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tv   Today  NBC  December 1, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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take his horse. whoa. - rancher: howdy. - josh: howdy. you mr. albright? you'll be josh randall? yes, sir. this here is yanqui jones.
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i can ride real fast. i sent for you, mr. randall, because i need a man to do a job. from your reputation, you sounded like him. now dhat i'va ceen ya,a.
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yeah, well, uh... sorry, but you'll have to get yourself somebody else. now, wait a minute. hear me out. 15 years ago, this place was raided by apaches. they killed my wife and stole my daughter. she was three years old. she was taken by victorio and raised as his daughter. doesn't even believe she has a white father. victorio, huh? he is the war chief of all the apaches. he's done this before-- taken white children and raised them as his own. well, uh, how do you know she's still alive? 15 years, uh... i have seen her. about a month ago,
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he does business with victorio's people. well, uh, why don't you just get word to her, you know, tell her the truth, tell her to come on home? she doesn't want to come home. she's a princess, with a dozen ponies of her own, the finest clothes, yaqui slave girls to serve her. nothing is denied. why should she want to return? albright: the daughter of a chief, she's seen the best of their way of life. in a few days, she must marry. yeah. and you want me to w wk onto victorio's camp and ask that girl to marry me instead of one of hiss indian braves, huh? now. it must be done now, during the marriage time. for three days, the apaches are at peace, even with themselves. tribal law forbids any fighting to theheeath. it's the only time a white man would stand a chance of reaching victorio and be able e leave. i'm sorry. listen. when you get a whole bunch of indiansnsogether in one spot like that, they kinda scare me. anyway, i don't know anything about making love apache-style. she'd probably laugh right in my face. i thought of that, too. i'll send yanqui here with y.
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you can trust me, patr?n. i will see you win the girl. i'll also send four of my best horses, along with two pack animalal they'll be loaded with gifts for victorio. i have seen the presents. they will make an apache rich beyond his drdrms. yeah. well, i'm sure you can find somebody a lot smarter than i am. albright: i've tried. i've sent two other men. they never came back. yanqui: but that was not the time of peace. well, what happens if i don't wanna get married right now? i don't want a wife. the marriage would be apache, and not legal here. well, what if i did marry her? how am i gonna get her back here? under the law, she will be your property. if you come back here, she must follow. albright: mrmrrandall. i'm not very good at it. i've never done it before. you want to see me on my knees?
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whoa. we should not have come, patr?n. now you tell me. come on. you are going in?
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k horse, one of victorio's war chiefs. yeah. well, uh, you tell him we come in peace, huh? you have already said it, white eyes. i speak the english tongue. why do you come here? well, uh, time of peace. i wish to see victorio. go back. there will be no killing this day.
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why are you here? i, uh... i want to see the white girl. she is called white antelope. yeah, well, i'd like to talk to her. go back to the man albright, pindelecoyay, ever go to him. you are fortunate, white eyes. take the message back to the albright man. i, uh, thought you said this was a time of peace. until the sun sets today. said three days.
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listen, white eyes, i'm tired of war. white antelope is apache, and the pindelecoyay shall not take her. you, uh, know she's albright's daughter? that is true, but does your gun belong to the man who made it? but, uh, a woman's not property. that is why white antelope shall not be taken from her people, unless it is her choice to go. albright has sent other men, other hunters who wish to collect the bounty he has posted for this woman's return. do you wish to join them, white eyes?
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one horse is tied before my tipi now. well, an apache girl has, uh, got the right to choose the man she wants. a white girl should be able to choose one of her own kind. you wish to marry white antelope? well, uh, there comes a time when a man thinks of marrying. is it white antelope you want? or is it the pindelecoyay albright's gold, huh? no matter. it is for white antelope to decide. should choose one of her own kind, black horse has promised 10 horses, three rifles, two yaqui slaves if white antelope chooses him. well, uh, that's a high price. more than any other sh'sh'inde has ever brought her father. but even then it will not be enough to make up for the emptiness that will fill my tipi whenenhe is gone. i don'd knknknkn it's, uh, probably more than she's worth, but, uh...
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how do i know that you will deliver these gifts? victorio, you're an honorable man. so is albright. the promise will be kept when i return to his house. within the hour, you may tie your pony before my tipi and take part in the games. it is the time of peace, as a brother of the sh'sh'inde. until the sun sets today. if i don't return to albright's, the promise won't be kept. the gifts you promise. you are lucky i am with you, patr?n. without my help, you could have had much trouble. you will tell albright what a good guide i am, eh?
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a this place in one piece, i'll be sure and tell him. come on. n/wy/u m!k% y!n1u), wha4 $o t(e love, no? you tie your horse in front of white antelope's tipi. like this. oh, no. i'd look sillier than you do. gettin' on to noon.
