency returning to antimimter pods. i'll have all engineering sections working on the circuits immediately. transporter will be ready in an hour. scotty, you're rehired. as soon as the transporter's fixed, form an engineering detail with full analytical equipment and beam them down. kirk out. chekov, bones...
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but it was vaal who... put the fruit on the trees, caused the rain to fall. vaal... cared for us. you'll learn to care for yourselves with our help. and there's no trick to putting fruit on trees. you might even enjoy it. you'll learn to build for yourselves, and what you create is yours. that's what we call freedom. lot. and you'll learn something about men and women, the way they're supposed to be-- caring fororach other, being happy with each other, being good to each other. that's what we you'll like that,,too, , you and your children. what are children?
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well, i don't agree with you at all, mr. spock. that's'sot unusual, doctor. hey, jim, i want you to hear this. captain, i'm not at all certain we did the correct thing
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rmal course of social evolution. i see nothing wrong in that. well, that's a good object lessss, mr. spock, an example of what can happen when a machine becomes too efficient, does too much work for you. captain, you are aware of the biblical story of "genesis." yes, of course. i'm aware that adam and eve tasted t t apple and as a result were driven out of paradise. precisely,y,aptain, and in a manner of speaking, we have given the people of vaal the apple, the knowledge of good and evil, if you will, as a result of which they, too, have been driven out of paradise. doctor, do i understand him correctly? are you casting me in the role of satan? not at all, captain. is there anyone on this ship who even remotely... looks like satan? i am not aware of anyone who fits that description, captain.
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up her 12 year tenure as superintendent. the news starts now. thank you for joining us. >> david and deborah are standing by ready to light our tower tonight they will be back with us hours after an officer and suspect were shot at the raleigh condominium complex we continue to learn details about the situation. >> we were first on scene and here's the latest information three officers involved in the encounter cn chandler was shot by mistake another officer he has been treated and released from the hospital the suspect is still in the hospital. amanda lamb historic more about him and she joins us from the lake park condominiums community with the story.


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