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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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any crime. well, if we applied ourselves there, shauna, i bet we could drum something up. what's that about? live video on the internet. you got any experience? hey, be nice. what's paul angelos talk about all those times he calls you? what happened? what do you think happened, shauna? you assist paul rubbing up his chubby, shauna? hmm? you come into information building up a deep personal relationship wound up useful in a home invasion? olved in no home invasion or nothing else. angelos' wife and son are dead. and what's going on with him? all his heroic efforts to save his family, miraculously, he only incurred not too bad of a bullet wound. hey! what did i tell you? you keep talking. wasn't involved. shauna, you think your place outside
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i don't hear any big amount of information coming out of your mouth. he's got an involvement with me, and he's talked about, you know, he could possibly change his, that his family situation might change? in general terms. and i never paid attention, encouraged it. i had nothing to do with no murders. at least i got them to sit down. did angelos ever talk to any of your clientele you think were wrong guys? giving up a name, no. fran watkins. i know for a fact he's got a record, and about 10 days ago, he was showing a gun off which i threw him out for. he's staying at the worth. two of the girls partied with him there last week. and you seen him with paul? last couple of weeks, i seen paul with him a lot. paul got some special scene? you mean, like, otherwise, why would he be hanging out with me?
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he likes getting wet. getting urinated on. and you do that for him? why not, right? huh? saves you a trip to the can.
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there's justice in the world, harvey, but onus price is in the system. what did they get him for? he was stopped in an unregistered car holding 80 grams of heroin. he also had a .25 that was used in a liquor store stickup in queens. the d.a.'s not sure they can go to bat on the liquor store, but the 80 grams is felony weight. and price has 2 drug priors, so, behind the rockefeller law, he's looking at 15 years in jail. i don't know why he'd do that, harvey. then i'll know for a fact what i done. i helped a man killed my friend get away from the scene. didn't have nerve to call him to account. i want to know what i done so i...know what i got to answer for. we don't have any leverage, harvey. look... i just wanted you to understand that before i talk to him.
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where were you at 5:00 this morning, huh, fran? at an after-hours club up on amsterdam. yeah? which one was that? too drunk to remember. you weren't on rivington street around that time? uptown. amsterdam avenue. there was a multiple homicide last night on rivington street, a home invasion. a man was shot, his wife and his year-old-boy were killed. wow. you frequent the cottontail club, fran? periodically. you know a paul angelos? why, he dance there? hey. a woman and a one-year-old boy. sorry. what was his name again? paul angelos.
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you never did no business with him? business? no. what business is he in? you know what i love with these morons? one step out of the trees, they got a "world by the balls" attitude. meanwhile, 25 feet away, they're getting sent to jail for life. you stay xxxxy, you douche bag. this angelos that hired you, he's giving you up. hey. nobody hired me to do nothin'. , shot him. he did his best to fight you off. but you stick with that wisenheimer look and "nobody had me do nothin'." you want to think about it a little, fran? yeah, go on, think about it. we'll have someone come in with a bucket of water
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hey, lieu. you getting anywhere? so far, it's just different versions the guy was a creep, but we got more interviews coming in the rest of the afternoon. ex-wife says she moved 2,000 miles away so she wouldn't kill him. cohen. thanks for coming in. further developments in that red-hot green case? i want you to watch this interview. it's a homicide from the early days of the reagan administration. 20 years from now, we may still be working on this one. so, this about runs the string out, huh, onus? is that so? a-felony weight, your sheet. you tell me. strange system. you never know how things fall out.
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his name came up on a murder 15 years ago. guy named ray green. yeah, i don't know about it. you don't? 15 years is a long time. you help us with the green homicide, maybe you get help on this weight you were holding. what you think boutier did? you tell me. they was musicians. he had business with green. asked if i'd drive him to green's place. that's all i know what happened. ited. did you know green was murdered? i knew he turned up dead. that's all i can tell you on that one. get me some rhythm behind this trouble here, i'll put that all in a statement. all right. can he go back to the tombs?
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putting himself at the scene is as much as you're going to get. it's hard to get somebody to deal up to a murder. i understand. i ought to give my statement now. all right. vince? i'll be a few minutes. are we ok with angelos? he agreed to take the polygraph. he's coming right from the hospital. we better move that fran up to the crib. tell jill she's got to impersonate an examiner. feels good, us all pulling together again like this.
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present with mr. paul angelos, beneficiary of policy cg79485, written on the life of mrs. tina angelos, deceased. mr. angelos has requested expedited settlement and has agreed to a polygraph while giving his account of the murder of his wife and son. also present are detective bobby simone and andy sipowicz, and polygraph examiner jill hardstone. ok... no, it's fine. so everyone's on the same page, i'm going to tell in my own words what happened. gotelli: correct. she'll just ask unconnected questions to establish a baseline. all right. is your name paul angelos? yes, it is. are you a citizen of the united states of america? naturalized. yes, i am.
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which i assumed was my son, who's an invalid with heart problems. he doesn't sleep well. at a certain point, i became aware of a flashlight. i realized there was an intruder. i got up from the bed to intervene, i was struck on the head, and i recall vaguely a sharp pain in the stomach, which i assumed subsequently is when i was shot. when i regained consciousness, i saw that my wife and son had been executed i think i lapsed into unconsciousness one more time when i was on the phone with 911. i don't know if that's on the recording. that's my full recollection.