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you look v vy pretty. no, no i mean as a woman. you're not like the other white eyes i've met. all white men aren't alike. at least you're not likd the others. i am sorry i shot at y y. albright paying you to come here and bring me back to him? he wants you back with him. that is not an answer. your name is doris. doris albright. and you don't belong here. you deserve a chance to be with your own people. the sh'inde are my people. ere uhey? victorio is my father.
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damon albright is your father, and he's got more feeling for you in his little finger than thahawhole apache tribe. how would you know? you came after me only for the money albright has offered for my return. you'd even marry me to get it.
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( sho5ting encouragement ) i honestly don't see the point. trying to impress a girl with a foot race. it is much medicinee if you win. but you won't win. he knows my people. he was telling me of them.
7:21 am
( shoutiti encouragement ) ( barking ) ( cheering ) this is not good, patr?n.
7:22 am
you wrestle. move fast, patr?n. if he e rows you from the ring, you lose. but i think black horse will try to kill you instead. thanks.
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7:24 am
white eyes! yeu hava chmsan& i have chosen.
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it would be veryryleasant to be your husband, but i have nothing to offer. my way of life would only hurt you. well, i will share your emptiness. well, that's your decision. but i'll t tl you this: although today i can't be your husband, and your gentlenesshas t
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howdy. howdy. what's the name of this place? star. a light burnin' on the high desert, crossroads to the superstition mountains and points west. you know the territory. well, i should. been here 20 years. county judge, station agent, horse trainer.
7:31 am
ah. randall. how far does a man have to trtrel to get on the other side of the superstitions? lawman? nope. then whahado you want in the superstitions? lookin' for a man. bounty huntete uh-huh. you, uh, ever seen this man? no. never came through here. if he ever gets up there, you'll never find him. yeah. well, he'll be headin' for water. where would i look? well, you'll have to stay to the north. the trail's not marked, but there's a red adobe canyon up there. if your friend knows the country, that's where he'll head. much obliged. if i was you, mister, i sure wouldn't go after him. yeah? he give you that? yeah. we both caught one. last night.
7:32 am
, why don't you leave this here, so if anyone comes by i can warn 'em about this, uh... this collins. yeah. you keep it. i'll remember what he looks like.
7:33 am
7:34 am
oh, randall. small world, isn't it? sure is. was hopin' you'd catch up with me. well, both on the same trail. how come you passed me? i took a shortcut. i didn't know how fast you'd travel. i want to try to talk you out of this. why?
7:35 am
eenhorn, but this is not your country, mister. what's this-- this collins done that makes him worth dying for? well, he killed a sheriff and blew a bank vault in a town called cleary. you sure? that's 50 miles to the south. saw it happen, mister. look, bannister, what do you really want here? i told ya. don't go ahead with this. next time collins may be luckier. uh, he a friend of yours? relative? i don't know. he may be my sonon i thought he was dead, but that poster... and, uh... well, uh, what if he is your son? if he is, then i'll be agagast you. i see. i'm not sure it's jody. i'm not sure at all. that's your boy's name, jody?
7:36 am
on a mission down in juarez. they couldn't recognize the body, so maybe they were wrong, but i do know one thing: jody would never turn to crime. ( laughs quietly ) not much. don't make light of this. not hardly. uh, what makes you think he's still alive? just my faith, mister. all righgh let's say this man is your son. now, you got any idea where he might go? cabin was built for hunting maybe 15 years ago. if it is jody, and if he's in trouble, he... he might hide there. if i go along with you, show you the way, and if it turns out to be jody, will you give him a break? depends what you mean, a break. i mean let him walk back, without trouble.
7:37 am
tting me get this close. how do you know it's even collins? i've been trailing that horse long time 'fore i met you, mister. if he's my son, i don't want him killed. even if he isn't your son, i don't want him kilild. wait a minute. let me call to him. if it is jody, maybe i can get him to come out to me. now, listen, bannister, he's killed ththe men already. he wouldn't mind making it four.
7:38 am
7:39 am
( moaning quietly ) ( sleep murmuring ) big man... nobody gonna tell me... never saw him before in my life. didn't get away with a single dollar, did he? i guess not. that bullet's gonna have to come out of there. how are you with a knifefe
7:40 am
get me the bottle out of my saddlebag. ( man gasps ) oh! ( groans ) bandage him up. listen...
7:41 am
ive a little bit longer. when are you planning to travel? oh, he'll be ready to go first thing in the morning. won't you? ( cloth ripping ) bannister: how'd you find this place? not very talkative, are you? one more day would've saved us both a lot of trouble. could've just buried ya. well, things kinda work themselves out, don't they, randall? now you don't have to watch me, and i don't have to watch you. we'd better watch those horses, put 'e'ein the corral. yeah. why? apaches. they get the chance, they'll run 'em ofof i'll spell you in a couple of hours.
7:42 am
you, uh, better get some rest. if i were you, i'd take off that gun belt. you know, just in case of a tie. and, uh, stay out of his reach, hear?
7:43 am
( gasps ) pa...
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
( quietly ) sit up. - huh? - sit up.
7:48 am
bannister: randall! yeah?? you all right? i'm turnin' in. yeah, i'm all right. go ahead. he bought it. how'd you hear him comin' up? way i do. now, you... you try and get some rest, jody, because tomorrow you're gonna need it. pa... why wait until then? well, what do you mean?
7:49 am
at about randall? yeah. what about him? no, no. i don't want him hurt. jody, why did you do all this? 'cause i was scared, pa. more scared than in all my life. all right, son. i..... ran away from fightin' down in juarez. and then, when the army pulled out, i... well, i... i joined up with three deserters. why didn't you come home? i was a fool, pa. i know that. i know i was. ( sighs ) then they... they talked me into robbing a bank with them...
7:50 am
well, we got till tomorrow morning now. i'll think of something. pa. i never killed a man. i believe you, jody. what are you looking at? you're sorta lucky to find this place for somebody who's never been up here before, wouldn't you say so? what difference does it make? he's here now. well, go down and watch over those horses. about 4:00 a.m., i'd like to get outta here before dawn. i can't ride with this arm.
7:51 am
( door closes ) you feel real sure of yourself. oh, no. that'd only give the other fella the edge on me. ( rapid hoofbeats ) outta here, randall. ( gunshot ) give me a gun! apaches are killing our horses! the old man never turned indian, randall!
7:52 am
( groans ) bannister, are you all right? ( groans ) apaches. four of 'em. i didn't even hear a sound till it was too late. yeah? which way did they go? forget it. it's like looking for sand. oh. we're lucky to have one horse left. only one horse. with them still on the prowl, even without a wounded man. what do you suggest? i can stay with collins. you go back to my place and get some horses. oughta make it there and back, day, day and a half. all right. if that don't make sense, you come up with a better idea.
7:53 am
where'd you get 'em? there were no apaches, boy. ( gunshot ) pa, there... there was apaches. no. i didn't tell you because i wanted you to play it natural. i scattered the horses myself,
7:54 am
ere, boy. randall won't be back here fofoa day and a half. pa, you... you can give me a gun now. you got another gun? take it easy, son. we got a long ride ahead of us. a ride where? mexican border. by the time randall gets back, thatat where you'll be. you came through, pa. i only did what i had to do. no more. why, pa? nobody knows. i know. you had me goin' for a while, bannister. would've worked, too, if t t boy there hadn't given it away. you know, when you started yelling how your father felt about indians. now, how you gonna know how a stranger feels about indians? back away from the table, boy.
7:55 am
kill him. kill him now. you lied to me, boy. come on, pa. give me the gun. you're goin' back.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
signed and s sled, mr. randall. take that to the marshal in cleary, you'll collect your reward. yeah. look, mr. bannister, i feel like i'm kinda in the middle over this, and, uh... the boy was a killer. i believe if i were in your place, i would haveveone the same thing. i wonder. well, they'll l ver hear it from me that he was your son or how he died. don't worry, mr. randall.
7:59 am
8:00 am
?? (paladin) - the greatest calamities in history were made by words said in anger. if you can't back it up, don't speak in anger. ??
8:01 am
- your g gmen are here. - good, bring 'em in. - you still have a minute to change all this. one minute. - my mind's made up. - what right do you have to make up your mind about life and death? - so you hire a filthy gunman to save the fruits of your life. - i don't care what he is, so long as he does the job. and if this gunman won't help me, there are others on the way. they're not hard to find. - i never thought i'd have to say i'm ashamed of my own father. (door opens) - well, hello. (chuckles)
8:02 am
- he's in there. - thank you. ?? - oh, thank you. - it's entirely my pleasure. a pretty girl completes a beautiful morning. - you sound as though you'veveaid that before. - i have, and i'm just as sure you've heard it before. - may i help you? - i believe mr. ritchie's expecting me. my name's paladin.
8:03 am
there's another man with a gun to see you. - oh? it wouldn't be fair if i didn't talk to him, marsh. he's come a long way. - that's all right, mr. ritchie, i understand. me and my boys would like to do the job. if the man needs calming down, we'll calm him. - that's exactly the kind of situation i don't want. if you'll step outside for a minute, i'll get rid of him. - i'll see you later. - that's enough of that, marsh! - what's a'matter? (chuckles) - your turn, mr. paladin. - thank you. mr. ritchie? - yup. - my name's paladin. - sit down. - was that joe marsh who just left here? - that's who it was, you know him? - not very well, but as well as i'd care to.
8:04 am
of his assistants. - maybe i should be pleased about that. you read what's been going on here? - a fight t er the water in this area. - central city wants the water for themselves. they don't care what happens to our town. (explosion i idistance) hear that? dynamiting to build a dam. and look there. every spring, the snows melt in those mountains, fill the lake, run over into the streams, and irrigate our lands. we live by that water. without it, we're done. - the newspaper interview quoted you quite fully, mr. ritchie. lake, aqueducts to their city, stealing our water. - well, let's say with their political poweweand influence they're usurping your water, and it sounds like you have a good reason to be angry. - you know about this situation, huh? - it's an unfortunately common condition in the west. - tell the truth, i'd just about decided on joe marsh. - oh, you want some killing done. - no, no, absolutely not. to stop the construction of that dam.