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do you solicit and pay for being urinated on? she's asking, did you pay shauna mills to xxxx on you? all right, take these off. this statement is over. i never understood the pleasure in something like that. fran watkins xxxx on you, too? none of this is enforceable in a court of law. the polygraph is inadmissible. absolutely, paul. polygraphs are definitely inadmissible. to do the murders. i was just asking for personal information about the xxxxin'. we never got around to asking him that. i attempted to stop those murders. sure you did, paul. you hired him to do those killings and then you tried to stop it. that's right. and if he says anything else, he's lying. tina was screaming. my boy was screaming. i tried to stop him.
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describe it the way you want, mr. boutier. onus price asked me to drive the car after he took ray off, and i didn't ask him what was in the duffel bag... which was ray's horn. just to be clear, did you actually see mr. green's trumpet? i knew what was in the bag. and after i got out of the car and walked around, i knew what must have happened. at least ray must have been hurt, you're describing a time now after you'd gotten out of onus price's car and following what you infer was price having robbed ray green? yeah, when they found ray... the next day, i was sick to heart. and onus found me that night at the pine. this is the pine grill. and onus said it was bad what happened to ray.
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st him, my mouth... what onus...done. and that's the full extent of your knowledge of the incident? and 'cause i never said, 4 years later ray's sister came up from georgia, and i...avoided being friends with her. and behind not saying, i see ray's nephew, and i'd see that damn son of a bitch onus running a game or looking to take somebody off, and sometimes he'd lay eyes on me... and i'd... turn away. so it wasn't driving no car for onus 15 years ago or not knowing for sure
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killing ray... all this time. do you want to say anything further, mr. boutier? no, that's it. i'll make sure price is charged for the homicide. i don't know that they'll go to bat, because he's a repeat offender, and he's dead to rights on these drug felonies. and if they have to charge me, i'm ready for that. under the circumstances, that's not likely, mr. boutier. we appreciate your cooperation. i wish it didn't take dying to give me nerve. so, uh, you have to be at the dialysis unit by 4:00?
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that's all right. dana is your first name? uh--uh--dana lennix. i know it sounds more like a woman's name. oh, no, not necessarily. anyway, dana, with the incident this morning, we're talking to anyone in the building who might be able to give us information.
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some days i'll be a few minutes behind, but today i was right on time. you didn't notice anything out of the ordinary? no. did you know mr. volper at all? well, just as a person. he...he worked on that floor. well, being candid, dana, uh, people we're talking to, this mr. volper's not coming out winning any popularity contests. i don't know what to say to that. as far as your dealings with him, any unpleasant conversation? i just knew him as a person. did he ever come early to work? oh, he'd come in early. he'd be in all hours, you know, in and out. when's the last time you were in a hospital, dana? 14 months. and what was that for? was a medical problem. what kind? do you remember? was a medical difficulty.
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they didn't give you medication, or it turned out you didn't take it? uh, th-the second. how long since you didn't take your medication, dana? say, uh, 4 months. so, that's about it. what do you mean? that's about it, so i'm ready to go. well, we gotta complete our interview, dana, complete our information. well, what you don't want is me losing my temper. ete our interview. uh...don't get under my skin. you have problems with your temper, dana? i didn't hurt anybody. did you hurt erik volper this morning? dana, if that's your bloody fingerprint on the bathroom wall, once those lab reports get back, i don't know if i can help you. i can't help you, either.
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someone pulled out the towel too hard, broke that whole thing again. this happened in front of you? right in front of me. i explained how to correctly remove the towel, he called me an idiot and a moron and a toilet jockey. that is no one heard nothing, and this is 8:14 when there was several people already to work. i broke his head against that sink. might have been invisible exiting that station 4. that's that lavatory, station 4? might as well have been invisible. don't get under my skin.
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i'm sorry. i'm sorry! it's all right. it's all right. [out of breath] get yourself something from the icebox, arthur. i got vegetable juices in there make a healthy man sick. i'm all right. wish i had some beer to offer you or something. don't worry about it, harvey. if i had it, i'd drink it. [chuckles]
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didn't cross more, harvey. i always liked you. admired how much you loved your music. i wish it had come to more. you hate thinking that... maybe you were just a fool for it. being a fool for something's not all bad. you feel like you ain't been foolish enough, arthur? i love my family. i think i'm a good father, a good husband. i'm proud i've made some progress on my job. and knowing you, that comes more from pickin' in the field than dusting off the plantation house piano. sometimes at night i lay up,
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but didn't look right to see it, or...if there was a way i should have let lillian and my kids know i loved them would have warmed them in their hearts no matter what cold came. i wonder if i just wasn't fool enough to try. you tried for me today, arthur. and i knew you were who i... i don't know how much good i did. seems they don't let you be sure of that, either. well... if you want company, harvey, you know where to find me and how to call. yeah.
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start your readings. well... i just might stake out a claim and settle down here, jim. it is spectacular, isn't it?


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