8:05 am
- head engineer, very tough man. - well, if he's that tough, you aren't gonna beat him by scaring off a few of his construction hands. - maybe not. but we make the cost of the project so hihi, the city'll give it up. - if you hire joe marsh, it'll be by the gun. he doesn't think another way. - do you? - mr. ritchie, i never use this gun unless i have to. that's why you'll find my feeeeomewhat high. - how would you do it? - shall l say a thousand dollars? - how would you do it? - you understand, if it doesn't work out the way you say, i'll expect you to use your gun. - in two weeks, central city should be looking for a new source of water. - i don't know. - you worried about joe marsh? suppose you let me do the explaining? - yeah. yeah, why don't you settle it between you? - mm-hmm.
8:06 am
- mr. ritchie, uh... when are me and my boys gonna work for you, huh? - marsh, you're gonna be terribly angry with h . - oh, really? - yes, really. it seems i convinced mr. ritchie that i'm the man for the job. - you? - that's right. - you better change your mind, mister, and fast. you think you can make us ride all the way out here and thth say, "nothing doing," just like that, huh? - he's right, mr. ritchie. you should pay these men for their trouble. $50 is a fair amount. - $50?! - for the lot. - there you are. - you don't mind if we hang around awhile, do you? come on, boys, let's get a drink. (scoffs) ing) - o'hare. - well, he's not afraid to ride alone. he's carrying a gun, though. - i told him if he or his men set foot in this town, there could be some shooting. - what a bloodthirsty idea, mr. ritchie. here, borrow this.
8:07 am
- it was jusussaid in anger. - the greatest calamities in history were the result of words just said in anger. - i'm here for the mail, miss ritchie. - i'll get it for you. - ritchie, my men want to come to town. they want to buy things. - i'll sell 'em nothing. ore. - our needs are stronger than yours. and if you weren't such a stubborn fool, you'd know it. - from now on, things are gonna be different. reason won't make a dent on you. maybe something else will. - oh, i see. - i warned you. - a gunfighter? - i don't care for that term. - well, what do you know? a sensitive gunfighter. well, take advice, if you will. if you want your thin skin unbroken, keep away from my construction areas.
8:08 am
- thank you, miss. - you'rereelcome. - ritchie, if just one of my men get hurt, you better run for the hills. ?? - well, don't look at t , miss ritchie, i just arrived. until you put clouds in it.
8:09 am
i wanted you to meet paladin and know what he's doing here. - you pull this off without killing, the rest of us'll double what ritchie's paying you. - oh, now, don't cinch him in too tight, ed. he's a gunfighter. what's he gonna use in case of trouble? - brains, mr. gardner. and that's an advantage when the dusussettles. - pass the word around to keep all cattle and sheep out of the south wash. paladin's gonna blow one of the coffer dams and flood o'hare out. - now, just a minute, ritchie, i said i'd look into it. - i don't see how you expect to get direct results without direct action. - ritchie, you hired me to do a job, now leave me alone to do it. - well, when you gonna start? - when i'm ready. gentlemen.
8:10 am
- anything? - nothing but rain. - leles hold it down tight. any water touches that cement and o'hare'll go off like a rocket.
8:11 am
?? - supplies? destruction? complaint department's over there. - you're a clever fella, no question. maybe i'll hire some gunslingers to put you against your own kind. that ought to be interesting. - oh? do you have to hire from the outside? i was told you and your construction gangs were very tough men. - i'm an engineer.
8:12 am
since the beginning of time. you haven't changed the world any. and as regards to beiei tough, let me try and see if that's true. - (grunts) i'd rather not. there are a number of years between us. - what's the matter? can't you fight without a gun? (both chuckling) - (grunts)
8:13 am
it's simple. there's a man in town.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
- i don't understand it. he had o'hare cold, right in front of him. he could've settled the whole mess right then and there, without gunplay.y. why didn't he? - did you expect him to beat up an old man? what's happening to you?
8:18 am
paladin. i want to talk to you. (guns cocking) - all right, come on in! ought it might be worth a taste. - give him a cup of coffee. if you've come here to start a ruckus, mister, i just want to say that handling these thingsgs. but at this distance, i couldn't miss. - at this distance, you're too close.
8:19 am
what do you want? - well, a little civivity might be a good start. i'm your guest. - why didn't you take a slug at me this morning? - i was outclassed. - oh, that's a lot of hogwash. you could've mopped the streets with me. now, why didn'n'you? - well, i've always liked men who build. one of my great idols was the emperor hadrian. - hadrian? (laughs) what do you know about hadrian? - well, he was an emperor and a great builder. is that what you think you are, mr. o'h'he? you seem to be making all the demands of an emperor. jugheads of ashley? i offered them twice the value for their soil. i even c cvinced legislation to set aside fertile lands upstate, to be e ven to them as extra compensation. is that unfair? - do the people of ashley know this? - of course they do. they were notified for two months. - notified how? - by letter from the state capital. mr. ritchie has one himself. - well, do you have a copy?
8:20 am
i'll get one and i'll bring it to you. i'm a builder. i want to make this beautiful place, well, a new athens. a rome. but the first necessity is water. ?? - what's on your mind? - a letter, the contents of which you seem to have kept to yourself. - letter? i don't know what you're talking about. - ritchie, how many other people in ashley know the terms - that's no concern of yours, paladin. you're hired to do a job, do it. - o'hare's given me his version of what goes on, now i'd like yours. - you're being paid for only one version. mine. i built this town. i watched it grow for 25 years, and it's gonna grow even more. every year, more farmers, more ranchers come out here to settle. - why wouldn't they be willing to settle on the newewown site? - the new town site? no, sir. not after the years of sweat and labor that went into making this valley.
8:21 am
young, i can't do again. i won't even try. i've got a plot of ground next to my wife's grave and i aim to be here in this town when my time comes. - that's a highly personal outlook. what about the other people in this town? always done what i asked them. - what did you do with the letter? - i tore it up. - ritchie, this is an old fight. the rights of the many against the rights of the few. and d don't agree that you have the right, moral or legal, - i'll see that you're paid for your expenses, paladin. you're no longer needed here. - that's your privilege. good night, sir. i can't do it with my men. look, you slipped through yourself. - well, i took you by surprise. we know w e marsh is coming. it won't be that easy for him. - well, we've practically no ammunition. 'course, that's telling you no secret. - how many rounds?
8:22 am
- - aughs) i'm afraid we haven't time. - hey, what made you change sides? - education. - didn't that same education warn you to get out when you know marsh and his gang will arrive? - you know, i must've skipped that class. (both laugh) ??
8:23 am
- blast powder. (gunshot echoes) (man grunts) - that's north, number three dam!
8:24 am
(fuse sizzzzng) - try and cover me. every time a head shows, try and hit it. (gunfire cononnues) (gunfire continues) (both grunting)
8:25 am
(gunfire continues) - let's get him. - all right, hold it. (gun clicks)
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
- thought you left town. - i did. i helped mr. o'hare. he gave me a copy of a very interesting letter. i'm just debating whether to post it on the town bulletin board or let the people hear it from their leading citizen, who always has their best interest at heart. - i do. - i don't doubt it. but i don't like to see one man cocorol the lives of an entire community. well, mr. ritchie? - you've run out of gunfighters, pop. you and your town can have a prosperous year before we leave. me and my men need an abundance of supplies. also friends. mr. paladin explained how you feel. - be hard starting again, new place at my age.
8:29 am
- good-bye, marsh. ride far.
8:30 am
?? (man) - thth used to be the prettiest town in colorado. now the gunfighters have taken it over,
8:31 am
- only very few paper today, mr. paladin. oh, man say train from east that bring other papers, maybe big accident. - well, , at's very interesting, hey boy. - thank you. - you're welcome. (reading) "railroad companies clash, big spur colorado. "bloody violence has flared "between the texas, colorado and overland clash "over right of way. "gunmen hired by both factions have destroyed property "and intimidated town citizens. "the town of big s sr is an armed camp "and sheriff dave quinn admits that he is powerless to prevent ththlawlessness." dave quinn.
8:32 am
ma'am, where is everybody? - don't answer him, clara. let him find out for himself. you gunmen can have this town.
8:33 am
(men laughing) - hey, like the look of that one. - i'll toss you for her. - i got a better idea. let's toss her for me. (laughing) - don't walk so fast, honey. - she's mine. - i'i'sorry, miss. - go away, please! - go home. they won't bother you anymore. - he wasn't the one that did it. he helped me. - all right, molly.
8:34 am
- thank you. - you're welcome. well, dave, your molly grew up pretty well, didn't she? - paladin. been a long time since albuquerque. - yes, it has. - what are you doing up this way? - i'm looking fofoa job. - on whose side? - i've been in this town before, dave. this used to be a pretty town. - what are you getting at? - you know what i'm getting at. gunfighters have taken over your town and your people are leaving here every day. the ones t tt stay are being hurt and killed. look at your street, dave. town's dying. - not much i can do. i'm not as young as i was. - then turn in the star. - you know me better than that. a little law's better than none. - with a little bit of help, you could save this town, dave. - where would i get this help?
8:35 am
- i told you nine years ago ininlbuquerque, i wouldn't forget what happened. - well, that's long past. now you're up for hire. i can't pay a fee. - i said i owe you a a vor. the railroads that have taken over your town can well afford my fee. i'll let you know what i need. i'm looking for charles foster, general agent of the tc and o. - i'm foster. - my name is paladin from san francisco. - what can i do for you, paladin? - i'm looking for a job. - can you use that gun? - whwh i have to. - when can you start? - well, that depends. - depends on what? - i said that depends, mr. foster. - i'm paying 25 a day. - that's your top price? - standard for a good gun.
8:36 am
- good day, mr. foster.. - wait a minute. i asked you a quqution. - i don't believe we've met. - my name is coe, ralph coe from abilene. - oh, mr. coe, i've heard of you. - where are you going? - across the street to the continental divide railroad. - you don't care which side you gun for, do you? - i do, indeed. in this case, the side that pays the most. does mr. coe work for 25 dollars a day? - coe's in charge of 35 men, he's a deputy agent. - a deputy agent. well, that's an imposing title for a gunfighter. - i'i'well qualified for the job. - i'm sure you are. - there is a possibility thatate could use another... - i don't think so. - well... as you say. - in that case, i bid you good day again.
8:37 am
- what can i do for you? - mr. sukey? - that's right. my name is paladin, i'm looking for a job. - the opposition turn you down? i saw you leavinin their offices. - i'm shopping, mr. sukey. what do you have to offer? - the prevailing rate, 20... (door opens and closes) 30 dollars a day. - i'm not interested in pin money, mr. sukey. do you have e opening for a deputy agent? - i might have. you know what this fight's all about? - it's for control of the transcontinental route, isn't it? - well, more specifically, for control of a rail right of way from this town across raymond gorge, which we say the tc and o leased to usus they claim they didn't. - and now it's deadlocked.
8:38 am
- and you need a man capable of unlocking the deadlock. - hmm... the depot's heavily guarded, the man in charge is ralph coe. you know him? - we've met. - he's smart, tricky, very fast with a gun. the man i hire would have to be smarter, trickier, faster. we want that depot. - that's an old frontier story, isn't it, mr. sukey. you hirerehe guns to spill the blood and you and mr. foster pay the bills. - say, you here to moralize or do you want a job? - what kind of a fee would you pay? me you're worth it, of course. i, uh, might go a thousand for a good man. but you're talking more like a preacher than-- - where's the cash box? come on. open it.
8:39 am
ousand? (chuckling) - all right, you're hired. - thank you. i'll let you know how many men i need when i've seen the depot.
8:40 am
- wewe, mr. coe, that's quite a delegation you've got there. - they're just here to see t t fun. i hear you joined up with continental divide. - maybe soon enough for you isn't soon enough for me. - it'll have to be. - foster thinks you might be tough. i want to find out. - not now. - i don't think you're tough. i think you're yellow! - coe, look at it logically. i kill you, one of your men kills me, and neither of us would have a chance
8:41 am
- draw. - in due time, mr. coe. - paladin! paladin! - you gonna shoot me in the back, mr. coe? (gun clicks) (laughing) (men laughing) paladin, the gunfighter from san francisco! (laughing) morning, dave. - you find a job yet? - i'm workin' for sukey. - too bad. i guess that puts us on opposite sides of the fence.
8:42 am
now i need something from you. - what would that be? - an eviction order to get coe and his men out of that depot. - an eviction order? who's gonna serve it? - i am. you're gonna get with them - i've seen those men of sukey's. against that building? - well, that's my worry. - it's mine too. there's been enough killin' in this town. - dave, your main worry is enforcing the law. now, i've offered to help you do that. do i get the order? - i don't want to be responsible. responsibibity. - all right, i'll give you an eviction order. you may even serve it on coe. but you'll never get out of that depot alive. (footsteps approaching) - here's the eviction notice signed by the sheriff. - well... i see you got quinn off the fence, huh?
8:43 am
now, who serves the order? - i do. - you may earn your fee but you won't live to spend itit - that's funny, that's just what the sheriff was suggesting. now, sukey, answer me one question. how muchchs this fight costing continental divide? - that's no concern of yours. - in lost passenger and freight revenue, payroll for your gunmen, damage to rolling stock and equipment-- how much a day? hmm, maybe seven, eight thousand-- why? - along with this eviction order, i want to offer coe $10,000 to surrender the depot to you. - ten thou-- - less than two days of what you're paying now. - well... do you think he'd listen? - there's no way of knowing 'til he's asked. - yeah.. yeah, that's not a bad notion, not bad at all. now, who'll make him the offer? - i will, under certain conditions. - yeah? - that i can assure him the deal is for cash, that it's firm, and that there'll be no haggggng about the price afterwards. - agreed.
8:44 am
?? - what do you want, paladin? - a a rd with you, in private. - you don't have very much in the way of brains, do you? standing out there in the open. - will you hear what i have to say? - all right. throw your gun down, and come in slow and easy. talk. - coe, i volunteered to serve you this. (chuckling)
8:45 am
be a lot more amazed, $10,000 more. - $10,000 for what? - just to honor this eviction notice. - who pays me? - sukey. - cash? - my men... i'd have to give them something. - that's up to you. - two or three thousand dollars would hold them. that'd leave me... - seven or eight. - that's a lot of money, seven, eight thousand. - it's a fair sum. - all right, you got yourself a deal. where's the money? out of a lot of trouble. - you know, paladin... - larry, round up the rest of the men, fast! - come on.
8:46 am
what's going on? - i wawaserved this. - why, it's worthless! - looks legagato me. something stinks here, coe. you sold out to continental divide! - that's an eviction notice!
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
?? (coe) - paladin. i've been looking for you. where's sukey? - we seldom dine together. why? - i went to his office to collect. he's gone, moved out. - try the depot? wait a minute.
8:51 am
paladin and coe. we want to talk to sukey. (sukey) - what do you want? - we want our money, sukey! - what are you trying totoull, paladin? i already gave you both yours and coe's. - now, you don't believe that, do you? - what is this? you trying to cheat coe out of his money? - don't play games with me, sukey, i want that money! - i'm warning you, paladin. get out of here before i have clary open fire on you! (crickets chirping) (coe) - paladin! i want my money. the money! - you're not as smart as i thought you were.
8:52 am
brain! would i have been casually walking down that boardwalk waiting for you to find me if i had your $10,000? i told you to use your brain! - do you have my money? if you're lyin' to me, i'm gonna kill youou one way or the other! coe, just how strong is that depot? - plenty strong. - food and water supply? - enough for two weeks. - we could wait them out.
8:53 am
isn't it? - yeah, why? - - ll, all we need is a little fuse and some blasting powder and enough muscle to move this thing. you with me? - every step of the way. - well, come on. - enough? - all right, that's enough. - i... i don't know about this. - well, coe, we're not the first ones no. nqpoleon had great faith in his. - yeah, when's the last time he tried to take a depot wiwi one cannon and two men? - i don't know, but if this doesn't work, we're gonna have a chance to ask him personally. all right. - i got nuts, spikes, old bolts... (metal clanging) this barrel is rusted through. it'll blow right up in our faces..
8:54 am
- all you men in there, listen! i got a one-minute fuse on this thing! we want sukey, not you! but if he doesn't surrender, we'll blow that depot to pieces! we'll blow those walls down and fill that depot with blind scrap metal! (gunshot) - come here! - larry, larry! (shouting) - here he is! all right, you can have sukey!
8:55 am
- the key! come on! - paladin... - you dirt! you cheap dirt! you sold me out. - what will you do about it, mr. foster? hold this, coe. nt, feel justified and bring your men back into this depot? - take your hands off me! - you want to repeat this cycle again and again and again, until this town is only fit for the likes of you? oh no, gentlemen. this argument is about a lease, and a lease is words, and what words mean can be settled by a court of law, and that's the way it's gonna be! - i think i owe you one of these, mr. paladin. - so you do, mr. coe.
8:56 am
at least we had the decency to fighthtmong ourselves. - let's go, coe. - paladin... you know, i can't figure this thing out. this is the first time i've ever been on t t right side, and ended up with $10,000.
8:57 am
8:58 am
(hey boy) - mr. papadin... package for you just come. - hey boy, that feels like a box of cigars. "dear paladin, i hope these cigars
8:59 am
10,000 thanks.s. your friend, coe." - lots of thanks, 10,000, mr. paladin. - each thank is worth one dollar. put those in my room, will you? - each thank?
9:00 am
>> they sure do make an awful lot of noise. >> if you could talk less and
9:01 am
9:02 am
>> i'm opposed to bururng
9:03 am
9:04 am
>> have to show for it is that. >> where do you want him, john? , i'm not sure i want him at all. >> he has one of blue boyoy bullets in him somewhere. >> victoria? >> yes? , he needs a bullet taken out. get him on the porch.
9:05 am
>> if he move -- if we move him now he may start bleeding again. >> he is playing possum, probably scared to death. >> no. >> don't worry, i'm not going to hurt you.
9:06 am
me a chance to bandage. >> here we are. >> thank you, john. >> are you sure you don't need a guard out here with you? >> i can take care of him. he's too weak to go through any trouble. give me a call. >> its soup to give you strength. >> he obeys your commands. >> only in some things.
9:07 am
woman. women obeys man. >> try not to talk now. very good.
9:08 am
i sent he would like to try
9:09 am
9:10 am
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9:12 am
>> you better hit the hay. >> he's gone. he's gone. >> will make sure nobody comes somebody goes out? >> he stole my portrait. why would he want to take it? >> maybe he thinks he can sell it. >> i think your superstition cared him -- superstition cured him so maybe he wanted that asas good luck charm.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>> i see it. we come back for you but you're dead. john cannon's woman, it was she who brought me back from the land of darkness. my son soon they will go to a land beyond. there has bebe anger between us. we have also fought together.
9:15 am
spirits take the boys. set fire to body. dance of bear, wings of equal. dried spirits away. -- drive spirits away. she has great magic. i only say if you bring the woman hear your son will live. she will not come. i will not let her.
9:16 am
>> you accuse me of wanting him dead. i say bring the woman here. if he dies i give you my life. >> you're not going into town without an escort. >> i will never get there.
9:17 am
>> good evening, amigos. i have just noticed something very strange. the sun is setting in the east. never have i seen that before. >> the strangest thing is it is setting backwards and getting higher. >> that explains why i have been so sleepy. i have been running the range all night. >> this belongs to a very
9:18 am
we set the principles. and you will wash and get yourself a nice cup of pop -- cup of coffee. >> i have not slept at all. why did you wait to go to tucson? >> why did you wait until yesterday? spending the night with those friends of yours. your name should be --
9:19 am
9:20 am
>> [speaking spanish] >> it is much safer for you if i ride in here. >> she kno me.
9:21 am
>> i have come for you. >> for me? >> you will come for me that she will come with me and you will not be harmed. >> goodbye. >> you are not writing away. -- you are not riding
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>> come. chief show woman what must do. only woman.
9:27 am
>> my son. brave, strong warrior. you make spirits go. >> atlas two weeks ago. -- that was two weeks ago. >> lit out. -- bullet out. now he will live.
9:28 am
>> there is nothing i can do. >ou refuse? , i do not. don't you see? >> i will make him live. now make power on him. >> i have no power. >> you give word >> i pledged my life because i know you can drive evil from his body. if he dies, i die. >> that is interesting, nemo. >> save yourselves. he lies there because of a white man's gun.
9:29 am
out with a dirty knife and left him in th filth ever since. there isn't a doctor in the world who could help you. >> my sister is very angry you have brought her here by force. if i can speak with her alone perhaps i can persuade her. >> she has no choice. i know you will save him. >> if he lives long enough then john will start to look for us. >> even then he will find us. right now this is what thehe
9:30 am
at least in the hours he is comfortable. i will try. >> make him well. you free, go home. >> i will bring down his fever. >> i will bring it.
9:31 am
>> no use. you have to try and escape. the momus -- the moment i ieaf we're finished. >> messenger we can send. >> we are going to have company.
9:32 am
>> he is much better. but soon he will be well. >> i have no magic. alali did was keep it clean. nemo. is it true you offered your life if he dies? >> yes. i had no fear because i am sure you could save him. >> i doubt very much if i can
9:33 am
-- >> this cannot be. >> perhaps he will be gone. you can escape before he holds you to your word.
9:34 am
>> where can i find some horsehair? lolohair from the main. my sister needs it. she braids the horsehair --
9:35 am
>> i will take thahaone. this belongs to you.
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>> it doesn't make sense what they are telling you. why should they try to escape?e?
9:40 am
>> what is the woman doing? >> it is the only medicine i have with me. it'll make him breathe easier. >> he is the same? your brother tried to escape, why? >> my brother is a very restless man. >> it makes me wonder. he still burns.
9:41 am
>> i sure don't look forward to being. >> victorino's -- victoria left us a c cserole. >> it looks like we have company coming. i didn't know you like to sit
9:42 am
>> pedro. saddle up. >> whehe is nemo? >> i have not seen him since he was last here with you. >> he has run away.
9:43 am
to escape. they do not trust her medicine. >> i am still here. >> because you cannot leave. >> you must not disturb me.
9:44 am
9:45 am
-- >> he's dead. >> ono. >> we must live as long as we
9:46 am
>> i had to know for sure. i know it is true what you said. you are not a great magician. now i have destroyed you. , i cannot.
9:47 am
>> i cannot do that.
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
>> is -- closed. my son, you will live.
9:51 am
-- ride at my side. >> i can't do a thing. when i give you this, i will let you know -- i will let him know you are here. >> your people do not come.
9:52 am
>> i'm am here to pay my debt. >> where is he go he was here last night. >> you gave me no choice. i expect no mercy. he is dead. >> dead?
9:53 am
let him go into may do what you wish with me. >> she killed my son. >> he was dying when she came. i was wrong. >> my son is dead. >> pull the trigger. >> john. john. >> where do i find this from a done? >> just let him know he is not alone.
9:54 am
[gunshots] >> really stem. -- release stem. my wife is a woman, not a witch doctor. my men will not wait much
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> i have paid back the woman. now i keep my promise to you. >> i don't know where they are. >> go it alone he echo >> not tonight. that was a wonderful dinner. >> thank you.
9:57 am
but cooking is not one of the him. , it was an easy remedy. [gunshot] >> get the rifles. victoria, you go inside. >> i think it's nemo. >> he probably has a thorn in his foot and will only allow victoria to remove it.
9:58 am
go ask it would -- >> it was
9:59 am
>> thank you.
10:00 am
hello! the fire! ambush! get down!


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